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Marketing Roundtable

Tuesday, April 14, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Krista Herring, Kendra Moretti, and James Sawyer

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Chat Transcript

00:28:01Kate Youlen

Hey everyone! Kate from the University of Vermont

00:28:22Angie Clark

Angie, Bemidji State University, Minnesota

00:28:23Jenn Luther

Hello everyone - Jenn from University of Rhode Island

00:28:24Maria Lauron-Ramos

Hi! Maria Lauron-Ramos, Princeton University

00:28:26John Wondra

Hello! John from Kansas State

00:28:37Mackenzie Lucius

Mackenzie Lucius - Wisconsin

00:28:37Jennifer Cooper

Hi Everyone! Jennifer from Florida International University

00:28:37Laurie Kay

Hi! Laurie from The University of Memphis

00:28:37Alison Fisher

Alison University of Regina

00:28:38Ryan Fisher

Ryan from Eastern Kentucky University!

00:28:41Jamie Zeller

Jamie Zeller - Belmont University

00:28:47Tytiana Reed

Hello, Tytiana from Texas Southern University

00:28:48Michael Shipe

Michael Shipe from UVA

00:28:48Maria Avila

Hi everyone! Vyckie with the University of Houston

00:28:54Jennifer Luna

Hello! Jennifer Luna - California State University East Bay

00:28:54Tracey Bellina

Tracey Bellina, Tulane University in New Orleans

00:28:56Tiffany Boone

Tiffany Boone - Belmont University

00:28:59Lindsay Garcia

Lindsay Garcia - Belmont University

00:28:59Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery, Central Washington University

00:28:59Jennifer Cobarrubias

Hi !! Jennifer Cobarrubias from Stanford University.

00:29:00Jamie Grenoble

Jamie - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00:29:07Sandy Corsi

Sandy - Boston College

00:29:08Mary Healey

Mary Healey- Old Dominion University

00:29:11Kayla Cupples

Hi! Kayla Cupples from Grand Valley State University

00:29:18joe conroy

Hi From Youngstown State with Joe Conroy

00:29:18Michele Schwitzky

Michele from University of Arizona

00:29:19Michael Shipe

Carol Spry from UVA

00:29:19Jessica Mould

Hey! Jess Mould from East Tennessee State University ETSU

00:29:21Anna Champion

Auburn University at Montgomery AUM!

00:29:24Amanda Reardon

Amanda Reardon, Youngstown State University

00:29:24Mayte Menchaca

Hello! Mayte from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

00:29:28Audrey Pancak

Audrey Pancak- Southern Connecticut State University!

00:29:31Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

00:29:31Anthony Ramos

Howdy! Anthony Ramos from Texas A&M University!

00:29:35Emily Howland

Hello from Emily at the University of Tulsa!

00:29:40Katie Schumacher

Katie Schumacher - University of Colorado Colorado Springs!

00:30:13Eve Altieri

Eve Altieri - Southern Connecticut State University!

00:31:34brittany Claramunt

Hello! Brittany Claramunt-University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

00:31:48Stoney Hart

Stoney Hart - Ferris State University

00:32:38Cristina Rodriguez

What qualifies for medium and large size institutions.

00:33:10Cristina Rodriguez

Thank you.

00:33:52Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Alyssa Kirkpatrick - Seattle University!

00:35:31Cristina Rodriguez

Hi everyone! Cristina Rodriguez, Marketing and Student Development Coordinator for UT Rio Grande Valley.

00:35:59Stefani Plummer

can you put the question in the chat too?

00:36:11James Sawyer

How are you re-strategizing the programs and campaigns that you previously had in place?

00:36:28Cristina Rodriguez

Created a virtual programming calendar with the programmers to schedule when to post around.

00:36:43Cristina Rodriguez

We are current on a week to month bases.

00:36:51Michael Shipe

promote NEW virtual programming and re-working motivational content to reflect the current circumstances. constantly moving is spot on!

00:37:00Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

Much more social media posts. More interactive programs and videos, tips, tricks, etc. I only run marketing for our outdoor program. Trying to offer some resources through social media.

00:37:11Kate Youlen

Daily insta stories with what’s happening at Campus Rec that day

00:37:12Amanda Reardon

at YSU we are doing week by week and doing all virtual

00:37:16Michael Shipe

all of our programming is new!

00:37:17Jenn Luther

Virtual group exercise classes. E-sports

00:37:26Michael Shipe

Created a landing page for all virtual content...all marketing point to landing page

00:37:26Maria Lauron-Ramos

Daily Social Media Posts/Themes; Virtual GroupX classes via Zoom; Intramural E-Sports; Virtual Walking Challenge

00:37:27Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall here from Texas Southern University. We’ve been trying to come up with new ideas to still keep students active, ie. virtual groupex classes, home edition of exercise of the week, esports

00:37:28Ryan Fisher

Each program area takes over our Social Media accounts on a different day to post or highlight their virtual programming.

00:37:34Maria Avila

added virtual programming website

00:37:35Michael Montgomery

Reprogrammed. Luckily happened right before spring break. Virtual programming calendar. Zoom Group Ex, Insta stories, eSports

00:37:43Tess Swastek

Planning weekly, virtual group x, more esports, more wellness topics, new online resources page on our website

00:37:46Stefani Plummer

we are adding in You Tube videos (to all above mentioned things)

00:37:47Robin Brooks

We have hidden our usual website and created a new homepage: which has our virtual offerings.

00:37:48Cristina Rodriguez

What platforms are you using to manage the work load?

00:37:50Kate Youlen

Worries about virtual fatigue so I’d love to have that in the mix when we talk more about this.

00:38:01Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Seattle University - Created a virtual programming website, posting new content on social media, changing standard newsletter to include motivational tips

00:38:02Jenn Luther

added resources page on well-being for our community

00:38:14Jennifer Cobarrubias

00:38:28Maria Lauron-Ramos

Adjusting marketing request form for virtual offerings/resources; one main webpage for all resources for Campus Rec

00:38:35Jamie Grenoble

We started doing themed hashtag posts for each day on Instagram and 2 facebook live fitness classes a day. We also created a covid 19 page within our department with various offerings we have going on

00:39:36Stefani Plummer

This or that questions, trick shot and tag us, show us your juggling...

00:39:55Tess Swastek

We just posted a wellness bingo card and tried to make majority of them non-virtual

00:39:58Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Trivia and this or that questions on stories, crossword puzzles, word searches

00:40:59Dan Wrenholt - Washburn

same, 1 thing a week

00:41:14Tess Swastek

(by non-virtual I meant non-technology :) )

00:41:25Michael Shipe

that’s super helpful to hear! I’ve been wondering is that would happen

00:41:41Kate Youlen

We’ve moved our group fitness classes to live classes online, but we are seeing as much traffic to the videos when we post them to youtube as those that attended the live class. So on their own schedule is working well for them.

00:41:44Jessica Allen


00:42:01James Sawyer

What kind of tools is your department utilizing to engage with students digitally?

00:42:21Cristina Rodriguez

emailing the marketing materials to departments to help share. Offering a hybrid of live and recorded features.

00:42:32Samantha Lowry

At Kennesaw we also created a virtual programming slide to our webpage. We tried to keep things simple not to overwhelm, but enough to keep individuals involved.

00:42:36Tytiana Reed

We have a spirit week coming up to get students more engaged and we also have virtual group ex classes as well as virtual games.

00:43:41Jamie Grenoble

As far as posts, here are the themes we are doing each week on Instagram:

Miss You Mondays

Treat Yourself Tuesdays

Workout Wednesdays

Thoughtful Thursday

Fresh Air Fridays

Sport Club Saturdays

Senior Sundays (as in graduating seniors, not the over 55 population)

00:44:59Ryan Fisher

#MindsetMonday – Mental Health/Wellness topics, strategies, and activities.

#TastyTuesday – Easy and affordable healthy recipes for meals and snacks.

#WorkoutWednesday –In Home Fitness Routines, live Fitness Classes, Ask the Trainer

#ThrowdownThursday – Intramural sports will be hosting several eSports/video game/virtual competitions and game nights.

#FreedomFriday – Outdoor activities such as fitness specifically for climbing/hiking, meditation, and scavenger hunts!

#WildCardWeekend – Social media challenges, fitness challenges, creative ways to stay active.

00:45:05Maria Lauron-Ramos

@James, for daily/ weekly themes, we sort of scheduled things out to be broad and change things up. “TeamRec Tuesdays” - highlighting student staff on and off campus sharing what they are doing for physical distancing. “Senior Sunday Spotlights” sharing our seniors and what working Campus Rec means with them. “Step It Up Saturdays” - promoting our walking challenge around Yellowstone Park.

00:45:40Jessica Allen

How often do you update content on the weekend?

00:46:28Jenn Luther

We have asked our full time staff to take photos of themselves and their families “staying active” and we post as examples. Everything from knitting to running

00:48:23Jenn Luther

what is the cookie challenge?

00:50:55Robin Brooks


00:52:01Sara Luelloff

responding to weekend posts - we don't post much on weekends. We do senior sunday posts on Instagram and facebook but we schedule those on Fridays. Unless there is something special/specific that comes up, like we posted something for national pet day this past Saturday.

00:52:21Lauren Corley

Somewhat on the topic of social media/marketing requests, how are you all balancing creating marketing materials for the Fall while also having limited resources due to campus closures?

00:52:27Dan Wrenholt - Washburn

Same over here, limited weekend posts

00:52:46Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Best social media engangement is on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Occasionally will post self-care Saturday on our stories, or just fun, lighthearted posts

00:53:08Kate Youlen

Limited weekend posts because of limited engagement

00:53:19Robin Brooks

I've created an Outlook calendar for our social posts and shared it with everyone who's submitting. I've also said two posts max - that way they can see what the schedule looks like. I'm still getting a lot of requests, though!

00:53:23Cristina Rodriguez

the virtual programming calendar has both programs and marketing times so our colleagues can see the saturation of posts and when theirs will be uploaded

00:53:23Carol Spry

we’ll post encouraging/motivation posts for the weekend but not promoting activities or challenges

00:53:23Jamie Grenoble

I've been the requester on the social media end! Our marketing person is amazing and will always let me know that we are trying to limit the amount of post a day and really works with everyone in our department to see who needs what going out so we don't overload. She also looks at when we get the most views, etc which helps make sense of everything!

00:53:36Jenn Luther

We use Trello to organize our projects, and we have everyone communicate through that platform. It helps decrease the amount of emails. It also shows the amount of work and projects that are “in progress” so they understand when we say their idea has to wait a week (or two)

00:53:45Cristina Rodriguez

We use a buffer platform to schedule most of our posts.

00:54:08Kate Youlen

We use to plan and schedule

00:54:20Jamie Grenoble

And we use hootsuite to schedule posts

00:54:22Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV uses Wrike to manage projects and Buffer to schedule.

00:54:48John Wondra

We use Trello as well to let everyone see the workload and scheduled posts

00:55:29Dan Wrenholt - Washburn

was Trello or hard to implement as something new to learn while WFH?

00:56:03Cristina Rodriguez

Wrike is another software

00:56:29Jessica Allen

Texas Southern Unvi. We use Buffer for both IG/Tiwtter

00:56:29Carol Spry

we use ASANA for project mgt and social editorial calendar. but haven’t yet opened it to whole staff to see their progress. working on that!

00:56:31Ryan Fisher


00:56:38Jenn Luther

we had implemented Trello in the fall, they have a mobile app and makes it really easy

00:56:43Kate Youlen

I found very intuitive to learn. Asana is a lifesaver for me too.

00:57:33alex sperling

is basecamp a free program? Or did you have to pay for it?

00:58:29Kendra Moretti

How has your department adjusted your social voice, if at all?

00:59:10Ashley Hall

@alex basecamp is a paid program, however it offers both an app as well as a desktop version

00:59:14Ryan Fisher

We include live stories/recordings/videos on our Instagram and Facebook as much as possible rather than just post a flyer or poll by itself.

00:59:17Carol Spry

focusing on what we CAN do! not just what we should do. encouraging, motivating and above all, we’re in it together.

00:59:30Jessica Allen

Basecamp has a free trial for 30 days and the subscription 100 per month

00:59:32Michael Shipe

Similar, we took down any visuals that had groups of people. We also changed content related to things you need equipment for.

00:59:56Jenn Luther

Our social voice has been driven by our University Communications. Mostly - stay safe, stay healthy, we are here for you.

01:00:23James Sawyer

Social Voice: §Empathize





01:00:39Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Continuing with community based language, more serious but trying to keep lighthearted. Staying aware of anything that may be insensitive during these times. Less random "fun" posts and more focused, intentional posts

01:00:39Jessica Allen


01:01:54Stefani Plummer

we have tried to stay really positive (no negative memes). We created a #CBUquarantivities that we had multiple departments adopt when they were marketing resources that were created during this time (that are positive)

01:03:16Jamie Grenoble

We are doing a virtual run with other Wisconsin schools and had to find pictures of individual people running. We also had 2 people running away from each other on our virtual bib. We didn't take off pictures of all groups of people from our entire website but don't have any on our Experience virtUal Rec page

01:03:17Cristina Rodriguez

We are finishing up an orientation video with the disclaimer statement.

01:04:15Jenn Luther

tried to also have fun - created a Spotify playlist “Rhody Rec Quarantine Vibes” – take a moment to relax, dance, and sing with Campus Rec’s playlist.

01:04:53Stefani Plummer

@Jenn us too...quarantunes! there is even a gif in IG

01:05:06Jenn Luther


01:06:03Stefani Plummer

we created a workout to do while binge watching The Office and Friends (our associated students did a vote for fave shows to binge watch. these were the finalists).

01:07:04Jennifer Cobarrubias

We have submitted marketing requests asking for templates that way they are ready to go and then I can just fill it in when we know when we are able to go back.

01:08:05Tracey Bellina

We decided not to print a summer brochure—which usually highlights the fall programs—and instead opted for an online brochure. This is good b/c as things change, we can just change on the fly as needed and as things change, etc.

01:08:36Anthony Ramos

we have chosen not to print out summer guide with a hope of starting a biweekly newsletter

01:09:31Michael Shipe

I have a question... what are people doing to reach out for the class of 2024?

01:10:17Laurie Kay

Our New Student Orientation will be online this summer so we’re designing a digital presentation

01:10:31Jenn Luther

commenting on their FB group pages - saying Congratulations and welcome…

01:10:51Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV's recruitment office is doing providing online orientation... We have a segment and adding a video.

01:11:03Anthony Ramos

#tamu24 - commenting or replying telling people congrats!

01:11:05Robin Brooks

Here at the University of Washington, our fall orientation will be online. Our commencement will also be online.

01:11:41Jenn Luther

We are presenting through admissions webinars for incoming students. Twice a week. We have also created videos to promote on their class instagram accounts.

01:11:50Tracey Bellina

This is more for our seniors and student staff—we are having a virtual awards banquet to honor them, asking the winners to submit a brief video of themselves, which will be compiled into a larger video for social media and sharing.

01:12:12Lindsay Helm

How much are your programmers assisting with ideation/content/program ideas and how much are the marketers involved with developing those. Is the workload split? Are marketers finding you’re driving the out-of-the box brainstorms?

01:12:13Tess Swastek

We were offered to send just a URL or send a one-page info sheet. We will likely be doing the one-page sheet to avoid relying on students to search for things on the website on their own.

01:12:21Beth Keith

Does anyone have words of wisdom on frequency of newsletters? Every week, biweekly, monthly?

01:12:46Angie Clark

Whenever there is enough content to share.

01:12:49Kate Youlen

For newsletters - we were sending once a week (Mondays) but have decided to take a break this week coming up. Not enough new content.

01:13:05Stefani Plummer

we are our own marketers (no separate folks) and EVERYONE is jumping in. I have been blessed by the ideas coming from cross-areas! Our office manager and facility manager have added a TON to fitness, outdoor and IM!

01:13:58Cristina Rodriguez

We have a mix, programmers provide content if not marketing are providing ideas for programmers to develop them.

01:14:33Lauren Corley

We’ve created a new “content creation” committee with student employees and/or GAs from each program area so that the online workload is somewhat split up, especially when it comes to Fitness content.

01:15:07Samantha Lowry

Love that idea Lauren. Do you have “charges” for the committee you can share?

01:16:03Jenn Luther

Is anyone trying to do giveaways? If so, are you mailing items? Or having them pick up on campus in the fall?

01:16:39Maria Lauron-Ramos

The Associate Director of Programming works directly with our Campus Life partners for virtual offerings on Campus. I am also meeting with all programmers bi-weekly. We all work collectively: there is a brainstorm google sheet where everyone can put ideas, then they are responsible for filtering through their ideas either during the process or after the logistics have been decided. Most ideas will come from programmers and fitness staff, then I turnaround for implementation/publishing.

01:16:47Jessica Allen

Virtual gift cards to student emails

01:17:35Cristina Rodriguez

@Jessica can you tell us more on virtual gift cards... is it to internal or external vendors?

01:17:59Cristina Rodriguez

What is the expiration date?

01:18:05Ryan Fisher

We are sending giveaways to those who participate in our challenges and/or virtual 5K, such as shirts, water bottles, towels. We ask for a physical address to mail the items.

01:18:15Maria Lauron-Ramos

For those who can have student staff: How do you manage/structure student marketing staff to work virtually? Is there willingness to work?

01:19:52Lauren Corley

With student employees, I’ve noticed that the employees who were consistent when working face-to-face have continued to be eager and willing to work. However, I have noticed that student employees are overall less inclined to communicate and reply to emails/group messages.

01:19:53Laurie Kay

Is it fitness themed trivia or general?

01:20:00Kate Youlen

What social media metrics are you tracking? How are you tracking them?

01:20:17Jessica Allen

For now it is our Rec sports Trivia

01:20:29Laurie Kay


01:20:45Jessica Allen

We use the IG story by asking a question and students are able to respond

01:20:49Cristina Rodriguez

We use Wrike management software so they clock in and out their time, upload work.

01:21:01Beth Keith

Are you doing Live trivia or on a zoom, poll type of format?

01:21:08Jessica Allen

IG generates the responses to you via the Insights

01:21:16Anthony Ramos

For metrics - categorize each program by department and track engagement that way

01:21:29Lindsay Helm

Relating to promo items, any general thoughts surrounding the financial, reputation, etc. implications of giving away items, especially at a time of budget cuts?

01:22:11Cristina Rodriguez

We have a zoom channel where they message when they clock in/out as a friendly reminder.

01:23:31Kate Youlen

We are giving away intramural sports champ shirts! :)

01:23:49Jenn Luther

We have so many intramural sports shirts…

01:24:14Carol Spry

we are using up spring IM champs shirts since we’ll have a ton leftover due to canceled seasons.

01:24:57Kate Youlen

Will there be additional marketing roundtables?

01:25:00Jenn Luther

Thank you for hosting this - it has been very helpful!

01:25:11Maria Avila


01:25:15Stefani Plummer

helpful! :)

01:25:15Kate Youlen

Definitely helpful! Always my favorite part of NIRSA.

01:25:16Samantha McLeod

Yes - please host another!

01:25:17Laurie Kay

very helpful!!!

01:25:18Emily Howland

this was helpful!!

01:25:18Robin Brooks


01:25:18Alyssa Kirkpatrick

This has been helpful!

01:25:21Tara Watson

yes, helpful!

01:25:21Carol Spry

Very helpful!

01:25:21Lauren Corley

It’s definitely been helpful!

01:25:21Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

Yes, another would be great. Maybe a place to submit questions ahead of time?

01:25:21Laurie Kay


01:25:22Kathy Obuszewski


01:25:24Alison - Regina

Very helpful

01:25:24Ryan Fisher


01:25:25Tess Swastek

We are doing a virtual 5k with IM tshirts as the prize

01:25:27Anthony Ramos

very helpful 😊

01:25:28Tess Swastek

Very helpful!

01:25:30Dan Wrenholt - Washburn

Thank you

01:25:30Krista Herring{230140df-6c1d-4522-92fa-6bfe290d23f4}&action=edit

01:25:31Tracey Bellina

Helpful to know that my issues aren’t unique to me!!! LOLZ

01:25:46Adrienne Gossett

I had to tune in late, so another one would be amazing.

01:25:55Kate Youlen

So helpful to know that we are not alone! Vermont to Co!

01:25:59Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

Cannot access link.

01:26:03Cristina Rodriguez

Link does not work.

01:26:05Krista Herring

Krista Herring

01:26:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

It is saying I need a password for the link

01:26:16Kendra Moretti

Kendra Moretti

01:26:17Jenn Luther

Nice to know others feel the same way and go through the same challenges

01:26:23Krista Herring

01:26:30Cristina Rodriguez


01:26:33Jessica Allen


01:26:43James Sawyer

James Sawyer -

01:26:51Kate Youlen

Thank you everyone!!!

01:26:51Sandra Peppel

Quite helpful, thank you.

01:26:58Jessica Allen


01:26:59Maria Lauron-Ramos

Thank you for offering this space! Looking forward to connect in the future :)

01:27:04Samantha Lowry

Thank you Everyone

01:27:11Laurie Kay

thank you so much!!!

01:27:12Tess Swastek

Thanks y'all!

01:27:13Tytiana Reed


01:27:16Jennifer Cooper

Thank you. Great job!

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