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Tuesday, March 31, 2:00pm PT

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facilitated by Erin Wells with presenters Drew Loso, Cad Lowe, and Sarah Shea

Chat Transcript

00:31:43Abi Schaefer

Good what's up Erin

00:31:52Cara Green

Hi Friends!

00:32:22Stephanie Stewart

I have no sound sorry can not hear

00:32:54Nick White

Hello from Rolla, Mo! I promise I'm not frozen.

00:32:55Theresa Fuller

I have no sound

00:33:22Jerrell Kelly

Ya'll might need to check to make sure that you're using computer audio or join by phone for sound

00:33:39Jerrell Kelly

Here from Western Kentucky University

00:34:07Theresa Fuller

I have sound now


city closed all recreation centres we followed suit

00:34:10Mark Ritter

The state made our decision

00:34:10Cara Green

We went based off our county

00:34:12Brenna Lacey

administration determined we weren't an essential service

00:34:17Greg Durham

Creighton - Once we got our first community spread in Omaha, we decided to shut down auxiliary facilities.

00:34:18Nick White

The university system made the decision

00:34:19Ashlee Hyman

State made the decision in Texas

00:34:20Aracelis Servedio

Administration made the calls.

00:34:21Priscilla Gaona

university system decided

00:34:22Anna Champion

Yes - peer institution - Auburn is our sister institution. Auburn University at Montgomery

00:34:36Colin Allison

Santa Clara Univeristy- County made the shelter in place order at Noon, than we closed at 4pm. University went to online classes a week before

00:34:43Anna Champion

Now - city ordinance

00:34:52Abi Schaefer

university made the decison and we followed their directive

00:34:55Samantha Lowry

Kennesaw State: Our Vice President of Student Affairs did not want the recreation facilities to be “ground zero” or the petri-dish that spread the virus to the remainder of campus or the Kennesaw Community

00:35:18Nicolas Prante

Washington State University - state issued shutdown

00:35:27Jillian Dolciato

Campus Emergency Response Team at Xavier University made the decision for us the same day the university made the call to go remote for the remainder of the semester

00:35:37Ben Burnham

Boise State: our city closed their rec facilities on the same day that the university went all online. We lost our student employees and were unable to operate.

00:35:51Stephanie Stewart

I have sound now. Thank you.

00:36:12Julie Gillespie

University of Washington: Governor made the state mandate to close all gyms/recreational facilities.

00:36:24Tyler Artley

UT Tyler: we saw a nearly 80% drop in facility usage after coming back from Spring Break. after "reading the room" our Leadership decided it best to close. the next day the governor suggested all gyms should be closed

00:36:26caryn collopy

At San Jose State-We closed rec center on 3/16 mid day. The directive came from the University.

00:36:53Jerrell Kelly

Here at WKU, our University leadership made the decision. We started with closed to programming and still open for use, but then transitioned to closed completely and no student employees able to be paid

00:36:55Greg Durham

Creighton we were going to move our free weights to our basketball courts

00:37:08Gabby McCollum

Virginia Tech-- we closed when the governor said recreation centers and fitness centers to close

00:37:10Melissa Bates

Southern Oregon University: We were trying to do that but the students did not follow those guidelines. So we closed.

00:37:13Chris Muller

We put out order signs on every other cardio machine

00:37:14Cara Green

Yes, extra cleaning, social distancing

00:37:30Marissa Canter

Longwood University: Once the Governor recommended recreation facilities within the state either close or limit to 10 people our Administration in collaboration with our department decided we would close.

00:37:32Anna Champion

We were asked to close.

00:37:34Priscilla Gaona

We place more hand sanitizer out for about a week. For one day before we closed we put "out of order signs" on every other cardio machine for social distancing at Georgia Tech

00:37:44Colin Allison

SCU- we ended up stopping our equipment check out services and posted signage reminding patrons to keep distances between their workout spaces. Cancelled out fitness classes when the university went online.

00:38:01Bob Weeks

University of Cincinnati: school made the decision to close us, likely in conjunction with governor's directive

00:38:08caryn collopy

At San Jose State we instituted social distancing on cardio equipment and on pool deck with lounge chairs.

00:38:20Ashlee Hyman

TAMUC- every other piece of equipment, capping the amount of people in our weight room area, utilizing our MP room for stretches or bike space. We closed before we could implement.

00:38:39Kathryn Dunn

we moved our ID Scanners so patrons could scan their own IDs. Staff still had to press the button to open the gate to let patrons in so they were still interacting

00:40:29Jess Gentry

At U of I, the announcement to online classes came 3/11…we pushed to be able to close completely and were able to do so starting 3/16

00:40:33Jerrell Kelly

For us, the shutdown hit right before the end of spring break and then we went into maintenance mode and used distancing during it but then shut down even with students this past week

00:40:36Blair Schuyler

At KU, we did an abbreviated shutdown cleaning week once the university closed

00:40:45Blair Schuyler

and within that week, we became like everyone else

00:40:50Colin Allison

SCU- we stayed about about a week after our university went online. Only closed down when the shelter in place order from the county was announced. We tracked our attendance numbers for that week, and we were down to about 200-300 entries about, our usual was 1000-1200 a day.

00:41:00Greg Durham

Creighton - We also deactivated our handscanners, we were in the process of implementing RFID scanners so there were no exchanging of cards

00:42:07Chris Muller

Was anyone using masks for student employees? Where they provided by the department or provided by the individuals?

00:42:24Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV..... We went down from 100+ employees to roughly 20 with minimal hours.

00:42:25Jess Gentry

Our chancellor made the decision we will continue to pay student staff through May 15 based on their weekly average since Jan 1

00:42:27Sarah Shea

No masks were used at A&M Commerce

00:42:41Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University is committing to pay all students through May 3rd for their normally scheduled hours, regardless if they are working remotely or not. However, we are asking all of them to help with social media campaigns

00:42:51Greg Durham

@Stephanie - We have been given pretty clear directive that we cannot employ students duringn this time. We are given them all a 1-time stipend this pay period, and that's it.

00:43:11Jess Gentry

No masks at U of I either…following CDC guidelines on effectiveness and need in other areas so we didn’t want to take any needed supplies

00:43:18Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- we had a plan to run on limited hours throughout our facilities. But things were escalating- so on that last Friday, it was a lot of "maybe see you on Monday". Late Sunday night they decided that the gym was goign to close at noon. Then that day, the gov decided to shut down the gyms to go effect that night.

00:43:24Nicolas Prante

Washington State University is paying their student employees for remote work. They are taking online training offered by the university and putting on remote programming

00:43:26caryn collopy

At San Jose State we are under the Student Union so our board voted to pay students till May 31. Their hours paid are based on average hours since February 1st.

00:43:38Samantha Lowry

At Kennesaw State we are approved to allow remote work for students. Students that cannot do remote work or refuse to do remote work will not be paid. However this is a limited opportunity as we do not have the same workload remotely as when the buildings/programs are operating. The only caveat is FWS will be paid as usual though the end of the semester.

00:43:40Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- will pay the students regardless of the ability to work

00:44:00Kathryn Dunn

At Loyola Chicago, we are not allowed to pay our students to work from afar unless it's necessary work.

We have to fill out extra tax forms if they are working from home for necessary work.

We do have sick time for part time employees in the city of Chicago which has allowed them to use sick time pay for a small paycheck

00:45:23Jenna Dillon

VCU has been using our custodial staff

00:45:34Kathryn Dunn

Our university custodial is unionized. They are cleaning university wide during this closure

00:45:56Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV has been using custodial staff and a few professional staff.... minimal of 9 people in the building at once.

00:45:56Laura Munroe

UT-San Antonio created learning opportunities based on the 8 dimensions of wellbeing. We are also using LinkedIn Learning and other online opportunities.

00:46:00Mark Ritter

USC Upstate is using Facilities Management Custodial Staff

00:46:02John Wondra

Kansas State using custodial staff

00:46:10Abi Schaefer

Using all three (contract, students and housekeeping)

00:46:12Stefani Plummer

CBU-we will continue to use our custodial team but we will use our sanisport more often (currently it is quarterly). We share it with Athletics and is worth it's weight in gold!

00:46:17Nicolas Prante

Washington state university was able to utilize student staff during spring break for a deep clean. We also have full-time custodial and mainten staff that have been continuing to clean

00:46:23Roger Watson

Dixie State we are using custodial for building areas.

00:46:32Melissa Bates

We have a fulltime custodian and our students that will be responsible for our deep clean

00:47:22Theresa Fuller

Troy University using custodial staff and new rec center did extensive internal cleaning utilizing student workers.

00:47:27Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- IT gets complicated for cleaning. So for the weight room and cardio room, the managers will do the cleaning. Athletics will have the students clean other areas as more of spot cleaning. Then custodial go through the building

00:47:28Laura Munroe

UT San Antonio - Clorox®

Total 360® System

00:47:34Aracelis Servedio

Ordered Geneon system to disinfect all equipment. Have wiped down everything with a disinfectant. Whenever that gets in. In how custodians are scrubbing Mondo floors.

00:47:39Brad Wilson

LSU we’ll have custodial staff along with our current practice of using the 360

00:48:15Jimmy Heiner

For those that have Clorox 360, are they allowed to use it when the facility is occupied?

00:48:36Gabby McCollum

@jimmy-- No, you have to have a cleared room

00:49:07Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford had to close on Friday March 13th I got a call at 5PM had to be closed by 6PM…Shelter in place started that Monday…We were only allowed to pay our staff until March 15th …trying to have only full time staff working except a few personal trainers that have special certifications and a few other minimal contingent staff…We have an outside company TQM that comes in and cleans for us for inside…Aquatics does its own cleaning…

00:49:31John Wondra

our department is responsible for PPE, we just ordered and restocked prior to our closure

00:49:33Blair Schuyler

An alternative to Clorox 360 (

00:49:43Kathy Obuszewski

Has anyone been asked to give up the PPE to donate towards healthcare?

00:49:47Blair Schuyler

its an electrostatic cleaner

00:49:55Jillian Dolciato

Xavier University has now donated all unopened boxes of gloves to the hospitals, so that is a concern of mine when we come back

00:50:07Jennifer Cobarrubias

We had a large inventory of gloves and masks we keep black gloves for first aid and blue gloves for cleaning so we donate all of the rest of our gloves to the Stanford Hospital we had masks due to all the California fires so those were donated too.

00:50:12Autumn Cleverley

fingers crossed we have staff

00:50:29Cristina Rodriguez

Same at UTRGV....

00:50:36caryn collopy

SJSU lifeguards wanted to donate gloves, etc. and we agreed not to because of supply and demand and we wanted to make sure we had a supply when we open again.

00:50:42Anna Champion

We will be online as well at AUM

00:50:52Brittney Jacobs

Right now at OSU we are polling our student staff to see who will be available and willing to work summer and the fall

00:50:56Priscilla Gaona

Georgia tech will open when university system allows. We are still hiring staff for summer in hopes that we will have staff IF we do open. Right now we do not know what will happen with summer

00:51:08Kathryn Dunn

Our admin understands we might need time to hire and get set up before we reopen. We have agreed to work as quickly as possible to get the Rec Center up and running but they are giving us ownership of our reopen date.

00:51:11Aracelis Servedio

Classes are online through summer. No idea when we will open up. Suspect we will open at some point for international students still here and for faculty and staff.

00:51:12Tyler Artley

Many of our (UT Tyler) students want to come back to work but we have been put on hiring freeze so we will be short staffed to at least at the beginning

00:51:35Bob Weeks

UC aquatics staff polled students to see who would be back under different circumstances, like rec open w/classes, rec open no classes, etc.

00:52:13Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford saved gloves and masks for when we do reopen but donated all the extra but that is only because we have two facilities of back stock for the pool alone but we also have all the rec services stock.

00:52:14Jerrell Kelly

Here at WKU, we'll reopen when University Leadership allows us to. We've been contacting all our student employees to find out what their plans for summer and fall might be

00:52:22Ashlee Hyman

We did the same thing at Commerce, laying it out month to month to see what are numbers would look like from an operations stand point


Mount Royal university in Calgary- we are waiting on Province of Alberta to re open. this would be the last week of classes so we already had availability prior to closing we we are creating the schedule and will start it when we can open. programs may be later then the facility

00:53:20Blair Schuyler

ARC just extended all certs for 90 days...not sure about AHA yet

00:53:47Jillian Dolciato

just LG and CPRO

00:53:47Cara Green

No it is LGT and CPRO

00:54:09Blair Schuyler

that's what i meant, sorry everyone!

00:54:10Autumn Cleverley

on the aquatics roundtable tomorrow there will be a red cross rep

00:55:04Andrew Yorkey


00:55:05Andrew Yorkey

00:55:07Cara Green

The instructor has to submit it after they register for the online course

00:55:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford has student and non students working for us… we will be limiting hours or only opening up one facility at a time if need be if we don’t have enough staff…A lot of our summer staff that comes home from college has been reaching out wanting to work though so we are lucky as that is helping us stock back up on lifeguards since others were forced to go home.

00:55:18Cara Green


00:55:52Colin Allison

00:56:09Colin Allison

Link I was shared regarding students signing up for red cross extensions

00:56:14Autumn Cleverley

11 pst or est

00:56:31Autumn Cleverley

2pm est lol

00:56:49Andrew Huff

I think WMA for the Outdoor Folks are about to do the same thing for Wilderness First Responder.

00:56:51Blair Schuyler

We use Connect2 at KU

00:56:51Jennifer Cobarrubias

We use Connect2concepts at Stanford University

00:59:21Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford Summer Camps are a go as of right now.

01:00:28Ashley Dent

We use SubItUp as well. Technically it's called HelloCert

01:00:30Colin Allison

Just google sheets to track expiration dates, and its one of our student coordinators monthly tasks to check and follow up with students due to expire that month.

01:00:39Jerrell Kelly

Right now WKU is planning Summer Camp as if its a go but we'll see

01:01:04Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- I have a sheet on the u-drive when thing the certs actually expires. But I put all the cert expiration dates in my planner and the month and 2 months out when people are expiring

01:01:07Veronica Chevalier

Summarized resources from Red Cross about COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, provisional courses, and submitting extensions

01:01:44Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV Excel sheet for documentation as well as taped every location that has been cleaned. so anytime its touched tape is removed then after cleaned will be taped again

01:02:57Erin Wells

01:03:59Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- OnetoONe had a cleaning checklist that's done daily, weekly and monthly that sftaff sign as they do the various cleaning tasks. This is something we have been doing for years.

01:04:13Erin Wells

01:05:42Mark Ritter

Our Custodial staff uses placards that hang from doorknobs to indicate a cleaned space. If the space is then used, the user is supposed to put the placard on the back side of the door. This indicates the area is to be re-cleaned.

01:09:27Blair Schuyler

damn, Mario! what a house!

01:09:37caryn collopy

At SJSU there was a travel ban CSU wide in early March, so clubs could not travel. Eventually all clubs were not able to practice and all activity stopped.

01:10:18Jerrell Kelly

For us at WKU, when we were told to stop programming, we went into essentially cancelling Sport Clubs for the remainder of the year, and then with our Outdoor Program that was out, the shutdown came at he end of the trip so they just returned as normal.

01:11:31Mario Rios

Campus Recreation was deemed essential at Texas State. We have minimized staffing. Some remote from home and some of us are in the office.

01:11:51Priscilla Gaona

Also, does anyone have a business continuity plan they can share/talk about?

01:12:25Kathy Obuszewski

Adding pandemics is the only thing I need to add to the aquatics manual

01:12:26caryn collopy

SJSU REC has discussed this matter in addition to procedures together is there ever was a shelter in place order in our life time.

01:12:44Autumn Cleverley

having more gloves and ppe on hand.

01:14:14Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford has protocols for Air Quality, Our Water Curtailment procedures and even keeps a document of the emails that were sent out in the past as templates should any of these situations that are out of our control come up. It is a list of what supplies are needed and should be stocked up on what communication needs to be sent out and to who etc.

01:19:11Colin Allison

Shelter is place was the Santa Clara County order

01:19:13Jennifer Cobarrubias

Our county is calling it shelter in Place

01:19:14Autumn Cleverley

our governor said “Stay at Home”- ohio

01:19:19Kathy Obuszewski

Depends on the gov't. Ohio chose to say Stay at home instead of shelter in plae.

01:19:23Cristina Rodriguez

County is using shelter in place

01:19:23Brent Haack

I think it depends on the state

01:19:23Jerrell Kelly

I think that's all based upon location and severity of outbreak

01:19:25Gabby McCollum

VA has been: Stay at home

01:19:27Blair Schuyler

Two different things to me

01:19:30Chris Muller

Texas is using "Shelter in Place"

01:19:36Jenna Dillon

VA is stay at hime

01:19:40Melissa Bates

OR is Stay at Home

01:19:43Jillian Dolciato

It is based on what the Department of Health for each state signs off on from the governor.

01:19:51Julie Gillespie

WA is Stay Home, Stay Healthy

01:19:51Kristyn Watts

The Governor for The State of Indiana has used "stay at home".

01:20:06Colin Allison

01:20:13Chris Muller

The city of Fort Worth says "Y'all Stay Home".

01:21:09Tyler Artley

01:21:29Tyler Artley

Nice article that deatails shelter in place vs stay at home order ^

01:21:47Kathy Obuszewski

Ohio gov said he wanted the "stay at home" since it was clear. He was hesitstant to use "shelter in place" since most places using those terms had that term in place in with other diasters (like fire or hurricanes) but since Ohio didn't use shelter in place. The Stay at home was a clearer plan

01:25:59Andrew Huff

I don’t believe that authorized under the international standards that both ARC and AHA fall under.

01:27:21Kathy Obuszewski

Something in my LG and CPR trainings, I will tell them to think about purchasing a face mask from Amazon since you can get masks cheaply to put onto your keychain

01:27:45Cristina Rodriguez


01:27:47Anna Champion


01:27:48Chris Muller


01:27:48marcos ordaz


01:27:48Greg Durham


01:27:49Stephanie Stewart


01:27:50Abi Schaefer

yes please!

01:27:50Rebecca Mabile


01:27:50Ashlee Hyman


01:27:51alex sperling


01:27:51Jillian Dolciato

yes please!

01:27:52Mario Rios


01:27:52Aracelis Servedio


01:27:52Abi Schaefer


01:27:52Julie Gillespie


01:27:52caryn collopy


01:27:53Catherine O'Kane


01:27:53Victoria Roberts


01:27:54Cara Green


01:27:56Nick White


01:27:57Gabby McCollum


01:27:57Abi Schaefer

Thank you

01:27:57Candice Douglas


01:27:59Stefani Plummer

is anyone decreasing liability by removing certification requirement (like going to just FA instead of CPR also?

01:28:00Jimmy Heiner


01:28:01John Wondra

yes, would like another session

01:28:15Jillian Dolciato

for anyone who has virtual fitness classes, has your legal departments given you language to use?

01:29:01John Wondra

yes, legal has given us guidance for virtual sessions

01:29:11Bob Weeks

@Stefani, some states may require gyms or fitness centers to have CPR certified staff and/or AEDs on hand, so many of us probably can't

01:29:25Gabby McCollum

Can we do this meeting 1 hour earlier? to accommodate for all time zones?

01:29:34Aracelis Servedio

I hope not because the students were NOT following those protocols. That's when we decided to go to every other macheine, etc....

01:29:38Stefani Plummer

@Bob thanks. I agree I think we won't change anything!

01:29:46Abi Schaefer

See you all and stay safe

01:29:52Amanda Simmons


01:29:58Kathy Obuszewski

I know my dept has said that it wants to promote they have the space so social distancing can happen.

01:30:26Jacob Lodge

thanks everyone! stay safe

01:30:26Stephanie Stewart

thank you! bye

01:30:27Chris Muller

thanks everyone

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