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Fitness Roundtable

Tuesday, May 5, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse and Anna Taggart

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Chat Transcript

00:31:42Amber Pye

amber pye UIS

00:31:43Alexia Cervantes

Alexia Cervantes, UCSD Recreation

00:31:44Chelsea Dolly

Chelsea from Indiana State University

00:31:44CieCie Leonard

CieCie Leonard - University of Texas at Austin

00:31:44Natalie Hawkins - SIUE

Natalie Hawkins - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

00:31:45Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex, Fitness Coordinator, University of Houston

00:31:45Sarah Grace

Sarah, UMD College Park

00:31:46Richie Provaznik

Richie Provaznik, Lindenwood University

00:31:47Brandi Bates

Brandi Bates- Loyola Chicago

00:31:47Danielle Johnson

Danielle Johnson UC Berkeley Group Exercise Coord

00:31:47Jade Willey

Jade Willey - UNC Wilmington

00:31:48Brenna Lacey

Brenna Lacey from Missouri Baptist University

00:31:49Denise Rabi

Denise Rabi -MSU

00:31:50Gia Landis

Gia Landis, Central Washington University

00:31:50Sue Noyes

Sue Noyes UC Berkeley

00:31:51Christopher Gutierrez

Chris Gutierrez - SUNY Cortland

00:31:51Mary Catherine Martinez

MC from Innosoft

00:31:52Jennifer Phillips

Jennie Phillips - University of Notre Dame

00:31:52Marcus St. Phard

Marcus St. Phard, Cal State Fullerton

00:31:52Jennifer Cobarrubias

Jennifer Cobarrubias - Stanford University

00:31:54Alice Adams

Alice Adams, Ohio State

00:31:55Larissa Brown

Larissa from GSU ATL

00:31:58Lee-Anne Wilson

Lee-Anne Wilson, McMaster University, Ontario Canada

00:31:59Jamie Grenoble

Jamie Grenoble - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00:31:59Austin Johnson

Austin Johnson - MSOE

00:32:00Haley Sorenson

Haley Sorenson Northwest College WY

00:32:01Darren Stolz

Darren Stolz - UBC Vancouver, BC, Canada

00:32:02Kevin Sciullo

Kevin Sciullo - University of Pittsburgh

00:32:02Mamie Murphy

Mamie Murphy Palm Beach State College

00:32:03Elizabeth Michel

Elizabeth Michel, Kent State University

00:32:04Leanne Kulchawik

Leanne from Northern Illinois University

00:32:05Nora Hudson

Nora Hudson

00:32:05Angie Wood

Angie Wood- Ontario Tech University & Durham College

00:32:06Naomi Matley

Naomi Matley - North Carolina State University

00:32:06Scott Berkowitz

Scott Berkowitz Sam Houston State University

00:32:06Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper, Schoolcraft College

00:32:07Dujuan Wiley

Dujuan Wiley - Michigan State University

00:32:09Melissa Hazzard

Melissa Hazzard - Shippensburg University

00:32:10Daryl Shreve

Daryl Shreve - Berkshire Community College

00:32:11Jackie Sherman

Jackie Sherman - University of Florida

00:32:11Courtney Mackey

Courtney Mackey, University of Rhode Island

00:32:12Claudine Johnson

Claudine Johnson at UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center (University of Miami)

00:32:12Rebecc Kegler

Rebecca Kegler - Michigan State University

00:32:14Stephen Whitmer

Leslie Whitmer Embry Riddle Aeron Univ

00:32:15Ashley Artist

Ashley Artist - Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa

00:32:16Jacob Tatta

Jacob Tatta, University of Toledo

00:32:19Lisa Martin

Hello all! Lisa Martin- Mount St. Mary's University, Emmitsburg, MD

00:32:20Gia Landis


00:32:21Doug Strange

Doug Strange, Lehigh Univeristy, Bethlehem, PA

00:32:24Tess Swastek

Tess Swastek - University of Louisiana at Lafayette

00:32:27Meghann Feely

Meghann Feely- Washington University in St. Louis

00:32:30Brennan Shirk

Brennan Shirk KRUActive Virtual Fitness Platform

00:32:33Stephanne Musser

Ohio State

00:32:38Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan R. Rivera - Weber State University

00:32:45Courtney Burkes

Courtney Burkes, University of California, Irvine

00:32:45Malia Brooks

Malia Brooks - Grand Valley State University

00:32:46Sue Noyes

Mauricio Zuniga, UC Berkeley - Rec Sports Program Specialist

00:32:48Megan Ridley

Young Harris College

00:32:51Lucia Zamecnik

Creighton University - Omaha Nebraska

00:32:56Nora Hudson

Nora Hudson Iowa State University Assistant Director Fitness

00:33:03Sara Luelloff

Sara from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

00:33:04Ramona Seupersad

Ramona Seupersad - University of Toronto Scarborough

00:33:05Geoffrey Suguitan

Geoffrey - UC Berkeley

00:33:05Dani Willis

Dani Willis- University of Houston

00:33:16Sue Noyes

Robbie Earle - UC Berkeley

00:33:17Melissa Ortiz

Melissa Ortiz - Western Kentucky University

00:34:30Stephen Whitmer

staying virtual for now in our gf

00:34:43CieCie Leonard

Developing in 3 phases working with Facilities teams

00:34:56Tom Vitucci

most schools are not allowing basketball; hence basketball courts can become group x studios where distancing can be enforced and classes can happen.

00:35:54Dean Bowen

50% capacity (lines on floor for spacing), cleaning before and after (no back to back classes in studios), but waiting to see what budget impact I may see for the new FY before doing too much..

00:36:12Danielle Johnson

UC Berkeley is thinking of expanding all classes to bigger spaces (gyms and field house) we are also cutting our classes down and no back to back classes which will allow us to clean after each class

00:37:01Haley Sorenson

Wyoming got the go ahead to open gyms, there are strict guidelines and we had to create a plan to meet those guidelines

00:37:10Haley Sorenson

group ex is still not allowed

00:38:03Geirgia Orgain

Hi Georgia Texas A&M my thoughts about rotating studio rooms daily I think it would be safer to rotate rooms every class so you can deep clean after each class rather than having a whole days worth of patrons in and out.

00:39:45Sarah Grace

Does anyone have any ideas or thinking of providing first aid in a group fitness class in these circumstances? If people are wearing masks that makes it harder to breathe and even using PPE, someone would still have to provide first aid if something happened…has anyone had conversations about this?

00:39:46Haley Sorenson

i can share wyoming guidelines and our proposal to open

00:39:49Stephanne Musser

Steph from ohio state? do we think that students will even want to come live fitness classes ? or will there be a fear ??

00:40:00Haley Sorenson

CPR facemask barriers

00:40:10Carey Greenwood

We have also talked about utilizing more of our outdoor spaces as well, for those formats where we can be outside and have participants bring their own equipment.

00:40:11Cheyanne Clouse

I agree Georgia! I think thats a great point

00:40:31Ashley Artist

We discussed outdoor classes also

00:40:33Dani Willis

Participants could wear a masks entering and exiting the studios or gyms

00:41:18Jonathan Rivera

We are referring to state and local health department guidelines for gyms and fitness centers in conjunction with developing a recovery framework. We plan to open under "Low Risk" conditions as those guidelines are more manageable compared to current "Moderate Risk" conditions.

00:41:20Richie Provaznik

We will most likely move some classes to our basketball courts because we will not lend out basketball balls when we first reopen.

00:42:33Mary Catherine Martinez

Are you planning on having in-person classes and also live streaming them so that some people can come in-person and others can still join from home online?

00:43:21CieCie Leonard

@Mary Catherine Martinez yes!

00:43:27Mallory McPherson-Wehan

That’s a great idea ^

00:43:50CieCie Leonard

We are only doing pre-recorded right now

00:44:12CieCie Leonard

In our phase 2, we all do LIVE classes when employees are allowed in the building.

00:44:28Jonathan Rivera

VASA Fitness, a fitness chain, has released a waiver website that includes a member agreement to adhere to considerations and expectations due to COVID-19:

00:44:47Anna Taggart

Thanks Jonathan!

00:45:06Jenny Lehigh


00:45:25Jenny Lehigh

doing the most, both sides

00:45:43Richie Provaznik

Thank you Jonathan!

00:45:44Brandi Bates

American Red Cross has a Mental Health + COVID class that's free:

00:45:49Christopher Gutierrez

Could offering both live and recorded classes be an options to limit potential fear? Meaning those who want to join a live class do, but still having the option to stay at home

00:45:59Darren Stolz

That's great @Jonathan Rivera. We are looking at how to do this as well and what our waivers may look like moving forward.

00:46:05Christopher Gutierrez

Yes. Thank you

00:46:08Stephanne Musser

I agree with it point is just that when you think of a reintegration plan, it may no longer be LIVE in studio....more small group programs, etc.

00:46:14Tom Vitucci

how are people considering emergency response if participants have a cardiac episode during a class?

00:46:24Elizabeth Michel

And be as transparent as possible with communication to patrons on steps the facility is taking to keep everyone safe!

00:47:02Dean Bowen

Yes @Elizabeth. we can't overpromise the cleanliness, safety etc

00:47:28Angie Wood

I share some of the same concerns, Doug. We saw these folks before we closed angry at the thought of a possible closure.

00:48:26Tom Vitucci

Can personal training live even be considered???

00:48:34Jade Willey

Good time to refresh hands only CPR with your staff and yourselves!

00:48:44Cheyanne Clouse

Great point Jade!

00:49:12Cheyanne Clouse

@Tom, there have been a couple people who talked about virtual Personal Training!

00:50:11Geirgia Orgain

For the more at risk clients in personal training suites I think having a set time block for them would help the fear factor. I know my grocery store has specific times for at risk shoppers

00:50:13CieCie Leonard

No spotting in the hybrid phase

00:50:29Courtney Rorex

What precautions are people taking to better protect staff/make them feel comfortable? PPE is almost impossible to get. A lot of states are allowing people to file workers comp if they feel that contract COVID-19 on the job. I want them to feel as safe as possible, but also understand why they would be apprehensive

00:51:11Tess Swastek

American Red Cross has guidance on providing care (scroll down to the "When Performing..." sections

00:51:19Cheyanne Clouse

Thanks Tess!

00:51:33Dean Bowen

I know masks keep coming up, but if everyone is still required to wear a mask, is it safe to open? Anyone screening members/users?

00:51:45Cheyanne Clouse

Great point Dean!

00:51:47CieCie Leonard

Just to add, every one will be screened before entering the facility or classes.

00:52:02Rebecca Kegler

Thank you Jonathan Rivera!

00:52:03Cheyanne Clouse

@CieCie, how are you doing that?

00:52:32Courtney Rorex

Isn’t screening a HIPAA violation?

00:52:34Jenny Lehigh

symptoms can be controlled with drugs temp

00:52:39Courtney Rorex

Or how do you do that to be compliant?

00:52:49Amber Pye

we have decided that if we need to do temp check we won’t be putting on some events and classes

00:52:57Angie Wood

I read a great quote about reopening that read, 'Just before can doesn't mean we should'. Will need to be an institutional conversation.

00:53:00Dean Bowen

Screening staff with temp and questions. Then signage for members/users and possible temps taken and screening questions

00:53:15Thomas Peters

Yes we will at Claflin University

00:53:19Chelsea Dolly

At ISU we waiting to get some guidance from our university officials before we make screening decisions. But, we did wonder if it would be HIPPA violation too

00:53:30Jenny Lehigh


00:53:38Stephen Whitmer

leslie-yes you must have been thru a wellness screening on campus to enter the fitness bldg

00:54:04Elizabeth Michel

Plus with screening, it can be spread by asymptomatic people...

00:54:09Jenny Lehigh


00:54:11Jonathan Rivera

The state of Utah has an initiative called "A Mask for Every Utahn," with priority for receiving masks will go to workers who request masks and will soon be returning to work: I have sent the link to my staff to request a mask as we prepare to reopen.

I do not know if there are other states that are implementing a similar distribution plan.

00:54:17Dean Bowen

we are collaborating with our student health services and athletic trainers IF necessary

00:54:33Sara Luelloff

in response to screening - this is pretty common at a lot of places right now, like some grocery stores, etc, I think it will become pretty common practice in many states

00:54:42Carey Greenwood

Our Director is working with other Student Affair departments on campus to see if there should be a mass order of masks/buffs for the departments. Also, bringing up to the University, should this be a freshman/student gift as they return to campus? Ordering masks or buffs with the University logo on them to mass distribute. We haven't heard back on this yet. It will depend on when and how we open.

00:54:42Jenny Lehigh


00:54:51Jenny Lehigh


00:55:17Elizabeth Michel

Great point Doug!

00:55:25Tom Vitucci

how do state guidelines impact private universities versus public?

00:56:11Cheyanne Clouse

@Carey great idea!!!!

00:56:21Stephanne Musser

has anyone else (who is not revenue driven) think all or nothing??? no live training or classes until we get the clear to have "normal class and space capacities"

00:57:11Samantha Fitzpatrick

Is anyone considering switching equipment to allow for safer practices such as getting bench racks that have narrow distance pins so they don't need spotters?

00:58:24CieCie Leonard

Blocking off equipment

00:58:42Daryl Shreve

Has anyone created a risk grid for users? Something where points are created and if a user hits a certain number of points then you recommend they don't enter the facility? So going to the grocery store without a mask 1 point. Being in a group of 10+ in the last two weeks 1 point. Having a fever 3 points. If you hit three points we recommend you don't enter. Not sure if that would lead to discrimination concerns...wouldn't work in completely open states, but maybe in some instances.

00:58:44Dean Bowen

limiting the capacity and hours (breaks for cleaning) and have a "dirty zone" for people to return dumbbells/weights to a central location for proper cleaning and set times. Check out items are not available.

00:58:58Jade Willey

How is everyone working with spacing and still keeping ADA requirements?

00:59:03Richie Provaznik

We have a multi purpose court that can be beat up and we will be moving machines onto that court

01:00:03CieCie Leonard

Anyone using cleaning and dirty area during GF classes?

01:00:34Darren Stolz

We are planning on removing a lot of our plates and weight trees as well to eliminate multiple touch points and create some space in our fitness centre. We are also going to close every other piece of cardio for a week and then the next week we will close what was used and open the ones that were not used. Trying to even out the usage of our cardio equipment at the same time making sure we don't have a lot of machines to clean on a regular basis.

01:00:48Courtney Rorex

Any equipment we use in GF classes will be pre set and participants will leave it in place to be cleaned after class @CieCie

01:00:50CieCie Leonard

Thanks Anna!

01:01:01CieCie Leonard

Thanks Courtney!

01:01:35Rebecca Kegler

Space requirements: Originally 36 sq ft ended up too close for a class when exercise causes stronger breathing, we're going to look at 100 sq ft per person.

01:01:53Alexia Cervantes

We are looking to create a reservation system for facilities

01:02:03jen macko

Along those lines: do we have a general body count per square foot of facility or weight room area that people are sticking to?

01:02:11Karen Howell

We are using IMleagues too. 45 minutes slots and 15 minute breaks.

01:02:19Lee-Anne Wilson

We are planning on headcounts/max numbers - giving members sign up for a 45 min slot to workout

01:02:22Thomas Peters

We are only allowing so many people in at a time and limit workout to 1 hour.

01:02:27Dean Bowen

recommendations are 100sqft/person - but just tracking through our management system. We offer live counts on our webpage as well so folks can monitor it all

01:02:30Richie Provaznik

We have our student workers do a head count every 30 minutes before this happened so we will have some designated to just keep count

01:02:55Jonathan Rivera

Ecofit will be releasing the Equipment Mix Tool calculator which will allow users to determine how much equipment can be made available on the floor based on current equipment, social distancing measures, and usage assumptions. The tool will go live on Thursday, May 7th:

In addition, we conduct headcounts every half hour.

01:03:14CieCie Leonard

Activity areas are limited to one (1) person per 200 square feetNon-activity areas are limited to one (1) person per 100 square feet

01:03:18Courtney Rorex

Connect2 allows live counts if anyone uses that

01:03:52Tom Vitucci

how are you defining an "activity area"?

01:03:59Mary Catherine Martinez

Where do you need these counts displayed? Just admin/employee-facing or also more for customers?

01:04:20Courtney Rorex

We don’t currently do live counts, does anyone see risk management issues with live counts?

01:04:26CieCie Leonard

@Tom, where physical activity takes place.


We're moving forward with adding Density device to do room counts in the weight room and post them virtually

01:05:08jen macko

which feature on fusion are you using for that?

01:05:09Sue Noyes

Al/Berkeley Rec Sports/ As an idea, we have the ability to separate weight rooms or fitness areas for specific programing. For instance, one weight room for open rec, one room for personal training, one for groupx, etc

01:05:16Alexia Cervantes

We are also using Fusion for reservations.

01:05:28Jade Willey

Is this all going to be enforced by student team members?

01:05:45Angie Wood

We're also investigating Fusion time/equipment sign up

01:06:25Darren Stolz

We are thinking of using our software called PerfectMind for scheduling fitness times and reservations.

01:07:05Dean Bowen

Only thing I am hesitant about reserving spaces/equipment is are we just adding additional barriers to this re-socialization... I can think of at least 20-30 students who would reserve it all, all the time. Need to develop some guidelines and restrictions when creating that in Fusion/ImLeagues, etc .... something to think about

01:07:05CieCie Leonard

Scheduling students staff has been discussed doing it in teams

01:07:28Anna Champion

If you open before August (assuming students return in fall) - how are you going to staff your facility if Student Staff positions have been dissolved until Fall?

01:07:59Dean Bowen

Fusion- court reservations, under facility

01:08:22Mallory McPherson-Wehan

@Anna I had that question too!

01:08:24Stephanne Musser

^^^^ great question

01:08:28Rebecca Kegler

Dean - agree - but also deal with those who say they'll only workout for 50 minutes but then stay much longer.

01:08:35Sue Noyes

I have a question about our members who may be immunocompromised or our senior members who are at higher risk. Does anyone have a plan in place to accommodate the needs of these members. Maybe a separate timeline or guidelines while in the space?

01:08:40Gwenda Hansen

Is there a cost to using Fusion?

01:08:47Sue Noyes

Torre Meeks- UC Berkeley

01:08:59Cheyanne Clouse

There is a cost for fusion

01:09:00Dean Bowen

yes, fusion is costly (but way worth it)

01:09:01jen macko

@gwenda yes

01:09:03Anna Taggart

@Gwenda yes - it’s called Innosoft Fusion

01:09:15Mary Catherine Martinez

There is a link here to using Fusion for several of these scenarios :)

01:10:11Richie Provaznik

We have been told to plan on three scenarios; Students return in August, Students return in October, and Students return for spring semester ’21. And under that we are planning under those scenarios with and with out student workers

01:10:24Doug Strange

Does anyone have an indoor climbing wall they need to manage and have thoughts on opening this area?

01:10:43Alexia Cervantes

We will not be reopening our climbing wall.

01:10:50Patricia Kutcher

If registering for a group fitness class through Fusion are you able to cancel if needed?

01:11:11Elizabeth Michel

Patricia..yes you can

01:11:11Tom Vitucci

will keep rock wall closed. for us it is not an essential part of the facility.

01:11:21Anna Champion

Thanks, Jade!!

01:11:23Sue Noyes

depends on estimated number of students on campus (facility usage/demand) as well as willing student staff that are on campus (determining hours modifications for facilities)

01:11:31Mary Catherine Martinez

@Patricia - that can be enabled for a given program to allow self-cancellation.

01:11:34Darren Stolz

We are keeping our bouldering cave closed, too.

01:11:50Doug Strange

Thanks on climbing feedback!

01:11:53Stephanne Musser

formats that the pro staff cant teach

01:13:02Ashley Artist

@Patricia - you can also set how much time before the class start time you will allow them to cancel

01:13:13Dean Bowen

off to another meeting, Be Well everyone!

01:13:24Cheyanne Clouse

Thanks for joining us Dean!

01:13:29Tom Vitucci

we paid our students through last Friday for not working. Only pay for actual work going forward.

01:13:38jen macko

Curious as to who is able to pay instructors this summer for virtual classes (for facilities not opening this summer)

01:14:05Tom Vitucci

we are paying our instructors for providing virtual classes

01:14:08Larissa Brown

most of my GF staff is non student s well

01:14:11Mallory McPherson-Wehan

@Elizabeth we are having that same problem!

01:14:13Tori Lord

UNC Charlotte has to make a pay justification to Student Employee but we are able to pay our instructors for virtual classes

01:14:14Cali Tolbert

we are issuing emergency pay through May 15th (end of spring semester)

01:14:57Elizabeth Michel

01:15:12Scott Berkowitz

I am able to pay students to teach virtual classes as well.

01:15:13CieCie Leonard

We are continuing as well

01:15:15Danielle Johnson

UC Berkeley we have more than 75% non students as instructors. We are currently paying instructors for virtual classes

01:15:18Ashley Artist

@Elizabeth - and I have only student instructors if you want to talk about how we run that also

01:15:29Elizabeth Michel

I would love any input on student vs. nonstudent instructor/trainer staffing :)

01:15:34Taylor Todd

NAU is continuing to pay our fitness staff for filming content, hosting virtual classes, meetings still

01:15:44Larissa Brown

could you also reach out to me with justification for non student group fitness instructors

01:16:02Anna Champion

We definitely need non-students! As of May 11, we will only pay if they teach. Student positions end May 9.

01:16:10Nicholas Horton

I have a question on liability:

01:16:32Nicholas Horton

Is anyone requiring additional Waivers? or hiring outside cleaning crews?

01:16:42Elizabeth Michel

Anna: Same! WE are only paying for classes

01:16:55Tess Swastek

ULL was paying students during the semester (ends May 8th) and we hired on a few fitness instructors for the summer and they will be paid per their work

01:18:00CieCie Leonard

Great job Gia!

01:18:01jen macko

@nicholas, in our staff meeting today, we though we could add some additional verbage about cleanliness and risk to health, but not an entirely separate waivers... as for cleaning, we have to cut budget already so definitely not able to contract outside crew

01:18:22Matthew Salvatore

If you scale back hours, you may create a peak time crunch. Combined with limiting capacity due to social distancing, could be problematic.

01:18:33Stephanne Musser

does anyone have any ideas for how to hire more of these support staff? due to the nature of the gym setting and the germs and risk they would be in what if you can't find students to hire moving forward....I worry about this. Curious if anyone else is or has thoughts/ideas outside of paying them more money

01:18:47CieCie Leonard


01:18:54Lisa Martin

I have a very small fitness staff...2 non-student instructors and 2 students instructors. 1 student is an intern graduating next week and both of my non-student instructors are currently 'laid-off'. Students are not allowed to work at this time so all programming moving forward will fall on me. My only personal trainer is graduating next week as well.

01:19:01Stephanne Musser

ACE has a whole lecture

01:19:09Gia Landis

All of our classes are on Zoom

01:19:11Hannah Stiller

@Elizabeth - About 50% of my staff are non-students and we are able to justify continuing to pay them through offering virtual classes. We have a limited schedule that changes every 3 weeks in order to try to include as many instructors as possible

01:19:13Stephanne Musser

about music and the rules - I cant find the link real quick

01:19:19Stephanne Musser


01:19:25Sarah Grace

01:19:34Sue Noyes

Al/UC Berkeley. At each phase of opening (1,23) we have projected the need for more student staff to over see fitness areas(enforce physical distance) as well as cleaning between closing and re-opening. This includes combining operations student staff with fitness (floor) staff.

01:19:34Sarah Grace

This is an awesome video from ACE on music

01:20:30Chelsea Dolly

We have done Instagram LIVE for our workouts twice/week. It didn't like the even the disclaimers and shut us down multiple times. For our videos we are just using the music that is on the video editing site... it's not exciting but at least some sound. Those are just short videos on how to do the "workout of the week."

01:21:22Tom Vitucci

We will continue Zoom classes even when we go back live. These will cater to all students, but particularly our on-line students and students at regional campuses

01:22:06Brenna Lacey

will facility staff be considered in the count if facility capacity is limited?

01:22:07CieCie Leonard

Maybe another topic: Is anyone going to continue to run GF/PT courses in fall?

01:22:44Stephanne Musser

i hope so Cie Cie - but I also prepared my staff to change that to the spring as it is a possibility

01:23:05jen macko

yes! you can't do two

01:23:05Sue Noyes

@ Brenna L: I think that is a good idea. We have talked about staggering career staff working in office spaces to limit risk and capacities

01:23:06CieCie Leonard

@Stephanne me too!

01:23:10Tom Vitucci

we have a university zoom account that each employee has a log-in for.

01:23:11jen macko

I ran into that issue,

01:23:12Alice Adams

^ we are brainstorming ways to incorporate more virtual training portions of GF/PT training just in case

01:23:30Tami Reilly

Yes - you cannot schedule another meeting at the same time and be the host of both. But you can be on a zoom meeting while your instructor is doing the zoom you set up as the cohost

01:23:35jen macko

you have to pay for each additional host on your account if you need to be on another call at the same time

01:23:36Cheyanne Clouse

@Brenna I think it has to count staff as well, since total facility capacity is what is important!

01:24:04Mary Catherine Martinez

If you don't log out, Zoom will kick that session out when you log into another session/computer (and it happens to me a lot b/c I use Zoom on my desktop and laptop :) )

01:25:22Chelsea Dolly

I would like to be added, please!

01:25:25Christopher Gutierrez

Can I be added to the page please?

01:25:32Brennan Shirk

The music license conversation is wrong. Synch rights and PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS are NOT the same. Synch music license must be paid to synch with video. KRUActive is a virtual fitness platform that offers customized and branded channels for each campus rec center and offers SYNCH MUSIC to each campus rec channel for fitness videos.

01:25:40Richie Provaznik

I would also like to be added to the page

01:25:42Alexia Cervantes

Thanks for another great meeting. Have to go!

01:26:00Jennifer Cobarrubias

Can I be added please?

01:26:03Danielle Johnson

I would like to be added

01:26:19Ashley Artist

We are exploring using Canvas for our prep courses

01:26:19Marcella Cisneros

I requested to be added to the FB group. Thx!

01:26:20Dujuan Wiley

I would like to be added please

01:26:20Anna Taggart

Bye Alexia!

01:26:21Sue Noyes


01:26:25Cali Tolbert

thanks for all the information!

01:26:29Brennan Shirk

KRUActive is currently on boarding several college campus rec centers for FREE! No onboarding costs and each campus gets their own channel to offer streaming, live streaming, and Video on Demand (VOD)

01:26:33Elizabeth Michel

Can we talk more about prep courses is the future? I have to go. Thanks for a great meeting!

01:26:37Stephen Whitmer

add many thx

01:26:52Danielle Johnson

01:27:16Tom Vitucci

for zoom bombers, instructors can "lock' the class a few minutes after it starts

01:27:35Claudine Johnson

add to fitness directors page (

01:27:40Richie Provaznik

01:27:43Brennan Shirk

The other benefit is all videos are offered full HD and the channel is a REVENUE maker for each campus rec center with the Partner Program. You can reach me at

01:28:29Brennan Shirk

Social media sites stream HD but download videos at a VERY poor resolution of 140p

01:28:34Courtney Burkes

I would like to be added

01:28:36Jonathan Rivera


Thank you!

01:28:38Mary Catherine Martinez

There is an integration with Zoom to enable a "live" on FB and/or YouTube. I can't remember all of the integrations, but it could help streamline where your instructors go and have the ability to still host on multiple "live" platforms.

01:28:55Gwenda Hansen

Tough time now for all- many of you are SO fortunate to still be able to pay your instructors! I’ve lost my entire team of 40+ as of March 30 with no plans to bring them back until fall.

01:29:07Taylor Todd

We have had copyright issues on YT w Zumba, Pound, and other musically inclined formats as we started things out but YT has a toyalty free music channel as well we can utilize!

01:29:23Sarah Grace

@Gwenda I am so sorry :/ that is truly terrible.

01:29:50Brandi Bates

have to head to another meeting-- thank you all so much!!

01:30:03Gwenda Hansen

Thank you- it’s been really hard!

01:30:10Mary Catherine Martinez

Thank you!

01:30:14CieCie Leonard

Another topics for future: When will you start charging for services again

01:30:14Shaneisha Weir

What's the name again

01:30:18Christopher Gutierrez

This is very helpful. Thank you

01:30:23Taylor Todd

Thanks everyone for this!

01:30:29Matthew Salvatore

Thanks! Let's do this again.

01:30:31Angie Wood

Same here, Gwenda. I have lost my team as well with no start date to have them back either. I feel your pain. :(

01:30:34Anna Taggart

Thanks everyone!

01:30:34Gwenda Hansen

How can we get the recording of the meeting- I came in 30 min lates.

01:30:36Jonathan Rivera

Thank you Cheyanne and Anna!

01:30:40Sarah Grace

Thank you!

01:30:41Mamie Murphy

thank you!

01:30:45Angie Wood

Thanks Cheyanne and Anna!

01:30:48CieCie Leonard

Thanks Cheyenne and Anna! You are the best!

01:30:58Richie Provaznik

Thank you Cheyanne and Anna!

01:30:58Danielle Johnson

Thank you

01:30:58Dujuan Wiley

Great stuff! Thank you everyone

01:30:59Claudine Johnson


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email