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Tuesday, March 31, 9:00am PT

facilitated by Josh Downing

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Chat Transcript

00:26:34Jenny Lehigh


00:26:39Alyssa Reyes


00:26:40Greg Durham

Hey Josh - long time no talk!

00:26:42Maygan Williams


00:26:42Jenny Lehigh

Atlanta, GA from GSU

00:26:43Jenny Kuzmic


00:26:43Brigitte Lossing

Morning from UC Berkeley!

00:26:45Lisa Williamson


00:26:45Cheyanne Clouse

Good Morning!

00:26:46Anna Champion


00:26:46Larissa Brown


00:26:50Sarah Daugherty


00:26:50Carey Greenwood


00:26:52Tiara DeLapp


00:26:55Jonathan Rivera

Good morning from Weber State University!

00:26:57Leanne Kulchawik


00:27:00Jayna Ukrazhenko


00:27:04Gabriella Miceli

Hello-Gabriella from University of New Haven in CT

00:27:04Kathleen Huber

Hi all- Katie from Rowan University in NJ here

00:27:11Taylor Fietterer

Hello all!

00:27:14Lydia McCall

Hello NIRSA Fam!!

00:27:15Emily Davidson

Good morning!

00:27:23Melissa Fadler

Hi Everyone - What’s up Jayna :-)

00:27:23Darcie Burde


00:27:35Dwayne Saunders

Hello everyone. Dwayne Saunders, Elizabeth City State University

00:27:46Rob Cornetta

Hello from Mercy College!

00:27:47Keisha Lockhart

Hello everyone!

00:27:48Kevin George

Hey everyone!! Will miss our NIRSA family reunion!

00:28:00Jamie Grenoble

Morning! Jamie Grenoble - Assistant Director at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00:28:17Devin Wicks

Good morning from Berkeley

00:28:43Tim Standifer

Good morning from Iowa Western Community College!

00:28:53Jayna Ukrazhenko

Good Morning from Kansas State University!

00:28:56Greta Giese

Good morning! Greta Giese here from Northwest Iowa Community College!

00:28:57Melissa Mapson

Good morning from LSU!

00:29:03Amy Campbell

Good Morning from Grand Valley State University!

00:29:06Greg Durham

Hello from Creighton, Omaha NE!

00:29:11Kevin George

Rowan University and proud Gator Alum…Gooo Gators (#DarcieBurde)

00:29:18Rob DeFazio

Hello everyone from St. Bonaventure University!

00:29:21Maygan Williams

Good Morning from University of South Alabama Go Jags!

00:29:23Sonia Martinez

Good Morning from Cal State San Bernardino!

00:29:28Tess Swastek

Good morning from University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

00:29:30Betsy Blagys

good morning from Fairfield U

00:29:32Jenna Petersen

Good morning from University of Northern Iowa!!

00:29:33Daniel Perdue

Afternoon from UNC-Pembroke!

00:29:33Katie Wilson

Morning everyone, it’s Katie from Ryerson in Toronto!

00:29:50Kevin Linker

Good Morning from EIU

00:29:55Gregory Reinhardt

Good morning from University of UtAH!

00:29:57Jill Harper

Hey Everyone! Jill Harper from East Stroudsburg University in Pa!

00:30:06Danielle Anderson

Good Morning from Fairfield University

00:30:07Gabriella Miceli

Josh-I work with Maria Tonry..she says hi =)

00:30:11Wendy Windsor

Hello everyone. Wendy Windsor from Tulane

00:30:12Katie Gordon

good morning from University of Colorado Colorado Springs!

00:30:18Kristin Traskie

good morning from Michigan state!

00:30:54Raquel Corkery

Good morning from Lakehead University in Orillia, Ontario :D

00:31:00Jennifer Cobarrubias

Good Morning! Jennifer Cobarrubias - Stanford University

00:31:06Lynne Thompson

Good Morning from UIC

00:31:15Drew Guay

Good morning from Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH!

00:34:01Tzu-Lin Toner

Good afternoon from Montclair State University, NJ!

00:34:04Jenny Lehigh

but will you continue to hug! real question.

00:34:07Kevin George

I think the key to marketing is that since our assessment says “word of mouth “ is most powerful…we need to engage our campus student social media influencers with high student following to use “fear of missing out” or try it out cause my friend is doing the online platforms (virtual programs for well-being)

00:34:48Drew Guay

Fitness Classes, Esports, Wellness Conversations and tips

00:34:50Daniel Perdue

we’re piloting some classes via zoom and have hosted a couple of trivia nights so far

00:34:51Samantha Estep

GA Southern University Honors Program does Friday night trivia online

00:35:02Jayna Ukrazhenko

Fitness classes and weekly wellbeing posts

00:35:12Daniel Perdue

Les Mills also

00:35:24Crista LiCausi

Hello from Crista and Jenna from Georgia Southern University!

00:35:28Michael Giles

00:35:33Jamie Grenoble

We are currently doing at least one facebook live fitness class a day. We also have an ongoing promotional give away going on through Instagram with a few other departments on campus which has helped increase our followers.

00:35:37Kathryn Dunn

Our student staff has been bored:

00:35:43Samantha Estep

Campus Rec hosted a Facebook live HIIT class at GA Southern Uni too! Lots of fun, good way to boost mood

00:36:12Shawna Haislet

Here are UNI Student Wellness Services we are posting FB Live videos each day and Wellness Wednesday / Take Time Thursday FB Live videos.

00:36:34Katie Gordon

cooking demos, group fitness, self led hikes, and vlogging

00:36:39Darcie Burde

Our Division of Student Affairs launched a virtual student union.

00:36:43Melissa Sousa

We have been using a disclaimer before all of our posts

00:36:45Jill Harper

Fitness classes by our instructors, morning meditations on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and esports leagues, and at home workouts created and posted by our personal trainers

00:36:46Greta Giese

I agree, Kevin, it is challenging to know whether or not share other business' content - I fear that we're offering them an alternative to our facility that they'll continue to access even after we're back in operations.

00:36:55Michael Giles

Iowa state is offering online fitness via instagram. Also offering IM’a via esports.

00:37:04Kevin George

We require registration for our own fitness classes, so they must click a waiver, so it’s exclusive to people that engage in the virtual classes

00:37:19Laura Fitzgerald

We have a virtual waiver through our app ATLETO with a disclaimer- stony brook university

00:37:22Kevin George

Via our Fusion portal and it’s limited right now to our faculty/staff members and all students.

00:37:23Heather Hamilton

Legal gave us a disclaimer at Colorado School of Mines as well

00:37:24Gabriella Miceli

we put a disclaimer as well at new haven

00:37:24Krista Herring

We talked to legal and created a disclaimer.

00:37:25Tami Reilly

Quinnipiac is doing a disclaimer as well

00:37:31Erin Sanders

Disclaimer - App State

00:37:40Jenny Lehigh

participants yes. our facility waiver extends to remote locations for programs we offer at al times.

00:37:57Kevin George

We also cannot employ students for any fitness classes . All by pro staff and GA team.

00:38:30Lynne Thompson

We also have a waiver posted for all online options

00:38:59Daniel Perdue

not yet, thankfully

00:39:01Carey Greenwood

We created a private facebook group and require zoom registration. Our liability/wavier is listed in the registration information as they join the zoom call. We also have the instructor mention general information about working at their own pace. We currently only have staff or GAs on stipend teaching, as we cannot pay students right now.

00:39:02Jayna Ukrazhenko

We have a screen before you enter the virtual fitness class that says what the risk is and that by attending the class you are assuming liability. But yes, we have waivers for personal training and small group training as well.

00:39:22Larissa Brown

PowerMusic has a list of music available for live streaming

00:39:23Devin Wicks

We're moving towards Zoom Webinar (different than Meeting) and they let you set up a registration page with custom questions where we post portions of our waiver that participants must agree to in order to participate

00:39:32Kevin George

The Quarantine Quiz Show via twitch seemed to have high engagement Monday night pilot run….Twitch channel ‘Recwithoutborders'

00:39:33Larissa Brown

I haven’t utilized it yet

00:40:07Jamie Grenoble

Do any of you that have created a private facebook group or private link feel that you are limiting the amount of people who participate by forcing them to pre register for the virtual class?

00:40:30Scarlett Vineyard

We are doing classes over IG live and post & pin a comment at the start that states "we do not own the rights to this music" and that's been helpful. We also don't save certain classes to show after the live session because of their restrictions (Zumba)

00:40:42Greta Giese

We created virtual fitness classes for our community's elementary and middle school students, and those have been shared more than any other post in our Facebook history! Parents in your communities are looking for ways to get their kids moving!

00:40:57Katie Gordon

we've been hosting youtube videos of hike tutorials around town- where the trail heads are, where you can park, what the hike is like etc. led by fitness instructors and our outdoor staff

00:41:12Kevin George

We have a very active Exercise is Medicine, Nutrition Care Club and National Wellness Institute groups collaborating. See link

00:41:19Lynne Thompson

Our university has contracts with several music industries and our instructors are covered through those contracts regarding music specifically

00:41:38Carey Greenwood

It only takes a few seconds to type your name in, similar to how you registered for this call. We are trying to limit our participation to our pass holders. We also are getting their emails in the event we want to survey or gather data for anything at a later time.

00:41:52Kevin George

We love they are committed to share health & well-being…and try not to conflict with their efforts…I think sharing a google sheet with all partners on campus so we can work together and collaborate when appropriate, vs. duplicating or doing programs/events at same time

00:43:59Jasmine Womack

can you type that website into the chat?

00:44:13Jenny Kuzmic

What was the name of that facebook group?

00:44:15Kimberly Rottet

We are getting ready to launch personal training videos

00:44:16Shanna Moody

will this be recorded and shared? I have to join another call

00:44:27Kevin George

Quarantine Quiz Show Facebook page:

00:44:28Josh Downing

Shanna Moody - yes

00:45:27Kevin George

Collegiate Recreation - Sport Programs Administrators site:

00:45:29Alyssa Reyes

We have partnered with counselling and our health promotion and education team at our University to put together another iteration of our "Wellbeing Challenge." We are using an online scavenger hunt app that promotes health promoting behaviours while social distancing.

00:46:04Sarah Bergford

Alyssa, can you share what app you are using for your scavenger hunt?

00:46:11Shanna Moody

we are using Trainerize and so far so good!

00:46:27Kevin George

We have a bi-weekly “Strive to Thrive” Newsletter via Constant Contact that goes out to heighten well-being. This one will focus on our virtual programs, articles from students that blog about how they are adjusting, and also some great soul pancake videos (this one is Power of Optimism).

00:47:01Lance Haynie

Passive ideas: social distancing bingo, walk/steps challenges

00:47:18leah sanders

Washington State has online classes at the availability of instructors, all hosted through Zoom. We are also offering free workouts of the day. The only service patrons have to pay for is online PT sessions. We use one fit stop, and so they can purchase through that. That is for current PT clients as well as new clients.

00:47:34Kevin George

The newsletter goes out to 22,000 students/employees and gets about a 38-39% open rate, which is considered good for higher ed open rate.

00:47:48Heather Hamilton

Hi Lindsay!!

00:48:04Jenna Petersen

Our Recreation Services has been doing a new passive "We Miss You Campaign" with pictures of the Wellness/Recreation Center empty and saying how excited we are to have students back.

00:49:42Jamie Grenoble

Has anyone had issues with university IT not letting you use Zoom? We were told we need to use blackboard collaborative if we want to go that route.

00:50:11Michele Martin

Georgia Southern IT is saying not to use zoom for us

00:50:26Drew Guay

We are working on a Terminator Inspired ‘We’ll be back!

00:50:27Kevin George

Jamie…we are not restricted to use zoom, but we are a CISCO school for phones/IT so we use Webex most of the time

00:50:37Janice DeMonsi

Santa Clara University has a campus Zoom Pro account - so we are allowed to use zoom

CSULB has been able to use Zoom but we’re to put a password on meetings/events

00:51:09Kevin George

Drew…does this generation know Arnold as a non-governor and bada** hero?

00:51:11Shawna Haislet

Here at UNI, we are also developing a well-being challenge in the form of a bingo card. Students will have to complete each challenge to be entered to win a prize.

00:51:12Drew Guay

We are working on a Terminator Inspired ‘We’ll be back!’ Campaign with our Intramural Program. Keeping that positive messaging going and using Campus Recreation as a plan that we all together

00:51:33Alyssa Reyes

We are using Scavify which is very user friendly both from an organizer and participant interface

00:51:35Kyra Dickie

Hi all, Kyra Dickie here from University of Central Florida!

00:51:37Jennifer Cobarrubias

00:51:45Jenna Petersen

I work in Student Wellness Services, so we are working to partner with Recreation Services, our Health Clinic, and our Counseling Center to plan for an event before finals week called De-Stress Days. Looking into having streamed yoga sessions, mindfulness programming, and other digital options alongside relaxation activities in a new format (e.g. coloring contest).

00:52:41Kyra Dickie

We decided to connect with UCF marketing and communications and they are going to be creating a “Workout Wednesdays” where our fitness staff will be offering 3 group ex classes throughout the day. Great opportunity for visibility and engagement because the university platform is much larger than ours. Highly recommend!

00:52:48Leah Bank

Is anyone transforming their previously planned in-person events and putting them online? Wellness Workshops, Wellness Fair, Zen Zone (study week before final exam)

00:53:01Jayna Ukrazhenko

Leah, I was just going to say that too! Thanks!

00:53:27Kevin George

Week of April 13 is National Student Employee Appreciation Week - so keep that in mind for those that are still trying to engage with student employees…find ways to send virtual cards that multiple people can video/write in or send

Hi Leah. Yes, CSU Long Beach is in the process of moving our future in-person events virtually.

00:53:30Rachael Decker

Has anyone discussed "sharing instructors," for those of us who cannot pay our student employees to teach? As in, would you be comfortable with UToledo Rec sharing your live classes to our facebook pages to help provide virtual classes to our students?

00:53:36Shawna Haislet

Jenna you're muted

00:53:58Jenna Petersen

Yes! I will share our website. :)

00:53:58Kevin George

JMU has one we saw on Eric Nickel’s social media

00:53:59Trey Knight

00:54:01Greg Durham

00:54:03Alyssa Reyes

00:54:06Jenny Welnick

00:54:08Jenna Petersen

00:54:08Emily Davidson

00:54:09Jenny Welnick

Portland STate

00:54:09Leanne Kulchawik

00:54:12Katie Gordon

00:54:12Autumn Johnson

00:54:13Darcie Burde

00:54:14Janice DeMonsi (not very exciting)

00:54:17Lindsay Brookey

00:54:19Gregory Reinhardt

University of Utah:

00:54:19Samantha Lowry

Kennesaw State University:

00:54:21Amy Campbell

00:54:23Kevin George

00:54:23Tess Swastek

00:54:31Katie Wilson

00:54:36Kyra Dickie

00:54:39Jonathan Rivera

00:54:41Nick Ward

00:54:43Jasmine Womack

00:54:58Hannah Stiller

Virtual Fitness:

Virtual Outdoor Adventures:

00:54:59leah sanders

2 spots for online programming: 1. General programming (eSports, IM, etc) 2. Fitness Specific:

00:55:03Michael Giles

00:55:10Christopher Horack

00:55:13Kaitlin Bourne

University of Portland:

00:55:17Scarlett Vineyard

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

00:55:26Marci Iverson

Viterbo University:

00:55:34Jenny Kuzmic

Ohio State:

00:55:38Michael Giles

with instagram anyone can participate in our classes.

00:55:38Leah Bank

add a password option

00:55:38Jill Harper

ESU is willing to share! Just follow us on Instagram to see our stuff!

00:55:57Devin Wicks

I'm not from UCSD (from UC Berkeley here), but they have done a great job with their virtual playground:

00:55:58leah sanders

YES the 2020 rec movement!

00:55:59Greta Giese

Yes! SDSU in South Dakota has shared their classes/Facebook info with me, and you would be very welcome to share our classes (

00:56:03Tori Lord

UNC Charlotte can share! We are starting ours next week!

00:56:04Heather Brock

Southern Oregon here! Our list of online resources - wellness focused, fitness ideas + a lot more:

00:56:17Lynne Thompson

UIC is happy to share. The clase

00:56:34Rachael Decker

WOW! thank you so much everyone!! This is why I LOVE Campus rec... we are always so willing to share and support everyone!

00:56:42Lynne Thompson

Sorry, the classes are on our website:

00:56:49Hannah Stiller

eSports & Social Gaming:

00:56:50Kevin George

That’s great Lindsay and Steve…please share on here

00:56:57Janice DeMonsi

That is awesome - when will it be posted?

00:57:34Lance Haynie

does failing at homeschooling your kids count as active minutes?

00:57:41Jenna Petersen

We have been having success with FB live, Instagram stories, and other video-based content. One thing to note is that we have had more views on FB Live videos after they are recorded (not during), so there is benefit to posting after recording if that will create a high quality video.

00:57:41Rob Cornetta

00:58:43Jenn Bennett

The NIRSA Activity Challenge: It is open to students and faculty and staff. It is all around self reported active minutes. It does not need to be group fitness specific.

00:58:55Leanne Kulchawik

00:59:04Leah Bank

Based on Leah

00:59:14Kevin George

Part of our newsletter will have a google form to submit how students are being resilient and navigating COVID-19…so then we can vet the submissions and share with others..students usually think they are alone in suffering

00:59:17Katie Gordon

Vlogging and Blogs about different topics- setting up a work space, managing life at home

00:59:30Leah Bank

Based on Leah's conversation in another webinar, we're doing an all-staff Zoom call this week

00:59:37Sarah Schrenk

Offering virtual fitness classes in meditation, yoga, circuit training, resistance training via Zoom. Also have a workout via IG on Mondays.

00:59:39Greg Durham

00:59:42Jill Harper

ESU’s Instagram @ESURec

00:59:55Jayna Ukrazhenko

Is anyone doing their previously scheduled events as live options?

00:59:57Kevin George

We also did an employee q&a virtual to not only support them about not being able to work, but other questions about campus navigation (college, etc.)

01:00:04Jamie Grenoble

We are meeting today to finalize hashtags that we will use every day; ie #MondayMantra or #TreatyourselfTuesday etc. The goal is to have lighthearted posts on social media for our followers to see

01:00:05Kevin George

Plan to do those every 2-3 weeks open forum

01:00:07Gabriella Miceli

U NewHaven Instagram @chargerrec

01:00:18Heather Hamilton

We utilize Mailchimp for our newsletter. It has an 80% opening rate (we are a small-medium sized school). Mailchimp is great and free! We have the newsletter link in the bio and emailed people from fusion as well as included the subscription landing page in the app

01:00:33Heather Hamilton

IG bio that is - social media

01:00:39Michael Giles

walking meeting while on this wellbeing Roundtable.

01:00:42Jayna Ukrazhenko

01:00:44Janice DeMonsi

I am sitting at the skatepark to provide wellness for my 12 year old - so he will be calm during my next zoom call which includes my boss!

01:00:49Pam Watts

NIRSA is working with our partners Riddle and Bloom to have a sponsored recreation challenge similar to what was described by Ohio University. If you are interested in participating, contact Emily Hughes at NIRSA.

01:00:53Jill Harper

We have set up Zoom Office Hours. We schedule times to be on zoom and send it out to our student employees so they can “drop in” like they used to when they worked in the building.

01:00:54Patricia Lynn

For Outdoor: Links to virtual National Park tours as well as book, movie, and podcast recommendations.

01:01:18Alyssa Reyes

We're currently exploring a virtual race option to connect some runners through Strava or something similar.

01:01:55Rob Cornetta

We are trying to do something Strava as well - has anyone had success with that?

01:01:58Shawna Haislet

We have weekly social media posts for passive health education: #MindfulMonday, #TastyTuesday, #WrapitWednesday (sexual health), #SelfCareSaturday, #SleepWellSunday

01:02:24Jenna Petersen

Strava would be a GREAT idea.

01:02:29Darcie Burde

5 min SPARK games! Balloon VB over the couch to keep mom and kid moving and sane!

01:02:36Devin Wicks

We have our faculty/staff fitness program that is teaching weekly classes via Zoom. Parents and their kids are doing the workouts together

01:02:55Jenny Lehigh

I use TikTok to personally remind myself how uncool I am.

01:03:07Greg Durham

Creighton pitched it to our students, ours said stay "the heck" off of Tik Tok.

01:03:30Kevin George

Jenny Lehigh…haaaaa

01:03:43Jenny Lehigh


01:03:45Shawna Haislet

I'd like to use Tic Tok for our virtual De-Stress Days so open to ideas!

01:03:48Maygan Williams

I use it personally but not professionally lol

01:04:05Alyssa Reyes

We have used it more for marketing content as opposed to programming

01:04:06Greta Giese

I like Creighton's approach, Greg! :)

01:04:17Brie Krug

Montclair State is using Tik-Tok Zoom meetings to get together with staff. So today prostaff is hosting a zoom to all get together and do tiktok dances

01:04:19Jenny Lehigh

@alyssa @kevin I can barely figure out this chatroom LOL

01:05:18Tess Swastek

IGTV has been great for videos and you can share them onto Facebook directly as a video

01:05:19Rachael Decker

theres a great plank challenge on tiktok right now if anyone wants to start there :)

01:05:27Greg Durham

We cross post all of our content to IG and Facebook. IG Seems to connect with students, and FB is where most of our fac/staff opt to engage.

01:05:39Greta Giese

Zoom recordings seem to go over better than Live. Participants can do it on their own time - it seems like they don't want to schedule it into their day.

01:05:48Kevin George

We had our campus Rec alum Shaun T do a university Instagram takeover…nice having fitness celebrity to be featured..he shouted out his awesome student work experience in Group Ex/Fitness

01:05:57Lance Haynie

Q: anyone else have new student orientations (incoming first year students) going online? If o, how are you involved in that?

01:06:27Rachael Decker

Aren't you lucky Kevin! That's a great celebrity alum to have at this time:)

01:06:41Tess Swastek

We tag all IG stories with our university IG and they repost everything. It's been awesome

01:06:43Jenny Kuzmic

OSU's orientation will be online, but we aren't yet sure how Rec Sports will be involved yet.

01:06:53Katie Gordon

Shaun T!!! love him

01:07:00Greg Durham

@Lance Haynie … Creighton is doing that. We had a number of NSO events move to Zoom in the last week. Me and my team have been very involved.

01:07:21Jenna Petersen

Example of what we have done in the past (in-person) with De-Stress Days.

01:08:09Jenna Petersen

We are also doing orientation online this summer. Hoping to create a video to administer content in that format.

01:08:28Jenna Petersen

Offering Zoom Wellness Coaching sessions:

01:08:54Jenna Petersen

Offering the spring Intuitive Eating Workshop via Zoom:

01:09:06Lindsay Brookey

Teams is great, we use it as well! Definitely recommend!

01:09:20Jenna Petersen

Students can also schedule 1:1s over Zoom:

01:09:40Jenn Bennett

Matt Cohen was the contact who is organizing the NIRSA movement challenge: He would be the best person to get access to the challenge and learn more about how to start sending your live content.

01:09:44Shaneisha Weir

Teams is awesome

01:10:31Kevin George

If you can click this link and it works…have some fun as admin to share what you do at home to stay well.

01:10:33Darcie Burde

Division wide

01:11:19Jayna Ukrazhenko

Engaging campus partners: currently just sharing each others posts via social media.

01:12:25Josh Downing

ActiveMinds Resource Hub -

01:12:39Josh Downing

JED Foundation - The Daily Well

01:13:51Kevin George

We created a programming google sheet so we do not conflict….

01:14:05Pam Watts

Thanks Jenn Bennett - Matt Cohen is who NIRSA works with at Riddle & Bloom. Feel free to contact Emily Hughes at NIRSA to get more information about the program.

01:14:07Brenna Lacey

Yes! We had to build a schedule with content posted by each department 3 times per day so we don't overlap

01:14:29Kevin George

Now we need to share with student clubs like Active Minds, Exercise is Medicine, Health & Exercise Science Club, Nutrition Care Club, etc.

01:14:38Josh Downing

Butler University “The BUBeWell Podcast” -

01:17:03Joni Eisenhauer

Elizabethtown College:

01:17:29Greta Giese

Facebook engagement data is going to be critical.

01:17:30Josh Downing

How to track Instagram insights

01:18:08Jill Harper

@ryan.heffington on instagram is a famous choreographer! He offers free dance parties that he calls Sweatfest! I am not a dancer but they look like a blast! He is live right now and has over 700 people participating!

01:18:17Jenna Petersen

Analytics - we are not providing assessments for digital programs even if modified from ones that would normally be administered in-person.

01:18:24Kevin George

We are excited to plan a “What does mental health mean to you” virtual panel on April 22 - with Born This Way Foundation, Give Something Back Foundation, NIRSA, and Rowan partners…

01:18:46Shawna Haislet

Do you have to have a business Instagram account for the insights?

01:19:14Natalie Szocs

Yes - your account will need to be set up as a business account to view insights

01:19:46Darcie Burde

Continued data collection for nutrition counseling, wellness coaching (demographics & Qualtrics), new collect for 10 min PT consultations, analytics for SM engagement

01:19:53leah sanders

WSU is tracking numbers for participation on fitness classes on an excel doc. we’re relying on instructors to report raw numbers. We track PT sessions through one fit stop… our marketing team has their hands in on FB and IG use.

01:20:39Jill Harper

We will be doing voluntary evals because we can’t pay everyone

01:21:06Greg Durham

Creighton will attempt to continue the GROW program. We haven't figured out 'how' yet with the mandate that we can't have our students employees work.

01:21:56Josh Downing

Josh Downing - 317-213-3736

01:22:26Natalie Szocs

Thank you, Josh!

01:22:26Lynne Thompson

We have an extensive online training that our staff are required to participate in weekly to have their hours recorded. I can expand on this with anyone later

01:22:37Jenna Petersen

Thanks for sharing, Jonathan! Love the idea of doing a mock interview with student employees to help them articulate narratives of competencies.

01:22:45Kari Miller

Thanks Josh!!!!

01:22:53Alyssa Reyes

Thanks, Josh!

01:22:54Darcie Burde

Thank you NIRSA & Josh!

01:22:55Sarah Bergford

Thank you everyone, it's great to have such a great support group!

01:22:55Leah Hall Dorothy

Awesome work Josh!! Thanks for supporting the NIRSA Family

01:23:01Lindsay Brookey

Thanks Josh and all!

01:23:03Rachael Decker

This has been such a great roundtable, so informative and resourceful. Re-motivated me today so thank you to you all!!!!

01:23:03Jenny Welnick

Thank you

01:23:03Andy Milton

Great job and thanks everyone!

01:23:07Brigitte Lossing

thanks for this!!

01:23:09Drew Guay

Great program. Thank you, all.

01:23:10Hannah Stiller

Thanks Josh!! Great to see you :)

01:23:14Cindy Wright

Great roundtable! Thank you from Gettysburg!

01:23:14Maygan Williams

Thanks everyone! Great Job today!

01:23:15Lori Tyson-Jamison

Thank You

01:23:18Greta Giese

Thank you for doing this!

01:23:24Rob Cornetta

Thank you!

01:23:24Kevin Linker

Thanks Josh and everyone!

01:23:29Tess Swastek

Thank you all!

01:23:42Anna Champion

Thank you! And love the quote!! Stay well!

01:23:44Cindy Wright

Can you share that last piece you read?

01:23:52Mamie Murphy

thank you!!!

01:23:52Leah Bank

@Leah what a great quote tying it all together (I'm sure that was on Facebook). Josh, can you put that in the chat?

01:23:53Jenny Lehigh

We are in this together! Stay safe y'all.

01:23:57Gregory Reinhardt

Thanks, Josh!

01:23:59Jenny Lehigh

Thank you!

01:24:01Sonia Martinez

Thank you for this, everyone take care!

01:24:04Kevin George

NIRSA family much love!

01:24:05Samantha Villarreal

Thank you

01:24:05Kathleen Huber

Thanks all

01:24:09Gansheng Xu

wonderful roundtable. Thank you Josh and thank you everyone

01:24:10Marci Iverson

Thank you Josh! Great reminder! Thank you Leah for the great quote.

01:24:10Pam Watts

Thanks for facilitating Josh!!

01:24:11Mike Haines

Thanks Josh! Thanks everyone!

01:24:13Rob DeFazio

thank you

01:24:15leah sanders


01:24:16Keisha Lockhart

Thank you Josh!

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