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Esports Roundtable

Tuesday, April 14, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Laura Klein, Garrett Larson, Dylan Wray, and Matt Grimm

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Chat Transcript

00:30:54Tom Giles

Hello everyone!

00:30:58Matt Dunigan

What's good everyone!!!

00:30:59Crystal Durham

hello friends!

00:31:06Jason Darby

Hey all!

00:31:14Jami Brossette

Hi everyone!

00:31:17Joshua Brunson


00:31:18Tony North Jr

hello all

00:31:27Jamaal Rhodes

Hey everyone!

00:32:03Civon Thomas

Hello Everyone!

00:32:20Shana Kessler

hi friends!

00:32:47Sterling Ivany

Hey Shana

00:32:53Tina Mascaro

hello from Fairmont State University (WV)

00:33:49Thomas Peters

Hello From Claflin University SC

00:36:03Ian Brown

I really like that idea of taking the 'stigma' out of it, and looking for reactions.

00:37:18Sandra Ondracka

Hello from Sandra Ondracka - University of Windsor - Canada

00:37:51Civon Thomas

Good tips for starting a program at a small school

00:37:52Sandra Ondracka

Are here any risk management issues?

00:38:05Sterling Ivany

Joining from Georgian College- Barrie, Ontario, Canada

00:38:40Natosha Harris

Hello to everyone, Natosha Harris from University of Kentucky

00:39:15Jason Darby

We have struggled getting engagement in our esports intramural offerings currently. Obviously we realize that IMs are probably the farthest thing from their mind, but is anyone else struggling with this and how are you working to fix it?

00:39:37Tyler Artley

we had a club start and fail but a big hurdle was the equipment necessary to compete on the club level. did anyone else have run into the same issue? besides funding does anyone have a good way to clear that hurdle?

00:39:44Tina Mascaro

@ Jason.... me too. I'm offering a couple of virtual programs and no one is participating

00:39:50Hannah Burrichter

Can we talk about the feasibility / pushback of FPS (first-person shooter) games and where some people’s campuses stand on that?

00:39:51Natosha Harris

At University of Kentucky, the only risk management issues with Esports are if we host on campus in a building or a facility on or near campus...we would have to update our waiver if we host in a facility

00:39:54Drew Devore

@Darby where are your marketing efforts going? Like who are you marketing to?

00:40:03Sean Graninger

@Jason, we're running into the same issue. Had a few signups but struggling to get people to issues challenges and report scores.

00:40:20Shana Kessler

@Darby - I sent out a message through IMLeagues to all our participants from the last 6 quarters letting them know we were there for them and inviting them to our discord channel. within 2 hours we went from 0 members on the discord outside of our staff to 30, which to me is a win and a good starting point.

00:40:24Tom Giles

I 2nd Hannah's question!

00:40:52Jason Darby

@Drew using our usual marketing tactics (social media, IMLeagues blasts, and discord for our on-campus esports student org)

00:41:01Sam Lowry

At Kennesaw State we have been told we cannot support first person shooter games in an intramural capacity. We do have Club Sports group/RSO group that support this type of gamming.

00:41:02Max Miller

My approach to esports in this first iteration of the formal programming is that nothing is a struggle since it is new for my campus (Swarthmore College). Any and all participation is a success!

00:41:04Jacob Walker

Instead of doing ladder leagues and having teams issue challenges I am sending emails out to schedule games. like an intramural season and then giving teams 72 hours to play and report the score.

00:41:06Matt Dunigan

RT Hannah questions + adding UFC onto the list of games

00:41:19Shana Kessler

I also 2nd Hannah's question. students in our discord are already asking for COD and I'll have to get approval to run it.

00:41:37Ian Brown

Jason, we just ran a virtual marathon and a Madden tournament. The marathon had over 200 participants. while the Madden had less than 20. The 20 participants we do have our linking up and reporting scores on time though.

00:41:46Shana Kessler

I like that attitude, Max!

00:41:49Natosha Harris

UK at this time will not do shooter games for our model follows our high school association Esport set up so best practices in the state of Kentucky

00:42:05Shaneisha Weir

I'm currently running an online FIFA 20 tournament. We promoted through our social media sites. Reporting scores have been ok, but our students don't understand a double elimination tournament.

00:42:17John Schwarte

At Wayne State College, we do allow any games that are FPS. As long as it is not like a GTA, we are good with any game.

00:42:51Shaneisha Weir

How do you guys run a Fornite or Call of Duty tournament?

00:42:54NAU - Crystal Durham

We are doing the same method that Jacob mentioned. It's already unusual for our participants to set up a time to play on their own and report the score. I didn't want to add the new feature of ladder leagues into that mix. It has been fairly successful

00:42:58Matt Brazier

How is everyone integrating Twitch and streaming into their tournaments??

00:42:59Ty Verdin

What is GTA?

00:42:59Jason Darby

Our campus has competitive esports teams and they include COD and Rainbow 6, but we haven’t tackled those in IMs.

00:43:06Shana Kessler

Grand Theft Auto

00:43:07Jason Darby

Grand Theft Auto

00:43:09Shana Kessler


00:43:11John Schwarte

@Ty Grand Theft Auto

00:43:13Bob Gough

Natosha, that is a great point. Many state HS federations have expanded to include eSports. We can look to them for some best practices regarding FPS.

00:43:25Parker Anderson

@Darby I used my staff first. Go them stoked for leagues. Then moved on to the fraternities. We’re sitting at close to 100 total people in now and leagues started on Friday.

00:43:46Max Miller

A general suggestion… When talking about “typical” sports terminology such as “double-elimination” or “round-robin”, it’s important to demystify the jargon and explain everything so that people are aware of what the terms.

00:43:58Mike Wozniak

Community days organized through our discord. Just getting a bunch of people together to play a game they like, then creating impromptu private lobbies, etc. Builds community and friendly chat!

00:44:04Anthony Almeida

How do you guys handle game settings for games like Madden or 2K? Do you require a certain difficulty level (All Madden)?

00:44:05Natosha Harris

@ Bob tried not to reinvent the wheel in trying to figure it out

00:44:06Travis Yang

for A&M San Antonio and Ashland University (former), we were fine with FPS. It's more so about structuring of practices and how the marketing is done to show that strategy and teamwork are the main points, not the violence

00:44:11Brian Beam

Hey Laurie, I have encountered some hesitancy in getting into eSports because of its sedentary nature which some think is the antithesis to fitness and wellness... What would you recommend to get the message across to someone of the old school Rec Sports mindset to positively incorporate this into our programming?

00:44:23Drew Devore

I have started working and starting conversations with student involvement

00:44:31John Schwarte

I spam our socials and email

00:44:39Tyler Artley

@anthony we looked up the competitive rules on the pro leagues and went those

00:44:39Jeremy Fritz

hey everyone. Jeremy Fritz at Christopher Newport University in VA. I just ran a bunch of tournaments (2K, Madden, FIFA, NHL on both Xbox & PS4) using IMLeagues. I had 60 students create 82 teams. The communication part was tough but I just created our first CNU Discord channel so Im hoping that will help. Does anyone use a combination of IMLeauges and Discord? Also, how does everyone set up leagues for team games- Rocket League, COD, League of Legends, etc?

00:44:55Parker Goss

Id liken discord to Slack if anyone is familiar with Slack

00:45:00Greg Durham


00:45:06Jacob Walker

Is there anyway to manage discussions in Discord? I.e. language

00:45:13Giancarlo Provo

Something we have to realize is that a lot of these people in the gaming communities aren't engaged with campus recreation at all. (that was the case with me when I was a student) I don't think you can just reach out to gamers through IMLeagues or your social media.

00:45:22Greg Durham

@jacob there are tools that canhelp you manage that;

00:45:24Parker Goss

^ bots can be coded by those smarter than myself!

00:45:25Chris Keough

has anyone used Microsoft teams instead of discord?

00:45:28Dan Wrenholt

How do we get students that aren’t normal gamers to participate?

00:45:31Steven Walton

@Anthony we have our participants set the settings to the highest level in games like 2K and FIFA

00:46:05Natosha Harris

@ Dan, great question definitely struggling with this

00:46:11Sandra Ondracka

Beyond out current situation - how many schools actually have equipment for rent to students, or an esport room that can be used in the rec centre

00:46:18NAU - Crystal Durham

our president has been giving video updates regarding COVID19 and she gave us a shout out which was great but it was after registration ended :(

00:46:20Easton Henrikson

How are they reporting scores? Through IML, email, google form, etc?

00:46:30Scott Lotze

We set up GroupMe

00:46:40NAU - Crystal Durham

@Easton we have our folks sending a photo of the final score to our IM email address

00:46:41Max Miller

Mirroring from what Scott Flickinger is working to create, I am creating a Words with Friends League on campus.

00:46:42Jason Darby

Not the traditional tactic but shoutout to those programs utilizing Game Pigeon and other phone game apps. Very creative!

00:46:45Scott Lotze

We set up Groupme for each league. Commication has been very easy.

00:46:46Logan Kahler

At the University of Nebraska, we have leagues made for FIFA,Madden,NHL, Rocket League and 2K. We have added them to league specific GroupMe chats so they can report scores and find times to play each other in an open play format

00:46:52Sean Graninger

@Easton we are using the self report score feature on IMLeeagues

00:46:52Jamaal Rhodes

@Easton self reporting on IMleagues or email our office

00:47:01Steven Walton

@Easton I allow them to enter their own scores on IMLeagues, but if they cannot figure it out they email us and we post the score

00:47:06Tyler Artley

we have our students report scores on imleagues and take a pic of the score and post in our discord so there is no argument of honesty

00:47:07Jacob Walker

We did leagues as well with reporting through a google form

00:47:12Natosha Harris

@ Sarah, no renting of equipment...UK is building a gaming facility so that's a huge help for us...scheduled to open in the Fall 2020

00:47:20Jake Wells

We are doing Bingo, Euchre, and Family Feud next week. In addition to Jackbox games which were already mentioned

00:47:28Parker Goss

At Eastern Illinois we partnered with GGLeagues as they are offering free 6 week leagues on their platform, but with mixed results in terms of sign ups

00:47:48Travis Yang

@Brian, to piggy back an answer, the way I've described it and discussed with traditional sport coaches, there's always going to be sports that people don't consider "traditional". Golf, cheer, bowling, etc. I try to focus more on the ability for esports to reach out and engage students that would not otherwise have that in their time at school.

00:47:49Natosha Harris

@ Jake love this

00:47:55Hannah Burrichter

USF system has been using Battlefy to report scores, it sets up brackets and players can upload a screenshot of their final score

00:48:00Chris Keough

does anyone have rules that they use for game settings on their websites that I could access?

From Jake Wells to Everyone: 03:17 PM

We are doing Bingo, Euchre, and Family Feud next week. In addition to Jackbox games which

00:48:05Crystal Dooley

For those using IMLeagues, did you all create your own game settings for participants to follow?

00:48:19Jason Darby

I know our coordinator here at Southern Miss is working with Ole Miss and Mississippi State to try and set up some competition across the state with our individual campus IM winners

00:48:21Jared Charnas

@Parker, my University UNI has been in touch with GG Leagues as well.

00:48:22Mitch Wiltbank

At Oregon State, we are offering Madden, NBA 2k, FIFA, Rocket League (1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, and 4 v 4), and Smash Bros as leagues. Fortnite as a weekly tournament. We are also running weekly trivia, virtual running groups, and a step competition. We have over 600 teams and close to 400 unique participants. No FPS and have limited games to Teen rating. Looking to add a few more games in the coming weeks. We set game setting standards across all the sports.

00:48:23Jamaal Rhodes

At Univ. of Miss. we utilize online games through Game pigeon (checkers, 8 ball, etc)

00:48:45Sandra Ondracka

Does anyone have a waiver they could share on sportsmanship and behaviour for this sort of activity and how do you administer this virtually - through IM leagues?

00:48:47Giancarlo Provo

Mitch that's awesome

00:48:53Jake Wells

so similar to how they do the march madness brackets?

00:49:18Max Miller

I know that a lot of state associations are creating state leagues for esports.

00:49:32Max Miller

I’ve seen this with PIRSA and MARS

00:49:41Matt Brazier

How many schools stream their tournaments on Twitch? School run or let students stream themselves??

00:49:43Steven Walton

Nebraska is working on a state tournament for esports. If we get a good turnout I would love to set up a regional tournament for region V

00:49:53Cindy Wright

at Gettysburg would love a national Rec w/o Borders competition (really like quarantine quiz show)

00:50:13Ethan Godfrey

Anything going on for Region 1? Sorry I just logged onto this call

00:50:14John Schwarte

@Steve, I have not heard this... Wayne State College here. Can you give me more details?

00:50:19Jacob Walker

Region IV has an esports tournament for NBA 2K, Madden and Fifa

00:50:20Travis Yang

@Matt definitely recommend having an official channel, creates opportunities for students to be involved in areas like production, casting, etc.

00:50:28Max Miller


00:50:55Travis Yang

We also let students stream freely to their own channels as well from the facility, sometimes limited during practices or events that don't allow it.

00:51:13Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

Dylan, it is really hard to hear you

00:51:17Jami Brossette

Louisiana schools have joined together and are currently going through our esports League through mission control. Shout out to Jason Templet for getting that together!

00:51:21Tom Soria

Looking forward to regional/state competition for esports by NIRSA. From state of Florida

00:51:22Matt Dunigan

@travis we are also supporting students to host on their own channels

00:51:37Matt Dunigan

we are working with other school in the UC system here in California for tournaments

00:52:00Mitch Wiltbank

We are working with our on campus TV Station to potentially broadcast select games and have their staff do play by play

00:52:06Scott Lotze

Anyone looking to continue this type of programming over the summer?

00:52:07Shaneisha Weir

Has anyone tried to do a MLB tournament?

00:52:11Jared Charnas

There is a esports student org that has been streaming and commentating the games if we do have them

00:52:13Jeremy Fritz

How is everyone! How is everyone having their students submit their scores for leagues or tournaments?

00:52:16Parker Anderson

Mountain West is looking into a tournament. Call this week. Shoutout Craig at Fresno State for setting that up!

00:52:17Matt Dunigan

@scoot we are attempting for year round

00:52:30Jacob Walker

@scott Lotze we are doing online recreation for the summer as well and blended programming for the future

00:52:41Ethan Godfrey


00:52:45Jeremy Fritz

yes Im planning on offering it over the summer

00:52:49Travis Yang

Twitch has a student/university program where you can get in touch to get a team page setup and they even offer an academic component to work with other departments on your campus

00:52:50Shaneisha Weir

@jeremy they have to submit a picture of the score to me via email within 24 hours.

00:53:06Ethan Godfrey

Running an MLB tournament starting tomorrow at Fairfield. Same game rules as the MLB Players Tournament

00:53:16Parker Goss

^ love that

00:53:36Shaneisha Weir

@ethan thanks.

00:54:32Sandra Ondracka

What are the basic requirements to have a functioning "facility" for esports?

00:54:43Chris Keough

Does anyone have rules that they use for game settings online for FIFA, NBA2K, NHL, Madden....

00:55:19Travis Yang

@Sandra dedicated space with equipment available for students to play/practice

00:55:24NAU - Crystal Durham

yes my student employees have been a life saver with esports

00:55:25Sean Graninger

@Chirs I have FIFA, 2K and Madden if you want

00:55:47Ethan Godfrey

Does anyone have suggestions on how to determine who is Home/Away for MLB, NBA, NFL?

00:55:48Matt Dunigan

Same @chris

00:56:09Chris Keough

if you can email to that would be awesome

00:56:12Chris Keough

thanks everyone:)

00:57:11Colin Allison

For the rules- I was shared this resource at a previous roundtable-

00:57:38Jacob Walker

@ethan we run leagues like normal intramurals and schedule games like traditional intramural leagues. That way you can have an equal number of home and away for a season. For playoffs, higher seed is home.

00:58:34Ethan Godfrey

@jacob ah makes sense. We are experimenting on whether or not we would want to do a short season for each game or a double elim/style.

00:58:44Mitch Wiltbank

@Ethan we use the IMLeagues schedule to determine home/Away for the first game of each match and then alternate every game. Matches are best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 depending on the actual game.

01:00:03Jacob Walker

@ethan for straight tournaments by suggestion is a best of series were teams alternate home. Then if it goes to a third of fifth game it is random

01:00:16Ty Verdin

What are strategies to handle issues with students entering tournaments not affiliated with the current student org or club? For example, a group of individual students entering in a Rainbow 6 tournament but not currently part of the Esports club and listing themselves as a collegiate team.

01:00:23Ethan Godfrey

@jacob @mitch thank you both!

01:01:57Hannah Burrichter

Can we talk about the feasibility / pushback of FPS (first-person shooter) games and where some people’s campuses stand on that?

01:02:12Shana Kessler

RT Hannah I'd love to see that discussed next

01:02:50Matt Dunigan

@Hannah and Shana - Same!!

01:03:12Parker Anderson

At SDSU we avoided FPS games. The kids all want Warzone right now, but it’s not a good look for the university.

01:04:34Colin Allison

For FPS- we've been told that's a hard no. As a Jesuit Catholic university, the admin doesn't want any type of affiliation with those games. A recent survey we sent out, over 150 students requested versions of FPS games but that wasn't enough to convince our admins. (Santa Clara University)

01:04:35Matt Dunigan

@Parker - Same here at UCR. Yet we have had a lot of questions about UFC.

01:04:45Lane Goodwin

Although we haven't offered any yet, we have talked about allowing FPS because we're only programming for those 17+ and that's the requirement for M rated games. That could change but that was our initial discussion at UW- Madison

01:05:17Matt Dunigan

Would like to see what everyone else thinks on this since technically it's a "sport"

01:05:22John Schwarte

No excessive violence games (ex. GTA)

01:05:24Greg Durham

Creighton will certainly not support and photo-realistic FPS games.

01:05:28Dale Russell

I think FPS is always the hot topic issue but the data shows that FPS doesn't increase violence can might even decrease it.

01:05:37Tina Mascaro

for someone who is not a gamer...which games are FPS games?

01:05:45Greg Durham

First Person Shooter

01:05:51Shana Kessler

Do some campuses allow Fortnite but not games like Call of Duty due to the difference in "realism"?

01:05:52Colin Allison

think call of duty

01:06:55Civon Thomas

We developed a Rubric to help select which games are appropriate for our campus at OSU

01:06:57Mitch Wiltbank

@Shana, we are not allowing COD, but have Fornite based on realism and game rating

01:06:59Tina Mascaro

I understand the concept but just don't know what the games are: what is League of Legends and OVer Watch, Rocket League?

01:07:01R. Chris McCollum

We are not allowed to offer shooter games.

01:07:14Jami Brossette

What programs are yall using for your esports for small/big schools? Or what was your preference on deciding which program to use?

01:07:23Erin Sanders

@civon can you share that rubric?

01:07:31Andrea Snead

We have Overwatch, CS:GO and R6

01:07:37Andrea Snead


01:07:53Civon Thomas

Sure Erin

01:08:09Matt Dunigan


01:08:15Mike Wozniak

We feel the students are going to play those games anyway, and we want them to feel included and that they belong at our university.

01:08:22Alison Fisher

@civon can you also share the rubric

01:08:30Mike Wozniak

plus they are all over 18, so they are free to explore those game options.

01:08:32Matt Brazier

I think with how popular Call of Duty is becoming, especially Warzone, it will be hard to ignore from students soon, as far as demand, no?

01:08:38Shana Kessler

I'd also like to see that rubric please!

01:08:40John Schwarte

@Mike -- Same thought

01:09:14Ian Brown

Agreed with @Mike

01:09:14Jason Darby

Our competitive student org fields Overwatch, Rocket League, COD, Rainbow Six, and League of Legends. For IM purposes we programmed Madden and 2K this year but will be expanding and offering an IM Esports schedule this next year but likely steering away from the ones that the org offers to not take away from them.

01:09:16Mike Wozniak

Also, studies are inconclusive stating whether it makes players more violent outside of games.

01:09:23Tiffany Lane

@civon I'd like to see the rubric as well

01:09:24Andrea Snead

UCF - Those are run at the competitive sport club level

01:10:40Chad Van Dyk

How are folks funding the creation of a new e-sports portfolio? Pay-to-play, getting equipment donated, simply making an investment?

01:11:08Civon Thomas

I will get the rubric out to everyone who inquired

01:11:10John Schwarte

@chad - investment. Our President found the resources (100K)

01:11:26Sean Graninger

@Darby we are in the same boat, sticking to sports games for intramurals and directing our students to the student org for those titles

01:11:32Mario Rios

University administration may be a good source. Our VP of IT had funds to use for our eSports program at Texas State.

01:11:51Tiffany Boone

@civon I would love a copy of the rubric as well!

01:11:55Tom Verrico

I would love to get that rubric as well

01:11:58Ian Brown

@Dylan, could you mention those orgs that facilitate/approve tourneys in the chat please? Also, if you're just running one-offs or smaller tournaments, is it necessary to reach out to them - like when you get a license to show a movie?

01:12:21Mario Rios

Funds were for computers, accessories. Our student center provided space and chairs.

01:12:34John Schwarte

What was the rubric for again? - must've missed it

01:12:43Jill Krantz

Pitt is also interested in the rubic please

01:12:46Jeremy Fritz

@civon- Ill take a copy of that too if you don't mind

01:12:54Jeremy Fritz


01:12:54Alexandra Sanchez

@civon can I have a copy of the rubric too

01:13:18Crystal Dooley

@civon, same please

01:13:19Bob Gough W&M

How many computers for an open-to-the public vs. team practice?

01:13:20Sterling Ivany

$250K??? Lol - that is like 5x my entire Rec budget! Lol

01:13:45Steven Walton

For schools that are not allowed to offer FPS. Using discord to at least connect students who are wanting to play those games may be the next best thing

01:13:49Tom Soria

@Civon, me too please

01:14:02Mario Rios

If i recall, we had 12 computers for practice in a dedicated space for a club and 6-8 or a public space.

01:14:11Hannah Burrichter

@Steven, thank you! good suggestion!

01:14:12John Schwarte

civon - i'd be glad to look at it as well.

01:14:14Shana Kessler

yeah we're kind of in a financial crisis and I'd imagine most schools are expecting to not be able to build a 200k facility in the next year.... what can we do now to support our students in egaming and in building programs in this new age?

01:14:21Mike Wozniak

Any suggestions for noise cancelling? We have a very tight space without much movement flexibility...

01:14:32Jared Charnas

@Civon - I would be glad to see this rubric as well -

01:14:34Mike Wozniak

Like portable barriers?


anyone have success setting up sponsorship to start up a program

01:15:37Jim Powers

Same here as far as a financial commitment from the school - we need basics

01:15:41Rebecca Seguancia - Cal State Long Beach

@civon, would love to get a rubic too, please?

01:16:15Chris Keough

can I get the rubic to

01:16:43Dale Russell

@garrett what did 10 cost?

01:16:49John Schwarte

Does anyone use Geex?

01:17:27Sandra Ondracka

Has any school tried to attach a physical activity incentive to these gamers - considering the amount of time sitting for this "sport".

01:17:38Wendy Motch-Ellis

We’d like the rubric too -

01:17:47Jill Krantz

@Civon - I would also like to see this rubric as well -

01:18:02Mike Wozniak

I have been told that Razer is developing a gaming laptop checkout station that could be a more affordable option. Allowing them to find their own space in the facility or build a very basic room where people can take these laptops and play

01:18:04Trevor Brunet

@Garrett Larson, How many SQ FT is your Facility?

01:18:14Kevin Linker

EIU dropped 70K to update meeting room into Esport Arena with 13 computers including the coaches.

01:18:17Mike Wozniak

Probably for a cost of $20,000 or less

01:18:36Garrett Larson

The total cost without a special promotion we got would've been $35,699. We got it for just north of $20,000. Equipment

01:18:50Chad Van Dyk

Same here for the rubric, Civon.

01:19:02Jason Darby

Southern Miss - We have a dedicated space currently in our union that we will be renovating into an arena. For the time being they have been able to use the space though to bring their own equipment, but we saw that they preferred to stay in their rooms and play than to haul their equipment over for practice. We did also brand the space as the Esports Lounge so they felt some ownership in the area.

01:19:28Shaun Rutherford

Adelphi University has a game development major run through the Math department so they are updating a room through academic grants so we are trying to piggyback some of the things we need through that grant and collaborating with the Math department

01:20:19Tyler Artley

has discord fixed the voice channel issues? they have been extremely unreliable for me in the past

01:20:39Lazaro Fuentes

We are just getting started are there any fundraising suggestions?

01:22:52Matt Brazier

What about club teams that win? You take $ as well?

01:23:37Andrea Snead

UCF - club teams keep their money as long as we did not allocate student funds for that specific tournament

01:23:52Sue Weaver

thanks for the dialogue, gotta scoot to another mtg.

01:24:16Giancarlo Provo

Gotta head to another meeting. I hope you guys do a part 2!!

01:24:42Ty Verdin

I would like to see part 2 as well.

01:24:55Sam Lowry

At Kennesaw State, we permit clubs to participate in tournaments/leagues that have cash winnings or items of value. We collect 10% of winnings that comes back to the Club Sport program. The remaining 90% is given to the club and can be dispersed as they see fit.

01:25:24Andrea Snead

Tespa is really good with working with and responding to administrators as well

01:25:35Shana Kessler

I have to jet but see you all at RecWithoutBorders Trivia tomorrow night!

01:27:19Sandra Ondracka

Great information for a newbie! Thank you

01:27:35Andrea Snead

esports or Esports rather than eSports or e-sports is a good start correct?

01:29:03Jared Charnas

yes the dash is not as accepted

01:29:09Lazaro Fuentes

Thanks so much for sharing the information and experiences for us novices. :) Can we do this weekly lol

01:29:11Jim Powers

I really appreciate all the help! I am brand new to all of this! I think our administration is also looking at using the e sports as a way to bring several academic depts together

01:29:14Jared Charnas

esports or Esports is more widely accepted

01:29:17Ian Brown

Thanks y'all!

01:29:20Natosha Harris

Thanks everyone

01:29:23Jason Darby


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email