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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Student Experience, Pt. 2

Tuesday, April 7, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse & NIRSA Student Leadership Team

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Chat Transcript

00:31:29Scarlett Vineyard

Scarlett Vineyard - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga :-)

00:31:45Colleen Fritze

Northeastern University, Boston

00:31:56Brian Beam

Brian, UConn Intramural Sports

00:31:58Jennifer Wood

Miami University Ohio

00:32:02Josh Davis

Josh Davis - Penn State University

00:32:06Roberto Lopez Moreno

Roberto Lopez - UCSD

00:32:12Emma Kirker

Hello! Competitive sport and special events coordinator from UC Irvine

00:32:13Sasha Mincey

Sasha Mincey- University of Central Florida

00:32:16Tyler Young

Tyler Young, The Ohio State University

00:32:17Matthew Collum

Matt Collum - Boston College - Member Services and Operations Coordinator

00:32:17Brad Jones

Brad Jones - NDSU

00:32:18Kristyn Watts

Kristyn Watts - pro at University of Notre dame

00:32:19Jordan Sae

Jordan Sae - UC San Diego

00:32:19Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith - Western University - Ontario Canada

00:32:21Kelsey Snook

San Jose State University Fitness manager

00:32:22Christina Galli

Chrissy Galli - UC Berkeley

00:32:27Colin Chambers

California State University - Chico, Aquatics Coordinator

00:32:30Joey LaNeve

Arizona State University

00:32:31Jessica Wibe

Hi! Recreation Coordinator from Olympic College - Bremerton, Washington

00:32:32Alexandra Sanchez

Alexandra - IM GA University of Kentucky

00:32:32Michael Migliaro

Michael Migliaro- The University of Alabama

00:32:34Nick Prante

David Grassi Washington State University

00:32:35Chris Keough

Chris Keough - Dalhousie University

00:32:40Gregory Reinhardt

Greg Reinhardt - University of Utah

00:32:40Chelsea Watson

University of Georgia - Comp Sports

00:32:41Jason Graves

Jason Graves; University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

00:32:45Durron Newman

Stony Brook university

00:32:46Melissa Hazzard

Melissa Hazzard - Shippensburg University

00:32:51Melissa Evers

Cleveland State University - Aquatics Coordinator

00:32:56Daniel Perdue

Daniel UNC-Pembroke

00:33:00Nick Lampert

Nick Lampert - University of Colorado- Boulder

00:33:08Jordan Hunter

Jordan Hunter - UC Irvine

00:33:12Jamaica Cannon

Washington University in St Louis

00:33:15Erin Sanders

Appalachian State University

00:33:17Nicholas Boehler

nick - UNL

00:33:24Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson- University of Dayton

00:33:30Amy Adams

Amy Adams | CSU Monterey Bay

00:33:31Alison Bjornson

Alison Bjornson - GPRC, Alberta, Canada

00:33:39Scott Flickinger

Hello! Flick, IM/Noyes Rec Center Director at Cornell University! Seeing how the students are doing!

00:33:44Julia Hoban

Julia Hoban - University of Dayton

00:33:53Tucker Paschen

Tucker- Southern Miss

00:33:54Catherine Raczyk

Carol Raczyk- U of nebraska

00:34:12Drew Devore

Drew Devore - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

00:34:17Shana Kessler

Shana Kessler - Central Washington University, IMs and Special Events coordinator

00:34:21Isabella Giggard

Belle Giggard - Georgia southern university

00:34:21Stefani Plummer

Stefani Plummer-Director of the Rec Center (California Baptist University)

00:34:56Anna Champion

Want to hear what the students are thinking about everything that is going on at the moment! What are the thoughts about the future??

00:35:07Jeff Kingery

Jeff Kingery, Case Western Reserve University, Operations and Member Services (pro staff!)

00:35:18Aaron Brooks

Hello from AK-Rowdy-Rowdy! (That’s The University of Akron for those who don’t know)

00:35:29Shana Kessler

what are things pro staff can do to support students who are unable to work?

00:35:51Anna Champion

Assistant Director of AUM Wellness Center, Auburn University at Montgomery! Yes…what can we do to help!!

00:35:53Melissa Evers

AK-Rowdy!!! Love it! (Alum here)

00:35:58Brittany Mueller

RT @Shana

00:35:59Colleen Fritze

How can administrators support students during this time; what are expectations?

00:36:01Christina Galli

Supporting graduating senior student employees remotely

00:36:02Jason Graves

Graduating senior, was looking mainly for internships and lightly at GA options, curious how people's searches/plans are going with hiring freezes

00:36:50Tom Giles

Hello from sunny Miami!

00:36:59Jennifer Wood

How can we support and engage our staff with online zoom meetings, since we can't pay them to work. Supporting Graduating seniors as well.

00:37:14Mark Garneau

Mark Garneau - University of Miss (Pro Staff)

00:37:39Lydia Asplin

What are other Universities and Campus Recs doing in response to Covid-19 crisis?

00:38:35Joey LaNeve

as students what kind of support, content, or connection are you looking for from your department? What is the best way for us to support?

00:39:08Isabella Giggard

Jules we’ve been using Netflix Party as well as I hold a weekly like “study hall” on Zoom for anyone who wants to hop in and catch up

00:39:39Juliana Frigerio

I've heard of a few institutions doing open office hours. I think it's a good idea!

00:41:08Roberto Lopez Moreno

Over at UCSD Recreation we are holding student led community events. We are doing watch parties or board games and other things of the kind.

00:42:11Cheyanne Clouse

We technically are the students

00:43:01Scarlett Vineyard

I'm down for all the line dancing! haha

00:44:02Megan Guilfoyle

Those of you using Strava, are you joining challenges and/or clubs, or are you creating your own?

00:44:40Joey LaNeve

I have been calling down my contact list on a regular basis just to check in with students. not everyone answers but I leave a nice message so they know im here for them

00:44:58Tom Giles

Is there anyone on this call who is trying to prepare for dealing with the elevated stress levels that come with exams?

Most of our experiences/events do not lend themselves to a virtual format.

00:45:08Juliana Frigerio

@Megan :I created my own club for our Competitive Sports Program. Still looking at how to get everyone to join (I just sent it out through Slack/GroupMe) and exploring how to create challenges and such.

00:48:48Drew Devore

@Tom you say you get sick of that weather now until you have to deal with a Minnesota winter.

00:49:25Scott Flickinger

Ayyyyyyy! Trivia!!!

00:49:53Lindsay Walker

Can you please drop the trivia link! Amazing!

00:50:02Rebecca Boyd

Drew - can you send links for the trivia?

00:50:09Daniel Perdue - UNC-Pembroke

we pushed it across our students this week!

00:50:14Greg Durham

00:50:23Scott Flickinger


00:50:24ryan perreira


00:50:26Brittany Mueller

thank you greg

00:50:27Tom Giles

Thank you greg

00:50:36Brittany Mueller

and thank you tom

00:50:39Melissa Evers

We’ve been doing a trivia night with our staff. It’s not too high participation but more come each week. And about half hang out after just to chat and laugh with each other

00:51:26Tyler Artley

Region IV is putting together a e-Sports regional for the end of this month so there is another "end goal" for our campus intramural activities

00:51:42Bailey Adams

I’ve been making brackets for various topics for my students to vote on throughout the week and then we crown a “champion” on Fridays/saturdays!

00:51:59Drew Devore

my email is if anyone would like me to send you flyers and information

00:52:18Scott Flickinger

Hi all, I need to head out. Hang in there! Hit up Drew! Get your campus involved in trivia!

00:52:35Emma Kirker

@ Bailey How are you having them vote on the brackets?

00:52:46Mark Garneau

Drew can you put your info on the daily NIRSA news email.

00:52:49ryan perreira

if you esports, that is hot right now, league of leends, Doda, etc.

00:52:56Drew Devore

also for pro staff. if you are interested in giving away prizes here is the link to the google doc. Just drop your school and contact information in the sheet:

00:53:39Jessica Wibe

Our quarter starts next week and we developed a cluster of weekly hashtags and challenges from Fort Friday to Tasty Tuesday. We are also opening an Open Gym of sorts on Thursday via zoom where students will be able to come in and just do their home workout. We plan to provide an at home workout they can do, but if they're already following a program they can just be in that virtual space with other people who are moving too!

00:54:15Daniel Perdue - UNC-Pembroke

cant lie, I’m going to use a bunch of these!!!! GREAT STUFF

00:54:41Alison Bjornson

Yes, all these suggestions are amazing

00:54:48Aaron Brooks

We are working on rolling out an Intramural Sports “TickTock-Off”

00:55:01Lindsay Walker

Ryan, you mentioned a watch party earlier, can you please elaborate?

00:56:28ryan perreira

do magic the Gathering

00:57:47Daniel Perdue - UNC-Pembroke

I’m trying to figure out what fortnite is. . .

00:58:56Melissa Evers

Ryan - how are you doing MTG?

00:59:28Melissa Evers

We had some issues with getting Netflix Party to go as well…tech issues that is...

01:00:06Lindsay Walker

I was totally thinking of tiger king watch party!

01:00:07Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford Aquatics has set up a group me account with our staff call COVID-Connections. Each day has a different theme. based on the votes that came in from our staff... pets & sunsets fish out of water let’s get lean, creativity crew, quarantine cuisine, stretch sesh etc

01:00:08ryan perreira

sure, we play video games, do yoga, etc., and create multiple means to view activity. Discord, twitch, IG, facebook and watch party is an option

01:00:34Jennifer Cobarrubias

yes lol :)

01:00:40Lindsay Walker

I'm scared to watch alone

01:00:52Tom Giles

nothing can prepare you

01:00:55Isabella Giggard

I like the Covid-Connections name!

01:01:40Jennifer Cobarrubias

My coordinator came up with the name I loved it! :)

01:01:54Tom Giles

Sort of change in topic. Is anyone doing a concentrated volunteer effort? Donating masks or food to food banks etc?

01:02:34ryan perreira

we do food bank once a month

01:03:22Melissa Evers

We were able to donate all of our available PPE to healthcare facilities.

01:03:58Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford Aquatics donated masks and gloves to the hospitals

01:07:00Mark Garneau


01:07:03Shana Kessler

is anyone concerned with over saturation of social media with too many posts or challenges per day? our marketing staff are still limiting our online presence to one post per day, and

01:07:16Shana Kessler

and nothing

01:07:42Stefani Plummer

@ryan YES! Y'all are the lifeblood. we NEED you!

01:07:45Roberto Lopez Moreno

A lot of my professors assume we have more time now for schooling so they assign much more readings/work. While we do have more time, that doesn't mean we are able to spend 4 more hours on a computer every day. Difficult to minimize screen time in this new environment.

01:09:19Juliana Frigerio

I'm having such a hard time staying focused in my Master's classes. More papers and projects means you have to budget your time personally, rather than having weekly assignments. I'd rather focus on my GA/NIRSA things!

01:09:31Tyler Artley

Can any students speak to just how many emails you have been getting? I have had several employees say they are missing our emails because they are getting too many.

01:09:58Tom Giles


01:10:03Kate Nail

Non-urgent work related things wait til the next day if its outside of my office hours

01:10:13Drew Devore

have your professors been more empathic during this transition or are their expectations to perform at a high level still expected?

01:10:29ryan perreira

too many

01:10:57Joshua Rinck

I know others have done this or something like it but I wanted still wanted to share… We have also made a concerted effort to check-in on the wellbeing of our student staff now that they are adjusting to a new situation In addition, we’ve heard that students have been overwhelmed by the amount of email and written communication they are now receiving. So, we put together a mini call script along with a long list of answers and contact information for possible student questions and then our professional staff made individual phone calls to all of the student staff members. The purpose was just to check-in on them, let them know we cared, and see if we could answer any questions or support them in any other way.

The interactions with our students have been really positive and ranged from happy to chat with someone and laugh at their stories of professors learning to be online along with allowing them to share concerns. So I encourage picking up the phone when it can be effective.

01:11:14Scarlett Vineyard

As a full time staff member and adjunct professor, my emails are a LOT right now. I set a start and end time to my work day and don't go back to it until the next day.

01:12:09Tom Giles

It's tough to condense info when EVERY email seems to be "urgent" or "high impact"

01:12:59Aja Kirkland

Does anyone use slack? or other Individualized messaging groups? Or even just a group chat straight to your phone!

01:13:07Kaleah Torgerson

We use slack!

01:13:14Jason Graves

I had learned yesterday one school was using a GroupMe with their student staff to be able to check in, they used the colored hearts emojis as a code, people can express simply what their mood for that day might be, low effort and still able to check in on the students and can them check in more deeply if needed

01:13:54Kaleah Torgerson

At Texas A&M university we use slack and it seems like it is a lot easier to communicate with our staff.

01:13:55Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford uses slack yes but only for full time staff we use GroupMe with our part time staff for updates

01:14:19ryan perreira

I use texting for my staff if it is super importment, email general stuff

01:17:56Tucker Paschen

One thing I learned a long time ago is that email is the last form of communication my students are going to check. They are going to check texts first, and then social media/group chats before they check their emails

01:18:23Bailey Adams

Rt @ Tucker

01:18:46Brittany Mueller

RT @Tucker

01:19:07Joey LaNeve

collaborate with other departments on campus to cross-promote and partner to make events more successful. Weve worked with our programming and activities board to do trivia nights, movie nights and other things like that.

01:19:11Bailey Adams


01:19:40Cheyanne Clouse

Had to Paden sorry..

01:20:03Greg Durham

Something I shared with my students recently is that there is a lot of pressure for programs/departments to "demonstrate value". So there's going to be a lot of duplicative programing until pro staff figure out how to get to this new normal.

01:20:40ryan perreira

@greg, yes

01:20:54Juliana Frigerio

I made a GA guide, too!

01:21:04Kelsey Snook

When I moved for grad school, I found facebook housing groups to join and that helped me find my apartment.

01:21:36ryan perreira

New Normal - NNormal

01:21:44Tucker Paschen

YES JULES!!!!!!!

01:22:04Tucker Paschen

I just like the idea and I'm currently working on one

01:22:08Aaron Brooks

Any pro staff on here figuring out end of year awards?

01:22:50Jordan Hunter

I’m looking at trying to do virtual awards where each area can present an award

01:23:07Jason Graves

@Aaron I've seen a school say that they were offering to do an online dinner for graduating students and their families

01:23:12Tucker Paschen

Myself and two other GAs are meeting at 3:00 today to discuss how we're doing this. We are then bringing it to our weekly staff meeting tomorrow. I am more than happy to share any of the info we have with everyone

01:23:18Colleen Fritze


01:23:37Catherine Raczyk

I’m not a senior but i think if i was a senior a zoom award ceremony would be cool

01:23:47Kate Nail

We are doing out student appreciation week virtually with a couple different things. We will be sending out hand written cards to our 450 something employees, doing and online battle ship bracket, sending gifts to graduating seniors

01:24:09Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford Aquatics is trying to surprise our staff by reaching out to emergency contacts of seniors to get videos and recognize our seniors on social media with those videos baby photos and senior picture we are also trying to create a virtual graduation and invite their family

01:24:46Mark Garneau

Nice job Stanford

01:25:44Jennifer Cobarrubias

:) thanks!

01:26:35Michael Brito

We’re getting seniors to send pictures or short testimonials in place of our usual fun senior video

01:26:48Jason Graves

I think it is a good idea Aaron, especially in times like this it's nice to feel real connection with people.

01:27:15Matthew Collum

thank you, Cheyanne for dropping the Roundtable in there!!!!

01:27:29Matthew Collum

Career Week*!

01:27:42Jason Graves

I also think with virtual awards it would be a good idea to do them similar to how these are ran, offer them live for people that would like to attend and be a part, and have it recorded if anyone would rather or have to view in that regard

01:27:58Tucker Paschen

Thanks everyone!

01:28:03NIRSA Smartboard

01:28:16Greg Durham

Definitely sign up! Lots of pros are excited to help our students!

01:28:39Colleen Fritze

Thank you everyone!!!your ideas are great!

01:28:40Anna Champion

Thanks so much - love hearing from all of our students!!

01:28:40Lindsay Walker

This was awesome! Thank you for the great ideas everyone.

01:28:42Nick Lampert

Thanks you

01:28:43Matthew Collum

^^^ what Greg said

01:28:45Alison Bjornson

THis was great. Thanks

01:28:46Aaron Brooks

Cheers everyone!

01:28:47Jason Graves

Thank you to everyone!

01:28:47Isabella Giggard


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email