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Thursday, April 9, 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET

Facilitated by Alex Accetta and Pam Watts

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Chat Transcript

00:33:48Alex Accetta

Good morning everyone. Thanks for joining!

00:34:10Jennifer Speer

Hi Alex!!!

00:34:17Josh Downing

Good morning from Indianapolis!

00:34:17Richard Hammond

Good morning all hope everyone is doing well.

00:34:25Kevin George

Good morning everyone…great to see all of you virtually

00:34:26Greg Durham

Good morning friends!

00:34:28Alicia Rossow

Good morning from 77 degree Florida :)

00:34:43Dr. Shane Tatum

good morning


Good Morning From North Dakota! UND

00:34:45Jason Gardner

Good morning everyone!

00:35:01Shari Landmark

Good Morning from SDSTATE in Brookings, SD!

00:35:05Greg Jordan

survey completed. very quick

00:35:14joy Polkabla Byers

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday!

00:35:23Kim Schmidt

Hello friends!

00:35:24Maxwell Miller

Good morning! It’s a quick survey. Thanks for sending it out.

00:35:29Deirdre Reich

HI everyone! from Wingate U in NC


Hey, sports fans!

00:35:40Stefani Plummer

I feel like i am at the National Conference! SO good to see y'all! :)

00:35:48joy Polkabla Byers

Good morning everyone! Hope you're doing well!

00:36:00Linda Knight

Hello all NIRSA friends!

00:36:08Drew Meadows

Good morning from Charleston Southern University (Charleston, SC)

00:36:28Adam Pruett

Good Morning Everyone! Miss you all!

00:36:43Stacey Hall

Morning everyone. So great to see everyone!

00:36:45Andy Milton

Good morning NIRSA Fam!

00:37:10Deb Johnson

Good morning! So nice to see so many NIRSA friends.

00:37:16Roger Watson

Good morning from Dixie State University.

00:37:33David Gaskins

Good morning all from George Mason University!

00:37:49Stefani Plummer

Meeting my team where they are at has a whole new meaning...learning to adapt to leading from a distance!

00:38:07NIRSA Smartboard

For those looking to connect and chat further - no agenda, just NIRSA fam - we've added two "NIRSA Coffee Hours" - 4/10 and 4/17 - see the Ideas in Motion page for more info

00:38:18NIRSA Smartboard

00:38:35Maxwell Miller

The two NIRSA Coffee Hours look fantastic! Thanks for organizing those two events.

00:38:48Dr. Shane Tatum

Hello from Troy University in Troy, Alabama

00:39:13Deirdre Reich

We are not getting a whole lot of direction from admin at this point. My staff meets at least twice each week via zoom. Also a lot of document sharing


UF Student Senate Zoom photo bombed last night. Porn, threats, etc.

00:40:00Laurie Braden

Good Morning all from LSU

00:40:11Kevin George

Yikes David Bowles…trolls everywhere…

00:40:50David Gaskins

We have been talking about developing a "recovery plan" at George Mason so we can plan for what things will look like when we re-open. Lots of challenges with this process of getting back up to speed after being away for a minimum of about 3 months but could be longer . . . Any thoughts for planning purposes would be appreciated.

00:42:26Kristine Patterson

Good morning from chilly N. Wisconsin at UW-Superior :) I'd love to hear more about recovery for buildings too! Both Rec/Athletic and Arena (hockey/dry floor) buildings are in conversation. We just mentioned it in a Facilities Meeting yesterday... Thank you for sharing!

00:42:30Deirdre Reich

Hi David.We have been asking the same questions. We are so dependent on student staff and almost all have moved off campus. We are hoping for a 2 week notice. My staff and I are looking at what re opening looks like....different scenarios.

00:42:46joy Polkabla Byers

Thanks David, just about to ask that question.. how many days do you think you will need to reopen? Are you having an third party company come and deep clean or sanitize before reopening.

00:45:17Rob Simels

At TCNJ we are having all our rec and athletic facilities sanitized by a third party before reopenning

00:45:49David Gaskins

Yes, those are the types of questions we are asking right now also related to the "recovery plan" so would love to hear all the thoughts. We will be involving our staff in the questions and answers also since they have familiarity and expertise in their areas. Help from our colleagues would be awesome and would be willing to share with anyone who wants to contribute. My email is .

00:46:24Greg Durham

I wonder if a "Recovery Plan" shared document would be useful

00:46:32Cindy Wright

Thanks Stacy! Very emotional to think about.

00:46:48Kevin George

Yes Google Drive for Recovery plan would be nice to share

00:47:02Jessica Ward

Recovery plan document would be great

00:47:05Josh Downing

We received a message from our President this morning promising full time employees will receive pay and benefits through the end of the semester. After, he stated that there will be cuts across all areas as the University will likely need to cut 20-30% of the overall operating budget. Thoughts on preparing for the potential of reduction in full time staff? And, thoughts on new revenue generating ideas now and when we open? Also, very curious on “recovery plan”.

00:47:11Josh Downing

Thank you, Stacey!

00:47:24Craig Decker

can we add the recovery plan on the google doc already created by Alex?

00:47:27joy Polkabla Byers

Is the cleaning pricing different if you had confirmed cases and how far in advance are you scheduling this cleaning at this time.

00:47:31Deb Johnson

Have any of the campuses started to discuss furloughing staff. We are expecting information before the end of the week.

00:47:35Greg Jordan

the ice arena scenario is realistic. when I was director at BGSU we were a make shift morgue site

00:47:40Leslie Dulle

Xavier University is being set up as well as an Alternative Transition Site, just as Stacey described except this will be in our residence halls as needed.

00:47:56Deb Johnson

Can address cleaning......

00:47:56Ian Brown

Speaking of cycles, or levels, here, is a great article on Medium about the different stages of working from home. It discusses asynchronous communication, decreasing frivolous meetings, etc.

00:49:25Greg Durham

Creighton has been called to be a quarantine site for the State of Nebraska. My entire division is currently packing up student dorm rooms in preparation for this. Our rec, and the student union have been stood up as storage areas for student belongings until we can get them shipped off to their owners.

00:49:26Linda Knight

William & Mary President is doing all she can to save all jobs. We are closed for the semester, and the state of VA is under stay at home until June 10.

00:49:42Dave Suter

We would live to see and contribute to a shared doc for recovery plan at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Budget planning is not being discussed yet here.

00:49:44David Gaskins

We are also awaiting word as to whether we will be an alternate medical facility so would love to exchange thoughts with those who are doing it in the event that we are called upon to do it. We should find out any day this week.

00:50:10Shari Landmark

We are predicting a 20% budget reduction as well.

00:50:20Kevin George

Our University Budget/CFO has been very conservative to be able to pay all FTE and Grad Coordinators, so we cannot pay part time or student staff so they can be paid and benefits still be available. Also project housing/dining partial credits/refunds…but he is also plannign for potential partial student fee credit/refund (could be a mandate from the state), which could impact our total budget allocation for FY21. So our team needs to reevaluate FY21 revenue and expenditures, as well as the hiring freeze impact.

00:50:24Jessica Ward

We started going through the same budget exercises that we had to go through back in 2008 when the economy tanked.

00:50:26Autumn Johnson

We are not planning on a deep clean when we reopen. We have done normal cleaning, and our custodians are able to get to projects they normally can't do doing the year. But this article is why we don't think a special clean is necessary:

00:50:35Linda Knight

Something we are moving in to is this is a marathon not a sprint anymore. We started as a sprint and now we need to settle into a marathon.

00:51:07Deb Johnson

We are paying staff and can address

00:51:44Greg Durham

Creighton (private, 4y), will very likely be reducing staff. I've been asked to justify some of my professional staff through this period. There have been a number of HR policies that have been passed in the last week.

00:51:44Peter Murray

We laid off all part-time staff and only work study are paid at UMass Lowell

00:52:32Kevin George

Only students being paid are FWS. Also many of our full time custodians are being paid with no work to do at home, since our facilities are closed.

00:52:36Laurie Braden

at LSU we have a unique solution on fees

00:52:41Leslie Dulle

Xavier received a communication this morning from our President as well. We are seeing huge budget ramifications as everyone is. 7 million in room and board refunds. Currently our staff is on target to be paid through the end of the semester. We are also paying our student workers our through the remainder of the semester. Our senior leadership has committed to a 5% pay cut, hiring freezes, as well as no merit increases, or structural adjustments.

00:52:45Laurie Braden

Im glad to explain

00:52:49Diane Yee

MSU Denver is not refunding students (they each paid $36.80/semester) as we are still offering services/programs remotely

00:53:01Alicia Rossow

Florida Southern College ( 4 year private). They promised us to get paid until end of April (All hourly, part time and salary employees). Most staff are getting paid from home but can't work from home!

00:53:26Andy Milton

At St. Ambrose University (small, private 4 year institution in Iowa), we learned last week that furloughs were coming "over the course of the next 3 weeks so not sure what that means personally or for my department but currently faculty/staff being paid.. Not allowed to pay any undergrad staff at this time and haven't since mid-March.

00:53:30Doug Curry

If everyone could put what university your representing in each of these chats it may be helpful

00:53:30Deirdre Reich

Wingate U. sm private school. Have not heard from admin on future for staff. However it would not surprise me if we have to take pay cuts.

00:53:38Richard Hammond

We are not able to pay the student staff that are not on federal work study. The federal work study students are getting the remainder of what they were awarded for the semester in 3 equal payments. University of Central Arkansas.

00:53:39Stefani Plummer

@Alicia may i ask why they can't work from home?

00:53:42Mike Medina

Quinnipiac (private, 4Y, CT) has reduced FT salaries 3-5% based on amount you make. All rec facilities are closed. Still exploring if work study students will get paid, some on-campus jobs are allowing students to work remotely. We only have GA’s working now

00:53:52joy Polkabla Byers

Youngstown State University

00:53:58Sandra Ondracka

At the University of Windsor - we are entirely ancillary fee based. The university will be offering intercession and summer session online - so there will be no access to our facility - so we will not be collecting any fees. So at this point I am unsure of what our rec budget will be. There is a hiring freeze. We are allowed to payout current part time employees, but unknown is the impact to full time.

00:54:10Michael Giles

At Iowa State, our Admin made the decision not to provide a refund to our students for their fees. The Admin saw the work we are doing a vital and beneficial and thus felt they did not need to refund. We’ll see how long that last 😁

00:54:19Alicia Rossow

@ Stefani. They said that some staff can't work from home (custodians, facilities) so they have asked everyone not to work from home unless they are essential jobs/business.

00:54:21Peter Tulchinsky

Good article from Inside Higher Ed on a recent survey of university presidents and future impact:

00:54:33Cindy Wright

We need to communicate the importance of our profession in this new virtual reality.

00:54:51Kevin George

To be fiscal I think we really have to look at our multiple 3rd party softwares that although may not be as robust could be done via platforms the university has licenses for (Microsoft Teams, Webex, Campus Labs/Collegiate Link, Blackboard, etc.). We use pay for softwares like Fusion, Connect2, SubitUp, etc.

00:57:46Michael Giles

Iowa State is still providing opportunities for student employee to earn hours via an on-line course concept. Some students are also earning hours via based on special projects they are doing.

00:58:25Bill Crockett

Here is UMB refund

00:58:58Ian Brown

I think that's a great solution Laurie. I'd be curious to see the final messaging when you do go live with it.

00:59:03joy Polkabla Byers

Are you giving refunds to faculty and staff or just extending memberships when you open again?

00:59:39Kim Schmidt

University of Cincinnati is in the process of refunding all fees with the exception of tuition effective March 25.

00:59:50Keith Wenrich

University of Georgia refunded April and May to faculty and staff memberships and all outside memberships.

01:00:10Kevin George

We are asking all employee members if they’d consider extensions/credits. Also stopping payroll deduction. Only refunding specific requests.

01:00:11teresa clements

CSU Chico (State university) refunded a portion of F/S memberships and lockers.

01:00:16Laurie Braden

joy, we are offering refunds or freezes, its the members choice. So far, we've refunded around $40K

01:00:32joy Polkabla Byers

Thanks everyone.

01:00:43Peter Tulchinsky

Ole Miss is extending fac/staff/community memberships and granting refunds upon request.

01:00:58David Gaskins

I am jumping off for another meeting but Connie Benson from our staff is remaining on and is calling in. Please email me at if you wish to contribute to efforts toward a "recovery plan"

01:01:06Sandra Ondracka

We are using MS Teams and Stream. Our rec centre management system is activenet and processing refunds on programs that have not started and credits for the 3 weeks remaining of our winter programs.

01:01:24Pam Watts

Thanks David Gaskins - we

01:01:31Daniel Lawrence

At Utah State, we are going to use this time to create larger scale online offerings that we can continue to offer after COVID-19 ends and then request to implement an online course student fee. This would expand our student fees we receive and serve the entire USU population.

01:01:37Michael Giles

Iowa State is pushing for freezing or extend accounts for non-student members and minimizing actual refunds.

01:01:42Alex Accetta

Be thinking about your changes to your leadership - that's the next topic.

01:01:46Pam Watts

Thanks David Gaskins - we'll add "recovery plans" to the list for a future roundtable

01:01:57Sandra Ondracka

Members we are extending memberships the duration of the closure, We do not use PAP or payroll deduction. All memberships paid in full.

01:01:59Bill Crockett

We have frozen memberships and stopped payroll deduction. Restart the clock when retruning. Processing cancellations and refund a prorated amount.

01:02:08Troy Vaughn

hi all - Arizona is not refunding tuition or fees.... at this time. I also suggest that you all ask to be a part of any university financial committee that is formed. as an auxiliary, we felt that was very important for us to push for. we are at that table.

01:02:12Greg Durham

Creighton has asked me to hold off on doing anything with memberships due to the domino effect it will have on other services such as parking.

01:03:00Stacey Hall

UNH has stopped payroll deduction for faculty/staff until we reopen the rec center

01:03:15Kevin George

Rowan University - Very interesting after this if more online classes impacts the lack of student fees, now that some students may gravitate to online classes now they are piloting it because they have to. Also now students and parents may have financial implications now…would they enroll in community colleges or trade schools impacting possible enrollment

01:03:43Stacey Hall

Great points Deb

01:03:55Kimberly Rottet

UTRGV has frozen F/S payroll deduction, as well as auto charges for community memberships. By the end of the week we should have information on refunds.

01:04:01Leslie Dulle

Greg, such a good point. With all the changes in terms of commitments, we too are tracking data. Many of us are being asked to spend 1/2 of our time supporting Enrollment Management and their needs. We have heard concern from parents who were from far away that they are concerned about having their students return. One parent stated that they will not have their student that far from home ever again. Something we are all going to feel.

01:04:06Bill Crockett

Though refunding we will provide online services and online classes. Includes rec and all SA programs that can be transisitioned.

01:04:22Doug Ewing

Fort Lewis College is refunding around 40% of the mandatory fee in housing, meals, and parking for spring 2020. At this point we are looking into refunds of mandatory fees in Student Govt and Rec Services. Our department is currently doing budget exercises of refunds and decreases in mandatory fees for Spring and Summer 2020. We are planning budget decreases of 1%, 5%, 10% and 15% for FY 20-21.

01:04:24Peter Murray

How are you ramping up the retention efforts?


Or, students and parents might feel it's safer to work from home.

01:04:45Kevin George

Rowan University - how do we show the value of the social connections in person, having answers in person, building community, growth & impact of the traditional environment for in person learners and commuters.

01:04:54Leslie Dulle

We are doing personal outreach to students checking in on them.

01:06:22Mike Wise

What has anyone heard of universities receiving money through the new stimulus bill?

01:06:26Stacey Hall

Some feedback from parents is their student is not liking the online format. There was a good quote from SNHU President yesterday about how most students/families want the full experience of campus, not just the online courses. I was surprised to see him say this since he has built such a large online institution.

01:06:36Kevin George

Rowan - This is a great time to use the virtual out of the classroom experiences can “touch” the lives of those that stereotypically do not use our services (commuters, non-traditional, etc.)…so yes…what can we learn from this and keep.

01:06:41Mark Ritter

Leslie, that's what we are planning to do as well

01:06:42Christopher Denison

Here at UNI, we do not receive mand rec fee for continuing ed and distance learning. I am nervous that as we perfect on line learning we will get questions related to why pay a rec fee if doing on line only even though we may live in town or on campus.

01:07:03Debbie Marinoff Shupe

Major concern at McMaster (Canadian U) that our international enrollment will be decimated. meaning even more revenue loss than pure enrollment decreases as we expect more local enrollment increases.

01:07:04Bill Crockett

Pam - we have that in place at UMB. Where Rec gets part of that already

01:07:12Kimberly Rottet

The two part fee is a strong conversation at UTRGV at the moment. My AVP is aligning with this, and working on upper administration.

01:07:13Richard Hammond

Our students that are online do not pay a fee at UCA.

01:07:19Joe Cassidy

Wake Forest has launched a fund raising campaign -- WF Crisis Response Fund -- to assist students and employees

01:07:35Greg Jordan

good point Pam. yes, but not sure what

01:07:44Joe Cassidy

who are impacted the financial crisis.

01:08:19Joe Cassidy

Some families are waiving their refunds so that they can be donated to the WF Crisis Response Fund

01:08:35Greg Jordan

maybe the emphasis on mental health

01:08:36Jessica Ward

Princeton is "open" too!

01:08:58Michael Giles

Yes, ISU will most likely continue providing virtual options once we return to regular status. Especially, the on-line learning for our student employees.

01:09:05Greg Jordan

Oakland is “open” too

01:09:43Jeffrey Schmitt

West Florida is mirroring the open message David Bowles is talking about

01:09:43Deb Johnson

UC Davis is "open" too. We are also messaging that Campus Recreation is "open" our facilities are closed.

01:10:17Leslie Dulle

Xavier University is still Open as well. We have been extremely intentional in that messaging. All services are available remotely. Even though we just opened our brand new facility in January, we have not implemented our student fee. Rec has never received any fee based funding in the past. FY21 would have been the beginning.

01:10:57Bill Crockett

Same for UMB. We are open as a insitituion but only essential 1 employees can report. Facilities closed. All stay at home in effect except the essential. Those are on reduced schedules. Mostly reserach labs are working to maintain vital research

01:11:04Christopher Denison

UNI just announced yesterday that Mand Rec fee is being refunded at 43.2% of the Spring Semester.

01:11:14Kevin George

Rowan - David....What is the impact of pass/fail with admission to graduate schools/medical schools/etc.?

01:12:38Peter Mumford

York University (Ontario, Canada) is "open" however, like many other institutions here, buildings are closed. We have moved everything to online including counselling, Accessibility services, financial aid, etc. We have just launched a comprehensive 21 fitness class schedule online and will be rolling this out for the forseable future. Looking to how this can be monetized come September as we are forecasting that our institution will be closed until early July

01:12:56Leslie Dulle

Pam, you are so correct. Our students are voicing concerns around being overwhelmed, overloaded and that their home environment is not condusive to learning

01:13:09Craig Decker

I’m selling my toddler to raise funds for the university :)

01:13:09Rob Simels

TCNJ is giving student the option to take their spring classes pass/fail based on the grade they get

01:13:13Deirdre Reich

Is anyone having trouble hiring GAs for IM/Sport clubs? Applications are very slow and the numbers unusually low

01:13:15Ian Brown

WFH leadership article:

01:13:45Laurie Braden

Students are missing community and I believe they will come back

01:14:00Nicole Turner

Deirdre Reichi yes-we are having challenges

01:14:39Stacey Hall

I agree with you Laurie!

01:14:55Dave Suter

My n=2 study is showing: My two teenage boys are reporting that they still want the full college experience 16 and 13!

01:14:59Craig Decker

ha at this point that option would work :)

01:16:02Kevin George

Rowan - one of our Asst. VP for Student Success is leaving…I am curious with our hiring freeze if they choose to not re-hire a crucial part of testing/tutoring/first year seminar/etc. Hoping we re-hire, but they may ask an admin to take it on and just add 20% (random guess) salary to take on role.

01:16:12Laurie Braden

I think what Deb is saying is so true - and there are some up sides to our being able to 'just let people' go and seeing them be creative

01:16:22Marci Iverson

In my conversations with the students, they miss being on campus and are not necessarily liking the online learning. They are looking forward to returning.


In light of current CDC guidelines and how we move out of this COVID situation in the near future, are there thoughts on what the immediate future of Intramural Sports looks like, in regards to close contact sports (Basketball, Volleyball, flag football).

01:17:28Troy Vaughn

great conversations all! thank you - much needed! I’m off to another meeting. blessings to all of you and please stay safe!

01:17:40Pam Watts

Great to see you Troy - glad you could join

01:17:59Mary O'Mahoney

We are mostly a commuter school here at CSUB and we know that some of our students don't have a supportive or even safe home. So we know having a campus to come to is still important.

01:18:01Rob Simels

Our students are not liking the online learning and want to get back as well. They are also feeling overwhelmed with the amount of emails and communication they are getting, specifically from the academic side

01:18:15Sandra Ondracka

We are using MS Teams as well for department meetings, virtual fitness classes, student staff meetings, etc. I am trying to lead in the same manner, empowering my staff to get through the daily challenges but stay focused on our strategic plan and our purpose for being on campus.

01:18:18Dr. Shane Tatum

Thanks this is informative about what others are doing.

01:18:56Josh Downing

A college shared this with me and it really resonated as we navigate all of this.

01:19:04Josh Downing

A colleague

01:19:21Sandra Ondracka

More than ever has higher admin realized the role that recreation plays on campus and creating engagement. I just wish I was more versed on the virtual platforms and having knowledge of the options.

01:19:26Maxwell Miller

Off to another meeting. Stay safe everyone. Thanks to NIRSA for putting these amazing roundtable conversations together. Information sharing in this format is incredibly valuable!

01:19:26Marci Iverson

At Viterbo University (small, private), we are going to offer virtual coffee breaks once per week for our student pro staff

01:19:32Kevin George

Rowan - We’ve gotten some feedback that parents and students are very unhappy that some faculty are not doing any virtual community stuff like zoom/cisco Webex, and only sending out assignments with no interaction on blackboard. They are frustrated (maybe due to faculty not willing to learn video/technology). But for them it could be very foreign.

01:19:40Stacey Hall

This week, I asked the team to think about how their responsibilities would be covered if they got sick. After spending time with all the hospital leaders, I started to think through what would happen if half the staff got sick, etc.

01:20:04Jessica Ward

That's a great point, Stacey!


What about Boomers like Jordan and me. We're getting it done.

01:20:33Leslie Dulle

Go Boomers!!!

01:21:01Kevin George

David….I’ll send you my 8 yr old with tons of work and zoom calls, my 5 yr old kindergartner with tons of work and zoom calls, and my babyzilla 17 mo old that is making me gray or balding...

01:21:04Deirdre Reich

Brandon Busteed was on our campus in Feb. "Ten Predicitions for the very near future of higher education" Thought provoking esp given our current circumstances

01:22:04Josh Downing

I think Bowles and Jordan should start Tik-tok accounts.

01:22:16Stacey Hall

I second Josh's motion

01:22:25Mike Wise

Senior members copy me when corresponding on tasks, and their staff does the same.

01:23:09Pam Watts

if you want an excuse to learn about twitch, Scott Flickenger from Cornell is hosting a quarantine quiz tonight on twitch.

01:23:24Laurie Braden

MS teams is life

01:23:37Shari Landmark

Can you share the BINGO concept with us?

01:23:55Kimberly Rottet

This has been a test for how we communicate with each other. We are used to quick chats and non verbals. We find how we communicate with each other. We took for granted discussion and sharing of ideas together and how much we play off of each other. That’s been challenged among our staff.

01:24:10Pam Watts

01:24:30Keith Wenrich

I had to tell my team after the first week on a Friday night to stop texting and enjoy the weekend.

01:24:33Kevin George

Quarantine Quiz Show - Over 276 rec admin did a pilot run Monday to figure out what to tweak

01:24:43Pam Watts

thanks Kevin!

01:24:44Stefani Plummer

@Keith YES!

01:25:59Peter Mumford

York's tentative online schedule

01:26:52Stefani Plummer

I misunderstood the "working from home with parents" to be senior adults...woops!

01:27:19Laurie Braden

I tell our team not to let perfect get in the way of progress. That we will lead from a point of grace. Assume everyone is doing there very best.

01:27:30Stefani Plummer

@Laurie YES

01:27:32Pam Watts

@Stefani - too funny!


Thanks for the conversation time to move to another meeting. Blessings to you all from the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks). You are all appreciated.

01:27:44Pam Watts

good advice Laurie!

01:28:10Laura Hall

Alex - time for a quick comment?

01:28:15Jessica Ward

Princeton- this has come up here at our University already because it is what was done in 2009.

01:28:27Adam Pruett

Facebook started the plan for a full WFH plan in late February and has been now fully closed our campus a month ago today.

01:28:29Kevin George

I think if we can try the positive psychology… what can our staff learn and grow from this personally and professionally and also add value to students through virtual platforms. We can also empathize with our student staff that are being robbed of experiences, especially graduating seniors. In my position I will do everything I can to protect our full time staff to retain their jobs by showing our value not just in campus rec, but in health & well-being and sports integration to impact recruitment, retention, and success at and after college (career readiness)

01:28:40Mary O'Mahoney

That's great Laurie, will use that quote at my pro team meeting today.

01:28:44Craig Decker

not at UAB but that was just finished at WVU before I left.

01:29:11Linda Knight

David Bowels - we went to school together- you are not old enough to retire!!

01:29:13Stacey Hall

Thanks for your comments Kevin!

01:29:17Alicia Rossow

Thanks Laurie. Fire up Chips :)

01:29:29Kevin George

Love how NIRSA is more than just a gym/rec too and how colleges can model that....

01:29:30Josh Downing

Thanks, Kevin and agree!

01:29:42Stefani Plummer

@Laura Yes please

01:30:12Leslie Dulle

At Xavier University, we are trying to figure out how we track engagement with these online programs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

01:30:14Cindy Wright

Yes Laura please share

01:30:15Kevin George

Students can find their authentic self!

01:30:18Stacey Hall

Great job today, Alex!!

01:30:18teresa clements

@Laura. Please share

01:30:22Sandra Ondracka

Our President a the University of has developed a working group to create engagement for the employees of the university. They have called upon campus rec to provide the input and engagement on health and wellness.

01:30:24Kevin George

Via real social connections/community

01:30:44Richard Hammond

UCA was doing retiring incentives this last Fall to try and help with some budget cuts that we already were doing before COVID-19. Out of the 100 or so that were eligible for it about 45% took advantage of it. David I am sure we will all miss you.

01:30:44joy Polkabla Byers


01:30:52Sandra Ondracka

Are there other schools that have a unified approach to helping employees stay engaged?

01:30:52Kevin George

Thanks Alex/Pam and all.

01:31:03Greg Durham

Please keep hosting these, these are great!

01:31:06Rob Simels

Leslie, we are using the app we use for group fitness classes to connect students to our virtual links for programs. They have to check into the class to get the link and that helps track numbers.

01:31:10Amanda Deml

@Laura please!

01:31:11James Wilkening

Great job Alex/Pam - thanks.

01:31:16Stefani Plummer

please keep these! So encouraging!

01:31:23Marci Iverson

These are great! Please keep these roundtables coming. :)

01:31:31Sandra Ondracka

Rob - what app do you use?

01:31:45scott haines

Feeling for all the graduates who are trying to get jobs in the field. Are people being pressured to close searches?

01:31:45Doug Ewing

Thanks Pam and Alex. Be safe and healthy all.

01:31:54Stacey Hall

Thank you all...Humans of NIRSA are the BEST!

01:31:58Shari Landmark

Thank you, great conversation!

01:31:59Rob Simels

We use Atleto. It is a newer app but workign with us a lot with getting the virtual thing going

01:32:07Alicia Rossow

Thank you everyone :) Have a great Wednesday.

01:32:07joy Polkabla Byers

Well worth the time.. so nice to seeing friendly faces... my children and hubby are not as friendly these days!!

01:32:08Anna Champion

Thank you!! NIRSA is the best!

01:32:12rob simpson

Thanks Alex, appreciate your words of wisdom. We miss you here in Oregon.

01:32:12Laurie Braden

have an amazing day all - i have another meeting to go to

01:32:13Mike Medina

Stay Healthy Everyone!

01:32:15Greg Durham

A private school directors meetig would be valuable

01:32:17Stefani Plummer

Sorry @Joy I feel ya

01:32:21Jessica Ward

thank you!

01:32:23Craig Decker

our roles are in breadth not depth so keep general

01:32:25Cindy Wright

Well worth this time. I like the broad based conversations.

01:32:25Alicia Rossow

yes private school directors meeting would be great :)

01:32:25Kevin George

Be well!


Tremendous value and great to connect... thank you!!!

01:32:28Richard Hammond

Thanks everyone and stay safe!!

01:32:28Dave Suter

Thank you all and everyone go take a moving break!

01:32:29Josh Downing

Thank you, this has been helpful!

01:32:32Ian Brown

Thank y'all!

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