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Wednesday, April 15, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams

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Chat Transcript

00:30:08Matthew Dantism

Matt Dantism, Wake Forest

00:30:18Eric Becker

Eric Becker, Marshall university. Favorite part of WFH is getting to see my 3 pets all day every day.

00:30:18Jared Lindorfer

Hey Jared from Washington State University, being home with the dog

00:30:19Lyncee Bowman

Lyncee from VT! Fave part about working from home is getting to hang with my dogs

00:30:21Mike Wong

Mike Wong California State University San Bernardino, enjoyed not commuting.

00:30:22Hailey Clarke

Hailey Clarke- Alberta Canada! Being with my two dogs :)

00:30:23AJ Rooney

AJ Rooney, UC Davis.

00:30:23Samanatha Steel

Sam Steel, UNLV, I love hanging out with my pups during working at home

00:30:27Jason Darby

Happy Wednesday everyone! Jason Darby from Southern Miss. Enjoying quality time with the pup!

00:30:28Drake Belt

Drake Belt - University of Arizona. Love having my 3 dogs be my office mates. Just bought a house so unpacking

00:30:29Natalie Broder

Natalie Broder, Facilities GA at ECU, I like wearing slipper socks all the time instead of real shoes

00:30:36Bob Gough

Hello everyone, Bob Gough @ William & Mary in VA. Favorite thing is playing with Gus the Super-Hound.

00:30:38Nick Donahue

Nick Donahue UW Superior, being home with my dog!

00:30:40Mark Garneau

Mark Garneau - Ole Miss Home Schooling with my family

00:30:44Jared Lindorfer

Adam Comeau from University of Wyoming. Sweat pants all day everyday is the best.

00:30:47Stancheski, CJ

CJ Stancheski, Texas A&M University, doing home projects

00:30:47Joyce Yang

Joyce Yang, California State University of Long Beach, cooking more!

00:30:47Jennifer Wood

Jen Wood, Miami University Aquatic Center. Hanging out with my kids

00:30:52Annie Bengry

Annie Bengry, Michigan Technological University

00:30:56Adrianna Del Amo

Adrianna, University of Maine, kitty snuggles when I need to cheer up. A new appreciation for my life before this.

00:30:58Emily Wujcik

Emily Wujcik from Saint Louis University!

00:30:58Jamie Grenoble

Jamie Grenoble - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - I like being home with my dog although I'm not so sure he likes me being home!

00:30:58Colin Chambers

California state univ. Chico - Loving getting to watch my dog while I work


Brittany Morriss - The University of Louisiana Lafayette and my favorite thing is getting to organize my whole house and bake!

00:31:06Blake Covington


00:31:08Lyncee Bowman

VT has

00:31:09Jason Darby

Southern Miss is online this summer

00:31:15Natalie Broder

ECU all online summer

00:31:16Emily Wujcik

SLU has moved to online until end of June

00:31:17Jacob Rasmussen

Toledo is online in the summer

00:31:18Ximena Iglesias

Arizona State University -Downtown Phoenix

00:31:19Julie Saldiva

Texas State has for first session. Second session still lined up to be in person.

00:31:19Victoria Roberts

Clemson is online all summer

00:31:19Chelsea Randolph

Chelsea Randolph, Texas A&M University, doing home projects

00:31:20Joyce Yang

California State University of Long Beach

00:31:20Jamie Grenoble

We are doing online classes for summer - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00:31:20Colin Bachinski

Colin Bachinski, Grand Valley State University - Graduate Assistant Fieldhouse/Rec Center

00:31:20Tiara DeLapp

Emory has gone to online for summer

00:31:21Adrianna Del Amo

UMaine is online this summer

00:31:22Samanatha Steel

UNLV session 1 and 2 online, session 3 TBD

00:31:23Stephanie Stewart

The University Of Rhode Island is having online classes this summer.

00:31:23Bob Weeks

University of Cincinnati announced on 4/1 that summer classes would be online.

00:31:24Jared Lindorfer


00:31:24Bob Gough

W&M has moved to online classes for summer

00:31:24Jared Lindorfer

We are fully online through July

00:31:25Troy Lukas

LSU: Summer online

00:31:25Erin Wells

UT Austin online this summer

00:31:26Stancheski, CJ

Texas A&M is online all summer

00:31:29Chelsea Randolph

TAMU has moved to all online for the summer

00:31:30UK-Kyle Jonas

University of Kentucky is online for summer classes

00:31:32Leah Weprich

Butler online for the summer

00:31:32Abi Schaefer

Duke has moved online

00:31:33Erin Coyne - William Paterson University

Summer is still up in the air at William Paterson (NJ)

00:31:35Frances Caron

UCR - online for summer

00:31:37Erin Wells

Athletics Camps are canceled as of today

00:31:39Devon Wilde

Devon Wilde - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi! We are online for maymester and summer I so far.

00:31:39Hailey Clarke

We cancelled programming up until June 30th as of right now

00:31:40Joey LaNeve

Joey LaNeve from ASU. Loving the time to learn new skills like photoshop and illustrator.

00:31:46Nick Donahue


00:31:46Debbie Miles-Dutton

UCSB moved online through July. Haven’t cancelled all summer programs yet.

00:31:47Suzanne Ries

FGCU - online for summer

00:31:47Colin Bachinski

Online through summer

00:31:48Joey LaNeve

ASU has moved online until at least July 1

00:31:48Krista Herring

Online for summer - University of Colorado Colorado Springs

00:31:49Stephanie Peruttzi

University of Oklahoma. Online classes through at least summer.

00:31:53Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Carlos Garcia Texas A&M University

00:32:05Jared Lindorfer

Set to open may 5

00:32:08Erin Wells

No reopen date as of yet

00:32:08Jared Lindorfer

At this time

00:32:09Kaitlyn Kubler

Kaitlyn Kubler, Georgia Southerner University, first session of summer is online.

00:32:13Jared Lindorfer

No reopen date at this time

00:32:14Drake Belt

University of Arizona - hoping to open over the summer

00:32:15Tiara DeLapp

Emory - no word on summer programs

00:32:15Julie Saldiva

Closed through June at least.

00:32:16Adrianna Del Amo

We do not have updates on an opening date as of yet.

00:32:17Leah Weprich

Have not heard anything

00:32:18Colin Bachinski

Undetermined at this time.

00:32:18TJ Hill

CSU moved to all summer online classes

00:32:22Debbie Miles-Dutton

No opening date yet.

00:32:22Bob Gough

W&M will be closed at least until June 12, opening TBD

00:32:22Kristyn Watts

Notre Dame is online for the summer. We do not have an opening date.

00:32:22Jason Darby

No reopen date set at Southern Miss

00:32:23Suzanne Ries

FGCU - all events cancelled through June 30th, no reopen date

00:32:24Joey LaNeve

No update on opening date. Our Kids Camp has been postponed until July 6th as of right now

00:32:26Mark Garneau

Ole Miss no dates given

00:32:28Jennifer Wood

No reopen date for Miami University Ohio

00:32:34Ben Smith

everything cancelled until Aug 1

00:32:35Samanatha Steel

UNLV no date

00:32:38Stephanie Stewart

University of Rhode Island no reopen date

00:32:39marcos ordaz

PSU - no reopen date - Academic classes are remote summer term

00:32:40Jacob Lodge

yes GSU will most likely be closed as long as classes are online

00:32:42Jamie Grenoble

We don't have a reopen date either at UWM

00:33:06Erin Wells

UT austin was put on a hiring freeze, large amount spending freeze and no merit raises

00:33:16Sandra Peppel

West Virginia University has moved online through August.

00:33:25erik daly

No on campus events until August 1

00:33:29Drake Belt

we are adding water watcher materials online

00:33:42Hailey Clarke

Online first aid options we are looking at!

00:33:44Nick Donahue

UW Superior wont open until fall

00:34:14Samanatha Steel

We are doing swim tips videos, water safety videos, first aid videos. plan to start guided meditation next week

00:34:16Frances Caron

Online video series for adults and online video series for families, letters to swim instructors/lifeguards, provisional cpr classes, online babysitter training

00:34:19erik daly

No summer term/on-campus housing for student internships/research etc.

00:34:30Samanatha Steel

student staff

00:34:31Jared Lindorfer

Student WSI's

00:34:37Mark Garneau

Looking to online staff polocie reviews

00:34:37Frances Caron

Fulltime and student staff

00:35:18Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

I ( the coordinator) am creating the content and our social media is pushing the info out

00:35:23Alex Koagel

How long are your videos?

00:35:28Hailey Clarke

Are you paying student staff for doing those?

00:35:35Jared Lindorfer


00:35:37Samanatha Steel

3-5 mins

00:35:38Frances Caron

1min to 1:30min

00:35:39Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

Drylands videos- are about 15 minutes

00:35:44Jacob Rasmussen

2:00-3:00 minutes

00:35:53marcos ordaz

finding dryland workouts on YouTube (30 MINS)

00:35:57Jared Lindorfer

We are posting workouts not videos

00:36:02Frances Caron

Students have said they will not watch longer for this particular thing so we are doing shorter.

00:36:20Samanatha Steel

we pay students 7hr for video production (2 for script writing, 5 for filming and editing)

00:36:21TJ Hill

CSU is using IGTV for live classes - nothing for aquatics as of now

00:36:22Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University is using IGTV for fitness videos

00:37:33Jared Lindorfer

00:37:35Frances Caron

UCR- bi-weekly in-service, weekly meeting, weekly leadership program

00:37:37Frances Caron

all paid

00:37:39Jared Lindorfer

Not required just options

00:37:43TJ Hill

Professional development and career readiness content for monthly in-services

00:37:50Adam Thompson

We can pay our staff. We recently hosed Head Guard Manager training and a Cash handling training.

00:37:51erik daly

weekly quiz

00:37:54Devon Wilde

we’re hosting inservice but not mandatory.

00:37:59Mark Garneau

Ole Miss staff $0, but still staying in contact -- they love kahoot

00:38:19Jennifer Wood

We are not requiring because we can't pay them, but we are having weekly meeting/virtual socials

00:38:30Samanatha Steel

we assigned ARC lg manual ch, video watches, and completing review quizzes

00:38:33marcos ordaz

2x a week meetings

career advancement projects (resume, cover letter, practice interview..)

00:38:48Jared Lindorfer

We can pay our students their weekly averages but cannot require remote work

00:38:53Joey LaNeve

I've tried to do optional check-ins with my staff but participation isn't great. We are not able to pay our students and therefore cant require anything of them

00:39:00Debbie Miles-Dutton

At this point our online training modules/meetings are optional. Weekly skills training + additional remote training options. No paid physical training at this time.

00:39:19TJ Hill

Yep, I don't have mic!! Im sorry

00:39:28Erin Wells

Has anyone else heard from their ARC rep after the big call they were on the other day?

00:39:29TJ Hill

But I can put it in the chat -

00:40:09Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford cannot pay any of our Aquatics staff at this time… We are hosting Covid - Connections for our staff completely optional and each day has a different theme… Examples pets & sunsets, creativity crew, quarantine cruise, fish out of water - lets get lean, stretch sesh etc. A lot of our staff are overwhelmed with online learning etc so we are just trying to keep it light and a fun place to just connect and destress.

00:40:25TJ Hill

We go through a few things for professionalism for both their off-campus guard jobs as well as non-aquatic future careers. Most content is coming from NACE competencies, but some are in-house content for Equity, diversity, and inclusion

00:41:18Jared Lindorfer

Weekly staff dinner

00:41:28Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

doing a town hall meeting for our staff today

00:41:29Chelsea Randolph

Trying to provide a weekly hangout

00:42:17Hailey Clarke

Sending some documents I am working on to head guards for them to review i.e doing a new fecal form and having them read them over to make sure it makes sense on the lifeguard side!

00:42:55Chelsea Randolph

Jennifer, these are great ideas!

00:43:05marcos ordaz

we started campus rec round tables with all of our student employees 1x a week

00:44:44Adam Thompson

we droped PPM down to 1 for chlorine

00:45:03Adam Thompson

help conserve bleach for other industries

00:45:04Richelle Williams

WWU moved capital projects to now from august

00:45:09Jamie Grenoble

Is anyone else worrying about hiring staff back when we reopen? We usually have difficulty getting guards over the summer (competing with outdoor pools) and I'm worried we won't have guards when we reopen.

00:45:53Jason Darby

Southern Miss - we went ahead and drained and shut down the system. We typically do once a year for cleaning so we went ahead and took care of this prior to the shelter in place order going into effect.

00:45:58Rebecca Mabile

@Jamie yes I'm extremely worried! I have such a hard time getting summer guards and I only have four people who've confirmed they will be working for me for summer!

00:46:18Bob Gough W&M

@ W&M, we turned off the UV, put the CL set-point at 0.5 and the pH at 7.6. We placed signage at every door to warn people to stay out. All of the doors are locked and only Facility Mgt staff has access.

00:46:19erik daly

Staffing concerns... Rumor is Red Cross may be suspending classes(including on-line courses that have a hands-on aspect)

00:46:23Jamie Grenoble

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee we drained and shutdown our pool

00:46:40Samanatha Steel

how do you all plan to do certs while

00:46:47Samanatha Steel

maintaining social distancing

00:46:49Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Texas A&M is doing the same as UGA

00:47:01Chelsea Randolph

@ Jamie: Yes that is our main concern!! We are conducting Zoom interviews to those who have applied before COVID-19, and will conduct skills-screening once we can return

00:47:05Cara Green

You cannot do certs with social distancing in my opinion

00:47:05Erin Coyne - William Paterson University

@Jamie we're in the same boat. I usually have trouble recruiting guards for summer. I'm very nervous about having enough guards if we do open at all this summer

00:47:10Debbie Miles-Dutton

UCSB 3 pools all running with lowered VFD and chemical settings. Boilers off or lowered set point. Have been able to move one major pipe repair up to happen later this month. Focusing on deck repairs as well.

00:47:22Frances Caron

UCR-We turned off heaters, chemicals are at minimum levels for operating, our pool tech was deemed essential and reports to work Monday-Friday

00:47:30Gabor Jerkovits

UofR Canada, we drained so our facilities maintenance staff can repair and replace valves and what not.

00:48:12Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

UC is!

00:48:18Erin Wells

UT Austin is!

00:48:33Krista Herring

We are re-doing our deck during this time

00:48:44Krista Herring

Contractors are considered essential staff for us

00:49:03Zachary Hammerle

Western Oregon- Staff is cleaning and making training videos for future staff to watch

00:49:05marcos ordaz

PSU fixed out UV lights

00:49:09Bob Gough W&M

Many public schools in the Commonwealth of VA are under a spending freeze. Can't do any projects that are not already underway.

00:49:16Mark Garneau

What is going on the ARC certs???

00:49:20Gabor Jerkovits

tile repair, valve replacement, cleaning where need be.

00:49:28erik daly

Spending freeze at Lafayette

00:49:37Krista Herring

Just got off a call with our rep! Yahoo!

00:49:49Suzanne Ries

FGCU is on a spending freeze as well!

00:49:54Krista Herring

LG extension to 120

00:50:23Krista Herring

And online only courses are available which hasn’t been available to site before at 50% of the cost but aren’t OSHA approved

00:50:39Krista Herring

Virtual skills check guidelines were given but manikins needed

00:50:52Frances Caron

I just talked to my rep - they are not suspending any classes but are adding additional guidance

00:51:01Krista Herring

They will continue to extend extensions and test out dates if there are still social distance guidelines

00:51:36Krista Herring

Yes the lecture parts of the class can be done, but can’t be recorded

00:51:55Mark Garneau

How about Instructor courses?

00:52:17Krista Herring

What about Instructor courses Mark?

00:53:12Richelle Williams

MArk are you asking if we can do the virtual classroom for instructor courses?

00:53:30Frances Caron

Erin - I have the western national manager on the phone - she said the cert date will be from the test out date

00:53:40Krista Herring

And if you’ve already applied for the 90 day extension and need the 120 you need to re-do it!

00:54:12Kelsey Winkler

Depending on your agreement set up, you can invoice instead of pcard

00:54:35Jillian Dolciato

For the LG extension, are there new date ranges for eligibility?

00:54:53Frances Caron

You can call and have them change your accounts/agreemnets to invoicing. They can send an e-mail invoice and someone can call with a pcard if needed.

00:55:12Adam Comeau

Thanks Krista!

00:55:22Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

March 1st!

00:56:11Richelle Williams

Thanks Autumn!

00:56:55Frances Caron

To clarify - some of those classes are not blended learning

00:56:57Jared Lindorfer


00:57:05Frances Caron

You need to teach them distance learning - aka via zoom

00:57:17Drake Belt

found it

00:57:46Adrianna Del Amo

WOW thanks @Krista

00:57:47Julie Saldiva

In case you guys had not seen it:

00:57:55Zachary Hammerle

Thanks Krista!!

00:58:12Krista Herring

No problem! Just sharing the info I got from my rep today! :) There’s hope for revenue!!

00:58:32Adam Comeau

Agreed, like we discussed last week we can’t reopen while social distancing is in place

00:58:35Jared Lindorfer

Where did we find the 120 day extension?

00:58:41Brooke Freudenhammer

Thanks K! 🥰

00:58:44Zachary Hammerle

What is the extension called??

00:59:02Krista Herring

You just enter it in as a course record

00:59:07Adam Comeau

When i submitted the 90 day course record i just hyped 90 into the class search bar and it came up

00:59:08Krista Herring

And it’s now listed as 120 extension

00:59:13Adam Comeau

should be the same for the 120

00:59:23Drake Belt

virtual interviews

00:59:27Jared Lindorfer

I just looked it up and isn’t there...

00:59:36Rebecca Mabile

I got an email about the extension yesterday, and I think someone put the link above for the learning center guidance.

00:59:39Frances Caron

Red Cross says the 120 day information will go out today

00:59:47erik daly

We are currently hiring students for the we normally do

00:59:47Adam Comeau

Thanks Frances!

00:59:51Krista Herring

There will be an added bulletin about it soon and it may take a moment to be added to your account for what you’re able to select for your courses

00:59:58Krista Herring

I would check back tomorrow and then if it’s nt on there, contact your rep!

01:00:19Suzanne Ries

Us too Erin!

01:00:29Zachary Hammerle

Same at Western Oregon

01:00:32Gabor Jerkovits

we are starting the process to hire for the fall

01:00:35Chelsea Randolph

@Erin agreed!

01:00:37Tiara DeLapp

Same at Emory

01:00:41Jared Lindorfer


01:00:42Dalton McInnis


01:00:48marcos ordaz


01:00:49Julie Saldiva

Same Erin.

01:00:49Krista Herring


01:00:49letitia Hollingsworth-gray

UK hiring freeze too

01:00:57Mark Garneau

Same at Ole Miss

01:00:59Julie Saldiva

University of Oregon

01:00:59Frances Caron

University of Oregon furlough all rec staff today

01:01:14Joyce Yang

California State of Long Beach as well

01:01:39Samanatha Steel

hiring freeze at UNLV, potential partial furlough dependent on budget cuts (6 or 12 days for FY 21)

01:01:45erik daly

University of Cincinnati just cut there men's soccer team...I think these things may become more frequent

01:01:51erik daly


01:02:02Jillian Dolciato

We are starting to document all of our touchpoints to the students to show that we are still engaging with our students and also helping with the retention for the fall

01:02:04Bob Weeks

Are the schools that are furloughing staff in student affairs, auxillaries, or a combination of the two? What makes their funding models unique?

01:03:01Richelle Williams

Bob UofO had to refund 3.4 Million in student fees

01:03:12Krista Herring

I’m the interim Aquatics Coordinator (currently oversee membership and marketing as my “real” job) but we were shot down by HR to review the AQ coordinator job description and have it posted until further notice.

01:03:13Sarah Shea

A&M commerce is moving forward with our coordinator search.... Zoom interviews

01:03:28Jamie Grenoble

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee we terminated all student employment positions

01:03:32Julie Saldiva

We are not going to get to hire some full time staff. Makes me sad due to the massive workload it puts on me. Happy because it puts massive workload on me which translates to job security (hopefully)

01:03:40Brooke Freudenhammer

UGA- Hiring freeze, we aren’t paying any of our student fees currently so we are unable to make virtual trainings mandatory for our staff

01:04:04Dalton McInnis

trying to keep as many local students interested in the mean time with hopes that they’ll keep us in mind once we’re post COVID

01:04:13Brooke Freudenhammer

*aren’t paying any of our students

01:04:54Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford on a hiring freeze…We were interviewing for potential hires for like camps etc. but that was recently asked to be put on hold as well now.

01:06:15Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

Something we will have to look at once we get a reopen date. Will need summer staff

01:07:01marcos ordaz

might have to hire wage agreement (non-student) lifeguards for summer?

01:07:22Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University does a virtual job fair for work study students only over the summer.

Luckily, I have enough returning staff to staff the first two/three weeks if I have to run a course and higher fresh guards if possible.

01:07:41Jillian Dolciato


01:08:24Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

possible shuffling people we currently have to other jobs in the rec.

01:08:46Drake Belt

we are using D2L

01:08:55Devon Wilde

I agree. I’m not sure who to talk to, but I think it’s important to keep in touch at least like this to work through struggles together in the future “new normal!”

01:09:14Tiara DeLapp

We use handshake to apply then all of their paperwork is already online

01:09:18Jillian Dolciato

If we cannot do on-boarding in person, how would we then be able to open?

01:10:15Zachary Hammerle

its great

01:10:25Zachary Hammerle

we use handshake for same thing

01:10:26Blake Covington

Handshake is great!

01:10:40Stephanie Stewart

URI uses Handshake and we all love it

01:10:43Dalton McInnis

we just switched to handshake and it’s been smooth.

01:11:32Debbie Miles-Dutton

UCSB is transitioning from on Campus Spring Open House (which includes job fair targeted to incoming Frosh) to a Virtual Open house 4/22. combo of live Zoom & recorded info videos from specific areas, organizations and departments. Also Handshake.

01:11:52Adam Comeau

Is anyone struggling with staff engagement? We are able to pay students but cannot require remote work so I am concerned about losing staff engagement.

01:12:01Zachary Hammerle

Is anybody planning a BL class with pending hires? Test out as soon as we reopen?

01:13:26Bob Gough W&M

I'm not worried about staff engagement. They know we are here and available. They will reach out when they need something. They have a lot to process and I'm not trying to have a LG job haunt them from miles away. We offer Zoom hangouts and they are welcome to drop-in if they want to do so.

01:13:36marcos ordaz

same here for LGI and WSI

01:14:37Samanatha Steel

we make staff may the cert fees ($35) for instructor certs

01:14:38Adam Comeau

Thanks Bob

01:14:38Bob Weeks

They have to work an hour of 15 hours per week for our agreement at UC.

01:14:39Bob Gough W&M

We cover the costs for LG certification. We have the CPR instructors sign an agreement to teach X classes in exchange for X$ in support of the class registration.

01:14:44Rebecca Mabile

Adam- yes, I have a few that want to be engaged but I'm struggling to get most of them to even respond to messages. They are being paid but only two are actually doing remote work. I'm trying to combat this by offering optional virtual hangout times but also once a month doing a required in-service for everyone who is planning on returning. When they actually get on zoom they have fun, but I think a lot of them are struggling with motivation at the moment. Many that I've talked to are struggling with school.

01:15:25Debbie Miles-Dutton

UCSB offers pay for cert or scholarship option with work commitment both for LG & WSI. Scholarships most popular for summer jobs.

01:15:48Ben Smith

recerts are paid for and students get paid to attend the re-certification but they have to pay for their own certifications initially.

01:16:12Bob Gough W&M

IT certs would be great if ARC would host one every now and then :) They won't do one in Virginia!

01:16:16Adam Comeau

Rebecca-Only a few of my staff seem to respond to emails and I don’t want to hound them with messages during this time. I also have offered zoom availability but so far no one has taken me up on it.

01:16:27Adrianna Del Amo

What was involved with your LG tryout?

01:16:35Eric Becker

How did you outline that Lifeguard tryout?

01:17:04Mark Garneau

I teach LGI & CPRI as an academic course - thus they do not have to pay and get 3 credits. I get to choose the students in the course.

01:17:14Samanatha Steel

we have the same issues in Vegas as you are having in tx

01:17:18Julie Saldiva

Erin, we even lose staff to City of Austin from San Marcos due to their high payrates.

01:17:25Mike Wong

Erin, we have that same challenge at Cal State San Bernardino

01:19:35Jennifer Wood

We have an 18 ft dive well so they have to at least prove they can get a brick off the bottom to be hired. Everything else we can teach.

01:19:38Kelsey Winkler

We interview, which includes a skills test. Based on fit and ability to work together in their skills test we make an offer contingent on a successful completion of a lifeguard review course

01:20:29Brooke Freudenhammer

Same at UGA Jennifer

01:20:58Debbie Miles-Dutton

Our LG tryout for currently certified LG’s = 400 yd timed swim (under 7min), swim 20yd + descend to 8 ft + retrieve 10lb brick + tread w/ brick), demonstrate 2 rescue scenarios w/out extrication (i.e active, panicky victim and spinal face-down victim). Must pass swim & brick if they don’t have LG cert. 2nd step is interview.

01:20:59Bob Gough W&M

We do the bulk of our hiring in the fall. The candidate pool is better in the fall when our students are coming back to campus after having worked all summer. I "over hire" in the fall in anticipation of losing a few in the spring to student teaching, study abroad, etc. We pay a little more to be a LG than we do to work at the front desk.

01:21:06Jamie Grenoble

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee we have had to increase our LG pay rates over the summer drastically to compete with outdoor pools. (8.50/hr to 11/hr)

01:22:03Kelsey Winkler

Trying to get that off the ground here at Boise State as well, but also with a WSI class too

01:22:17Drake Belt

Does anyone have success recruiting or hiring in-coming freshman (engage them prior to them arriving to campus) or partner with pre-fall programs to engage students for jobs?

01:22:40Bob Gough W&M

@W&M LG tryout is 500 yard continuous swim, (200 free, 200 breast, 100 choice) active and passive rescue, inline stabilization (face up, face down), 5 min tread, & brick retrieval.

01:23:09Joey LaNeve

Drake, we have had some luck. Usually it is through students or parents reaching out to us. when they are in town for orientations in the spring

01:23:21Kelsey Winkler

@drake belt, we are invited to a resource fair during orientation to be available for questions and we push the incoming students to the website for applying or give out business cards

01:23:24Rebecca Mabile

Drake-most of our students come from the surrounding community so I'm able to hire a lot of them the summer before and sometimes I get out of state students who come in and interview while they are in town for orientation.

01:23:37Sandra Peppel

At West Virginia University we budget for a summer lifeguard rate. School yr $8.75 - 9.75 and summer rate $9.75 - 11.25

01:23:39Drake Belt

we can only hire students who are currently enrolled in 6 credits

01:24:19Adam Comeau

Have great day everyone!

01:24:32letitia Hollingsworth-gray

Limiting total # of hours they can be assigned 6-8hrs has been helpful

01:25:21Joey LaNeve

get in touch with your orientation team. They may be able to give you a space to advertise your jobs

01:25:26Kelsey Winkler

I bring them on as subs during their first term regardless of year to give priority to veteran staff and fill other shifts as needed

01:25:26Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

we brought in two supervisors that are incoming freshman because they joined our staff as high schoolers!

01:25:52Bob Weeks

How does everyone weigh the performance of a person at their skills tests with hiring someone who is unprepared for the job? If they know they have to demonstrate skills as part of the interview and then do poorly or clearly haven't prepared, doesn't that indicate how they'll act as an employee?

01:25:55Jillian Dolciato

XU can post in our orientation app, but we tend not to hire first year students as they would miss training

01:26:26Drake Belt

Thanks for the great conversation everyone!

01:26:46Frances Caron

We normally partner with orientation and capture them before they come, but orientation has been moved all online for us at this point.

01:26:47Natalie Broder

we table at orientation. i also recruit people i work with over summer since I work with a pool company over the summer in my hometown. the pool company i work for has a few different branches all over NC so i recruit from there. then those help me continue recruiting

01:27:15Debbie Miles-Dutton

We have pretty good results hiring and mentoring freshman but they all leave campus for summer (when we really need student staff). Typically plan to hire a HS or other local LG for summer to “replace” a frosh hire (the non-UCSB students are limited to 3 month employment).

01:28:01Eric Becker

Best piece of advice someone told me during this time: Focus on the things you can control. Do not stress over the things you can't control.

01:28:06Joey LaNeve

Thanks for hosting Richelle!

01:28:14Jennifer Wood

Our best freshman are people that have worked for us when they were in high school

01:28:18Devon Wilde

Thank you for hosting!

01:28:20Thomas Koller


01:28:23Emily Wujcik

Would love to have these continue on a monthly basis after things calm down!

01:28:28Thomas Koller

and Yes AOAP is great

01:28:43Joey LaNeve

01:28:46Jamie Grenoble

Thanks Richelle!! Yes I would love these monthly after everything calms down!

01:28:53Mike Wong

Richelle, you have been great at facilitating these and bringing the group together. Thank you for all you do.

01:28:56Abi Schaefer

AOAP is great!!!

01:28:58Samanatha Steel

I went for the first time this year and it was awesome!

01:29:11Devon Wilde

I would love to continue once a month-ish as well! 🙌🏻

01:29:16Adrianna Del Amo

Thank you Richelle!!

01:29:16Thomas Koller

In Reno next year (I hope)

01:29:18Frances Caron

01:29:39Chelsea Randolph

Would love for this to continue post COVID-19!!

01:30:12marcos ordaz


01:30:14Brooke Freudenhammer

Would love to continue these possibly once a month as well!

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01:30:15Thomas Koller


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01:30:16Abi Schaefer

yes please!

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Count me in!

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01:30:28alex sperling

what was that next webinar?

01:30:36Debbie Miles-Dutton

Yes to continuation. AOAP is great Aquatic Specific resource but much more City oriented.

01:30:39Adrianna Del Amo

TBD @alex

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01:30:44Chelsea Randolph


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