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Thursday, April 9, 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

Facilitated by Katherine Geter with presenters Abby Van Note and Jon Janis

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Chat Transcript

00:28:48Tim Huchton

Hello everyone!

00:29:02Crystal Durham

hello from NAU!

00:29:04Richelle Williams

Richelle from WWU- 65 degrees and SUNNY!!

00:29:12Jennifer Cooper

Hello Everyone!

00:29:14Arvin Varma


00:29:21Nick White

Hello from Missouri S&T!

00:29:21Sarah Cave

Hi from Robert Morris University!

00:29:22nick pangio

hello from Ohio State!

00:29:24Art Cabrera

Greeting from UTRGV

00:29:26Junior Armooh

Hello from WVU!

00:29:27Devon Poulos

Hello from Florida!

00:29:27Kelsey Winkler

Hello from Boise State

00:29:29Jordan Garcia

Hello from CSUF!

00:29:38Julie Tew

hello from NC

00:29:48Tricia Bush

Hello from Northern Michigan :)

00:29:50Ethan Cobb

Hello from Arizona State!

00:29:51Jake Rowland

Cheers from Northwestern

00:29:52Christopher Ballard

Hello from Bowling Green State University

00:29:53Marissa Engel

Hello From Cal Poly Pomona!

00:30:15Jerrell Kelly

Good afternoon from WKU in Bowling Green, KY

00:30:27Erin Tinker

Hello from University of Arizona!

00:30:32Justin Atkinson

Hello from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada!

00:30:38Domonique Sak

coming at you live from Youngstown State University. go Penguins!

00:30:42Colton Scott

Hi from Illinois!

00:30:53Amera Holliday

Hello from Texas Southern University

00:30:55Margie Rodgers

Hi from University of Colorado Boulder!

00:31:09Amanda Bray

Hello from Utah State!

00:31:15Rochelle Welch

Hi from University of Toronto Scarborough!

00:31:15Jessica Allen

Hi Texas Southern University Tiger Camp- Jessica Allen Camp Coordinator!

00:31:44Debbie Miles-Dutton

Hi from University of CA, Santa Barbara

00:34:39Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Hey from Santa Clara University

00:35:07Quang Do

Hi from University of California, San Diego!

00:35:30Crystal Durham - NAU

as of right now we are still on as scheduled, but we have submitted proposals for a reduced camp that we think will push a decision to be made soon

00:35:45Mike Dickinson

The result were showing up for me

00:36:13Abby Van Note - University of Wisconsin Madison

00:40:15Tim Huchton American Camp Assoc.

glad to hear that this was a helpful resource!!

00:40:52nick pangio- OhIo State University Recreational Sports

we also just sent our June cancelation email 10 minutes 30 minutes ago...

00:40:59Anne Marie Skylis Columbia University

can you all share these slides with us after the fact?

00:41:15Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Prepping to send out emails on Monday, Apr 13 for cancel of session 1 June 22-26

00:41:15Amanda Bray- Utah State

We will decide on May 1st whether we will cancel our June sessions

00:41:30Erin Tinker-University of Arizona

Cancelled June camps already

00:41:31Chelsea Watson - UGA

Yes, UGA sent the email to cancel summer camp this week. Understanding response from families

00:41:31CU Boulder - Margie

We are making the call on April 15

00:41:36YSU_Domonique Sak

unless the governor does it before us, we anticipate on making an executive call at the end of the month.


we will hear in may if we cancel june

00:41:39Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

Yes, WWU has started communicating with both already registered families and paused summer registrations

00:43:01Abby Van Note - University of Wisconsin Madison

I am so sorry that I forgot Canada on the google form!

00:43:22D'Ondra McGee

We are planning to possibly do both virtual options for June and in-person options for maybe July and August

00:43:27nick pangio- OhIo State University Recreational Sports

same here at Ohio State Abby.

00:44:20Amanda Bray- Utah State

@D’Ondra What are you doing for your virtual options?

00:44:51Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Prepping HTML emails to go out on Monday

00:45:07Amanda Bray- Utah State

I email every two weeks to the parents with updates.

00:45:33Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

We added a disclaimer on our website to check back in for updates but until decisions have been confirmed we are not sending out any particular emails/followups

00:45:44Venessa Fiedler University of Minnesota

We shifted hard to online engagement and providing resources through social media (fb and insta). Sent one mass email saying "hold tight" and we'll let you know what we know when we know it.

00:45:49Jerrell Kelly - Western Kentucky University

Thus far, we've only updated our website to reflect the uncertain nature of our camp and registration, but we also haven't opened our registrations at all.

00:46:16Cindy Klatt UNI

No communication yet. Waiting to see what happens in May.

00:46:44CSUN -Sunny Days Camp

We've communicated updates via email and web site and have asked parents not to make payments at this time.

00:46:49Ashley Marsh

For those of you exploring visual camps, would these me free programs or for a fee? If for a fee, same pricing structure as normal?

00:46:50Thersa Scully-City of North Port

we have our reservations open, we have stopped taking payments. We have a May 1st date when we will take payment.

00:47:44Crystal Durham - NAU

We updated our summer camp email's autoreply and updated our dept website to let them know that registration is temp closed and that no decisions have been made regarding camp yet

00:47:59D'Ondra McGee

Ashley, ours would be paid options, and are just starting to create a pricing structure

00:48:12Rochelle Welch

Hi Ashley, I am considering virtual camps which would be essentially the same fee, possibly more. I am exploring ideas with community partners...

00:48:54Ashley Marsh

Thank you D’Ondra and Rochelle!

00:49:15Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

How to keep the platform safe by utilizing password protected video platforms. We do not want to charge anything but use this as marketing as Domonique stated and to give the parents a break.

00:49:35Jayme Heyl

UCLA is offering virtual yoga & music for kids right now, haven’t made a final decision on camps yet

00:49:48Samantha - Central Washington

Has anyone seen a pushback on virtual camps because many youth are already sitting in front of the computer for online classes for a few months already?

00:49:54Jenn Callow UBC Okanagan

Domonique - are you charging for your virtual camps? are they a week long? do they sign-up?

00:50:18CSUN -Sunny Days Camp

We've started a Google Classroom online platform that launched this week for registered campers. So far 20+ have opted in. Each Monday we'll send out an email announcing that week's activities.

00:50:20Rochelle Welch

We haven't decided on a pricing structure as of yet because virtual camps is something we are just exploring at the moment. I am in the planning phase of asking questions and exploring is it feasible

00:50:27Crystal Durham - NAU

I'm trying to get my boss on board with virtual camp options just to give our campers/parents things to do at home, but not really succeeding with getting his support because we normally offer such an active camp

00:50:43CSUN -Sunny Days Camp

Next week we'll start incorporating Zoom counselor led activities.

00:50:45Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Anyone doing a Sports Camps: Ex, Basketball, Soccer

00:51:05Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sorry virtual sports camps

00:51:12Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

We are an All Sports Camp - we will not be going virtual.

00:51:41Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

WWU is exploring virtual camp options, trying to finalize platform, looking for best practices for monitoring online/virtual discussions. Official platform for WWU delivery is Canvas which likely won't work great for open enrollment style offerings. We are targeting a mix of free and fee based models, our programs up to now have all been fee based, receive no state support funds.

00:51:45Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

We also are planning on using zoom break out rooms to break the campers into grade/age groups to keep the activity age appropriate. We want to offer Recreation (exercises, virtual escape rooms, meditation/mindfulness), Basic crafts with minimal supplies (as we are not planning on supplying campers with supplies for safety), Performing arts (talent show, show and tell, skits, songs, dances, puppet shows), and STEM (provide staff with supplies to run activity while engaging campers in the activity)

00:51:46Tom Soria


00:51:49Alison Fisher- Regina

Has anyone considered a donation instead of a fee, if so how is that working

00:52:00Columbia University - Lauren Dudziak

We are a sports camp at Columbia and we are looking for virtual options

00:52:40Tom Soria

How are you pushing virtual if it is a recreational sports camp?

00:52:44Courtney Rorex - University of Houston

Any fitness people/people who partner with fitness? I’m interested to hear what type of virtual fitness options programs are offering

00:52:58Abby Van Note - University of Wisconsin Madison

Here is a great list of resources, including fitness.

00:53:19Tim Huchton American Camp Assoc.

ACA had a great blog post this week on offering virtual camps. YOu can access it here

00:53:33YSU_Domonique Sak

also wanted to note that we are also a recreational day camp, but adjusted to fit the virtual model

00:53:46Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

WWU has the additional wrinkle of that staff will likely not be able to gather on campus for delivery.

00:54:16Rochelle Welch

Thanks Cal the info you provided is very helpful!

00:54:46Crystal Durham - NAU

Blue's Clues style hunt! Love that!

00:56:59Devon Poulos- City of North Port Parks & Recreation

What has worked with those kids who still have virtual school obligations?

00:57:52Tim Huchton American Camp Assoc.

I have heard of a few other camps doing a subscription model this spring. They are sending out crafts to all registered campers now and running a virtual program every day at 10am to do together.

00:58:12Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

What is the liability of sending boxes of supplies home? possible contamination as it lives on surfaces for a while

00:59:07Tim Huchton American Camp Assoc.

I think you can take pre cautions for this for sure. BUt if nothing else pack it up early and let it sit for a certain time period.

01:00:22Abby Van Note - University of Wisconsin Madison

If you haven't filled out Google sheet, please do so that we can follow up with these slides.

01:05:03nick pangio- OhIo State University Recreational Sports

We have asked these questions of our risk management Office at Ohio State in addition with our Health Director for camp. we are waiting to get these answers back.

01:05:53Kenton Elworth - Jacksonville State University

UREC as a whole is planning to do more intense cleaning shifts, so we will extend all shifts 30 minutes before and after each shift to clean anything that was used to touched extensively. We are also trying to purchase multiple sets of largely used items to rotate them out every day so nothing gets used two days in a row

01:09:42Tim Huchton American Camp Assoc.

Another issue in risk is can you get yoru staff certified this summer?

01:09:51Sean Graninger - University of Oregon

Our department is purchasing an electro-chemical activation machine that makes disinfectant solutions with water, salt and electricity.

01:10:15Amanda Bray- Utah State

What do you all do for storing camper stuff at drop off, especially now with cross contamination.

01:10:30Thersa Scully-City of North Port

ideas for staff recruitment.. we are so low on applicants

01:10:56Crystal Durham - NAU

we try to advertise at our College of Education


we recruit from specific majors

01:11:30Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

For academic programs, we partner with Teaching Programs and integrate into their practicum summer courses

01:11:31Devon Poulos- City of North Port Parks & Recreation

The uncertainty of opening is what makes recruiting hard right now!

01:11:34Amanda Bray- Utah State

We lucked out to get our interviews done prior to the closure. I know have a biweekly zoom meeting with our counselors. It isn’t required since we went on a hiring freeze before then, but they are still willing to touch base and meet.

01:11:56nick pangio- OhIo State University Recreational Sports

I reach out to a lot of our parents that attend camp that I know well who teach classes at Ohio State. They are always willing to help recruit and talk up the benefits of camap

01:12:07Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

word of mouth, past counselors, now incoming past campers are current students who apply, Career Center posting, website posting, monthly Department HTML emails with offer to apply for summer job

01:12:10Rochelle Welch

staff recruitment is solid as many of our staff will be returning if we get the official go ahead. However our recruitment process is on hold as advised by our HR department just in case they decide we will cancel camp.


REC Majors!

01:12:43Amanda Bray- Utah State

Most of our counselors are staff from other programs in our department as well as rec majors and elementary ed majors

01:12:54D'Ondra McGee

We are also trying to reach out to our previous and existing camp families for hiring needs

01:12:58Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Reachout to Club Sport Athletes, reach out to Intercollegiate Althetes

01:13:04YSU_Domonique Sak

I made two 24x22 posters and 50 8x11 flyers. marketed hard towards education and health and human services majors, but didn't limit to just them. also shamelessly plugged my club sports. posters/flyers included a qr code that, if scanned, gave you the application to work. they also included the dates for open interview.

01:13:25Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Reach out to Intramural Participants too

01:13:29CSUN -Sunny Days Camp

Each spring we reach out to professors and departments that relate to child development. Many make announcements, or allow us to make announcements at the start of class.

01:15:13Amanda Bray- Utah State

We also provide the opportunity for internships. We have 4 different manager roles for the counselors to do to gain more experience from Arts and Crafts, Special Events, Organized Games, and Field Trips

01:15:41YSU_Domonique Sak

mentioned earning certifications in high ropes course, rock wall, first aid/cpr/aed. was a big hit when recruiting staff

01:15:55Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

We stopped marketing as well - sold out now for 5 plus years

01:16:08Crystal Durham - NAU

we push it in Faculty/Staff newsletters as well as updating our "Campus Rec members" via email leading up to registration opening

01:16:24D'Ondra McGee

We sell out in minutes also. Word of mouth and have been a popular option for campus staff and faculty for years


WWU always fills :) that integrated model of academics in the AM and Rec in the afternoon is a huge draw.

01:16:31Tom Soria

Same for us.

01:16:53Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

used to send flyers to school districts or email draft to send out to their schools newsletters, purchased custom 50k email through company to send to specific demographics

01:16:55CSUN -Sunny Days Camp

Great staff equals great enrollment!

01:16:58Rochelle Welch

market with OurKids Media

01:17:03Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

used to post flyers at local businesses

01:17:05Jessica Allen

Texas Southern Univ Tiger camp- Market through TSU website, Ktsu Radio, Flyer distribution to HISD schools within a 5 mile radius

01:17:19Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

When we have in person camp we make flyers and deliver them to the surrounding school districts and put them in each staff/faculty mailbox on campus. We also send out emails to prior participants as well as to each mailman group on campus. I also deliver additional flyers to each department on campus leaving stacks at their main desk for students to pick up. (I wish we were at 100% but not quite there yet)

01:17:32Sarah Schrenk

Our camps are 100% full. We market to prior attendees, the in campus-wide email, and advertise in the local parents' magazine. I'm also a parent, so I talk to my child's friends parents. :) We are also one of the few day camps that is truly full day, 7:30 AM-5:30 PM, as opposed to many camps that are only 8:00 AM-3:00 PM.

01:17:51Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

there are local resource fairs to for local companies looking for companies to come to offer programs to their employees. we would attend and market camp

01:17:56Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

we have also advertised on various "summer kids programing" websites

01:18:00Alex Lee CWU

We put an ad in our local movie theater while also putting a postcard in every childs school bag

01:18:03nick pangio- OhIo State University Recreational Sports

we do priority system

01:18:17Amanda Bray- Utah State

Faculty/Staff get the first month of registration and a discount compared to community registration

01:18:19Crystal Durham - NAU

we prioritize registration based on university affiliation (students first, then Fac/Staff, then alumni, then community)

01:18:21D'Ondra McGee

We do priority as well:

01:18:23Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

We don't for returning, we do early bird and WWU Staff/family discount rates

01:18:25BGSU - Chris Ballard

we give a 10% discount if they sign up by a certain day, and a discount if there are multiple kids

01:18:28Theresa Scully-City of North Port

only discount we give if the register for all 10 weeks of camp

01:18:36Sean Graninger - University of Oregon

We do not give priority, but are considering it for next year.

01:18:47Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

We give 15% discount through April 15 (now May 1) for returning campers from previous summer. Give 10% discount to fac/staff/alumni of University through May 1

01:18:54Amanda Bray- Utah State

We do a open house that allows a $10 off every additional child if they pay for that sessions in full

01:19:06Sean Graninger

University of Oregon - we fill up for the most part as well and we know that we offer more for the price than other camps in the area and on campus. Our hours are longer (8:30am-4:30pm plus Extended Hours) and the cost is more reasonable than camps that offer programming until 2pm pr 3pm

01:19:07Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

no returning discounts but early bird registration discount, multiple children discount, and members have a lower price than non members

01:19:16Sarah Schrenk

We offer an early-bird registration rate if signed up by April 1 (in a normal year, it's May 1 for 2020) and our camps are at about 60

01:19:17Jeremy Lewis

tier system...fac/staff gets lowest rate...

01:19:25Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

lots of parents ask for sibling discounts, but we do not offer it, but is a good idea

01:19:25Crystal Durham - NAU

we also only offer payroll deduction as a payment method if they register for the entire summer

01:19:30Sarah Schrenk

sorry...60% full by the time early-bird ends.

01:19:57Rochelle Welch

We offer early bird registration discount in the month of March and a 10% discount if parents register one child for the entire 8wk camp duration


Rec and OCE @youth programs WWU!

01:20:19Jon Janis - UH

Richelle was is OCE stand for?

01:20:22nick pangio- OhIo State University Recreational Sports

This year we where going to partner with our Esport department/arena to offer e-sports. we will give it ago next summer.

01:20:35Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

We offer a 1 week HS age camp that gives participants 1 transferable credit, WWU Faculty teach 10 different offerings most years

01:20:41Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

We partner with Athletics Bronco Kids Club - free membership if come to camp. They get a membership card and a t-shirt from Athletics to allow them to attend athletics events for free. If we run this summer - the University Mascot will come for a photo shoot at conclusion of camp at awards ceremony


Continuing Education @john

01:21:06Jon Janis - UH

Thank you!

01:21:52Crystal Durham - NAU

we used to partner with Fitness but it was our lowest-rated program for campers so we removed it

01:21:55Chelsea Watson - UGA

I am looking to take a deep dive into our camp EAP. I would love any information, examples, or tips and tricks anyone can provide about general risk management policies and drills you put on. Please reach out to me via email

01:22:19Cindy Klatt UNI

Kids Zumba and Yoga

01:22:38Merrissa Vault- U of Miami

At the university of Miami we partner with our fitness and wellness professional staff to offer yoga, meditation, cooking classes, etc


we also offer international camps with English academies from Korea. All organized from @youth programs at WWU

01:22:44Jerrell Kelly - Western Kentucky University

For us at WKU, each week during our Camp Big Red, we do have Kid Yoga as a part of our activities

01:22:46Crystal Durham - NAU

last year we did "animal yoga" as part of the Experiential Education portion of the week and that was well received by the kiddos

01:22:47Amanda Bray- Utah State

I am in the same boat as Chelsea Watson with our EAP, email me at

01:22:47Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

Richelle and her staff are our Fitness Expert! Huge draw for our summer programs

01:22:48Jessica Allen

Texas Southern Univ. Tiger camp- implemented fitness activity class to our schedule last summer for all age groups 5-14yrs.

01:23:11Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Yes - another round table in May!!!

01:23:12Quang Do


01:23:16Jessica Allen


01:23:18Alison Fisher- Regina

yes please

01:23:18Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa


01:23:19Amanda Bray- Utah State

Yes, please!

01:23:19BGSU - Chris Ballard


01:23:20Town of Holly Springs Parks and Recreation, NC


01:23:21Sarah Cave Robert Morris University


01:23:21Tom Soria


01:23:23Art Cabrera


01:23:24Justin Atkinson - Western University


01:23:26Michaela Gatti

yes yees yes

01:23:28Devon Poulos- City of North Port Parks & Recreation



100000000% YES

01:23:32Amilcar Galindo


01:23:37Jake Rowland - Northwestern University


01:23:37Allison - University of Arizona

yes please!

01:23:38Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

no poll needed - yessss

01:23:40Arvin Varma UCR


01:23:42Erin Tinker-University of Arizona


01:23:42Rochelle Welch


01:23:43Cindy Klatt UNI


01:23:46Chelsea Watson - UGA


01:24:13Kenton Elworth - Jacksonville State University

abby called me out...

01:24:18Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Yes on Virtual Camps sooner then May

01:24:21Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

It's all semantics after the 9th 0

01:24:43BGSU - Chris Ballard

I agree yes to sooner then May

01:25:26Theresa Scully-City of North Port

campers mental health.

01:25:53Western WA University-Youth Programs, Adam Lorio

Thank you all, I have to sign off to another meeting, I look forward to future gatherings.....

01:25:59Jake Rowland - Northwestern University

How do we get the google form?

01:26:05Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

yes info on camper mental health especially during this time please.

01:26:16Abby Van Note - University of Wisconsin Madison

01:26:29Cal Poly Pomona- Marissa

came from Theresa first =)

01:26:47Theresa Scully-City of North Port

thanks for the cred Marissa lol

01:28:15D'Ondra McGee

thanks for putting this together you guys!

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