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Friday, April 3, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Megan Choiniere with presenters Victoria Roberts, Taylor Schiller, and Melissa Bates

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Chat Transcript

00:35:05Rhonda Cox

Rhonda Cox

00:35:08Sydney Ochoa

Sydney Ochoa from Cal State Fullerton

00:35:10Corrine Pruett

Good afternoon from WVU!

00:35:25Schafaris Turner

The poll is not working for me

00:35:26Michelle Fitzgerald

Michelle Fitzgerald Univ of Central Florida

00:35:27Kari Scott

Hi! Kari Scott - Member Services - Florida State University

00:35:38Ira Wrestler

Hello from University of Illinois at Chicago

00:35:43Christine Panella

Christine Panella with Purdue! Hi Everyone

00:35:43Rhonda Cox

Rhonda Cox at UT-Austin

00:35:45Sabrina Martinez

Hi everyone! Sabrina Martinez from UT Rio Grande Valley

00:35:50Shari Landmark

SDSTATE, Brookings, SD

00:35:51Nina Farro

Greetings from University of Florida!

00:35:52Anny Joyce La Torre

Hi! Anny from University of WA

00:35:53Josh Davis

Josh Davis - Penn State University

00:35:57Mackenzie Lucius

Mackenzie Lucius, Wisconsin - Madison

00:35:57Natasha Davila

Natasha Davila- Colorado State University

00:35:58Kristi Shiver

Kristi Shiver University of North Georgia

00:36:02David Troy

David Troy from Harvard University!

00:36:03Al Diaz

Al Diaz - University of Oregon

00:36:03Lauren Rausch

Hey all! Lauren Rausch- Xavier University

00:36:03Brittney Jacobs

Good Afternoon from Oklahoma State!

00:36:06David Grassi

David Grassi-Washington State University

00:36:08Elizabeth Keith

Elizabeth Keith from Miami University

00:36:08Nick Lampert

Hi all - Nick Lampert - CU- Boulder

00:36:08Greg Durham

Greg Durham, Creighton

00:36:08Joseph Hanseling

Hi - Joe Hanseling from Portland State University

00:36:12Schafaris Turner

San Jose State/Spartan Recreation- Guest Services Coordinator

00:36:17Ben Justice

Katie Mulhaney - Ohio State

00:36:19Jazmyne Juneau

Jazmyne Juneau Texas Southern University - member service assistant

00:36:20Catie Payne

Catie Payne- UNCG

00:36:21Ron Siliko

Ron Siliko-Miami University

00:36:21Haley Carpenter

Haley Carpenter - Emory University

00:36:22Cyrus Mooney

Hi All! Cyrus Mooney from Oregon State University

00:36:26Jake de la Torre

Hi All! Jake de la Torre - University of Denver

00:36:34Justin Ellerbe

Justin Ellerbe- University of Nebraska-Lincoln

00:36:34Amanda Torres-Brooks

hello. Amanda Torres-Brooks from University of California Merced!

00:36:34Delaney Cherveny

This is Laney Cherveny from DePaul University. Happy Friday all!

00:36:35David Troy

Membership Coordinator- Harvard University


Marlene from Stony Brook Univ New York

00:36:36Drew Barfield

Drew Barfield - University of Texas at Arlington

00:36:38Luke Mozena

Luke Mozena - Wichita State University!

00:36:38Monica Towner

Monica Towner - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

00:36:39Janae Norman

Janae - UW

00:36:41Bruce Maelzer

Bruce Maelzer - University of Oklahoma

00:36:41Ashley Rees

Ashley Rees from the University of Manitoba

00:36:42Margaret Fredericksen

Margaret Fredericksen from SIUE

00:36:44Lawrence Brown

Hey! Lawrence Brown - Boise State University

00:36:46Emma Chambers

Emma - UW Seattle

00:36:51Craig Boegner

Good Afternoon! Craig Boegner from Utah State University

00:36:55Marion Spearman

Marion Spearman from UGA! Go Dawgs!

00:37:01Mariela Marquez

Mariela Marquez - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

00:37:05NIRSA Smartboard

What size is your institution?




Is your institution public or private?



What is your experience level?


b)Grad assistant--7%


d)Assistant director--32%

e)Associate director--9%


Do you directly oversee memberships?



Has your institution made a decision on membership/locker/etc. refunds?

a)Refunding the full amount--10%

b)Refunding a pro-rated amount--48%

c)Not providing refunds--17%

d)Unclear at this time--38%

00:37:11Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen from Texas Southern University. Go Tiger!

00:37:25Margaret Fredericksen

SIUE is Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

00:37:25Alejando Herrera

Hi Alejandro Herrea-Moraine Valley Community College Health, Fitness and Recreation Center-Coordinator of Membership and Guest Services

00:37:26Anna Champion

Anna Champion - Auburn University at Montgomery - Wellness Center Assistant Director

00:37:31Kelly Harris

Memberships report to me---Kelly Harris, University of Richmond

00:37:36Shari Landmark

South Dakota State University is extending memberships and only giving refunds on a case-by-case basis

00:37:42Tina Mixon

Tina Mixon University of Georgia Business Manager

00:38:17Dan Martin Jr.

Dan Martin Jr. - Service Coordinator @ Harvard. I work closely with our Membership Team and wanted to join this Roundtable to learn about how others in the industry are handling Membership Services during closure.

00:39:12Dana Lopez

East Carolina University is going to extend memberships and issuing refunds only for those that are not returning to campus upon reopen, and a few other select exceptions.

00:39:23Roger Watson

Hello everyone. Roger Watson from Dixie State University.

00:40:09David Troy

Harvard University is going on a case by case basis right now because our graduate schools all have different price points which makes things a little more complicated to deal with.

00:40:48Christine Panella

Shari- are you providing refunds for just those that reach out to you or what case by case scenarios are you speaking on?

00:40:49Greg Durham

Creighton has given most students a $250 student fee credit. This satisfied individual units from giving service refunds. No word yet on what will happen with fac/staff memberships yet, that's in process now.

00:40:58Scott Wagner

Nebraska implemented a membership pause on all auto debits and payroll deductions. We gave this option in the hopes to have less people cancel.

00:41:04Al Diaz

Oregon is on the term system so we were going into winter finals week when the closure occurred. We are giving full refunds for spring memberships and spring and summer lockers now. Reopen date is undetermined. The rec fee for students was also not collected for spring term. Case by case we are extending memberships into next academic year.

00:41:15Ben Justice

At Ohio State we are doing the following

Paid In Full (semester/annual)

Time added to membership equal to time gone; if refund is wanted in lieu of time added, a prorated amount will be provided

½ Semester (purchased online)

Will receive a full refund on the card used (Nikki)

½ Semester (purchased in person)

Will receive a full refund, check sent by mail

Pay monthly (recurring cc/payroll)

Assessed March fee for 3/1-3/15 AND payment stopped for April on

Short Term Guest Passes

Membership will remain on account with expiration deadline extended to reflect time gone.

Student Fee

Prorated refund, beginning April 3 (Prez Drake)

00:41:38Ben Justice

SO SORRY , hit enter to skip down a line....

00:42:35Rhonda Cox

UT - Austin paused recurring charges and payroll deduction to hopefully minimize cancellations. Our website is updated as things change.

00:43:39Margaret Fredericksen

Southern Illinois U Edwardsville is extending membership. We are only refunding members that express financial hardship due to COVID. We are not putting that "out there", but we normally refund those that relocate, are deployed or have doctor's orders.

00:44:09Schafaris Turner

SJSU: We paused all recurring charges while we are closed and whenever we can reopen, the first month will be free to compensate those that paid for the full month of march before the closure. For refunds, it's on a case by case basis, mainly only refunding those that paid for march and that was going to be their last month due to cancellation, lockers, and semester memberships.

00:44:10Kathryn Dunn

Loyola University Chicago is running things up the chain if it's a mass email. I can email one person with info, but if I send to a group it goes up the chain.

00:44:13Kari Scott

FSU - Extending is our default option (no action required) and all payroll deductions were paused; other options are prorated refund or credit on account through Fusion. This was all communicated in our member email sent through Fusion and we are collecting their responses through a Qualtrics Form.

00:44:14Catie Payne

Do want to clarify my gray zone (unclear at this time)- I have been in communication with our director at this time what our plans are for members (stop payroll until further notice for faculty/staff and provide membership extensions for those who have paid semester/annual (for how long we are closed). That communication is supposed to go out today (gave that date last week to our members) and I am currently waiting on Senior Leadership at the university to approve language to send emails- not sure if anyone else is having to go through several people "up the chain" to approve communication?

00:44:18Janae Norman

UW Seattle - Open to campus community only or spouses/+1. extending annual memberships the amount of days we are closed. Quarterly memberships were supposed to open to purchase the day we closed so we haven't had to really deal with those at this time. Student memberships are through tuition. If we get a request to end a membership we are doing that via email request. However, now that we are all remote we are unable to process refund at this time.

00:44:25Catie Payne


00:44:27Rhonda Cox

UT-Austin RecSports originally had to go through VP for Student Affair but they changed that once they realized the volume

00:44:28Greg Durham

What tool are y'all using to pause memberships?

00:45:02Shari Landmark

We are handling Locker Service in the same manner- extending the term of the service or prorating the refund on a case by case basis. How are you all handlig members that are requesting to pick up their items?

00:45:04Kelli Rockwell

Almost all public schools in Georgia have to send every decision through the University System of Georgia. Therefore, our communications team on campus wants to see and approve everything before we can move forward

00:45:22Schafaris Turner

We use fusion and I'm just not processing the charges today (I usually do it the 3rd of every month). Fusion stated that if I charge them for May, it will not back charge for April.

00:45:40Rhonda Cox

UT-Austin uses with our in-house IT staff facilitating

00:45:48Josh Davis

for memberships sold in person, how are you refunding them? We typically can only refund something sold in person by refunding it in person as well...

00:46:14Margaret Fredericksen

SIUE refunds via check through the university

00:46:18Lawrence Brown

Boise State: Paused payroll deductions and have a google form that allows patrons to choose either an extension of service or prorated refund. This is something that is posted on our website as well as those that reach out individually.

00:46:20Marion Spearman

UGA paused payroll and recurring charges to minimize cancels. Students received a pro-rated refund of their $15 per semester Rec Fee. If someone wanted a refund for March, they had to request it by today. We had to refund most of or programming charges.

00:46:21Christine Panella

We are able to process all refunds in Fusion, for both online and in person payments without needing the payment card present

00:46:43Kristi Shiver

Yes, we paused payroll deduction for faculty and staff as well.

00:46:43Kathryn Dunn

We have reached out to people who made purchase in person and let them know we can't refund until the campus reopens.

00:46:51Alejando Herrera

@ Greg Durham we use CSI to freeze members; however, instead of just freezing all members straight up we are refraining from billing everyone until we re-open (so in other words everyone is essentially frozen unless they want to complete a form to freeze longer than our anticipated date to open)...hope that helps!

00:47:14Kathryn Dunn

We specifically sent those patrons an email that said here's the amount you will be refunded, we will contact you when campus reopens and we can process these

00:47:28Alejando Herrera

We did push everyone's repetitves until May

00:47:42Sydney Ochoa

we are doing the same. we are only pro-rating refund for the month of march. for the remaining months, we are not charging memberships. put a pause on payroll deduction as well.

00:48:27Marion Spearman

At UGA, we are also offering a free month membership to staff when we reopen. Our hope is that this will minimize staff cancelations once we reopen.

00:48:31Alejando Herrera

00:48:47Mackenzie Lucius

For credit card refunds, I've bene approved by campus to use a credit card machine from home. For approved refunds, I provide the member a view of my calendar to find a date/time to process the refund. This has saved us from waiting until we open to process refunds.

00:48:54Emilie Fleming

If anyone else uses CSI/daxko we used their mass credit function so that we could still run billing but it wouldn't charge anyone (since you can't skip a billing).

00:49:10Jake de la Torre

We have paused all of our memberships until further notice. We do not receive any student fees and we are purely revenue based. We are going to be prorating our paying members the days that were unused due to the closure of our facility (March 16th-March 31st) and will apply to their memberships once we reopen.

00:49:23Priscilla Gaona

Is anyone else planning for reopen, what specials/deals will you offer? I saw UGA said they are offering 1 month free to staff when they reopen

00:50:21Kari Scott

Definitely recommend credits on accounts over refunding! Way easier! (Especially on Fusion)

00:50:57Kari Scott

& you keep your members rather than cancelling!

00:50:58Nina Farro

UF has also worked with Fusion to extend all memberships. The amount of time we are closed being uncertain, we made our best judgement and will extend this further if needed

00:51:53Emilie Fleming

We are allowed to do credit card refunds if we remote in and if their credit card is on file. We have daxko/csi so people can login to their online membership portal and add their credit card. then we can remote in and process refund.

00:52:06Marion Spearman

At UGA, we are able to refund charges paid online. All in-person payments are having to be refunded via a check request.

00:52:21Kristi Shiver

We're allowed to do all payment type of stuff from home as long as we are remote logged into our account at the university.

00:52:24Christine Panella

if anyone has freedom pay or touchnet for credit card payments, we found a way to process those from home as well! I actually haven't needed equipment at all to process. We are able to process with just a laptop and access to credit card online software. It's been awesome!

00:52:44Kelly Cartner

At UMSL, we cannot do online refunds due to our PCI compliance that limits us to in person refunds only

00:52:51Kristi Shiver

We use touchnet as well

00:53:09Kathryn Dunn

PCI Compliance has been a huge issue for us as well

00:53:16Anna Champion

We use TouchNet too

00:53:43Julie Gillespie

UW Seattle - we stopped all deductions for payroll deduction members and will restart deductions once we reopen. We will extend the annual membership end dates the number of days our facility we are closed. We are unable to do any refunds remotely at this time. Our Winter Quarter memberships were almost expired when our facility closed on March 16th.

00:54:00Julie Gillespie

We also use Fusion and can send out membership information to our members.

00:54:25Robert Solis

At my old facility we used MaxGalaxy. So sorry you had to go through that.

00:55:15Kristi Shiver

Does anyone else have to get a vendor authorization form for every check if the person isn't in the system?

00:55:40Ben Justice

How are you all handling short term passes? We offer 30 day guest passes, 2 week, etc. and are planning to extend once reopened.

00:55:42Rhonda Cox

@Kristi - sorry you have to do that - that is major work!

00:56:05Kelly Cartner

@Kristi at UMSL we have to have everyone fill out a W9 in order to send in the check process

00:56:07Christine Panella

Ben we are also just extending for any pass 30 days or less.

00:56:50Elizabeth Keith

Academic year group fitness passes for students have been the main things that we have had to refund at Miami University in Ohio

00:57:28Rhonda Cox

UT-Austin has not decided yet to extend into summer. Summer classes are on-line. UT-Austin campus is not refunding tuition for spring since they are on-line.

00:59:45Rhonda Cox

UT-Austin created a page dedicated to this time period. All information is updated as things change

00:59:51CT Erickson

CT Erickson- University of Arkansas. We have sent emails, utilize social media as much as possible, and send push alerts through our app

01:01:03Julie Gillespie

UW Seattle - our Fitness and Mindfulness Managers are offering Virtual Programming which was sent in email communication this week. We have also utilized social media to promote our virtual programming.

01:01:15Ben Justice

My GA and I have been managing our general email account. I have our main phone line set with an auto response directing members to email that account. And we have prepared templates for the bulk of questions but then address specific detail when needed

01:01:38Haley Carpenter

We created a FAQ page on our website and automatic email reply that sends patrons to our FAQ page - Emory University

01:01:45Nick Lampert

Nick Lampert - CU- Boulder: Rec Center Monthly News letter (just went out), email with auto-response, I manage the guest services email account and reply in a timely fashion to patron's questions.

01:02:31Kristi Shiver

We rely on that revenue to even function.

01:03:56Anna Champion

Most definitely rethinking things - in terms of membership processes…when members can join and terms (semesterly, annual, open enrollments for a certain period for monthly drafts). It’s great supplemental income for us being open to all.

01:04:01Colin Allison

Santa Clara U- We never had general community memberships before. We're now looking to add an early bird (6am-9am) general community package to make up for lost revenue when we reopen.

01:04:04Catie Payne

UNCG- All members must have affiliation to the university to have a membership (any member can sponsor one additional person for a membership) so will not be able to offer community memberships, even after something like this.

01:04:06Jake de la Torre

At DU we are going to be adjusting our membership options and have a volume membership push. It will be a reduction in membership pricing but the biggest thing we are focusing on is how to differentiate and be more innovative then surround clubs, fitness centers, gyms and studios.

01:06:12Kristi Shiver

We do community memberships by the semester

01:06:24Kristi Shiver

faculty and staff can join at any time but there is no prorate

01:07:19Nina Farro

I am hoping to create proposals for our Board of Directors to adjust pricing, as well as creating a Rewards program. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow monthly payments outside of payroll deductions since our accountant doesn't approve of EFTs and the university did not approve an integration for FreedomPay

01:07:47Rhonda Cox

UT-Austin sells calendar month so we prorate daily when they want to join. We are cashless and credit cards are the only payment option via the online system. We did this effective Aug 21, 2019. NO deposits reconciliations etc for us

01:08:31Ron Siliko

I’m curious to learn who has a rewards program for faculty/staff, would like to have a side call in the near future to discuss…thanks

01:08:50Haley Carpenter

Emory sells monthly and annual memberships - monthly memberships expire one month from date of purchase and annual memberships expire one year from date of purchase.

01:08:58Schafaris Turner

curious about reward programs as well!

01:09:05Alejando Herrera

Ron and Nina at MVCC FitRec in Palos, IL we use Perkville

01:09:17Rhonda Cox

Can we set up another call like this to talk about incentives to increase income once we do open

01:09:32Nina Farro

How much does Perkville cost?

01:09:54Alejando Herrera

Nina what's your email and I will follow up with you on that

01:10:46Rhonda Cox

would love to do that!

01:10:47Priscilla Gaona

Does Perkville work with Fusion now? Last time I heard about it, it did not

01:12:01Nina Farro

If any Fusion users need help figuring out how to extend memberships, let me know! It's not too hard and I think is going to be really helpful in the future

01:12:15Kari Scott

^Curious about that, too, @Priscilla

01:12:30Ben Justice

Does anyone plan to use the Promo code feature of Fusion to provide discounts on future memberships?

01:12:35Taylor Schiller

Nina - mind hopping on and explaining how you worked with Fusion Tod o this?

01:12:36Scott Wagner

As we look at returning does anyone has concerns about having enough staff to open our facilities? What are other universities doing to keep their MS staff engaged or keep getting them a paycheck?

01:13:06Melanie Alverio

Nina I’m curious too!

01:13:09Catie Payne

UNCG- we are still paying our staff for their normal hours (per our university)

01:13:42Nina Farro

I'll try to hop in and speak about Fusion and memberships! If you want to chat offline

01:13:43Natasha Davila

Very concerned regarding enough staff, as many areas had graduating seniors, and currently cannot fully onboard staff because of the I9 process

01:13:50Emilie Fleming

@Elizabeth Keith that's a good idea to spin it that way

01:13:54Christine Panella

Scott, that is a concern of ours. We are looking into students with federal work study and as of now are able to have our lead students telework, but otherwise we are unable to offer pay.

01:13:59Nick Lampert

Ben - promos have come up in conversation but we have not tackled this idea or plan yet as we just got the approval on refunds and will focus on that. Promotion talk was around lockers in a meeting, not memberships (yet)

01:14:10CT Erickson

We just did all our hiring on sparklier (spring hire) and extended offers. It was great!

01:14:28CT Erickson

Every week, students are getting 5-8 hours of “online work” they can complete and be paid for

01:14:33CT Erickson

*sorry- sparkhire

01:14:34Anna Champion

Reaching out to our student staff on a daily basis! We hope to have enough (crossing fingers!)!

01:14:42Ben Justice

Nick - I'm thinking promo would be great for our lockers as well

01:14:44Victoria Roberts

I'm about to use Spark Hire to do our student staff interviews!

01:14:53CT Erickson

Victoria- it went SO GREAT

01:14:57Margaret Fredericksen

SIUE is paying our students through May 1 so far

01:15:03CT Erickson

We are paying ours if they complete the optional online work

01:15:09Kristi Shiver

UNG is. We are doing trainings through Microsoft Teams.

01:15:11Schafaris Turner

We are paying students until May 31st as of right now

01:15:15Julie Faulkner - Minnesota

MN is paying students for the remainder of the semester

01:15:16Monica Towner

U of I is offering pay continuation to ALL student employees on campus, which I'm hoping helps with keeping staff. We did a "meet up" this week via Zoom to just check in. Will start remote work for those interested soon. Also starting to brainstorm professional development via Zoom and ideas they can do individually.

01:15:20Anna Champion

Yes to paying - an average of hours worked for certain time periods.

01:15:29Lauren Rausch

Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, is paying their student staff until end of April based on the schedule they would have worked.

01:15:29Greg Durham

CU cannot pay non FWS staff

01:15:41Kari Scott

We are doing virtual interviews through Zoom during this time (and students are helping facilitate which gets them paid hours) - we just won't be able to extend offers until we get the green light. But still pushing forward in the process so we can hit the ground running when we get the green light.

01:15:48Brigette Sohn

UNLV has been approved to pay their student staff through at least April 30th and they've all been tasked with working on remote projects. These projects are heavily focused on creating social media content so that we can keep our patrons engaged and keep providing them with a (virtual) service

01:15:54Josh Davis

we are paying students for online learning opportunities right now

01:15:55Jake de la Torre

We are trying to keep our Work Studies as engaged as possible and provide projects as they come up.

01:15:56Kathryn Dunn

Loyola University Chicago is allowing students to claim their sick time pay but that is it. And most have not earned more than an hour of two of sick time

01:15:58Jessica Allen

Texas Southern Univ. Campus Rec- All student staff are working and paid until the end of the semester May 1st last day. All Rec staff are working remotely using Basecamp.

01:16:14Ben Justice

We have about 1/4 of our staff chose to continue working the remainder of the spring in a virtual capacity. We have divided them into 3 different work teams to tackle a number of different projects.

01:16:14Al Diaz

Al from Oregon - We just created a ramp up plan for reopening. Staff isn't the biggest issue at this point to reopen in June/July, its the potential lack of custodial supplies/PPE to be able to run facility.

01:16:16Sabrina Martinez

UT - Rio Grande Valley: Starting next week students will each get 5hours of remote work (student development videos + short questionnaire to submit after watching videos)

01:16:19Janae Norman

UW laid off all 250 student/temp staff and our campus is virtual through the end of the academic year so a lot of students have left the area. Not sure what reopening looks like

01:16:36Kelly Harris

University of Richmond did a one-time payment to all student employees based on average hours worked for the 1st 4 pay periods of the semester. They have approved a few exceptions to continue remote work.

01:16:42Corrine Pruett

WVU Program Assistants can work remotely on various administrative tasks. We can pay staff for virtual trainings as well.

01:16:50Ben Justice

To comply with HR audit processes, we are using a Connect2 form as a "virtual timeclock"

01:16:58Margaret Fredericksen

We are engaging through our CREC Connect committee on zoom. Staff and GAs are calling employees to do wellness checks

01:17:02Natasha Davila

The University approved us to pay our staff for 12hr for the last pay period but no idea moving forward what we will be able to do. We've gotten approval to let our manager level students work remotely but not our entry level staff as of now.


UC Davis---students can accrue a maximum of 128 hours of paid leave based off the average from previous pay periods from Jan-Mar 8. Once their hours have depleated, thery'e out of hours until remote work comes in

01:17:06Christine Panella

Is anyone else on a hiring freeze for student positions as well?

01:17:19Catie Payne

Hiring freeze at UNCG

01:17:19Kari Scott

yes, @christine

01:17:21Nina Farro


01:17:36Ashlee Hyman

Finding/creating things (safety risk review, leadership, student development) for students to complete from home, and paying them 10hours a week as long as they send us proof of completion.

01:17:40Bruce Maelzer

Oklahoma is on a full hiring freeze. Students and full time

01:17:49Elizabeth Keith

Yes and we cannot pay them either @Christine

01:17:50Julie Gillespie

UW Seattle is on a student / full time staff hiring freeze.

01:17:51Nick Prante

yes hiring freeze for students at WSU

01:18:19Drew Barfield

UT Arlington is paying student for remote work or training

01:18:46Ashlee Hyman

Currently moving forward with promotions via zoom, but have not opened entry level hiring, and have frozen professional hiring for the time being - TAMUC

01:19:01Nick Lampert

CU Boulder paying staff until May 2. Keep moral high. Now that things have been more able to digest on a pro staff end. I have been able to reach out and created a GS Activity Book for personal and professional development (high5, resume building, a talent show, Google Hangouts). Keep them engaged

01:19:12Dane Siegfried

Dane at Western Washington University. We are not paying students right now, and freezing any hiring until our building opens again. Work study students however ARE able to work right now.

01:19:14Haley Carpenter

Paying students for an average of what they would have worked through May 11, no online or remote work necessary. Currently on hiring freeze so very concerned about adequate staffing when the facility reopens!

01:19:20Kristi Shiver


01:19:20Rhonda Cox


01:19:21Delaney Cherveny


01:19:22Ashley Rees


01:19:22Anna Champion


01:19:23Lawrence Brown


01:19:24Marion Spearman


01:19:25Dane Siegfried


01:19:26Robert Solis


01:19:26Schafaris Turner


01:19:27Josh Davis


01:19:28David Grassi


01:19:28Amanda Torres-Brooks


01:19:28Kelly Cartner


01:19:29Brigette Sohn

yes please!

01:19:29Corrine Pruett

We are still moving forward with an "End of Year Banquet" to help round out the year and celebrate the staff's hard work as well as our graduating seniors. :)

01:19:30Jessica Allen


01:19:31Haley Carpenter


01:19:32Tina Mixon


01:19:32Julie Gillespie


01:19:33Alejando Herrera

Yes time 1000

01:19:34Shari Landmark


01:19:36Corrine Pruett


01:19:37Margaret Fredericksen


01:19:41Deja'Nay Gilliam


01:19:43Dana Lopez


01:19:44Jake de la Torre


01:19:47Donna Doolittle


01:19:48Natasha Davila


01:20:11Kristi Shiver


01:20:18Emilie Fleming

AGREED! They always forget about membership!!!

01:20:18Anna Champion

I completely agree - we couldn’t do it without our Member Services!!!

01:20:23Jessica Allen

Using roundtables as credit hours for staff!!!!! MORE MemberService Roundtables

01:20:26Rhonda Cox

Yes! Keep on that soapbox!!

01:20:30Deja'Nay Gilliam


01:20:49Christine Panella

an idea I've done for engaging student staff-each day I personally text 5 student staff members to check in on how online classes are going, letting them know their job is here when they are able to return and really just show we value them. I've got some great convos sparked from that. The personal reach out seems to be going well!

01:21:07Jessica Allen

Great Idea!

01:21:16Kristi Shiver

Thank you guys so much!!!!

01:21:32Kari Scott

We've done some weekly "town hall" Zooms for staff to jump on and check in. Optional and just nice to see everyone!

01:24:54Elizabeth Keith

I'm sure it has been done but I would love to chat about software systems people use and the pros/cons on membership things each have.

01:24:57Stephanie Stewart

Thank you this was great!

01:24:59Rhonda Cox

Thank y

01:25:01Margaret Fredericksen

This was awesome Thanks!

01:25:03Roger Watson

Thank you.

01:25:07Rhonda Cox


01:25:09Christine Panella

engaging with your members during this time!

01:25:10Nick Lampert

Thank you all!

01:25:12Corrine Pruett

Thank you!

01:25:14Jessica Allen


01:25:15Delaney Cherveny

Thank you!!

01:25:16Robert Solis

Thank you everyone!

01:25:17Lawrence Brown


01:25:24Christine Panella

thank you all for your input and hardwork! Keep on keeping on!

01:25:25Nina Farro

Thanks, everyone!!! Take care <3

01:25:29Deja'Nay Gilliam


01:25:31Donna Doolittle

Thank You!

01:25:33Sabrina Martinez

Thank you!

01:25:38David Troy

If any other membership offices use Fusion, I would love to have a meeting to bounce questions off one another!

01:25:49Marion Spearman

Thanks! Stay Safe!

01:26:02Janet Dunbar

This was so great. Stay safe and well.

01:26:06Catie Payne

UNCG- we use Fusion and print our own cards- if anyone has questions!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email