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Small Programs Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, April 2, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chris Crume & Andrew Doyle

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Chat Transcript

00:31:23Daniel Perdue

The biggest fear on my end is the unknown.

00:31:33Daniel Perdue

Daniel - UNC-Pembroke

00:32:28Janice DeMonsi

At Santa Clara University - it is not the potential of losing staff - it is losing revenue from summer camp....we do not get an operating budget from the university and that is a huge worry for me - no camp - no money to run the program.

00:33:14Don Umland

Hopefully the school would step up to assist if that loss occurs!

00:33:22Daniel Perdue

even more so coming from a non-revenue generating department

00:33:37NIRSA Smartboard

Summer Camp specific RTs later today and April 9:

00:34:21Janice DeMonsi

The camp later is 2 p.m. PST :) I will be on that as well

00:34:34Scott Lotze

At a private school like Bucknell University, there haven't been talks yet, but our president did say by May 15th there could start being lay-offs/furloughs etc...

00:35:37Janice DeMonsi

Of course we are advocating - the challenge is the university will be short 13 million at this it will be a challenge if we can not run camp.

00:36:24Brenna Lacey

Many schools, even private, will receive money from the stimulus bill that was just passed

00:38:01Brenna Lacey

(Thus will hopefully avoid furloughs/layoffs, possibly?)

00:38:22Scott Lotze

^Sure hope so!

00:38:26Daniel Perdue


00:39:27Daniel Perdue

you know if

00:39:29Daniel Perdue


00:39:56Judy Allen

keep track of what you are doing on an excel spreadsheet so your work while we are “remote learning” doesn’t go lost in the shuffle.

00:40:07Joe Hoff

We’re bracing for a 35% or so rec fee refund and loss of summer camp and summer rec fee. The university hasn’t said anything about furloughs or freezing spending, but I am informing my staff today we are freezing spending voluntarily due to the unknown.

00:41:09Linda Gundrum

Similar to Judy said, I am having my staff create and maintain google docs with each program area, the work and programming they are doing as back up

00:41:48Brenna Lacey

Historically, though, there is a rise in enrollment when the economy dips!

00:42:37Kathy Obuszewski

From what I understand of the stimulus bill, it won’t help our sector since it’s to targeted industries especially small business and independent contractors, But it could be more from the FEMA relief and you have to document everything,

00:42:54Cristina Rodriguez

With direction of our higher ups: UTRGV just started with 20 out of 110 employees on working with minimal hours as of Monday this week. But as of today we are going to offer all 110 employees professional development opportunities with a max of 5 hours a week.

00:43:04Daniel Perdue

we do a weekly report based off assignments given by director

00:43:07Janice DeMonsi

I agree I do not think stimulus will help higher education.

00:43:13Jessica Wibe

My director has provided us (part time recreation coordinators/supervisors) has offered us a few training resources to do online. She has set a limit on how long these trainings could be. HR has also sent out "work from home" sheets where we report weekly what we have been working on.

00:43:39Daniel Perdue

all falls under a teleworking agreement for the month of April

00:43:42Jon Fey

Life University is finding ways to keep programming going, not just Campus Rec., to engage students at no cost. Student Affairs is hosting a virtual hang out with scheduled events that are updated each week. Still talking with HR about part-time student employees working, but work study students can work.

00:44:32Don Umland

Being productive was a theme at Augustana as we were asked to share on a google sheet what activities we are offering to campus online and via links, etc. The zoom chats have created ideas I have already used!

00:44:45Rob Simels

At TCNJ they are focussing campus wide on keeping student staff employed. We are doing online Pro Development along with having projects and then virtual programming.

00:44:53Bradley Gasawski

Being productive and producing tangible results is the key focus at CWU.

00:47:29Aracelis Servedio

Working on setting up Zoom Group Fitness Classes for students/faulty/staff through June 30th, end of the fiscal year.

00:48:08Daniel Perdue

we are currently experimenting with online zoom classes

00:48:12Daniel Perdue

for fitness*

00:48:18Daniel Perdue

as well as Les Mills


We are doing the same thing Life University is doing here at NVCC to engage students virtually

00:49:00Aracelis Servedio

Haven't started yet.

00:49:10Jon Fey

Starting our first week of the fitness classes next week.

00:49:10laura fitzgerale

Stony Brook University- doing virtual zoom classes

00:49:11Colleen Vanderlip

We have been posting virtual fitness classes for two week as well as promoting resources such as Les Mills as well as others.

00:49:13Janice DeMonsi

We can not do any fitness classes - due to insurance rules and not being able to pay instructors (we are in California) - we have listed a ton of FREE options mentioned on this site already that we are advertising instead.

00:49:26Jasmaine Harper

University of the Bahamas here: we hadn't thought about doing them with zoom (which I think is a great idea), but we did look at doing live videos through IG or FB

00:49:32Jaymie Cox-Garcia

Is anyone doing something that's NOT group fitness classes?

00:49:35Brenna Lacey

Missouri Baptist University has done several that have gone really well, but have had to be on a volunteer basis by the instructor due to liability and our administration's desire to not spend money when there is so much free content available.

00:49:37Scott Lehmann

We are doing zoom virtual classes. Very popular. Usuauly 3-4 classes a day. Participation has increased from in person classes. Open to students, faculty, and staff. Alumni office also asked to do a class for alumni once a week.

00:49:49Linda Gundrum

Adelphi is doing them, attendance is the same - our usual ppl. We are slowly rolling it out to make sure the video/sound aquality is good. and we are recording to put up on our You Tube channel for convenient in case they can't join live

00:49:54Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV is producing zoom gx classes. We get additional coverage by our departments and outside community.

00:50:01Colleen Vanderlip

We are also posting a fitness tip of the week and a workout move of the week.

00:50:02Daniel Perdue

do you have a link?

00:50:09Rob Simels

WE are doing a month long self-care challenge for our students. Daily tasks to benefit self care. Focussing on Eat Sleep Move and Breathe

00:50:35Sarah Bergford

What social media platforms are everyone using to post and engage students and are you meeting any resistence from administration or marketing to use these platforms?

00:51:11Jami Brossette

LSUS has instructors send in fitness class videos that we post on our facebook page. This way students/faculty can watch on their own time. We already have issues having people show up in person. hosting a zoom fitness class may pull in 2 or 3 people.

00:51:28Brenna Lacey

Zumba is not allowed on any platform that can be recorded- be sure you are checking those licensing regulations!

00:51:34Jasmaine Harper

Other than fitness classes: We're doing online group card games like Cards against Humanity in a virtual room

00:51:45Cristina Rodriguez

Some certifications have regulations on where their courses could be conducted.

00:51:46Janice DeMonsi

I like Pam Watts term calling it physically distancing - I agree!

00:51:48Tom Verrico

Springfield College is using Instagram mostly, Zoom, IMLeagues, Google Hangout.

00:52:16Bradley Gasawski

In our outdoor program, we will be doing a virtual fireside chat to talk outdoor stuff, watch a fire pit remotely and roast marshmallows remotely. We typically offer this program in person and it's a big hit so we thought we'd try something virtual. We'll also be posting educational videos as it relates to the outdoor via social media and our website.

00:52:16Daniel Perdue

you can see attendance

00:52:18Colin Allison

Santa Clara University- here's the webpage of stay at home options that's been put together thus far.

00:52:20Colin Allison

00:52:33Don Umland

Zoom shows the numbers as they teach the class Instructors send me the totals.

00:52:34Linda Gundrum

Imleagues - we use for all prog reg and we still have ppl register and we take attendance

00:52:34laura fitzgerale

SBU we use a third party app called atleto where we can virtually "check in viewers"

00:52:38Cristina Rodriguez

Zoom has settings you can setup.

00:52:41Aracelis Servedio

I will ask Group Ex. Instructors to report head counts.

00:52:44Colin Allison

Santa Clara University- Yes, we're doing online gaming, but sticking to sports only games for now.

00:52:45Sarah Bergford

I just signed up with Mission Control for esports, excited to work with them.

00:52:49Jami Brossette

LSUS uses esports through mission control

00:52:50Brooke McCall

physical distancing 🤗

00:52:58Don Umland

What is Mission Control?

00:53:00Janice DeMonsi

we are using IM leagues to do virtual IM leagues we are starting with Madden20 and Fifa 20 and YES I think we will have to continue this in this fall - I think students will like having the options

00:53:00Jami Brossette

yesssss Brooke!

00:53:13Don Umland

Looking into IM Leagues for sports games as well

00:53:16Brenna Lacey

FYI The Zumba newsletter says “While you cannot stream classes publicly on any social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, etc. (as we do not want you to get into trouble for not having the appropriate music licensing, and instructors have complained about classes being streamed publicly even if they are deleted immediately after the class ends), we strongly encourage you to teach classes virtually through a private platform, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Zoom, 8x8, so long as no recorded video of your class is publicly available once it ends.”

00:53:21Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV plans to continue when we have a facility so we can capture online learners.

00:53:26Scott Lotze

Bucknell is running a whole bunch of different Esports. Fortnite, Rocket League, NBA, MLB, NHL, FIFA... We have students register using their gamer tag, and then we create the schedule right on IMLeagues. We started this week and so far so good.

00:53:26Sarah Bergford

Mission control is similar to IMleauges but for eposrts,

00:53:26Janice DeMonsi

mission control is a company you can pay to help you with virtual leagues - they told us $400 and we had to say no

00:53:29Colin Allison

Mission control is like IMleagues, but just for esports. They handle all regististion, scheduling etc.

00:53:41Linda Gundrum

e sports club forming is staying active and we are offering madden, fifa, tournaments, etc

00:53:50Daniel Perdue

is there a link I can share for the recreation without borders?

00:54:19Colin Allison for more info on mission control

00:54:52Jon Fey


00:55:02Daniel Perdue

thank you!

00:55:14Colin Allison and are two other online platforms for e-sports and setting up tournaments.

00:55:27Shaneisha Weir

Thanks everyone

00:55:38Scott Lotze

I also use GroupMe to communicate with each league so students can post results and what not.

00:55:43Rob Simels

We are using the APP we utilize for normal group fitness registration for our online classes. The links are in the App when the register for the class.

00:56:57Amanda Meyer

Geex is doing a free beta until I believe it was June.... They work closely with IMLeagues and an IMLeagues account is connected with Geex

00:56:58Judy Allen

What are people doing for any prospective student days to highlight recreation at your school to help make sure we as a college make class and meet enrollment and have a less melt in admission world. (especially with the deposit deadline changing from may 1 to June 1)?

00:57:09Kathy Obuszewski

if you are trying to create your own, what about doing a twitch channel to get stream of the games

00:57:22Colin Allison is free for setting up private tournaments/rooms.

00:57:27Jami Brossette

isn't there a way to title it as Recreational and Competitive?

00:57:53Janice DeMonsi

I am trying to create a campus recreation introduction video to highlight to prospective students what we are all about since they are not touring and need to decide if SCU you is for them.

00:58:17Linda Gundrum

JOining chat room with Student affairs/involvement at our virtual admissions events. and our sport club coaches did short videos/elevator pitches we can use and circulate to admissions, ect.

00:58:36Gia Landis

We are providing free resources that students can access. We have also talked about creating an online library of classes so that students can access it anytime. We are also considering doing a social media series via Instagram that will have a series of work outs, given by our personal trainers with at home weights - water jugs, rocks, stumps, etc. There has been talk about us still collecting the Rec Fee so we are trying to figure out how we are going to connect to the students as much as possible, since we are collecting the fee.

00:58:47Ro Ramirez

My concern with JackBox was that you could only have 8 people actively participate and everyone else would be a passive participant

00:58:47Colin Allison

IM roundtable is today at 12pm PST

00:59:09Rob Simels

We were asked by our admissions office to create a virtual presentation that they will present to the new virtual accepted students day.

00:59:31Bradley Gasawski

we are working on creating a virtual orientation. Brand new for us and we are learning everyday as we navigate this process. We are looking to create a video that showcases each area of Rec.

00:59:40Cindy Wright

@Gettysburg College- we are having a ZOOM campus rec student leadership panel hosted by our admissions

00:59:46Colleen Vanderlip

We have been creating videos for Admissions as well.

01:00:05Daniel Perdue

we are also in the process of creating a virtual program similar to Florida States.

01:00:08Matt Kutz

Lehigh University is partnering with a company called Wisr which is creating a virtual admissions experience for incoming students. It gives them a platform to ask any questions they want and can be answered by experts on campus (student or professional)

01:00:08Sean Kinnally

CSUSB - we are currently doing weekly reports in a google drive that gets sent up to upper administration every week so they can see what we are doing to promote programs virtually to our students. Our director will gather the information at the end of each week and send information to president cabinet so they are aware of all the great work our department is doing.

01:00:35Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV is finishing a video adding disclaimer of footage was captured before. We are part of online orientation.

01:01:04Cristina Rodriguez

As a segment prospect students go through. But it is self paced

01:01:09Jason Gardner

At West Alabama our preview day will be on zoom and we will be speaking to them. We will give them our information for a powerpoint

01:03:12Eric Vaughn

We have been creating videos via Canva. They have just introduced a super easy video creator.

01:03:22Eric Vaughn

Sorry here from Truman State University

01:03:45Ian Brown

Canva is doing video editing now?! Thanks for the heads up Eric.

01:03:49Brenna Lacey

With these platforms becoming so popular for everything from student staff meetings to group fitness classes, do others anticipate continuing them in the fall and will need to purchase Zoom for Business (if you're like us and don't have it)?

01:03:55Daniel Perdue

just keeping names and will likely mail

01:03:57Linda Gundrum

good question about prizes

01:04:01Scott Lotze

We plan on mailing out t-shirts to seniors and holding onto shirts for those returning to Bucknell.

01:04:01Jami Brossette

We will wait, and if they are not close, we will mail

01:04:05Jasmaine Harper

I didn't know Canva has videos now, cool!

01:04:07Ali Talcott

We're looking to send prizes out once we're back

01:04:07Eric Vaughn

We are holding them until students get back in Aug. If they are graduating Seniors we will be mailing them out.

01:04:13Janice DeMonsi

we will have to wait - we can not spend money so we can not mail them - we will just keep track of what they won, and keep communicating when we can get them to them and mail or have them get picked up

01:04:18Jon Fey

Getting workout equipment out to students in the residence hall through RAs and Housing Coordinators. IM Shirts will be given when we are back on campus.

01:04:19Bradley Gasawski

At CWU, we are looking at prizes for some spring quarter options. We would mail them to the students directly.

01:05:03Jasmaine Harper

UB: We'll be keeping items until we're open again. We have no way of getting funds to mail anything and mail would eb super slow now anyway

01:05:21Jami Brossette

LSUS is partnering with SELU and other schools in the state for our eSports, and we will send whatever we need to the host school (SELU) and they will send off to winning students in each league

01:07:30Julie Gentry

UAM: We priced the cost of mailing an IM Champion T-shirt with the post office and found it cost prohibitive at this time. Cost: $5.00 per shirt!

01:09:24Jami Brossette

We are also going to be reaching out to LCIRSA to see if they can contribute somehow!

01:10:22Pat Kutcher

Due to COVID-19 we are wanting to purchase new mats for the fitness floors, specially ones that will hold up and easily sanitized.

01:10:24Jacob Crawford

has anyone reached out to their campus post office about printing labels for you to mail stuff off?

01:10:30Daniel Perdue

we cleaned before we left

01:10:49Scott Lotze

One thing I forgot to mention... PIRSA is running state-wide E-Sport leagues. Should be rolling registration out by Monday.

01:10:57Jon Fey

For fitness classes, we have a separate monitor in the Zoom meetings. This way, the fitness instructor focuses on teaching, and the monitor focuses on the administrative things like attendance, muting, and recording.

01:11:34Brenna Lacey

We are being given as much time as needed after we report back to get summer staff trained, deep clean, and communicate re-open

01:12:28Janice DeMonsi

Is anyone working with their EHS staff to determine what is needed in regards to cleaning?

01:12:50laura fitzgerale

Stony Brook University is doing summer classes online as well so we are unsure what that means for us at the REc

01:13:12laura fitzgerale


01:13:42Cindy Wright

In one of my other Zoom NIRSA facility meetings I heard something called Clorox 360, Green Sport Alliance and Environize (SP) to help "bomb spray" for cleaning.

01:13:47Bradley Gasawski

At CWU, we are hoping our facility and all program areas can be open mid-June.

01:13:49Jasmaine Harper

UB: we're not sure when we'll be reopening. our Dean is saying we probably will not be back until th close to end of summer. So we're planng for Fall

01:14:04Joe Hoff

A&M Galveston is online through Summer I, so best guess would be potential re-opening July 1-ish.


Northern Virginia will not start back on campus programming until summer session 2, hopefully.

01:15:32Eric Vaughn

Truman State (Missouri): All online classes all summer and our graduation ceremony has been pushed back to AUG 1st. We are not anticipating opening the Rec Center until June 1st. We have staff that are ready to come back and work if we reopen on time.

01:15:34Jasmaine Harper

UB is University of the Bahamas

01:15:36Brenna Lacey

Pat- we are really happy with our Elivate mats

01:15:47Daniel Perdue

UNC-P is out through the end of the month for now

01:15:57Daniel Perdue

Stay at home order issued through April 30

01:16:09Linda Gundrum

Adelphi, I'm imagining our univ trying only to allow programs on campus during the summer that are income generating. Rentals, camps etc

01:16:18Linda Gundrum

what was that product again?

01:16:44Kathy Obuszewski

chlorox 360 is backordered for a while, at least that was mentioned in a Roundtable yresteday

01:17:12Rob Simels

We are making plans starting as early as June 1, but then what does July 1, August 1 and then Fall semester look like.

01:17:26Bradley Gasawski

At CWU, we use simple green disinfectant. It's safe on a lot of different material types.

01:17:54Jami Brossette

Same Bradley

01:19:11Eric Vaughn

Have any of your students reached out to you because they are in financial hardship where they may losing housing. Are your universities still paying students?

01:19:33Sarah Bergford

Curious if there is anyone else on here that they are the only paid professional in their department? Would love to connect with some of the smaller schools of our small schools :)

01:19:40Daniel Perdue

a few, we are still paying ours based on an avg hours worked.

01:19:41Brenna Lacey

Sarah, I am!

01:20:48Corbin Hedges

Sarah, I am the only paid professional in my department -- my school is Carson-Newman University

01:20:48Linda Gundrum

Adelphi has changed their annual Giving season to a student support funding drive.

01:20:57Daniel Perdue

They had to apply for an exemption to stay on campus

01:20:58Eric Vaughn

would anyone be able to send me the documents

01:20:58Janice DeMonsi

Our university is not paying students - only work study students, and we did create a Student Assistance Fund for students to request financial help at this time - in the first day 33 requested funds and it was not advertised to students

01:21:00Ian Brown

Don't forget about Pam's survey she sent out recently. That data collection will help us leverage our response.

01:21:01Laura Whiteley

In California (UOP) our employees accrue sick time. So if they are not FWS they can only use up their sick time and the University is giving everyone an extra 24 hours

01:21:16Ro Ramirez

Arcadia University - Our university is paying work-study students for hours assumed on their schedule i.e. in line with their schedule prior to the pandemic

01:21:18Rob Simels

We are paying our students, but they have to be doing something that is considered work. We have created many ways to conitnue to support our student employees. Also our students can use accrued sick time

01:21:30Janice DeMonsi

HR has not decided about our students and being able to use their sick time - we are hoping they can use it

01:21:40Joe Hoff

A&M Galveston is trying to provide student workers remote work opportunities. Work Study is required to still be paid as it is part of their federal financial aid.

01:21:55Gia Landis

Is anyone still collecting the Rec Fee? If so, what are you offering to compensate for it?

01:21:57Linda Gundrum

Student workers remote only when preapproved by HR

01:21:58Jami Brossette

LSUS students must fill out a work agreement form to work from home. this is how we pay some of our group ex instructors. We have also pushed our students in our department to other departments that need help. I sent two of my weight room workers to career services

01:21:58Jasmaine Harper

Our university isn't paying students either. There would be no way for them to collect cheques. Most students in housing are on a housing grant, who could go home, we sent them home

01:22:23Ian Brown

Jumping off, thanks everyone!

01:23:04Eric Vaughn

Thanks for all the info! Stay healthy everyone !

-Truman State University

01:23:32Brenna Lacey

Thank you for hosting!

01:23:51Kevin Linker

Thank you!

01:24:57Jason Gardner

Thanks for hosting!

01:25:04Cristina Rodriguez

Love these roundtable sessions. Thank you all!

01:25:06Taylor Fietterer

Thank you!

01:25:08Roger Watson

Thanks for this.

01:25:24Eric Simmons

thanks for doing this

01:25:28Linda Gundrum

Thank you!

01:25:29Scott Lotze

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

01:25:31Janice DeMonsi

Do the survey! it was quick! and thanks for this roundtable!

01:25:32laura fitzgerale

Great session!

01:25:33Trace Stenz

Thanks everyone!

01:25:43Brooke McCall

thank you!

01:25:56Daniel Perdue


01:26:33Bradley Gasawski

Thanks Everyone. Great discussion. Be well!

01:26:35Jasmaine Harper

This was great, thank you!

01:26:44Jon Fey

Thanks, all!

01:27:11erik daly

thanks! all be safe!

01:27:28Cindy Wright

thank you!

01:27:30Sarah Bergford

Thanks Everyone!

01:26:54Emma Kirker

Thanks from UC Irvine!


thank you for hosting! I hope everyone is able to say safe and healthy

01:26:58Bailey Kenney



thank you for hosting! I hope everyone is able to say safe and healthy

01:26:58Bailey Kenney


01:26:53Merrissa Vault

See y’all at 8pm for Quarantine Trivia!

01:26:54Emma Kirker

Thanks from UC Irvine!


thank you for hosting! I hope everyone is able to say safe and healthy

01:26:58Bailey Kenney


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