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Aquatics Roundtable

Tuesday, May 5, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams

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Chat Transcript

00:32:46Autumn Cleverley

Autumn- University of Cincinnati

00:32:47Terri Shannon

Terri Shannon, Miami University

00:32:49erik daly

Erik Daly Lafayette College Easton, PA

00:32:52Jackie Huff

Jackie Huff Miami University, Ohio

00:32:57Lisa Molloy

Lisa Molloy, University of Central Florida!

00:33:00Tony Chavis

Tony Chavis UNC Pembroke

00:33:00Abi Schaefer

Abi Schaefer: Duke University Durham NC

00:33:02Jacob Rasmussen

Jacob Rasmussen-The University of Toledo

00:33:07Jack Jephson

Jack Jephson - Princeton University

00:33:08Jennifer Wood

Jen Wood, Miami University

00:33:09Nick Remmes

Nick Remmes, Drake University, Des Moines Iowa

00:33:09Max Stutman

Max Stutman, Loyola University Maryland, Assistant Director Operations and Aquatics

00:33:09Troy Lukas

Troy Lukas LSU

00:33:17Annie Bengry

Annie Bengry, Michigan Technological University

00:33:21Kristyn watts

Kristyn Watts - University of Notre Dame

00:33:43Mark Ritter

Mark Ritter, Director, USC Upstate

00:34:01Bill Powe

Bill Powe University of Southern Mississippi

00:34:38Morgan Rulevich

Morgan Rulevich- Converse College

00:34:41Drew Meadows

Drew Meadows - Charleston Southern University

00:35:30Autumn Cleverley

Probably won’t be opening until August. Just lap swim initially. Using one person every other lane or every two lanes.

00:38:17erik daly

Lafayette College (PA) Still shelter in place in PA. We have several versions of what re-opening will look are a big concern. Where, what, and when to clean them and who is cleaning those locations...

00:40:14erik daly

yes we are!

00:40:32Kristyn watts

What protocols are folks putting into place to prepare their lakefront or beachfront locations to open?

00:44:46Mark Ritter

What are people looking at in terms of swim lessons and the changes you are implementing?

00:47:45marcos ordaz

00:47:48Jennifer Wood

I wonder what the demand will be for swim lessons. Will people what to bring their kids when we open.

00:48:36Max Stutman

For those that have discussed closing the locker rooms, where will you be expecting swimmers to change?

00:48:45erik daly

We continue to create multiple re-opening models based on everyday info...The governor makes a statement a few times a week. Once the announcements are made we adjust...

00:49:03Anna Champion

If you're a smaller school [less than 10,000 students] - and you open this summer - if you have no Student Staff (our student positions end May 9), what are your staffing plans? Small Prof Staff, as well (4 full-time, including Aquatics). Planning to have Students on campus in fall...thank goodness.

00:50:56Kathy Obuszewski

For those who are closing the locker rooms, are you planning to add more chemicals or the pools since you can’t rinse off prior to swims?

00:53:51Nyssa Owen

We're on a professional hiring freeze, however the university made it clear that does not apply to student employees

00:54:33erik daly

We'll have no students on campus when we return(presumably this summer?) but my fear is the local/HS guards(or their parents) won't feel safe working

00:59:16Joey LaNeve

We do not know when we can hire new students at ASU or offer lifeguard classes for that matter

01:00:26Autumn Cleverley

Hoping we will be able to hold LG classes to get some more people to work before we open. Maybe run a LGI class/ WSI class.

01:01:03Joey LaNeve

our plan for training before we open is to run all student employees through a reorientation to the facility EAP and CPR/AED and First Aid skills. for lifeguards it will include a skills check

01:01:32Joey LaNeve

water skills*

01:03:00Autumn Cleverley

doing more water safety social media

01:03:13Autumn Cleverley

re doing swim lessons plans

01:03:37erik daly

We've been doing some of those items while we've been shelter in place...

01:04:36Jennifer Wood

Will continue to have weekly online socials with lifeguard staff until we open

01:04:51marcos ordaz

Anyone have remote plans for International Water Safety Day May 15th?

01:05:49Joey LaNeve

ive been teaching myself graphic design while creating water safety social media content

01:07:53Joshua Deekens

that is my thought too

01:09:16Joey LaNeve

thankfully I don't have to coordinate with athletics

01:09:57Joshua Deekens

yea for me at the University of Washington I do not have any swim teams. I miss it at times but not right now for sure!

01:12:15Joey LaNeve

USA swimming guidelines for team practices

01:12:55erik daly

we have been asked to design several models using specific reduced budgets...what does it look like with x% cut? What does it look like with y% cut?

01:19:19Joey LaNeve

was only able to pay high need students or students that could put in hours but we can no longer pay after this Friday. I have tried to hold weekly meet-ups (non mandatory) but didn't get good attendance

01:21:14erik daly

I have to prep for a staff meeting! thanks for the chat. stay safe!

01:22:29alex sperling

that sounds great!

01:22:34Anna Champion

Thank you!

01:23:16Joshua Deekens

01:23:23Joshua Deekens

these have been great too!

01:23:34Jackie Huff

What are pools doing for water fitness classes

01:23:37Joey LaNeve

01:24:02Morgan Rulevich

Thank you all!

01:24:22Joshua Deekens

no water fitness to start. and only 2 per lane by appointment for lap swim to start

01:24:28Abi Schaefer

we are hosting live zoom classes starting in th end of may for folks who have their own pools at home and our instructor will go live from her home pool.

01:24:40Joey LaNeve


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