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Risk Management Part 2

Monday, April 13, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Erin Wells with presenters Drew Loso, Chad Lowe, and Sarah Shea

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Chat Transcript

00:30:54Devon Poulos

It was 95 in Florida! HOT! HOT! HOT!

00:30:56Meagan Stachurski

Happy Monday everyone!

00:31:05Meagan Stachurski

Jealous of all the warmer weather!!!

00:31:26Drew Devore

we got 4-5 inches of snow here in Minneapolis yesterday. Happy Monday everyone!

00:31:35Matthew Dantism

Howdy All, Matt Dantism her from Wake Forest

00:31:43Chad Lowe

00:31:54Chad Lowe

00:32:04Jeff Blumenthal

Jeff Blumenthal in from the University of South Carolina

00:32:18Theresa Fuller

Hi, Theresa Fuller, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator, Troy University

00:33:16Daniel Perdue - UNC-Pembroke

we were talking about access points into certain buildings and doing away with card swipes

00:33:20Drew Devore

Here at Minnesota we have hand scanners. The talks about how to move forward with those are a topic of conversation

00:33:56Kurt Schooley

Have not started talking about this specifically yet- but already have members swipe their own ID's at access points.

00:34:36Theresa Fuller

Our members have key fobs that they swipe themselves to gain entry

00:35:56Meagan Stachurski

Meagan Stachurski, Towson University, Assistant Director - Aquatics and Safety

00:36:16Meagan Stachurski

Our patrons swipe at our turnstiles.

00:37:17Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford has members swipe their own ID cards already. We have created a document throughout our rec department that we are just throwing out all ideas on what we would do when we are allowed to reopen. I have listed ideas for if it still had social distancing requirement and without that requirement. Right now it is a giant list then we plan to go through it and see what we actually want to implement or what is realistic etc.

00:37:27Scott Vaculik

Scott Vaculik, Sam Houston Sate, haven’t had direct conversations yet.

00:37:41Kristyn Watts

Kristyn Watts. Notre Dame, Rockne Memorial Building & Special Events - Our students typically do not handle folks' IDs. Users scan their own upon entry.

00:38:24Kurt Schooley

Have not had those conversations yet.

00:39:49Ryan Wong

Will be focusing on "contact time" of the disinfectant spray when cleaning all fitness and open rec equipment. Any ideas for frequency of cleaning of climbing holds? Anyone using dishwashers for this, or just powerwashing?

00:39:55marcos ordaz

Face masks for all first aid emergencies in our facilities moving forward?

00:39:57Gabor Jerkovits

University Of Regina has the students swipe their student cards to gain access to fitness center and pool

00:40:36Karen Howell

What about just calling 911 as a standard procedure?

00:42:10Bob Weeks

@Karen Howell, At University of Cincinnati, we've had EMS take 25 minutes to get into our facility. That's a long time to have someone go untreated before paramedics arrive.

00:43:08Bob Weeks

Our front desk calls 911 in emergencies, but without our staff to respond, that person would receive no care for a long time.

00:45:37Meagan Stachurski

@Karen Howell - agreed with @Bob Weeks. To depend on 9-1-1 could be very iffy. Although, if you HAVE to open, it could be a temporary option but I would consult with legal on that to determine if the possible liability is worth operating

00:46:51Michael Montgomery

my concern with SImple Green on sports equipment is that it needs a 10 minute wet time

00:47:32Meagan Stachurski

@Olivia Raxter - that would be great! Anyone a non-essential employee and ended up converting to essential? This is for aquatics people but to give some background, I am still responsible to check on our pool but I am a bit uneasy about going in when I am not essential. I have heard many CPO's have been listed as essential but currently I have not been told anything.

00:47:41Bob Weeks

Yep, a surface needs to be kept wet by simple green for that long to disinfect according to their instructions. Clorox wipes even need 4 minutes.

00:47:56Erin Wells

And I was also under the assumption that Simple Green was not a disinfectant

00:47:56Catherine O'Kane

If our staff is not performing care to their certified standard of care isn't that a potential legal issue if something happens?

00:48:33Joey LaNeve

@ Catherine I would say yes, especially if our staff is professional rescuer certified and have a duty to act as part of their certification

00:49:22Natalie Broder

anyone considered their HVAC systems and how the air flows in their building in regards of not infecting others via air filtration/HVAC system in building?

00:49:26Meagan Stachurski

@catherine o'kane - I would think so. I think checking with legal is the best route personaly.

00:50:34Erin Wells

@Catherine, this is why we are saying to wait to reopen until the Social distancing is taken off the table and the American Red Cross is allowing classes

00:51:43Aaron Brooks

Are any other states "Gyms and Recreation centers" closed until further notice?

00:52:12Daniel Perdue - UNC-Pembroke

I believe they all are?

00:52:14Catherine O'Kane

Agreed! Wanted to make sure people are thinking the same way

00:52:24Patty Oehmke

Discide Ultra towelettes -kills pathogens in one minute and are both anti-microbical and anti-viral. Steriphene II is a spray that can be used on your checkout equipment.

00:52:26Chris Hopkins

@ Temple - we donated roughly 5,000 gloves to our hospital as well as a significant amount of disinfectant supplies

00:52:30Kacy Toberg

Georgia State closed until further notice

00:52:37Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

We only have a small amount of gloves at UC, so we did not donate

00:52:52Chris Hopkins

We kept 1000 gloves on site to save for re-open game planning...

00:52:58Mario Rios

At Texas State our Emergency Management Team asked us to take stock of PPE. We only had gloves to donate. We donated an amount that would not put is a spot where it would be detrimental for staff use at this point.

00:53:02Catherine O'Kane

Our academic programs donated their PPE from lab classes

00:53:23Jeff Blumenthal

UofSC I have not been given permission to donate.

00:53:33Jamie Grenoble

We are keeping our supplies for when we reopen. We also offered it to the campus if other departments need it.

00:53:50Oscee Wheatfall III

Name of the chemical used in our HVAC systems - EVAP-Fresh no rinse evaporator coil cleaner and disinfectant.

00:53:55Michelle December

UF inquired about donating and was advised not to as student fees are used to purchase these items. Additionally, the common concern of limited supply/back order for re-opening

00:53:59Dustin Soderman

Some have been donated to Housing based on their need of still being open

00:54:00Sean Duffy

Faculties and central facilities have made PPE donations to hospitals but thus far not athletics to retain inventory (

00:54:02Nyssa Owen

We ran out of gloves due to the immense amount of cleaning and cannot get any prior to June 1. It's a large concern for us as we have none if we are to reopen prior to that date.

00:54:08Scott Vaculik

we are also keeping our small amount for when we reopen.

00:54:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford donated small amount of gloves and most of the N-95 masks we had. We have two facilities with backstock so we were lucky enough to be able to donate.

00:54:20Suzanne Brandt

At UW-Madison, we donated most of our gloves, hand sanitizer and face masks to our central EOC. It will be a major consideration for us as we reopen. There is a process set up at our university to request PPE as needed so we will utilize that when we understand our reopening timeline.

00:54:24marcos ordaz

Portland state university academics (science labs) donated thousands of theirs

00:55:04Lindsay Wigderson

we donated gloved to essential employees on campus (housing, facility ops, etc.) at UNC Greensboro

00:55:07Mike Chadee

I believe we donated gloves, but they were not from our facility supply. We normally do an annual community health fair which was supposed to be next weekend but was canceled. We are a medical campus, so it wasn't really a donation to a completely different entity.

00:55:56Devon Poulos

Florida closed until April 30th

00:56:10Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford is closed til further notice as of right now we do not have a reopening date planned yet.

00:56:11Aaron Brooks


00:56:24Stefani Plummer

most CA are closed til further notice

00:56:33Erin Coyne

All gyms in NJ are currently closed until further notice

00:56:36Olivia Raxter

We are also closed until further notice at NY

00:56:43Julie Weber

University of Alaska Anchorage, we were on restricted close meaning staff and student workers. Then to hard closure no one in building closed until a minimum of June 30th,.

00:56:47Patty Oehmke

State of Michigan is closed until end of April.

00:57:08Kurt Schooley

State of Ohio has stay at home order through May 1. Likely to be extended.

00:57:09Julia Neal

We heard murmurs that the gov. might make some date announcements this week.

00:57:19Julie Gillespie

UW Seattle closed until further notice

00:58:11marcos ordaz

anyone know what non-university gyms are doing like 24 hour, LA fitness, etc... in terms of new procedures or anything else?

00:58:26Dean Smith

Here is a resource from the CDC, it also includes a link to EPA approved cleaning products, it is the Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Institutions of Higher Education follow link,

00:58:51Glen Kemper

At Logan University in the St Louis Mo area, our contracted facilities company was spraying a mist from a gun on Mon Mar 15. I forget the name of the chemical or gun but I was told it will kill anything for the NEXT 14 days. I found that a bit miraculous. Any one else familiar with this?

00:59:11Sean Duffy

@Glen - Clorox 360?

00:59:18Stephanie Stewart

The University of Rhode Island is closed until further notice

01:00:24Glen Kemper

Sean - I don't think it was that. but thanks.

01:00:24Melissa Carrabine

@Glen are you happening to use the Protexus from Hillyard? we at UMSL are looking into it and would love some feedback.

01:00:46Erin Wells

Just FYI there is a Member Services Round table this Friday, April 17th. I would hope this topic would b eon the agenda

01:02:24Mario Rios

Member Services Roundtable, Part 2

Friday, April 17, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

01:03:43Meagan Stachurski

@patty oehmke what university do you work for?

01:04:06Drew Loso

Michigan State

01:04:20Meagan Stachurski

Thanks @Drew Loso!

01:05:29Dean Smith

What about older members that use our facilities? How do we limit risk for them?

01:06:13Joey LaNeve

What is everyone currently doing, or planning on doing to keep student employees active and refreshed on First Aid/CPR skills?

01:06:31Olivia Raxter

Has anyone taken the American Red Cross certification extension courses yet? I recently sent it to lifeguards and rec attendants who are CPR/First Aid certified with certs expiring in the next 30 days since we are unable to host our in person recert

01:06:50Andrew Yorkey

I have

01:07:01Andrew Yorkey

I created a doc for students to follow to fill it out

01:07:13Catherine O'Kane

I was changed from not essential to essential for medical by request from our Director to our HR department through email.

01:07:15Sean Duffy

uOttawa (Ontario) - our essential workers carry ID and "essential worker letters". Many have to cross a provincial police checkpoint on their way to work

01:07:36Joey LaNeve

we are submitting all extensions as a course record

01:07:44Jamie Grenoble

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee we drained our pool

01:07:49Andrew Yorkey

01:07:56Patty Oehmke

Michigan State

01:08:06Stephanie Stewart

I created a 90 day extension course for the LGs that provided thier certifications. It only lets you select the date you are submitting.

01:08:13Shelby Stamets

Facilities/Risk Mngmt - Has any Uni publicly posted their cleaning procedures, what chemicals they use, frequency etc and if not on your website, do you post it inside the facility? This is for when we all go back on site obviously

01:08:15Drew Devore

Has anyone talked about how they would address increased cleaning of their turf fields, both indoor and outdoor, moving forward? Working with IMs and Clubs I know that this is a question I expect to get more often in the future

01:08:38Stephanie Stewart

If you want the students to have a 90 day extension from the date of experation they can submit the form to the ARC themselves:

01:08:48Gabor Jerkovits

Our health department shut us down, so the pool is not operating and we are in the process of draining it. We are not essential.

01:09:19Jeff Blumenthal

Does anyone have a plan in place for students that don't feel comfortable coming back to work once a reopening happen? Or discussed it with their department?

01:09:47Meagan Stachurski

Our Environmental Health and Safety department keeps track of MSDS because we include our chemicals on a tracking system

01:09:56Stefani Plummer

@jeff not yet but it will be a discussion soon

01:10:01Meagan Stachurski

haven't discussed that @jeff Blumenthal!

01:10:23Patty Oehmke

Yes we had to do this prior to COVID -19 at Michigan State

01:10:50Shelby Stamets

I mean for customer service purposes - to have members read so they can feel comfortable in your facility

01:10:52Catherine O'Kane

Our Risk Management department on campus has requested an electronic version of our MSDS. We also have a binder.

01:11:28Shelby Stamets


01:11:46Olivia Raxter

@jeff prior to closing we did not issue any disciplinary actions for students who missed/dropped shifts with regards to COVID uncertainty

01:12:01Patty Oehmke

Yes, at MSU, It is posted on the outside of all of our cleaning supplies in our public areas.

01:12:41Andrew Yorkey

To the essential non-essential: Working with your Environmental health and Safety

01:13:01Andrew Yorkey

Or similar to make a Business Continuity plan

01:13:21Andrew Yorkey

It helps determine these roles before hand

01:14:51Autumn Alyssa Cleverley

hoping for the best that we will have enough staff

01:14:55Brad WIlson-LSU

For our 3500sqft indoor turf, we spray it with our Clorox 360 machine to disinfect

01:15:02Kurt Schooley

Have not yet researched effectiveness with new needs- but this is what we have used on turf in past. PSF 110 Natural Enzyme Sport Surface Cleanser Application

01:15:02Ryan Wong

Getting ready to purchase this for turf - Used with a Boom Sprayer.

01:15:33Trey Knight - Univ Miami (FL)

Has anyone looked at cleaning process for climbing walls, climbing holds and climbing wall pads, ropes, harnesses etc.?

01:16:47Julia Neal

@Olivia, Akron is doing the same, 25% staff come back, 50%, 75% etc and what that looks like.

01:17:22Olivia Raxter

@Julia, its been a helpful reference to get an idea of what we will need to get by

01:17:23Gabor Jerkovits

We have a big international student base. It sounds like our university wi

01:17:39Gabor Jerkovits

will not be bringing back international students.

01:18:06Stefani Plummer

@gabor. wow. i am so sorry to hear that!

01:18:11David Grassi

@Jeff Washington State University, is looking to cross employ students across the university

01:18:32Jeff Blumenthal

Thanks everyone for the info, it is really helpful!

01:19:24Drew Devore

our hiring freeze is only for full time staff. Luckily student hiring is not included in that freeze

01:19:33marcos ordaz

We started looking at who has expiring CPR certification

01:19:36Drew Loso

01:19:44Natalie Broder

at ECU we are on a hiring and raise freeze, we are still opening job applications and holding student interviews with and then as soon as the freeze is lifted, we will process their hiring paperwork

01:19:56Kurt Schooley

We did scheduled locker cleanouts

01:20:05Oscee Wheatfall III

Indoor turf - cleaned with Germ Warfare does not kill Covid but are researching other chemicals that do

01:20:12Davetta Lackey

Patrons make an appointment to pick up their items

01:20:34Gabor Jerkovits

we as well did scheduled locker clean outs the first 3 days we were closed.

01:20:53Mary Ellen Milam

Same at TCU. Patrons can make an appointment to pick up from locker.

01:20:56Kathy Obuszewski

For my staff, prior to the Stay At Home order, a few

01:20:57Natalie Broder

We have 1 essential professional staff coming into the Rec every other day, and people can schedule to pick up items from lockers with that person

01:21:23Kathy Obuszewski

I went to the gym to get their lockers and then mailed it to them.

01:21:26Sarah Shea

A&M Commerce- can schedule to come pick it up with me.

01:21:37Meagan Stachurski


01:22:06Meagan Stachurski

oops! for anyone who wants to email me!

01:22:13Olivia Raxter

same as UT, they were able to pick up items after we closed prior to stay at home orders. No one has been allowed in since

01:22:20Scott Vaculik

SHSU - we cancelled locker clean outs and will allow people to schedule to come and pick up. I have had 1 in several weeks.


At UW-Superior, we are doing 1 to 1 individual meets to allow folks to access their lockers. We have specific measures in place for a scheduled visit, timed to 5 minutes, etc...We did a full day window at the start and many removed their items, but others that missed the initial message with the closure, are trickling in...We have no date set for opening so we are being flexible at meeting 1 on 1 :) We are hoping to get most items out so we can start the deep clean with facilities staff.

01:22:59Giancarlo Provo

We extended ours until Summer, we will most likely continue to extend them until we reopen.

01:23:10Mike Chadee

@Marcos - Not sure about other CPR certifications, but I know AHA has extended certifications 120 days beyond recommended renewal dates for Instructors and Providers for cards that expired beginning in March 2020

01:23:50Davetta Lackey

I have been using Canvas as an online training

01:24:06Catherine O'Kane

Before the stay at home order we were allowing members to come between 8 am - 5 pm M-F even though the facility was closed. We tracked who came to pick up things and if they wanted their locker again when we reopened we noted that.

01:25:07Natalie Broder

At ECU we put a lot of our trainings onto Canvas, powerpoints, documents, quizzes, videos, etc. I did “fun” activities like a Connect2 Scavenger hunt of our documents under SOPs and EPMs. We have “Bingo cards” with scenarios regarding a types response and filling out an accident/incident report as needed.

01:25:19Cynthia Rabbers

Currently working on something for boating staff for our onsite boat rentals to get them prepared for opening. Since we are in a hiring freeze most of the ones we have when we open will be returners so luckily it can be closer to a refresher.

01:25:25Jamie Grenoble

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee we have Microsoft office and were already in the process of transferring our handbooks to a digital version. We use Teams, One Note, and Forms (for quizzes after reviewing the handbooks). I plan on having any new employees review the handbooks online, take the quizzes and then hopefully do their shadowing sessions when they start.

01:25:27Lindsay Wigderson

our Risk Management training is going online via Canvas\

01:26:04Dustin Soderman

Great ideas here. Happy to see good discussion surrounding the topic

01:26:08Natalie Broder

If they do their online trainings, they get to be “preferred” for when scheduling when we open back up since they stayed engaged online while we have been closed

01:27:40Olivia Raxter

@natalie that's a great idea! way to keep them motivated to participate in the trainings

01:28:00Alejandro Herrera

How are you all encouraging students to participate in training if they are not getting paid right now?

01:28:26Glen Kemper

has anyone used a bleach solution for cleaning?

01:28:48Natalie Broder

Also the actives are “fun” like doing a Connect2 Accident report on a scene from their favorite TV show (my example i provided was filling out an accident report from Jim Halpert’s POV on Meredith getting bit by a bat from the Office)

01:29:27Olivia Raxter

@natalie that's a great idea! We are just starting to implement Connect2 so it would be good practice

01:30:09Jennifer Cobarrubias

That is awesome that they showed up without being paid :) Awesome :)

01:30:48marcos ordaz

Don't forget it's student employee appreciation week!

01:31:48Meagan Stachurski

I LOVED NATALIE'S IDEAS!! And she will share them if you ask nicely :)

01:32:27Brad WIlson-LSU

The zoom check ins I’ve been apart of with our students have been successful and uplifting for the students…they appreciate getting to see one another


We did a big "virtual thank you" e-card to all our student Rec Staff to check in and say thanks. It's tough celebrating student employee appreciation week when our folks in WI aren't able to work or be paid. They like the excitement and personal touch of the e-card :) Easy and Free!

01:32:55Natalie Broder

thanks meagan! my email is

01:33:00Chad Lowe

01:33:28Stephanie Stewart

Thank you so much!

01:33:31Stefani Plummer

thanks for this. it is great to

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