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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

NIRSA Championship Series: Series Talk Live!

Wednesday, April 22, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Marty Dempsey and David Peters

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Join in for a special videoconferencing edition of “SeriesTalk,” the NIRSA Championship Series podcast. This session will feature The Series’ executive board and a different format for presenting updates, accomplishments, and initiatives on all of the NIRSA Championship Series sports (basketball, flag football, soccer, and tennis). Hear from many of the NIRSA Championship Series leaders as they discuss the progress of the NIRSA Championship Series and outline what stakeholders can look forward to in the year to come.

During our presentation we will be announcing the 2020 Sarah Fain Distinguished Service Award winner, celebrating the Tennis Ace Awards winners and acknowledging the NIRSA National Service Awards winners with NIRSA Championship Series ties.

Chat Transcript

00:36:35Matt Dunigan


00:36:46Maxwell Miller

Con-sho-hock-en :-D

00:36:57Maxwell Miller

Woohoo Region 1!

00:37:18Greg Durham

That was a solid attempt at the pronunciation. Philly cities are hard.

00:37:22Jacob Tingle

love more student officials for soccer! Boom!

00:37:57Jon Broska

Breaking News: Peters and Dempsey need a bucket of water cause they're on FIRE!!!

00:38:15Bob Gough

Huzzah for Student Officials at Soccer!!!!

00:38:17Jarrode Davis

hollaaaaa @OSUWSC

00:38:32Jacob Tingle

hey, that Sunset was spectacular.

00:39:05Lindsey Englehart



Yay Soccer! So proud!

00:39:28Jacob Tingle

hey, hey. Collecting data! Boom.

00:39:40Matt Dunigan


00:39:50Charles Anderson

OSU represents well.

00:39:54Brian Veverka

.4839 let's go Jarrode!

00:40:11Shana Kessler

dang those are some fab photos amirite

00:40:12Scott Flickinger

Flickinger.11 likes these messages.

00:40:52Joshua Dietrich

Dietrich.77 like all the above messages...but Meh for Flickinger.11's

00:41:07Jonathan Johnston


00:41:10Trevor Brunet

Who won open for Flag?

00:41:12Dave Stewart

Thanks Kurt!!

00:41:20Shana Kessler

still looking for my vest that I lost in round rock 😭 lemme know if you found it, reward offered for its return

00:41:24Jarrode Davis


00:41:36Lisa Lamey


00:41:49Jason Darby


00:42:06Joshua Dietrich

Danny! Woot!

00:42:44Scott Flickinger

Go DJ!! That's my DJ!!!!

00:42:48Jarrode Davis

DJ Doss, my president

00:43:01Shana Kessler

we have a Facebook?! I’m shook

00:43:18Dexter Shorter

Glad to be serving with such great people. This is sweet.

00:43:18Sean Graninger

Will Val run the NIRSA TikTok?

00:43:34Mario Rios

2nd on Val Running TikTok

00:43:35Matt Dunigan

Second that @sean

00:43:37Scott Flickinger

Oooooh Sean..... YES.

00:43:56Jacob Tingle

NACE career readiness skills. Oh man, my head is spinning.

00:44:10Valerie McCutchan

no to TikTok

00:44:17Sheldon Tate

Series is BAE

00:44:31Matt Dunigan

@sheldon RT

00:44:35Oscee Wheatfall III

Come. On. Val!

00:44:50Scott Flickinger

Calm down everyone, I'll talk to Val.

00:45:24Jarrode Davis

Please come join us in Spherical Stone, TX! - I mean Round Rock

00:50:02Brian Beam

How do I turn down the bass?

00:50:11Oscee Wheatfall III


00:50:48Justin Ford

Barry White?

00:50:58Scott Flickinger

@Justin YO.

00:51:09Jacob Tingle


00:53:56Jonathan Johnston

Feel free to send any questions you have about the Series to me directly. :)

00:54:43Randall Ford

shout out to Val and Nicole!!


Shout out to Val and Nicole for sure!

00:57:09Sheldon Tate

Val radiates pure awesomeness

00:57:26Jarrode Davis

Nicole = Finals MVP. Val runs the championship front office.

00:58:01Sheldon Tate

Nicole and Val would have saved the Bulls dynasty.

01:01:16Jacob Tingle

Tate -- Val > Pippen

01:02:16Scott Flickinger

Val is worth more than 18 mil over 7 years.

01:03:00Sheldon Tate

Val => COVID19 vaccine

01:03:13Jacob Tingle


01:03:56Sheldon Tate

Val owns the Elder Wand.

01:03:57Randall Ford


01:07:28Tom Giles

Congrats, Adam!

01:07:31Jonathan Johnston


01:07:38Marty Dempsey

Another question came in about when we will look to make decisions about flag in the fall. Not ready to put an exact date on that just yet, but we know the sooner the better for many of you. We are already having conversations with specific leaders about their thoughts on how that could look. We will try to make decisions in a timely manner, but feel free to reach out to anybody on the exec team if you need an update at any time.

01:07:49Emily Walker

ROLL TREES! Go Sycamores!

01:07:53Kelsey Jones

Go Adam!!!

01:07:54Demetria Young


01:07:59Hollie Power

Go Sycamores!

01:08:02Dean Morgan


01:08:07Emily Walker

more than just Larry Bird! AYO!

01:08:13Oscee Wheatfall III

DJ Randall!

01:08:20Maxwell Miller

Congratulations Randall!!!!!

01:08:30Mario Rios


01:08:30Megan Morris

congrats Randall! miss you!

01:08:35Greg Durham

Congrats Randal!

01:08:35Jarrode Davis

Randall Ford, my other president

01:08:36Valerie McCutchan

Way to go Randall

01:08:36Travis Lankford

Congrats Randall!

01:08:42Mary OMahoney

Congrats Randall!!!

01:08:43Joe Nichols

Congrats Randall!

01:08:44Darci Doll

Hook ‘em Randall! Congrats!

01:08:49Lisa Lamey

yeah Randall!

01:08:58Mario Rios

Congrats Randall!

01:09:08Anna Castillo

Congrats Randall!!!

01:09:45Chad Zimmerman


01:10:08Randall Ford

Thanks everyone!

01:10:13Matt Dunigan


01:10:32Jason Darby


01:10:33Abby Van Note

YESSS Brooke!

01:10:33DJ Doss



Great work Brooke! You deserve it. Keep up the great work!

01:10:35Matt Dunigan


01:10:35Amanda Alpert


01:10:35Tom Giles


01:10:35Brian Veverka


01:10:38Oscee Wheatfall III


01:10:39Megan Morris

YES!!!! congrats brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01:10:40Kevin Maurer


01:10:40Dave Stewart


01:10:42Paul Joseph


01:10:42Mario Rios

Yay Brooke!!!!!

01:10:43Daniel Gardner


01:10:44Lisa Lamey

whoop Brooke!!

01:10:45Trace Stenz

Congrats brooke!

01:10:45Anna Castillo

Yasssss Brooke Turner!!! So Well Deserved!!!

01:10:47Gabby Sokol

Congrats Brooke!!!

01:10:48Juliana Frigerio


01:10:49Jacob Tingle

LOVE YOU Brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

01:10:49Adam Walsh

wonderful job brooke!

01:10:49Kelsey Jones

So happy for you, Brooke!!!

01:10:51Jason Darby

Incredibly well deserved!!!

01:10:51Michael Thomas

Congrats Brooke!

01:10:51Sheldon Tate


01:10:52Stephanie McAlpine

Well deserved, Brooke! Thank you for everything!

01:10:53Gary Cahen

Well deserved Brooke!

01:10:53DJ Doss

Congrats Brooke!! Very deserving!!

01:10:53Adam Minnick


01:10:54David Peters

Congrats Brooke!!!

01:10:54Brian Beam

Congratulations Brooke!!

01:10:57Natosha Harris

Yay Brooke!!! Well deserved :-)

01:10:58Dexter Shorter

Congrats Brooke!

01:10:58Nicholas D'Amato


01:10:59Jason James

WOOOOOO! Congrats Brooke!!!

01:10:59Hollie Power

well deserved Brooke

01:11:00Sheldon Tate

The woman the myth the legend!!!!!!!

01:11:01Klee Sellers

Congratulations Brooke!!

01:11:04Joe Nichols

Congrats Brooke!

01:11:05Jordan Leslie


01:11:07Anna Castillo

Standing Ovation!

01:11:08Charles Anderson


01:11:09Jasmine Holmes


01:11:11Randall Ford

Proud of you Brooke!

01:11:14Michael Migliaro

Congrats Brooke!

01:11:22Shawn Dean

Congrats Brooke!

01:11:23Sheldon Tate

I know her!!!

01:11:23Brooke Turner

Congratulations Brooke!

01:11:30Mary OMahoney

Congratulations Brooke!

01:11:35Sheldon Tate

Heart the size of Texas

01:11:36Jerrod Jackson

awesome Brooke and definitely deserved!!!!! much love

01:11:49Sheldon Tate

Will you sign my zoom account Brooke?

01:11:54Shana Kessler

mazel tov Randall and Brooke!!

01:12:07Jacob Tingle

100% to Scott's comments. Oh man. Amazing.

01:12:16Sheldon Tate

All the feels!!!!

01:12:54Sheldon Tate

Her baking is LEGENDARY!

01:12:58Marty Dempsey

those baked goods >>

01:13:17Tom Giles


01:13:17Natosha Harris

Yes the bake goods! Luv, luv!

01:13:36Jonathan Johnston

her baked goods got me like whoa.

01:14:01Marty Dempsey

well said Kurt

01:14:20Sheldon Tate

She should send us all cookies as a gesture of good faith… just saying

01:15:12Mario Rios

2nd Sheldon

01:15:18Dave Stewart


01:15:41Shane Conti

Congrats Brooke! So fitting!

01:15:41Sheldon Tate

Earned, NOT given!

01:17:14Sheldon Tate

That’s NIRSA legend ladies and gents!

01:17:16Natosha Harris

Aww, THANK YOU! Luv ya girl!

01:17:18Brian Veverka


01:17:26DJ Doss

Definitely earned! Awesome, Brooke! Congrats!

01:17:30Jacob Tingle

Brooke is a bad a.. Wonder Woman; golden lasso, Invisible Jet, Caring soul

01:17:42Lisa Lamey


01:18:00Valerie McCutchan

Brooke, thanks for all you do, well deserved.

01:18:06Shana Kessler

RT jacob

01:18:13Jacob Tingle


01:18:16Justin Cato

Congrats Brooke! So proud of you, well deserved!

01:18:16Stephanie McAlpine

What a great year of hard work! Congrats to everyone, especially Brooke!

01:18:34Shane Land

Congrats Brooke. Well deserved!

01:18:45Sheldon Tate

Flick the GREAT!

01:18:52Matt Dunigan


01:18:54Oscee Wheatfall III

Scotty Too Hotty

01:18:55Greg Durham


01:18:56Tom Giles


01:18:59Jacob Tingle


01:19:00Brian Veverka

Who is he talking about?

01:19:04Natosha Harris

FLICK…he’s a bad man!

01:19:06Abbie Lawson


01:19:06Amy Rask


01:19:08Megan Morris


01:19:08Jason Darby

Never heard of him...

01:19:09Shana Kessler

ayyyyyyyyy FlickFlack!!!!

01:19:10Joe Nichols


01:19:10Brooke Turner

Shout out to Scott! You are amazing Flick!!

01:19:10Joshua Dietrich

Tuscaraws County, Ohio Represent! #Flick

01:19:12Maxwell Miller

Giddy up Flick!!!!!!!!

01:19:13Matt Dunigan

Fearless social media leader!!!!

01:19:25Andrew Havrisko

the man, the myth, the legend

01:19:28Greg Durham


01:19:28Jacob Tingle

He'll always be the best bar trivia guy. Ever.

01:19:30Stephanie McAlpine

Thank you, Flick!!

01:19:30Mary OMahoney

Go FLick!!! Thakn you!

01:19:31Mario Rios

Flick! Legendary soccer play by play man

01:19:32Natosha Harris

YEAH Flick

01:19:34Abby Van Note

Yes, Flick!

01:19:36Amanda Alpert

Thanks Flick!!

01:19:38DJ Doss

Thanks Flick! NIRSA Legend!

01:19:42Shane Land

Thanks Flick!

01:19:42Dave Stewart

Thank you Flick!!!

01:19:43Jason Darby

You’re the man Flick!

01:19:46Dexter Shorter

Thank you, Flick!

01:19:47Jasmine Holmes

Flick a flack!

01:19:49Charles Anderson

Great Job Flick.... OH...…...

01:19:50Dave Stewart

love ya Flick!

01:19:54Shane Conti

Flick Yeah!

01:19:54Shawn Dean

Thank you Flick!

01:19:54Adam Shanley

Thanks Flick!

01:19:54Valerie McCutchan

Thanks Flick!

01:20:01Gabby Sokol

Thanks Flick!


Thanks Flick!

01:20:05Jeffrey Schmitt

I just know him as an intramural supervisor at Ohio State

01:20:11Sheldon Tate

We don’t like you as much as your kid… remember that

01:20:28Jonathan Johnston

Whew thanks flick!!

01:20:30Jacob Tingle

Flick is coming back? NO!!! [Jokes] hugs, hugs

01:20:39Mary OMahoney

YOU don't make the soup, you bring the soup!

01:21:28Scott Flickinger

I always try to bring the soup.


Great to see everyone! Miss y'all! Stay Safe!

01:22:11Scott Flickinger

Thanks all! You're the best. Keep supporting the Series. Marty, Ashley, and JJ will lead us into the next wave of awesomeness.

01:23:39Scott Flickinger

@Tate My kid don't even like me that much.

01:23:46Jonathan Johnston

Bye all and stay safe!!

01:23:48Amanda Alpert

Thank you all!

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