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Esports Roundtable, Part 2

Monday, April 27, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Shana Kessler, Garrett Larson, Drew Devore, and David Kirk

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Chat Transcript

00:33:41Tina Mascaro

Hi from Fairmont State University (WV)

00:33:42Bob Gough

Hello everyone, Bob @ William & Mary in VA

00:33:43Patty Williams, UNE

Patty Williams, University of New England

00:33:44Justin Furlough

Justin Furlough - University of South Carolina

00:33:51Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Max Miller, Swarthmore College.

00:33:52Lauren Newlin

Lauren Newlin, Aquatic Program Superson, Henderson NC

00:33:56Jami Brossette

Jami Brossette- Assistant Director of Rec Sports LSUS

00:34:00Chris Buckner

Howdy everyone. Chris Buckner from Mainline

00:34:08Adam Troelstra

Adam Troelstra - Butler University

00:34:10Christian Duvall

Chris Duvall - GA Club Sports University of Cincinnati

00:34:10Hunter Hartley

Hunter Comp Sports GA at University Nebraska at Omaha

00:34:15Nick White

Nick White - Missouri S&T

00:34:17Anthony Almeida

Anthony Almeida- Recreation Sports Coordinator, Long Beach State

00:34:22Sandra Ondracka

Sandra Ondracka - University of Windsor

00:34:23Adam Hickle

Adam Hickle - Colorado School of Mines

00:34:24Christian Duvall

Go Rolla!

00:34:28Anthony Turon

Anthony Turon: Assistant Director of Student Engagement at Connecticut College

00:34:30Kristen Alexander

Kristen Alexander - UMBC

00:34:34Tiffany McChesney

Tiffany McChesney -- Nova Southeastern University

00:34:46Camille Jackson

Hey everyone! Camille Jackson from Embry-Riddle

00:34:47Tina Mascaro

if hosting an esports tournament for intramurals - how many t

00:34:47Civon Thomas

Civon Thomas Assistant Program Coordinator- The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College

00:35:07Tina Mascaro

how many 'teams' do you let in, how long does it last

00:35:12Jill Krantz

Jill Krantz University of Pittsburgh

00:35:16Alex Kossoff

Alex Kossoff - Asst. Director of Intramurals and Club Sports Jacksonville University

00:35:17Kevin Makarewicz

Kevin Makarewicz - SUNY New Paltz

00:35:33Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

Ben Nelson - Minnesota State University, Mankato

00:35:41Drew Meadows

Drew Meadows - Charleston Southern University

00:36:00Zach Gentz

Zach Gentz - Arizona State University

00:36:17Shana Kessler

Doc on terminology and resources:

00:37:44Spencer Dalzell

Spencer Dalzell - The Central Washington University

00:38:04Shana Kessler

THE Central Washington, welcome Spencer!

00:40:51Shana Kessler

If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop them in the chat or send them directly to me :)

00:42:32Ian Brown

Seems like Geex and Mission Control are two main players for overall esports management, I'm curious what folks think about pros/cons of each.

00:42:50Jami Brossette


00:43:13Ian Brown

Also, how does Discord fit into all of this, if at all? Seems like a chat platform, but I'm having mixed reviews of it.

00:43:58Spencer Dalzell

I know discord is very popular among the hardcore gamers because it offers chat rooms to talk on a mic while playing games

00:43:58Max Miller, Swarthmore College

What recommendations do you have for no-cost games that participants can play on a console or a computer?

00:44:06Michael Pappan

Mission control is very helpful with marketing but its about to cost a couple thousand dollars to run

00:44:09Christian Duvall

not only is it a chat platform it allows talking and video like this platform. It is the main communication tool for gamers primarily due to being able to be a part of a culture

00:44:15Dan Wrenholt-Washburn

Used MC last year, they basically do it all for you after you pick a game/league to create. Their site is still in Beta form with many things not working yet

00:44:38Charles Carter

I can share some information on Discord I run a few discords for different esports programs

00:46:01Civon Thomas

I've met with reps from both company's recently. That was very helpful.

00:46:11Benjamin Nelson

Our IT is having issue getting security info from Mission Control like an End User License Agreement.

00:46:41Chris Anguita

QUESTION: What games are not acceptable to offer in Campus Recreation? Is anyone offering Call of Duty, Valorant, Counter Strike, Battleground?

00:47:17Christian Duvall

Cincinnati will not be running those unfortunately

00:47:30Christian Duvall

Overwatch is the only FPS style game we will be running

00:47:39Spencer Dalzell

Central does not run those either as of right now.

00:48:06Civon Thomas

Ohio State does not allow most FPS games

00:48:08Brian SMITH

I don't have any specific information on either system. Honestly, I would ask your students what they think is best. They both will cost you money. Battlefy would be a company you could look into for a free option.

00:48:22Heidi Hurley

NIRSA associate members specific for esports:

00:48:35Ian Brown

Quick Follow up Shana, which software did y'all end up going with after you dropped Geex?

00:49:49Shana Kessler

We ended up just using Discord and IMLeagues, no outside platform at this time

00:50:16Parker Goss

snaps Justin!

00:50:27Ian Brown


00:51:02Brian SMITH

We are doing the same as Shana at UCLA.

00:51:13Mike Wozniak

Also, our students are going to play these FPS games anyway. We would rather bring them together and create community rather then let them feel isolated.

00:52:25Charles Carter

The best way to get those games approved is have a community behind them that want to see it.

00:52:28Zach Gentz

I have just created general LFGs on our Discord. That way if they choose to play those games we can at least get our messaging about healthy gaming in front of them. Nothing is specifically advocated for

00:53:08Mike Wozniak

Yes Charles!!!

00:53:17Max Miller, Swarthmore College

How are you updating your participation waiver now that programming is moved to virtual?

00:53:37Justin Furlough

remember that not all of the games NEED to be competitive. party games like jackbox are great to offer as well.

00:53:46Joshua Shaw

we've sent surveys to our leagues/intramural database to get player #s

00:54:10Joshua Shaw

top 3 were NBA2k, NHL, FIFA

00:54:12Christian Duvall

Working heavily with our Esports Clubs

00:54:21Montrell Cade

Survey via IMLeagues message center

00:54:22Mike Wozniak

Polls in our discord, presenting to student orgs (mostly greek orgs), checking clubs on campus.

00:54:28Adam Hickle

At Colorado School of Mines we are running games based on what games our Esports club plays on campus. They are the driving force for getting more students to participate.

00:55:23Spencer Dalzell

what do those leagues look like through games like 2k? or games that are not FPS based?

00:55:24Charles Carter

If you have games that aren't competitive, Discord is a good way to filter people into communities for those games. You can have students click a button to be added to a group of people who are interested in Animal Crossing, Jackbox, etc, and then they will be surrounded by others who enjoy those games too.

00:55:48Christian Duvall

it is usually based in pool play and then a final bracket

00:56:14Christian Duvall

round robin that determines their seeding similar to how a normal IM league would be set up

00:56:34Spencer Dalzell

I guess specifically for a game like 2k is it mycareer, myteam, do they get myplayers to team up as a squad of 5?

00:56:34Christian Duvall

Usually you can run best of 1s or best of 3s depending on the length of the games

00:56:58Spencer Dalzell

just want to know how best for us to start it here at CWU! thank you!

00:57:25Tina Mascaro

how long would a tournament last?

00:57:32Charles Carter

Spencer I would look at what bigger tournament are doing and try to follow that. TWU is running our first 2K tournament and we are leaning on other big tournament rulesets that are agreed upon by professionals to give our students

00:57:38Christian Duvall

a week to two weeks depending on how many teams or participants you have

00:57:38Camille Jackson

Reached out to my staff see who already games. I used that group as a test group for rules and what they thought games would work. We settled on 2K, Madden, FIFA, NHL, Rocket League 1v1 and league of leagues. LoL has not gone well most people did not complete their matches.

00:58:30Christian Duvall

The difference between video games and im sports is that playing multiple games back to back is not a big deal compared to playing a double or triple header

00:58:40Joshua Shaw

for games that we received low numbers of responses we're offering matchmaking service

00:59:11Christian Duvall

so being able to squeeze multiple matches or rounds in a day is completely possible

00:59:26Christian Duvall

it just takes more organizing the more you want to get through in a day

00:59:57Kathy Obuszewski

I know I was having issues with Jackbox,

01:00:12Kathy Obuszewski

it is better to play close together

01:00:25Zach Gentz

Any luck finding any free board game simulators?

01:00:28Spencer Dalzell

awesome that is super helpful thank you!

01:00:44Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

Apex Legends is popular and free

01:00:46Thomas Dougherty

Is there a limit to the amount of people that can play with jackbox games?

01:00:52Christian Duvall

tabletop simulator is the best option

01:00:54Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Thomas — Yes, each game has a limit.

01:00:55Charles Carter

Usually 6 to 8 people

01:00:56Christian Duvall

its not free though

01:00:57Mike Wozniak

Zach, not many that wouldn't raise flags in our legal department haha

01:01:02Tiffany McChesney

I have yet to find a free simulator, but TableTop simulator is only $20.

01:01:04Drew Devore

01:01:07Christian Duvall

it is max $19.99

01:01:11Drew Devore

here is a site for board games

01:01:28Christian Duvall

tabletopia free is extremely closed off unless you pay for the subscription

01:02:05Justin Furlough

it’s mainly for screen sharing these party games. once you go remote it’s assumed that lag will play a part in things

01:02:11Christian Duvall

tabletop simulator is one time fee that goes on sale frequently

01:02:45Justin Furlough

definitely recommended that you plug in directly to your internet for most stable connection as possible

01:02:57Tiffany Lane

My friends and I played (free multiplayer drawing & guessing game

01:03:29Tamara Speziali

We've played too!

01:05:22Charles Carter

I am interested to know if any varsity programs out there have scouted for players to replace graduating players on current teams?

01:05:34Joshua Shaw

What is a realistic expectation for monetization potential for recreational offerings? thoughts on price points on tournament entry? alternatives to cash prizing? - Josh (Carleton U)

01:05:54Matt Dunigan

Going to go through and still implement it if/when we come back

01:06:16Christian Duvall

Josh it is difficult, it depends on what you plan to offer with the recreation aspect

01:06:26Ian Brown

Is anyone using Stadia?

01:06:53Christian Duvall

if you have a space to use that is an option to charge money for as well as "swag" similar to what you would win for an IM tournament or league

01:07:48Parker Goss

Something like a "gaming café" model has always made sense to me. ~2 dollars an hour or so to play during open gaming hours would subsidize hardware replacement well

01:08:12Christian Duvall

look to LAN centers for examples of a revenue model for a "café"

01:08:25Parker Goss


01:08:32Christian Duvall

they are very willing to talk about what they do and how they organize themselves and tournaments/leagues

01:09:03Christian Duvall

I can touch on it briefly if no one else has stuff

01:09:55Mike Wozniak

We offer a gaming café. It requires that the players own the game however, so that poses a challenge for new players.

01:12:27Parker Goss

Licensing is also a sticking point when it comes to running gaming tournaments, Blizzard brought that to my attention in the past

01:12:38Christian Duvall

01:13:14Christian Duvall

Licensing is terribly annoying to deal with...

01:13:39sylvain Tchaptchet

does charging a fees for IM not break the licensing agreement of these games?

01:13:47Christian Duvall

It depends on the games

01:14:46Christian Duvall

Riot Games can be strict at times

01:14:54Christian Duvall

for league of legends

01:17:00Parker Goss

has anyone else had above average forfeit rates for esports programming specifically?

01:18:11Mike Wozniak

Parker, that does seem to be a problem. We found a much higher forfeit rate in our free to play leagues. Charging a forfeit fee or something to penalize them would probably work pretty well.

01:18:23Dan Wrenholt-Washburn

First year running esports but yes, even allowing them weeks to play never able to play actually

01:18:43Christian Duvall

Forfeiting in games is a much different culture than in sports

01:18:49Parker Goss

I have experienced the same thing at both eastern Illinois, and university of Illinois ^

01:19:08Parker Goss

Also seconding what Christian said

01:19:11Matt Dunigan

After our first week, we have had some teams not responding to schedule their opponents to schedule a time to play.

01:19:20Christian Duvall

it is more prevalent for a variety of reasons, but it has the unfortunate mindset of "It is a waste of time to keep playing this complete loss"

01:20:46Mike Wozniak

We also allow all teams to join our bracket after the round robin stage, so if there are forfeits, then those teams are eligible for exclusion in the final tournament.

01:21:04Montrell Cade

How easy is it to stream on twitch if you aren’t the one physically playing the game?

01:21:16Christian Duvall

you need a very good internet connection

01:21:23Christian Duvall

and or computer

01:21:25Drew Devore

NIRSA Competitive Sports Information Hub Link:

01:21:30Matt Dunigan

Pretty easy actually

01:21:55Parker Goss

Many games also have a convenient "spectator view" that actually makes it better to stream as someone whos not playing

01:22:59Trumaine Becoat Wade

Has anyone used the new facebook live streaming platform they have for esports? Or is anyone familar with this at all?

01:24:15Tamara Speziali

anyone streaming on youtub?

01:24:48Trumaine Becoat Wade

Facebook gaming is a new app they created to compete against twitch

01:25:14Spencer Dalzell

as a fan of gaming Twitch is typically the most recognized for live streaming but it is worth looking into Mixer as that is the most direct competitor for Twitch right now for live streaming platforms

01:25:24Christian Duvall

facebook and youtube gaming are still considered to be smaller markets for video game streaming

01:25:52Trumaine Becoat Wade

That's good to know, thanks for info!

01:28:00Matt Dunigan

WE have been doing the same @Sylvain

01:28:42Drew Devore

Share all of your esport material here: NIRSA Competitive Sports Information Hub Link:

01:32:22Christian Duvall

If anyone wants to view TableTop Simulator or talk about other Esports topics feel free to email me

01:32:44Christian Duvall

im looking for information and other talks to help with my formal esports push and capstone

01:32:48Shana Kessler

anyone who wants to ask further questions can email me at

01:32:53Matt Dunigan


01:32:58Chris Anguita

Can you say thedate and time of the trivia again?

01:33:11Ian Brown

Thanks all.

01:33:15Matt Dunigan

WEdnesday 5 pm PST

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email