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HBCU Roundtable

Monday, April 13, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Iisha Voltz, Tony Daniels, and the HBCU Committee

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Chat Transcript

00:33:00Maiya Turner

doing good! just staying focused!

00:33:11Dwayne Saunders

Doing well. Staying active.

00:33:21William Hurley

Making it work!

00:33:22Jessica Allen

Making it through! Texas Southern University-Marketing and Promotions Coord.

00:33:23Ruchelle Dunwoody

doing great - staying productive and active

00:33:43Dwayne Saunders

Dwayne Saunders from Director of Recreation and Wellness from Elizabeth City State University.

00:34:14Kathleen Langley

Although this is difficult, I'm enjoying the transition and the learning experiences and being able to share this with the students.

00:34:24Chasity Holstick

working out

00:34:29Cameron Smith

been doing good , staying focused and trying to finish the online semester strong.. its a bit overwhelming with all the work that's stacking up

00:34:44Jasmaine Harper

Director of Intramurals & Recreation , University of the Bahamas. We've been closed for about 3 weeks now and Im starting to struggle at home, working and taking care of my 2 kids. I'm tired of cooking yall!

00:35:00Tytiana Reed

Staying engaged with our rec family, as well as focusing on my class work.

00:36:01Jocelyn Roberson

Hanging in there for the most part. I'm more concerned about high school students who are supposed to graduate this year. I think it's been rough for them because they've worked so hard to get to this moment and it's been ruined.

00:41:12Jessica Allen

WHAT!!!!!!! Where the hell do you think you’re going!!

00:44:31Jeremy Lewis

is the Bahamas on national/local lockdown?

00:46:08Nicole Piscitelli

We are open and expected to provide services. The division utilizes webex teams. We require staff to provide what their schedule would be and set expectation on digital engagement. Continuing with goal of making us relevant.

00:46:25Jasmaine Harper

At the moment The Bahamas is on complete lockdown, no one can leave their house except for emergencies, even though our total number is cases isn't very high. We're not at 50 yet but we don't have the capacity to deal with a serious outbreak. They're doing total lockdowns in increments so it will be lifted Tuesday for maybe 2 days, then put back in place

00:47:18Jessica Allen

TSU currently has student worker, using Basecamp

00:47:38Julie Weber

Anchorage Alaska this will be the last pay period that students will get paid with Admin COVID Leave

00:49:47Jeremy Lewis

did any of you have to terminate your student staff due to the pandemic?

00:50:43Jeremy Lewis

Julie are you guys biweekly or monthly pay period?

00:52:40Julie Weber

Our building went on lockdown three weeks ago, so no staff is allowed including professional and student. We are biweekly. I was able to pay them the prior pay period with the COVID Admin leave as well. We have highest number of Foreign Nationals working on campus in our facility, so I was happy to be allowed to do it.

00:53:57Mamie Murphy

we pay our students biweekly, the students last check will be May 1

00:58:14Ashford Evans-Brown

00:58:43Ashford Evans-Brown

This is the link to our Active Anywhere series that goes out via zoom for our students to participate

00:59:09Ashford Evans-Brown

Presents an opportunity to still pay our student employees and offer some programs for our student participants

01:00:04Jessica Allen

Has anyone experienced any issues using Zoom for virtual fitness classes?

01:01:44Jasmaine Harper

We do daily posts of fitness routines, yoga, mindfulness exercises, weekly challenges. We've had a live exercise session on FB and have been posting the Nirsa trivia night. As well as this week we're starting group online card games like Cards Against Humanity on the website

01:01:47Jessica Allen

Good to know! Thanks Ashford!

01:02:02Ashford Evans-Brown

No problem

01:04:43Mamie Murphy

We are doing mindful coffee session using zoom

01:05:53Kelsee Eggleston

student staff have been asked to create LinkedIn Profiles, First Aid Safety Quizzes

01:07:13Jonathan Childress

my microphone isn’t working. NCCU- ESports tournament, Madden and NBA 2K leagues (self report), all IM staff are working NFHS Basketball Certifications

01:07:54Jonathan Childress

NFL Trivia, NBA, Trivia, School History Trivia through Kahoot

01:11:55Julie Weber

50% of semester if requested for the refunds or extension depending on when we reopen safely are their options.

01:19:01Jasmaine Harper

Participation is Definitely not as high as we'd usually have with in person activities. and we cant really gauge engagement with the fitness posts, prerecorded videos. We know they're seeing it, but not sure if they're actually doing the fitness activities

01:19:19Jessica Allen

Students engagement has increased on our social media pages, but participation has been up and down.

01:19:35Jonathan Childress

e-sports has participation at NCCU- we have 4 different leagues. It was harder to get them to participate when they were on campus in something virtual.

01:21:06Alexis gray

agreed! it’s very beneficial to switch it up.

01:21:21Victoria Stark

@Kathleen What is your campus rec social media handle ?

01:23:01Kathleen Langley

· Twitter:

o Username: LURec_Wellness

· Instagram:

o Username: _thelinc

· Gmail: o Email:

· TikTok:

o Username: lumorec

· Facebook:

o LUMOCampusRecreation

01:24:24Jessica Allen

IG: @nirsahbcu

01:27:03Ruchelle Dunwoody

Thanks for sharing and putting this together! Take care everyone.

01:27:16Mamie Murphy

thank you!

01:27:20Jasmaine Harper


01:27:27Jessica Allen

Could everyone drop their campusrec social media handles to help share and support!

01:27:29Walter Munoz

Thank you!!

01:27:33Maiya Turner

thank you!!!!

01:27:37Courtney Williams

Thanks, everyone. This was great!

01:27:39Dwayne Saunders

good stuff.

01:27:44Roger Watson

Thank you!

01:27:52Ashley Hall

Thanks Ms. Voltz!

01:27:53Jasmaine Harper


01:28:30Kelsee Eggleston

anyone want to connect Aquatics or Operations or Risk Management...lets do it

01:28:52Rhodra Anderson-Brown

Thank you very much, great discussion!

01:29:10Walter Munoz

@nccucampusrec - IG

01:29:11joe conroy

Thank you it is always good to hear support from our NIRSA community. Look forward to the next chat

01:29:18Jeremy Lewis

anyone running summer camps..did u cancel

01:29:31Jessica Allen


01:29:36R. Chris McCollum


01:29:38Tytiana Reed


01:29:38Adebamike Adekunle


01:29:43Monica Shirley-Drew


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