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Fitness Roundtable

Monday, April 6, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse with presenter Anna Taggart

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Chat Transcript

00:32:39Theresa Fuller

No sound

00:32:40Damien Michel

Hey Everyone! Pleasure meeting you.

00:32:47Denise Adelsen

No sound

00:32:51Brittany Goins

Hey Damien its Brittany from FAU!

00:33:06Kelsey Snook

Hi! Kelsey from San Jose State

00:33:07Ryan McNicholas

Hello from YSU

00:33:13Damien Michel

Britt! Hello there!

00:33:18Lydia McCall

Hello from Wingate University!!

00:33:19Daniel Semprini

Dan Semprini from TAMUC

00:33:20Denise Adelsen

Denise from CU Boulder

00:33:22Angie Clark

Angie Clark, Bemidji State University, Minnesota

00:33:23laura fitzgerale

laura fitzgerald - stony brook university NY

00:33:25Annalisa Mazza

Hello! Annalisa from Springfield College!

00:33:25Melissa Albers

Hi from Cleveland State University!

00:33:26Sarah DeGeorge

Sarah DeGeorge NYU!

00:33:26Daniel Perdue

Daniel from UNC-Pembroke

00:33:27Rebecca Cegledy

Hi Becca from Boston College

00:33:27April Pavelka

April from University of Utah!

00:33:28Orgain, Georgia Belle

Hi Georgia Orgain GA for Texas A&M whoop!

00:33:29Scarlett Vineyard

Hey all! Scarlett Vineyard from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga :-)

00:33:29Gia Landis

Hello from Central Washington University!

00:33:29Madeline Ahles

Maddie Ahles from North Georgia 2nd year fitness GA

00:33:30Jason Darby

Morning! Jason Darby from Southern Miss

00:33:32Jenny Dunfee

Hi Everyone, Jenny Dunfee from William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA

00:33:32Elizabeth Michel

Elizabeth from Kent Statw

00:33:33Naomi Matley

Naomi - North Carolina State University

00:33:34Christie Simoson

Christie from Georgetown Univ!

00:33:34Lucy Gage

Hello this is Lucy Gage from KRU Active

00:33:35Betsy Blagys

hi. Betsy Blagys from Fairfield University

00:33:35Denise Robbin

Denise Robbin Univ Rhode Island

00:33:35Hilary Hartman

Hilary Hartman Cardio Sport

00:33:35tony musto

Tony Musto, Univerity of Miami

00:33:36CieCie Leonard

CieCie! University of Texas at Austin

00:33:36Kameron Carroll

Kameron here from NIRSA HQ - Newest Foundation Coordinator!

00:33:37Christopher Denison

Denison Northern Iowa

00:33:39Liv Minogue

Hello! I’m Liv from Adelphi University!

00:33:39Knoop, Chris

Chris Knoop from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Canada

00:33:39Matt Cooper

Hey everyone! Matt from Schoolcraft College in Michigan

00:33:41Frances Branham

Good morning, Frankie Branham from UT Dallas

00:33:42Mike Leavitt

Good afternoon! Mike from College of the Holy Cross

00:33:43Wendy Comfort

Morning! Wendy from University of North Texas

00:33:43Jonathan Rivera

Good morning everyone. Hello from Weber State University!

00:33:43Angela Wood

Angie Wood Durham College & Ontario Tech University, Ontario, Canada

00:33:44Jayna Ukrazhenko

Jayna from Kansas State Univeristy

00:33:46Emmy Richards

Emmy from Utah State University!

00:33:49Sarah Myles

Sarah Myles- Northeastern University

00:33:49Tanika Santos

Hi All University of Kentucky Fitness GA also If you can't hear anything you may have to join audio or check the mic?

00:33:50Damien Michel

Damien Michel, Graduate Assistant: Fitness Operations and Services at Purdue RecWell

00:33:51Ivan Serrano

Hello everybody--Ivan from Cal Poly Pomona

00:33:51Leanne Kulchawik

Leanne Kulchawik from Northern Illinois University

00:33:54John Blihar

John Blihar U of Tulsa hello

00:33:54Jessica Graham

Jess Graham University of Oregon, Go Ducks!

00:33:55John Offerman

John from Grand Valley State University

00:33:57Becky Eacho

HI! Becky Eacho, 2nd year fitness GA at Virginia Tech Rec Sports

00:33:58Ramona Seupersad

Hello, Ramona from the University of Toronto Scarborough

00:34:01Joe Arledge

Hey everyone! Joe Arledge from Florida Gulf Coast University

00:34:01April Beath

good morning! april here from UC Santa Barbara!

00:34:02Tori Lord

Liz Rosenberger UNC Charlotte

00:34:06Shari Landmark

Good Morning from SDSTATE!

00:34:07Brennan Shirk

Brennan Shirk with KRU Active.

00:34:07Serita Porter

Serita from University of Delaware. Having sound issues. Will dial in


Daniel Yeargin from Lander University Campus Rec

00:34:09Rachel Lunn

hello! Rachel Lunn from Queen's University - on behalf of Gareth Cunningham, Associate Director of Recreation & Active Living.

00:34:09Daniel Perdue

can you send link for fb page? I couldn’t find it last week

00:34:13Kyra Baker

Kyra Baker from Coppin State University

00:34:16Shelby Urbine

Shelby from Edinboro University of PA

00:34:34Theresa Fuller

Hi, Theresa Fuller from Troy University Campus Recreation

00:34:43Arthur Hockwald

Hello from Purdue University

00:34:47Ryan Fitzpatrick

hello from Sonoma State in Nor Cal!

00:34:48Cecilia Guerrero

Cecilia Guerrero - California State University, Long Beach

00:34:49Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson University of Georgia

00:34:53Denise Robbin

Denise University of Rhode Island

00:35:01Karyn Smith

Hello from Bowling Green State University!

00:35:01Alexia Cervantes

Hi. Alexia Cervantes from UC San Diego

00:35:08lauren Dalfonso

Lauren form UConn

00:35:11Scott Berkowitz

Scott Berkowitz here from Sam Houston State University.

00:35:18Kendra Densmore

hello from Kendra Densmore at Sacramento State

00:35:24Zach Robinson

Zach Robinson from Advantage Sport & Fitness (Precor & Escape)

00:35:32Holly Smith

Holly Smith from UNCW

00:35:32Eric Alexander

Eric Alexander from Colorado School of Mines

00:35:42Parissa Rogers

Parissa Rogers from Coppin State University

00:35:47Woodrow Price

University of South Carolina Aiken

00:36:18Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson, Fitness Coordinator, University of South Florida and Saint Petersburg

00:37:31Dina Mijacevic

We have a platform called Shorline at UCSB where the university community can register for our fitness events and Shorline provides the liability forms we can create.

00:37:50Brennan Shirk

Hello Hannah! I’m Brennan with KRU Active. I’m in St.Pete Beach!!

00:38:31Heather Hamilton

Is anyone doing Personal Training or Wellness coaching and taking *new* clients from on campus at this time? If so, what are you utilizing to do so and are you taking both RecSports members and nonmembers?

00:38:37Denise Robbin

group ex verbally states the waiver or a slide or both?

00:39:09Serita Porter

Angie, that is a great idea!

00:39:10Daniel Perdue

using zoom, how did you prevent “zoom bombed” ??

00:39:12Heather Hamilton

Also this is Heather - Dir of Fitness Colorado School of Mines

00:39:29Daniel Perdue

we had that happen last week

00:39:40Tanika Santos

Us too

00:39:49Rebecca Cegledy

what if more than one person is participaing from that computer for need of more than one waiver?

00:40:16Angie Clark

You can use language that includes all participants

00:40:20Serita Porter

At UDel, we are requiring passwords and requiring UDel email accounts

00:40:50Naomi Matley

For group fitness we make students/members register through IM Leagues to to get access to the Zoom link of group fitness classes. Before they can get access to the link, they must check a box that they understand assumption of risk

00:40:56Denise Adelsen

Anna, do you pay both the instructor and the room monitor?

00:40:57Daniel Perdue

Ours was sent out to only the student/ faculty list service.

00:41:09Sarah Schrenk

What if you have Rec Center members who do not have the university sign-on for a Zoom class? We have alumni, spouse, dependent, and retiree members who don't have sign-ons.

00:41:09Tori Lord

You can also look into what your university provides. UNC Charlotte asks we use Webex or Google Meet for online fitness. We are getting ready to test it this week so we will have to update on how it actually goes!

00:41:54Anna Taggart

Daniel, yes we pay both the instructor and the monitor

00:42:35Gia Landis

They waived the 40 minute limit

00:43:35Anna Taggart

Sarah, you can also just provide a password, you don’t have to require the authentication. That’s just an extra measure we take

00:43:52Dina Mijacevic

All of my instructors are non students. Our IT provides them with the UCSB account and we always have someone else as an alternative host.

00:43:56Sarah Schrenk

Perfect, thanks Anna.

00:44:01Kathy Obuszewski

At CWRU, they will have the 121 account to do for zoom fitness classes that the instructors will use the company account

00:44:01Aracelis Servedio

Tony, do you pay them? I missed that?

00:44:27Zachary Hammerle


00:44:33Courtney Rorex

we add them as editors

00:44:49Ashley Artist - Iowa State

yes we give them insta rec login

00:44:53Sara Luelloff

we add them as editors to our facebook page and then they can go live from there

00:45:07Leanne Kulchawik

For facebook , we are adding our instructors as admins on our department Facebook page.

00:45:10Hannah Anderson

awesome thank you everyone !

00:45:15Jason Darby

My former institution (Florida Southern) has had instructors do it from their own accounts if comfortable.

00:45:21Heather Hamilton

We use a private group for Facebook Live that is under our facebook page so it's separate but linked. The group has a disclaimer at the top. Instructors only go live inside that group

00:45:34Christie Simoson

we add them as a collaborator on our Rec FB page, then remove them afterward

00:45:36Naomi Matley

For PT, we are giving complementary training package (2 digital personalized workouts and two 30-minute check ins weekly) to current/active clients who’s packages are frozen. They have the option to opt in and then I send them a google form asking what equipment they have available and to click “I understand” for assumption of risk

00:46:05Heather Hamilton

@Naomi thank you!

00:46:06Jami Brossette

LSUS simply gets the instructors to video themselves and they send to us. we then post on our Facebook page.

00:46:14Carly Hopper

How does the liability work through University if instructors are using their own FB and IG sites for posting videos?

00:46:27Liv Minogue

We have been putting our instructors as co hosts of zoom. - Adelphi University

00:46:28Theresa Fuller

Are the classes hosted from the university or do the instructors use their home or other areas?

00:46:44tony musto

our instructors are doing from home

00:47:18Zach Robinson

did everyone see TRX is offering FREE STC course for your instructors?

00:47:36Denise Adelsen

Our instructors are teaching from their home or outside in their yard.

00:47:44Hannah Anderson

Our instructors have been filming at home and we found that was the best received form our patrons as they can relate more!

00:47:49Tanika Santos

Any instructors who are on campus do videos from our studios to continue giving utilizing that environment but most of our instructors are from home.

00:47:50Ashley Artist - Iowa State

Yes I saw that too!! awesome TRX!!

00:48:23Hannah Anderson

Also encourage our instructors to use home items for the workouts (milk jugs, laundry detergent etc) as our patrons do not have actual weights at home

00:48:26Carly Hopper

If you have a pro account on Zoom I believe you can add people via email and give them access to pro account - meaning you can offer a class longer than 40 min.

00:48:27Tanika Santos

Students are able to use their own accounts for their own classes or videos but anything that comes from our University accounts or pages have to go through the liability process

00:48:32Tori Lord

I think the TRX free courses are already full!

00:48:37Angie Clark

I'd be concerned about noise outside, so having a controlled environment such as a living room or office is a good idea.

00:49:14Knoop, Chris

we are doing the same thing as Cheyanne is doing. we have scheduled all fitness classes and then will add our instructors who are not employees as co-hosts

00:49:17Cheyanne Clouse

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am copying all your questions down so we can go back to them and chat about them in case we don’t pick them up right away!

00:50:22Serita Porter

00:50:35Serita Porter

thank you

00:50:50Brennan Shirk

00:52:27Paige Perkins

Are there any closed captioning capabilities with kruactive?

00:52:40Sandra Ondracka

Is this available for Canadian schools

00:52:46Lucy Gage

Yes sandra

00:52:56Sue Noyes

What is everyone doing about music for your virtual classes

00:53:32Sandra Ondracka

Thanks Lucy!

00:54:40Naomi Matley

We are doing the same at NC State as Anna /Texas A&M when it comes to closed captioning

00:54:48Leanne Kulchawik

We ask our instructors to make sure music is not copyrighted or to not use music at all. One of our instructors (more famously an internet sensation) posted a great video about doing online classes

00:55:18laura fitzgerale

I am in the same situation

00:55:41Brennan Shirk

Hello Paige. If you can contact KRU Active through the web site and we can discuss the Closed Caption options. Thanks!

00:55:53Brennan Shirk

00:57:24Rebecca Cegledy

we post spotify playlists people can play along with the class, we also post the playlist a day in advance so if you use another music service you can try to create the playlist yourself

00:57:42Zachary Hammerle

We have a student run the comments for now

00:58:00Brennan Shirk

If anyone has questions about music licensing please contact

00:58:08Serita Porter

hilariously correct

00:58:14Gabriella Arambula

We have closed captioning through our media hub at UNL website or does CC & youtube also!

00:58:28Brittany Goins

I think there’s value in just posting the workout after the class for those who need closed captions

00:59:07Brittany Goins

Brainstorming zoom award ceremony

00:59:10Courtney Rorex

we’re having our banquet via zoom

00:59:14Brittany Goins

For student recognition

00:59:39Brennan Shirk

Synch Music International has over 1000 songs that have royalty free complete publishing and video synch rights - you can get more info at

00:59:45Jonathan Rivera

We're conducting our CREW Banquet on Zoom as well

00:59:51Jenn Callow

jenn from UBC Okanagan, we did an virtual banquet through Instagram.

01:00:28Scarlett Vineyard

We are looking at hosting an event during Homecoming. Graduation has already been moved to August. I believe we will be doing something special prior to the end of this semester for those that are graduating.

01:01:07Jami Brossette

do a kahoot game for a gift card during zoom meeting to be fun and engaging.

01:01:37Cheyanne Clouse

How are students receiving these virtual banquets/awards? Are they highly attended?

01:02:37Courtney Rorex

We can’t purchase awards right now, but when we can, we plan to either have them pick them up or mail them if they are not able to come to the facility

01:04:37Leanne Kulchawik

We can't require student staff to work during this time but we are providing them options to do Continue Education online if they want.

01:04:40CieCie Leonard

TRX is full I thought?

01:05:01Samantha Stevenson

Are there any other free/reduced costs certifications going on?

01:05:03Denise Robbin

what is everyone doing in regards to CYCLE ckasses?

01:05:19Mallory McPherson-Wehan

ACE had half off all of their certifications last week, not sure if they are still doing that

01:05:21Liv Minogue

can someone send the link for that free trx certification

01:05:39Scarlett Vineyard

NASM/AFAA had a free CEU course going on at one point.

01:05:54Carey Greenwood

Those doing these trainings, evaluations, PT sessions and GFI classes with students, can you confirm if you are paying your students?

01:05:59laura fitzgerale

barre above is doing virtual certification - not discounted $249

01:06:11Scarlett Vineyard

We are paying our instructors and trainers.

01:06:12Zach Robinson

would yall be interested in precor hosting a training webinar for your spinning instuctors?

01:06:13Tanika Santos

We are paying our students

01:06:14Courtney Rorex

We are paying our students

01:06:33Brennan Shirk

Induro Cycling offers online certification with 7 CECs for ACE, NASM, NETA and AFAA and offering a 50% discount so the workshop is only $99

01:06:35CieCie Leonard

We are using these resources to pay instructors after they watch: ACSM YouTube Content

ACE Fitness YouTube content

NAASM YouTube content

NSCA YouTube Channel

ISSA YouTube Channel

AFAA YouRube Channel

01:06:43Serita Porter

We are having to cancel a Barre cert at Udel. Did I understand that NIRSA has a resource page with free or discounted certifications?

01:07:02Lydia McCall

We’re paying our students for their scheduled classes through the end of the semester and encouraging them participate in our live/recorded classes

01:07:10Kyra Baker

If this call is recorded, will the comments be available to read as well?

01:07:18Anna Taggart

Yes, comments will be available

01:07:42Anna Taggart

Serita, my GA is creating that list. We are happy to share :)

01:07:47Sarah Schrenk

Zach, yes, would like a training webinar for spinning instructors for CECs. Would it require a bike? Not sure if many of them have a stationary bike at home.

01:08:03Kyra Baker

Thanks Anna!

01:08:21Courtney Rorex

Shannon from UT is great, she did a workshop for our students at UH! would recommend.

01:08:57CieCie Leonard

HAHAH she is Courtney! That who is doing it!

01:09:20Hilary Hartman

Hilary Hartman - Cardio Sport (The Workout of Sports)! we are presently offering free access to all students and staff who sign up for our VIRTUAL certification workshops with reduced sign up fees and free access to our daily on demand workout system to keep them excited and motivated! Feel free to workshops

01:09:21Knoop, Chris

that is something we did as well, members were happy!

01:09:41Hilary Hartman

email or 508-737-7312

01:10:51Holly Smith

what was the cycle site just mentioned?

01:11:23Brennan Shirk

Hello Holly. It is

01:11:35Brennan Shirk

The certification is BPM Cycle®

01:11:45Holly Smith

thank you!

01:11:54Kathy Obuszewski

So my depart is more a community based gym (although I am in the rec based), we are creating several challenges

01:12:04Serita Porter

Anna, that will be most helpful (, as we have several student instructors graduating and are encouraging our other instructors consider other certifications

01:12:20Kathy Obuszewski

The challenges will include a weekly challenge, a bingo card, and a book club

01:12:54Knoop, Chris

great idea

01:13:02Gabriella Arambula

our IMS is also doing a virtual run challenge throughout april to win a t shirt or prize !

01:13:28Carey Greenwood

We will host a virtual 5k on the same day we were set to have our Double Decker run

01:14:01Mallory McPherson-Wehan

I love the virtual 5K idea!!!

01:14:03Jamie Grenoble

We are also doing a Virtual walk/run with other Wisconsin schools. Just got everything finalized today :)

01:14:19Samantha Stevenson

yes please- details on this! we had to cancel ours

01:14:28Shanna Moody

we are doing one too and offering a training plan through our online PTs and we will mail out shirts

01:14:47Liz McGreevy

Hi from Sacred Heart University in CT - no community engagement, but we are working with our Alumni Office and are offering our online fitness classes to the Alumni. We do not offer Alumni memberships, so this is new for us! Free of charge

01:15:08Kendra Densmore

Sac State is also doing a virtual 5k and Couch to 5k training

01:15:17Jamie Grenoble

Here is the link to our Virtual run/walk page

01:15:59Carey Greenwood

01:16:35Tanika Santos

Our virtual 5k is hosted by our MLK Student Center and it is open to all community members. The training that we will offer will include cardio, strength and flexibility classes for members signed up for the 5k as well as "Trainer Chats" to share information and resources

01:16:38Annalisa Mazza

Here at Springfield College we are doing a step challenge and a separate 100 mile run challenge through Strava (fitness app)

01:16:44Leanne Kulchawik

We are hoping to continue some of our virtual Group Fitness classes during the semester. We've always wanted to go live during some of our regular classes and this will give us the push to go through with it.

01:18:30Rachel Lunn

how are you setting up the run program through Strava? Did you create a club?

01:18:34Daniel Perdue

NRC app currently doing a 50k challenge for the month. Have 100K option too

01:18:36Theresa Fuller

If continue to do virtual group fitness in addition to regular classes in the future, do you or will you have a charge for classes? Our program charges for group fitness.

01:19:02Knoop, Chris

Rachel that is what we have done. Set up the club on Strava

01:19:18Rachel Lunn

Thanks Chris! Such a cool idea!

01:19:19Anna Taggart

Yes, Theresa we do charge. We will have to work through what that will look like.

01:20:19Theresa Fuller

Anna, I would be interested further in how to set that up.

01:20:26Zach Robinson

hey everyone, wanted to hear your thoughts on hosting a virtual product "lunch and learn" the Monday & Tuesday 4/20 & 4/21 the days original scheduled for NIRSA Expo...thoughts? thanks in advance for your feedback...

01:20:48Brennan Shirk

Hello Leanne. I’m not sure if you heard me announce it earlier but KRU Active can set up a complimentary branded channel for your fitness center so you can live stream and offer on-demand videos of your classes. You can contact us at or see the other channels that are on the platform at

01:21:10Theresa Fuller

I'd be interested in the "lunch and learn"

01:21:21Serita Porter

YES!! We did our 5K last year through Strava. The group enjoyed it the connection

01:21:57Cecilia Guerrero

Isn’t Strava a paid app? What do you about that?

01:22:57Rachel Lunn

it's free. If you want the "premium" version you can pay, but you don't have to

01:23:01Serita Porter

No it is free

01:24:24Alexia Cervantes

Have to sign off. Great ideas! Thanks for hosting.

01:24:49Anna Taggart

Thanks for joining Alexia!

01:25:02Gabriella Arambula

My previous institution they are sharing our fitness videos so that also helps with engagement from places out of our region also and sharing throughout facebook for familiar faces

01:25:12Daniel Perdue

We’re being roadblocked by the dept who handles online platform creations.

01:25:19Scarlett Vineyard

Biggest roadblock, is figuring out how to engage those participants that are starting to 'fall off the wagon'. We have a pretty big following etc, but just really wanting to keep people active and engaged.

01:25:36Daniel Perdue

We’re trying to mimic Florida States site but receiving massive pushback

01:25:41Shanna Moody

has anyone heard anything about when we could possible re open?

01:25:46Courtney Rorex

We are on boarding a new GA this summer, I think transition is a great topic

01:25:51Lauren Wilkinson

How to keep student workers/employees engaged. We are paying employees through the end of the semester for the number of hours they were supposed to work... but are finding if people are getting paid no matter what, they don't feel like they have to keep working.

01:26:04Gabriella Arambula

transition ^^ and engagement

01:26:09Kelsey Snook

One of my roadblocks is similar to Scarlett’s, people are responding less and less to emails and being less engaged overall. So just trying to figure out how to get people back with the program.

01:26:51Cecilia Guerrero

When will your campus start “charging” for virtual personal training? And when will you start deducting virtual training out of package purchased prior to a facility closure?

01:27:06Lauren Wilkinson

I came in late and may have missed music licensing for classes on social media/Zoom and how schools are handling that.

01:27:21Courtney Rorex

is anyone doing video auditions for hiring fitness pros?

01:27:24Heather Hamilton

Yes, I've love to discuss more Personal Training and/or Wellness Coaching options and programs next round if anyone has anything

01:28:04Haley Sorenson

Thanks so much everyone! These has been so helpful for me!

01:28:21Ashley Artist - Iowa State

yes we are doing audition videos as we have a training course and usually auditions at the end of the semester

01:28:27Lisa Williamson

We aren’t able to pay our What is everyone doing with limited resources?

01:28:35Kendra Densmore

I would love to continue to hear virtual solutions. also do people use MINDBODY? if so do you use the new “Video” options?

01:28:37Lisa Williamson

*pay our students

01:28:49Christopher Denison

Great Job Anna and Cheyenne!

01:28:55Brennan Shirk

Hello Lauren. Feel free to contact me after the roundtable at I am happy to discuss music licensing with you and can offer you a complete library

01:29:12Bob Gough

Thank you!

01:29:12CieCie Leonard

Thank you!

01:29:13Serita Porter


01:29:17Christie Simoson

thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email