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Member Services Roundtable, Part 2

Friday, April 17, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Megan Choiniere with presenters Victoria Roberts, Taylor Schiller, and Melissa Bates

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Chat Transcript

00:33:19Marlene Kasman

not letting me rename Stony Brook University

00:33:26Krista Herring

Would anyone be willing to share examples of newsletters?

00:33:43Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

Hi all - Please drop any new questions and or feedback in the chat box. I will be monitoring during the call and asking questions on behalf of folks and/or calling on you for more context. Thanks for joining!

00:33:58Christine Panella- Purdue

I would be willing to share our newsletter!

00:34:15Rhonda Cox

UT-Austin happy to share newsletter too!

00:34:54Christine Panella- Purdue

00:35:26De'Jha Pontoo - Univ of MN Twin cities

The link works! Thanks for sharing

00:36:00Jeremy Chance - Kansas

2020 Recreation Movement

00:36:01Chad Flanagan - UW River Falls

We are working together with Student Health and Counseling with a weekly newsletter.

00:36:39Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

We are working with our student employment office to share our virtual programming with students.

00:36:55Anna Champion

Yes! We are working with faculty and staff!

00:37:03Anna Champion

On student initiatives!

00:37:05Amber Kavehkar- University of the Pacific

Yes @Robin we are doing partial refunds if requested and extending all others

00:37:15Jacquelyn Fotino

Yes, University of New Hampshire have frozen all memberships and will be extending memberships for the duration we are closed

00:37:41Priscilla Gaona

At Georgia Tech we plan to extend memberships based on the amount of days they had left on their membership the day we reopen. If anyone had circumstances where they would not be returning to campus, we created a specific refund form and will handle those on a case by case basis

00:37:41Jacquelyn Fotino

for student spouse memberships we prorated a refund for the semester

00:37:44Krista Herring

We are looking to start a newsletter so if anyone else is willing to share what theirs looks like I’d appreciate it! My email is

00:37:56KP, Univ of Wisc-Superior

YES, we are doing partials as requested but offered an extension once we open. We are offering refunds but only as requested. Payroll Deduction for Fac/Staff was just stopped.

00:37:56Robin Embry

Thanks everyone for the replies verbally and on the chat!

00:38:01Corrine Pruett

WVU - We are only freezing/extending memberships if initiated by member (directive from University administrators).

00:38:15Zena Ray

Yes University of Richmond has suspended ACH drafts during the closure of the Weinstein Center for Recreation. We are also extending memberships at the end of their term.

00:38:57Anna Champion

Partial refunds and stopped payments for all members - fat/staff and community

00:39:13Jacquelyn Fotino

If you use Innosoft Fusion, there support team can extend memberships during closures on their end

00:39:40Mary Catherine Martinez

I can confirm what Jacquelyn mentioned about extending memberships :)

00:39:52De'Jha Pontoo - Univ of MN Twin cities

Univ of Minnesota -Twin Cities has frozen payroll deduction, we are extending all paid memberships and gave members the option to request a refund if graduating, transiting from the Univ, or if they purchased a membership in March

00:40:13Drew Cantwell

Drew Cantwell at LSU have been placing memberships on freeze and adding the number of days to the end of their memberships. We are also offering refunds to all non-student memberships at a prorated amount.

00:40:14Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@De'Jha - Same at University of Kansas.

00:40:23Sandy Corsi

Stopping all memberships as of 5/31 and refunding everyone approx. 2 months. Looking at putting grad student membership payment onto their tuition. A lot of refunds!

00:40:35Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Drew - same at Virginia Tech.

00:40:40Robin Embry

Jacquelyn Fotino, thanks for this info, do you have the name of anyone you have worked with at InnoSoft to extend these memberships?

00:40:54Lynn Wilson

CMU has frozen payroll deduction and will push expiration dates out once we re-open. No refunds planned at this time.

00:41:25Ryan Fisher - Eastern Kentucky

Are locker rentals being treated the same as memberships in regards to refunds?

00:41:26De'Jha Pontoo - Univ of MN Twin cities

We worked with innosoft and they created a custom report for a query builder. We haven’t run it yet because we don’t have an end date but they were super helpful

00:42:15Ryan- San Francisco State University

CSU created an executive order not to refund the fee, which has helped us with students upset.

00:42:43Jeremy Chance - Kansas

Same at KU, @Rhonda. Fees aren't being refunded through Spring. Summer and Fall are up in the air.

00:42:44Jacquelyn Fotino

Robin- I am blanking on her name, but let me look at some emails

00:42:47Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Robin - Nina Farro at UF has working directly and mentioned on our last call that she has and let folks know to email her with any questions.

00:43:22Josh Davis

MC from innosoft fusion is on this call, you can ask her for any innosoft help!

00:43:29Mary Catherine Martinez

Hello :)

00:43:38Josh Davis

and there she is!

00:43:44Nina Farro - University of Florida

Hey MC! :)

00:44:12Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@Taylor Schiller - I think it's definitely something we may be concerned with if this continues, especially as full-time staff salaries are funded through those fees.

00:44:14Josh Davis - Penn State

Hello MC

00:44:38Enzo Everett

S/O to Kari Scott at FSU! Good to see you (virtually!)

00:44:44Krista Herring

We are avoiding refunds and instead using promo codes for members when they renew to give them a discounted rate

00:44:53Victoria Roberts - Clemson University

00:45:21Anna Champion

MC we need Fusion at Auburn University at Montgomery!! Woohoo, thanks Victoria!

00:45:23Deja’Nay Gilliam

Can you repost the link?

00:45:33Deja’Nay Gilliam

For the Fusion call after this!

00:45:34Mary Catherine Martinez

Thanks! I will join the next call, too :)

00:45:37Lynn Wilson

where is the zoom link to stay on to talk about fusion?

00:45:41Victoria Roberts - Clemson University

Zoom Link:

00:45:53Krista Herring

Offering remote programming and the 2020 recreation movement has been awesome to create a sense of community

00:46:23Megan Choiniere- Oakland University

Krista I agree 2020 rec movement has been awesome

00:47:07Burt Fertguson

We closed down at mid semester, and if requested are refunding 1/2 the locker fee paid for the semester. We are giving the option to renew for the summer at no cost in order to extend their locker beyond the spring. For the fall, if back on campus we will offer those that hung in there, 1/2 off the locker rental fee for fall.

00:47:26Christine Panella- Purdue

for anyone refunding locker service- i'd love to chat more outside this. We have concerns about managing refunds, retrieval of items and if people want to renew same locker upon reopening. my email is

00:47:47Krista Herring

We are looking into doing the promo code for our membership renewals.

00:47:53Krista Herring

Our membership “year” ends August 2nd

00:48:31Schafaris Turner

Was the promo code option through Fusion or another software program?

00:48:37Krista Herring

Through Fusion

00:48:40Mary Catherine Martinez

Fusion can handle promo codes :)

00:48:45Schafaris Turner

Thank you!

00:49:08Sandy Corsi

Is anyone dealing with refunds hitting the correct fiscal year budget? Our FY ends 5/31 so if we did the promo codes the discount would be on the wrong year.

00:50:05Krista Herring

So our plan with the promo codes was to keep money in the budget for this FY and then next year we would just need to work on pushing for additional memberships

00:50:15De'Jha Pontoo - Univ of MN Twin cities

Has anyone found a good way in innosoft to extend lockers for those that don’t want a refund?

00:51:28Colin Allison

For Lockers- Has anyone have a plan on sending members their locker contents if the shelter in place order extends past their expiration date?

00:51:34Krista Herring

We are doing the same thing with lockers - we are doing a promo code for a renewal of their locker in the future

00:51:51Mary Catherine Martinez

Yep! Lockers are a lot more complicated since they occupy physical space and have clean-outs, etc. :)

00:51:51Schafaris Turner

@De’Jha I am currently doing it individually but refunds/extensions are on a case by case basis. I am only doing it if the patron reaches out regarding it. This may change depending on how long we are closed

00:54:12Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

We direct those that would like their items to contact campus police.

00:54:58Jacquelyn Fotino

We communicated to our locker members that they could empty their contents during a two week period, we do have someone close to the building who has allowed members to pick up contents on a case by case basis, but we also offered members the ability to leave their items until we reopen

00:55:06Christine Panella- Purdue

Mackenize- does campus police go in with them to retrieve items

00:55:54Krista Herring

We have set up with campus police to be able to have lockers pick up their items

00:55:55Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

CP - Yes, only the member is allowed in though. No guest or +1s

00:56:26Christine Panella- Purdue

got it! That's a great idea

00:56:58Haley Carpenter

Same at Emory, we are bagging lockers and not allowing members in the building. We meet them at the front door at a specified time.

00:57:02Robin Embry

We have the same current restrictions at Stanford that UT-Austin has. Only essential staff allowed on campus and in facilities.

00:57:19Nick Prante, Washington State University

WSU is looking at finding and issuing cloth masks and installing plexi

00:57:31Nick Prante, Washington State University

plexiglass screens at computer stations

00:58:06Corrine Pruett - WVU

WVU - I sent out an intent to return form to get an idea of who would be available. Happy to share, PM me your email if you'd like it! Other than that I have been tasked with putting together a comprehensive re-open checklist.

00:58:54Mary Catherine Martinez

I was just on a call with Becky from U Arkansas and they are also doing quite a lot of student training these days. :)

00:59:01Christine Panella- Purdue

We are looking at potentially eliminating cash handling for all services. Other areas on campus have started doing that at Purdue prior to this. Is anyone else debating this?

00:59:27Rhonda Cox - UT-Austin

UT RecSports is cashless

00:59:29Colin Allison

At Santa Clara- We were looking at going cashless before all this started and now its been acceralted

00:59:33Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@Christine - Cash only is a really good idea!

00:59:45Dave Stewart - Towson University

We do not take any cash

00:59:45Oscee Wheatfall III - Texas A&M

At Texas A&M we were open for a while during the initial days and we went to a cashless operation

01:00:01Stephon Porter, UofSC

Has anyone had conversations about biometric scans for patrons once an opening happens? If so what were those conversations like? We are trying to find some direction on facility access

01:00:10Chad Flanagan UW-River Falls

Anyone thinking about or going to be limiting the number of participants in the facility?

01:00:12Sandy Corsi

We do not take cash.

01:00:15Colin Allison

For the ones that are cashless- do you accept campus cash at your stations?

01:00:16Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

We are considering eliminating allowing sponsored guests to enter the facility. Currently members are allowed to sponsor 3 guest per visit.

01:00:39Amber Kavehkar- University of the Pacific

Fusion App also has a barcode scanner function for ID Cards we are trying to set up

01:00:42Priscilla Gaona

At Georgia Tech is cash free too!

01:00:44Josh Davis - Penn State

Penn State- we stopped cash handling 2 years ago

01:00:46Julie - UW Seattle

We have been cashless at least 2 years

01:00:49Anna Champion

Migrating to cash free!!!

01:00:51Ryan- San Francisco State University

Cash Free is AMAZING

01:01:00Dave Stewart - Towson University

Yes, we accept "retail points" which are linked to the Students ID

01:02:50Christine Panella- Purdue

glad to hear everyone is loving it. I hope to be there soon!

01:03:04Marion Spearman - Georgia

If you have removed cash, are you still taking credit cards?

01:03:15Eleanor Crofford - Old Dominion University

what is the company that manufactures to cash to card machine?

01:03:26Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

Yes - we only take credit cards and HOkie Passport money at our desk

01:04:01Josh Davis - Penn State

all of our sales staff take PCI compliance training

01:04:12Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

PCI is a mandatory training for all of our student employees that handle credit cards.

01:04:29Julie - UW Seattle

Full time staff are PCI trained. We are hoping to get our students PCI trained as soon as we can.

01:04:32Melanie Alverio Rowan University

online PCI compliance training

01:04:35Jacquelyn Fotino

At UNH, all students take PCI training and sign the PCI Compliance form

01:04:36Josh Davis - Penn State

also, we have a front facing credit card machine, so our sales staff never handle the credit dard

01:04:49Christine Panella- Purdue

same with us Josh. we don't ever touch CC's

01:05:00Dave Stewart - Towson University

same as above

01:05:02Colin Allison

At SCU- we put together a PCI training to all our student staff that handles credit cards must go through

01:05:32Priscilla Gaona

campus PCI compliance training as well

01:05:33Colin Allison

We are looking to move to customer facing payment terminals

01:05:47Kari Scott - FSU

Ours is on CANVAS as well

01:07:05Matt Collum

Cashless > all else … makes things much easier to handle

01:07:16Priscilla Gaona

At Georgia Tech, we also have customer facing terminals. but we do over the phone payments, so we still require our students to do the online campus training for PCI

01:07:29Schafaris Turner

Does anyone use freedom pay as their CC terminal? Our issue with going cashless is randomly, the cc terminal freezes.

01:07:41Christine Panella- Purdue

yes we use freedom pay!

01:07:43Matt Collum

cashless helps with less transmission of viruses/sickness as well

01:07:52Jeremy Chance - Kansas

KU uses FreedomPay as well!

01:08:36Schafaris Turner

@Christine @Jereny does your terminals freeze? If so, what do you do in this situation?

01:08:42Nick Prante, Washington State University

Anybody worried that cashless is less inclusive to the poor?

01:08:44Schafaris Turner


01:09:14Nina Farro - University of Florida

@NickPrante Yes

01:09:18Christine Panella- Purdue

yes our terminals freeze often

01:09:23Christine Panella- Purdue

we have to reset when it occurs

01:09:27Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@Schafaris I think any issue we've had with FreedomPay has been due to our university IT issues.

01:09:47Nina Farro - University of Florida

IT turned down my request for FreedomPay

01:10:09Priscilla Gaona

at GT people can pay with their BuzzCard IDs. So we have a BuzzCard terminal where anyone can put their cash on their card then come to the desk to pay (if they only have cash)

01:10:57Lindsay Walker

Change of topic: At Stanford, we have debated removing equipment lending. Lending Basketballs and rackets, currently is done at the front desk and we want to limit shared equipment. Anyone else thinking of moving in this direction?

01:11:18Christine Panella- Purdue

we stopped equipment rental before we closed, except towel service

01:11:30Jeremy Chance - Kansas

KU was planning to suspend all equipment check-out, but we closed the facility indefinitely before we were able to implement.

01:11:41Meghan Pynnonen- Grand Valley State University

Suggestions for how would you handle cashless for any daily users if they wanted to come in and pay a daily user fee, but did not have a credit card.

01:11:42Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

Cashless also reduces the risk of robbery. Not having a couple hundred dollars at the desk is a solid talking point when making a proposal to admin.

01:11:55Matt Collum

@mackenzie good point

01:11:59Ron Siliko

does anyone include bundled program services that customers get as part of their membership

01:12:32Colin Allison

At SCU- for annual Alumni memberships, we bundle in an unlimited fitness class pass as an incentive

01:12:56Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Ron we have thought about it for our group exercise and our memberships, but because we use Fusion, our lockers and towels are offered as services, we cannot bundle those in.

01:13:06Corrine Pruett - WVU

WVU - We are implementing court monitors (student staff position)

01:13:24Lindsay Walker

We thought about a court monitor as well.

01:13:38Bemidji State University

They are just going to move to the parks... I already see them playing basketball... not practicing safe distance.

01:13:52Jeremy Chance - Kansas

KU Rec Services was planning to raise our basketball goals to take those all offline.

01:14:14Kari Scott - FSU

We have court monitors! They keep score of games and get the pick up games moving so new groups can get on and play. Winner stays, loser walks

01:14:34Jeremy Chance - Kansas

That was before we officially closed; I would imagine we implement the same when we reopen, assuming physical distancing limitations.

01:15:11Robin Embry

Welcome to the new normal folks!

01:15:17Nina Farro - University of Florida

Is anyone considering continuing virtual programming in the fall?

01:15:25Christine Panella- Purdue

we are Nina

01:15:37Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

We are Nina

01:15:43Nina Farro - University of Florida


01:15:44Christine Panella- Purdue

We are looking to sustain virtual programming from here on out and taking this as an opportunity to expand services.

01:15:59Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

I think that is the route VT is going to go in as well^^

01:16:07Jamie Grenoble - UW-Milwaukee

@Nina we are as well. We had a virtual meeting this morning with our chancellor and it looks like we may be doing at least a hybrid of classes in the fall - online and in person (if allowed)

01:16:43Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@Nina - We've considered offering a few remote classes when we reopen.

01:16:52Jeremy Chance - Kansas

A small handful.

01:17:08Sandy Corsi

Prior to closing we closed basketball, tennis, racquetball, squash and all group fitness classes. Depending on when we reopen, we will do the same. We will have students go through the building monitoring. We are also looking at not checking things out for loan for a while.

01:17:58Christine Panella- Purdue

we also removed all outdoor nets and basketball hoops. So we have eliminated both and upon reopening does not necessarily mean we will open that back up again

01:18:11Schafaris Turner

How are people handling their tracks and pools (if we can reopen)?

01:18:42Marion Spearman - Georgia

Does anything have a target reopening date in mind yet, or are you awaiting guidance from your schools?

01:19:02Jeremy Chance - Kansas

Waiting on guidance from the university administration at KU.

01:19:17Lynn Wilson

Our campus is hoping for May 1. We shall see.

01:19:21Dave Stewart - Towson University

No opening timeline yet

01:19:22Jacquelyn Fotino

still waiting at UNH, the decision for summer program is estimated to happen by May 15

01:19:28Matt Collum

@Marion - have to wait for University guidance, who has to wait for Governor guidance

01:19:30Schafaris Turner

Waiting on guidance from campus (SJSU) but we’ve talked about September

01:19:31University of Cincinnati (Emilie Fleming)

how would you get them out?

01:19:34Stephon Porter, UofSC

Has anyone had conversations about biometric scans for patrons once an opening happens? If so what were those conversations like? We are trying to find some direction on facility access

01:19:42Robin Embry

No opening timeline for Stanford as of yet.

01:19:49Natasha Davila- Colorado State

Likely not reopening over the summer since classes are all online and online students do not pay fees.

01:19:49Christine Panella- Purdue

Purdue has no open time frame either

01:19:57Jamie Grenoble - UW-Milwaukee

Our safer at home order was extended to May 26th so it will be at least until then

01:20:14Erin Wells - UT Austin

Some schools have tried one in one out and the lines outside where not good

01:20:33Nick Prante, Washington State University

WSU has talked about 1 in 1 out system, but has not committed to implementation at this point. Will base off Governor’s guidelines when we can reopen

01:20:51Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Our Wal-Mart went with sq ft to number of people, where it would be more than 6 feet. Let in all at opening and one in and out, once capacity reached.

01:21:00Haley Carpenter

University Admin. will be making the call for us. Campus is closed for the whole summer, fall semester is tbd.

01:22:09Enzo Everett

Noonball... the bane of my existence...

01:22:11Colin Allison

At SCU- We had a live facility counts feature that we will use once we reopen to inform members of our numbers? Example here-

01:22:39Corrine Pruett - WVU

Has anyone began surveying members to see what they would be looking for in a re-open? (full vs. partial service)

01:22:59Nina Farro - University of Florida

Yes, Teresa. Our variety of services is a key selling point

01:23:14Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@Colin - Unfortunately looks like we need a e-mail address to view.

01:23:20Nina Farro - University of Florida

Not yet, Corrine but great idea

01:23:31Nina Farro - University of Florida

Has WVU sent out any surveys?

01:24:17Jeremy Chance - Kansas

Hoping @Beth Keith can jump in there!!!

01:24:29Corrine Pruett - WVU

@Nina - We have not but I would like to, even just to give them a space to be heard with regards to what they would be expecting/hoping for with a re-open

01:24:34Matt Collum


01:24:43Colin Allison

Forgot we put that lock on it.... If you want to take a look at it, email me at and I'll share you a view.

01:25:21Jeremy Chance - Kansas

@Colin Thanks!!

01:26:20Victoria Roberts - Clemson University

Zoom call after this!

01:26:26Christine Panella- Purdue

YES TO #3!!!!!

01:26:35Jeremy Chance - Kansas

It's just nice to see the NIRSA Fam faces since we can't meet in Phoenix!

01:26:41Roger Watson

Thanks everyone.

01:26:47Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

I would love to chat with you all again!

01:26:51University of Cincinnati (Emilie Fleming)

not sure if everyone has seen this, pretty general:

01:26:56Matt Collum … If anyone has ideas that they want to bounce around, feel free to reach out!

01:26:59Lawrence Brown

Thanks everyone!

01:27:06De'Jha Pontoo - Univ of MN Twin cities

This was great I really appreciated this!!

01:27:17Victoria Roberts - Clemson University

01:27:19Robin Embry

Thanks everyone!!

01:27:19Anna Champion - Auburn University at Montgomery

Yes!! Thank you!!

01:27:19Deja’Nay Gilliam

YES to #3!

01:27:32Dave Stewart - Towson University

Thanks everyone!

01:27:46Zena Ray

Thank you so much everyone for this information. Very helpful. Zena Ray, University of Richmond

01:27:46Beth Keith

Thank you all for freeing me!

01:27:47Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you for hosting. Wash your hands.

01:27:48Madison Robbins -TAMUCC

Thank you all!

01:27:50David Troy

Thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email