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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Working from Home Alone

Friday, April 17, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Laurie Braden and Jerrod Jackson

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Chat Transcript

00:38:07Jerrod Jackson

00:38:23Jerrod Jackson

00:39:24Chasity Holstick

never to early for happy hour 😂

00:39:35Greg Durham

It's 5 o clock somewhere

00:39:42Darci Doll

No traffic!

00:40:09Nicholas White

My kids and wife have made it difficult lol

00:40:12Daniel Perdue

Great: is finding time to spend doing activities with my wife and pup.

00:40:28Natalie Broder, ECU

1. Changing my schedule to when I find myself most productive

00:40:30Anna Champion

Just started a new job…and husband nor animals have moved here yet…thank you COVID! Hahaha

00:40:30Daniel Perdue

Difficult: Finding things to keep me busy. (Thankful for these round tables)

00:40:50DeVanee Lasley

I’m able to get daily exercise in from home and enjoy the outdoors a bit. I also have more time to meditate.

00:40:52Daniel Perdue

3.) I love being able to sleep later haha

00:40:54Nicholas White

Great: being able to network with my NIRSA family through all the zooms

00:41:10Darci Doll

Getting to know my neighbors

00:41:30Anna Champion

Staying in routines with being active…not having to get dressed!!

00:41:35Daniel Perdue

4.) I have dropped the ball on grooming standards lol

00:41:45Adrienne Gossett

“Coming” to work in my PJs has been amazing!

00:42:10Natalie Broder, ECU

2 and 4. Time is simultaneously going by slowly, but also fast? I feel like sometimes a lot of time passed & I didn’t get a lot done just cause I’ve been in the same spot…

00:42:53Daniel Perdue


00:43:18Brandon Bermea

Completely agree Natalie

00:43:27Chasity Holstick

as a marathoner, I’m getting miles in🙌🏽 tackling 14 miles in the a.m

00:43:34Natosha Harris

Get it Laurie, always looking good :-)

00:43:57Natalie Broder, ECU

3. Not wearing shoes. Barefoot or slipper socks for the win

00:44:11Anna Champion

Family is 3-5 hours away…miss being able just to drive to see them on the weekends

00:46:23Jerrod Jackson

Agreed Anna, especially with elderly parents!

00:46:54Anna Champion

Yes Jerrod!

00:49:05Chelsea Randolph

So accurate Jerrod!!!

00:50:19Natosha Harris

Happy Belated Birthday Adrienne!

00:50:25Greg Durham

Happy Belated!

00:50:27Chelsea Randolph

Happy belated!!

00:50:36Natalie Broder, ECU


00:50:41Sam Lowry

Happy Birthday Adrianne!

00:50:53Nicholas White

Happy birthday

00:50:59Adrienne Gossett, Northwestern

Thank you everyone! :)

00:53:20Brandon Bermea

Im there Greg!

00:53:24Natosha Harris

Count me in Greg!

00:53:51Greg Durham

Love it!

00:55:22Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

4.) (cont.) My dog is super needy

00:55:34Sam Lowry

Yes - my dog is very needy

00:56:52Rebecca Mabile

my cat is very needy!

00:56:53Anna Champion

Yesss Nick!

00:57:08Greg Durham

I used to love peace and quiet after a rowdy day at work. This quiet hits different now that I'm here all day.

00:57:25Chelsea Randolph

@Greg very different!

00:57:28Anna Champion

Yes, Greg!!

00:57:28Adrienne Gossett, Northwestern

Agreed Greg.

00:57:40Anna Champion

YES!!! Getting close!!

00:57:58Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

after the first time i was zoomed bombed

00:58:27Nicole Olmeda

Amen Jerrod!!

00:58:34Anna Champion

This is my 6th Zoom for today :-/

00:58:47Jerrod Jackson

anyone bought stock in zoom yet?

00:58:48DeVanee Lasley

this is my 3rd zoom today in a row

00:58:57Chelsea Randolph

This is my 4th Zoom call today

00:59:07Zack Sephton

I've been taking 10 minutes before each zoom call trying to make a fun picture or video to use as my virtual background

00:59:07Greg Durham

I use Teams or Google hangouts when I can. Same function, but they look different. I am playing a mental game with myself.

00:59:54Zack Sephton

They may not be the most professional things ever, but it lets me keep things interesting and usually gives everyone a good laugh when they pop up

01:00:15Rebecca Mabile

I go outside with my laptop sometimes for meetings just for a change of environment and some sun (although it snowed yesterday)

01:00:22Darci Doll

I will switch to my phone and multi-task while meal prepping or other house projects!

01:00:49Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

sitting on my porch now. beautiful day

01:01:10Zack Sephton

It's snowing in Canada, must be nice to be able to sit outside lol

01:01:35Adrienne Gossett, Northwestern

I wish I could sit’s snowing in Chicago 😔


raining in Ohio - I wish I could be outside!

01:02:07DeVanee Lasley

is it snowing everywhere but St Louis? it’s sunny and 61 here today!

01:02:15Natalie Broder, ECU

Sending the sunshine and 70 degree weather to you all!

01:02:30Melissa Albers

I long for nice weather we have 2 inches and still coming in Cleveland, OH!

01:02:35Natalie Broder, ECU

If we had the pandemic in winter, where it gets dark at 4 PM, I don’t think I would make it

01:02:38Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

think its around 70ish in southeastern NC slight breeze

01:02:47Anna Champion

Yes…it comes to Alabama! It’s gorgeous today though!

01:02:47DeVanee Lasley

sending this weather to you all in Nebraska, Chicago and Canada!

01:02:54Rebecca Mabile

Natalie agreed!

01:03:53Jerrod Jackson

Natalie, super accurate

01:04:15Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

working on my golf swing via YouTube 🤦🏻‍♂️

01:04:16DeVanee Lasley

I paint a lot of canvases in my free time

01:04:20Chelsea Randolph

Ooou that sounds fun!!

01:04:59Natalie Broder, ECU

For fun, I’ll “bartend” on FaceTime with my friends since I work as a bartender too. I’ll teach them how to make drinks and we’ll socialize

01:05:08Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

webex trainings

01:05:27Adrienne Gossett, Northwestern

Yes as long as it’s free. We’re on a budget freeze.

01:06:09Zack Sephton

My institution gives us free access to LinkedIn learning so I've been using that a lot


skills Ports for professional staff;

01:06:24Rebecca Mabile

We have access to LinkedIn learning but they haven't been pushing it. I do that regularly with my student managers who are working remotely.

01:07:23Natalie Broder, ECU

We’ve done Esports tournaments, trick shots challenges on Instagram, fitness classes on instagram live and facebook live, “app of the week” with a nature focus to get students outside.

01:09:23Chasity Holstick

LinkedIn learning for Rec staff to earn hours

01:09:49Natalie Broder, ECU

student employee-wise, i came up with some activities for them to complete on canvas (online class portal ECU uses). they are fun though - like filling out an accident report on a scene from your favorite TV show. practicing skills for work, but still fun and can take their minds off quarantine.

01:09:53Sandra Ondracka

Sandra - University of Windsor Canada - we have developed a FT and student staff engagement plan. It is based on the dimensions of wellness, and each day we focus on a dimension or combination of them. Within the daily/weekly plan we have employee challenges, professional development, virtual game nights and many more activities to keep them engaged with us.

01:10:20DeVanee Lasley

we are working on special projects for our students. a lot of our programs have been canceled for the summer. so we are working through a plan b now. we celebrated student appreciation week this week and created a video for our students and had trivia nights with them.

01:13:13Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke


01:13:38Adrienne Gossett, Northwestern

I second that heartbreak..😔

01:14:05Chelsea Randolph

I was excited for my first Annual conference

01:15:13Anna Champion

Time flew by…thank you for doing a roundtable like this!

01:15:31Chelsea Randolph

I really enjoyed this round table!! Thank you!


Thank you Laurie & Jerrod for this huddle. Much appreciated.

01:15:38Zack Sephton

Thank you Jerrod and Laurie! This was great :)

01:15:45DeVanee Lasley

this was a great Roundtable! thank you!

01:15:47Sandra Ondracka

Our perspective from the rec department during this time is more than ever prove to campus and those unaware of what the rec program offers to campus life, what we have to offer. How we create community, build leaders and influence the well being of our students.

01:15:57Rebecca Mabile

Thank you!

01:16:02Crystal Dooley

thank you, this was great!

01:16:02Greg Durham

Thanks for doing this!

01:16:10Darci Doll

Thanks for doing this!

01:16:17Sam Lowry

Thank you Everyone!

01:16:18Staci Snyder

Will do Laurie! :)

01:16:26Alexandra Sanchez

Thank you for doing this!!

01:16:30Sandra Ondracka

Thank you NIRSA! I have praised your wonderful support to my coworkers.

01:16:30Natosha Harris

Thank you and so good to see everyone :-)

01:16:31Greg Durham

Appreciate y'all!

01:16:34Zack Sephton

Appreciate y'all!

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