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Facilities Roundtable

Friday, April 10, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Jess Gentry presented with Erin Wells and Amy Lanham

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Chat Transcript

00:25:46Erin Wells

Good Afternoon!!!!

00:25:53Amy Lanham

Welcome Everyone - lots of people on the call. Please mute unless speaking

00:28:42Chad Caldwell

anyone offering to freeze memberships?

00:29:07Amy Lanham

We are pausing memberships as well for autodebit and payroll deduction

00:29:20Kenneth Maxey

We are pausing payroll and monthly credit card billing

00:29:28Jess Gentry

At Illinois we are pausing memberships as well

00:29:39James DePoe

We are pausing memberships and granting extensions at Humber College in Toronto, Canada

00:29:42Kari Scott

FSU - Default option for members is to "extend" memberships as many days that we are closed; can choose to credit on account (through Fusion) or partial refund (university process)

00:29:45Staci Snyder

We have automatically gone in and frozen all memberships. If anyone wants a refund, they can request one, but they do not need to do anything to have their membership frozen, we have taken care of that

00:29:45Suzette Smith

We are pausing memberships and will offer refunds if they request it.

00:30:01Shea McMurray

Created a form giving them the option to extend or refund memberships:

00:30:07Nicole Green

University of Michigan - not billing memberships for two months.

00:30:11Benjamin McElhiney

MIT is currently freezing memberships and are refunding/crediting programs.

00:30:12Candice Douglas

Forgot to mention we've also refunded all swim lessons, lg classes, and rentals through May

00:30:17Ashlee Miller

U of Minnesota is extending memberships that have an expiration. Payroll deduction is suspended. Our University is prorating student service fees from spring break to the end of the semester.

00:30:25Matt Shilling

UNC Charlotte - we’ve been directed to NOT offer cancellations for payroll deduction but we are extending memberships for however long we are closed. working case by case on other fee services like PT, swim lessons, etc.

00:30:35Brad Avenia

School of Mines pausing all Payroll deductions. Waiting on info from Sr. Admin for refunds

00:30:36Greta Giese

We are waiting to see when we reopen to evaluate how we are going to extend memberships or refund memberships. We’ve pushed our reopening date three times, so it seems like best practice to see exactly how long this lasts.

00:30:44Benjamin Nelson (Minnesota State - Mankato)

Minnesota State is offering prorated refunds or freezing their memberships. Most have opted for the membership freeze.

00:30:45Kenneth Maxey

Cal State Fullerton - we are processing refunds for all classes and trips as well as 50% of Intramural and 50% F45 memberships

00:30:50Michael Montgomery

CWU - Pausing memberships, adding the length of closure to the tail end of the membership, or they can prorate and refund.

00:30:50Jeremy Chance

University of Kansas is essentially freezing. For any non-student fees membership, we'll add the number of days on to the end from when we closed, so 3/14; however many days between then and when we open, we'll add those days on.

00:30:51Jason Thornton

Winthrop University: Payroll deduction memberships have been cancelled and all other memberships are going to be extended for the duration of our closure.

00:30:51Jamie Grenoble

Is anyone not offering refunds if the total refund is under a certain dollar amount?

00:31:04Nick Lumpkin

Cincinnati - refunded Mar 25-March 31, auto freezing until we reopen

00:31:11Shea McMurray

Prorated refund for payroll deductions for March (we bill retroactively). Not billing for April or May at this point

00:31:26Patty McConnell

CU Boulder is suspending payroll deduction for April, partial for March and May TBD. Lockers expiring in May will be extended through Summer and lockers expiring in August may request refund or extend through Fall.

00:31:47Bill Singleton

at Oakland University we are freezing our paying memberships for the entire time that we are closed and adding those days. We are contemplating the idea of bringing any student memberships for the current semester into the summer semester for a free membership if they were not taking classes this summer

00:31:50Julie Gillespie

UW Seattle - we paused all payroll deduction members and have cancelled any requests we receive so those folks will not be restarted, otherwise all current members as of March 16th (the day we closed), will be restarted when we reopen. All annual memberships will be extended by the number of days our facility is closed.

00:31:54Nick Lumpkin

UC - all student refunds went back to there student account with the bursars office

00:31:56Brian Cousins

AT UIC we’re offering a free month to all members once we re-open - trying to use this as an incentive to keep members from canceling membership as we know we’ll lose many of them for good if they cancel

00:32:23Jeremy Chance

Group Fitness - Second half semester passes will be refunded in full; full-semester passes will be refunded at %50.

00:32:57Mark Garneau

Ole Miss has a few types of refunds depending on the membership.

00:33:16Ron Siliko

Miami University is going to have a give back on general fees this year…..general fee will be reduced next year

00:33:25Sean Duffy

Question: How long are your facilities closed until? We are looking at closures through June 30 2020 in Ottawa, Canada

00:34:15Candice Douglas

WKU has moved to All online classes for summer 2020

00:34:45Brian Cousins

All summer courses at UIC will be on-line only but no decision as to when campus rec or other facilities/services will re-open and resume

00:34:46Kenneth Maxey

Cal State Fullerton - All summer classes online now. Our rec fee is mandatory as well

00:34:49Natalie Broder

ECU is all online for summer 2020 also. rumors say fall 2020 will start online possible…

00:34:50Candice Douglas

@Sean we are TBD but are not expecting an opening prior to June/July

00:35:08Tucker Paschen

Southern Miss is currently closed through April 30th 2020, however summer classes have all been moved to online so there is a good chance we will not be reopening April 30

00:35:17Louis Morphew

MSU Denver not issuing campus recreation refunds and have tried to offer as much online programming as possible.

00:35:28Joe Pack

GWU we are currently planning for hard open again for Fall 2020 semester, and they have moved all summer classes to online and keeping all housing closed this summer.

00:35:30Natalie Broder

ECU’s summer camps also are not starting until July 7

00:35:53Kenneth Maxey

Cal State Fullerton - Closed through May 22, depending on the situation of course

00:36:02Julie Weber

University of Alaska Anchorage June 30

00:36:02Justin Cato

A&M-Commerce: We have a dedicated rec fee that won't be refunded, i guess the way it was written when it was implemented had language that all students, online or not, have to pay it because it covers our building's bond payment as well as all operating and programming cost

00:36:11Chad Caldwell

No anticipated opening date at FGCU yet. All online through the summer. TBD on opening back up

00:36:13Greta Giese

At this time we are hoping to reopen May 18 for the summer semester.

00:36:22Mark Garneau

Ole Miss canceled all summer camps

00:36:22Gary Tarver

UCR recreation as of now June 19th

00:36:29James DePoe

Just based on the latest Government information in Ontario/Toronto. No spaces open until June 30.

00:36:32Benjamin McElhiney

MIT - No direction on reopen date. Summer youth programs canceled campus wide.

00:36:37Jason Thornton

Winthrop: closed through April 30th, but I anticipate that being extended.

00:36:39Shaun Rutherford

Adelphi University on Long Island, NY is online for the rest of the semester and is TBD on a date to reopen as well

00:36:46Julia Neal

Akron announced all online this summer, we are still unsure of how that will affect our reopen, staff,etc.

00:36:46Brad Avenia

Has anyone had the conversation with Sr. Admin about Rec Fees and the fact that all of our expenses don't stop and ending our fee revenue will be problematic?

00:36:47Sean Duffy

uOttawa and Carleton U in Ottawa are both online student classes until August 30

00:36:55Ashlee Miller

U of Minnesota - With our classes online this summer, we could very well be closed through the summer. If we do reopen this summer, we will likely have shorter facility hours.

00:37:07KP (she/her/hers)

No open date at Univ of Wisconsin - Superior, hoping for July 1 in Wisconsin :)

00:37:22James DePoe

Humber College summer semester entirely online

00:37:24Jess Pellerin

VCU has been told all FT staff will be teleworking through June 10th. All classes will be online through July 9th. Any further decision will be communicated on May 30th

00:37:35David Francis

For those of whom are doing online work for students, how well attended/utilized is it?

00:37:48Davetta Lackey

FAU - We currently do not have an expected reopen date

00:37:57Bill Singleton

Here at Oakland our Summer 1 session is confirmed online and we believe that session 2 will be online only as well

00:38:13Eden Huerta

UC Riverside closure as of now until June 19

00:38:21Maxwell Miller

Great point Erin Wells!

00:38:24Courtney Copp

University of Arizona- Our re-open date will be reevaluated by our university leadership team on May 1st

00:38:42Julia Neal

Exactly, Erin

00:38:58James DePoe

Cleared our entire booking schedule, it was reciprocal. Have attempted to move up facility maintenance (floor resurfacing, painting, touch ups etc.) to happen before we potentially re-open so we can carry out whatever programming we possibly can

00:39:03Kenneth Maxey

Cal State Fullerton - we are working back as well, but will be able to plan more after the Stay At Home order is lifted

00:39:15Candice Douglas

@Brad our admin is working with state legislature for emergency funding

00:39:37Brian Cousins

Very good point and topic we should all be discussing with our staff — need to start brain storming what needs to be done (especially facilities related) in order to re-open and do it safely - we just started a shared brainstorming spreadsheet with our leadership team specifically for this initiative

00:40:21Emily Payne

With possible extension of summer how are schools allowing members to get in and get their things out of their rental lockers?

00:40:35Candice Douglas

@Emily we are not

00:40:46Zack Sephton

Queen's University in Canada we're cancelling programming monthly, with the exception of bookings which cancel with more notice. Also attempting to move as much maintenance as we can to happen before a potential reopen

00:41:00Nyssa Owen

@emilypane individual appointment only

00:41:10Joe Pack

At GWU we are also building out our work back plan so when we do get a hard date we have the timeline laid out. Currently we are getting as much heavy cleaning done as we can

00:41:16Robyn Wallman

Cal Poly, SLO's Rec Center is being used as an Alternative Care Site for our County, so our facility availability is based on when the county decommissions the site. We will then have about a 6 week turnaround before the doors can be open once it's decommissioned. We are forecasting online programming through summer with the possibility of August pool access.

00:41:28Erin Wells

@Emily we offered for them to come in before the stay at home orders went into place

00:41:29Candice Douglas

Has anyone's campus brought up furloughing staff until the reopen?

00:41:33Jason Thornton

@emilyPayne, we are doing the same as Nyssa

00:41:46Clay Heinley

Emily, we are allowing this by appointment. We have signs posted on the front door with our contact information.

00:42:10Kenneth Maxey

Cal State Fullerton - We are paying our student staff through April 30th and then the discussions of furloughs are possible.

00:42:32Davetta Lackey

@Emily we have given people the opportunity to make an appointment to pick up their locker items

00:42:43Louis Morphew

At MSU Denver all faculty and staff on campus have been asked for suggestions to cut the university budget.

00:42:51Jamie Grenoble

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee almost all student employee appointments( with the exception of a few) have been terminated.

00:43:00Cindy Wright

At Gettysburg any new positions & budgets are currently frozen

00:43:03Mark Garneau

Ole Miss waiting . . .

00:43:03todd Bauch

we tried to have the conversation with the university about reopening process. We were informed that the university was still closing down and hadn’t thought that far out.

00:43:04Joe Pack

@Emily we have been doing access on a request basis when we have someone physically at the facility. So far it has only been about 5 people.

00:43:21Natalie Broder

ECU is on a hiring and raise freeze

00:43:30Jeremy Chance

KU - Hiring freeze and raise freeze as well.

00:43:30Sean Duffy

@Emily: We did appointments for lockers initially but on hold now since no one except essential staff and international student residents are allowed on campus

00:43:33Shaun Rutherford

Student Employment has stopped for Adelphi University but if they worked in the last 2 weeks before the shutdown our university is giving student employees a $450 stipend to assist with the difficult times

00:43:35Robyn Wallman

CP-SLO has furloughed the majority of student staff. Hiring freeze is in effect.

00:43:35Nick Lumpkin

hiring freezes are here, and no student work allowed

00:43:39Natalie Broder

All purchases have to be approved via associate director before being made.

00:43:42Sean Duffy

@Everyone - Hiring freeze and spending freeze coming

00:43:43Candice Douglas

@Kenneth we have furloughed all student staff so that they are eligible for unemployment but nothing about professional staff as of yet

00:44:07Candice Douglas

We are also on a hiring and spending freeze

00:44:24Joe Pack

At GWU every level currently has a hiring freeze from students to full time staff, as a way to save.

00:44:48todd Bauch

We can hire students still but no others

00:44:50Matt Shilling

UNC Charlotte - currently in the process of hiring student employees for summer, trying to be prepared to open as quickly as possible once we know when we will be back

00:44:55Zack Sephton

We've hired our new student staff for the upcoming year but have told them there is no guarantee for when they are able to start work, and all student staff have been informed they will not receive hours until we receive guidance to reopen. All students were paid through until the start of April as we shut down in mid March

00:45:18Staci Snyder

at UCLA, we are in a hiring freeze. Student are getting admin time (set hours determined based on Fall work hours). Selected students allowed to work remotely if work has been approved.

00:45:19Gregory Reinhardt

At the University of Utah we are still engaging with virtual recruitments and interviews to have new hires in place when we do re-open. We have asked for time to train them before opening, but have no definitive answer on that.

00:46:26Priscilla Gaona

At Georgia Tech we are also moving forward wit hiring students employees for the summer so we are prepared. We are thinking about developing any online training that we can do. But right now, no idea when we will open which we have had to make clear to any candidates

00:47:48Eyal Baruch

can we talk about facility security at one point

00:47:54Davetta Lackey

FAU - we are developing online training for student employees that we are hiring for or have already been hired

00:47:55Natalie Broder

We’ve been using Canvas/Blackboard

00:48:31Jess Gentry

@Eyal…yes, I’ve noted it and will bring it up when able

00:50:41Melissa Ortiz

@Davetta what are you using for your online trainings? Would you mind sharing what topics you are considering covering in those trainings?

00:51:07David Francis

It is hard when professors are giving more work and readings now that everything is online to connect with students via hangouts and zooms or what have you.

00:51:16Priscilla Gaona

@Davetta, agreed with Melissa! I'd be interested to know as well

00:51:30Sean Zwenger

Northern Arizona University here. Could some others share some projects they are having students work on remotely? Currently looking to have some senior staff work on SOPs, updating staff handbooks, etc.

00:51:39Ashlee Miller

U of MN - We are paying students w/o work and many supervisors are doing short weekly zoom check-in meetings. Less structure, more just to give updates and see how they are all doing.

00:51:46Patty McConnell

CU Boulder - engaging student staff through an Activity Book developed for fun, a music play list and coffee hour.

00:51:54Meagan Day

We are doing remote work with students via teams and one drive. We were expected to provide meaningful work that would equate to their normal avg weekly hours. Our career and leadership center has provided some professional dev trainings that they can also be paid for. We also had a department open forum today with our exec director and entire pro & student staff. We will also be changing our EOY banquet to creating an appreciation video and virtual awards

00:51:55Natalie Broder

I text about 3-5 people individually on my staff to check in with them on how they are doing (stress, being home - if at their apt or with family, school work, internships, etc.)

00:52:41Sean Zwenger

Re: online trainings, we create ours with Google Docs. Pretty nifty once you get the hang of it. Can do a lot with it.

00:54:11Davetta Lackey

For the online trainings I have created a Canvas module for my student staff. This is for new hires that I would need to train. Topics covered are the department as a whole. Information about the different areas videos of what their responsibilities will be

00:54:15Natalie Broder

Some online work I have: Connect2 Scavenger hunt (knowing what file and page important info is like ECU PD # for an emergency); “BINGO” card with scenarios for them to type up how they would respond; Leadership competency reviews - how they use it at work, school, and in future career

00:54:45Kegan Arthur

University of Utah is paying the staff their average hours from January to March. There is no work required for the staff and this will continue to the end of the spring semester. My department is doing weekly checkins in our group chat through GroupMe. My staff has to send a picture or video of what they have been up to for the week. Trying to keep the interaction fun and inviting.

00:56:41Staci Snyder

Some of the things we are having our students work on is being part of virtual interviews for student positions, develop sills refreshers for once we reopen, create engagement/resources for being virtual students, build peer to peer support program. We are also looking at hosting a virtual "hang out" for student employees once a week/every other week

00:57:35Andy Laughlin

virtual awards and video recognition

00:57:37Colin Haggerty

at Eastern Michigan University we are holding a virtual banquet and presenting awards and honoring those who are leaving

00:57:57Cindy Wright

Gettysburg creating a video to share and say thank you!

00:57:58Tucker Paschen

virtual ceremony via zoom or facebook live so that students can join and have it be interactive

00:58:01Jamie Grenoble

We are featuring a graduating senior weekly on our Instagram page.

00:58:33David Francis

Jamie, great idea!

00:58:36Gerard Morgan

East Stroudsburg - Creating a video and zoom dinner. Giving out superlatives

00:58:48Natalie Broder

I’m sending personal written cards to all my seniors congratulating on their graduation and all work over the years.

00:58:49Amy Lanham

We did a mailer to active student employees with a sticker memento for National Student Employee appreciation week next week. We are having a Virtual Battleship Tournament amongst any student employees that want to play. We have a Virtual Graduation Recognition event on May 8

00:58:50todd Bauch

Don’t forget Stuent employee appreciation week is next week

00:58:57Candice Douglas

We sent out a survey asking how our graduates would like to be celebrated. Currently area specific videos is winning. The options were an all grad video, area specific video, and Zoom Meeting

00:59:02Natalie Broder


00:59:03Zack Sephton

I'm putting together a video announcement for each staff award we would have presented, and one to recognize our graduating staff with one of their staff shirts being raised up into the rafters with our championship banners to symbolize their departure. May look into a zoom meeting where everyone can watch these together

00:59:07Natalie Broder


00:59:29David Francis

Google Meetings works really well!

00:59:32Colin Haggerty

personally, Zoom has been my favorite. I believe we will be using Google Hangouts

00:59:55Chris Hopkins

@Temple - week long roll out of pre-recorded video's offering 'state of (insert area)' to celebrate each area and inserting other recorded fun to celebrate and thank student staff.

01:00:03Matt Shilling

We have a license with WebEx

01:00:06Michael Montgomery

@Todd Thanks for the reminder!

01:00:12Manica Pierrette

On employee recognition - UWG has asked non-graduating students to submit superlatives, their favorite memories advice for post-graduation, and pictures. We are sending a presentation with recorded speeches about each student in addition to a “yearbook” by compiling memories submitted into a newsletter by using Issue.

01:00:20Cory Eiffert

University of Arizona is also crowdsourcing content from our students to add to our end-of-semester celebration video. Essentially any fun memories they have with their co-workers or interesting ways they are passing the time while at home.

01:01:08Ross Rodriguez UT Austin

Yeah, let’s ask the dude who works at Facebook!

01:01:08Greta Giese

They can “chat” with you 👍🏻❤️

01:01:15Jamie Grenoble

We are doing fitness classes through facebook live. It isn't like this in zoom -where you can see multiple people.

01:03:23Kenneth Maxey

Cal State Fullerton - we are deemed essential, so we do a building check twice a day. It rotates between the 6 professional staff that we have.

01:03:29Amy Lanham

This week we took down volleyball nets, tennis nets and locked up goals. We also boxed out rims/baskets on basketball courts

01:03:30Jamie Grenoble

No one is allowed into our facility without approval from above our department and even then it is only very special circumstances. We just had to postpone our delivery of fitness equipment.

01:03:44Meagan Day

Golf course security has been really tough!

01:03:48Mark Garneau

We had someone kick the tennis court gate in.

01:03:50Ross Rodriguez UT Austin

Yeah, currently sitting at our fields and see people playing off in the distance

01:04:02Mike Chadee

UT Southwestern in Dallas - Our facility is closed, we had outdoor basketball rims removed this week. Newest discussion is Tennis Courts.

01:04:06Cindy Wright

At Gettysburg we took down most of our nets (soccer, basketball, tennis)

01:04:11Jessica Dehn

we've taken the hoops off of our outdoor basketball courts, taken down outdoor volleyball nets, locked up all fields & goals, and just have to go by spaces periodically to check on them

01:04:13Bill Singleton

all of our outdoor facilities that can be locked and closed have been. We had not gotten to getting our soccer goals up yet on those open fields so it discourages it a bit. We have turned off swipe access to our building for our student staff

01:04:28Jason Thornton

Winthrop: we removed all of our nets from soccer goals and volleyball nets at our outdoor fields.

01:04:28Greta Giese

Took down soccer goals. This is tough!

01:05:38Jeremy Chance

Do it live on the roundtable!

01:06:15Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Please go mobile, Ross.

01:06:16Derick Hurst


01:06:28Mark Garneau


01:06:30Max Miller, Swarthmore College

But let them know they’re on camera once you’re removing them from the field. :-D

01:06:32Colin Haggerty

let’s see it!!

01:06:40Ross Rodriguez UT Austin

Imma get arrested for the roundtable!

01:06:43Ross Rodriguez UT Austin


01:06:49Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Take one for the team

01:07:11Benjamin Nelson (Minnesota State - Mankato)

Outdoors: We elected to not put up our tennis nets. Locked our goals down with no nets. Most fields are fenced around and those are locked.

We are allowing people to use our fitness trail as long as people are exercising 6' distancing.

01:07:21Justin Cato

soccer nets are down, fields locked up as much as we can do. going to take down sand volleyball nets next week. thankfully, there's a 10 foot fence around our tennis courts. we're going on if they want to jump that, good luck

01:07:31Amy Lanham

we have had the interesting piece where our EOC has asked to see if there were staff that were not deemed essential to be redeployed as a Community Service Officer to walk campus second and third shift to help with security

01:08:15Bill Callender

Oregon State U. has signed exterior facilities. Our spaces are designed more park like so not able to restrict. Campus Safety isn't active in dispersing users but numbers are low.

01:08:18Corrine Pruett

WVU: We were told not to close our fields by upper admin. Only posting signage and UPD does checks throughout the day.

01:09:49Zack Sephton

Queens University we have posted our fields as closed and tons of signage stating they're closed. Campus security monitors regularly, but for the fields without large fences we typically only approach people using the fields if they aren't adhering to social distancing rules or are in a large group

01:10:19Jeremy Chance

@Corrinne Same with KU. Student Affairs upper administration asked that we keep our outdoor spaces available (i.e., keep hoops up, goals out, etc.). It's been challenging, because our outdoor courts have seen 20-30 people on only two courts, full soccer games in close quarters, et.c

01:10:49Chris Wermie

University of Regina, we've posted signage on our outdoor facilities as well as locked up as much as we can. Campus Security is dealing with this daily, random people on fields. Not sure what else we can do to stop it.

01:11:11Zack Sephton

For our indoor facilities we've drained our pool to limit that liability, and have fulltime facilities staff in the building 9-5 weekdays and alternate who does a check on weekends as well

01:11:35Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Thanks for hosting, moderating, and educating! Heading to another meeting. Have a great weekend. Be well!

01:11:52Jess Gentry

@Max…Have a good weekend!

01:12:18Matt Shilling

Thanks all, be well and stay safe!

01:14:00Nyssa Owen

@robyn are they also expecting your department to be a daily part of that possible alternative care location? As in your rec staff may be reassigned to duties for keeping that operation running?

01:15:06Anthony Fillippino

@Robyn: Maybe cover/enclose the machines, like covering furniture before painting concept.

01:16:12Jessica Dehn

we have a drive thru testing site on our campus and one of our facilities is being used for decontamination.

01:17:15Ross Rodriguez UT Austin

or COVID patients in recovery, once off respirators

01:18:45Sean Duffy

One of our sports facilities has a medical clinic (non-covid)

01:19:11Ross Rodriguez UT Austin

Good luck everyone! Gotta jet to another meeting, and tackling some trespassers!

01:19:19Bill Singleton

take care Ross

01:19:20Natalie Broder

If anyone would like some of the online work I shared (bingo, etc) my email is

01:19:27Giancarlo Provo

Thank you for sharing everyone!

01:19:58Julie Weber

Our Athletic facility is one of the overflow sites for hospital since it's right next door to it. My ice rink in my facility is the back up morgue for the city if needed. I don't believe that we will have to be that with our social distancing a bit easier with all of our wide open spaces p here...Anchorage Alaska

01:20:18Greta Giese

Does anyone have an extensive cleaning, deep cleaning list that they are working through that they want to share? I feel like we’re getting a lot done, but I’m wondering if there are other items/ideas that we could benefit from.

01:20:22Gary Tarver

UCR is putting together a loaner program also.

01:20:37Davetta Lackey

If anyone would like me to go into more detail about my online trainings just let me know.

01:20:56KP (she/her/hers)

Our Campus (UW-Superior) saw renting out eqpt to members as a huge liability and risk. It was a hard NO from our system folks as well :)

01:21:14Greta Giese

We are not renting/loaning equipment. Good for you - not going to work for us.

01:21:16Amy Lanham

@Greta if you were on the first facility call people shared many of the approved EPA products they were using as well as protocols from APPA or ISSA

01:21:19Sean Duffy

Varsity athletes have been able to take some equipment home for training

01:22:13Erin Wells

@Greta i also posted this on the thread for the Risk Management call

01:22:32Erin Wells

CDC has a really good chart

01:23:04Bill Callender

Oregon State U. - Has anyone placed equipment in campus housing facilities?

01:23:56Michael Montgomery

Thanks Jess!

01:24:18Tucker Paschen

Thanks everyone!

01:24:20Gabor Jerkovits

Thanks for hosting!

01:24:22Mark Garneau

Happy Easter to everyone

01:24:30Corrine Pruett

Thank you!

01:24:40Bill Singleton

Thank You!

01:24:42Erin Wells

Thank you!!!!

01:24:42Courtney Sharbaugh

Thank you!

01:24:43Derick Hurst

Happy Easter and thank you

01:24:44Morgan Munoz- Towson University

Thanks for hosting!

01:24:51Zack Sephton

Thanks Jess! Happy Easter y'all, stay safe!

01:25:00Sean Duffy

Happy Easter!

01:25:00Adam Pruett

Thank you so much for keeping us connected

01:25:02Amanda Torres-Brooks

Very helpful! thank you very much!

01:25:04Anita Moran

Great conversations and good information

01:25:04Sean Zwenger

Be well everyone.

01:25:05Anthony Fillippino

Thank you for hosting. Be safe, wash your hands@@@

01:25:07Chris Wermie

Thanks Jess. Stay safe everyone!

01:25:07Mark Ritter

Happy Easter - Remember the reason for the season

01:25:08Nyssa Owen

We appreciate yall for facilitating!!

01:25:11Roger Watson

Thank you and have a great easter

01:25:13Chad Caldwell

Stay safe everyone and Happy Easter

01:25:13Amy Lanham

The recordings are posted on the NIRSA site is you want to go back revisit the Chat log or what was shared.

01:25:15Kristyn Watts

Thank you!! Enjoy the weekend!

01:25:16Candice Douglas

Thanks BYE

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email