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Recorded on Thursday, April 2, 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

Facilitated by Katherine Geter with presenters Abby Van Note and Jon Janis

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Chat Transcript

00:29:53Crystal Durham

hello from NAU!

00:30:06Michael Pappan

Hello from South Dakota State

00:30:07Richelle Williams

Hi from WWU!

00:30:13Jerrell Kelly

G'day from WKU


Hi from the University of Illinois!

00:30:18Nick White

hello from Rolla aka Missouri S&T

00:30:22Tiara DeLapp

Hello from Emory!

00:30:26lauren Hoffman

Hello from Ithaca college!

00:30:26Klee Sellers

Hello from Oklahoma State!!

00:30:42Jamaica Cannon

Hi Klee! OSU doing camps now?

00:30:43Marissa Engel

Hello from California Polytechnic University Pomona!

00:30:44Talyn Sands

Hello from Stephen F Austin State University!

00:30:45Emily Wujcik

Hi from Saint Louis University!

00:30:45Jaclyn Gidley

Hello from Ball State!

00:30:47Shan Paracka

hi from LSU

00:30:48Giancarlo Provo

Hi from University of Washington

00:30:48Jordan Garcia

Hi from California State University, Fullerton!

00:30:50Domonique Sak

cheers from Youngstown State University!

00:30:52Corrine Pruett

Hello from WVU!

00:30:53nick pangio

Hello from Ohio State!

00:30:54Christopher Ballard

hello from BGSU

00:30:55Michael Potter

VCU in the house!

00:31:00Sarah Schrenk

Hi from University of South Alabama!

00:31:02Jamaica Cannon

Hi from WashU in St. Louis

00:31:03Annette Livas

Hello from UT Rio Grande Valley!

00:31:06Kathryn Hutchings

Hi from Santa Clara University

00:31:09Bill Moorman

Hey all!

00:31:10Jacob Pridemore

University of Maryland, Baltimore!

00:31:10Anne Marie Skylis

Hello from Columbia University (me and Lauren Dudziak)

00:31:15Clayton Sheehan

Hi from Austin Peay State University!

00:31:28Jean Holt

Hello from Old Dominion University!

00:31:37Steve Nevarez-Soto

Hi, Steve from UCLA

00:31:41Glenda Galloway

Hi from University of Colorado Colorado Springs

00:31:54Kaliyah J

Hello from Texas Southern University

00:31:57Angela Caringella

Hi! Angela from Moraine Valley Community College in Chicago

00:32:03Emily Charnowski

Hello from Boston College!

00:32:08Nora Osei

Hi from Princeton University !

00:32:17Tiffany Cote

Tiffany from UCLA

00:32:22Ashley Marsh

Hi from UC Santa Barbara!

00:32:27Cassidy Sanders-Curry

Hi from Stanford University!

00:32:27Junior Armooh

Greetings from WVU!

00:32:35Rob Thompson

Howdy! Rob Thompson from the Colorado School of Mines here.

00:32:40Matt Urbanczyk

Hello Everyone from Emory University!

00:32:45Kayode Lewis

Hello! Kayode Lewis from UNH

00:33:17Sean Graninger

Hey everyone, Sean from Oregon

00:33:20Kelsey Winkler

Hi from Boise State!

00:33:31Abby Van Note

Hello Everyone! We're excited to have y'all with us.

00:33:51DeVanee Lasley

Hey everyone DeVanee Lasley from University of Missouri St Louis

00:34:04Michael Pappan

Exploring one day options. Currently moving as scheduled.

00:34:27Richelle Williams

we are a go right now

00:34:45Crystal Durham

we are a go right now, but it doesn't seem likely that we will be able to begin camp June 1st as planned

00:34:46Giancarlo Provo

I don't see them

00:34:47Anne Marie Skylis

also exploring, but waiting 2-3 weeks to hear from University administration


We are continue to plan the camp, but expected to reduce if needed.

00:34:54Kathryn Hutchings

Santa Clara University - weplan to re-evaluate on May 1. We may cancel first session

00:34:58Abby Van Note

What are you considerations for go / no go?

00:35:00Cindy Klatt

right now we are a go.

00:35:02Perry Karnofsky

Hi everyone - Perry Karnofsky from McGill - May 1 is our decision date

00:35:07Marissa Engel

deciding whether or not rushing to hire and train for partial summer is worth the time and cost to do it. exploring virtual options and looking at what liability and options are.

00:35:08Noah Mass

as of right now we are a go

00:35:10Jamaica Cannon

Our earliest camps in May first week in June have been rescheduled to end of July/August. Looking at mini camps in August/Fall

00:35:29Jerrell Kelly

We're planning both as normal and with reduced offerings

00:35:30Jaclyn Gidley

Biggest question right now is trying to figure out how to recruit and train staff virtually

00:35:39Janice DeMonsi

Those that canceled was it you or your administration that said no go

00:35:49nick pangio

we are as planned until the university makes the call by the end of next week. Big decisions will be based on staffing

00:35:51Bill Moorman

We are modifying.

00:35:55Shanea Allen

we are a go and have been instructed to continue forward with hiring process however should be prepared for virtual offerings summer 1 with potential delayed start date

00:36:01Richelle Williams

we don't start until june 22nd so we are staying the course for now

00:36:06DeVanee Lasley

We are modifying as well

00:36:38Jerrell Kelly

We are holding off on our registration but if we open it, we aren't taking deposits to avoid needing to refund

00:36:56Jamaica Cannon

We are thinking about real time testing in terms of taking temps, self notifying if previously sick.

00:36:59Domonique Sak

Plan ABCD ready for action

00:37:00Crystal Durham

NAU - we halted all registration while the Rec Center is closed and promised 100% refunds if we cancel a week of camp that they are registered for

00:37:01nick pangio

We have updated our refund policy. All summer is already sold out.

00:37:02Shan Paracka

we have currently suspended registration, we are accepting them but not charging anyone until we know what weeks we will be running

00:37:04Jean Holt

Our University President sent an email out today that all summer school classes will be online. That has us no-go for on-campus camp. We had already approached our partners about virtual camps.

00:37:06Shanea Allen

also holding off on registration until closer to summer time

00:37:19Jordan Garcia

We are still waiting on opening registration until we have a confirmed "yes we can operate camp this summer"

00:37:24Brian Stelzer

Currently normal, but plan would be to modify as things change (wait & see) with an if x happens, we'll do y.

00:37:27Clayton Sheehan

Also holding.

00:37:28Corrine Pruett

WVU implemented a $0 down payment option

00:37:33Demont Oliver

We closed registration , until we know if we can have camps

00:37:37Michael Pappan

Still waiting for a provost decision

00:37:50Kenton Elworth

Delaying registration and promotion until we hear more. If we open we wont take deposits unless we can guarantee we wont be effected by shelter in place order being extended

00:37:52Jaclyn Gidley

We opened registration the week before the chaos hit, so we’ve not made any changes at this time. Just trying to figure out the personnel aspect.

00:37:56Richelle Williams

open and no changes

00:37:56Anne Marie Skylis

also doing a $0 down - asking them to pay a week in advance (if operational)

00:38:08Klee Sellers

Ours has been cancelled

00:38:11Kenton Elworth

we are also discussing going with an interest form rather than actual sign-ups

00:38:20Jean Holt

We had launched registrations and will need to look at how much the virtual camps will cost. Of course, not as much as traditional camps

00:38:20Bill Moorman

We are nervous about state stay at home orders…CO is on a stay at home until April 30th.

00:38:22Brian Stelzer

Nebraska is/was at 65% of our camp capacity when we closed in mid-march.

00:38:27Sarah Schrenk

Our university announced today that all summer academics will be online only, but hasn't made any decisions about services (Rec, library, student center, etc). Registration is open and if we cancel those who are already registered will get a full refund. Some people registered May 1.

00:38:30Janice DeMonsi

We start camp June 22 so we are thinking about canceling that and hoping to kick off in July with our last 5 sessions

00:38:38Sarah Schrenk

*make that March 1

00:38:38Jeremy Hamlett

In the case of virtual camps, how would payments look like?

00:38:53Michael Pappan

Has anyone explored smaller registration caps i.e. fitting the 10 person gathering rule?

00:39:03Christopher Ballard

We are looking to split camp by age and have half kids in one area and the other half in another to decrease the amount of kids together at one time.

00:39:15Shanea Allen

we are considering limiting camp capacities

00:39:19Kayode Lewis

Still waiting on upper administration on whether to make to cancel

we are taking registrations as usual and informed parents they will receive a refund if cancelled.

00:39:29Janice DeMonsi

We have not explored smaller numbers - we can not be in our facilities they are closed so no option for that we are in California

00:39:36Shanea Allen

we know all classes will be remote so now have the space to also spread out throughout campus

00:39:39nick pangio

At ohio state we are looking at just doing july and august as osu put a hiring freeze through June 30. if we can keep staff. OSU just moved all classes online for the summer so staffing is our big issue at this time

00:39:40Venessa Fiedler

We are holding tight until the end of April to make any big decisions/adjustments while creating some contingency planning in the interim. Higher ups may be making the decision for us sooner than that, though. Still accepting enrollments.

00:39:51Crystal Durham

our director has suggested limiting camp groups to max 8 campers with one counselor. I'm worried about safety with only one counselor. Anyone in a similar situation?

00:39:54Kristen Pettis Imbimbo

upper leadership cancelled all summer camps at Rutgers university

00:40:31Kristen Pettis Imbimbo

I’m curious how are people are conducting virtual camp?

00:40:48Abby Van Note

We'll chat about virtual camps near the end

00:41:28Dana Lopez

hiring freeze for Wake Forest univ as well

00:41:45Jamaica Cannon

WashU is on a hiring freeze until June 1st

00:41:46Matt Urbanczyk

Want to know more about how people are conducting virtual camp.

00:41:53Domonique Sak

ACA says 1 adult to 8 campers in day camps. I say no because of bathrooms/water/incident

00:41:58Crystal Durham

sorry I had to relocate because my fiance is also on a call right now

00:42:07Jaclyn Gidley

We always have 2 counselors per group to avoid 1 counselor being in charge of a group.

00:42:10Corrine Pruett

WVU has a cap of 60 campers/week due to day care licensure and uses a 8:1 ratio.

00:42:10Janice DeMonsi

I would say no - you need two counselors

00:42:30Anne Marie Skylis

agreed - we try not to have single staff members in groups

00:42:35Crystal Durham

thank you!

00:42:36Jeremy Hamlett

Also need to consider for ACA accredited camps that the ratio for 4-5 year olds are 6/1.

00:42:58nick pangio

We do not allow single staff at OSU. mainly locker rooms

00:43:12Dana Lopez

we are also looking at our full time staff being “all on deck” considering our hiring situation

00:43:30Jaclyn Gidley

If we end up canceling due to COVID-19 we would give everyone who has registered a 100% refund.

00:43:35Bill Moorman

Trying to offer credit vs refund if possible.

00:43:36nick pangio

OSU has said that if parents want out because of COVID we will honor a full refund

00:43:45nick pangio

even if we run camp

00:43:49Jamaica Cannon

Our summer 2020 camps are currently scheduled to proceed as planned. We are working through a number of considerations and will provide additional information as it is available. If it is determined that our camps should be canceled, we will issue campers a full refund, minus a small card processing fee. When making travel plans we encourage you to book refundable hotels and flights or use Southwest Airlines. If you have questions or concerns please contact us.

00:43:50Crystal Durham

we are giving 100% refunds if we cancel a week due to COVID19

00:43:50Sarah Schrenk

If we cancel due to COVID-19 we will offer a full refund.

00:43:52Janice DeMonsi

We will give 100% most likely if we have to cancel due to covid - maybe minus the software fees

00:43:53Brian Stelzer

Nebraska has stated that if we (the University) cancel a session all deposits and payments will be fully refunded.

00:43:56DeVanee Lasley

at UMSL if we end up cancelling we will give a 100% refund back to parents

00:44:14Alison Fisher

We are holding off on opening registration as our registration program charges us a 2% cancellation fee on all cancellations

00:44:19Jeremy Hamlett

Full refund if camp doesn't happen or if parents opt out

00:44:21Marissa Engel

we had the thought that if we were to run, refunds would only be given if we cancel. if parents cancel there would not be a refund.

00:44:27Jean Holt

If we cancel a camp we offer 100% refund, would do the same in this case.

00:44:30Natalie Hiller-claridge

Right now we are waiting for our university to decide. If I have emails or calls about it I tell them to wait to register for now. However, we take a lot of campers, so we don’t fill early

00:44:39Venessa Fiedler

If you use Activenet as a registration system, make sure you are aware of their new refund policy

00:44:52Kenton Elworth

We are offering credits as refunds, but if they press or wish for a full refund it will be given

00:44:53Venessa Fiedler

It may have a big impact on how refunds are processed for your program

00:44:56Jeremy Hamlett

Considering keeping deposit to hold for next summer with priority registration if parents want to do that

00:44:58Janice DeMonsi

We would use our normal refund process for the pulling of a camp registration - which is a %

00:44:59Jaclyn Gidley

If parent/guardian wants to refund before we announce (official date is May 10th) they receive full refund. After May 10th is 90% refund.

00:44:59Perry Karnofsky

McGill - Quebec provincial laws require us to issue a full refund for cancellation prior to the start of camp - regardless of covid19 anyway

00:45:01Cindy Klatt UNI

If cancel 100%refund.

00:45:02Crystal Durham

traditionally we do not offer refunds for parents cancelling, but have the flexibility to give a percentage refund depending on the situation; usually we settle on 50%

00:45:03Jamaica Cannon

We aren't advertising that but we would give a refund

00:45:09Bill Moorman

If a parent wants out, due to COVID-19, we would offer a full credit, or a partial refund depending on how close they are to the date of the camp.

00:45:12DeVanee Lasley

At UMSL if you cancel within a week before the start of a camp week they will get 50% back. we keep the deposit.

00:45:13Jean Holt

I had a parent cancel her 2 daughters due to conflict with another camp and we kept the deposit.

00:45:34Bill Moorman

Can we talk about staff recruitment and training?

00:45:48Jaclyn Gidley

Yes @Bill ^

00:45:55Bill Moorman


00:46:07Jean Holt

Our K-12 schools are closed for the remainder of the year. Talk that they will start early next year and may finish late next year.

00:46:34Richelle Williams

everything is pushed back until may

00:46:50Venessa Fiedler

Reach back out to past staff who may have not come back due to internships, study abroads, etc...their plans may have changed and they're now looking for summer employment

00:46:53Ashley Marsh

UCSB is currently doing online Zoom interviews with the hopes of remaining open. We have not canceled camps or closed registration for the time being. No direction from campus yet.

00:46:57Angela Caringella

All applications are submitted through online portal - I have it open for now and am doing virtual interviews.

00:46:59Crystal Durham

we aren't on a hiring freeze, but I'm hesitant to hire counselors not knowing when we will start camp - especially because we might start a month later than planned

00:47:12Marissa Engel

we are choosing to if we do virtual camp we would only use staff that are prior camp workers and already on staff in other departments rather than hiring anyone.

00:47:12Kenton Elworth

We have been asked to change our training to virtual and then if we get the go, we will have 2 days to do in person trainings which must include their CPR training

00:47:28Natalie Hiller-claridge

We are conducting interviews, but letting them know their jobs are not guaranteed

00:47:36Janice DeMonsi

We are still interviewing but just asked HR how they will do hiring paperwork - if they can not do the I-9's in their office....if they have not determined this we can not train until it is done - the hope was to do virtual training but we may need to pause and delay camp due to staff not trained and week one will be training & hiring all at once

00:47:39Sean Graninger

Oregon - On a hiring freeze but our application is still open and we are accepting those still. Will probably be doing zoom or phone interviews in May

00:47:44nick pangio

we are still doing virtual interviews. Also at OSU we have created an incentive program for staff to recruit other staff

00:47:45Jeff Heiser

At UC Davis in California, we are still able to hire however background checks are not being processed, either in person or from our online vendor. Even if we open up campus in late May/June, we are concerned about getting staff background checks processed in time.

00:47:46Christopher Ballard

We can't get background checks done because we provide them on campus which is closed. We are conducting interviews but can't hire anyone currently even though we plan to open as normal. and we can't hold trainings until people are hired, so there are a lot of things in the way of starting on time.

00:47:47Andrew Hoffer

I am conducting Zoom Group interviews, one with a group of previous staff, and another with new employees. Also planning on creating a zoom meet and greet with hires because we will be offer to offer jobs to students.

00:47:47DeVanee Lasley

UMSL is currently conducting interviews via zoom. We have a lot of students who want to return from last year. We have been keeping all applicants updated as the dates have changed for camp.

00:47:58Venessa Fiedler

Reach out to departments who may be looking for new practicum/internship opportunities for their staff as traditional sites may not be operating

00:47:59Domonique Sak

we were in the middle of interviews when we were told to transition remotely. zoom interviews now, being transparent about the plans in motion. also being clear about the time commitment, dates of training, end date no matter what

00:48:00Kathryn Hutchings

Although students cannot work at this time, we are still planning on hiring. We are interviewing with potential camp staff via zoom meetings with pro staff.

00:48:07Andrew Hoffer

<3 virtualized I9

00:48:08Jeff Heiser

Staff training is all online.

00:48:34Nora Osei

Princeton has completed conducting counselor interviews, but we shared with the applicants that there is a chance that camp may be cancelled due to COVID19. As now, we are proceeding as normal until told differently.

00:48:39Crystal Durham

how are you working on building camaraderie with your staff when it's virtual?

00:48:46Natalie Hiller-claridge

I was on an ACA forum before this. The lawyer says to tell the potential employe they are an “At Will Employee”

00:48:53Janice DeMonsi

Depends when camp starts.....if it is right before that we open then all but CPR will be virtual

00:48:55Dana Lopez

our job posting was pulled until we can hire......we had 19 people apply 🤦‍♀️

00:48:59Ashley Marsh

I’d be interested in the camaraderie piece too

00:49:04Jean Holt

was anyone on the ACA call yesterday - Rachel Satinsky (Employment Law attorney) recommended adding in "at-will" language and not promising anything or person may be eligible for unemployment.

00:49:05Steve Nevarez-Soto

Depending on enrollment if we only hire returners in person training may not be needed, just online refreshers.

00:49:13Tim Huchton

ACA has a great library of online training options that you can customize for yoru needs.

00:49:21Richelle Williams

We are going to play on a three day in person training unless we are told otherwise

00:49:38Corrine Pruett

The American Red Cross is offering a 90 day extension course for individuals with a current CPRO or Lifeguard certification. (Linked above)

00:49:46Venessa Fiedler

free membership code is ACAFREE

00:50:06Richelle Williams

Can I speak to that?

00:50:15Sarah Schrenk

All student employees at our university are "at-will" employees. Anyone else?

00:50:19Tim Huchton

I do work for ACA use the Code TIM

1 year of free individual membership

00:51:15Kathryn Hutchings

We plan to have both virtual and in person training but it will likely start later.

00:52:27Kelsey Winkler

Yes for lay responder only

00:52:44Samantha Lowry

Richelle can you please send that to me too?

00:53:04Michael Pappan

Last I knew once you complete the online course you have a year to test out the pratical skills

00:53:28Jamaica Cannon

That is something we are considering

00:53:30Natalie Hiller-claridge

On the ACA forum they said not to do the temp because it isn’t the best indicator

00:53:31Jean Holt

On ACA Call they said you can to daily temps of staff.

00:53:38Richelle Williams

we are doing zoom interviews

00:53:39Jamaica Cannon

with staff and campers.

00:54:20Anne Marie Skylis

sorry - we said take every kid's temperature every day - the camp would be doing this?

00:54:32Jamaica Cannon

no but that's a great point

00:54:42Richelle Williams

we haven't even thought about that. that is a great thing to think about.

00:54:48DeVanee Lasley

is anyone considering a policy on if a camper has a certain temp whether or not they can come to camp that day?

00:55:43Venessa Fiedler

canvas, zoom

00:55:52Marissa Engel

ACA Create your own training and Zoom

00:55:55Natalie Hiller-claridge

We are using

00:55:57Crystal Durham

would anyone be willing to share their camp's communicable disease policy?

00:56:02Bill Moorman

Who (of you) will be checking camper’s temp at check in?

00:56:03Kenton Elworth

Canvas, zoom and safety skills

00:56:13Janice DeMonsi

Like with a childs school - parents should know NOT to send their kids to camp unless they have been fever free without medicine for 24 hours.

00:56:15Jean Holt

ACA has a program that you can build your own sessions or use a pre-packaged program

00:56:20Christopher Ballard

Zoom for live communication and interviews. and then emailing out powerpoints and webinars

00:56:21Marissa Engel

kahoot/padlet for interactions and check understanding

00:57:07Venessa Fiedler

zoom has the breakout room option, which is great!

00:57:14Jon Janis

I would recommend getting a standard temperature from your Student Health Center if you are concerned

00:58:54Domonique Sak

@DeVanee, we do a "wellness check" during check-in with the parents. the guidelines are "is there anything visible?" cuts, bruises, scratches, etc. that can be seen should be brought to parent's attention before they leave. when it comes to temperatures, usually you see the camper not being themselves, but you don't catch the temperature spike until later. there have been times where I mentioned a camper didn't look good, the parent touched their forehead, and made that assessment themselves right there. so nothing formal, but whatever is visible

00:58:54Andrew Hoffer

Has anyone thought about providing childcare (cost or not) to current health care workers, essential employees, etc. currently??

00:59:04Sean Graninger

I would also talk to your general counsel about taking campers temperatures. If a camper or staff member does get sick you may be opening yourself up to some liability...

00:59:07Corrine Pruett

Does anyone have a “Junior Counselor” program/position? If so, please email me I would love to hear more about your model! We are also in our second year of camp at WVU and would love to look at other “Parent/Employee Handbooks, Manuals, etc.” if you are willing to share!

00:59:43nick pangio

Tim, does this virtual training allow us to pass our ACA accreditation for us camps that are ACA accredited?

00:59:50Natalie Hiller-claridge

Expert training was only $390 for us.

00:59:52Joy Sams

Is anyone conducting 100% virtual camp offering?

01:00:23Tim Huchton

ONline training resources from ACA

01:00:32Venessa Fiedler

We are currently already running coffee hours and trivia nights for our staff to start that process

01:00:42Janice DeMonsi

Lots more team building activities - but I have no ideas what they would look like

01:00:55Nora Osei

@Corrine, we have a Counselor In Training Program! I would be more than happy to share more information about it. Please reach out to me at and we can set up a time to chat.

01:01:16Jeff Heiser

Michelle Cummings has been doing webinars on Virtual Team Building:

01:01:32NIRSA Smartboard

Since the poll results didn't share to screen, I'll list them here: 70% proceeding as normal; 29% planning with reduced/modified offerings; 15% exploring virtual camps; 7% cancelled (84 individuals responded)

01:01:56Chad Baker

A lot of universities with team building/challenge course programs are looking at online team building. If you have such a program I would encourage you to talk to them.

01:02:35nick pangio

do you see a good turnout?

01:03:00Jamaica Cannon

Are universities treating camps different that have to do with sports vs non contact programs?

01:03:14Abby Van Note

Nick, we've seen limited results so far but we started this week

01:04:36Jaclyn Gidley

Rec Sports Camp - very active (aka not daycare) at this point

01:04:54nick pangio

We are looking to taking out our sport and kitchen camps at ohio state

01:05:02Bill Moorman

We are active- not daycare.

01:05:09Domonique Sak

our model is very similar to community recreation because they are our competitors

01:07:21Michael Pappan

Has anyone explored moving camps to a school break like fall or christmas break?

01:07:28Natalie Hiller-claridge

Has anyone thought about the fact that schools may be closed, but the virus restrictions get lifted before the normal school year would have ended…Parents are going to be soooo ready to send their kids to camp. Is anyone planning to launch camps early in the outside chance this happens?

01:07:42nick pangio

we already run those at osu

01:08:13Crystal Durham

we've explored offering winter break camps, but never have because it's the only down-time I have to get any prep done

01:08:29Mike Rac

We have multiple "schools out" day camp during the year.

01:08:49Kenton Elworth

We talked about opening camps early, but everything is pointing to that not being an option to allow for trainings, registrations, and be truly ready

01:09:00Venessa Fiedler

Keep in mind that supply ordering may become a big factor....orders that are on hold right now are potentially going to hit vendors all at the same time.

01:09:01Jamaica Cannon

@mike what is the "schools out" day

01:09:03nick pangio

Abby- we are putting that decision on the university

01:09:11Angela Caringella

I would be hesitant to start early since we would not have staff adequately trained

01:09:24Crystal Durham

same as Angela ^

01:09:35Bill Moorman

We also do Presidents Day camp, spring break camp, birthday parties, special events, etc.

01:09:41Jeremy Hamlett

We've started a Google Classroom for our currently enrolled campers. We've tested it this week with all small group and will go live with all campers next week. We post instructions and material lists and then the campers can post their completed projects to share and interact. Eventually plan to offer counselor led Zoom activities. If camp does not happen this summer, we'll use this platform to provide a virtual camp. Haven't figured out pricing yet if we're virtual.

01:09:44nick pangio

we also do snow day camps

01:10:08Bill Moorman

@Nick how do you plan for those?

01:10:22Christopher Ballard


01:11:26Bill Moorman

@jeremy can I spy in on one of your virtual sessions to see how everything goes?

01:12:04Bill Moorman


01:12:08Janice DeMonsi

Google Classroom allows you to add assignments, projects and NOT teach them at that time - my son does his classroom time all over the place

01:12:21Nora Osei

@Jeremy, I would love to see that as well!

01:12:37nick pangio

for snow day We have parents put a deposit down in the fall and offer from January 15-March for only those campers 1. we set up an on call schedule week by week with staff that are on call. somehow it works. feel free to email me at and I can go in more detail

01:13:21Andrew Hoffer

Keep your links private. Don’t post them on website or publicly viewed communications.

01:14:12nick pangio

Abby are you charging for virtual programs

01:14:18Jon Janis

Don't forget to look at Microsoft Teams which also does virtual classrooms as well

01:14:47Marissa Engel

what about liability if campers get hurt doing dance or other activities

01:14:54Venessa Fiedler

sarah kurtz-mckinnon did a great webinar on virtual camps if you can find it

01:15:04Michael Pappan

Those of you having counselor led sessions are you using Zoom to be more interactive or to control who can see it? Has anyone done Facebook Live demonstratsions?

01:15:04Jean Holt

We're working with some academic partners (departments) on virtual options

01:15:05Mike Rac

Teams is great, it does staff scheduling. better than when i work in my opinion.

01:15:50Jean Holt

Great to see so many camp folks!

01:16:12Crystal Durham

hey Hoffer!

01:16:25Mike Rac

its the "shifts" icon within teams. great tool for staff scheduling

01:16:50Domonique Sak

can someone share tips about seeking ACA accreditation?

01:17:07Mike Rac

Don't worry Andrew after 15 years in campus rec I moved to the private sector as well.

01:17:14Venessa Fiedler

Tim Hutchon is your best bet on seeking aca accreditation for camps on campus :)

01:17:14Abby Van Note

ACA accreditation COVID-19 specific or in general

01:17:34nick pangio

Join camps on campus!

01:18:18Venessa Fiedler

If you've never attended the Camps on Campus preconference at the ACA National Conference, you definitely should!! One of the best resources/workshops out there

01:18:39Jeff Heiser

Thank you all, this is super helpful.

01:18:55Jean Holt

Are any of your camps accredited with ACA?

01:19:06Corrine Pruett


01:19:09nick pangio

I am more than happy to talk about the process as well as someone who runs a large ACA accreditaed camp.

01:19:09Matthew Lee

Thanks Tim for that information, I will be reaching out to you for sure.

01:19:18Jerrell Kelly


01:19:20Richelle Williams

campus in general would be awesome with some covid-19?

01:19:23Jean Holt


01:19:23Jaclyn Gidley




01:19:27Crystal Durham

I agree with Richelle

01:19:29Michael Pappan


01:19:30Ashley Marsh


01:19:38lauren Hoffman

general with some covid 19

01:19:39DeVanee Lasley


01:19:49Rob Thompson


01:19:53Emily Charnowski


01:20:00Jeremy Hamlett

anticipating COVID 19 regulations going into 2021

01:20:11Bill Moorman

I would love a best practices forum.

01:20:17Ashley Marsh

Updates & resources

01:20:26Jaclyn Gidley

Recruiting staff still

01:20:36nick pangio

i would be interested in hearing from schools that did cancel and what was the reasoning for doing so soon

01:20:39Tim Huchton

01:20:56Tim Huchton

Tons of great info here

01:20:56Janice DeMonsi

I would like to know more about who canceled and why - was it administration

01:21:13Jeremy Hamlett

Marketing and brand preservation if summer 2020 does not happen.

01:21:34Jamaica Cannon

When they canceled are they saying June/July or limiting into the Fall as well?

01:21:54Michael Pappan

Demonstation classes/activities for virtual engagement

01:21:57Mike Rac

For those conducting swim lessons during camp organizing it? How do you work in upcharges?

01:22:06Jean Holt

We are cancelling on-campus camps b/c our university has moved all summer classes online.

01:22:26Mike Rac

How are you organizing it. sorry touch screen deleted a portion

01:22:50Janice DeMonsi

Would you do another session in May as well as we get closer to more camp dates and more potential closures or delays to starting camp it would be useful to be closer to the time camps launch

01:22:55Venessa Fiedler

Thanks so much for hosting this round table!

01:23:02Domonique Sak

thank you, everyone!

01:23:10Crystal Durham

thank you so much! Super helpful

01:23:13Anne Marie Skylis

thanks all this was great

01:23:19Jean Holt

If the IM/SC Institute occurs, there will be a pre-conference on camps

01:23:27Ashley Marsh

Thank you!!

01:23:34Venessa Fiedler

so. many. carbs.

01:23:38Jon Janis

@Jean there is one already planned I believe

01:23:38DeVanee Lasley

Thank you!

01:23:41Klee Sellers

Thank you all!

01:23:41Jean Holt

I actually enjoy working from home!

01:23:44Richelle Williams

thanks so much yall! check out the post with the red cross info on NIRSA connect

01:23:46Domonique Sak

everything good, gravy!

01:23:47Mike Dickinson

Thank you everyone! stay safe.

01:23:50Kenneth Turbush

Thank you from Boston College!

01:24:05Matthew Lee

Thanks everybody for the information!

01:24:10Michael Pappan

Great session!! Very helpul!

01:24:13Jordan Garcia

Thank you everyone!

01:24:13Corrine Pruett

Thank you from WVU!

01:24:51Crystal Durham

I need a more comfortable chair to work from home

01:24:59Tim Huchton

I have been working from home for ACA for th epast 8 years.

01:25:02Abby Van Note

Preach, Crystal

01:25:04Jon Janis

Heard that Crystal

01:25:36Crystal Durham

thanks again! See you next week!

01:25:41Jeremy Hamlett

My daughter is in Woodworking 101 today...building her new desk to do schoolwork ;)

01:25:51Jean Holt

Stay happy & healthy!!

01:26:05Kathryn Hutchings

Working from home is working well (took my desk and computer from the office), but I think I actually work more since my desk is right here... Need to take more breaks. This was great! Thanks!

01:26:10nick pangio

Thank you from Ohio State!

01:22:40Tom Giles

Proudly finished in 783rd place

01:22:52Adam Burkhart

Basketball Training Video Oscar

01:22:57Shana Kessler


01:22:59Scott Flickinger

Atta way, Tom.

01:23:00Ashley Lax

lol @brooks. we have to pay students without them working. if they work, we have to pay them on top of the stipend the university has decided

01:23:35Amanda Bray

We were able to rehire our students under a “cleaning and maintenance” position so that we can track how much money we are spending toward the fight against COVID. We can potentially get paid back for those hours.

01:23:42Jerrell Kelly

Aaron, we were told at WKU that we have to find meaningful work for any that we keep and our institution also included a letter writing campaign the university is running, but our department has decided not to go this route as all pay would be out of departmental budgets

01:23:46Crystal Durham

@Aaron I made a list of remote tasks that includes creating a bank of questions that we can use for weekly quizzes in the future, renaming our storing video clips so they aren't IMG003, and taking full video from this year and cutting it into clips for training

01:23:48DJ Doss

@Brooks - I know that it is a similar type of work, but we have had some of our more veteran employees help with reviewing training material

01:23:58Jon Randle

KU is continuing pay for students based off their semester average. No work required, in fact, students working is frowned upon. Sometimes money does grow on trees.....

01:24:09Jacob Walker

Is anyone else charging forfeit fees for digital programming?

01:24:26Roger Watson

Do any of you do academic class for intramural sports?

01:24:26Shari Landmark


01:24:33Natosha Harris

UK is not charging forfeit fees for digital programming

01:24:35aaron brooks

@ Crystal, please send me that list if you don’t mind.

01:24:38Valentyn Potapenko

We aren't charging forfeit fees

01:24:39Zac Bemmel


01:24:40Erin Sanders


01:24:40DJ Doss

Not charging forfeit fees at this time

01:24:41Ro Ramirez


01:24:42Matt Dunigan

No forfeit fees just an L

01:24:43Jason James


01:24:44Dom Williams


01:24:45Matthew Nuesell


01:24:46Amy Rask

No FFT fees, since we aren't eating referee/staff costs by them not showing up

01:24:47Jordan Hunter

Not at UC Irvine

01:24:48Hunter Hartley


01:24:48Zach McMahon

we are doing staff evaluations via zoom that the employee will get paid for

01:24:50carson fenwick

UNLV Not charging but removal from the league is possible

01:24:51Trumaine Becoat Wade

If they miss two games, they get removed from the league

01:24:51Ben Dao

i don't think we would

01:24:54lauren Hoffman

no forfeit fees

01:24:55Shana Kessler

we got rid of our forfeit policy altogether with our current program plans

01:24:56Kevin Linker


01:24:56Gregory Deverson


01:24:56Anna Castillo


01:24:58Jamaica Cannon

We are not, esports is the only place where someone not "showing" up would have an affect

01:25:00Gabby Sokol

no forfeit fees

01:25:01Brittany Mueller


01:25:03Laura Ferguson

No FF, but if they have 2 no shows, they are out of bracket, and 3+ they are removed from league

01:25:07Drew Meadows

No forfeit fees

01:25:22Domonique Sak

NIRSA sent this out yesterday: free and simple to use

01:25:25Kevin Maurer

Yes to Laura!


no - we change to individual fees; if a team don't show up they are removed from the league

01:25:29Matt Dunigan

Same @laura

01:25:36Jamaal Rhodes

no, remove them from the tournament and keep it rolling

01:25:47Jacob Walker

Thank you everyone!

01:26:06Jon Broska


01:26:10Jason James

He doesn't either

01:26:16Matt Dunigan

Thanks to Megan, John and Lax!!!!!

01:26:17Ben Dao

i don't have any where i am :(

01:26:20Jon Broska

It wouldn't be an IM Roundtable if that wasn't asked lol

01:26:21Tom Giles


01:26:26Tom Giles


01:26:30Jami Brossette


01:26:30Charles Anderson

Thanks for putting this together. Stay strong everyone.

01:26:40Greg Durham


01:26:40Jamaica Cannon

@broska same, I have all female teams or mostly joining open leagues. not even Corec

01:26:41Tom Giles

The tampa one?

01:26:42ryan perreira

we expanded my staff to do zoom videos on various topics, twice a day.

01:26:44Krista Chauvin

RIP tom

01:26:47Krista Chauvin

tom brad

01:26:50Krista Chauvin


01:27:00Jarrode Davis

The best team - go refs

01:27:09Greg Durham


01:27:12aaron brooks


01:27:13Erin Sanders


01:27:13Jordan Hunter


01:27:13Hunter Hartley


01:27:13sydney` vanderlinden


01:27:14Matthew Nuesell

Heck yes!

01:27:14Jordan Leslie


01:27:14Cindy Klatt UNI


01:27:14Jacob Walker


01:27:15Scott Lotze


01:27:15Matthew Lee


01:27:16Ben Dao


01:27:16Amanda Bray


01:27:16Anna Bruning (Oregon State)


01:27:16Zac Bemmel


01:27:16Brandon DenHartog


01:27:16Tyler Artley


01:27:17Hannah Burrichter


01:27:17Dom Williams


01:27:17Anna Castillo


01:27:17Amanda Knutson


01:27:17Gregory Deverson


01:27:17Shari Landmark


01:27:17Ali Tackett

heck yeah

01:27:17Amber Mateer


01:27:17lauren Hoffman


01:27:17Allie Bogard


01:27:18Valentyn Potapenko


01:27:18Domonique Dunn


01:27:18Shane Ferrara


01:27:18Jamaal Rhodes


01:27:18Jarrode Davis


01:27:18Brittany Mueller


01:27:18Greg Durham


01:27:19Chris Terwilliger


01:27:19Kevin Linker


01:27:19Alison Fisher




01:27:20Anja Shelton


01:27:20Krista Chauvin




01:27:20Brett Kozak


01:27:20Trace Stenz


01:27:20Crystal Durham

yes please!

01:27:20Daniel LaPalm


01:27:21Elvis Lizardo


01:27:21Troy Maddox


01:27:22Tina Mascaro

small school IM roundtable.... yes yes yes

01:27:22Nathan Lawless


01:27:22Jarrode Davis


01:27:23Matt Dunigan


01:27:23Alex Gebers


01:27:23Jerrell Kelly


01:27:24Trent Oneal


01:27:24Ro Ramirez


01:27:24Alexandra Sanchez


01:27:25Nicholas White


01:27:25Laura Shively


01:27:26Brian Beam


01:27:26Greg Gilliam



Powderpuff League is one of my upcoming ideas for my school. Also thinking about opening up leagues within sports for females

01:27:28Bailey Kenney


01:27:30Jarrode Davis




01:27:31Jason Linsenmeyer


01:27:31Jarrode Davis


01:27:32Julie Gentry


01:27:32Mike Dickinson

Yes :)

01:27:32Luke Bettencourt


01:27:33Scott Flickinger


01:27:33Jarrode Davis


01:27:34Jami Brossette


01:27:35aaron brooks

= %110 yes

01:27:36Shana Kessler


01:27:38David Gaskins

Yes, always helpful to hear new ideas and hear different perspectives

01:27:39Adam Burkhart

Yes - *How can we view last weeks Round Table with Discord and Esport help?

01:27:40Jason James


01:27:40DJ Doss

Yes -- particularly as we start to get a better feel for Fall plans and the summer impacts

01:27:43Domonique Sak


01:27:44Raamen Bass

yes….please help me. LOL

01:27:51Domonique Dunn

You all have lovely homes!

01:27:51Aaron Dueker

did you really have to ask that lax?

01:27:57Garrett Larson


01:28:01Tom Giles

can someone drop the esports link again

01:28:09DJ Doss

I think that was 101% yes @Brooks

01:28:09Matt Dunigan

Theme @lax????

01:28:14Jami Brossette

Whats our shirt theme for next roundtable??

01:28:15Kelsey Jones

Thanks for hosting, y’all!!

01:28:26Scott Flickinger

If anyone wants the social media flyers for trivia next week,

01:28:27Kevin Linker

Thank you, Rec Fam!

01:28:28Adam Burkhart


01:28:30Matt Dunigan

virtual clap to megan jon and lax!

01:28:30Jarrode Davis

Great job!

01:28:31DJ Doss

Great work team! Stay safe!

01:28:31Gregory Deverson

and Wash your hands!

01:28:32Jason Graves

Thank you!

01:28:31Gregory Deverson

and Wash your hands!

01:28:32Jason Graves

Thank you!

01:28:30Jarrode Davis

Great job!

01:28:31DJ Doss

Great work team! Stay safe!

01:28:31Gregory Deverson

and Wash your hands!

01:28:32Jason Graves

Thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email