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Virtual Roundtables
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Monday, April 6, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Christina Galli and Matthew Altendorf

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The success of our student employees is a priority to campus recreation professionals. As we navigate a virtual online learning environment, we will discuss ideas to engage with our student employees and continue to enrich their educational experience remotely. Come with your ideas and solutions to providing student professional development to student employees!

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Krista Chauvin - Penn State University

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Chris Washington - UNC Charlotte

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Kegan University of Utah

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Hello from Auburn University at Montgomery!

00:35:49Liz Feldman

Liz Feldman, Ohio State University

00:35:49Stephanie Hoffman

Hello! from University of North Dakota!

00:35:49Jason Graves

Student intern with University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire!

00:35:50Stancheski, CJ

Howdy from Texas A&M University

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Hey there! Serena from Univ of San Diego!

00:35:50Matthew Sauceda

Hello from CSU, Long Beach!

00:35:51Brittany Mueller

florida state university

00:35:51Greg Durham

Greg Durham - Creighton

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Washington State University!

00:35:52LaTosha Cleaver

Tosha from UT Tyler

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Hi from University of Miami

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Hello for Katie @ Utah State

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Hello from Chico State

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Hi y'all! Veronica from University of Notre Dame here!

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Hello from Shippensburg University!

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Hello from University of Arkansas

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Hello from the University of Georiga

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Hello from the University of Victoria!

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Hello all from the University of Missouri-St Louis!

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Hello from Viterbo University!

00:35:55Colleen Fritze

Colleen Fritze-Northeastern University-Boston

00:35:56Sarah DeGeorge

Sarah DeGeorge - NYU! :)

00:35:56Chaelim Nellis

Chaelim Nellis Penn State

00:35:56Jeff Logsdon

University of Cincinnati-- Coordinator, Club Sports

00:35:56Earl Cabellon

Hi everyone! Earl Cabellon from the University of Maryland, College Park!!!!

00:35:57Mary TOdd

Hello! Clemson University!


Jacob woodhead from UC San Diego

00:35:58Amy Adams

Hello from Monterey Bay

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Hello from MizzouRec!

00:35:58Tim Phanthavong

Princeton University’s here!

00:35:59Cristina Rodriguez

UT Rio Grande Valley, Texas

00:35:59Alejandro Herrera

Alejandro Herrera-Moraine Valley Community College

00:35:59Korey Stamp

Hello from the University of North Texas

00:35:59Lori Tyson-Jamison

Hello from Wake Forest University

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Hello to all from the University of South Carolina

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hello from Cal State San Bernardino

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Chloe DeStefano UC Santa Barbara -- Student (:

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00:36:07Sheryl Poirier

Sheryl, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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Hello, from University of Illinois at Chicago

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hello from Penn State!!!

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Cleveland State University

00:36:10Christopher Vigliotta

Hey everyone from University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

00:36:11Sandra Peppel

Sandra Peppel West Virginia University

00:36:11Demitri Lahanas

Arizona State U!!! Forks up!!!

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Hey everyone! I’m Alexis from Texas Southern University

00:36:13Sara Showers

Howdy from UofSC - Columbia


Hello from University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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Hello from Stony Brook University NY

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Hi from Northwestern University

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Hi from UW-Madison!

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HI! A&M-Commerce

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Hello Everyone! Ryan Fitz @ Sonoma State in Nor Cal!

00:36:17Trace Stenz

University of Tennessee Martin

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Hello from The University of Alabama

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Hello from UMD College Park!

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Hello from Baylor University

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Hello from Arizona State University! #ForkUp

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Hello from West Virginia University!

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Kennedi from Texas Southern University

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hello from The University of Toledo

00:36:26Chad Indorf

Chad Indorf- Gannon University

00:36:27Jason Darby

Southern Miss to the Top!

00:36:28Demarcus Peterson

Hello I’m Demarcus Peterson from Texas Southern University

00:36:33Jessica Graham

UO, Go Ducks!

00:36:33Nick Rodriguez

Hello from University of Florida!

00:36:35Shana Kessler

greetings from Central Washington

00:36:36Paul Fischbach

Hello from Rutgers U!

00:36:37Daniel Kapps

Hello from Adelphi University in NY

00:36:39Christopher Ballard

Hello from BGSU

00:36:39Jenn Callow

Hello from Jenn in UBC Okanagan, Kelowna Canada

00:36:42Amy Gardner

LSU coming in hot off hell's front porch :)

00:36:43Christine Curtis

Chris Porras-University of Houston

00:36:43Jasmine Holmes

Fire Up! From CMU

00:36:46Marie VanBuskirk

Hello - from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan!

00:36:46Kacy Toberg

Hello from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA

00:36:47Erik Estrada

hello from Rowan University

00:36:50Taylor Mar

UC Berkeley! Go Bears!

00:36:54Amy Pennington

Hello from Louisiana at Lafayette! Geaux Cajuns!

00:37:05Kaitlyn Kubler

georgia southern university

00:38:27Maiya Turner

Hello! Hello! From Texas Southern University! Go Tigers!

00:38:28Eric Becker

Student engagement initiatives, how to keep in touch without over burdening them

00:38:29Cristina Rodriguez

Brainstorm what others are doing... be inspired

00:38:45Pathrience Shaw

what are some creative ideas or trainings could we use to keep students engaged

00:38:45Madeline Ahles

How do we help Seniors if they need help in job searching and transition??????!!!!!!!

00:38:47Matthew Collum

@what eric said

00:38:54Colleen Fritze

what student development theory does one subscribe to?


an understanding of continual development through the remainder of the current school year

00:39:05Andrew Bruni

End of year celebration ideas

00:39:12Jeff Blumenthal

How is everyone developing students and keeping them connected while working remote to not lose contact

00:39:16Miles Dodge

Echo on the help of graduating seniors navigate entering the job search right now

00:39:20Ryan Fitzpatrick

New ways of connecting and developing in these new ways of living

00:39:32Tommy Willis

Looking for something NEW (feeling like we are starting to exhaust our resources to keep the student staff engaged and being able to pay them from work from home.)

00:39:54Kacy Toberg

ideas for virtual training topics to do on zoom

00:39:57Nick Rodriguez

Programming/engaging students particularly in scenarios where we can *not* pay them for working/engaging remotely.

00:39:59Christian Washington

Professional Development Opp. for students online

00:40:01Jason Graves

graduating students looking to continue in the field as all places are on hiring freezes

00:40:26Colleen Fritze

what staff decisions will be made regarding personnel ?

00:40:41Demitri Lahanas

Student Staff Evals and end of year recaps!

00:40:58Marie VanBuskirk

What student engagement and student training might look like in the potential new normal this fall.

00:50:43NIRSA Smartboard

For those just entering the roundtable--everyone has been assigned to join a breakout room. You'll get your invitation as you enter.

01:02:08Demitri Lahanas

Accidentally clicked out of mine

01:03:54Matthew Altendorf

Feel free to comment here if you learned something you'd like to share!

01:04:37Maiya Turner

I learned that everyone is using different programs to log in work information as well as finding different ways to keep students engaged!

01:05:09Cristina Rodriguez

UT RIo Grande Valley provided professional development as opportunities to work... TedTalks, LinkedIn Learning, E-Learn, Webinars

01:05:50Jason Darby

One thing I brought up in our group is here at Southern Miss we aren’t able to pay our students. My concern with that is that with them going and getting jobs in the short-term, those jobs may actually be paying them more than we can normally and we will potentially lose them returning when it’s time for us to reopen. That could potentially cause some issues with summer scheduling especially with interruptions in hiring currently.

01:06:45Eric Becker

RT @Jason

01:07:07Jillian Dolciato

Does any university have a reopen date right now? How are you all handling summer hiring with an unknown date of return?

01:07:09Marie VanBuskirk

We cannot pay many of our staff as well and are uncertain of our summer scheduling and retention.

01:07:15Kacy Toberg

We talked about using LinkedIN learning and Ted Talks to continue their personal and professional development during the closure

01:07:48Amy Gardner

LSU has an excel doc with what we have for remote work; happy to share what we have our students doing.

01:08:13Cristina Rodriguez

Amy yes please

01:08:17Nick Rodriguez

Recently, I put out a "intent to return" survey for students to help me gauge near-accurate numbers of which of my current staff would return when we reopen. This will be important to help establish hours of operation since we can't currently hire replacement staff and operate at full capacity.

01:08:25Christopher Denison

Our cert program trains a % of local guards so we are also concerned about local pools not being able to open.

01:08:28Tommy Willis

I received a good message from someone in NIRSA about LGs. and having them run weekly sessions and finishing with an aquatic topic.

01:08:30Chris Hoppe

We launched a LinkedIn Learning professional development program that students use in combination with Canvas to track the work they do throughout the quarter.

01:08:44Anna Champion

Yes please Amy!!

01:08:53Tiffany Lane

That would be great @Amy

01:08:58Becky Todd

We were just informed of a hiring "pause" no new staff full time/part time/otherwise until at least July 1, guessing our campus is not looking to reopen before June. Working on a slow roll plan and keeping intent to return biweekly

01:08:58Christian Washington

With retention concerns, this especially applies to non-traditional schools with older, more transitional students

01:09:15Miles Dodge

I am curious how people use LinkedIn Learning do you assess what they are learning? Is it popular with students?

01:09:40Ross Rodriguez

We did the same for our team, then the University made the decision to have all summer session classes online also.

01:09:41Ashlee Hyman

We are be as open as possible with students and letting them know we are planning for May reopen and that if we aren’t allowed to reopen the timeline will shift. We also put out a survey that went month to month to determine how many students would like to return each month (May, June, July, August, and Fall)

01:09:45Ross Rodriguez

That changed our Intent to Return numbers

01:09:47Cristina Rodriguez

Can you provide a sample of the intent to return survey?

01:10:25Samantha Gill

We use LinkedIn learning and the powerpoints typically have content that is provided to go along with the videos. They also have content quizzes, so I have the students download the worksheets to fill out and submit both the worksheets and quizzes to me.

01:10:27Juliana Frigerio

we also use the intent to return survey to gauge graduation dates and an assessment of skills ("do you feel like your problem solving skills have improved by working for Competitive Sports) etc. we use Qualtrics

01:10:48Paul Fischbach

Rutgers is shut down through at least August 14 with remote learning for summer session. Means no camps, swim lessons, facility rentals etc

01:11:40Leslee Peterson

We are trying keep them in the community by providing information about resources to keep them afloat - local food pantries, how to use their sick leave, how to access financial aid if they haven't previously, other community resources. We send weekly emails with updates, resources, and inspiration. We also invite them to try to think about how they can contribute to the new online medium for the rec center.

01:12:04Cristina Rodriguez

We created an assessment tool for professional development. Asking 3 questions (1) what did you learn (2) From what you learned in today’s educational session(s) how can you apply it to University Recreation? (3) How will you use what you’ve learned in the future, life after graduation?

01:12:12Eric Becker

Virtual Banquet through Zoom. Still giving out end of year awards as well as doing student superlatives (peer voted through google forms)

01:12:18Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University will have a senior dinner for our students and their families the same weekend as the postponed commencement...whenever that will be

01:12:48Jason Graves

what is something special we could do for graduating students that may feel 'robbed' by the way things have ended? @Jillian I love that idea

01:13:23Miles Dodge

Oregon State is looking at doing an End of Year celebration through a Facebook Live video through a FB event...looking to invite alumni to join in since alumni engagement is a big part of our student engagement strategy

01:13:28Tommy Willis

Our roundtable discussed what sources to use to engage student staff (blackboard, quizzes, exams, discussion boards, etc.) Also mentioned how universities are going back and forth between paying and not paying student workers.


UC San Diego, we are looking as doing a photo collage with all the seniors and then giving it to them as a gift

01:13:57Alejandro Herrera

Going to make a YouTube video with managers and part time staff

01:14:06Alejandro Herrera

for the virtual banquet

01:14:08Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV we are creating e-cards themed out, also placing on social media with animation

01:14:10Jonathan Johnston

we asked our student staff what they wanted/expected. They elected for just a recorded award ceremony. So we are going to compile of video of an MC, student staff photos, supervisor videos, etc

01:15:45Maiya Turner

We have been using social media and other platforms (Basecamp), which has been helping us stay connected with students!

01:15:58Colleen Fritze

Our university has a We CARE program that helps students in crises

01:16:06Jillian Dolciato

01:16:23Jillian Dolciato

We created a wellness kit from Student Affairs on our website with resources!

01:16:23Grace Grindstaff

We are creating a weekly “newsletter” to send all of our team members with both department resources as well as other stuff available around campus/town

01:16:25Tommy Willis

1 on 1 conversations via Skype with our student staff. (Compiling a resource page that can be sent to our student workers) *counseling, food pantry, etc.

01:17:11Serena Gandara

Set up a communications expectation schedule: Monday is social connection/game, Wed is skill/professional development and Friday is a message of inspiration

01:17:12Korey Stamp

Group Me - once a week update with video to see each other for a min.

01:17:17Nick Rodriguez

We invited staff from our health promotion services department to present (via Zoom) to some of our student leaders. They used that time to share various resources on campus and strategies to be well and healthy during these abnormal circumstances.

01:17:27Tiffany Lane

I'm using Microsoft Teams

01:17:32Alejandro Herrera

One of our partners from New Haven did a whole food pantry at her campus rec is the link of what it looks like-

01:17:40Maiya Turner

Good Job Alexis

01:17:46Eric Becker

I created a Student Engagement Initiative, where we would provide daily challenges for them to complete. Could be a simple task or a weekly challenge. These challenges are focused on the seven dimensions of wellness. Challenges given out through program area groupmes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Willing to share, reach out if you want to collab

01:17:53Tytiana Reed

Nice Alexis

01:18:17Sarah Shea

Marco Polo App is great

01:18:46Nick Rodriguez

I know in our normal flow we tend to invite campus partners to our staff meetings. Depsite working from home, many of those professionals in other departments seem more than willing to still present to our student staff via Zoom. Always worth trying to engage some of those campus partners and connecting them to our students.

01:18:53Matthew Altendorf

I love that idea @Eric Becker! It's like a corporate wellness plan for student employees!

01:19:32Nick Lampert

Created a Google Doc that we call the "Activity Book" for personal and professional development. Not mandatory but resume building/cover letter, High5 and enneagram, Pet photos, Trivia nights, activities for being outside.... Fun and engaging.

01:19:48Karen David

University of Dayton created an Instagram page for our supervisor cohort which gets all supervisors from all divisions working together. These students sent in questions for us as pro staff to answer and were answering through videos to keep them connected/prep them for life post graduation.

01:21:34Cristina Rodriguez

Sharing what other departments are doing: Career Center, Leadership and Mentoring Academy...

01:22:06Marcella T Cisneros

Is anyone using for professional development?

01:22:20Tytiana Reed

Texas Southern University: We do Zumb & Yoga Live on our IG, that way anyone can join and still stay engaged with our GroupX classes. We also play games via social media and send out virtual gift cards to whoever the winner of that game is. We do that to keep our students involved with the Recreational center.

01:22:25Tytiana Reed


01:23:45Christian Washington

We are hosting a Virtual Roundtable with our Vice Chancellor along with current professionals to get some ideas and questions, answered. Especially with a hiring freeze

01:24:15Cristina Rodriguez

That is amazing Christian

01:26:11Amy Gardner

those who reached out for LSU resources, they have been emailed to you!

01:26:57Jason Graves

In an IM roundtable last week, schools were mentioning creating multiple plans for returning and building each one in case the former becomes not an option anymore

01:27:01Chad Flanagan

For those that are paying students for not working, where is that money come from?

01:27:39Cristina Rodriguez

Encouraging seniors to go back to school.. Our institution is reducing fees and or waiving exams

01:28:20Cristina Rodriguez

Increased the financial assistance now and future

01:28:21Juliana Frigerio

NIRSA is also hosting a career development week April 20-24th (as a virtual alternative to the CSC).

01:28:31Christian Washington

@Chad, our university is considering their pay at admin leave from the hours they worked consistently in the past month. So, the pay is mainly coming from our budget that we still have in paying them regular time.

01:28:36Chloe DeStefano

I am a graduating senior, so I am appreciative of all of your contributions!

01:28:38Matthew Collum

^^ was just going to plug that, Juliana!

01:28:46Christopher Denison

Great job everybody!

01:28:56Matthew Collum if any students need to talk or any professionals want to discuss ideas!

01:28:58Jason Graves

Thank you everyone, always incredible help - what an amazing community to be a part of!

01:29:07Colleen Fritze

great job everyone...connecting is so important !

01:29:10Anna Champion

Thank you!!

01:29:13Maiya Turner

It was nice hearing from everyone !

01:29:15Bob Gough

Thank you!

01:29:17Cristina Rodriguez

Have a great week!

01:29:18Grace Grindstaff

thanks pals!

01:29:18Leslee Peterson

Thank you!

01:29:18Kacy Toberg

Thank you

01:29:19Nathaniel Flores

Thank you!

01:29:19Jason Darby

Thanks everyone!

01:29:24Marie VanBuskirk


01:29:25Maiya Turner

Thank You Guys!

01:29:25Adrienne Gossett

Thank You!

01:29:25Mike Wong

Thank you all!

01:29:27Bradley Gasawski

Thanks everyone!

01:29:27Nick Lampert

thank you

01:29:28Paul Sutton

Thank you!

01:29:28Rodney Pegues

thank you

01:29:30Jonathan Johnston

Thank y'all! Take care!

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