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Fitness Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, April 16, 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse with presenter Anna Taggart

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Chat Transcript

00:30:42Melissa Wessel

Melissa Wessel, Assistant Director of UREC, Seattle University Recreation, Seattle, WA

00:30:52Chris Nasti

Chris Nasti - American University in Washington DC

00:30:54CieCie Leonard

CieCie Leonard UT Austin

00:30:56Angela Wood

Angie, Durham College, Ontario, Canada

00:30:57Whitney Hinshaw

Hello! Whitney Hinshaw from Montana State in Bozeman, MT.

00:31:00Lauren Corley

Lauren Corley - Valdosta State University

00:31:01Alessandra Sanchez

Alessandra Sanchez, University of Texas at San Antonio

00:31:01catie Gibson

Catie Gibson University of Colorado - Boulder

00:31:03Carey Greenwood

Hi everyone! Carey Greenwood, Ole Miss

00:31:03Brandi Bates-LUC

Brandi Bates- Loyola Chicago

00:31:05Lindsay Brookey

Lindsay Brookey, AD F/W, UNC-Chapel Hill

00:31:09Devan Martinez

Hello! Devan University of Richmond!

00:31:09Shelly Radtke


00:31:10Hailey Forbes

Hailey Forbes - Oakland University

00:31:11Tess Swastek

Tess Swastek, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

00:31:12Pat Kutcher

Pat Kutcher University of Iowa

00:31:12Amanda Alpert

Amanda Alpert - University of Mississippi!

00:31:13Amber Pye

Amber Pye Assistant Director at UIS Campus Rec

00:31:13Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson, University of Georgia

00:31:13Ashlea Rosenbaum

Ashlea Rosenbaum- Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

00:31:14Nick Donahue

Nick Donahue UW Superior

00:31:14Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex, University of Houston

00:31:15Heather Hamilton

Heather Hamilton - Colorado School of Mines

00:31:18Kelsey Snook

San Jose State University, CA

00:31:19April Pavelka

April Pavelka, University of Utah

00:31:23Frankie Branham

Hi Frankie Branham here from UTD. Sorry, my camera is funky when I'm on remote desktop.

00:31:26Eve Altieri

Eve Altieri - Southern Connecticut State University

00:31:32Anna Champion

Anna Champion - Auburn University at Montgomery AUM Wellness - Assistant Director

00:31:32Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper from Florida International University

00:31:40Paul Kwiatkowski

Paul Kwiatkowski - LSU

00:31:48Kim Leong

Kim Leong, Mount Royal University, Calgary

00:31:49Ramona Seupersad

Ramona Seupersad - University of Toronto Scarborough

00:31:53Josie Wielinski

Josie Wielinski - Texas State University

00:32:05Kara Smith

Kara Smith UIC

00:32:11Derrick Jenkins

Derrick Jenkins, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, UTSA

00:32:11Mike Chadee

Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern Medical Center

00:32:23Daniel Perdue

Daniel - UNC Pembroke

00:33:29John Davenport

John Davenport - Arizona State University

00:34:05Robert Solis

Robert Solis - University of Texas at Austin

00:34:26Daniel Perdue

reevaluating jobs and preparing for Fall Semester

00:34:49Shanna Moody

we are in a hiring freeze. all jobs (even student workers) require VP approval

00:34:51Thomas Peters

Thomas Peters - Claflin University SC

00:35:03Lauren Corley

Currently, we’re unable to hire any new student staff (GAs pending). As for Fall training, we

00:35:10Cali Tolbert

Also in a hiring freeze

00:35:11Shanna Moody

but I am developing new employee training through connect2 and canvas

00:35:12Devan Martinez

Current hiring freeze at University of Richmond

00:35:23Frankie Branham

Same. Also frozen. I will likely have to lay-off any non-student employees also.

00:35:26Andrew Ferderer

Hi everyone!

My name is Drew Ferderer. I am the Coordinator for The University of Iowa's Personal Training Program.

00:35:30Lauren Corley

Currently, we’re unable to hire any new student staff (GAs pending). As for Fall training, we’re creating an online training portal as a back up in case we aren’t able to hold all-staff training in August.

00:35:40Jennifer Cobarrubias

Jennifer Cobarrubias (Stanford) - We are on a hiring freeze and can no longer even do interviews at this time for potential hires…

00:35:47Ashley Artist - Iowa State

We continued our yoga instructor training via webex. They are sending audition videos next week. And we will hire them “verbally” for Fall

00:35:52Angela Wood

all part time contracts ended March 31st, so no part time student staff, instructors or personal trainers

00:35:59Courtney Rorex

We did our job fair virtually. Each area created videos about their area and we’re doing Zoom interviews and hiring when we can

00:36:01Paul Kwiatkowski

Taking advantage of this time to promote our frontline student staff (Fitness Assistants) into leadership roles (Fitness Supervisors)

00:36:40Courtney Rorex

Also doing video auditions for group fitness/PT and moving our prep courses to a virtual format as well

00:37:04Kim Leong

not hiring staff due to hiring freeze. keep current staff and instructors

00:37:10liz rosenberger

UNC Charlotte has gone to a virtual hiring process as well but we will not be able to hire any new employees until the university offices reopen.

00:37:18CieCie Leonard

Group Fitness- 2 phase process - Wufoo form and video audition. Then, zoom interview and LIVE audition.

00:37:18Thomas Peters

Claflin University just open a Wellness Center for the first time in school history in Nov 2019. CU never had a Wellness Center ever. So I am a one person staff. I can only hire work study Only.

00:37:24Joshua Rinck

While we could hire student staff, our training has been the part that has been on hold a bit because we anticipate changes *if on-campus* in protocols and procedures based on COVID-19.

00:37:29Annalisa Mazza

Annalisa- Springfield College. We are currently training our new Fitness and Wellness GA through zoom meetings and scenario based trainings where we take sections of our GA manual and run her through a scenario where certain sections of the manual apply. For examples how to do payroll, going through and checking inventory, how to set up marketing materials, etc.

00:37:37John Davenport

can't do auditions virtually, so we are waiting to audition/interview prep course students until our hiring freeze is up, most likely fall

00:37:58Alessandra Sanchez

on a hiring freeze and for gx auditions we are having them do a 30 minute video based on a basic GX formats and we are explaining the process to them

00:38:22Sarah Schrenk

I'm looking for a GA, but once this happened I reached out to a former group fitness instructor, who graduated and still lives in the area, to see if she is interested in attending grad school and being the GA. She is interested and will need very little training since she already worked in our program for four years. I usually prefer to recruit a student from another institution who will bring in new ideas, but in this case our former undergrad is already here (and will do a great job!) and this will make a re-opening much easier.

00:38:30Whitney Hinshaw

At Montana State, we are using WebEx to interview and hire for next year’s GX Instructor Trainee cohort.

00:38:54Pat Kutcher

Hello Everyone - we took all positions off line for the time being.

00:39:13Shanna Moody

our employee services is not wanting to do the onboarding with documentation verification because it requires in person meeting

00:42:16Lisa Williamson

We are currently working through our reopening procedures for when the time comes. much of our fall training will focus on social distancing measures and the “new normal”.

00:45:28Carey Greenwood

Onboarding of trainer and instructors could be delayed for us depending on when our prep course students can sit for their ACE exams. We have also discussed can we let them begin to teach and train without their certification until they are able to schedule their ACE exam (anticipating this is later in the fall).

00:46:27John Davenport

is anyone investigating class spot reservations for the fall to limit numbers and require participants to pre-register? if so, what software are you using?

00:46:45Mitzie Rojas

We plan to do any employee training/onboarding using Zoom and sharing training documents a shared group via sharepoint to upload documents, or possibly use Canvas.

00:47:05Kara Smith

CSI-Spectrum Group Ex module

00:47:08Lindsay Brookey

we use fusion for class reservations and check-in

00:47:22Daniel Perdue

IM Leagues

00:47:30Courtney Rorex

I’ve heard ACE is planning to do at home proctored exams

00:47:39Jade Willey

We’re planning on focusing a lot of our GFI training in the fall on skill/technique practice, because it may have been 5-6 since our instructors have taught, so that’s our biggest concern for those returning folks, is decreased skill levels

00:47:56Jade Willey

5-6 months*

00:48:34liz rosenberger

I am curious to know if anyone else has some equivalent for non certified trainers? I let my students who complete the ACE PT prep course train at a different rate. Does anyone else have a similar check to hire non certified trainers?

00:48:35Amber Pye

we are having a great response to our online classes right now so we will continue after we are back in action and may use it only in the worse case scenario

00:49:05Josie Wielinski

We’ve discussed this morning to continue using zoom for live classes and also offering in person as the facility opens up again and we are able to…this might relieve some of the need to add more classes

00:49:19Tess Swastek

We give our staff some time to get their cert if they have gone through our mentorship and audition. I usually give them one semester for time to study, saving up for exam, etc. I'm hoping they can still get it by the end of the fall semester or at least have the online content completed

00:49:26Sandra Ondracka

If we are able to move back to face to face classes, how will you continue with the virtual platforms and classes that many of our now doing? Will you charge?

00:49:44Lindsay Brookey

We are talking about how we can continue to the live/virtual platform to supplement a lack of in-person classes due to limited instructors/participants per class

00:49:45Amber Pye

we allow exercise science students teach and personal trainer under me once they pass a few classes in the program at a lower rate

00:49:59Sandra Ondracka


00:50:03Sandra Ondracka


00:50:33Sara Luelloff

Same with TEss, we give our instructors 6 months to get their certification. So they'll be able to start teaching. I had 6 weeks of group x training in person before the lockdown, starting tomorrow, I'm finishing the remainder of the program virtually, so we'll see how that goes.

00:51:34liz rosenberger

A major concern for us for our big kick off event is sponsors. I know this has been concern for many events upcoming (NoCRSA, Region II)

00:52:16Sara Luelloff

We are worried about our Fall Welcome events as well. We've been told to start planning UREC Fest for Fall, but how do we do that, not knowing what guidelines will be?

00:52:59Amanda Alpert

A group of campus partners that typically contribute to our" Month of Welcome" activities are starting to meet every other week to discuss what those programs may look like now. Partners so far at the meeting are Union, Housing, Campus Rec, & Orientation

00:53:22catie Gibson

Is anyone looking at or have attempted to checkout equipment (TRX straps, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.) so members can do workouts at home? Not sure if this has been discussed in a different roundtable.

00:53:25Tess Swastek

How are people going to try and engage incoming first year students that don't get the change to visit this summer?

00:53:44Sara Luelloff

sorry had to run daughter to potty

00:53:57Amber Pye

we our checking out equipment to those who are still on campus

00:55:03Shanna Moody

our university just decided today that all orientations will be virtual. so less exposure for incoming students to our Dept

00:55:20Paul Kwiatkowski

@Catie Gibson - at LSU we aren't checking out equipment, concerns surrounding non-essential personnel on campus and then equipment being damaged, stolen and not ready for the reopening of the facility

00:55:20Courtney Rorex

Biggest challenge: over marketing

00:55:35Lindsay Brookey

Our campus is shut down so we are unfortunately not allowed to invite anyone to camps to check equipment out to them :(

00:55:44CieCie Leonard

Using our opt in email has been very helpful!

00:56:12CieCie Leonard

Giving people the option to opt in received notifications has worked the best

00:56:20Shanna Moody

our students are starting to check out of the virtual word. lower engagement. swamped with classes. feeling more removed.

00:56:45catie Gibson

once our stay at home order is lifted we are in prelim discussions to see the feasibility of this.

00:57:02Lisa Williamson

We are splitting it up- Monday-WOD, Tuesday-Comp Sports, Wednesday-Outdoor, Thursday-Comp Sports, Friday-Fitness.

00:57:29Shanna Moody

we notice that we get more engagement on our marketing when our posts are people and not advertisements. trying to make our marketing look more like it used to than a newsletter

00:57:45Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford - We are putting in marketing requests to get templates made so we can just fill in the blank when it is time to market a program when we are allowed to go back. We have a lot of full time staff helping make videos and supply content for marketing so they are not on their own because there is so much falling on the marketing team right now.

00:57:55Tess Swastek

I got a lot out of the Marketing round table too that was very helpful

00:59:19Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford - We also have a newsletter that is going out and this link is to our virtual recreation site we have other areas on campus that are rerouting everyone to our site

00:59:56Amber Pye

we also have a united website for all of student life promoting what we are all doing around campus

01:00:43Lauren Corley

I work in both Marketing & Fitness and the largest barrier that I’ve come across is accountability/communication from student employees. The employees who were consistently efficient before are still doing their jobs, but it has become practically impossible to contact the others who aren’t doing their duties when needed.

01:01:12Courtney Rorex

Just got an email: ACE is running 50% off all programs and CEC’sfor NIRSA organizations until April 22

01:01:39Daniel Perdue

what’s is the name of that facebook page? I cant seem to find it

01:01:59Cheyanne Clouse

Daniel, we can send you an invite!

01:02:08Daniel Perdue


01:02:11Tori Lord

Here is the virtual events landing page:

01:02:13Anna Taggart

Collegiate Fitness Directors Page - yes we can send an invite

01:02:20Anna Taggart

Thanks Tori!!

01:04:05CieCie Leonard

Groups have requested to have private pre-recorded classes

01:04:45Shanna Moody

my student coined “swole”-cial distancing!

01:04:52Sara Luelloff

I'm getting a nutrition intern that will be creating videos for our online content. I'll also be presenting to our Kinesiology 200 class next week to talk about career opportunities.

01:04:55John Davenport

is anyone experiencing other departments on campus (housing, counseling, etc.) pushing out fitness content and livestreams that are marketed in an almost competitive way?

01:05:05Whitney Hinshaw

Can you put the powerpoint back on screen share?

01:05:31Shanna Moody

I’m about 50/50 working/not as well

01:06:27Kelsey Snook

CieCie, how did you set up doing a virtual CEU session?

01:06:48Angela Wood

To engage with staff members, I am sending emails to check in and inviting them to weekly Zoom meetings. Staff are no longer being paid, I just want to stay connected with them and support them.

01:07:24Kelsey Snook


01:08:51Mitzie Rojas

Campus Rec has started a "campus rec outreach contact log" and each program area contacts their employees once a week for wellness checks and/or paid opportunity updates.

01:09:09Frankie Branham

I'm having weekly meetings with Personal Trainers and again with GX instructors. Trainers are presenting workshops to the group. Also getting together for Round robin workouts. Our staff will be paid through graduation.

01:09:16Whitney Hinshaw

For virtual programming, would love to know what everyone is doing. If you have time, I would love it if you filled out this brief survey:

01:09:20Sandra Ondracka

We are creating a staff engagement program. Each day focusing again on a component of wellness. IE. on the physical day we do a fitness challenge and encouraging staff to take any fo the weekly virtual classes, Tuesday is Mental/Emotional health we offer tips and suggestions to free yoga, Wednesday is our university spirit day, Thursdays our personal development day and will offer courses to develop skillls... Fridays will be our social dimension and we will host a virtual coffee break, game night, etc

01:09:39Courtney Rorex

I think we won’t be able to “abandon” virtual fitness. I think we will plan to continue, just limited

01:09:59Sandra Ondracka

For those of you with Les Mills - do you charge students?

01:10:00Amber Pye

we will def be keeping what we have done - we have a lot of online students and we have seen them joining in

01:10:02liz rosenberger

I think you have to do both! I was discussing with my supervisor that we can reach so many of our off campus students since we are still a large commuter populations. And yes pricing is the big question!

01:10:09Chloe Cole

I think we will also continue it in a limited capacity at UPenn

01:10:20Frankie Branham

I'm excited about developing personal training in a virtual space. Still working out the particulars.

01:10:59Chloe Cole

We have Les Mills and we do charge (not currently for Virtual GX) for GX typically

01:10:59Andrew Jones

Having a virtual PT and GFI Course option throughout the regular semester. In a given semester If PT is in person, GFI is virtual

01:11:03Lisa Williamson

We are offering virtual training and hope to continue to offer it in the future.

01:11:31CieCie Leonard

Working with instructors to figure out continues and progressive programming. Not just your occasional GF class you chime in to.

01:11:34Whitney Hinshaw

I’m figuring out a way to WebEx live classes even when we get back in. I’m concerned folks will be weary to enter public spaces even when they reopen.

01:11:44Karen Howell

For the group fit what abut issues with music copyrights?

01:11:59Carey Greenwood

Those experiencing large numbers or growth with your GFI class attendance, are they free?

01:12:19Sandra Ondracka

What are people's thoughts on charging for these virtual classes? Currently we are not charging but these are not from a professional platform like Les Mills.

01:12:40CieCie Leonard

Music info from Youtube:

01:12:45Cheyanne Clouse

Karen, some details about music and copyrights were spoken to a lot in our last two zoom roundtables!

01:14:15Brennan Shirk

There are a lot of questions about the optimal long term virtual fitness delivery platform for both streaming and On Demand videos. KRUActive offers a customized and branded channel for each rec center and campus for students to access videos without the limitations of social media and zoom platforms. If you have any questions please contact me at and I am happy to answer any questions about any virtual fitness platform including KRUActive. The most important aspect is keeping the in person studio Group Exercise experience with the virtual classes!! Student engagement is key! On the KRUActive App they simply login to their campus channel.

01:14:17Sandra Ondracka

Are there any fears that students will not return back to the group environment, but continue the virtual home experience if we are off too long?

01:14:56Sandra Ondracka

Is KRU available to Canadian schools?

01:15:05Kara Smith

I sat in on a webinar with Shannon Fable last week, she said people will come back for the community and connection

01:16:10Sandra Ondracka

Any change is risk management? Disclaimers, waivers, etc

01:16:36Sarah Schrenk

I agree people will come back for community and connection. After my Zoom classes each week, I ask the participants to unmute themselves and turn on their video so we can chat. Many do and everyone is so happy to "see" each other for a few minutes.

01:16:49Sandra Ondracka

Me too! lol

01:16:51Tori Lord

I think there will be a new appreciation for the rec center! :)

01:17:39Anna Taggart

I agree Tori

01:17:43Brennan Shirk

KRUActive has a payment gateway for any rec centers wanting to charge for virtual fitness now or once classes resume. To learn how to have a customized channel on KRUActive for your students please contact me at

01:18:11Sandra Ondracka

Questions about liability - virtual training when we cannot see or monitor our participants?

01:18:24Brennan Shirk

KRUActive also has video synch music to offer for students to use in their fitness videos

01:19:06Kara Smith

Recorded webinar with Shannon Fable.

01:19:30Anna Taggart

Thanks Kara!

01:19:50Sandra Ondracka

Thank you

01:19:55Kara Smith

There are a few other webinars--its with CSI/Club Automation/Group Ex Pro

01:23:20Lindsay Brookey

Is there a platform that everyone is planning on using to develop these online/virtual trainings for their staff?

01:23:21CieCie Leonard

Has anyone thought about working with a company to package at home equipment?

01:23:47liz rosenberger

For online training I recommend using your universities platforms

01:23:52Sandra Ondracka

so far in Canada, we do not have a virtual mode. They have extended expiries 90 days

01:24:01liz rosenberger

We use Canvas to post modules and quizzes, videos, lectures

01:24:06Sandra Ondracka

We use Microsoft Teams

01:24:09Shanna Moody

connect2 and canvas

01:24:15Lauren Corley

Valdosta State has been using the university’s online class system (Blackboard) to create trainings

01:24:23John Davenport

American Red Cross is granting 90-day extensions to all CPRO and Lifeguard Certifications as those classes cannot be run while also maintaining social distance, you just have to file for the extension

01:24:23Tess Swastek

Microsoft Teams and Zoom

01:24:26Lisa Williamson

We recorded over PowerPoint and uploaded the YouTube video to google forms.

01:24:33Courtney Rorex

Yes, they are

01:24:36CieCie Leonard

Yes! American Red Cross is doingthat

01:25:24Shanna Moody

they are offering online courses

01:25:34Krista Herring

Yes provisional is what they are encouraging

01:25:47Krista Herring

Yes 90 period for the test out

01:25:50Krista Herring

For the skills check

01:26:08Shanna Moody

01:26:30Sandra Ondracka

I am curious about fitness certifications and expiry - many conferences will not be held this year at which many of us get our CEC's. The virtual CEC platform is going to be in high demand.

01:26:39Krista Herring

I have the Red Cross info down pat - feel free to reach out to me with questions if your rep is busy!

01:26:44Sandra Ondracka

Great idea

01:26:59Angela Wood

I have tried, but there is such a shortage right now and I've had no luck. (Canada)

01:27:14Courtney Rorex

Did anyone have any scheduled workshops that were cancelled/postponed? Or is anyone planning to partner for any virtual workshops with organizations?

01:28:51Carey Greenwood

We did a poll for small equipment within our private GFI facebook group and a lot of our participants have items at home. This is going to help us in what we continue to offer moving forward.

01:29:01Brennan Shirk

I have a 6pm call to jump on so thank you everyone for the emails as I am happy to help and give a long term solution for providing On Demand recorded and streaming fitness workouts for your students. Please email me at Thank you Cheyanne and Anna for hosting this GREAT roundtable. Good night everyone!! Stay safe and Stay strong!!

01:29:21Carey Greenwood

PerformBetter still had small dumbbells in stock last week! FYI

01:29:44Sara Luelloff

Direct Fitness Solutions had small dumbbells last week as well.

01:30:32CieCie Leonard

Thanks to everyone!

01:30:39Sandra Ondracka

Great job! Thank you from Canada!!

01:30:39Lori Tyson-Jamison

Thank you!

01:30:43Amanda Alpert


01:30:49Mitzie Rojas


01:30:49Frankie Branham

Thank You so much! Nice to see everybody.

01:30:49Carey Greenwood

Thank you!

01:30:50Brandi Bates-LUC

Thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email