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Risk Management, Part 3

Thursday, April 30, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Facilitated by Erin Wells with presenters Drew Loso, Chad Lowe, and Sarah Shea

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Chat Transcript

00:35:34Erin Wells

Good Morning/Afternoon! Hope you all are doing well! Please drop comments or questions here!!!

00:38:21Colleen Fritze

What type of Health screening is anyone doing?

00:38:25Linda Gundrum

Adelphi U in Long Island NY (NYC metro area) OUr President is co-chairing a private colleges re-opening group for NYS. We are just starting to have committees formed on campus to get started with all this.

00:38:27Lucia Zamecnik

what are schools doing with massage if that is something they are offering ?

00:39:05Kristen Alexander

schools that have reopened are you seeing a decline in numbers coming into your buildings?

00:39:51Ross Rod - UT Austin

@OScee are you still making people sign up through IM Leagues for workout times?

00:39:53Ryan Wong

UCCS- We have a work group with a mix of programmers, facilities, and leadership staff. Created a matrix spreadsheet to have staff identify all risks of their programs and facilities and ranking the risk severity/likliehood. Then have staff write mitigation plans for all of those identified risks within the facilities or programs. input PPE needed to mitigate, chemicals needed, more/less staff needed..etc.. Work group will review all mitigation plans and go from there.

00:40:47Jason Darby

For those in communities that have mandated masks being worn in businesses, how are you working with that requirement?

00:41:10Kurt Schooley

State of Ohio Governor did not include gyms in phase 1 of re-opening so we still don't have a date. When we do re-open it likely won't be all facilities and will limit hours some since participation won't be high with no students around. Have been instructed to plan for 50% occupancy maximum when we do re-open.

00:41:23Max, Swarthmore College

Will anyone be requiring participants to wear masks while using their facility?

00:41:41Olivia Raxter

Columbia in NYC, we are working with university facilities to rework custodial post orders. We are a split facility with athletics so taking into account what athletic specific spaces may not be in use so that we could reassign cleaning that would normally be done in those spaces to the rec spaces (mainly considering the athletic locker rooms, which may not be in use therefore wouldn't need daily cleaning)

00:41:50Wheatfall III, Oscee - Texas A&M

@Ross yes we are

00:42:01Kurt Schooley

nothing determined yet but likely will move some cardio equipment to wood court spaces since basketball will not be an activity that is permitted

00:43:53Colleen Fritze

What Emergency response measures are being taken given the American Red Cross guidelines during Covid-19?

00:43:53Mark Ritter

We are waiting for guidance from our administration and Health Center professionals. Although, if I student wanted to wear their own we would certainly allow it.

00:44:35Richard Campbell

For those of you who have their pools open, are you doing one person per lane, or is it something like one person for every other lane?

00:44:51Matthew Gordon

Matt @Harvard We are still early in planning with an unknown timeline on a re-open, but we will be providing each employee with 5 masks.

00:45:17Kristen Alexander

are you minimizing your hours of operations for patrons?

00:45:51Kathryn Dunn

We will likely be minimizing hours of operation, but more from a budgetary reasoning

00:46:12Colin Bachinski - Grand Valley State University

@Kristen, we (at Grand Valley State) are looking at the availability of staff that we have available to open. If we have enough to fully open, then we would be normal hours, but based off of the availability of staff is what we would be looking at.

00:46:37Kristen Alexander


00:46:53Ashley Dent

CDC guidelines should be out on or around May 15th

00:46:55Max, Swarthmore College

Everyone should bookmark this resource:

00:46:58Jason Darby

Southern Miss still closed, with tentative slow roll for professional staff to enter facility May 18th to begin prepping the facility and deep cleaning with a hopeful opening in June.

00:47:05Frances Caron - UCR

Ellis issued their guidance yesterday for aquatics.

00:47:17Chelsea Randolph - Texas A&M

CDC will have recommendations on May 15th

00:47:37Chelsea Randolph - Texas A&M

for the pools

00:48:03Ross Rod - UT Austin

Thanks, Max!

00:48:07Colleen Fritze

CDC should be requirements not guidelines if they are really doing their job... IMHO

00:49:06Max, Swarthmore College

Hours will be significantly less. The original plan would be to mimic academic break hours (6:30am-7pm), however, I will be reducing those hours even more.

00:49:10Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford is planning on phases so phase 1 proposal is one pool open only and limited hours yes

00:49:37Shari Landmark

We are proposing 5-9am; 11am-1pm and 4-8pm

00:49:53Daniel Perdue- UNC-Pembroke

That would all depend on who will still be on or around campus

00:50:01Jason Darby

To touch back on masks briefly, are any facilities planning to provide masks for either staff or patrons? Whether that is coordinating with your on-campus health center or purchasing out of your own budgets if your municipality requires them being worn?

00:50:31Max, Swarthmore College

I will be closing down our facility twice per day during hours of operation for an hour to do a clean of each piece of equipment.

00:50:38Frances Caron - UCR

We are providing staff masks or neck gaitors depending on their position.

00:50:40Wheatfall III, Oscee - Texas A&M

@Jason - we have purchased them for all of our student staff

00:50:41Jamie Grenoble

We are still waiting to find out about furloughs of full time staff. Our building will not open until July 31st at the earliest so we will definitely need to have reduced hours and/or a delayed opening to get everything up an running when our furlough is over.

00:51:23Colleen Fritze

Depends on supply chain...

00:51:31Erin Sanders

Disposable masks or attempting to disinfect reusable masks?

00:51:47Colin Haggerty (Eastern Michigan University)

we are going to staff additional cleaning staff as often as we can given availability. we are also putting out feelers via social media and virtual group ex to see how many people may be wanting to use the rec if we reopen in summer or fall

00:52:05Wheatfall III, Oscee - Texas A&M

@erin Resuable cloth masks we will wash each night

00:52:21Matthew Gordon- Harvard University

We will be purchasing 5 masks per staff member to start. We are a contracted out rec program (Health Fitness), and we won't be billing Harvard for this.

00:52:52Rebecca Mabile

We haven't been told if we will have assistance providing masks (will be required for employees) but Utah has a free mask program so people who need them to return to work can request one.

00:52:53Frances Caron - UCR

Each staff will get their own personal masks/neck gaitors that can be washed and reused (not cloth). Trauma bags will have additional/different masks.

00:52:57Colleen Fritze

BYO...face covering?

00:53:07Derrick Law

Clemson is working to provide reusable masks.

00:53:32Michelle Mirpuri

nothing set in stone, but in planning discussions we plan to provide cloth masks to our employees, still debating if we will provide masks to participants

00:53:38Kurt Schooley

Is anyone making a move from spray bottles and towels to gym wipes for cleaning equipment after use? And if so- have you found them to be readily available?

00:53:44Cristina Rodriguez

is anyone considering making their own masks??? or partnering up with an academic course to make?

00:53:52Kathryn Dunn

I worry about the germs spreading if we wash germs, BUT I also worry that students won't wash them as many are using quarters to do laundry

00:54:03Kathryn Dunn

*If we wash masks in house

00:54:22Meagan Stachurski

Hopped on late due to LG interviews! Hope everyone is doing well!

00:54:59Kathryn Dunn

We are thinking about suspending towel service

00:55:03kayne wignall

Cloth masks - they are for guests protection and not the student staffs protection, no?

00:55:16Brooke Turner

Alabama is looking at ceasing towel service

00:55:16Matthew Gordon- Harvard University

We will be suspending towel service

00:55:19Daniel Perdue- UNC-Pembroke

There was a discussion about that yesterday and the vibe was leaning towards suspending it

00:55:28Durl Rather

but doesn't bleach kill everything, we bleach all of our towels.

00:55:35Sarah Shea

any concerns about having patrons wear masks while working out with breathing difficulties

00:56:38Max, Swarthmore College

Piece of advice… Ask if you need to run all posted signage through your institution’s office of communication to ensure it’s the correct message.

00:56:40Bob Weeks

Isn't the asymptomatic nature of carriers one of the bigger problems with this virus all around? Temperature checks and questions about symptoms are great to filter out sick people when they enter the facility, but they don't do anything when someone isn't showing symptoms but is still carrying the virus.

00:56:53Colleen Fritze

What is the communication plan to apprise patrons of what is expected when entering building?

00:57:06Colin Bachinski - Grand Valley State University

A bit off topic for now, but for those that oversee facilities that are both athletic and recreation facilities, how are you going to handle situations like closing down basketball courts for recreation use, but if the NCAA/your respective athletic conference says athletics can start up again, allowing them to utilize those courts?

00:57:11Megan Choiniere

There was a large conversation about towel service is yesterdays Member Services Roundtable. A decent number of schools are planning to discontinue towel service, and possibly rethinking their offerings in the future

00:57:21Linda Gundrum

Are effective/proper cleaning supplies avaiable and going to remain available for remaing open?

00:57:22Olivia Raxter

@Megan we are referring to special policies during this time as the "COVID Code of Conduct" and plan to market/advertise it like that around the facility and online for our members to reference

00:57:29Ned Harvey

the University of New Hampshire rec center is currently set up as an overflow hospital

00:57:41Dean Smith

Flushing water systems and cleaning/sanitizing ice machines

00:57:50Colleen Fritze

You isolate...

00:57:55Ron Siliko

report to board of health is all we’ve heard so far

00:58:34Max, Swarthmore College

Resource from the EPA -

00:59:32Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

We were told our traditional washing of towels would be enough, however, collection of used towels is where the transmission concern is for us.

01:00:13Nyssa Owen

in regards to providing masks, we've been required to wear masks in public in Miami for 3+ weeks. If students have reusable masks, we will put the onus on them to launder them. The general public here is held to that same standard currently, so we wouldn't have to teach new behaviors.

01:01:52Max, Swarthmore College

The resource I put in the chat from the EPA is cleaners/disinfectants to use against COVID

01:02:02Olivia Raxter

We are considering putting all drinking fountains out of commission, only keeping the water bottle refill stations. Have others considered this?

01:02:23Kurt Schooley

@Olivia- yes- considering keeping only the bottle filler function available

01:02:31Matthew Gordon- Harvard University

@olivia, definitely on the list

01:02:31Meagan Stachurski

@olivia raxter didn't even think of that!

01:02:51Autumn Cleverley

what about bottle fillers?

01:02:59Brooke Turner

Has there been any discussion about day use lockers and those needing to be cleaned?

01:03:16Olivia Raxter

@autumn we are considering keeping bottle fill stations open but closing drinking fountains

01:03:26Glen Kemper

Does anyone or is anyone planning on using a bleach solution for cleaning? We may have our students clean with bleach and our patron use Virex II. Any thoughts on that?

01:03:39Kurt Schooley


01:03:41Chelsea Randolph - Texas A&M

Texas A&M took water fountains offline before completely shutting down by blocking them off with caution tape

01:05:28Autumn Cleverley

how are you encoring that people aren’t changing?

01:05:34Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Rebecca are you staffing locker rooms then?

01:06:06Autumn Cleverley


01:07:01Olivia Raxter

is anyone limiting elevator capacities? Ours would only be able to have one person in it (maybe two) while abiding by the social distancing protocols

01:07:30Max, Swarthmore College

Will you be cleaning your elevator after each person uses it?

01:07:46Olivia Raxter

That is what we are trying to decide, more frequent cleaning definitely

01:07:47Ron Siliko

we’re ready for it, not confirmed if we will

01:07:59Matthew Gordon- Harvard University

Staffing extra areas are probably not in the budget

01:08:05Olivia Raxter

but possibly monitoring the amount of people in the elevator at one time

01:08:06Max, Swarthmore College

1 person at a time, clean after each use.

01:08:27Kristen Alexander

any plans for if you get complants about someone not socail distancing?

01:08:35Ross Rod - UT Austin

Limit to emergency/accessability use only and clean in between?

01:08:39Ron Siliko

signage, mount hand sanitizing station

01:08:59Colleen Fritze

Have to remain open for medical emergencies...

01:09:05Ross Rod - UT Austin

I’ve seen places put wipes in the elevator for button selection, but that doesn’t do anything if someone coughs in the elevator

01:09:36Erin Sanders

Propping doors open for stairwells, entrances to gyms/rooms?

01:09:40Jason Darby

Same Matthew. We are going to have a hard time budget-wise attempting to staff extra after the decent hit to our revenue income. It’s going to be a struggle.

01:09:56Kristyn Watts

Do folks have a plan or systems for large-scale regular disinfection like Clorox 360, Sani Sport, Sanosil, etc.?

01:10:45Max, Swarthmore College

Just a thought, ask your office of student conduct if that could be a student conduct violation if they fail to practice physical distancing.

01:10:47Colleen Fritze

Propping doors would be a fire code violation I believe...

01:11:15Ross Rod - UT Austin

agreed with @Colleen

01:11:18Erin Sanders

Then cleaning after each use?

01:11:20Derrick Law

Propping doors open is a security issue as well

01:11:46Devon Wilde

Agreed, Owen. Just like other rules and regulations...

01:11:53Dean Smith

Depends on if it is a fire door. Propping doors will affect hvac but that may not matter.

01:12:02Meagan Stachurski

Has anyone made any changes to their reports to include "social distancing violation" as a selection or creating any sort of POST COVID specific forms that will be used? More specifically, has anyone added something like this to Connect 2?

01:12:31Jason Darby

Those of you with climbing walls, keeping them closed initially or how or you planning to slowly reopen that amenity?

01:12:35Olivia Raxter

@Meagan we haven't yet but will definitely be adding it to our Connect 2 reports before reopening

01:12:38Jason Darby

*how are

01:13:02Meagan Stachurski

Thanks @olivia raxter!

01:13:08Ryan Wong

Toe Door openers!

01:13:09Brooke Turner

@Darby we plan to keep many areas closed such as the wall for a bit

01:13:18Max, Swarthmore College

Is anyone working to install automatic open sensors?

01:13:56Colin Haggerty

I think it would be a good call for us to create an additional part of our incident report or a separate incident report to easily keep track of it separately from day-to-day incidents

01:13:57Jess Pellerin

@Erin Wells what would you for people with disabilities that may not have that option to use foot/arm?

01:14:38Dana Lopez

I may have missed this if it was discussed, but are there any plans on restrictions with weight room floors, informal recreation spaces, etc? Can't really spot someone on the bench press from 6' away.

01:15:26Max, Swarthmore College

@Dana - I would suggest removing all possible opportunities where individuals would need a spotter. This might include squat racks and benches.

01:15:55Max, Swarthmore College

My plan will be for people to only be able to use selectorized machines for weight training.

01:15:58Derrick Law

Daily limited exposure to viruses/bacteria is how our immune systems stay healthy. We need to remember that some exposure is going to happen even with out best efforts in place. I think its important to evaluate what is ideal with what’s realistically possible.

01:16:38Linda Gundrum

what about pick up rec activities such as basketball?

01:16:58Max, Swarthmore College

I will be repurposing my free weight area and moving selectorized equipment to that area to increase the physical distance between people.

01:17:21Olivia Raxter

We will be most likely closing our rec gym to open rec and will be moving equipment there as well

01:17:38Daniel Perdue- UNC-Pembroke

there was a convo yesterday about limiting basketball courts to select time slots for only one person.

01:17:56Civon Thomas

I work for The Ohio State University Newark campus. I purposed we closed the basketball courts. Its a gateway for a large gathering and physical contact between patrons

01:18:11Autumn Cleverley

no equipment checkout

01:18:12Max, Swarthmore College

I like what Oscee said earlier about informal recreation courts

01:18:14Bob Weeks

We've been talking about not having any sports in our gym

01:18:15Julia Neal

Not in phase 1, offline for awhile

01:18:24Devon Wilde

Before we closed, we suspended all pickup activities in gyms. We didn't rent out any equipment. Our struggle will be with athletics if/when the NCAA brings everything back because we share our main facility with athletics.

01:18:41Ross Rod - UT Austin

How many of our facilities remain on a list to be a possible Acute Care Site/Field Hospital list? Are you thinking about that with your re-occupation plans?

01:18:58Autumn Cleverley

Has any other schools been told they may convert their gym space to classroom space to help with social distancing?

01:19:12Linda Gundrum

Anyone considering if/how sport clubs will operate or participate? Any new policies, screenings?

01:19:18Davetta Lackey

Our plan for reopening will just be the cardio floor for phase one

01:19:27Colin Bachinski - Grand Valley State University

Wondering the same thing as Devon!

01:19:39Max, Swarthmore College

Will be mirroring what the NCAA does

01:19:43Olivia Raxter

@Ross our athletic facility uptown is being used as a COVID hospital right now so it will be offline until further notice

01:19:59Chris Muller

Wait and see. NCAA will somewhat guide the conversation

01:21:27Max, Swarthmore College

NCAA does not have a statement yet on fans.

01:21:49Meagan Stachurski

Thanks Max!

01:23:10Colleen Fritze

Individual and dual sports will be key ….

01:23:48Colleen Fritze

NU is housing First Responders in one of our dorms

01:23:54Cristina Rodriguez

This was a recent offering:

SCW WEBINAR: Prepare to Reopen: Important Practices to Anticipate & Prepare For

Here are the notes they sent out

01:25:03Devon Wilde

Thank you for sharing those, Cristina!

01:25:16Meagan Stachurski

^I second this!

01:25:30Max, Swarthmore College

Cristina…You da real MVP

01:25:45Mary Catherine Martinez

Purdue mentioned yesterday on the member services call that they were being asked about using the gyms as classroom space

01:25:45Julia Neal

Thank you, Christina!

01:25:52Cristina Rodriguez

We are all in this together.. :)

01:26:10Candice Douglas

Thank you @Cristina

01:26:23Meagan Stachurski

@cristina rodriguez I feel like your statement should be followed with a HIgh School Musical gif!

01:26:37Colleen Fritze

@Cristina different levels depending on location :)

01:26:41Olivia Raxter

This recovery readiness guide from Cushman & Wakefield is a great reference too!

01:27:25Frances Caron - UCR

We are for guards and are looking at adjustign rotations, but have not made a final decision.

01:27:26Cristina Rodriguez

@Olivia thank you.

01:27:47Frances Caron - UCR

We purchased specific masks for our guards that can get wet (non-cloth).

01:27:59Olivia Raxter

@cristina thank YOU!

01:28:08Meagan Stachurski

@frances caron do you have a link for those masks you purchased?

01:28:13Kurt Schooley

Here is another resource I had sent our way

01:28:23Frances Caron - UCR

01:28:32Frances Caron - UCR

Those are the mask I sent yesterday.

01:28:59Devon Wilde

Thank you for all of the references and discussion. I would love to continue to be a part of these chats if possible. Thanks for hosting, Erin!

01:29:01Colleen Fritze

Thank you very helpful to know....

01:29:08Max, Swarthmore College

Yes — Again please!

01:29:08Chris Muller


01:29:09Autumn Cleverley

yes do more!

01:29:09Cristina Rodriguez

Very helpful please continue

01:29:10Staci Snyder

Yes, very helpful

01:29:11Andrew Bruni


01:29:11Drew Meadows


01:29:11Jason Darby

Very helpful. Yes!

01:29:11Melissa Carrabine


01:29:11Jess Pellerin

Yes please!

01:29:11Tony Perez


01:29:12Kristyn Watts

Yes please!

01:29:12Meagan Stachurski

Yes please!

01:29:12Davetta Lackey


01:29:12Marcus St. Phard

This is amazing and vey informative

01:29:12Candice Douglas


01:29:13Nicholas White


01:29:13John Wondra


01:29:13Nick Donahue

very helpful!

01:29:13Marcus St. Phard


01:29:14Karen Howell


01:29:14Kurt Schooley

Sorry saw Olivia sent the same one lol

01:29:15Olivia Raxter

Definitely helpful! Would be great to do another. Especially as some places start to open

01:29:16David Woodason


01:29:16Colin Bachinski - Grand Valley State University

Could definitely go for another in a few weeks!

01:29:16Colin Haggerty

very helpful!!!!

01:29:16Glen Kemper

helpful. more please

01:29:16Dean Smith


01:29:16Michael Hyde


01:29:17Ned Harvey


01:29:18Rebecca Mabile

yes please!

01:29:18Mark Ritter

Yes. About finalizing plans to reopen

01:29:19Julie Gillespie

Yes, super helpful!

01:29:19Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

yes, especially as folks start to reopen

01:29:20Natasha Davila- Colorado State


01:29:21Mamie Murphy

yes very helpful!

01:29:21Kristyn Watts

yes please

01:29:23Sarah Shea

yes and maybe a running document of answers people give?

01:29:24Matthew Gordon- Harvard University

Things are continuing to evolve, decisions are everchanging, I think we should be continuing conversation.

01:29:25Jill Krantz


01:29:25Jeff Keenan

Yes, in a few weeks

01:29:25Suzanne Brandt

Yes please!

01:29:26Amanda Torres-Brooks

yes. especially once more facilities open.

01:29:27Rebecca Kegler

yes - yes - yes -

01:29:28Linda Gundrum

We need more info from officials as to what guidelines are being imposedon us as we move forward...!

01:29:36Nick Donahue

Thank you!

01:29:40Ross Rod - UT Austin

Good luck, all! Hang in there

01:29:40Colin Haggerty

thank you!

01:29:41Rebecca Kegler

Perhaps 2 weeks --

01:29:43Owen McFadden

especially when facilities open

01:29:47Devon Wilde

Yes - I like the document idea, Sarah! Google doc or something?

01:29:49Jamie Grenoble

Yes please! Since things are changing so much it would be helpful to have a few more of these!

01:29:50Colin Haggerty

2 weeks would be perfect!

01:29:50Colin Bachinski - Grand Valley State University

2-3 weeks is great!

01:29:51Glen Kemper


01:29:51Owen McFadden


01:29:53Linda Gundrum

thank you!

01:29:54Stephanie Peruttzi-OU

Yes, thanks!

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