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Thursday, April 2, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Ashley Lax with presenters Jon Broska and Megan Normansell

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Chat Transcript

00:31:26Scott Flickinger

Hey gang, heeeeeeeeeey!

00:31:38Crystal Durham

hi friends!

00:31:38Isaac Hughes

Megan is the GOAT

00:31:40Brian Beam

Hi Scott...

00:31:43Matt Dunigan

YO YO YO!!!!

00:31:47sydney` vanderlinden


00:31:54Jon Broska

Hey all!!!

00:31:55Jamaica Cannon

Hi All! Good job last night Flick, quiz show was legit

00:31:57Matt Dunigan

HEY JON Megan and Lax!!!

00:32:01Nicholas White

hello everyone from Rolla

00:32:03Matt Dunigan

Flick crushed last night

00:32:05DJ Doss

Hi everyone!!

00:32:12David Jamie

Hello from South Louisiana!

00:32:14lauren Hoffman

Hi Everyone from Ithaca College!

00:32:17Laura Shively

Hi from Arkansas!!

00:32:19Shana Kessler

hiiii friends!

00:32:20Greg Durham

Yo from Creighton

00:32:22Amber Mateer

Hello from sunny California!

00:32:24Shelby Timberlake

hello from Shelby from Richmond

00:32:28Amanda Knutson

Hi everyone from CSU-Chico

00:32:29aaron brooks

Hey y’all

00:32:30Natosha Harris

Whadddup people, luv the jerseys!

00:32:32Kaitlee Francisco

Hello from New Jersey !

00:32:34Jami Brossette

Hey david Jamie!!!

00:32:37Jon Broska


00:32:38Jamaal Rhodes

Hey from Ole Miss!

00:32:38Jerrell Kelly

Checking in from Western Kentucky University

00:32:43Clayton Hufford

Hey from Wyoming

00:32:44Leah Brackett

Hello from Farmington, Maine!

00:32:50Logan Lewis

Hello for Statesboro, Georgia

00:32:50erik daly

Hello from Lafayette College in Easton, PA

00:32:54Scott Flickinger

Hey there cool cats and kittens.

00:32:57Zac Bemmel

Hello from Miami []_ _[]

00:32:57Trent Oneal

Hello from Amarillo College

00:33:00Elijah Boudreau

Hello all from A&M - Commerce

00:33:07Jami Brossette

Jami Brossette LSUS! Hey everyone!


Hello from Curry College

00:33:13Steven Walton

Hello from Creighton!

00:33:17Drew Meadows

Hello from Charleston Southern University

00:33:18Alex Gebers

Hello from Utah Valley

00:33:22Mike Dickinson

Hello from Cincinnati

00:33:22Adam Hickle

Missed last weeks, but here today! Colorado School of Mines tuning in.

00:33:23Benjamin Nelson

Hi from Minnesota State, Mankato

00:33:30Ben Dao

Ben Dao, hello from UC Davis


Go Zags!

00:33:39Domonique Sak

howdy from Youngstown State University

00:33:42Jordan Hunter

Hi from UC Irvine

00:33:42sydney` vanderlinden

Hello from A&M San Antonio

00:33:42Daniel LaPalm

Hello from Illinois State!

00:33:46Garrett Larson

Hello from UW-Eau Claire!

00:33:47Dom Williams

Hello from University of Nebraska, Omaha

00:33:49erik daly

I missed you said it but well played on the "Cool Cats and Kittens!"

00:33:54Shari Landmark

Hello from South Dakota State

00:34:10aaron brooks

@Flick, is that a Browns jersey?

00:34:14Jeffrey Hares

Hi from Montana State University!

00:34:15Tina Mascaro

Hi from Fairmont State University (WV). :)

00:34:31Scott Flickinger

@Brooks It is. It's a Tim Couch jersey. Go hard or go home.

00:34:39Valentyn Potapenko

Hello from Milwaukee!

00:34:39Matt Dunigan

Lax with the Aladdin soccer jersey>>>>>>

00:34:44Christopher Flood

Matthew Nuesell for President!

00:34:50Anthony Almeida

Hello from Long Beach State

00:34:54aaron brooks

“Heart emoji”

00:34:54Deshawn Wright

Hello from University of Southern California

00:36:04Scott Flickinger

You did do it, Norms. I'm so happy for that intro.

00:36:07Raamen Bass


00:36:35Heather Marshall

already streaming

00:36:36Ben Dao

looking to do it for Finals/championship

00:36:38Matt Dunigan

Going to attempt to do twitch

00:36:38Jamaica Cannon

I know Region IV is setting up a "regional" tournament

00:36:40DJ Doss

We are streaming games as participants want to, plan to during champ night too

00:36:48Scott Flickinger

Well, there's a trivia show on Twitch that's doing ok.


Curry here is trying to put that together

00:37:04Chad Indorf

PIRSA will be holding a state tournament

00:37:07Scott Lotze

PIRSA is setting up a state-wide tournament for several games.

00:37:08Natosha Harris

University of Kentucky will be after Easter

00:37:38Brennan Coon

League of Legends tournament this Sunday, probably streaming (Rochester Institute of Technology)

00:37:41Cindy Klatt UNI

UNI intramurals is working with the the club

00:38:07Jon Fey

No plans to stream yet. Could definitely use help with how to stream. Offering “Virtual Leagues” but can’t call it esports.

00:38:47Domonique Sak

what we're doing to give student employees hours: they participate in the "soft launch" of trivia night or the virtual program to help assess bugs before the actual event

00:39:52Tyler Artley

I am on the small committee with Cameron for the Region 4 tournament

00:40:02Tyler Artley

Madden, fifa, nba2k20

00:40:15Ben Dao

I believe there's talk about UC Irvine hosting a UC tourney at the end of quarter

00:41:00Nicholas White

Can anyone from region 4 email me at

00:41:10Brennan Coon

That is a sick floor, WashU!

00:41:30aaron brooks

Does anyone charge for an online gaming tournament? If so, how do your “higher-ups” justify that?

00:41:32Ro Ramirez

What would someone have to do to host a stream with other people's gameplay?

00:41:44Nashid Bracy

I would love to start streaming.. anyone have a list of tips for effective streaming?

00:41:55Jordan Hunter

UC Irvine is definitely looking to host a League of Legends and possibly more with other UC’s at the end of our season

00:42:06Jamaica Cannon

I got you Nick

00:42:06Matt Dunigan

Not charging because our student fee is still being charge to students

00:42:11Parker Goss

OBS is the most user-friendly way to stream in my experience. Streamed froma spectator view in game


We were thinking about gift card prizes

00:42:38Ben Dao

all of our potential spring programming will be free

00:42:40Laura Ferguson

We also aren’t charging as justification to not be refunding our ancillary fees - all our program is free right now since students paid ancillary fees.

00:42:48Domonique Sak

prize of campus rec credit valid for any of our programs

00:43:05Tyler Artley

we are utitilizing discord for a daily sports debate

00:43:28Ro Ramirez

Not charging but most likely Amazon Giftcards


Curry started using Mission Coontrol

00:44:13Clayton Hufford

Wyoming just started using mission control

00:44:19Crystal Durham

that's 101%

00:44:22Scott Flickinger math....

00:44:26Shari Landmark

Same at South Daktoa State

00:44:28Sylvain Tchaptchet


00:44:32Jon Fey

I mis-clicked on yes…

00:44:33NIRSA Smartboard

Eports Programming Poll Results: Yes-2%; No-98%

00:44:34Jon Broska

we don't run math leagues here

00:44:36Jarrode Davis

We always give 101%

00:44:43Crystal Durham

lol Fey

00:44:46Greg Durham

RT Jarrode

00:44:52Jamaica Cannon

Thanks Brennan, it's def one of the things we have to set us apart.

00:44:53DJ Doss

Talk to them Jarrode

00:44:54Jerrell Kelly

lol I'm so glad I wasn't the only one

00:45:01Kaulin Andric

Jarrode lol

00:45:26Jacob Walker

For those that aren't charging for virtual programming, is anyone still charging forfeit fees or anything of that nature?

00:45:34Natosha Harris

I will assess after completed, through a google doc sent through IMLeagues

00:45:40Drew Devore

Here is the link to assessment data for the trivia show last night: Go to the April 1st Responses tab:

00:46:20Kelsey Jones

Thank you for putting that together, Drew! Super helpful.

00:46:36Ashley Lax


00:47:16Adam Burkhart

Great Idea Scott - love the idea of the survey for prize eligability

00:47:28Jamaica Cannon

For virtual programming how is everyone planning on getting swag, shirts to everyone? And has anyone thought about getting seniors shirts?

00:48:07Valentyn Potapenko

UW-Milwaukee will be giving out all of our seniors a champ shirt.

00:48:09Ashley Lax

a lot of people last week said they planned to give them out when campus opened back up, some were looking into mailing them

00:48:10Natosha Harris

For swag, at UK we will mail them to the winners

00:48:29Crystal Durham

we are looking at the possibility of mailing out t-shirts as well at NAU

00:48:43Jamaica Cannon

When you are mailing them are you just sending them through USPS? I'm trying to find the cheapest way basiclaly

00:49:09carson fenwick

Trail time trials

00:49:10Jamaica Cannon

I stole the idea of a trick shot contest

00:49:23Natosha Harris

At UK we are still operational so we can mail them out at this time through the university mail (snail mail)

00:49:37Scott Lotze

Current steps challenge for the month of April with students

00:49:40Adam Burkhart

We are about to launch a digital scavenger hunt for our community, community, with a variety of challenges, most for photo or video on their phones. never having to leave the house.

00:49:40DJ Doss

We are having a trick shot contest and we are also offering a t-shirt design contest for next year's championship shirt

00:49:41Tina Mascaro

April Madness Sport Movie Bracket' just went out. Polls will go out beginning April 8th.

00:49:42Crystal Durham

usually (not always) USPS is the cheapest for a normal person to send mail, Jamaica

00:49:58Lindsey Englehart

We're doing challenges. So if y'all have seen the videos of people making a sort of obstacle course for a ping pong ball to get into a cup

00:50:17carson fenwick

Trail time trials: students will go to a well known hiking trail and test their cardio to get up the trail. post a picture and your time on your instagram story and tag our rec instagram and we log the winners each week

00:50:23Tina Mascaro

@Tom Verrico I spent a lot of time on the bracket and have it in excel it you want it. You could easily change movies if you don't like what I've done.

00:50:29Jamaica Cannon

what are you doing for the scavenger hunt. I have interest in it but haven't figured out how to do it yet

00:50:34Shari Landmark

Looking at a state eSports league. I believe Louisiana is currently doing it.

00:50:35Jose Reinoso

is anyone doing a virtual golf tournament? if so how are you going to running the golf tournament?

00:50:45Adam Burkhart

@Tina we would love a copy too!

00:51:02Scott Flickinger

I am going to start charging for IT if y'all keep asking.

00:51:02Tina Mascaro

here's my email

00:51:08Easton Henrikson

Looking into Netflix watch parties for sports movies and trying out Pictionary through zoom


What incentive ideas besides gift cards and shirts do you think would get more students to participate

00:51:41Bob Gough

Flick... you positioned yourself here. Reap it... lol

00:51:41Jamaica Cannon

I have had interest in board games and a step/running competition

00:52:17Jon Broska

00:53:35Scott Flickinger

@Jarrode.... check the math.

00:54:09Jarrode Davis

Calculator ready

00:54:36Garrett Larson

Paying officials for taking the now Free NFHS courses based upon the approved NFHS clock hours per course. Also having the supervisors creating weekly quizzes based upon official-specific content areas they can take

00:54:46Crystal Durham

Skeeps are people too!

00:54:50Tom Giles

Scorekeepers are people too!

00:55:07Adam Burkhart

SK would love that shout out!

00:55:13Matthew Lee

percentages slightly off again

00:55:43Matt Dunigan

What's everyone doing with their scorekeepers??

00:56:04Adam Burkhart

We have been told currently we can not make our student employees work.

00:56:08Matt Dunigan

Outside of conflict resolution...resume building etc?

00:56:14Jacob Walker

Same @Adam

00:56:31Crystal Durham

NAU - we are also planning to have them complete the free NFHS courses and do a short Google Form quiz including submitting their certificate of completion to get some hours

00:56:33Jon Randle

^^^ Sport Specific officials training through NFHS Learn Learning modules.

00:56:44Matt McCarthy

We want to pay staff for NFHS Learn courses. Does anyone have an idea of how long each course takes? We are looking to pay a set amount of hours rather than the time they take if theyr aren’t engaged the whole time with it.

00:56:49DJ Doss

Don't have the SKs take math classes through Zoom, apparently @Dunigan

00:56:50Matt Dunigan

UCR will be breaking down film w/ guest hosts for basketball and branching out to other sprots

00:56:58NIRSA Smartboard

Goal of Engaging Officials Poll Results: Stay Connected-48%; Enhance Development--3%; Both--49%

00:57:21Crystal Durham

my Supervisors want to do an all-staff trivia night where each Supervisor is the head of a team; still working on getting that formatted

00:57:30DJ Doss

We are considering the NFHS courses, assisting with interviews, and completing meetings such as evaluation meetings


All students want to know is if they will be getting paid.....for any meeting

00:57:34Scott Flickinger

We will be looking at modules on Canvas to continue some engagement, and online games/watch parties for fun.

00:57:38Jami Brossette

LSUS is able to send students to other departments that need help. My weight room workers and IM staff are working with other departments remotely. They must sign a remote work agreement form

00:58:26Drew Devore

As everyone starts looking at updating their officials trainings I encourage you all to upload your material to the NIRSA Intramural and Staff Training Hub on google drive I have created. IF you still need access to it please email me

00:59:10Dom Williams

e-portfolio, various campus rec all staff training modules, facebook group for engagement, supervisors working on sport specific google site trainings

00:59:21Anja Shelton

Our President has mandated our campus to pay all student workers through the remainder of the semester based on the average number of hours that they "would be" working.

00:59:27Scott Flickinger

It's that damn Drew Devore. He's so hot right now.

00:59:28Greg Durham

Creighton is hosting monthly optional update meetings for staff, just to keep them in the loop with what's being worked on, hoping to keep them excited about what's coming when they return.

00:59:31Peter McComie

Hey Drew, could you send your email, I would like to get access

01:00:21Ashley Lax

Wisconsin may look to hold veterans' training online for rules review, etc and then bring them in for the field clinic

01:00:36Drew Devore

my email is

01:01:06Travis Lankford

at UTA, we are doing weekly staff "check in" meetings via Microsoft Teams

01:01:07Jon Fey

I was trying to move to online captain’s meetings before the pandemic. Looking at using the same blackboard system and registering captains as students in the “class” and track their completion of reviewing the captains’ presentation.

01:01:13Matt Dunigan

New supervisor trainings? How will you tackle "on site" training.. so when we return we have those people ready to go

01:01:14Tyler Artley

we are thinking about hosting optional trainings via zoom when we get back

01:01:24Travis Lankford

we are using as an opportunity to do some development so i can pay them

01:01:32Gabby Sokol

University of Mississippi created basic electronic trainings for all intramural sports this past year, so that we can spend less time in the classroom learning rules and more time outside on court/field

01:01:58Tina Mascaro

I teach through Microsoft teams and it seems to work well. It's what our institution choose to use but I really like zoom better.

01:02:15aaron brooks

we looked into online trainings, however, if we require it to be viewed, we have to pay them. So, if I’m paying them, i want to see them!

01:02:15Crystal Durham

we might try to do an online training for Sport Club officer training, but we currently don't have any SC officer training at all so there's not really a transition to make like in other in-person trainings

01:02:16Tom Giles

Is anyone using the other ZOOM?

01:02:26aaron brooks


01:02:30carson fenwick

UNLV uses canvas and has presentations sessions online where they have to sign in to confirm the hours of work

01:02:35Shana Kessler is doing a case play of the day email series

01:02:41Dan Wrenholt

Gabby what are you doing your trainings through?

01:02:48Scott Flickinger

Slack is another popular online virtual offices.

01:02:55Shajuan Grimitt


01:02:56Matt McCarthy

For video training PlayPosit is a great tool. You can see how long a staff member takes to complete the course. You can imbed quizzes and other interactions as well.

01:03:00Ali Tackett

At the beginning of the semester, UWL offered returning officials the option to take a Canvas quiz prior to attending the first in-person clinic for their sport. New officials had to come in and get all of the info, then all officials were together for stations and scrimmages.


webex - university software

01:03:23David Gaskins

George Mason uses WebEx but Zoom is MUCH better

01:03:32Jeffrey Hares

Agreed David ^

01:04:30Domonique Sak

fun fact: the owner of Zoom worked at WebEx for years before wanting to give users more accessibility. Zoom ftw

01:04:34Scott Flickinger

Are there people looking ahead at potential budget issues, regarding Zooom and pay-for third-party softwares, and workarounds?

01:04:44Tom Giles


01:05:12Greg Durham

@Flick - Budgets are gonna be tight, i'm nervous about the future of some of our third party programs.

01:05:24Luke Bettencourt

at UK we’ve created a group within the Team App, available on the Apple and Android stores. We’ve uploaded rules docs and other officiating docs to the app. We’ve also begun to breakdown film and voiceover game clips using iMovie. Those film breakdown sessions are also being uploaded to our app. It’s similar to what Court Club does with their weekly video breaks down, if you’re familiar with that

01:05:27Scott Flickinger

@Greg hear that.

01:05:56Amy Rask

@Flick we've compiled a master list of every service/program we use digitally and are being prepared to cut software that we use to save money.

01:05:56Zac Bemmel

we just started using slack, just for our professional staff but I can see several opportunities and benefits for using it with my intramural students

01:06:25Scott Flickinger

@Amy same, I've already had to make a few changes.

01:06:50aaron brooks

Has anyone thought of “meaningful” work they can give students to do?

01:07:20Jamaica Cannon

does anyone have good suggestions for LinkedIn learning classes with that thought in mind about getting in front

01:07:25Scott Flickinger

99% yes, 56% no

01:07:35Scott Flickinger

+/- 4%

01:07:36Tom Giles

@ Jamaica yes!

01:07:37DJ Doss


01:07:40Greg Durham


01:07:44DJ Doss


01:07:44Jon Broska

60% of the time, it works every time

01:07:50Crystal Durham

Tom has the best LinkedIn Learning stuff

01:07:55Scott Flickinger

@Broska thank you

01:08:05Jamaica Cannon

I'd love to here it @tom

01:08:08Jon Broska

you and I have all the good retro jokes

01:08:16Bob Gough

Has anyone reached out to IMLeagues and/or Fusion to talk about supporting eSport platforms & streaming?

01:08:18Tom Giles

LinkedIn Learning program at Florida International University:

01:08:21Matt Dunigan

Dad jokes @broska and @flick

01:08:34Travis Lankford

is anyone getting pushback from their office of students with disabilities about making sure your online programming is accessible to those students with disabilities? i.e. how do we accommodate those with visual disabilities and make them feel included?

01:08:38Jon Broska

i can't like this comment enough

01:09:07Matt Dunigan

WOAH we did yall!!

01:09:08Shari Landmark

Look at that math!

01:09:08Valentyn Potapenko

At UW-Milwaukee as of April 11 all of our students staff will be "terminated" and will be rehired once we open back up or in the Fall. We are also being told not to plan anything for the summer.

01:09:22DJ Doss

@Greg -- what do we get for that under guess?

01:09:25NIRSA Smartboard

Making Multiple Plans for Programming Poll Results: Yes--77%; No--23%

01:09:32Jamaica Cannon

I'm still here @Gaskins!

01:09:47Greg Durham

Everyone who said over can send a champ shirt to Omaha.

01:09:47Tom Giles

Our no is because our admin wants to "wait and see"

01:09:50carson fenwick

we dont operate in the summer

01:10:00carson fenwick

UNLV is looking to the fall already

01:10:02Amy Rask

We don't program over the summer.

01:10:02Ben Dao

wait and see approach as well

01:10:04Amanda Meyer

Don't program in the summer

01:10:06Jacob Walker

All future programing will feature digital recreation components and we have a back up plan for summer and fall that is digital rec heavy

01:10:09Matthew Nuesell

We don't have programming in the summer.

01:10:10Matt Dunigan

Not a lot of summer programming for us but looking forward to extending some e-sports

01:10:11Troy Maddox

UWA doesn’t program in the summer

01:10:12Gregory Deverson

We do not program over the summer.

01:10:16Crystal Durham

we are looking to possibly offer 1v1 options as we come out from the quarantine; bocce, disc golf, etc.

01:10:19Scott Flickinger

No programming oncampus until mid-July.

01:10:20Ali Tackett

we do not program in the summer and our campus is already closed, classes are online for the remainder of the year

01:10:20Laura Ferguson

We are waiting to hear about $$ decisions - whether or not we will be receiving any student fees to support summer programming

01:10:22Mike Wozniak

We have already been told that we are only doing remote programming, so we are just developing programming around that expectation.

01:10:23Jon Broska

since we are already not offering Summer A programming we have a target to work's far enough away now to where if we get an update it'll get moved to Fall

01:10:24Jon Randle

University just sent out an email this morning that all Summer Classes will be delivered online. No in person courses, thus no in-person Intramural Sports.


Don't program in the summer

01:10:26Jarrode Davis

Summer classes have officially moved online at OSU. We will continue virtual programming throughout the summer.

01:10:32Shelby Timberlake

we don’t program in the summer

01:10:48Jason James

All of Georgia was told to have all classes online through summer.

01:10:51Nathan Lawless

At Towson, we don't program over the summer. I have been told if the plans don't work out this semester, that is okay. We are starting to look towards the fall for if NCAA sports get canceled in the fall.

01:10:55Tom Giles

FIU has remote learning in place through Summer A (Late June)

01:10:57aaron brooks

I have no idea when we are going back. We will be a 100% virtual campus this summer so we have very few students on campus

01:11:02Jon Fey

Life University is on the quarter system. We are remote for all of Spring Quarter (thru June) as of now, and our summer programming will be based on any updates with the pandemic.

01:11:05Easton Henrikson

Anyone doing IM Challenges to predict when life returns to normal (ie pro staff being allowed to return to campus, students being allowed to return to campus, elementary public schools reopening)? lol

01:11:11Cindy Klatt UNI

We are being told not to!

01:11:32Hannah Burrichter

If student fees are not charged because classes are online, would you still consider programming and charging? Or no programming?

01:11:38Jamaica Cannon

I am assuming we are going to be virtual all summer so the programming I am doing now I am extending a lot of it

01:11:42Elvis Lizardo

at UVM we're doing weekly trivia via kahoot and we've tasked our supervisors with coming up with the trivia quizzes. That's as much "meaningful' work as we can give them right now until we get new ideas

01:11:50Crystal Durham

we already run a bare-bones summer schedule because most of my focus is on summer camp, so not a huge deal for us if we have to cancel summer

01:11:53Tom Giles

Anyone else have a hiring freeze?

01:12:07Jon Broska

yes Tom

01:12:10Amy Rask

@Tom yep, full hiring freeze

01:12:10Drew Devore

@tom we have a hiring freeze and budget freeze right now

01:12:12Jamaica Cannon

WashU is on a hiring freeze until June 1st so far

01:12:15Matt Dunigan

We are planning to look at smaller team sports for the fall

01:12:16Mike Dickinson


01:12:19ryan perreira

fitness center is close until further notice, sports does not happen during summer, working on fall.

01:12:31Matt Dunigan

@drew we are also on a hiring freeze too

01:12:48Tom Giles

Thank you all

01:12:52Tina Mascaro

We are a small school and I'm only a 10 month employee so aside from the virtual offerings I'm trying this spring semester I'll be done until August. We have very few summer school students so there's no IM programming.

01:13:09Jamaica Cannon

With this we are looking at facility issues that could already affect programming in the fall so I'm already trying to trouble shot outdoor sports and switching seasons of the more popular sports to the Spring

01:13:14aaron brooks

Luckily I already had the fall schedule finished, but with everything, I have no idea how bad this will hit my budget forcing smaller offerings

01:13:43Matt Dunigan

Cross-training for our students that will be returning

01:14:08Crystal Durham

we hire before the Fall semester starts and do phone interviews since most aren't at school yet

01:14:28Jon Broska

I think this creates more of a need to engage the veteran returning officials and get them bought in and more trained so you have stronger crew chiefs and head officials

01:14:29Greg Durham

We're working with admissions to help admitted students get plugged into rec jobs before the semester starts.

01:14:44Jamaica Cannon

is anyone looking at getting already accepted incoming freshmen interested in virtual IMs as a way to get them engaged with the weird times?


Hoping to keep Esports part of Intramurals moving forward. This will be the first time Curry has Esports at this scale. For now it is about programming for the fall. As for staff we are going to send out applications now so we can be ready for the fall. Will do interviews over zoom

01:14:55Shana Kessler

we do our hiring in spring for fall

01:14:55Crystal Durham

agreed with Broska, I'm worried about retention come Fall from my veteran officials

01:15:03ryan perreira

my sports club is volunteering to fill needs

01:15:05Mike Dickinson

One big issue for us is backgrounds checks/fingerprinting, we can interview and make tentative selections (student staff) but can't train them until those hiring processes reopen through HR - Cinci

01:15:08Matt Dunigan

@broska one of our biggest concern for us too is losing all of the veterans that typically train the newbies

01:15:26Jon Broska

@Matt I hear ya...we're worried about that too

01:15:30Amy Rask

We can't engage them in virtual IMs until they are enrolled in classes per insurance restrictions.

01:15:37Greg Durham

@jamaica - yes, we are. that's a big push from our enrollment mgmt. team right now

01:15:38Shana Kessler

agreed Matt

01:16:05Jamaal Rhodes

@Amy same with univ of miss.

01:16:13Tom Giles

Same with Amy

01:16:21Gabby Sokol

Looking to move smaller officiated to potentially self-officiated (i.e. volleyball leagues)

01:16:24Matt Dunigan

@shana we are hoping some of the zooms will at least account for some of the policies and manual training and the only piece would be the site training

01:16:34Jamaica Cannon

@Greg are you partnered with your enrollment mgmt. team campus partners to get access to them?

01:16:55Matt Dunigan

Depends on what university does with funding for our budget

01:17:06Jacob Walker

We have three open professional positions that we are currently not allowed to fill.

01:17:09David Gaskins

We are planning to lose a lot of our experienced people in all areas of student employment. Lots of challenges with the economy and anticipating that many students and families will be affected and may not be able to return to the institution for financial reasons. It means we'll have to train better and do more continuing education.

01:17:12Greg Durham

@jamaica, I sit on the enrollment management task force for Creighton - let's connect.

01:17:16Scott Lotze

Bucknell (private) has mentioned briefly that their could be furloughs.

01:17:16Matt Dunigan

UCOP (Office of the president) will be updating the budget soon

01:17:26Jamaica Cannon

We are under athletics since we are a DIII and the NCAA grant positions are being cut, we were supposed to get a two year intern funded by the NCAA that we cannot have now

01:17:27Valentyn Potapenko

UW-Milwaukee will be terminating all urec students as of April 11th.

01:17:54Tom Giles

Yes, a majority of my staff are international students and this remote learning transition is doubly tough on them

01:17:55DJ Doss

Same @Gaskins, already witnessing that type of impact

01:17:55Scott Flickinger

80% of my staff was graduating seniors, so this year was going to be a rebuilding year anyway.

01:18:25Amanda Bray

We just recently accepted our new GA, but haven’t sent a contract yet because we are on hold with finances. Is anyone in the same boat and how are you reassuring them in the meantime so you do not lose them?

01:18:34David Gaskins

We haven't hit a hiring freeze . . . yet so we're trying to fill a couple open positions as quickly as possible if we can do so in a quality manner.

01:18:34Jerrell Kelly

For us at WKU, our biggest concern is that for those student staff who we have been told we can no longer pay, as they get employment elsewhere, will we be able to get them back

01:18:58Tom Giles

Amanda, a lot of texting and phone calls

01:18:59ryan perreira

We reduced their hours to keep all on board

01:19:00Tom Verrico

At Springfield College we are encouraging club sports teams to do virtual programing and participate in challenges. In our 100 mile challenge I offer any team who has at least 5 students finish the challenge to be awarder $100 dollars for the club team.

01:20:45Matt Dunigan

THROWBACK IDEAS!!! Love it @broska

01:20:46Ashley Lax

Broska just hit me with back in my day...

01:20:53Zac Bemmel

that sounds awful

01:20:53Scott Flickinger

OK Boomer.

01:20:57Matt Dunigan


01:21:02Jeffrey Hares


01:21:08Jami Brossette


01:21:11Kelsey Jones

Aw be nice to Broska

01:21:14Adam Burkhart

I love that idea! Even just for one league! They would be HUMBLED!

01:21:15DJ Doss

I need emojis and gifs for this chat at times...

01:21:16Megan Normansell

catch all of US out there in stripes fall 2020!!

01:21:22Matt Dunigan

Broska - "well back in my day...we didn't have emails"

01:21:29Kaulin Andric


01:21:41ryan perreira

nobody older than me

01:21:42Ben Dao

kick hi out

01:22:16Shana Kessler


01:22:17Jason James

You're not THAT old Jon

01:22:31aaron brooks

Is anyone who is still paying students being forced to find “meaningful” work for them to do? How many times can we redo our sports rules and manuals?

01:22:40Tom Giles

Proudly finished in 783rd place

01:22:52Adam Burkhart

Basketball Training Video Oscar

01:22:57Shana Kessler


01:22:59Scott Flickinger

Atta way, Tom.

01:23:00Ashley Lax

lol @brooks. we have to pay students without them working. if they work, we have to pay them on top of the stipend the university has decided

01:23:35Amanda Bray

We were able to rehire our students under a “cleaning and maintenance” position so that we can track how much money we are spending toward the fight against COVID. We can potentially get paid back for those hours.

01:23:42Jerrell Kelly

Aaron, we were told at WKU that we have to find meaningful work for any that we keep and our institution also included a letter writing campaign the university is running, but our department has decided not to go this route as all pay would be out of departmental budgets

01:23:46Crystal Durham

@Aaron I made a list of remote tasks that includes creating a bank of questions that we can use for weekly quizzes in the future, renaming our storing video clips so they aren't IMG003, and taking full video from this year and cutting it into clips for training

01:23:48DJ Doss

@Brooks - I know that it is a similar type of work, but we have had some of our more veteran employees help with reviewing training material

01:23:58Jon Randle

KU is continuing pay for students based off their semester average. No work required, in fact, students working is frowned upon. Sometimes money does grow on trees.....

01:24:09Jacob Walker

Is anyone else charging forfeit fees for digital programming?

01:24:26Roger Watson

Do any of you do academic class for intramural sports?

01:24:26Shari Landmark


01:24:33Natosha Harris

UK is not charging forfeit fees for digital programming

01:24:35aaron brooks

@ Crystal, please send me that list if you don’t mind.

01:24:38Valentyn Potapenko

We aren't charging forfeit fees

01:24:39Zac Bemmel


01:24:40Erin Sanders


01:24:40DJ Doss

Not charging forfeit fees at this time

01:24:41Ro Ramirez


01:24:42Matt Dunigan

No forfeit fees just an L

01:24:43Jason James


01:24:44Dom Williams


01:24:45Matthew Nuesell


01:24:46Amy Rask

No FFT fees, since we aren't eating referee/staff costs by them not showing up

01:24:47Jordan Hunter

Not at UC Irvine

01:24:48Hunter Hartley


01:24:48Zach McMahon

we are doing staff evaluations via zoom that the employee will get paid for

01:24:50carson fenwick

UNLV Not charging but removal from the league is possible

01:24:51Trumaine Becoat Wade

If they miss two games, they get removed from the league

01:24:51Ben Dao

i don't think we would

01:24:54lauren Hoffman

no forfeit fees

01:24:55Shana Kessler

we got rid of our forfeit policy altogether with our current program plans

01:24:56Kevin Linker


01:24:56Gregory Deverson


01:24:56Anna Castillo


01:24:58Jamaica Cannon

We are not, esports is the only place where someone not "showing" up would have an affect

01:25:00Gabby Sokol

no forfeit fees

01:25:01Brittany Mueller


01:25:03Laura Ferguson

No FF, but if they have 2 no shows, they are out of bracket, and 3+ they are removed from league

01:25:07Drew Meadows

No forfeit fees

01:25:22Domonique Sak

NIRSA sent this out yesterday: free and simple to use

01:25:25Kevin Maurer

Yes to Laura!


no - we change to individual fees; if a team don't show up they are removed from the league

01:25:29Matt Dunigan

Same @laura

01:25:36Jamaal Rhodes

no, remove them from the tournament and keep it rolling

01:25:47Jacob Walker

Thank you everyone!

01:26:06Jon Broska


01:26:10Jason James

He doesn't either

01:26:16Matt Dunigan

Thanks to Megan, John and Lax!!!!!

01:26:17Ben Dao

i don't have any where i am :(

01:26:20Jon Broska

It wouldn't be an IM Roundtable if that wasn't asked lol

01:26:21Tom Giles


01:26:26Tom Giles


01:26:30Jami Brossette


01:26:30Charles Anderson

Thanks for putting this together. Stay strong everyone.

01:26:40Greg Durham


01:26:40Jamaica Cannon

@broska same, I have all female teams or mostly joining open leagues. not even Corec

01:26:41Tom Giles

The tampa one?

01:26:42ryan perreira

we expanded my staff to do zoom videos on various topics, twice a day.

01:26:44Krista Chauvin

RIP tom

01:26:47Krista Chauvin

tom brad

01:26:50Krista Chauvin


01:27:00Jarrode Davis

The best team - go refs

01:27:09Greg Durham


01:27:12aaron brooks


01:27:13Erin Sanders


01:27:13Jordan Hunter


01:27:13Hunter Hartley


01:27:13sydney` vanderlinden


01:27:14Matthew Nuesell

Heck yes!

01:27:14Jordan Leslie


01:27:14Cindy Klatt UNI


01:27:14Jacob Walker


01:27:15Scott Lotze


01:27:15Matthew Lee


01:27:16Ben Dao


01:27:16Amanda Bray


01:27:16Anna Bruning (Oregon State)


01:27:16Zac Bemmel


01:27:16Brandon DenHartog


01:27:16Tyler Artley


01:27:17Hannah Burrichter


01:27:17Dom Williams


01:27:17Anna Castillo


01:27:17Amanda Knutson


01:27:17Gregory Deverson


01:27:17Shari Landmark


01:27:17Ali Tackett

heck yeah

01:27:17Amber Mateer


01:27:17lauren Hoffman


01:27:17Allie Bogard


01:27:18Valentyn Potapenko


01:27:18Domonique Dunn


01:27:18Shane Ferrara


01:27:18Jamaal Rhodes


01:27:18Jarrode Davis


01:27:18Brittany Mueller


01:27:18Greg Durham


01:27:19Chris Terwilliger


01:27:19Kevin Linker


01:27:19Alison Fisher




01:27:20Anja Shelton


01:27:20Krista Chauvin




01:27:20Brett Kozak


01:27:20Trace Stenz


01:27:20Crystal Durham

yes please!

01:27:20Daniel LaPalm


01:27:21Elvis Lizardo


01:27:21Troy Maddox


01:27:22Tina Mascaro

small school IM roundtable.... yes yes yes

01:27:22Nathan Lawless


01:27:22Jarrode Davis


01:27:23Matt Dunigan


01:27:23Alex Gebers


01:27:23Jerrell Kelly


01:27:24Trent Oneal


01:27:24Ro Ramirez


01:27:24Alexandra Sanchez


01:27:25Nicholas White


01:27:25Laura Shively


01:27:26Brian Beam


01:27:26Greg Gilliam



Powderpuff League is one of my upcoming ideas for my school. Also thinking about opening up leagues within sports for females

01:27:28Bailey Kenney


01:27:30Jarrode Davis




01:27:31Jason Linsenmeyer


01:27:31Jarrode Davis


01:27:32Julie Gentry


01:27:32Mike Dickinson

Yes :)

01:27:32Luke Bettencourt


01:27:33Scott Flickinger


01:27:33Jarrode Davis


01:27:34Jami Brossette


01:27:35aaron brooks

= %110 yes

01:27:36Shana Kessler


01:27:38David Gaskins

Yes, always helpful to hear new ideas and hear different perspectives

01:27:39Adam Burkhart

Yes - *How can we view last weeks Round Table with Discord and Esport help?

01:27:40Jason James


01:27:40DJ Doss

Yes -- particularly as we start to get a better feel for Fall plans and the summer impacts

01:27:43Domonique Sak


01:27:44Raamen Bass

yes….please help me. LOL

01:27:51Domonique Dunn

You all have lovely homes!

01:27:51Aaron Dueker

did you really have to ask that lax?

01:27:57Garrett Larson


01:28:01Tom Giles

can someone drop the esports link again

01:28:09DJ Doss

I think that was 101% yes @Brooks

01:28:09Matt Dunigan

Theme @lax????

01:28:14Jami Brossette

Whats our shirt theme for next roundtable??

01:28:15Kelsey Jones

Thanks for hosting, y’all!!

01:28:26Scott Flickinger

If anyone wants the social media flyers for trivia next week,

01:28:27Kevin Linker

Thank you, Rec Fam!

01:28:28Adam Burkhart


01:28:30Matt Dunigan

virtual clap to megan jon and lax!

01:28:30Jarrode Davis

Great job!

01:28:31DJ Doss

Great work team! Stay safe!

01:28:31Gregory Deverson

and Wash your hands!

01:28:32Jason Graves

Thank you!

01:28:31Gregory Deverson

and Wash your hands!

01:28:32Jason Graves

Thank you!

01:28:30Jarrode Davis

Great job!

01:28:31DJ Doss

Great work team! Stay safe!

01:28:31Gregory Deverson

and Wash your hands!

01:28:32Jason Graves

Thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email