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Sport Club Roundtable

Wednesday, April 8, 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

Facilitated by Laura Thomas with presenters Chad Zimmerman, Laurel Hanna, Wendy Sheppard, and Aaron Elder

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Chat Transcript

00:31:55Matt Dunigan


00:32:08Jason Darby

Hey hey everyone!

00:32:09Kathryn Hutchings

Hi Everyone - Santa Clara University here!

00:32:09Crystal Durham

hi friends!

00:32:20Sarah Hawkins

Hello from Cal Poly!

00:32:39Jarrode Davis

Guess who's back?! (back again)

00:32:43ryan perreira

aloha from Hawaii

00:32:45Klee Sellers

Hello from Oklahoma State University!

00:32:46Nick White

Hello NIRSA Family from Rolla

00:32:48Laura Shively

Hello from Arkansas!

00:33:05Jon Janis

J-Rod's Back! Tell a friend

00:33:11Ethan Cobb

Hello from Arizona State!

00:33:12Jeff Sladewski

Hello from New York!

00:33:30Bob Gough

A tradition unlike any other... Hello Friends

00:33:39Emma Kirker

Hi Everyone! - UC Irvine

00:33:39Raamen Bass


00:33:43Domonique Sak

go Penguins! coming at ya live from YSU

00:34:03Tina Mascaro

Hi Everyone - Fairmont State University (West Virginia)

00:34:21Clayton Hufford

Hey everyone, University of Wyoming

00:34:50Amy Rask

Still looking for answers :) Thank you in advance!

00:35:00Greg Durham

We had a few students staff with CU equipment, I am sending them a prepaid box.

00:35:04Amanda Bray

We usually put a hold on the student’s account with the amount the gear is worth

00:35:08Domonique Sak

the ants go marching one by one! sign-up in 15-20 minute increments

00:35:12Tom Verrico

Tom Verrico - Springfield College

00:35:29Matt Dunigan

If they are in town we attempt to set up a drop off zone and time and we will meet with them.

00:35:46Samantha Wary

Meeting up in town to grab first aid kits. Prepaid shipping labels for uniforms.

00:35:47Tina Mascaro

Not necessarily an answer but I sent everyone a form that they had to sign - equipment check-out form stating that if it's not returned in August in the same condition it went out as then they'd be charged to their student account.

00:35:49Matt Dunigan

Just making sure that we are observing all of the guidelines set out by the CDC and the university

00:35:51Jerrell Kelly

For us, we're somewhat lucky that some of ours are still around and our complex is off-campus so we open up the complex/field space and have them drop the items off while ensuring we aren't sharing spaces

00:36:23ryan perreira

depending on policy, put hold on account, but I would use this as last resort.


Yes, definitely abide by any of the CDC guidelines for any face to face interactions

00:38:12Matt Dunigan

Hosting some small zoom meeting that begin the transition period of officers. Including hazing and bullying, conflict resolution, manual review, DSE and than our ATC is sending out small workouts that they can do as individuals

00:38:13Amanda Bray

I am going to be working with a Sport Psychologist to get some offerings on our website and social media. This will help the students focusing on their self motivation and mental health during these times by giving tips and suggestions based on that week’s theme.

00:38:46Kathryn Hutchings

Email Newsletter to celebrate seniors - to be sent out to campus community

Virtual End of Year Celebration - still brainstorming on how work

Annual Awards - still have voting process

Ask Teams to celebrate seniors via social media

00:39:18Sarah Hawkins

Following up from last week’s session - my Strava idea is working well. The students are engaging and submitting times for a virtual 5k. Glad to see them getting exercise on their own

00:39:34Dan Gardner

At W&M I’m encouraging Sport Clubs to engage as teams in existing W&M virtual wellness center programming, to make sure sport clubs realize the benefits of those resources

00:39:52Juliana Frigerio

I'd love more info on how to engage on strava! We have a club, but haven't created events. Are people just doing virtual 5ks?

00:40:58Megan Guilfoyle

Virtual Club Sports Cup. List of “challenges” the clubs can do, post on social media, tag us, all areas involved repost, makes for fun content

00:41:19Lance Haynie

We are thinking about doing a pre-recorded video (private YouTube) to recognize graduating seniors, announcement award winners, etc. We'll include an intro and closing remarks from our director

00:42:09Raamen Bass

Virtual end-of-year awards ceremony and “new officer” trainings for newly-elected officials.

00:42:38Samantha Wary

Our water polo team started a team workout challenge that expanded to all of Sport Clubs. They complete different workouts each week that we track the completions each week.

00:44:07Tom Verrico

At Springfield College we are currently in day 3 of our trick shot challenge for anyone at the college. Still waiting for clubs to engage. We are also doing the 100 miles challenge to all students but I have challenge any of our clubs teams to get 5 players to finish the challenge and they will receive $100 for next years budget.

00:44:48Laura Shively

We sent out a Microsoft form with a deadline to update the contact info. Officer training in the fall

00:45:04Clayton Hufford

We have moved our officer transition training to our Wyocourses(Canvas) module and also been having zoom meetings to go over and answer any questions that new and old officers have for us

00:45:26Jaclyn Gidley

Ball State - 29 clubs, we took notes during our January workshop to see when clubs were transitioning, so I have a better sense of when elections are occurring. I use GroupMe chat on a daily basis with the officers of each club, so I’ve been reaching out to them for assistance with their transitions.

00:46:24Jaclyn Pulatie

We are encouraging our students to use Zoom polling for their officer elections. We created a PDF with instructions on how to do that followed club voting policies.

00:46:41Klee Sellers

We are also doing virtual officer elections and zoom on-boarding for new officers as well. We have our clubs submit new officers through our DSE program

00:47:26Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

I am encouraging my officers to do things like host team dinners over zoom, some of my clubs are doing zoom workouts together

00:47:36Domonique Sak

since mid-February, we've been telling our clubs to have election results sent to the Club Sports Admin by 4/3 so that incoming officers could go through the last Council meeting that was geared towards transitioning, summer goals, and what to expect come August

00:48:18Brienne Krug

We sent out a big resource sheet of options to stay engaged with their teammates, but it is up to them to actually get that started

00:49:36Jon Janis

If your campus has CollegiateLink/OrgSync, it has an online election tool on each club's page. We have encouraged clubs to utilize it to host elections for Fall 2020

00:49:40Dan Gardner

W&M: On another note, we are meeting with each executive board to ask to how this disruption has impacted their FY21 budgeting. State funds frozen, hiring freeze (coaches), etc.

00:50:24Laura Shively

Spending Freeze

00:51:15Tina Mascaro

Honest answers: do you club sports members even want to be engaged? I've tried several things and it really seems like they are content just being done.

00:51:27Jeffrey Hares

Jaclyn can you send me that document please?

00:51:33Emma Kirker

(About engaging students) Going off of what Megan said about our Virtual Club Sports Cup, we made it a competition, so club members and officers are all getting involved to complete the challenges. Clubs with the most points at the end of the year (from the challenges) win a prize. Clubs are quite competitive so they are getting all their members engaged and involved.

00:51:46Allie Bogard

^mine are mostly “done” and not engaged

00:52:12Laura Whiteley

@tina Mascaro, you aren't alone we are in a similar boat at University of the Pacific. Our focus is just getting the administrative, financial, and transition stuff done

00:52:13Dan Gardner

^Same at W&M in that students are “done”

00:52:17Domonique Sak

@Tina I think if groups want to engage, then they will. I've seen it on both sides of the spectrum, but not in between

00:52:33Ethan Cobb

Those who are still in contention to move up a tier, or jump several sports are engaged. Those who have a firm hold on their spot in the tier structure are done.

00:52:37Jaclyn Gidley

Clubs can still spend money (allocations and their own funds), I’m working with clubs that still have remaining allocations to see what they want done with them. Reimbursing an approved expense, rolling over to the fall semester allocations, or rolling over to the spring semester allocations. We do allocations per semester.


Question being discussed currently: Spending for the rest of this fiscal year? Innovative ideas to spend down funding? Spending Freeze versus spend until we are told not too

00:53:55Crystal Durham

We are currently on a spending freeze at NAU unless it is required for current programming needs.

00:54:06Tom Giles

At FIU our funds have been frozen and all "non-essential" spending is suspended until the end of the fiscal year. All funds that Sport Clubs didn't spend are essentially lost. Sad news to break to the officers.

00:54:10Jerrell Kelly

For us at WKU, we just have a freeze on all spending for the rest of this fiscal year. Definitely up in the air for what the funding looks like next year, but what we've kind of been told is to expect the funding to be fairly similar to this year a la not really expecting to lose any funds moving forward

00:54:12Jaclyn Gidley

@tina I’m in the same boat as well

00:54:26Samantha Wary

I have a set quadrennial budget that ends at the end of next academic year. Even though I do not lose this money, I still have to get all purchases approved right now.

00:54:34Domonique Sak

We’ve had some engagement issues at Youngstown State in Ohio was well. It seems like anything related to tasks getting completed has been a little slower, but we are getting a little traction with virtual events and programs that aren’t mandatory. For example, I am running a trivia night on Instagram Live tomorrow via our @YSUCampusRec channel, and that has created a good deal of conversation, so it seems like that’s working!

00:54:47Mitch Wiltbank

At Oregon State, we are currently restricting spending to expenses that were already incurred. Other purchases may be made with special approval. Our clubs can roll over most of their unspent funds from year to year.

00:55:00Michael Potter

VCU is unable to roll it over to the next year but we can spend our club's allocated funds before Fiscal year ends. Purchases can only be made on purchases not related to travel

00:55:02Kathryn Hutchings

Yes, we can roll over funds. We can still pay remaining bills, but are not to make any new purchases.

00:55:22Andrea Snead

UCF - no roll over of funds, and only spending for necessary items - equipment that needs to be replaced etc

00:55:22DeJuan Benford

San Diego State: we're not allowing any new purchases. Only allowing spending for outstanding expenses, e.g. league fee, ref fees..

00:55:34Amanda Bray

@Mitch Potter we are the same at USU

00:55:42Matt Dunigan

Same as @andrea here at UC-Riverside

00:55:49Merrissa Vault

University of Miami— We are still able to spend funds. The deadline for purchases is May 1, however we are not making any purchases for non-essential items.

00:55:53Natalie Hawkins - SIUE

Clubs keep their allocations and their remaining funds through their multiple accounts are taken into account for future allocations requests.

00:56:02DeJuan Benford

SDSU-Roll over funds to the next year

00:56:04Allie Bogard

Also same as @Andrea at Montana State

00:56:17Sarah Hawkins

We are allowed to spend because our funds are allocated from Student Gov’t. We are tried to spend it quickly and wisely

00:56:39Raamen Bass

At LMU, we just announced a University-wide spending freeze on ALL funds. The only things that are approved are paying for outstanding invoices/expenses.

00:56:43Ethan Cobb

Technically funds could roll over to next year at Arizona State, but a strong possibility that those funds get reallocated to another department in need.

00:56:45Dan Gardner

W&M conversations are about planning for FY21 starting with a shortfall from FY20

00:57:25Andrea Snead

UCF - It is important for me to get buy in from the students and get them to understand that we aren't under a freeze but we are wanting to be responsible

00:57:25Cara Caspersen

Rice University: we're not allowing any new purchases. Only allowing spending for outstanding expenses, e.g. league fee, ref fees..

00:57:25Bob Gough

Be mindful of the location where the equipment may be delivered. If your building is closed, be sure to communicate with your postal service to see where the equipment will be stored.

00:57:34Tiffany Lane

At Lone Star College-CyFair we are on a spending freeze, but seeking clarification since we are student fee funded. We are not allowed to roll over fund

00:58:28Kathryn Hutchings

Santa Clara University gave back $10,000 that would have been used for post season travel fund allocations to help the department offset revenue wise.

00:59:00Samantha Wary

The Sport Club budget is completely separated from the department with how our funding is coming in. A few areas have already asked if it is possible to help others.

00:59:12Andrea Snead

@ Jon that is very true and right in line as to why I communicated what I said previously

00:59:18Greg Durham

Love to hear more about NGB and refunds

00:59:44Jarrode Davis


00:59:57Domonique Sak


01:00:28Jon Janis

Has anyone heard about MCLA and their decision since they were in the middle of the season?

01:00:36Jaclyn Gidley

any update from NCBA?

01:00:42Andrea Snead

MCLA season canceled

01:00:44Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

USA Eventing is refunding entry fees for cancelled events

01:00:49Greg Durham

NCBA had a podcast yesterday, they are still planning on post-season...

01:00:49Sarah Hawkins

NCBA sent an email today that they are trying to hold games after 5/1

01:00:49Crystal Durham

NCBA is still hoping to hold a tournament based on the email I got recently

01:00:50Andrea Snead

NCBA just sent an email

01:01:06Jon Janis

Specifically refunding league fees

01:01:10Ethan Cobb

It looks like the CWPA is prorating their dues based off the number of games each water polo team played on the women's side.

01:01:15Emily Charnowski

Any updates on entry fee refunds that were paid for the NCVF National Tournament?

01:01:26Sarah Hawkins

NCVF is doing refunds

01:01:28Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

ncfv is refunding

01:01:31Andrea Snead

i am calling Eric from NCBA tomorrow to express some frustration on behalf of my teams

01:01:59Sarah Hawkins

@Andrea go get 'em!

01:02:01Allie Bogard

@Andrea - get em

01:02:12Merrissa Vault

@Andrea please do

01:02:32Samantha Wary

National Collegiate Finals Rodeo was cancelled this morning. West Coast Soccer Association still has a registration deadline of April 10th for the Fall. NCBA is still doing its thing.

01:02:55Andrea Snead

I just feel they are putting the students in a predicament because we are suspended from travel through June 1.

01:03:25Bryan Hostetler

I talked to Eric from NCBA about refunds today and he said they are working on refunds if they cancel. Their cancel decision date is April 24

01:03:27Shelby Timberlake

keep in mind officials associations may raise game fees in the fall

01:03:32Samantha Wary

We are required to have insurance for all clubs and sport clubs.

01:03:37Greg Durham

hard agree, @andrea

01:04:14Josh Mandel-Sonner

I have to imagine that a lot of the insurance decisions about playing Championships in Fall will be at the discretion of the Risk Manager at the specific University

01:04:34Sarah Hawkins

Has anyone heard anything from NSSA? They are the only ones that would still be possible for our school if they are happening

01:05:10Andrea Snead

Haven't heard anything from NSSA them but I meet with my surf club early next week so I will update folks


lol not typically...but you can still reach out to them

01:06:05Natalie Hawkins - SIUE

no. University has halted all student organization participation.

01:06:09Kathryn Hutchings


01:06:17Andrea Snead

They can absolutely not do anything at UCF

01:06:20Sarah Hawkins

Our athletes were told that if they compete without approval, they will be reported to the Office of Students Rights & Responsibilities

01:06:30Greg Durham

Anecdotally, I imagine most students are back in their permanent locations and "get it".

01:06:30Joshua Rinck

no- We ended all participation

01:06:33Travis Lankford

at UTA, we have suspended all club participation and are threatening some harsh penalties if they compete on their own

01:06:34Jaclyn Gidley

for Ball State, same as @sarah h.

01:06:39Andrea Snead

I will report my students as well @Sarah

01:06:40Samantha Wary

Our sport clubs were informed they would be suspended if they chose to travel.

01:06:45Matt Dunigan

Same at UCR no traveling or practices

01:07:01Mario Rios

No travel for students at Texas State until June 1. But with classes online through July 3, I believe that ban would go through then.

01:07:08Crystal Durham

we told clubs that after our travel ban went into effect that if they chose to go to not-yet-canceled events that they would not be reimbursed for any of their expenses and could potentially get in trouble beyond that

01:07:10DeJuan Benford

All activity cancelled at SDSU

01:07:13Tom Giles

FIU- Clubs cannot travel, practice or meet in any capacity until July 1st

01:07:15Amy Rask

No concerns. Students mostly all moved back home and we are predominately out of state students (and under shelter-in-place restrictions statewide)

01:07:21Raamen Bass

No…LMU has cancelled all Club Sports activities for the remainder of the year. And most of our students have left campus and went back home to their permanent residences.

01:07:22Tiffany Lane

College cancelled all student/employee events

01:07:27ryan perreira

our parks are closed

01:07:38Kathryn Hutchings

Coaches and Coach payments. How did most of you handle coach payments with COVID-19 cancelations of seasons? Did you pay the total amount initially agreed upon or did anyone discontinue paying coaches? Is anyone considering amending Coach payment policies due to cancellations of events/seasons due to “x reasons”?

01:07:42Andrea Snead

UCF - On campus practices are suspended through June 21

01:07:57Megan Guilfoyle

WWLL will be rolling over league dues

01:08:05David Wiley

Xavier has cancelled all involvement and activity through July 31

01:08:19Jarrode Davis

All events/practices are cancelled through July 6 at Ohio State.

01:08:25Tina Mascaro

I paid the full amount since it is so minimal. Our coaches are technically 'volunteer' knowing that I'll give them a small stipend at the end of each semester.

01:08:25Kathryn Hutchings

MCLA - they are working on the money sitch. I believe they will partially refund or discount

01:08:53Amanda Bray

We discontinued the coach payments since they aren’t technically earning the check anymore. So our business services closed their payment and they will only receive what has been paid out.

01:09:19Jon Janis

Thanks Kathryn!

01:09:25Tiffany Lane

LSC-CyFair Chancellor and Board of Trustees committed to paying all employees during our shutdown through the end of their seasons

01:09:26Gabby Sokol

On the men's side I have not heard about refunds/credits. My women's lacrosse club has received a partial refund from SWLL

01:09:31Sarah Hawkins

Our coaches are all independent contractors and it’s up to the team if they want to stop paying them, modify their pay, or still pay them

01:10:04Natalie Hawkins - SIUE

Have to be a currently enrolled student to participate in club sports

01:10:08Sarah Hawkins

I default to league eligibility decisions always, as long as they are students

01:10:09Greg Durham

School eligibility supersedes anything NBGs dictate.

01:10:20Merrissa Vault

UM— That’s a great question. The university would not allow alumni to play either for the same reason.

01:10:27Raamen Bass

We pay coaches monthly (kind of a pay as you go situation) so we will only be paying coaches out through March — and leaving it up to the individual clubs if they want to pay for all of March or partially - since we ended school halfway through the month

01:10:31Travis Lankford

we haven't really had those conversations yet, but i imagine we will not alter our eligibility guidelines to adjust

01:10:33Michael Husted

At UGA we wouldn’t change our eligibility. we would continue with fees paid students.

01:10:53Crystal Durham

at NAU we allow community members to be part of Sport Clubs if their NGB allows their eligibility. We have a weird setup for club funding which I think affects our ability to allow non-NAU people to participate

01:10:56Bob Gough

Has NIRSA / NSC thought of changing the eligibility for the championships?

01:11:14Emily Charnowski

We won't change our eligibility policies at BC. Regardless of NGB eligibility rules, our university policies will remain the same and all participants will need to be active students

01:11:18Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

We already allow non-students to participate if the governing body and club allow it, and they pay for our recsports membership since they aren't paying student fees. Clubs' student fee allocations can't go towards paying for non-student member

01:11:23Joshua Rinck

With grades and credit load being a factor for eligibility, I cannot see us being able to add them.

01:11:24Valerie McCutchan

Champ Series plans to have Standards look at it

01:11:28David Wiley

We at Xavier are paying our student employees out so I am honoring the club sport coaching fees the same way.

01:13:29Mario Rios

Golf and equestrian come to mind as well for non student participation.

01:14:02Jarrode Davis

Thanks Val!

01:14:41Tina Mascaro

@Ty - I think the fishing tournaments themselves dictate eligibility and what we found is that if a student qualified for the national tournament in the spring and then graduated that is what makes them still eligible.

01:14:43Matt Dunigan

Thanks Val!

01:16:07Tom Giles

FIU has added our "official" coaches to the university Zoom list so that they can host team meetings.

01:17:02Ty Verdin

@Tina good clarification. I find the fishing eligibility to be pretty tricky and one I always think of when these types of discrepancies come up.

01:17:30DeJuan Benford

SDSU-Coaches are pt staff. We are currently paying through their last scheduled practice via the Emergency Pay

01:18:10Crystal Durham

off-topic question if we have time: do any of y'all oversee your institutions' cheer and dance teams? Just found out they are moving from Athletics to Campus Rec over the summer and I'm not sure what to anticipate with them

01:18:39Travis Lankford

@Crystal, at UTA, i don't, but we have them in house, i can connect you with our coordinator if you'd like

01:19:19Jennifer Wink

@wendy Same here with coaches. We paid them what we could based off available funding

01:19:24Crystal Durham

Travis, that would be great!

01:19:48Amy Rask

@Crystal I oversee a university dance team, while Cheer is a varsity team. Let me know if you have questions!

01:20:36Wendy Sheppard

@Crystal, at UR we have oversee our dance team. I’m happy to answer any questions I can for you.

01:20:48Amanda Bray

We are looking at moving more of our training to canvas and make sure our coaches do it as well.

01:20:57Samantha Wary

We host an Open House specifically for the Recreation Center. This will help bring in the students who do not normally feel comfortable coming in to our facility. Every area has a specific area set up to engage with other students.

01:20:59Kathryn Hutchings

Few things on recruitment - our University is moving to not requiring SAT scores for newly admitted students. We have reached out to Admissions to find out more info to provide to prospective students to help with recruiting. Check with your Admissions program to find out how to help teams with recruiting

01:22:10Tina Mascaro

Our club teams have the opportunity to work as volunteers for Move-In day and have tables set up during Welcome Weekend. This is a great way for them to get information out to the new incoming students before school starts.

01:23:02Jennifer Wink

Off-topic - I am also a yoga teacher, so I am spending some of my new time planning a mindfulness training for our athletes that will help them with their athletic performance when we resume

01:23:36Kathryn Hutchings

Our new officer training is set up with a simple google doc with links to resources to prepare to become an officer. In addition to this resource, we meet with new leadership and go through the google doc and orient to new position. We will just move meetings to zoom orientations instead

01:24:13Domonique Sak

that's my GA!!

01:24:41Aaron Elder

Aaron Elder liked your message

01:25:27Yaohui (Sandy) Paul-Wei

At SU, we have been requiring our club officers and members to complete sexual assault prevention training and alcohol edu on Everfi as well as individual waivers. Is any other school doing similar stuff? What platform do you use?

01:26:33Merrissa Vault

UM- We were in the process of adding a tier system to the program. The plan was to spend the spring semester training the students and reviewing the structure and criteria. With this hiatus I think it would not be beneficial to implement the system fully. Does anybody suggest any ways to slowly integrate a tier system over summer or at the beginning of the Fall? Taking any and all suggestions!

01:26:40Drew Devore

just a reminder if anyone would like access to the Competitive Sports Information hub I have created email me at

01:26:42Jaclyn Gidley

Is anyone having to track the potential revenue loss/expenses due to COVID-19? Does anyone have a template or potential requirements your university is mandating?

01:26:56Tom Giles


01:27:13Jerrell Kelly

@Jaclyn, we had to track ours for all of our programs. We're still waiting on that format though

01:27:16Crystal Durham

yes, we are tracking revenue losses across all programming

01:27:22Bryan Hostetler

CU Boulder - we have to track all that and submit to Student Affairs weekly

01:27:27Gabby Sokol

@Jaclyn yes we have been for the entire department

01:27:29Andrea Snead

UCF - yes. email me

01:27:38Stephanie Calhoun

At WVU we are tracking lost revenue from clubs and are taking it into consideration for budget allocations next year.

01:27:40Andrea Snead

we gathered in one document for outdoor adventure and sport clubs

01:27:40Samantha Wary

We are required to track revenue loss.

01:27:41Drew Devore

we are having to do so at Minnesota. We are tracking it broken down by type of refund request/loss.

01:27:42Jarrode Davis

I speak for everyone. - Lets do another round table. I just want to see everyone again.

01:27:43Kathryn Hutchings

Group Air fair - I have converted to vouchers through airlines through cancelation requests

01:27:43Tina Mascaro

yes we had to track that and submit it to our vp.

01:27:56Jaclyn Gidley

yes for another roundtable

01:28:04Travis Lankford

i agree with Jarrode

01:28:35Andrea Snead

UCF - we don't have revenue for our program so we only calculated what we lost

01:28:36Domonique Sak

@Jarrode only if I can get a mega zord background

01:28:49Ty Verdin

yes to another roundtable

01:29:13Yaohui (Sandy) Paul-Wei

Do you guys manage competitive clubs and instructional clubs differently? is there additional training or requirement for competitive clubs?

01:29:17Tim Phanthavong

In terms of recruitment - Princeton University is holding a Virtual Activities Fair. We have been designated a specific day by the university to be directly engaged with all incoming students. This is happening through their FB newly admitted group page that’s managed by the university. We’ll be holding Sport Club “tabling”, meet & greets/Q&A on that day. Each program will have an opportunity to share info about their team and how to get in touch for the fall.


01:29:34Andrea Snead

@ Yaohui - nope everyone is on the same footing

01:29:39Jaclyn Gidley

Is there any talk of rescheduling the competitive sports institution for this summer?

01:29:44Greg Durham

I'd love to hear ideas on how we can collectively use our voice to advocate for our students to these NGBs

01:29:50Joshua Rinck

Does anyone have new/additional retention strategies that they have applied now that they have removed remote? Retention is obviously a big point at all schools nowadays.

01:30:00Tina Mascaro

Does anyone know if the intramural and club sports institute is still happening?

01:30:00Dan Gardner

Summer competitive sport club institute update!

01:30:05Eric Simmons

thanks for doing this

01:30:05Josh Mandel-Sonner

Thank you for hosting this

01:30:08Drew Devore

@greg it could be a collectively signed letters to each specific NGB

01:30:10Jaclyn Gidley

thanks for hosting this!

01:30:11Travis Lankford

thank you!

01:30:12Valerie McCutchan

thanks LT and content peeps

01:30:15Taylor Poth

lay-offs, furloughs and loss of jobs is a major concern at small universities

01:30:16Tiffany Lane


01:30:17Brian Jines

Thank you Laura, Chad and Aaron. Take care eveyone

01:30:17Laura Shively


01:30:18Domonique Sak

thank you, everyone!! hasta la vista

01:30:19Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

Thank you!!

01:30:19Kathryn Hutchings

Thank you for hosting - hope we can do this again soon!

01:30:27Bob Gough

Thanks! Stay safe!

01:30:27Jason Darby

Thank you for hosting this!

01:30:30Klee Sellers

Thank you!

01:30:39Crystal Durham

thank you for hosting! would love to have another one in a couple of weeks

01:30:44Jarrode Davis


01:30:44Crystal Dooley

thank you!

01:31:22Cara Caspersen

Ryan Perreira, you're a legend for showing your dog :)

01:31:36Andrea Snead

we doing dogs!!!!

01:31:44Andrea Snead

next call!

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