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Taking Wellbeing Virtual, part 2

Tuesday, April 14, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Josh Downing and Darcie Burde

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Chat Transcript

00:24:58Theresa Fuller

Theresa Fuller, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator at Troy University.

00:29:04Josh Downing

00:29:42Jessica Ward

Princeton University - Our VP for Campus Life has made Prioritizing Health and Wellbeing an institutional priority. Here is the link to her Strategic Plan for 2020-2025:

00:29:56Will Evans

00:31:06Will Evans

There is a similar push from our VPSL at Purdue:

00:31:40Josh Downing

00:31:47Robert Solis

00:33:38Kevin George

Rowan Strive to Thrive Newsletter - Profs Persevere -

00:33:43Kevin George

00:34:58Kevin George

Our Student Affairs "Thriving in the New Normal".

00:37:08Anthony Musto

University of Miami's Healthy Canes Network

00:37:11Anthony Musto

00:39:09Jennifer Cobarrubias

00:39:37Will Evans

example of Purdue VPSL newsletter

00:39:44Marci Iverson

In addition to cross-campus collaborations and sharing information/resources, Wisconsin schools have a shared initiative "Run With Rec."

00:44:31Kevin George

I believe George Mason and University Richmond have them in their strategic plan

00:45:20Kevin George

University of Richmond requires a wellness course to graduate...

00:45:30Marci Iverson

00:46:46Eric Nickel

James Madison University has recently added Student Health and Wellbeing as what we call a Core Quality for the institutional strategic plan. This happened as the result of an effort to expand responsibility for this to all divisions of the campus.

00:47:24Gregory Reinhardt

The University of Utah has it in our strategic plan, but it is still in the early stages of implementation. This includes creating a AVP position to oversee Health and Wellbeing and re-aligning units within the Division.

00:51:37Kevin George

Well-Being committee proposal for academic syllabus integration.

00:53:08Whitney Petterborg

where do you learn more about mental first aid?

00:53:28Stacey Hall

Thank you Kevin!

00:54:14Shelby L. Smith

Mental Health First Aid

00:54:29Jennifer Cobarrubias

Thank you Shelby!! :)

00:54:47Gregory Reinhardt

Our training was outsourced to the County Health Department because they had trainers and then the National Council for Behavioral Health

00:54:53Whitney Petterborg

Thank you:)

00:56:03Kevin George

After our fall challenges, We certified over 400 staff and students on QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) - Suicide prevention training.

00:57:14Gregory Reinhardt

Our Division of Student Affairs also offered QPR certifications during our annual division retreat to @Kevin George’s point

00:59:18Kevin George

Our Wellness Center has a license for Therapy Assistance Online which is free to all students and employees.

00:59:38Will Evans

Our dean of students office offers QPR trainings for students and staff throughout the year. Last semester we also had 16 professionals go through the train the trainer Mental Health First Aid program

01:04:32Emily Piercey

At the University of Cincinnati we created a collaborative and have been working with an organization that the university is a part of called the Live Well Collaborative located in our innovation hub. They use a design approach to solve problems and have connected us with Master of Design students to do qualitiative research on campus with students, faculty, and staff. This has helped us gain even more support from higher level administrators at the university. We are still in early stages of our partnership.

01:05:09Darcie Burde

01:08:43Marci Iverson

We have something similar for virtual connection as well. There is a weekly newsletter and a landing page:

01:09:09Josh Downing

Check out The Oasis if you haven’t

01:09:23Linda Gundrum

Adelphi - one primary goal in our univ mission statement is to "Support student success". Everything ties back to that. Eric is correct, speak the language of the administration is key. We report under Athletics but work closely with Student Affairs. Campus Rec has been working with Counseling center for a few years as we both identified the issue of student resilience in a meeting one day. It happened more organically, from our mutual need/recognition. They have piloted workshops with us, we have asked them to do presentations, we have participated in job searches, and most recently, they have put together a task force of the counseling center which we are now part of. I see more of these relationships being built, ie: with Student conduct, Health Services, Campus safety officer,, Student Involvement going forward.

01:12:48Brennan Shirk

Richard Cardona: what platform are you using for your assets

01:12:57Valerie Canas-Gonzalez

Thank you Richard Cardona!

01:13:14Tammy Loew

Virtual fatigue is the most interesting concept to need to learn more about. Thank you Richard.

01:14:10Roger Watson

Thanks everyone headed to another meeting.

01:14:29Richard Cardona


01:14:57Richard Cardona

CSUN Oasis Wellness Center -

01:15:17Richard Cardona

We use Mindbody platform

01:16:38Jessica Ward

I have to get to another meeting, but thank you everyone! Be well!

01:16:44Cortney Heileman

Thanks to all for sharing so many great resources. Off to another meeting. Stay safe & Be well.

01:19:41Jami Brossette

LSUS is completely virtual until the fall semester

01:20:02Wendy Windsor

At Tulane we will not be allowed to have any summer programming or on campus events for the remainder of the summer.

01:20:24Josh Downing

Darcie Burde
Josh Downing

01:21:07Natalie O'Farrell

Thank you all very much ! Have a great day

01:21:44Richard Cardona

Thank you all

01:22:16Stacey Hall

Thank you Josh & Darcie and the other members of the Task Force. You are doing such great work that will benefit all of NIRSA!

01:22:16Emily Howland

Thank you all!! This was amazing!!

01:22:19Anna Champion

Thank you so much! Love the links and resources!!

01:22:22Jami Brossette

Thanks yall! Good to see my fellow "WOO"!!!

01:22:26Linda Gundrum

Thank you for hosting, and everyone for feedback! Stay well.

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