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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

(working from home with parents)

Tuesday, March 31, 12:00pm PT

facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse and the NIRSA Student Leadership Team

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Chat Transcript

00:32:33Domonique Sak

Dom Sak, Coordinator of Club Sports and Summer Camps. Youngstown State University #region3istheplacetobe

00:41:06Nick Remmes

Bailey, can you explain how to change the background of your zoom?

00:41:32Juliana Frigerio

Put a smiley face sticky note next to your webcam as a reminder!

00:43:38Michael Brito

Webex is another option

00:43:46Domonique Sak

Skype business

00:45:48Cheyanne Clouse

Scheduling EVERYTHING in my google calendar

00:46:01Katie Haarmann

you can add collaborators to Trello (maybe your supervisor) - can help keep you accountable!

00:49:32Domonique Sak

tip to stay on task: write your to-do list on paper. it's tangible and will be right in front of you, and it will reduce screen time

00:51:28Cheyanne Clouse

Overwhelmed with emails!! I am not a huge technology person, so communicating via email, GM, and texts is overwhelming!

00:52:45Domonique Sak

give yourself grace. we're in the middle of a global health crisis!!! be sure to keep your limit

00:55:42Zachary Wallace

Our parents are going through the same things! They get bored too and can learn a few new things!

00:58:27Domonique Sak

tips to prevent sensory overload for ourselves? our students? even our supervisors?

01:00:46Judith Owusuaah

sign-language is a good new skill to learn :)

01:01:32Bailey Adams

I’ve been asking my parents to teach me new recipes to cook!

01:01:43Katie Haarmann

I have added time in my day to actually meditate or have a mindful moment to myself (away from screens and distractions) to prevent or reset from sensory overload (it may seem like one more thing to add to your list of to dos but it can be helpful)

01:02:45Derick Hurst

join a book club!

01:03:05Bailey Adams

I joined a movie club!

01:03:15Nick Remmes

Same! joined a movie club

01:03:42Domonique Sak

Bailey, send links

01:04:32Kathy Obuszewski

Still doodle and do some grounding techniques. Screens don’t overstimulate me per say

01:04:38Bailey Adams

01:04:47Bailey Adams

Link to google form to sign up

01:05:50Becky Stolpa

Amazon has really cute and cheap blue light glasses!

01:07:54Alyssa Day

My little siblings have been doing their schooling from home so its hard to get stuff to load all at the same time on the wifi so we have been spacing stuff out for that reason.

01:07:57Kate Nail

Does anyone have much younger siblings at home? How is that going

01:08:03Rebekah Simmons

Same! My parents back in Texas wanted me to stay in Nebraska, but we FaceTime everyday to stay in contact and have a “new normal”

01:08:56Catherine Raczyk

i have a high school aged brother and its difficult when we both have to be quiet during each others zoom classes

01:09:48Becky Stolpa

I stayed at my apartment at school so I could stay focused easier, but I live across from a fire department so I always have the fire trucks going off during my meetings which is a challenge!

01:09:56Catherine Raczyk

its very difficult

01:09:59Kate Nail

She means you Carol

01:10:03Brie Krug

I have a three year old brother! Also 20 years difference. He is super understanding that about when I go into my room, it is time for me to do work or school. And I always tell him I'll be back at lunch

01:10:05Alyssa Day

My siblings are 10 and 14 and they want me to answer a lot of school questions for them so its hard to focus on my own school work and trying to figure out 4th grade math lol

01:10:14Catherine Raczyk

my bad i don’t know how to unmute

01:13:28Katie Haarmann

appreciate that Dom!! means a lot

01:17:39Domonique Sak

Baileyyyyyy #thatsmystudentleader

01:22:38Domonique Sak

thank you, student leaders! if you want to holler :)

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