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Young Professionals Roundtable

Thursday, April 16, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Tom Giles

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Chat Transcript

00:27:29Andrew Yorkey

Hi from UCSB!

00:27:40Caroline Ciell

Thanks for putting this together, Tom!

00:27:53Brian Veverka

Hey Everyone!

00:28:00Katherine Geter

Hey everyone from UH!!!

00:28:08Matt Collum

Boston College says hi!!!

00:28:09Frances Manning

Hello from UArizona! Thank you for having us!

00:28:09Parker Anderson

Hello young professionals! Interested in getting more involved with NIRSA? Consider the NIRSA Assembly! Applications are open until April 28th. We have open seats available for young professionals less than 5 years and three student positions!

00:28:15Brittany Mueller

Hello everyone from Florida State!

00:28:16Kelly Sorge

Hi from Brown!

00:28:20Devon Poulos

Hello everyone from The City of North Port!

00:28:20Daniel Hill

Hey y'all from Ole Miss!

00:28:25Renadi Durosier

Hello everyone from Curry College

00:28:29Natalie Broder, ECU

Hi from ECU!!!

00:28:31Courtney Rorex

Hi from University of Houston!

00:28:32Maria Lauron-Ramos

Hi from Princeton :)

00:28:36Nick Lampert

Hi - Nick from University of Colorado - Boulder!!


Hello from Penn State University!

00:28:41Stefani Shamrowicz

Hey everyone from JMU!!

00:28:45Zack Sephton

hi from Queen's in Canada!

00:28:45Nathan Brungardt

Hello from Pittsburg State University KS

00:28:50Domonique Sak

howdy from Youngstown State University!

00:28:54Colton Thompson

Hello from Fort Lewis College!

00:28:58Giancarlo Provo

Hi from University of Washington

00:29:00Ivan Duran


00:29:17Kaci Turpin

Hello from CSU Monterey Bay!

00:29:19Nick Lampert

Boulder has 10-12" of snow!!

00:29:24Gregory Deverson

Hello from Wake Forest University!

00:29:30Sarah Heemstra

Hello from UMass Lowell!

00:29:35Amber Mateer

Hello from sunny California! UOP

00:29:36Eric Becker

Howdy from Marshall University!

00:29:37Crystal Durham

hello from Flagstaff, AZ!

00:29:42Emily Walker

heyo from Florida Southern College!

00:29:49Josh Bensink

Hi from James Madison University!

00:29:49Tucker Paschen

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Here from Southern Miss

00:29:59Ivan Duran


00:30:08Becky Eacho

Hello from Virginia Tech!

00:30:12Alexis Charles

hiiii from Washington State University!

00:30:13Joshua Brunson

Hello from Southern Miss as well!!

00:30:37Eric Becker

Looking good Tom

00:30:40Brian Veverka


00:30:42Victoria Mohtes-Chan

Hi from UCDavis in CA

00:31:30DeVanee Lasley

Hi from University of Missouri St Louis

00:32:03Frances Manning

Hello me name is Frances Manning


Lynde Metzler, Penn State, Intern, 4yrs - Money Heist! $$

00:32:12Colton Thompson

Colton Thompson

00:32:13Giancarlo Provo

Giancarlo (John-carlo), Program Coordinator at University of Washington Seattle

00:32:13Matt Collum

Matt Collum - Member Services and Operations Coordinator - Boston College - Less than 1 year!!! Last great TV show that I have watched is Shooter!!!

00:32:14Allie Bogard

Allie Bogard - Montana State University; Coordinator of Intramural & Club Sports

00:32:14Jeremy Chance

Jeremy Chance, University of Kansas, Senior Coordinator of Operations; professional for almost 4 years.

00:32:17DAVID MANN

David Mann - University of Toledo. 1.5 years in the field (first year this year as a professional)

00:32:19DAVID MANN

Hello Everyone from Wayne State University current Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports

00:32:21Paul Joseph

Hi everyone. Paul Joseph from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

00:32:26Brittany Mueller

Brittany Mueller

Florida State

Intramural Sports Coordinator

Almost 1 year

The Sinner!!!!!

00:32:26Renadi Durosier

Renadi Durosier, Curry College, Intramural Coordinator, I've been in the field for about a few months. Ozark

00:32:28Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

Aaron Brooks, University of Akron, Manager, Intramural Sports, 4th year

00:32:28Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

Stephanie and Corrine here from West Virginia University- We are first year professionals

00:32:29Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex, Fitness Coordinator, University of Houston (1 year as a pro) currently watching Dexter on Netflix

00:32:31Jordan Leslie

Jordan Leslie, Oakland University, Intramural & Club Sports Coordinator, 1 year, definitely Tiger King

00:32:33Ivan Duran

Ivan Duran- CSUF

00:32:33Shelby Stovall

Shelby Stovall, UNC Asheville, Interim Coordinator of Facilities and Informal Rec, In the field for 6 months (very new!), great show - Ozark!!

00:32:34Kelly Sorge

Kelly Sorge: Brown University: Fitness and Wellness Coordinator: 8 months: Friday Night Lights!

00:32:34Andrew Yorkey

Drew yorkey from UC Santa Barbara; Safety Coordinator 2.5 years

00:32:35Hailey Clarke

Hailey from Mount Royal university- Calgary Canada aquatic coordinator until the end of the month than I am loosing my job unfortunately!

00:32:36Klee Sellers - Oklahoma State University

Hello everyone! Klee Sellers, Coordinator of Competitive Sports at Oklahoma State University. 3rd year

00:32:37Domonique Sak

Dom Sak, Youngstown State University, Coordinator of Club Sports and Summer Camps, 1 year professional/since 2015 as a student

00:32:37Lexi Ricciuti

Lexi Ricciuti, George Mason University, Graduate Assistant for Aquatics 1st year

00:32:37Nathan Brungardt

Nathan Brungrdt; Aquatics Coordinator at Pittsburg State in KS. 3 years as a professional and the Ozarks

00:32:38Stephon Porter, UofSC

Hi from U of SC in Columbia, SC

00:32:39Crystal Durham

hey friends! I'm the Coordinator for Competitive Sports and Summer Activities at Northern Arizona University. I've been a professional for almost 2 years now. My latest binge is Brooklyn Nine Nine

00:32:39Joshua Brunson

Joshua Brunson

00:32:39Eric Becker

Eric Becker, Coordinator of Aquatics at Marshall University. Have been a coordinator for 2 years. Bonus question: making my way through New Girl on Netflix, great show

00:32:41Adrienne Gossett

Adrienne from Northwestern University. I’ve been the marketing assistant director since September 2017.

00:32:42Sarah Ortiz

Sarah Ortiz, (first year) Sport Programs Graduate Assistant at Georgia Southern!

00:32:42Caroline Ciell (University of Alabama)

Caroline Ciell, University of Alabama, Coordinator of Facility Operations, Started June 2019 (almost 1 year as a YoPro), Little Fires Everywhere!!!!

00:32:44Colin Bachinski

Colin Bachinski

Grand Valley State University

Graduate Assistant - Fieldhouse/Rec Center

6 years (5 as undergrad, 1st year as GA)

00:32:45Analee Hokkala

Analee Hokkala, Coordinator of Guest Services at the University of North Dakota!

00:32:46Delaney Cherveny

Laney from DePaul University in Chicago. Assistant Director of Membership & Outreach. I've been a professional for 2 years!

00:32:46Amber Mateer

Amber Mateer, University of the Pacific, first year GA in competitive sports…Lucifer

00:32:47Jessica Dehn

Jess Dehn, University of Rhode Island, Facilities Coordinator, ~3 years, Big Little Lies!

00:32:48Trace Stenz

Trace Stenz- University of Tennessee Martin- Intramural Sports and Facilities Coordinator, 5th year in field

00:32:49Emily Walker

Emily Walker - Assistant Director of Wellness - Intramural Sports & Facilities - Florida Southern College - 2nd Year Professional, 1st Year at FSC - Binging Ozark currently!

00:32:50Catherine Raczyk

Catherine Raczyk from university of nebraska member services. my favorite show on netflix is New Girl

00:32:51Emily Pomykalski

Emily Pomykalski/UW Madison - Coordinator of Scheduling and events/5 years in campus rec/ 8 months at Rec Well. OZARKS

00:32:51Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

Tiger King!

00:32:52Corbin Hedges

Carson-Newman University, Director been working in my position for 2 years. Small private school only person in my department

00:32:53Becky Eacho

Becky, 2nd year Graduate Assistant for Fitness Programs at VT, LOVE IS BLIND is the BEST

00:32:53Rachel Horras

Rachel Horras - University of Colorado at Boulder- Events and Facility Operations Coordinator - Little Fires Everywhere

00:32:55Nathan Lawless

Nathan Lawless, Towson University, Coordinator of Intramural Sports, 2 years, Brooklyn 99

00:32:55Nick Lampert

Nick Lampert - Guest Services Coordinator at CU - Boulder 2 year pro staff. Schitt's Creek!!!

00:32:55Juliana Frigerio

Hi! 2nd year GA of Competitive Sports at Alabama/Aspiring YoPro.

00:32:56George Bauman

What up tommy g! George from George Washington University. Senior recreational sports coordinator. 2nd year pro

00:32:57Chris Washington

Chris Washington, UNC-Charlotte, Coordinator of Student Development & Engagement, 1.5 yrs

00:32:57Gregory Deverson

Greg Deverson, Coordinator of Intramural Sports, Wake Forest University, Narcos

00:32:58DAVID MANN


00:32:58Natalie Broder, ECU

Natalie Broder, East Carolina University, Facilities GA, undergraduate + graduate school = 5 years, New Girl

00:32:58Rebecca Carson

Rebecca Carson, University of Central Florida, Graduate Assistant of Athletic Training,1 year, and New Girl!

00:32:58Nicholas Chau

Nick Chau - CSUF-Lead LG- 4.5 years-All American

00:32:59Alexandra Sanchez

Alexandra Sanchez from University of Kentucky 1st year GA

00:33:00Holly Smith

Holly Smith, Assistant Director of Fitness and Aquatics at UNCW. Been in the field professionally a little over 2 years

00:33:02Colton Thompson

Colton Thompson

00:33:02Katherine Geter

Katie Geter, UH, Coor Rec Sport & Family Programs, 4 years pro level

00:33:05Zack Sephton

Zack Sephton, Queen's University, Coordinator, Facilities and Operations. First year pro! Currently hooked on Nashville

00:33:08Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones, Clemson University, Assistant Director of Club Sports, 2nd year professional.

00:33:08Jade Willey

Jade Willey, University of North Carolina Wilmington, pro staff for almost a year, in the field for 6 years, rewatching The Office...again

00:33:12Paul Joseph

Paul Joseph- Curretly watching The Wire on HBO

00:33:13Katherine Geter


00:33:14Hailey Forbes

Hailey Forbes from Oakland University! current fitness grad assistant soon to be coordinator! the blacklist

00:33:15Alexis Charles

Alexis Charles Washington State University 1st full year as a coordinator but worked the last 6 years in UREC Killing eve on Hulu is a great thriller!

00:33:17David Troy

Hi, David Troy from Harvard University, Membership Coordinator, almost one year, Barry on HBO

00:33:18Kyle Kinney

Kyle Kinney - Assistant director of campus recreation Vanguard university of Southern California. In the field for 4.5 years. COMMUNITY

00:33:19Demetria Young

Hi Everyone, I’m from Indiana State University 2nd yr GA. Soon to be Coordinator at Louisiana State University- Club Sports & camps..

00:33:21Stefani Shamrowicz

Steff Shamrowicz- Graduate Assistant for Student Training and Development - James Madison University - Worked in Campus Rec 4 years total - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

00:33:22Frances Manning

Frances Manning, University of Arizona, Engagement and Partnerships Coordinator, I have been in the field for 4 months. Food Wars! is a great TV show

00:33:26Rebecca Seguancia

Hi All

Becca Seguancia

CSU - Long Beach

Coord. Club Sports, 3 yrs


00:33:27Delaney Cherveny

True Detective!

00:33:27Naomi Matley

Hi Everyone! Naomi Matley - North Carolina State University - Fitness Coordinator - 1st year professional

00:33:27Caroline Mashburn

Caroline Mashburn - University of West Georgia, Assistant Director of Comp Sports. 2 years as a pro. Ozark!

00:33:27Colin Haggerty (EMU)

Colin Haggerty, Facility Scheduling and Risk Management GA at Eastern Michigan (until tomorrow)! Just watched the Theory of Everthing. it was killer. ozark was incredible

00:33:28chris porras

Chris Porras. University of Houston. Graduate Assistant for Operations. Been in the field for about 4 years

00:33:29Justice Shankel

Hello all, Justice Shankel, Virginia Commonwealth University, Facility Operations GA, 1 year

00:33:31Brian Veverka

Brian Veverka, 3rd year pro at Georgia Southern University in IMs and Clubs. Is there any answer other than TIGER KING??

00:33:31Ivan Duran

Ivan Duran - CSUF-Intramural Supervisor-3 years - DAVE on FX

00:33:32Parker Anderson

Parker Anderson, Comp. Sports Supervisor, San Diego State University. Been in the field for 8 year and Breaking Bad is a must watch if you haven’t!

00:33:33Joshua Brunson

Joshua Brunson, Southern Miss, Coordinator of Intramurals and Club Sports, 1st year

00:33:35Clifford-Roy Baker

Clifford Baker, York University, Coordinator, Intramurals Sports 4 years , Community

00:33:42Victoria Mohtes-Chan

Victoria, UCD, Fitness Instructor, 1 year in the field and Working Moms

00:33:42Ashley Wilson

Ashley WIlson, Coordinator of Wellness and Special Events, American University, 1 year in rec (2 previous in athletics)

00:33:43Kaci Turpin

Kaci Turpin - CSU Monterey Bay - Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation - 2.5 yrs pro staff — All American

00:33:48Colton Thompson

Colton Thompson, Fort Lewis College, Assistant Coordinator of IM and Club Sports intern , 1 year in field , Seinfeld

00:36:07Renadi Durosier

It has been tough because I was only a month and a half in to my position here so I was already adjusting to my position so not I am adjusting to working from home

00:36:11Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill - University of Mississippi, 2 years, Coordinator of Aquatics, McMillion$ on Hulu

00:36:35Giancarlo Provo

Cute dogs!!!

00:37:05Colin Haggerty (EMU)

no two monitors is killing me!

00:37:09Stephon Porter, UofSC

Did anyone start a new position while their institution had already closed?

00:37:42Emily Walker

anyone else only working from a laptop :(

00:37:51Crystal Durham

@Emily me :(

00:37:53Matt Collum


00:37:57Jeremy Chance

@Emily - Same!

00:37:58Anna Champion

Yes - two laptops! Miss my doubles

00:37:58Frances Manning


00:38:00Eric Becker

^^^ its brutal

00:38:01Giancarlo Provo


00:38:09Clifford-Roy Baker

Miss my 2 monitors!

00:38:10Giancarlo Provo

Dual monitor -> 13 inch laptop

00:38:20Emily Walker

y'all look great, don't get me wrong... but this one laptop life is a struggle!

00:38:23Maria Lauron-Ramos

Laptop and grabbed my monitor as soon as I could and it’s been the best.

00:38:23Keegan Ashbee - University of Florida

Sharing your screen to your tv or using an HDMI cable has really helped me

00:38:37chris porras

A concept

00:38:38Natalie Broder, ECU

Same Emily. That’s an awesome idea Keegan

00:39:05Nick Lampert

I grabbed my docking station and a monitor (upon IT approval of course) ha its been blessing. Our IT had us fill out a form to complete on any office items we took

00:39:06Kathryn Dunn

Walk away from your "desk" for an hour for lunch.

00:39:18Devon Poulos


00:39:25Victoria Mohtes-Chan

Yes Francis, a schedule is so helpful!!

00:39:33Domonique Sak

it's Friday junior!

00:40:04Colton Thompson

yoga, take a walk, catch an episode of Community, and keep on trucking

00:40:22Caroline Mashburn

Good read on the importance of focusing on work life blend, rather than work life balance. Basically don't be so hard on yourself when work flows into home life and home flows into work.

00:40:24Kyle Kinney

Go Cougs

00:40:33Andrew Yorkey


00:40:44Andrew Yorkey

Go blazers

00:41:10Brian Veverka

Turning off the computer at 5 and not checking email/work afterwards is helping me stay sane, makes me feel more productive when I log on in the AM and have things waiting for me to do

00:41:29Frances Manning

I agree! Having a set time limit to work has helped a lot

00:41:30Brian Veverka

I'm not as good at that during the in office times

00:41:31Rachel Jones

^^^ RT Brian. I try to do the same!

00:41:45Allie Bogard

^ same as Brian. I deleted email on my phone at the start of the school year and will continue to have that separation!

00:42:09Natalie Broder, ECU

Being home instead of going into the office, I can set-up my schedule to when I find myself most productive. So mornings I go on walks, eat, then do some work outside on the porch. Then take lunch break before Zoom meetings I have in the afternoon. After Zoom meetings, dedicate focus to school work at night since I’m a night owl

00:43:12Colin Haggerty (EMU)

totally with you. I like having morning meetings to get me rolling and having our virtual staff meeting weekly instead of biweekly

00:44:01Shelby Stovall

Meeting with other pro staff every morning at 9! It holds us accountable to be at our computers, but we just talk and enjoy our coffee together. Sets a positive mood for the day!

00:44:30Eric Becker

Earlier happy hours have helped a bit

00:44:31Shelby Stovall

Also mid day workouts once or twice a week with co workers and friends via Google Hangouts

00:44:41Brian Veverka

@Carol thanks for that work/life balance link.

00:44:41Stefani Shamrowicz


00:44:43Hailey Clarke

Yes Eric I agree ahah

00:45:14Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

Has anyone else found that there has been an increased frequency of being contacted by senior professionals after 5-7pm?

00:45:51Hailey Clarke

Thats hard!!

00:45:52Crystal Durham - NAU

@Stephanie and Corrine, yes I definitely get more emails after 5pm now

00:46:16Matt Collum

@steph and Corinne: Yup!

00:46:18Daniel Hill

I have told some people I am not answering emails/calls/texts after a certain time at night (typically 7pm)

00:46:23Gregory Deverson

@Stephanie and Corrine, absolutely!

00:46:35Colin Haggerty (EMU)

we do a virtual happy hour on fridays to keep us in contact and talking for non work things too to keep us sane

00:46:42Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

are people having daily/weekly "check-in" meetings?

00:46:43Eric Becker

@stephanie, yes, a lot more than usually. I've seen our senior leadership team under a lot more pressure now with their workloads being increased from working remotely. In contrast, I am not as busy as them because I don't have my normal day to day operations keeping me busy

00:47:25Brian Veverka

Maybe people are starting to flow into the work time that their body likes best, vs what the 9-5 schedule usually forces on us. Forutnately, my body works more 9-5, but now, there's no harm of 11-7 if that's how you operate best.

00:47:41Alexis Charles

@aaron yes every Thursday as a department and 2-3 times with my direct supervisor

00:47:42Crystal Durham - NAU


00:47:46Shelby Stovall

Yes- much more contact

00:47:50Crystal Durham - NAU

all of our meetings were doubled

00:47:50Sylvain- Penn State University


00:47:50Andrew Yorkey

about the sanw

00:47:51Daniel Hill

More distanced

00:47:51Ashley Wilson

way more contact!

00:47:51Courtney Rorex

Way more contact

00:47:51Rebecca Carson

more contact

00:47:51Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

more contact

00:47:52Stefani Shamrowicz

About the same

00:47:52Demetria Young

About the same

00:47:52Kaulin Andric, Texas A&M


00:47:52Delaney Cherveny

more contact!

00:47:53Hailey Clarke


00:47:53Brittany Mueller

honestly the same contact

00:47:55Kelly Sorge

Much less contact

00:47:55Colin Haggerty (EMU)

I’ve been able to do a ton of recreating EAP stuff and A ton of benchmarking

00:47:55Colin Bachinski

More distant.

00:47:56Caroline Ciell (University of Alabama)


00:47:57Becky Eacho

I've been contacted WAY more

00:47:57Natalie Broder, ECU

The same

00:47:58Gregory Deverson

Much more distant!

00:48:00Colton Thompson

way more contact

00:48:00Trace Stenz


00:48:01Tylar Tidwell

Much more connected

00:48:01Clifford-Roy Baker

Much less

00:48:01George Bauman


00:48:02Devon Poulos


00:48:04Colin Chambers


00:48:04Jeremy Chance

Same, but now just in Skype for BUsiness versus in person pop-ins.

00:48:05Zack Sephton

More contact for sure now that we have daily meetings!

00:48:08Colin Haggerty (EMU)

much less for me cause I bug my supers all day in person

00:48:12Sarah Ortiz

It fluctuates (miss you Brian)

00:48:17Adrienne Gossett

Communication overload, but disconnected at the same time.

00:48:19Michael Adeyemo


00:48:22Shana Kessler

weekly check in as a team and one on one, and with my students so that's 3 a week minimum that I'm in

00:48:22Matt Collum

unfortunately less contact, because a lot of it was more important to deal with face to face

00:48:22Allie Bogard

Same - bi-weekly/half an hour unless needed. Super grateful for full flexibility & autonomy

00:48:23Rachel Jones

way less contact with my supervisor

00:48:28Zenobia Turk

about the same

00:48:42Renadi Durosier

For me its a bit less because our offices were next too each other but we have out meetings almost every day

00:48:43Paul Joseph

Much more distant. Manly because the university doesn't want GAs working during this time

00:48:46Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

Stephanie - More; Corrine - Less (but he just had a baby)

00:49:10Andrew Yorkey

trail by fire!

00:49:10Jade Willey

Same contact with my direct supervisor and our GA, less with others in the department and senior leadership

00:49:55Josh Bensink

I have more contact with my supervisor, but less with peers in the same position as me!

00:50:26Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle


00:50:45Laura Whiteley

probably less contact with supervisor cause he is being pulled 500 other directions by our upper admin

00:50:59Matt Collum

@laura #same

00:51:02Devon Wilde

Hiiii Michael!!! 😁🎉

00:51:21Maria Lauron-Ramos

I’ve been in contact with more people than usual doing all of Marketing I was looked to for the transition in going virtual.

00:52:17Nick Lampert

@laura same.

00:52:25Ashley Wilson

just an increase, not more effective

00:52:33Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

Are people being forced to create online content just for the sake of doing something? Or are you focusing on strategic programming that will actually be received?

00:52:35Maria Lauron-Ramos

Yes @Ashley!!!

00:52:40Colin Haggerty (EMU)

having more one on one meetings but less chatting and stopping in to ask each other questions

00:52:41Ashley Wilson

we have to send daily reports of what we worked on

00:53:03Devon Poulos

^ Everyday for me as well!

00:53:23Colin Haggerty (EMU)

we have spreadsheets with hourly things we are doing

00:53:33Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron


00:53:34Hailey Clarke

Is anyone because they are young professional at risk of losing their jobs?

00:53:38Brian Veverka

At Georgia Southern, group fit is virtual, and we have ESports. We are content with letting those two areas drive virtual programming involvement, with other areas just doing passive engagement by posting on social media, highlighting staff and students, etc

00:53:51Shelby Stovall

@Hailey yes, possibly

00:53:53Natalie Broder, ECU

ECU has been doing insta challenges to keep engagement with students.

00:54:15Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

We have noticed a huge increase in the frequency at which we hear from our director on a regular basis.

00:54:16Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

@Hailey our director won't say anything specific but because I'm one of the newest employees I have no seniority protecting me

00:54:34Frances Manning

We chat everyday. We have a group chat to just talk and check in. That has been nice because we have been trying to keep our relationships strong so it is not all about work 24/7. We also have our emails and meetings for work happenings.

00:54:36Colin Haggerty (EMU)

At risk for not getting a job anytime soon, for sure. I’m an outgoing GA and the search stopped (besides one I’m really crossing my fingers for)

00:55:02Frances Manning

Good luck Colin!!

00:55:06Crystal Durham - NAU

we currently have vacancies in our dept so there's no pressure right now for us to lose our jobs, just more likely that those positions don't get filled

00:55:13Colin Haggerty (EMU)

thank you!!!

00:55:58Matt Collum

I'm deeply missing the human contact with my supervisor. We developed a great in person communication to a point where we almost did not even need a remote connection. Now she is being pulled having to do lots of more important things and it's just different!

00:56:41Colton Thompson

Like Colin, I’m also on the hunt for a professional position—and the postings have slowed WAY down. Hoping institutions will look to hire in June or July

00:57:33Matt Collum

Colin and Colton, keep your heads up... Keep your connections with professionals around the field. We can only imagine what it is like.

00:57:56Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

As a young professional, I sometimes find I am expected to be more available while working at home for questions/tasks because I don't have a family. Does anyone else feel this way?

00:58:00Devon Poulos

So Sorry!

00:58:07Brian Veverka

sorry to hear that Hailey!

00:58:14Josh Bensink

From an incoming GA perspective (very young professional): I know a few graduate programs have rescinded funding for students that did not yet accept offers of admission, even before the April 15th deadline. And some are concerned it may continue to incoming GA’s who have not signed formal contracts.

00:58:20Caroline Ciell (University of Alabama)

YES @stephanie

00:58:22Nick Lampert

@hailey - safe travels home and sorry to hear!

00:58:38Brandon Bermea

I feel the same way! @ stephanie

00:58:55Zack Sephton

@Stephanie & Corrine, definitely feel that way, even on days off I find I'm being asked to call in for meetings

00:59:06Crystal Durham - NAU


00:59:10Domonique Sak

really unlucky, Hailey. stay safe and godspeed moving forward!

00:59:26Matt Collum

ooooooh I'm a decision enacter!

00:59:33Paul Joseph

Definitely, Tom!

00:59:39Gregory Deverson


00:59:42Crystal Durham - NAU

my parents do not understand that I don't get a week off for Spring Break or weeks off for winter break. It's a constant discussion with them even 2 years later

01:00:14Daniel Hill

I had to tell my GA that he wouldn't be able to work over the summer.

01:00:15Nathan Brungardt

Weekly game night for an hour

01:00:21Brian Veverka

My parents don't know what I do 3 years into my job haha

01:00:22Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

We have a google sheet to write down what we worked on for the day.

01:00:26Sarah Heemstra

@Stephanie & Corrine - absolutely feel that way! I am still living on-campus as a part of my stipend and that has come to be convenient for my professional staff as I’ve been called to go into the building for errands about 5 times in the past 3 weeks.

01:00:42Hailey Clarke

Daily check ins vie Facebook, google hangout, texts! Engaging posts asking about pets, bakings, playlists

01:00:42Gregory Deverson

@Brian Saaaame! haha!

01:00:46Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

I have daily "Houseparty" drop-ins for my students to "stop into my office" just like they normally would.

01:00:54Ashley Wilson

My workload has increased so much, that my student staff has been vital. They are doing most of our virtual content creation for me!

01:00:54Colin Haggerty (EMU)

I am having a heck of a time trying to get in contact with them. We had such a tough year, immediately when this took place most of my direct staff felt like it was a break. now it’s so up in the air, with all the emails and changes, and it feels like it’s hit or miss if they’ll read emails or respond to things

01:01:06Zack Sephton

I've offered virtual office hours every morning for my students and our new hires (we continued with SKype interviews up until 2 weeks ago) but so far nobody has joined in. And thanks @Caroline Ciell for the office hours idea!

01:01:08Maria Lauron-Ramos

I’ve been distant with my student staff, letting them do their own thing because they can be overwhelmed with the changes. I will text them once a week for a check in. But they don’t need additional stress.

01:01:13Ashley Wilson

then we have weekly meetings to check in and update projects

01:01:20Brian Veverka

@Aaron how often are you available for your drop ins, and how often are they utilized effectively?

01:01:26Stefani Shamrowicz

@Aaron love that!!!

01:01:28Colin Haggerty (EMU)

we are hosting a virtual awards ceremony and a virtual leadership workshop that’s all positive stuff so hopefully it’s able to pick it up

01:01:39Eric Becker

Less work conversations and tasks over groupme. They have much more schoolwork than before, so keeping all engagements social or fun related

01:01:39Natalie Broder, ECU

I don’t contact via emails because its overwhelming. got a great response from contacting them via videos

01:01:44Paul Joseph

Majority of my staff have gone home and are focused on their school work and live during this situation.

01:01:44Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

I'm not the students' *actual* supervisor anyone else in this position?

01:01:53Colin Haggerty (EMU)

sending videos is a great idea

01:02:05Stephon Porter, UofSC

Zoom meetings for the students just to hang with one another and our pro staff

01:02:08Allie Bogard

Weekly Zoom calls with Supervisors (they requested) and one wellbeing check this week/next with all officials. Also hosting a virtual awards/staff recognition night during ‘Finals Week’.

01:02:21Juliana Frigerio

Not being the "Actual supervisor" is a cool opportunity to do those informal hangs! So engagement through more social means, for me.

01:02:29Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

I am available every day from 10am - 4pm. I leave it open so that way students can pop in for however long they want. It is actually used fairly regularly. I've had about 10-15 drop-ins each week

01:02:32Natalie Broder, ECU

I do just a little selfie video & send it to GroupMe with updates. It’s faster on my end to create, them to listen to, and one less confusing lengthy email

01:02:35Josh Bensink

My supervisor will send “M4 Alerts” (as he always does), which is a video message from him! It is better received than an email or text as we get a lot of those!

01:02:39Briana Murillo

Weekly zoom meetings to check in, play games, and provide updates

01:03:08Daniel Hill

I try to call my GA every other day, and my students once every 10 or so days. Not trying to pester them too much. They have learned to talk on the phone rather than text because of this.

01:03:25Andrew Yorkey

also using group me to post memes and uplifting photos of my daily life

01:03:26Jeremy Chance

At KU, we've fortunately been able to pay our students an average number of hours and not have them do any work. I make it a point to at least touch base (e-mail/GroupMe/text) and just let them know I'm here if they need.

01:03:46Jeremy Chance

Just like TA office hours, I'm there if they need, though it may not be utilized.

01:04:01Crystal Durham - NAU

I've tried to engage with my student staff, but outside of my IM Supervisors, none of them care at all. It's felt like a waste of my time trying to keep them involved and offer them paid hours because they don't want it

01:04:32Domonique Sak

well said, Devon!

01:05:05Gregory Deverson

A couple of my supervisors essentially told me in our group chat, "No more IMs? Alright, Imma head out."

01:05:13Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

LinkedIn Learning & TedTalks are working really well for my staff

01:05:39Colin Haggerty (EMU)

some students have other jobs that still operate and have picked up more hours there as well

01:06:05Zack Sephton

Does offering options for your staff to get paid limit their ability to get relief money from your government? Some of our students have turned down pay for cancelled hours out of concern It would impact their eligibility for relief payments

01:06:09Gregory Deverson

I can't pay my staff and I've quickly learned if they aren't getting paid or getting fed, good luck.

01:06:15Hailey Clarke

That’s awesome!

01:06:46Natalie Broder, ECU

We are paying our students average hours until end of april (average of february). I created some online work activities that are optional, but are fun like a Connect2 Accident Report on an accident in their favorite tv show (I.e. i did one on meredith getting bit by a bat in the office from Jim’s POV)

01:07:06Colton Thompson

I really appreciate the idea of sending a video with updates to student staff. Break up the email trend. I’m going to do that today, thanks!

01:08:36Brian Veverka

very cool!

01:09:06Brian Veverka

@natalie is participation high for those optional activities?

01:09:44Amber Mateer

At UOP we are having a lot of difficulty trying to connect with out student staff, they don’t really have the bandwidth to stay super connected (which makes sense since finals are coming up soon, semester system)

01:10:01Andrew Yorkey

Gotta go to another committee meeting, thanks for putting this together!

01:10:29Tom Giles

Thanks for joining, Drew!

01:10:42Ashley Wilson

AU just did a campus favorites bracket! students loved it

01:10:58Domonique Sak

I have been told that if my programs don't run over the summer or fall, then I may be reassigned to different departments in my division based on my skill set. that could be admissions or academic coaching. I relayed the same information of reassignment to by GA, who gets his scholarship from the graduate school. as for my student staff, I only have 3 for clubs - if they want to work, then they are able to work, but they cannot exceed their assigned hours prior to the pandemic. for camps, we were in the middle of hiring when everything happened, but we haven't made any offers until we know the direction camps will take for us. we are following guidelines by the state of ohio and cdc

01:11:00Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

How many students do y'all have in your specific area? We have around 70 in operations and I'm wondering if anyone else has that many, I feel like a lot of these engagement ideas would be difficult with such a large staff

01:11:36Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

Regarding student engagement, what I have found is that there is not one approach that works for everyone. Providing opportunities with varying levels of involvement has worked for me. (i.e. - weekly trainings upon request for new OpSups, informal check ins for PAs, etc.) If you are struggling with engaging your staff I would recommend asking them what they want will give you a starting point.

01:12:06Stefani Shamrowicz

We moved our development series to online and our topics now focus on what can be applicable now for example: Navigating Change, Personal Mission Statements, Civic Engagement during COVID, etc. We have contacted previous student employees that are volunteering their time to present for our student staff, when students attend a certain amount of sessions they get a spotlight on our canvas page! We use Zoom for these sessions as well as post online presentations from campus contacts. It’s been a great turn out thus far!

01:12:36Colton Thompson

Out of curiosity—-is there anyone here without a Masters? I don’t have one...worked in Municipal Rec for 3 years, received a Graduate Certificate in Sports Management, and have been doing a full time Campus Rec internship at FLC for the past year to get a foot in the door. Just seeing if anyone else has taken a non traditional path into the field! Thanks

01:12:45Stefani Shamrowicz

Have to log off to help with one of those sessions so see ya’ll another time!! Be safe & healthy!!

01:12:48Juliana Frigerio

One thing that we're doing is hosting a happy hour for our incoming GA. We haven't really gotten to know them outside the interview. I'm really excited to chat in an informal setting!

01:13:33Natalie Broder, ECU

Also, telling the students that you are also on the same boat as them (waiting for answers & responses, not knowing entirely what’s going on, etc.) they feel relieved a little that the “adults” they work under are figuring out and handling the pandemic in the same fashion they are

01:13:45Courtney Copp

@Giancarlo I have about 85 and I have seen the same difficulty. We had a check in meeting today and about 10 showed up. We are looking to incorporate some trivia or games to keep them coming back to check ins

01:14:49Nick Lampert

@courtney ^^ same

01:15:35Natalie Broder, ECU

I know the seniors I oversee are heartbroken over graduation and end of year celebrations. So I hand wrote a card to each and mailed it to them, telling them how proud I am of them for their hard work in school and out of school and how I’m always here for them if they need me, and congratulating them on graduating.

01:16:29Jessica Dehn (URI)

I have about 120 in facilities here - it's been a lot of divide and conquer for our check ins. I do weekly check in's with my PA's, who then do follow up meetings with everyone else. Group meetings, individual check in's, optional trainings, etc.

01:19:09Shana Kessler

Natalie I love that idea! definitely doing that for my seniors

01:19:43Matt Collum

i can add something to this as a first year pro

01:23:25Analee Hokkala

My biggest recommendation for new professionals is to set your boundaries immediately. Be flexible, but also don't be afraid to say no when you don't have the time. As a new professional it is easy to give too much. Don't burnout too early.

01:24:10Eric Becker

yes @tom

01:24:12Natalie Broder, ECU


01:24:12Giancarlo Provo - UW Seattle

Definitely want a part 2

01:24:13Brian Veverka

There might come a time where we are fighting to prove our worth, value, and time so that we still have jobs if virtual life continues into the fall. Start brainstorming all of those to-dos and document them so that you can prove are needed!

01:24:15Nathan Brungardt


01:24:16Hailey Clarke

Yes- this has been my favourite one yet!!

01:24:17Crystal Durham - NAU

would love to do another one

01:24:18Paul Joseph

Yes, Tom

01:24:19Zenobia Turk


01:24:20Michael Adeyemo

yes please

01:24:20Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

We're down!

01:24:21Renadi Durosier


01:24:22Zack Sephton


01:24:22Chris Spencer


01:24:23Domonique Sak


01:24:23Nick Lampert


01:24:27Sylvain- Penn State University


01:24:27Sarah Heemstra


01:24:31Adrienne Gossett

Yes please!

01:24:34Courtney Copp


01:24:41Klee Sellers - Oklahoma State University


01:24:46Devon Poulos

Definitely! I think we will have more information next time around!

01:24:52Shana Kessler

yes do this again! let's talk about building your network and taking advantage of opportunities to develop yourself at this time

01:24:52Demetria Young


01:24:54Juliana Frigerio

NIRSA's Career Development Week next week could be a great opportunity to engage student staff/provide opportunities, too. More information here:

01:24:56Colin Haggerty (EMU)

yeah let’s do it!!

01:24:57Courtney Copp

Go Region 3 Lead on Team 2018!

01:25:05Kelly Sorge

Yes! Topic: how to engage your community on social media. Ideas for challenges, workouts, and other posts when you do not have a staff

01:25:08Natalie Broder, ECU

my email is - i have another meeting at 4 PM. Down to share that Connect2 activity if you all would like it!

01:25:12Emily Walker


01:25:14Alexandra Sanchez


01:25:17Brian Veverka

Thanks Tom for the leading the conversation. You're a natural.

01:25:25Jeremy Chance

Shout out former UCLA interns. I see y'all!

01:25:28NIRSA Smartboard

01:25:29Colin Haggerty (EMU)

anyone who wants to talk risk management/student engagement/Etc. my email is!!

01:25:33Eric Becker

Thanks Tom. you're great. Moderate every roundtable please

01:25:33Matt Collum


01:25:39Keegan Ashbee - University of Florida


01:25:40Colin Bachinski

Reach out! Facilities GA at Grand Valley State University.

01:25:43Sarah Ortiz

Thanks Tom, this was great!

01:25:45Matt Collum

01:25:58Rachel Jones (Clemson)

Awesome job Tom!!

01:26:02Renadi Durosier

01:26:02Nick Lampert


01:26:04Matt Collum

thank you, Tom!!!!

01:26:05Hailey Clarke

Thanks Tom!

01:26:07Colin Haggerty (EMU)

thanks Tom! Miss you ❤️

01:26:08Devon Poulos

Thank you!

01:26:09Renadi Durosier

thanks for setting this up

01:26:10Frances Manning

Thank you!!

01:26:10Gregory Deverson

Thanks Tom!

01:26:12Crystal Durham - NAU

I second what Eric said. Tom, you rocked it!

01:26:15Courtney Copp

01:26:16Stephanie Calhoun & Corrine Pruett

Thanks Tom!

01:26:17Victoria Mohtes-Chan


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email