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Aquatics Roundtable

Wednesday, April 29, 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams and Marcos Ordaz

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Chat Transcript

00:31:34Richelle Williams

Hello! What's your name and where are you from?

00:31:50Ned Harvey

Ned Harvey- University of New Hampshire

00:31:58Krista Herring - UCCS

Krista Herring - University of Colorado Colorado Springs

00:31:59Richelle Williams

Richelle, Western Washington University

00:31:59Christine Scollay

Christine Scollay - Syracuse University

00:32:03Jen Inboden

Jen Inboden Oro Valley AZ

00:32:05Joe Rosas

Joe Rosas- Odessa College

00:32:07Jennifer Cobarrubias

Jennifer Cobarrubias - Stanford University

00:32:10Meagan Stachurski

Meagan Stachurski - Assistant Director of Aquatics and Safety at Towson University in Maryland

00:32:11Joey LaNeve

Joey LaNeve, ASU

00:32:15John Mihevic

John Mihevic Miami University

00:32:16Aubrey Sprinkle

HI I'm Aubrey - Texas Woman's University, Denton Campus

00:32:18Stancheski, CJ

CJ Stancheski - Texas A&M University

00:32:19Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin-Troy University

00:32:22Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown USMS Zionsville Aquatic Center Indiana

00:32:23Bob Gough

Bob Gough @ William &Mary in VA

00:32:24Kevin Makarewicz

Kevin Makarewicz - SUNY New Paltz

00:32:25Jacob Rasmussen

Jacob Rasmussen-University of Toledo

00:32:26Holly Smith

Holly Smith - UNCW

00:32:30Lizzie Milkas

Lizzie - Florida State University

00:32:31UBC - Christine Saunders

Christine Saunders - University of British Columbia

00:32:34Rebecca Mabile

Rebecca Mabile-Weber State University

00:32:34Sydney Johnson

Sydney Johnson- Texas Woman’s University

00:32:35Lindsay Wigderson

Lindsay Wigderson UNC Greensboro

00:32:43Derrick Law

Derrick Law - Clemson University

00:32:43Meghan Pynnonen

Meghan Pynnonen - Grand Valley State University

00:32:50Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones- Ball State University

00:32:51Annie Bengry

Annie Bengry, Michigan Technological University

00:32:57Chantelle Berger

Chantelle Berger- Hardin-Simmons University

00:32:57Michael Hay

Michael Hay - Villanova University

00:32:58Kevin Post

Kevin Post-Counsilman-Hunsaker

00:33:04Woodrow Price

University of South Carolina Aiken

00:33:14marcos ordaz


00:33:16marcos ordaz

00:33:21Debbie Miles-Dutton

Debbie from UC Santa Barbara, CA

00:33:26Alison Wittwer

Alison Wittwer cal state fullerton

00:33:31Kyle Chavis - Syracuse University

Kyle Chavis - Syracuse University

00:33:34Ramona Seupersad

Ramona Seupersad - University of Toronto Scarborough

00:33:36Devon Wilde

Devon Wilde - TAMU-CC

00:33:39David Hutner

Dave Hutner ..Cranberry Township Parks and Recreation Department..Cranberry Township PA

00:33:39Elizabeth Lasker

my swim pro is great and been utilizing their workouts!!

00:33:42Austin McGuire

Austin McGuire from Montclair State University!

00:33:46Mary Catherine Martinez

MC from Fusion :)

00:34:07Cara Green

Cara Green- University of Houston

00:34:36Nicole Feno

Nicole Feno from University of Nevada, Las Vegas

00:34:59Siobhan Goodwell

Siobhan from UCLA

00:36:34Jackie Cowan James

Jackie Cowan James from University of Oregon

00:51:11Richelle Williams

We will open it up to questions shortly so if you have any questions please input to the chat or hop on when we open it up.

00:52:20Erin Wells

Is there any one from Georgia on the call?

00:52:24Erin Wells

How is it going?

00:53:49Ginger DeCoursey

Ginger DeCoursey - Azionaqua Swim Club (private seasonal pool in Indiana)

00:54:23Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford Aquatics just created a few short videos of why people should use kickboards, pullbuoys or paddles and what it helps…I know those things are to be used in the pool but it still gives information to people and helps for when they eventually come back… :)

00:55:01Morgan Munoz- Towson University, MD

Thanks for leading these meetings, you are doing a great job

00:58:07Fares Ksebati

00:58:11Fares Ksebati


00:58:14Fares Ksebati


00:58:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

Thank you for joining us Fares!!!!

00:58:19Fares Ksebati


00:58:27Bob Gough

Thank you Fares!

00:58:30Chelsea Randolph

Thank you!!!

00:58:43Debbie Miles-Dutton

Fares, I appreciate your targeted approach and willingness to share with us. This is great, relevant information to kick start . Thank you so much.

00:59:53Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford University and the Bay Area is in Shelter in Place til May 30th now! But we are still working on a Contingency Plan with phases 1-5

01:00:37Rebecca Mabile

Not being pressured to provide lessons, but some of us in Utah have been talking about doing parent assisted lessons with the instructor on deck

01:01:00Bob Gough

It doesn't seem like we can provide lessons safely at this time. there doesn't seem to be enough testing available... it would be very difficult to provide hands-on lessons at this time...

01:01:14Kevin Post

This is a free tool.

01:01:27Natalie Broder

ECU talked about possibly having early morning hours for only seniors to safely workout. We have a large senior crowd that comes in the morning

01:01:30Erin Wells

Rebecca M, i believe that is what ARC is recommending for lessons as well

01:01:31Autumn Cleverley

we may only be offering private lessons for learn to swim level 3 and up

01:01:48Jennifer Cobarrubias

01:02:10Jennifer Cobarrubias

That is the link for a shared document of IDEAS we have for reopening feel free to add your schools ideas!

01:03:25Ginger DeCoursey

I have heard about all swim lessons be held at “mom and me”. so instructor will lead the caregiver in how to teach the lessons

01:03:55UBC - Christine Saunders

Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

01:03:58Jacob Lodge

@erin hey! even with Georgia starting to open up, it looks like we are going to remain closed indefinitely. all classes are online this summer. we are starting to put together a feasibility plan of what opening up would look like

01:05:14Joshua Rowland

The Red Cross is not recommending teaching swim lessons while social distancing is still in place.

01:05:21Christine Scollay

What adjustments are people making for lifeguards? How do rescues look under social distancing? Are you using hands only cpr for lay responders?

01:05:27Erin Wells

I had heard that the CDC will be putting out recommendations for swimming pools. Has anyone heard that?

01:05:40Lindsay Wigderson

I heard May 15 from CDC

01:06:58Joey LaNeve

01:07:10Lindsay Wigderson

I asked Red Cross what responding to emergencies looks like and they said that they haven't been sent any information out yet but they did share this resource: - this is more land based versus water

01:07:10Natalie Broder

i would say unless we all get emergency oxygen and trained to administer it - i don’t see a safe way of providing air during CPR

01:07:11Joey LaNeve

This video gives some good reccomendations on care

01:07:12Erin Wells

Does anyone use Star Guard? I heard they are ok with training and rescues. As long as there are well checks at the door for participants and workers

01:07:46Joey LaNeve

This video gives some good recommendations on care:

01:07:58Kelley Hungerford

Hi All! This is Kelley from NIRSA HQ. I wanted to share some resources from the American Red Cross, which is offering provisional certification courses, certification extensions, and more in response to COVID-19. More info here:

01:08:02Frances Caron

We ordered masks specifically designed for the water for our entire lifeguard staff.

01:08:03Krista Herring - UCCS

AHA did provide some guidelines for CPR

01:08:04Krista Herring - UCCS

Child - Adult -

01:08:10Beverly Bray

From everything I've heard, screening at the door and turning away any suspected illness. Then all same with filters starting out of the water

01:08:19Meagan Stachurski

Will they include UV systems in the CDC guidelines? I am unsure if they have had info on them in the past because not everyone has uv systems.

01:08:42Kathryn Dunn

I haven't done this yet, but Splash Edu has a free class on reopening after COVID:

01:09:05Meagan Stachurski

I have to hop off due to another call but great to see everyone! Thanks for leading Richelle :)

01:09:49Kathryn Dunn

Also, I don't know how good this will be but there is a facebook live on this tomorrow:

01:10:17Frances Caron

For those asking- the masks can be found here

01:10:19Frances Caron

01:10:25Frances Caron

They are fantastic!

01:10:41Frances Caron

Made from swimsuit material

01:13:06Joshua Rowland

ARC has issued guidance on teaching CPRO using social distancing and virtual learning approaches that can be used for the Lifeguarding courses. Guidelines for teaching LG is also in development but social distancing must be lifted to complete the in water skills portions.

01:14:04Jackie Cowan James

As Kathryn Dunn posted:

I highly recommend. There will be guidelines for reopening.

01:14:30Lindsay Wigderson

I was on a call with NC parks and rec and a health inspector was on there - not sure if it just NC but she was saying that pools would be likely opening in phases. phase one would be outdoor pools, phase 2 would be water attractions and phase 3 was indoor pools

01:16:01Frances Caron

For those who are going to require masks or coverings for staff, have you revised EAPs if you use whistles or will you not be requiring masks on tower?

01:16:37Joey LaNeve

we are thinking that guards on stand will not wear masks and we are going to block off a 6ft area around each stand that patrons cannot enter

01:16:41Jennifer Cobarrubias

Frances - We will be looking into revising the EAPs to accommodate whistle blows talking on the walkies etc. Not sure exactly what it looks like yet

01:17:04Adam Comeau

01:17:54Debbie Miles-Dutton

‘Sick Protocol’ should be part of the phased planning process: What does facility and program response look like if a patron or staff gets sick. Yes to Frances, we also need to revise and eventually train on protocol if LG’s are wearing masks on tower. Dr. J Sampstrott has some good info on this.

01:18:43Allison Abad

you can get whistles that you squeeze and then don’t need to worry about blowing the whistle or changing while blows. they’re fairly loud.

01:18:50Mike Rac

most likely all staff will need to wear facemasks when we reopen. a few of us in our region brought up handheld whistles:

01:18:54Mike Rac

01:19:02Debbie Miles-Dutton

I am using a Watermen lycra mask to test them out. Best part is that they are reusable if we assign one to a guard like a uniform.

01:19:10Frances Caron

We do air horns and whistles, just curious what others are doing.

01:19:16Michelle Jones

01:19:26Michelle Jones

Yes, looked at these masks!

01:19:52Joshua Rowland

If you are going to reopen and mask your guards, will you shorten their rotations on stand?

01:20:26Frances Caron

Joshua- We will have to if we open over summer (we hit 115 at times).

01:20:48Natalie Broder

Could come up with hand signals instead of whistles - similar to alert a deaf lifeguard if there were to be a drowning, need to rotate, etc.

01:20:51Jennifer Cobarrubias

I was thinking about 15min rotations instead of our normal 30min rotations… Not 100% sure yet though.

01:21:19Cara Green

Our rotations are 20 min, so no

01:21:21Bob Weeks

Anyone know what swimming in one of these masks is like? How easily will our staff be able to breath through them if they're soaked in water due to jumping in for a rescue?

01:21:50Jennifer Cobarrubias

Bob that is what I asked Francis!

01:21:53Frances Caron

They aren't bad. They are made from swimsuit material.

01:22:00Jacob Lodge

like getting water boarded lol

01:22:01Frances Caron

They were better than the cloth.

01:22:04Jennifer Cobarrubias


01:22:12Debbie Miles-Dutton

Remove before entering water. I doubt they would stay on through water entry anyways, just two loop straps around the ears.

01:22:17Michael Hay

For those that don't foresee re-opening in the near future as a possibility, what steps are you taking to cut costs at your facilities?

01:22:32Adam Comeau

Does anyone one know of cheaper reusable masks? Budget is tighter now.

01:22:42Cara Green

no because everyones budgets are cut

01:22:44Autumn Cleverley

welts our budget for the year :(

01:22:50Autumn Cleverley

we lost*

01:23:26Joey LaNeve

Laerdal QCPR

01:24:02Joey LaNeve

01:24:13Erin Wells

Reduced hours

01:25:01Jennifer Cobarrubias

We discussed only opening one of our pools at first and limited hours...

01:26:13Natalie Broder

NC doctors of practices with lots of staff have something in place if someone works and then is sick, they are automatically ineligible to work for 2 weeks since their first day of symptoms to make sure symptoms subside/asymptomatic and not infect others. Can do this for staff, and could also implement this if a LG has to do a save. 2 weeks no work since the day of the save to make sure they don’t get symptoms

01:26:31Bob Gough

Here is another mask options

01:28:16Beverly Bray

There are heak\lthcare guidelines that lifeguards have to adhere to

01:29:10Jennifer Cobarrubias

Thank you everyone!

01:29:11Gabor Jerkovits


01:23:36Roger Watson

Thank you for this headed to another meeting.

01:23:51Alicia Rossow

Thank you Roger. Have a good day

01:23:57Brenna Lacey

I am definitely interested in how programs plan to acquire cleaning and disinfectant!

01:24:07Carly Hopper

Thank you! Lots of helpful info!

01:24:08Brenna Lacey

(great future thought :))

01:24:19Anthony Fillippino

Thank you. Wash your hands!!!

01:24:40Alicia Rossow

Thanks everyone. Reach out if you need anything else!

01:24:45Hollie Power

great info! NIRSA Strong!

01:24:47Tiffany Lane

Thank you guys for hosting this roundtable

01:24:50Linda Gundrum

thank you all. Very thoughtful discussion.

01:25:01Ian Brown

I echo Brenna's discussion point. After tomorrow's broader call, I'd like to circle-back to smaller group and get into specifics of re-opening and logistics.

01:25:07Chris Crume

Great job y’all!!!

01:25:15marc iturriaga

thanks. wonderfully facilitated and great discussion. thanks everyone.

01:25:23Linda Gundrum

what is the document called that NIRSA is managing regarding reopening?

01:25:27Alicia Rossow

We will see if we can host another one about re-opening! Thanks Ian and Brenna!

01:25:30Brenna Lacey

thank you to you all for a very co

01:25:32Brenna Lacey


01:25:34Mila Padgett

Thanks everyone!

01:25:39Matt Grimm


01:25:42Haley Sorenson

Thanks all!

01:25:43Joe Hoff

Thanks everyone!

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