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Small Programs Roundtable

Thursday, April 16, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chris Crume and Andrew Doyle

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Chat Transcript

00:32:31Civon Thomas


00:32:39Rebecca Harper


00:32:40Chris Crume


00:32:40Kara Smith

Hi everyone

00:32:48Don Umland

Good morning all!!

00:32:52Mark Garneau

Hi from Ole Miss

00:33:04Don Umland

The great midwest needs spring to show up!

00:33:04Erin Coyne - WIlliam Paterson University

Hello Everyone!

00:33:08Anthony Fillippino

Hello from University of Central Arkansas.

00:36:46Deirdre Reich

All classes will be online. We haven't gotten any direction from upper admin.

00:36:52erik daly

Hello from Lafayette College in Easton, PA

00:37:05Drew Meadows

We have the same situation Dei

00:37:08Deirdre Reich

Internally, we are talking through scenarios.

00:37:10Sterling Ivany

Ditto here Dei

00:37:33Mark Garneau

Ole Miss summer class online. Fall???

00:38:15Deirdre Reich

If all classes are online for summer, that implies that we won't have reason to open. Other than for staff on campus.

00:38:22Meredith Merchant

We are looking at multiple scenarios. August start (for when football returns), We have 7 week terms, so we are also looking at a “B” term start, what do we need to do operationally for whenever we start and what do we need to do to "open"

00:38:25Deirdre Reich

My concern is more about fall

00:38:40Julie Weber

Online for summer classes as well, closed until June 30th

00:40:56Anthony Fillippino

Summer Camps are cancelled through mid-July.

00:40:57Don Umland

Looking at a projected 10% reduction of budget for fall as budgets get revised.

00:41:17Brenna Lacey

We have loosely been told to expect a start date for pro staff to report back that is as much time as needed before student/PT staff come back

00:41:47Don Umland

Hiring of student staff will have to be done remotely

00:42:13Deirdre Reich

Still waiting on camps for summer @Wingate. Orientation not happening on campus.

00:42:22Anthony Fillippino

Sorry, no mic.

00:43:04Meredith Merchant

I believe what has gone into that decision wise is the following:

00:43:06Don Umland

Hiring freeze right now

00:43:15Meredith Merchant

-city regulations, what is the governor going to state?

00:43:30Mark Garneau

Ole Miss - summer camps done - thus no income :(

00:43:33Meredith Merchant

-if we do not have students allowed on campus and staff is it ok to open up immediately for camp, etc.

00:43:46Anthony Fillippino

Campus wide camps (i.e. Cheer/Dance, Boys State, Athletics...). We do not host any. It was Admin decided and those outside of also deciding.

00:43:49Deirdre Reich

I don

00:44:16Meredith Merchant

I do know our “summer programs” office has been in discussion nation wide with other camps and what exactly can and cannot happen.

00:44:38Joe Hoff

Summer camps at Texas A&M Galveston have been canceled, summer classes online through summer 2, all orientations moved online through summer as well.

00:44:46Sterling Ivany

I work at a college in Canada - our facility is locked down so automatically had to cancel all summer rental booking plus student association may be refunding part of winter athletic fee and waiving summer athletic fee

00:45:10Sterling Ivany

So revenue taking huge hit

00:45:36Jennifer OReilly

hi sterling!!!

00:45:40Linda Gundrum

Adelphi - We are doing our staff recruitment virtually now to get ready for the fall. We are also planning to do virtual student supervisor training as much as possible possibly with monthly sessions starting now and thru the summer to start to prepare for reopening. Fresh orientation moved from July to Aug with welcome weekend.

00:45:52RJ Markowitz

Is everyone else looking at moving a lot of staff training for fall online? If so any ideas what that is looking like for you?

00:45:52Meredith Merchant

I would recommend panel discussion and also maybe multiple info sessions via zoom and giving the timeline to accepted students

00:45:53Deirdre Reich

Orientation - going to do a video and a drop in zoom type meeting to talk about programs and services.

00:46:09Meredith Merchant

Open houses this summer is all virtual. They are including student activities

00:46:14Meredith Merchant

sorry this "spring"

00:46:41Mila Padgett

Not decided yet for UofSC Aiken but one recommendation is to push to keep all of them live moving them to end of July/August for all of them.

00:47:05Deirdre Reich

Small school problem - getting the marketing folks to do a quality video. We have to "get in line" with all the other areas that want to do video.

00:47:23Meredith Merchant

Another reasoning I am going online majority is because when they are back on campus, the last thing I want to do is have my staff sit down and listen to me speak in a classroom, yet have hands on learning around the facilities

00:47:58Deirdre Reich

We sue Canvas for various training modules

00:48:12Chris Crume

00:48:18RJ Markowitz

Thank you!

00:48:20Don Umland

Training wil be challenging for such aspects as cpr/first aid and bbp

00:48:23Mike Chadee

Reach out to departments in charge of orientation. Don't wait for them to approach you. Their plates are full transitioning to a digital orientation program and it will be easy (and understandable) for them to forget about some campus partners.

00:48:51Mark Garneau

Currently Kahoot has been fun with our staff to stay InTouch and motivated for next year.

00:49:37Meredith Merchant

same as you, have a library of photos, inform them of what we are doing, making sure we have a slot on student activities newsletters, social media: tagging the university within our posts.

00:51:14Linda Gundrum

We reach out to Center for Student involvement. Just had a meeting today to get on same page and collaborate on what we are currently doing. Came up with good ideas to combine our efforts on a couple of things. THey also gave us some good feedback on how to present an award event for staff and clubs virtually.

00:51:30Brenna Lacey

American Red Cross does not support any contact until further notice, plus we cannot put our students at risk if they are expected to respond to an emergency and break social distancing expectations

00:52:00Rebecca Harper

We share a google doc within the Student Life Department with info and a flyer that is hyperlinked. That way we can all download and share each other’s programs through all social media outlets...

00:52:10Mila Padgett

One thing we are doing now - forced by this but has been needed for awhile. Create an online onboarding for all students to complete within the first 6 weeks of employment that keeps everything consistent. Using Blackboard and will create a "class" specific to Campus Recreation & Wellness

00:52:37Linda Gundrum

Adelphi - yes google doc with cthem also!

00:54:05Mark Garneau

Ole Miss uses Black Board for our EAP review (test), but it is difficult to use for a course

00:54:28Meredith Merchant

I have to head out, but thank you all and continue to be awesome and change the world!!

00:54:39Sterling Ivany

Mila - we use Blackbooard to - any chance you can provide your email so those of us that have Blackboard can reach out to you?

00:54:55Mila Padgett

00:55:04Brenna Lacey

We tried to use Canvas for training, but the academic language and ease of use was very time consuming... Microsoft Teams has been an amazing way to create shared documents and a site to create online training

00:55:21Deirdre Reich

I assume most small schools are tuition driven for funding. Do you have an idea of what the fall freshman enrollment looks like?

00:55:47Anthony Fillippino

Safe Colleges is the university training program for all employees. They have a lot of canned training, but you can also make your own. Also, you can set up "tests" they must pass a certain % of correct answers.

00:56:01Leah Brackett

How does this online onboarding create a sense of community/team? How does it give a sense of inclusion? I worry that without bringing them together with leaders creates a sense of isolation.

00:56:14Drew Meadows

Our enrollment is actually about 20-25% of where we were at this point last year, Mila. But we are not sure if that will continue going forward with the current climate.

00:56:25Drew Meadows

20-25% ahead*

00:57:25Sterling Ivany

Dei - how much is it down - your video freezing - maybe turn off video

00:58:50Sterling Ivany

Thanks for email Mila

01:00:00Sue Weaver

Anthony, could you pls give us a URL for Safe Colleges program

01:00:31Mila Padgett

Just for clarification.. Online isn't replacing our face to face training - we will be doing both. Hoping some of the nuts and bolts that are important can be done this way which allows us to do more overarching professional development.

01:01:31Anthony Fillippino

01:01:45Mark Garneau

Nation wide CR may become "Non Esst" and yes keeping data as to how we are keeping our students engaged,.

01:02:30Brenna Lacey

Same here, Chris!!

01:02:32Mark Garneau

Same with Ole Miss - crazy

01:02:46Deirdre Reich

How are you doing live classes with music copyright issue?

01:02:49Kyle Kinney

We have made sure to be included in centralized student resources for the university. On the website, featured on the main university Instagram, and a story about sports in the next issue of the magazine. With a big concern on student well-being we are trying to make ourselves essential with our services - Vanguard university

01:02:56Tim Snyder

Same with Wellesley College

01:03:01Sue Weaver

are you doing group x classes live?

01:03:17Linda Gundrum

How many of you are collaborating or communicating with counseling folks on your campuses? I think this is important piece for us.

01:03:28Sterling Ivany

what are some of the things schools ARE doing to keep students engaged???

01:03:33Cristina Rodriguez

Group exercise classes are placed through Zoom - UT Rio Grande Valley.

01:03:49Civon Thomas

We are using Wellbeats, they are giving students free access until May 31st I believe

01:04:22Virginia Mohr

fun DIY videos about things you have at home to use

01:04:31Emily Walker

are any schools running a virtual 5k that would be willing to share information?

01:04:47Mila Padgett

What type of DIY videos?

01:04:49Deirdre Reich

Where are you posting these classes?

01:04:57Laura Pitz

what has been the most effective way to market virtual classes and programming. Social media?

01:04:59Jennifer OReilly

also interested in virtual 5k information

01:05:07Anthony Fillippino

Starting the Group Ex through Zoom and eSports as well.

01:05:12Virginia Mohr

mostly craft ideas. how you can make paint with basic items at home

01:05:22Brenna Lacey

We have a Strava group 5K every Wednesday

01:05:31Anna Champion

Yes! In planning as we speak!

01:05:42Mark Garneau

Ole Miss has 150 signed up for the 5k - more later

01:07:10Emily Walker

thanks brenna!

01:07:26Cristina Rodriguez

Is anyone using an incentive platform?

01:07:40laura fitzgerald

We are doing it at SBU its been very successful

01:07:59laura fitzgerald

My colleauge Tom St. John is running it

01:08:14Anthony Fillippino

Prizes for 5K? How do you get it to them?

01:08:54Civon Thomas

Hello Thanks for hosting!

01:09:05Kyle Kinney

We have tried to find gift cards we could send over an app to raffle off. Postmates, Microsoft store (for sports)

01:09:22Brenna Lacey

We are doing one $10 e-gift card sent directly to the randomly drawn participant to Grubhub, UberEats, Panera, etc. Fortunately had a little budgeted for those things that we got approval to use.

01:10:38Mark Garneau

How about using all those left over IM Ts

01:11:45Anthony Fillippino

For participation this summer. Making a difference if they ARE/ARE NOT enrolled in summer (online) classes?

01:12:14Cristina Rodriguez

Is there a centralized incentive platform? An app where all programs are listed besides social media challenges that allows participants to rack up points to redeem for prizes? Like peter piper?

01:12:30Emily Walker

an external organization is offering a free Quarantine Cup for Fortnite, Rocket League and Smash Bros that gives students the opportunities to win prizes, giftcards, etc.

Happy to share the information with anyone who is interested!

01:13:28Laura Pitz

Our tshirt vendor for our 5k offered to mail race shirts to each participant individually. Might be worth asking your vendor if this is an option!

01:14:23Glen Kemper

We at Logan University use Mission Control and that is going well. And I agree exactly with Andrew.

01:16:12Mark Garneau

All you little kids I don't know what you are talking about. I just used pong as a college student.

01:16:33Deirdre Reich

haha @mark

01:17:03Joe Hoff

For people who are having success with esports, was this something you already had established pre-covid? We tried starting leagues on IMLeagues due to this situation and haven’t seen much participation at all.

01:17:06Brenna Lacey

Pretty sure Houseparty only allows 8 total people

01:18:06Emily Walker

@Joe we ran 1 tournament each semester but since covid has taken over, we've kind of established everything over the last month and we've seen decent success

01:18:39Mark Garneau

Ole Miss YES data is very important

01:20:20laura fitzgerald

We use our fitness platform ATLETO- its a closed group you need a SBU email to sign up and it tracks stats

01:20:23Anthony Fillippino

Group Ex person told me they set up a password access with Zoom.

01:20:34Brenna Lacey

I have my Zumba/STRONG instructor tracking total number of participants and entering them in a shared doc...

01:20:44Civon Thomas

We use Wellbeats Virtual Trainer

01:20:56Don Umland

Zoom added a passcode our "community" has to enter

01:21:05Linda Gundrum

Imleagues and someone from pro staff or GA takes attendance at the live classes. We can see views of our recorded classes and we are starting to record this data.

01:21:13Mike Chadee

we are sending links via email to student and member listservs. posting the schedule on FB page but not the links

01:21:13Don Umland

instructor must let them "in" when they join

01:21:32Mila Padgett

I have to run to another meeting - thanks for facilitating Chris and Andrew!

01:21:42Chris Crume

You are welcome!

01:21:46Karen Howell

Before we end, can we get back to the ?? How are you doing live classes with music copyright issue?

01:21:57Linda Gundrum

We don't see ppl other than our own communityin our classes

01:22:17Deirdre Reich

We were shutdown on Youtube

01:23:00Civon Thomas

We have run into to copyright as well. Pandora business account will work

01:23:47Thomas Peters

Claflin University was shut down on YouTube so we switched to Zoom with no issues

01:24:10Sterling Ivany

Thanks for this - great meeting - gotta another meeting to go to!

01:24:19Deirdre Reich

After a live class on zoom. Is there way for people to see the class at a later date?

01:24:41Civon Thomas

Look at Spotify as well

01:25:25Linda Gundrum

Thank you all. Keep up all the good work and questions! Stay safe!

01:25:28Deirdre Reich

Ok we've run into trouble with youtube.

01:25:34Deirdre Reich

Thanks for hosting today!

01:26:03Mark Garneau

FYI don't forget about online ARC CPR courses

01:26:40Drew Meadows

Is anyone having their instructors read a disclaimer before classes? Or for workouts you are posting?

01:27:05Brenna Lacey


01:27:12laura fitzgerald

Virtual waivers

01:27:40laura fitzgerald

We have them sign it before the class the app we use houses it

01:28:52Civon Thomas

If anyone is interested

01:29:00Virginia Mohr

Thank you everyone!

01:29:06laura fitzgerald

Thank you this is my fav roundtable!

01:29:33Corbin Hedges

that will be great yes!

01:29:55Civon Thomas

Thanks so much for hosting

01:29:56Joe Hoff

That’s great, thanks Christine, Chris, and Andrew!

01:29:57Anthony Fillippino

thank you all...Wash your hands!!!

01:30:00erik daly

Thank you!

01:30:05Kim Leong

Great information. Thank yo for hosting

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