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Wednesday, April 8, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams

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Chat Transcript

00:32:25Cara Green

Cara Green, University of Houston

00:32:29erik daly

Erik from Lafayette College in Easton, PA

00:32:34Nathan Brungardt

Nathan from Pitt State

00:32:37Emily Wujcik

Hi From Saint Louis University!

00:32:38Kelsey Winkler

Kelsey Winkler, Boise State University, hanging out with my 2 month old

00:32:38Jennifer Wood

Jen Wood, Miami University Ohio

00:32:41Joey LaNeve

Joey from ASU :)

00:32:42Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill, University of Mississippi

00:32:45Paige McDaniel

Paige McDaniel, University of Georgia

00:32:45Stancheski, CJ

CJ Stancheski, Texas A&M University

00:32:45Samantha Steel

Sam from UNLV

00:32:45AJ ROONEY

AJ from University of California, Davis.

00:32:46Devon Poulos

Devon Poulos North Port Fl Assistant Aquatic Supervisor! I love getting out and walking my dog!

00:32:46Adam Catli Comeau

Adam Comeau, University of Wyoming

00:32:48Yvonne Taylor

Vonn Taylor - College of San Mateo - California

00:32:51Blake Covington

Blake from UNC Asheville!

00:32:57Kristyn Watts

Kristyn Watts, Univesity of Notre Dame

00:32:58Shelbi Waller

Shelbi from SFASU, Nacogdoches, Tx

00:32:58Brittany Morriss

Brittany Morriss - The University of Louisiana Lafayette

00:32:58Bill Powe USM, The University of Southern Mississippi

00:32:59Austin McGuire

Austin McGuire, Montclair State University!

00:33:00marcos ordaz

Marcos Portland State

00:33:00Annie Bengry

Annie Bengry, Michigan Technological University

00:33:01Sofia Zulli

Hi everyone ! I’m Sofia Zulli Aquatics Graduate Assistant at Western Kentucky University!

00:33:02Krista Herring

Hi! Krista from University of Colorado Colorado Springs. I’ve been LOVING decorating sugar cookies! I oversee the Marketing and Membership at UCCS - interim Aquatics Coordinator since Brooke Freudenhammer (ahheeem) left us for UGA!

00:33:05Chasity Holstick

hi, Chasity Holstick from Covington GA, Georgia State University

00:33:06Catherine Ayers

Catherine Ayers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-reading all the books!

00:33:10Kaitlyn Kubler

Georgia Sothern University

00:33:13Lexi Ricciuti

Lexi Ricciuti George Mason University

00:33:14Bob Weeks

Bob Weeks, University of Cincinnati

00:33:21Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Carlos Garcia , Texas A&M

00:33:21Ryan Hairapetian

Ryan Hairapetian- Cal State University, Northridge

00:33:22Brad Avenia

Colorado School of Mines

00:33:22Ashley Chism

Hi! Ashley Chism from University of Memphis

00:33:23Jennifer Cobarrubias

Jennifer Cobarrubias - Stanford University- Chocolate Chip Cookies

00:33:25Ramona Seupersad

Hi, Ramona Seupersad, University of Toronto Scarborough

00:33:31Bob Gough

Bob Gough, William & Mary, in VA

00:33:35Matthew Dantism

Matt Dantism, Wake Forest University

00:33:38Holly Smith

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

00:33:42Eric Becker

Eric Becker, Marshall University

00:33:43Jillian Dolciato

Jillian Dolciato, Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH

00:33:45Mark Garneau

Mark Garneau - Ole Miss

00:34:24Debbie Miles-Dutton

Debbie Miles-Dutton, University of California, Santa Barbara

00:34:26Adrianna Del Amo

hello! Adrianna University of Maine

00:34:28erik daly

we are hiring for student supervisors as we would each year but we have extended the app deadline

00:34:44Drake Belt

Drake Belt, University of Arizona

00:35:18Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

Letitia (TISH) Hollingsworth-Gray, Univ. of KY

00:35:32Meredith Brood

Meredith Brood - University of Northern Iowa

00:36:14barbara bogner

Barb Bogner - University of Colorado Boulder

00:36:27Frances Caron

The Red Cross is releasing additional information on some of that.

00:36:32Frances Caron

They just sent a publication.

00:36:33Frances Caron

00:36:35Rachel Cook - U of Denver

Rachel Cook - University of Denver

00:36:48Jared Lindorfer

I think that it is 90 days from when your facility is able to open not just a straight 90 days

00:37:05Bob Gough

Yes, Erin. That is the moving target. We don't know when the start date will be, so we don't know when it makes since to start the clock.

00:37:28Luke Bartlett- Northern Iowa

Luke Bartlett- UNI

00:37:42Jennifer Wood

I am concerned with the CDC guidelines and how that will effect classes

00:37:51Adam Catli Comeau

I believe it was 90 days from their original certification expiration

00:38:51Bob Gough

I'm looking past summer and planning for Fall 2020.

00:39:37Victoria Roberts

Anyone else see the new COVID-19 update from ARC that says "Provisional certification courses with options for 2-year certificates"? No additional explanation just that as a bullet-point.

00:40:08Frances Caron

University of California, Riverside - We are currently closed until late June and were told yesterday we need to expect that Fall will not be the same as normal for the entire campus due to an expected second round of covid-19.

00:40:16Jillian Dolciato

I've completed all staff evaluations via zoom

00:40:27Drake Belt

thanks Adam for the clarification - my rep just sent me over the renewal documents yesterday. somehow they missed me on the email blast initially

00:40:27Jared Lindorfer

Qualtrics and zoom

00:40:31Frances Caron

@Victoria - Yes! They are releasing more infomration later this week!

00:40:46Eric Becker

Google forms for self staff evaluations, coupled with optional zoom calls for follow up

00:40:53Rebecca Mabile

we use a google form and then we meet on google hangouts or over the phone

00:40:55Adam Catli Comeau

I will be doing my semester evals via Zoom in the next few weeks

00:41:06Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford is not paying any non full time Aquatics Staff during this time so we are doing a lot of planning of things for when we are able to come back…Including but not limited to on shift assignments, inservices, onboarding, manuals etc.

00:41:23Daniel Hill

Qualtrics is what we use. Follow up with a phone call - some students don't have internet access that is reliable enough to connect to Zoom

00:41:45Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - started our assessments in March and expect to have these evaluations finished based on our closing date March 18.

00:42:08Jared Lindorfer

Paying all staff the average number of hours they would have had

00:42:14Adam Catli Comeau


00:42:21Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK paying work study. have received numerous Unemployment claims.

00:42:21Nathan Brungardt

PSU-paid average hours through the end of the semester

00:42:50Bob Gough

@ W&M, Can pay Work Study students, some supervisors with authorization at the VP level.

00:42:54Jared Lindorfer

Sorry but they have to complete online trainings

00:42:54Rebecca Mabile

We are paying all staff based on an average of the last 5 pay periods (with some adjustments for those who would be underpaid based on the average)

00:42:58AJ ROONEY

AJ at UCD, Lifeguards are not being paid. Only Head guards and student managers - for their remote/admin work.

00:43:07Emily Wujcik

SLU - all student workers given $750 grant (one-time) and still able to pay students for any other work done

00:43:14Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University will be paying students through May 3rd up to their scheduled hours with the understanding that we might be asking them to regularly meet and complete virtual items for us.

00:43:39Jennifer Wood

At Miami University we cannot pay staff.

00:43:47Catherine Ayers

UNC-CH paying student staff for hours they were scheduled already as if the semester had continued as expected through April 30 right now. Work study students are paid through the work study office and paid out their allotment.

00:44:06Paige McDaniel

University of Georgia, and all University System of Georgia schools, are not able to pay any part-time staff. We are also on a spending freeze until further notice.

00:44:09Autumn Cleverley

University of Cincinnati are not able to pay staff

00:44:10Adam Catli Comeau

Well said Devon!


MRU paid them for 2 weeks after close then government is stepping in

00:44:35Bill Callender

Oregon State campus currently looking at avg. hour wages. Some students performing approved remote work.

00:44:39Richelle Williams

how is the government stepping in?

00:44:42Frances Caron

UCR-Students received an allotment of paid leave based on look back calculations. In addition to that, we are paying for trainings, meetings, online programs, etc.

00:44:58Jennifer Pageot

I've required students to participate in professional development during this time in order to be eligible for future work. I'll do my best to not make this an empty promises.

00:45:03Daniel Hill

Students are not being paid here at Ole Miss. We are on a spending freeze - has limited us obviously.

00:45:35marcos ordaz

PSU same as UCR


Alberta and Canadian governments are starting to pay employees out of work

00:46:03Rachel Cook - U of Denver

University of Denver paid part time staff through 3/29, but are now on a spending freeze - no part time staff (besides work study) can be paid, and no remote work offered.

00:46:04Eric Becker

@Daniel same. No fun

00:46:09Richelle Williams

thanks @morgan!

00:46:21Debbie Miles-Dutton

UCSB same as UCR (Frances) Any remote hours worked including trainings directly related to their job/cert helps to “stretch” the admin. leave hours they are eligible for.

00:46:24Drake Belt

does anyone have ideas for online programming for aquatics? our department has been asked to look at offering programming digitally

00:47:08Eric Becker

@drake dryland workouts for the "fish out of water" swimmers

00:47:10Samantha Steel

UNLV is paying students for their average number of hours/ week poor idea that they are doing work. most of the work they are doing is creating content for our social media platforms

00:47:10Jared Lindorfer

Workouts of the day, we are working with our personal trainer staff to produce these

00:47:11Joey LaNeve

we are asking for two weeks of lead time but we have over 500 employees at all of our facilities

00:47:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

That is a smart idea! They have told us full time might have to lifeguard and have limited hours if need be.

00:47:37Brad Avenia

Does anyone have any ideas of how to run inservices when we resume as most Lifeguarding activities take place closer than 6 feet to another person.?

00:47:38Dan Galvin

Lead student staff has well documented project based and meetings at Ohio state

00:48:00Erin Wells


00:48:01Richelle Williams

We do not

00:48:05Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford - No

00:48:07marcos ordaz

No reopen date - PSU

00:48:07Frances Caron

We are June 20, but it changes all the time.

00:48:10caryn collopy

At SJSU students are paid an average amount of hours that worked since February 1. They will be paid until May 31.

00:48:14Kristyn Watts

Notre Dame does not have a reopen date at this time

00:48:19Yvonne Taylor

We are continuing to pay all of our staff. Our hourly staff are being paid based on their scheduled hours. We are now requiring them to complete tasks so that we hold them accountable.

00:48:20Bob Gough

I'm assuming a Aug reopen date

00:48:21Anna Champion

Not a clear date - AUM


MRU program start date of July.6

00:48:25Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - 5-7 days to Inservice after we can get staff back on campus

00:48:35Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - all summer classes on line

00:48:35Tiara DeLapp

Emory has no open date and its looking like summer classes will be online

00:48:45Paige McDaniel

University of Georgia is in the same situation as Texas A&M at this time.

00:48:55Bill Callender

Oregon State - No - State closure for all rec/sport/park spaces also

00:48:57Candice Douglas - WKU

we are also all online for summer so we aren't expecting anything prior to june

00:49:14Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- no reopen date but we want to ramp up the lifeguard trainings and swim lessons as long as scheduling will permit to make up loss revenue

00:49:18Richelle Williams

We will open a week later then when we allow folks back on campus

00:49:40Debbie Miles-Dutton

Even if we get a re-open date if Social Distancing requirements are still in place can we put LG’s in position to be rescuing/providing First Aid to a patron that might have Covid ?

00:49:59Jillian Dolciato

I've requested having at least two weeks once we have staffing back to be able to reopen our pool to be able to provide training and certifications if needed. XU does not have a reopen date however all summer classes are online and no events will be on campus through July 31st

00:50:14Bob Gough

@Erin, Yes we have to let admin know it takes time to get staff and the pool ready. If your pool is empty or "off" it will take time to get it back.

00:50:29Jennifer Wood

@ Debbie I agree

00:50:37Candice Douglas - WKU

@Debbie agreed

00:50:45Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford already submitted our proposed budget for next year however we have been told we might have to redo those again

00:50:58Sofia Zulli

@ debbie completely agree

00:51:00Daniel Hill

We have not been told when we'd be fully operational. Tentatively planning for when "in-person" classes resume on campus. That doesn't account for training.

00:51:30marcos ordaz

We are thinking of a rolling opening - Only open parts of the rec center at a time, or for limited hours, due to possible shortage of staff

00:51:34Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - all UK Athletics camps cancelled

00:52:03Shelbi Waller

As of now, all camps and swim lessons are cancelled throughout the summer.

00:52:08Shelbi Waller

At sofas.

00:52:14Joey LaNeve

we just extended our closure to at earliest july so we are still looking at the new financial impact

00:52:14Shelbi Waller


00:52:49Yvonne Taylor

We are looking at a revenue loss of close to $200K if we stay closed through May 31.

00:54:04Drake Belt

my university is asking for our PPE supplies and purchasing is on freeze so we may not be able to run as many certifications right away

00:54:06AJ ROONEY

AJ from UCD, When facilities do open, realistically students/community will not flock back to normal numbers.

00:54:45Erin Wells

@Drake, that is really interesting and could really effect us going forward with opens

00:55:11caryn collopy

Andrew Yorkey Is that something that Connect 2 can share.

00:55:45Andrew Yorkey

It was a concept that was talked about, I will have to connect with them for more information first

00:56:05Andrew Yorkey

but the term used was "Journey Mapping"

00:56:07caryn collopy

Thank you’

00:56:53Jennifer Cobarrubias

We talked about every other lane ideas

00:57:18Devon Poulos

We have a capacity of 1300. We will limit to 850 for the next year

00:57:40Victoria Roberts

I know at Clemson we probably won't be reopening any of our facilities if we're still adhering to recommended social distancing.

00:58:13Rebecca Mabile

Our pool is only 6 lanes so social distancing doesn't work to well or we'd have to have less than 6 people in at a time

00:58:46Drake Belt

we have currently only discussed deck furniture and not talked about in water activity yet

00:59:13Joey LaNeve

Our pool has become a huge social center on campus with people just coming to enjoy the weather on the deck. It would be a real challenge to maintain social distance on the deck.

00:59:14Anna Champion

Same for AUM regarding lanes…not enough lanes to work for social distancing

00:59:26Erin Wells

Doesn’t all of this go out the window if there has to be a save?

00:59:37Jared Lindorfer


00:59:46Cara Green


00:59:51Frances Caron


00:59:57Bob Weeks

All social distancing goes out the window in any emergency scenario, not just rescues

00:59:57Joey LaNeve

Erin, it would because there is still a duty to act for lifeguards

00:59:58Jennifer Wood

How do you run inservice and practice skills with social distancing in place?

01:00:04Mark Garneau

Thank you Erin

01:00:06Bob Weeks

Can't do CPR from 6 feet away

01:00:08Debbie Miles-Dutton

How do we protect our guards if they have to rescue or assist? I don’t think it’s realistic.

01:00:30Mark Garneau

What about flip turns?

01:00:50Erin Wells

But aren’t we putting them in a unsafe scene if they don’t know if the person is sick?

01:01:02Jillian Dolciato

if social distancing is in place, how do we then require our staff to provide care in an emergency as that could be putting them in an unsafe environment?

01:01:13Catherine O'Kane

My thought if the Red Cross is not allowing us to teach Lifeguard classes then we shouldn't be open

01:01:13Erin Wells


01:01:23Erin Wells


01:01:24Bob Weeks

Then wouldn't we need to keep the facilities closed entirely?

01:01:29Olivia Balloveras

I do not think it's realistic. I think it will just delay opening, awhile, until covid is no longer an issue.

01:01:42Bill Callender

How do we look at the consistency of this over the entire facility/programs? Locker Rooms, cardio areas, etc...

01:02:02Jennifer Cobarrubias

We could use the bag valve masks

01:02:03Bob Weeks

If we don't believe we can safely help someone in an emergency, we shouldn't be open, and that goes for every area of our rec centers.

01:02:16Joey LaNeve

Its not realistic. I don't forsee many facilities opening while social distancing is suggested

01:02:22Jillian Dolciato

^agreed Bob!

01:02:28Daniel Hill

I don't see how you can have people back to work if you haven't been able to train them on CPR/saves/etc. due to social distancing.

01:02:34Bob Weeks

Thanks Jillian!

01:02:35Jennifer Cobarrubias

I agree with Bob. If we can’t keep all employees and participants safe we cannot be open

01:02:53Adam Catli Comeau

gyms/rec facilities inherently make social distancing unrealistic

01:03:09Joey LaNeve


01:03:40marcos ordaz

I have to go! I will check back in on the recording later!

01:04:38Chelsea Randolph

right! I agree Cara

01:05:14Adam Catli Comeau

Agreed, rec facilities cannot or should not open if social distancing/large group bans are in place nationwide

01:05:26Sofia Zulli


01:05:52erik daly

the locker room issue is a problem

01:06:07erik daly

how do you enforce the locker spacing?

01:06:23Victoria Roberts

Speaking of locker rooms - is anyone requiring locker occupants to clean out lockers so they can be thoroughly cleaned before reopening?

01:06:32erik daly

cleaning non-stop is impossible!

01:06:51Candice Douglas - WKU

facts Erik

01:07:20Adam Catli Comeau


01:07:29Bob Weeks

You would need a full time person standing outside the locker rooms to monitor the number of people going in and out if we're limiting the number of people in that space at one time.

01:07:37Richelle Williams

@victoria we have them come and get their belongings if they wanted

01:07:51Autumn Cleverley

new position- locker room bouncer ;)

01:08:23Adam Catli Comeau

In a hazmat suit

01:08:35Bob Weeks

That's even more difficult to do if your locker rooms have multiple entrances or also are your facility's primary bathroom. You'd be in a situation where people are waiting to use the bathroom while others are showering/changing.

01:08:45Richelle Williams

we drained our pool

01:08:54Daniel Hill

A lot of facilities would not be able/willing to pay an employee to stand outside of a locker room.

01:09:09Joey LaNeve

Our pool tech/Facility maintenance department are considered "essential"

01:09:11Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University's physical plant decided to drain our pool as I am no longer able to go to campus and they didn

01:09:21Jillian Dolciato

n't want to keep it open without me

01:09:22Richelle Williams

we have moved those to now


we have to go in still as we are the operators of the pool

01:10:27Frances Caron

Our pool tech is essential. Pool is being maintained regularly. We also have remote monitoring of all pool and spa control systems.

01:10:42Melissa Carrabine

Due to vandalism we had to drain but we originally planned to keep the pool filled.

01:10:45Catherine O'Kane

If we are at the point where we are going to staff the locker rooms and single use lockers we should stay closed. It would potentially be a waste of resources wen budgets may be tight

01:11:04Meagan Stachurski

agreed @catherine o'kane

01:11:07Devon Poulos

Yes Catherine!

01:11:13Meagan Stachurski

I hear someone shouting my name!

01:11:14Mike Rac

leaving a pool empty for too long can cause huge problems from the hydrostatic pressure

01:11:33Meagan Stachurski

I thought of that @mike rac!

01:11:35Paige McDaniel

At UGA we are being asked to reduce staff costs as much as possible, so scheduling additional people for cleaning won’t be feasible.

01:11:35Drake Belt

I was moved to an essential employee and come in 3 days a week to check on the pool facikity

01:11:37Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK donated gloves we had to UK Hospital

01:11:39Richelle Williams

Candice can we have you next and then Siobhan?

01:11:46Joey LaNeve

they always say that!

01:11:56Jennifer Wood

we donated first aid supplies to the hospitals as well.

01:11:57Mike Rac

especially closer to sea level

01:11:57Candice Douglas - WKU


01:12:00Thomas Koller

Florida hunker down for hurricanes!

01:12:01Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford - If I need to go to work for any reason I have to write a letter and get it approved by hire ups. We have facilities people who are considered essential checking on our facilities they try to have a different person each day so they are only coming in once a week.

01:12:10Drake Belt

I moved chlorine and pH to be set just above the CDC lowest point

01:13:01Richelle Williams

@jennifer that is what we are doing as well

01:13:03Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford was asked to donate gloves and masks but we have to pools so I have left enough for when we reopen but will need to order eventually…

01:13:44Bill Callender

Oregon State - we were not considered essential even maintenance staff. Worked with Campus Facilities to allow our maintenance staff to work under Facility oversight.

01:13:52Meagan Stachurski

Our chlorine is set to a 1 right now to conserve chemicals. Lowered the temperature and shut off uv system. I am also keeping an eye on chemicals via our BecSys5


we still have water in the pool but lowered temp. Cl etc but now we are looking to dump

01:14:41Richelle Williams

your health is more important than the pool being backwashed

01:15:01Drake Belt

our filters backwash automatically

01:15:01Adam Catli Comeau


01:15:02Meagan Stachurski

Catherine - I was thinking the same thing! I checked with a water management company and they say to wait for a certain differential

01:15:08Meagan Stachurski

fancy @drake belt!

01:15:17Meagan Stachurski

and yes agreed @richelle williams

01:15:50Adam Catli Comeau

Glad you’re keeping yourself safe Erin!

01:17:06Cara Green

maintaining, checking daily

01:17:10Jillian Dolciato

XU has drained and winterized

01:17:10Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford has lowered the heat

01:17:10Cara Green

turned off UV

01:17:13AJ ROONEY

UCD, Not drained but cooled.

01:17:24Emily Wujcik

Indoor pool is still on and full, hot tub is drained

01:17:29Emily Wujcik

at SLU

01:17:30Autumn Cleverley

Drained leisure pol and hot tub. Lowered ph and chlorine in lap at UC

01:17:31Richelle Williams

WWU Drained pool

01:17:32Gabor Jerkovits

partially drained. looking at draining fully.

01:17:40Erin Wells

UT Austin - lowered chemicals and turned heat way down

01:17:47Lisa Molloy

UCF - pool remains full, maintaining lowest possible chemical levels, checked at least every other day if not daily.

01:17:49Bob Gough W&M

W&M, UV off, low CL,

01:17:50Paige McDaniel

UGA - maintaining and checking 3 times a week. We have several large pools so draining isn’t an option due to costs of re-filling and re-balancing.

01:17:52Bob Weeks

U of Cincinnati, drained hot tub and leisure pool. Lap pool is too arduous to drain, due to a bunch of reasons.

01:17:54Woodrow Price

USCA-CPO still working weekdays.

01:18:04Sofia Zulli

Sofia WKU-Up keeping now, planning to drain

01:18:19Erin Wells

Yes to everything mike is saying

01:18:24caryn collopy

SJSU lowered pool temp. Keeping chemicals going and monitoring each day.

01:18:27Bill Callender

Oregon State - Reduced VFD/flow rate, cut steam, dropped set points. Can't drain pool in Oregon water table too high. Also turned down HVAC to maintain humidity.

01:18:28Krista Herring

UCCS - we have a CPO maintenance tech who is considered essential who checks the pool every day he’s in (M-F) but we are not heating the pool right now

01:18:52Brooke Freudenhammer

UGA drained Spa. We go in M,W,F to check chemicals and pump room

01:19:25Debbie Miles-Dutton

We can’t drain do to high water table even with Hydrostatic relief valves in place. would love to do some big maintenance projects but not able do to SIP directive. Just having minimal staff on campus - covering between 2 CPO’s that are not there at same time. Have dialed down chem controllers and VFD’s

01:19:27Max Holloway

Georgia Southern - we classified everyone as essential, but asked everyone that could to work from home. Student workers are doing maintenance for hours.

Pool care we have turned off our heating units and cut down our chlorine use, but I got the recommendation to lower our pH setting to 7.2 and will strengthen the chlorine's ability to clean.

I agree with not draining pools on the east coast. Our water table is too high and would cause more problems

01:20:02Bob Gough W&M

Anyone delivering water safety information online?

01:20:08Meagan Stachurski

@richelle Williams - our swim coach asked if we could do that but one project (AFM) is with another company so don't think it's possible

01:20:16Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - Student awards - creating a video and host Zoom BANQUET

01:21:02Autumn Cleverley

doing drylands fitness videos and once its warmer do whale tales videos

01:21:12Frances Caron

We are doing a YouTube series for the entire duration of our closure (as of now through June 19).

01:21:21Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - actually videoed a "pool Deck" graduation ceremony bec seniors had their gowns. Will show this at our banquet. Srs. jumped off boards in their gown & caps

01:21:27Richelle Williams

what is the content of the series @frances?

01:21:33Zachary Hammerle

Drained, we will most likely read long fellows on IG live. Refunded all lesson rev.

01:22:01Frances Caron

1 video per week focuses on adults - varies from dryland, to writnig a workout, to aquatics lingo, etc

01:22:08Frances Caron

the other video focuses on family

01:22:09Letitia Hollingsworth-Gray

UK - Risk Mgmt won't let us host dryland training if we didn't have a relation/contract with outside group prior to this

01:22:10Meagan Stachurski

@letitia Hollingsworth-gray - that sounds awesome! I may do this in the future with out graduates!

01:22:49Jennifer Cobarrubias

Adam - Stanford is doing “COVID - Connections” with our staff so each day has a different theme based on the votes from what our staff were interested in . We are also reaching out to emergency contacts of our seniors to do a video clip a day for each of our seniors as a surprise… This is what we are doing virtually for programming..

01:22:50Frances Caron

varies from splish splash storytime, drowning, bathtub swim lessons, lesson tips outside of the pool, water safety tips, lifejackets, etc.

01:22:57Adrianna Del Amo

Water Safety Wednesdays- drylands activities for kids to do and first aid fridays The students are creating videos, editing them and we post.

01:22:57Meagan Stachurski

I suggested posting dry land workouts but the concern was because I am not a trainer, there could be liability. We don't have any aquatics instructors who could put content out.

01:23:14Emily Wujcik

The American Academy of Pediatrics has good graphics to share - they also come in spanish!

01:23:30Jennifer Cobarrubias

Meagan! Same! We are doing dry land workouts but having my coworker check form and instruction before sent out.

01:23:31Adam Catli Comeau

Thanks Jennifer!

01:23:39Adam Catli Comeau

And Megan!

01:23:51Autumn Cleverley

I am certified and I am the one filming them!

01:24:10Bill Callender

Also need to make sure content meets accessible guidelines for web

01:24:40Frances Caron

We are also doing social media bingo with our students and checking out equipment (no cost) to students during this time,

01:24:46Rebecca Mabile

Our virtual banquet is next Friday, if anyone wants details about our plan or how it goes, feel free to reach out!

01:25:39Debbie Miles-Dutton

We are doing instagram campaign “5 min of Rec Virtual Challenges and Activities Daily. Nothing aquatic specific yet. Great to see ideas from all of you.

01:25:40Thomas Koller

FGCU we have been holding Zoom In-service trainings with focus on case studies on drownings (fatal and non-fatal drownings). Usually watch a video or news story and have a guided discussion about what they could have done better (we get to pay our hourly staff still)

01:26:59Candice Douglas - WKU

We use groupme and have offered Zoom chats


I have posted polls. pets pictures, songs, workouts etc

01:28:01Erin Wells

Yes, our own mental health, not just our students

01:28:13Richelle Williams


01:28:20Erin Wells

It is the saying… you have to put your oxygen mask before others

01:28:22Victoria Roberts

YES! @Erin

01:28:35Cara Green

We did a baby photo challenge

01:28:48Meagan Stachurski


01:29:05Jennifer Cobarrubias

We are doing that for our Seniors :)

01:29:22Mike Rac

my wife is due 1st week of may. I will have plenty, lol.

01:29:29Andrew Yorkey

Gotta get to another meeting. Have a great day!

01:29:39Erin Wells

Thank you!!!!

01:29:41Frances Caron

We also have our swim lesson kids writing letters to our instructors and we write back. :)

01:29:50Drake Belt

I moved into my new home on March 25. Was a crazy week

01:29:52Joey LaNeve

Thanks everyone!

01:29:54Debbie Miles-Dutton

what organization is using TikTok?

01:29:56Devon Poulos

Thank you! This was awesome!

01:30:02Erin Wells

American University

01:30:03Nathan Brungardt

thank you!

01:30:07Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford is just now starting to use TikTok

01:30:10Krista Herring

Thank you!

01:30:10Mike Rac

@frances that's awesome

01:30:12Ramona Seupersad

Thanks All!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email