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Member Services Roundtable, Part 3

Recorded on Wednesday, April 29, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Megan Choiniere with presenters Victoria Roberts, Taylor Schiller, and Melissa Bates

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Chat Transcript

00:32:31Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

What does re-opening look like for member services where you are?

00:33:22Dora Aguilera TCU

We are in conversations about what cleaning, number of occupants, and other safety measures.

00:33:51Megan Choiniere - Oakland University

Hi Sandy Wilson!

00:34:41Deja'Nay Gilliam, UC Davis

Would love to revisit membership promotions again! What are some of you offering once you reopen?

00:36:59Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Q: Do you or will you require a RSVP to come in or allow a number and then one in/out?

00:37:04Sandy Corsi - Boston College

At Boston College we also stopped guest passes in March and will most likely stop them on reopening at least for a while

00:38:37Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

We have been talking about doing a one in one out kind of operation, but we are trying to plan what kind of staffing that would require

00:39:16Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

We are discussing limiting guest access as well. Similar mindset, keeping access to our facility limited to individuals who are already on campus anyways. Only those with a UT Southwestern ID badge would be eligible for Day/Guest passes.

00:41:21Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

In regards to having a limit of people in certain areas, we have been in discussion of having a staff member stationed at each area. Although we have a much smaller facility than many of you. We have also discussed removing a number of pieces of equipment from the fitness center to spread them out more within the space we have

00:41:26Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Clapping hands to @Pam.

00:42:26Monica - UIUC

We are discussing how to use Connect2 for counts to a live update on our website so folks can also see what the status of the facility is and determine if they'd like to come in or not depending on varying levels of busy.

00:43:04Corrine Pruett - WVU

@Monica, we also use Connect2's live widget feature.

00:43:53Anthony U of Central Arkansas

The Small Programs chat was also on the same idea of monitors.

00:44:25Victoria Roberts - Clemson

@Monica and Corrine, are you planning on adjusting/lowering area #'s to keep people from "flooding" certain areas?

00:44:25Marion Spearman - UGA

For those that are doing one in/one out or a reservation system, is that for the summer months, or are you anticipating that carrying over to fall?

00:45:04Pam Hightower

one idea on the director's chat today was that with things like basketball being pretty impossible with distancing, a school was going to move fitness eq to that space to increase distance between equipment

00:45:16Sharon Murdock - West Texas A&M

Does anyone have other offices or classes housed in the facility? How would you handle keeping track of people using the facility?

00:45:52Robin Embry

What type of parameters are being placed on allowing customers: Temperature checks, proof of non-positive test results?

00:45:56Monica - UIUC

Thanks, @Corrine; we have just one has dug into what options are available- good to know there's an actual widget for it. @Victoria yes, we will have machines blocked off and are discussing a new "max capacity" for each floor.

00:45:57Danielle Anderson - Fairfield University

We may be moving equipment into the field house and only having every other cardio equipment in usage as well as limiting members and doing away with guest passes.

00:46:01Victoria Roberts - Clemson

Sharon, we do at Clemson! They're in our admin section though so theoretically do not come into contact with others

00:46:02Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

We more than likely will be opening with limited activities. If we decide to not allow things such as pick-up basketball, we might move cardio equipment to gym space to assist with spacing.

00:46:07Dora Aguilera TCU

we are talking about spacing equipment and using stickers on the floor.

00:46:07Christine Panella

We see a potential that we could host classes in our building, which is a concern for us. But we have some of the largest spaces on campus in our gyms

00:46:29Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

Thoughts on allowing/disallowing basketball on the court(s) in consideration of social distancing?

00:46:42Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

We do have our exercise science department in our facility as well so we have been discussing having limited staff in office day to day

00:47:18Megan Choiniere - Oakland University

Deonte we are disallowing basketball and eliminating all equipment rentals

00:48:50Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

Thanks @ Meg. We are doing the same with equipment rentals, but some are considering allowing basketball. Personally, I think the same should be done for all contact sports at least in the facility/on-site.

00:50:45Teresa Clements

I can’t imagine a way to manage what will certainly turn into “pick up” basketball games. My guess is we will eliminate basketball in our first opening phase.

00:51:11Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

@ Teresa agreed!

00:51:16Megan Choiniere - Oakland University

When it comes to basketball I think individual use should be considered however as we know 1 turns into 2 turns into 3

00:51:35Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

We likely will not allow pick-up basketball. Would be nice to still check-out equipment if somebody just wanted to get some shots up, however, there's always the risk of individuals pushing the limits and shooting alone turns into H.O.R.S.E. which turns into 1on1, etc. etc.

00:52:29Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

@Robin Embry we are considering temperature checks for anyone attempting to access the facility and will look to follow CDC guidelines for specific temp ranges, etc.

00:52:37Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

I know for our first phase of opening we are having to be tested for a fever to come to work. We may continue this for users

00:54:19Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

Thanks @Meg and Mike!

00:54:30Corrine Pruett - WVU

Does anyone offer a laundry service for patrons as an extension of locker services?

00:54:34Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

Directors felt the exact opposite in the roundtable earlier today. We don't have the staffing for this, we don't have training/certifications for this, we don't have PPEs enough for this

00:54:58Jeremy Chance - KU

KU offers "laundry service" in the sense of towel service - shower towels and workout towels.

00:55:12Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@corrine, we do towel service but we are going to discontinue that service in most of our phased openings

00:55:29Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

Corrine, we offer the laundry service but will be suspending it for the time being. BYOTowel.

00:55:38Devon Wilde


00:55:40Jeremy Chance - KU

It's one of the things we're considering stopping in anticipated cuts.

00:55:50Jeremy Chance - KU

Anticipated budget cuts*

00:56:01Deja'Nay Gilliam, UC Davis

@Corrine, we provide free towel service but will likely discontinue that for awhile.

00:56:50Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Get with the health clinic, legal, what is CDC doing (Deonte mentioned)...

00:57:05Dora Aguilera TCU

We offer towel service and are looking at how handle this. We currently require folks to use towels on machines and provide them free of charge for check out. But they get turned in and we launder them. We are assessing to see if we are going to continue this and if so, how are we going to do so safely.

00:57:26Schafaris Turner-San Jose State

For those doing temperature checks, what about the other symptoms? How are you vetting this?

00:58:19Khara Burke - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Has anyone thought about sending out a survey to your members asking what would help them feel comfortable to return to the facility?

00:58:35Monica - UIUC

Has anyone discussed waivers regarding access and not following social distancing, etc. in our spaces?

00:58:38Courtney Lyznicki - Purdue University

There are gyms updating their member agreements to include info on COVID-19 to help protect them more.

00:58:45Deonte Screven - Tulane University, New Orleans

Great question @Khara

00:58:47Robin Embry

This is from the State of Tennessee guidelines:Exercise Facilities Consumer Protection

Screen customers for illness upon entry to the gym:

Best practice: Temperature checks for every customer. Persons with temperatures above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit should not be permitted on premise

Minimum: Question customers regarding COVID-19 symptoms

Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?

Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

00:58:50Victoria Roberts - Clemson

@Khara I had not bit that is a great idea!

00:59:15Kathy Obuszewski

risk is never 0, it’s about risk mitigation and accepting some. Everyday, we are facing 1000 viruses. So teach and inform.

00:59:37Josh Lightfoot -UMBC

When spreading out equipment, would you allow people to just use fitness equipment and selectorized weight machine equipment. With free weights, a lot of people need spotters, there is a risk of there not being social distancing.

01:00:01Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

@Josh we talked about not having free weights available for the time being

01:00:19Josh Lightfoot -UMBC

Thanks Brianna!

01:02:00Stephon Porter UofSC

Has anyone had any discipline in place for patrons who do not abide by social distancing policies and if so what it look like. Is it an instant kick out, is it warning then you're gone, is it a strike system?

01:02:05Daniel Perdue- UNC-Pembroke

that’s gotta go.

01:02:06Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

We used to do it, but we discontinued it

01:02:58Melissa Bates SOU

@Stephen We will provide a warning and reminder and if they still do not adjust then we will have them leave the facility

01:03:04Dave CU Boulder

Free towels but looking at eliminating for initial reopen. Our Env Health & Safety dept did have some recommendations if we continue (using cloth bag that goes in the wash, larger gloves, cover towel bin while transporting)

01:03:14Gabor Jerkovits U of Regina

We eliminated towel service prior to the current situation. still do laundry service for athletics

01:04:28Robin Embry

We have simply extended paid memberships to equal the time facilities have been closed.

01:04:49Jeremy Chance - KU

@Robin - Same at University of Kansas.

01:04:52Teresa Clements

We discontinued towel service a few years ago. Took awhile to “educate” some users, but everyone is fine with it now. Sustainability…We washed a lot of clean towels.

01:05:17Wheatfall III, Oscee

We will continue towel service but have outline specific procedures on how to return and receive them

01:05:37Schafaris Turner-San Jose State

We're extending memberships to cover for the time we closed, using a promo code for 50% off lockers ONLY if they had a locker for spring semester.

01:05:45Dora Aguilera TCU

We are crediting current patrons for the dates closed. Offering them a refund if this is what they are more comfortable with. Most of our patrons are anxious and ready to get back. I get numerous emails daily to find out if we have a reopen date.

01:06:01Lynn Wilson

Canceling sweat towel & shower towel service until further notice.

01:06:10Dora Aguilera TCU

...this extension includes locker rentals.

01:06:12Christine Panella

we offered “bonus” extra days based on your membership length for receiving an extension. to try to alleviate refund requests and make an extension more intriguing

01:06:19Teresa Clements

What about locker rooms in regard to re-opening??

01:06:25Marion Spearman - UGA

At UGA, we will not be charging for memberships for the first month that we reopen. In addition, we are extending those who had membership end dates during the closure.

01:06:54Lynn Wilson

Our state/county is allowing us to open very soon but locker rooms will not be open to the public.

01:07:16Monica - UIUC

We are offering credits towards future membership purchase OR a refund. Hoping to keep some members this way, but that way they can return on their own terms. Same for locker rentals, group fitness, as well.

01:07:22Stephanie Fung UCD

what about restrooms? do you limit how many people are in at a time?

01:07:28Dave CU Boulder

For Locker Rooms - talking about making the day use lockers, rental lockers to eliminate the turnover from person to person through the day.

01:07:31Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

Same question about locker rooms. Curious if anybody has discussed this yet. Ours are way too small to maintain proper distancing.

01:07:32Dora Aguilera TCU

As for the locker rooms we are using floor stickers for distancing and mirror signs.

01:07:42Monica - UIUC

@Teresa good question! We have discussed if locker rooms are open, are only bathrooms, not showers, not day use lockers, etc.

01:07:44Teresa Clements

*Lynn, Are your restrooms in the locker rooms?

01:08:24Wheatfall III, Oscee

Memberships have been extended into the fall based on 2020 expiration dates. We will prorate the membership from there. Lockers have also been extended to all who purchased them until Aug 1. Patrons can receive refunds if they choose which will be back dated to the actual date we shut down and they will not receive these extended services

01:08:32Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

We have started talking about reorganizing our staff to accommodate those changes

01:08:54Renee Seay - USF Tampa

What is the eariest date institutions are possibly planning to open? Currently, USF Tampa is waiting on governor Desantis live conference some time today to determine if we are able to open on May 9th. The "stay @ home " expires tomorrow @12:01am on May 1st

01:09:06Lynn Wilson

Yes, restrooms are in the locker rooms. We will need to block those off somehow.

01:09:30Wheatfall III, Oscee

For programs we have extended coupons and promo codes that can be applied to the same program next fall. We have deadlines by which they need to use them as well.

01:09:38Stephanie Fung UCD

Locker room and restrooms with social distancing!

01:09:50Stephanie Fung UCD

strategies to be able to manage this?

01:10:15Christine Panella

does fusion have the capability to automatically email members who received an extension with their new membership end date?

01:10:51Dora Aguilera TCU

We will be emailing patrons whose memberships are extended as a PR move.

01:11:20Courtney Lyznicki - Purdue University

We have though about just tarping the gym floors

01:11:34Christine Panella

we were looking to do the same, just curious if there was an ability to automatically have it done. all our members have different end dates- so it’d be a bit easier if so!

01:11:50Gabor Jerkovits U of Regina

We’ve used portable power supply boards if we’ve moved equipment to other areas of our building.

01:11:59Christine Panella

we lay vinyl down on our gym floor- it’s quite the process, but protects it very well

01:13:34Christine Panella

thank you MC!

01:14:47Diane Gutierrez

yes, email would be great @Pam

01:15:27Gwendolyn Reed

We have talked about not having them open in the beginning, leaving the bathroom section open only.

01:16:17Gwendolyn Reed

This would all be posted on social media a head of time as well as sending an email to each of our members.

01:16:22Pam Hightower or schedule a time with us here to assist you with Fusion Query Builder, if you need us

01:17:17Gwendolyn Reed

We are adding the amount of days that we are closed onto locker rentals and memberships.

01:17:34Meaghan McCrane

How are people handling locker clearance/students who are graduating and left town but left items in their lockers

01:17:42Robin Embry

Yes, lockers are a tricky situation, we are going to take a phased approach and that may be in phase four of the plan. Is there a real risk in locker rooms greater than in other parts of the facilities though?

01:18:42Brittany Barten

OHIO is extending memberships by the same number of days we're closed, but has offered a refund option as well. Most members are staying on with us. For members that expire during our closure we will keep a log for them to redeem those days when we return.

01:19:04Gwendolyn Reed

Our Facility person has been bagging the belongings of each locker as the person contacts us. He bags the belongings, schedules a time, opens the front door, and put the bag outside the door. Watches them pick it up and waves.

01:19:33Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Meaghan, we are allowing a 2-week period before we open that folks can come to the facility and be walked down to their locker o get their items if they are not ruining. We communicated it and it has seemed to go over well.

01:19:34Monica - UIUC

@Meaghan we got approval to reach out to those who have requested locker access and those graduating this semester and let them in with 15 minute increments this last Monday. Will reevaluate again if necessary.

01:20:27Christine Panella

we are doing curbside locker pick up too!

01:21:09Gwendolyn Reed

Christine, it is working for us without any person to person contact.

01:21:25Dora Aguilera TCU

We have already had some graduating students contact us about their personal belongings in their locker. I email them back with a date and time to pick up their stuff. They are not allowed in the facility. I get their stuff, bag it and meet them at the front door. They have to show me their ID through the glass, step back and I put the bag outside the door.

01:21:39Brittany Barten

We're not allowing day-use lockers when we return, but are considering utilizing our "bay" structure in the locker rooms to open and close sections throughout the day to complete additional cleaning. As members request their locker belongings, we are scheduling a time with our facility contacts to let them collect those items.

01:22:15Christine Panella

glad to hear that Gwendolyn !

01:23:08Dora Aguilera TCU

we are not giving any deadline for refunds.

01:23:16Monica - UIUC

We have to have all refunds processed by June 15 otherwise they just get the credit to their account. Same fiscal year.

01:23:27Dora Aguilera TCU

most of those contacting us want an extension not a refund.

01:23:29Priscilla Gaona

we did that at Georgia Tech. We gave a 2.5 weeks to submit a refund request (Qualtrics form) instead of a "store credit"

01:23:42Brittany Barten

If they did not request a refund, they will receive an extension. But we haven't put a date on requesting the refund.

01:24:03Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

Big question for us with Locker Rooms will be how it affects membership. Many of our fac/staff use the facility mid-day and I assume many will not want to continue membership if they can't use locker room facilities/showers. Will have to keep that in mind when we bring membership payments (payroll deduction, credit cards) back online when we open.

01:25:06Christine Panella

is anyone considering allowing X amount of people in locker room at a time vs closing completely

01:27:25Devon Wilde

That would be great!

01:27:29Gwendolyn Reed

Yes! This is very helpful!

01:27:32Lynn Wilson

Our state has dictated no locker rooms so makes that easy.

01:27:35Jeremy Chance - KU

These are nice simply for seeing the NIRSA fam!

01:27:38Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you all again. Wash your hands.

01:27:47Andrew Castagna - UMass Boston

Very helpful … thanks !!

01:27:49Robin Embry

Thanks Everyone!!!

01:27:49Monica - UIUC

Thank you!! Looking forward to more. Stay healthy!

01:27:50Christine Panella

thank you for hosting and everyone for sharing!

01:27:51Brianna Greenough - Grand Rapids Community College

Thank you!!

01:27:51Danielle Anderson - Fairfield U

Thank you!

01:27:52Susan Smith UNCW


01:27:53Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

Thank you

01:27:54Gabor Jerkovits U of Regina


01:27:56MC Martinez - Innosoft

Thank you! :)

01:27:57Amanda Torres-Brooks

yes! these are always help with questions/considerations!

01:27:58Josh Davis - PSU


01:27:59Amanda Torres-Brooks

thank you!

01:28:00Allison McCann

Thank you!!

01:28:00Gwendolyn Reed

Stay well everyone!

01:28:00Schafaris Turner-San Jose State

Thank you! Have a great day everyone!

01:28:02Devon Wilde

Thank y'all!

01:28:03Corrine Pruett - WVU

Thank you everyone! Stay happy & healthy!

01:28:03Renee Seay - USF Tampa

thank you all for T

01:28:04Lawrence Brown - Boise State

Thank You

01:28:06Josh Lightfoot -UMBC

thank you!

01:28:06Khara Burke - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Thank you!

01:28:08Allie Bogard - Montana State

Thanks y’all!

01:28:08Heather Gilliam - Baylor

Keep hosting, thank you!

01:28:12Denise Rabi MSU

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01:28:12Sabrina Martinez

Thanks for all the info everyone!!

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