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(working from home with kids)

Monday, March 30, Noon PT

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facilitated by Caroline Dotts, April Lovett, and Rachael Decker

facilitated by Caroline Dotts, April Lovett, and Rachael Decker

In this roundtable, we will discuss balancing work-from-home expectations with home life, including: managing expectations of leadership while working remotely, working while caring for children or others, and managing more than one family member working from home simultaneously. We would like to share tips and resources for effective #WFH strategies, and would like to ask you to submit your strategies and resources for us to compile and share with the NIRSA family. If you could, please take 5 minutes to answer these 4 quick questions (by Saturday, 3/28/20):

Chat Transcript

00:33:26Megan Locker

Hello Everyone

00:33:30Caroline Dotts

Welcome! Please tell the group your name, institution, and how many kids (if any!) you have at home with you!

00:33:47Jenny Welnick

Jenny Welnick - Portland State. 2 boys 8 & 6.

00:33:53Stefani Plummer

Stefani Plummer California Baptist University one child (but feels like three!)

00:33:55Janice DeMonsi

I have one son - 12 years old!

00:34:02Patty Williams

Patty Williams, University of New England, 2 kids (8 and 6)

00:34:02Natalie Hawkins

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - 2 kids under 2

00:34:04Chris Schmoldt

Chris Schmoldt - West Virginia University 1 boy

00:34:04Shari Landmark

Shari Landmark, SDSTATE University. 4 kiddos

00:34:04Chris Wermie

Chris Wermie - University of Regina (Canada). 3 kids ages 2, 5 & 7

00:34:05Blake Simpfenderfer

Blake Simpfenderfer - University of Vermont 2 boys 3.5 and 11 months

00:34:05Jessica Coleman

Hey everyone! Jessica Coleman from UWF and I have two kids, a 2 year old and 8 month old.

00:34:05Mitch Wiltbank

Mitch Wiltbank, Oregon State, Boy (5), Girl (3)

00:34:06Jeff Logsdon

Jeff Logsdon - University of Cincinnati- 1 son

00:34:06Justin Cato

Justin Cato - A&M-Commerce. 2 boys, 11 & 10

00:34:09Elizabeth Lasker

Hi! Elizabeth University of Maryland, Baltimore 2 kids (5 almost 6 and 8)

00:34:09Jamie Grenoble

Jamie Grenoble - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2 boys - 1 year old and 4.5

00:34:10Staci Snyder

Hello Everyone, Staci Snyder, UCLA, 3 year old daughter

00:34:12Sarah Schrenk

Sarah Schrenk, University of South Alabama, one daughter age 6.

00:34:13Erin Wells

Hi! Erin Wells from UT Austin. I have one little one, Scarlet who is 21 months. Both my husband and I are working from home

00:34:13Jennifer Wood

Jen Wood- Miami University Ohio 2 boys 8 and 5

00:34:14Jami Brossette

I'm Jami Brossette from LSUS, and only 1 little man! Just turned one in February!

00:34:14Chad Caldwell

Chad and Lisa Caldwell - one 3 year old and another on the way

00:34:16Brian Beam

Brian Beam, UConn, one 2 year old...

00:34:22Kayela Tidrick

Kayela Tidrick 1 baby boy 3 months

00:34:23Angela Fitzpatrick

Angie - 3 kids = 13 mos, 3.5 yrs, and 25yrs (was a teen mom)

00:34:23Jess Wagner

Jess Wagner - 4 kids (3 teenagers and 1 who thinks she's 21 but she just hit double digits lol

00:34:24Erin Sanders

Erin - Appalachian State University - 2 (2 yr. old & 5 yr. old)

00:34:24Larissa Brown

Larissa, Georgia State, 1 age 3

00:34:27Kelli Rockwell

Kelli Rockwell Georgia Tech 2 boys (1 & 3)

00:34:28Kaitlin Ganss

Kaitlin, two kiddos ages 7 and 4 .. work in the developmental disabilities world ❤️

00:34:30Faith DeNardo

Faith DeNardo - Bowling Green State University - 1 son age 3

00:34:33Alyssa O'Keefe

Alyssa O'Keefe - Emory University. 1 nine month old son

00:34:36Sara Luelloff

Hi everyone! Sara Luelloff, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. One 2-year old daughter.

00:34:37Samantha Villarreal

Samantha Villarreal, UTRGV, 2 Boys ( 1 and 2)

00:34:41April Flint

April Flint, Emory University, twins 4th graders

00:34:42Tanya Reynoldson

Tanya Reynoldson University of Regina 2 kids

00:34:43Nicole Turner

Nicole Turner- Kennesaw State Univ 1 baby, 8 months

00:34:44Sarah Snyder

Sarah- Curry College, one kiddo 10 months!

00:34:45Megan Locker

Megan Locker from Brock University in St. Catharines, CANADA1 boy, 1 girl

00:34:49LaTosha Cleaver

Tosha UT Tyler. 2 boys

00:34:52Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson, University of Georgia 1, 10 month old daughter

00:34:53Lori Tyson-Jamison

Wake Forest University - 3 year old energetic boy

00:34:54Kristi Shiver

Kristi - University of North Georgia , Dahlonega GA. 1 son, 4 years old.

00:35:08Mike Przydzial

Mike Przydzial - Grand Valley State University - 1 kid (4 months)

00:35:22Ashley Artist - Iowa State

Iowa State - 3 boys the that are 4, 3, and 9 months

00:35:28Rachael Garrett Canfield

Rachael Garrett Canfield- UPenn, 5 yr old daughter

00:35:35Phil Locante

Phil- Fairmont State. 1 girl 18 months

00:35:52Bill Singleton

Bill Singleton from Oakland University. I have 2 girls, 1 in first grade and the other in pre-school

00:35:53Lexi Chaput

Lexi Chaput - University of Michigan; 4 month old boy

00:36:01Clint Jones

Clint - St. Edward's in Austitn. Thank you for thinking of us dads too! 4yr old boy, 2 yr old girl, and a 3rd on the way!

00:36:11Barbara Zackowski

Barbara Zackowski - one daughter, 9 years old

00:36:20Dean Bowen

Dean, Worcester State U (MA)- boys: 5, 1

00:36:30Rachel O'Mara

Rachel O'Mara - University of Houston - 2 girls 1 year old and 7 year old

00:36:40Dana Lopez

I am Dana - Wake Forest Univ. I have two boys - 5 year old preschooler and 3

00:36:41Alexandria Luneke

Alex Luneke, Penn State University - 4mo old daughter

00:36:45Walter Kolis

Walter: Emory University, 2 kids, ages 2.5 and 1

00:36:55Mary Catherine Martinez

MC Martinez, InnoSoft (Fusion), 4 yo daughter.

00:37:03Michelle Fitzgerald

Michelle - UCF, 2 boys 14 and 12

00:37:51Lauren Easter

Lauren Easter - Missouri State - 10 mo old baby girl

00:38:31Andrea De Lei

Hi All! Andrea: Oregon State, 10 (4th grade) daughter

00:39:02Whitney Boroski

Whitney Boroski: Michigan Tech University, 2.5 year old little boy.

00:39:28Drew - Plymouth State

Hi all, Drew, Plymouth State in NH, 9 & 6 year old boys in 3rd and 1st grade.

00:40:43Caroline Dotts

Loving seeing your kids in your video chat!!!! :)

00:40:56Marie VanBuskirk

Hi - Marie, Rochester Hills, MI. I have 3 2nd graders and a 5th grader.

00:42:07Rachael Decker

Love seeing all the kiddos faces!

00:43:26Caroline Dotts

Marie - Triplets?!?

00:43:42Amanda Reardon

Amanda, Coordinator of Marketing and Management, YSU. 20 year old college student at home, 18 year old HS junior, 3rd grader, 2nd grader and 3.5 year old.

00:44:04Rachael Decker

Attached is a pdf of the report for you all to check out if you'd like.

00:45:36Angela Fitzpatrick

Awesome! TY Rachel!

00:45:51Larissa Brown

thanks Rachel

00:46:16Rachael Decker

And this is just a snapshot of the data we collected as part of our presentation for NIRSA. We're hopeful to be able to provide the full presentation sometime in the near future!

00:49:48Brian Beam

Too much TV to distract from 3 of us working at home...

00:49:55Larissa Brown

we put up a whiteboard in house with red “do not disturb” work times.

00:50:10Dana Lopez

today it is not working.............haha........with conference calls I typically take the kids outside so they can play and I can listen to webinars or work check-ins

00:50:14Rachael Decker

Larissa, that is a great idea!

00:50:15Michelle Fitzgerald

Having enough laptops has worked well well. Kids just started back to school today and it's great for us all to have a device to use.

00:50:17April Lovett

Routine for kids helps us each day

00:50:18Mary Catherine Martinez

what doesn't work: trying to do it all at once. switching back and forth between my 4yo and work makes for a terrible day. carve out time for one or the other.

00:50:28Stefani Plummer

LOTS of breaks...i space meetings so I can do school/activity in between work calls/meetings

00:50:31Elizabeth Lasker

schedules for each kid

00:50:32Whitney Boroski

What's working: Taking Breaks multiple times throughout the day and going outside. Also, having a discussion with my husband the night before to go over meetings and when we can share care.

00:50:41Natalie Hawkins

Currently at home by myself…husband works at hospital…every day is different depending on moods

00:50:42April Flint

Setting a visual schedule for the kids so that they can manage their own time.

00:50:42Bill Singleton

I have been trying to get up before the kids to get a quick workout and start working. Usually get about 3 solid hours before they really get up and moving. Then I get a little time while they are eating lunch. Once my wife gets home I get time to work without any interruptions

00:50:57Sarah Snyder

My husband and I split the days- I work in the morning and my husband takes the afternoons. But are flexible as our colleagues don't always follow our schedule.

00:51:04Janice DeMonsi

Everyday is a new day - some days it works letting everyone know when the calls are - other times this does not work. The hardest are the work hours during the day. I curve out my time before all are awake

00:51:21Whitney Boroski

Sarah-My husband and I have been doing something similar. :)

00:51:27Kristi Shiver

Cosmic Yoga is great to occupy kids. My 4 year old is also taking classes on Then my husband and I tag team outside time, chores, etc.

00:51:29Dean Bowen

Working- giving them school work in workbooks (learning). Separate "work" spaces. Late night work (after bedtime). Dedicated time to not be working/break time. Not Working- They're kids... enough said hahaha

00:51:30Kaitlin Ganss

having a schedule and routine for school weeks has been so helpful! my kids thrive off of a predictable schedule and routine and they look forward to it

00:51:39Elizabeth Lasker

trying to keep school work to only from 7am-12pm sometimes works most of the time it takes longer.

00:51:41Jamie Grenoble

Lots of video chats without the camera and on mute. Also trying to get as much done as possible during nap times.

00:51:48Jennifer Wood

Making schedules for both my kids with school work and play. When I have important meetings they get tablet time.

00:52:10Erin Wells

We are doing well. My husband and I are switching on and off with who is watching the little one. We are trying to cut screen time down, but that is hard right now. I feel like we have watched Frozen 2 like 50ish times!!!!

00:52:35Brian Beam

Were you the one from the commercial?

00:52:59Michelle Harvey

I try to work an hour then play with my son (6 year old) for an hour. He gets to choose the activity for the hour if he has been quiet.

00:53:10Jami Brossette

We have an office that I stay in and my husband stays in the living room. We usually put him in our LSU Game room with a BUNCH of toys and he stays occupied for a good bit. I use his baby camera in the game room and use his baby monitor to keep an eye on him.

00:53:25Jami Brossette

one year old by the way

00:53:28Mike Przydzial

Wife is a nurse who works 3 days/week. I take advantage of full days when she is off - mostly meetings/conference calls. Days when I am home by myself have been difficult. I take advantage of my son's naps and try to get more work done in the evening when my wife is home.

00:54:28Drew - Plymouth State

The key is to go easy on myself. I’m doing the best I can with the kids and we are having fun doing all of this as a team. Get as much done as we can and go to spend time and recreate and play with them too. Sometimes I’m working more throughout the day but the on and off is a good way to make the best of it.

00:54:29Shannon Niedzwicki

My partner is not at home so being honest with your supervisor and prioritizing what you can do and what you can. Sometimes we are doing homework at night, and sometimes I'm finishing work at night. You have to be easy on yourself and do what you can.

00:54:44Larissa Brown

love the idea of a Zoom play date

00:54:50Lexi Chaput

My husband is back at work so I've made it clear to my supervisor and my team that I'm not going to be able to work full days. I'm fortunate that our university gave each of us 80 hours of COVID time to deal with things associated with the virus, including day care closures so I'm taking advantage of those hours and not feeling bad about having to walk away from my computer during the day

00:55:51Caroline Dotts

COVID time? That's amazing!

00:56:13Kristi Shiver

My son has made our poor dog his best friend!

00:56:17Andrea De Lei

We have a general School Schedule on a huge white board that kinda mirrors my kids typical school schedule but with longer breaks in-between. End it with break time and then a family or fiend zoom call

00:56:23Clint Jones

we saw the same thing with our kids and being sad. tried to do some zoom meetings with their friends to keep some normalcy.

00:56:43Clint Jones

usually just 2-3 a week

00:57:43April Lovett

Clint- that's smart!

00:58:13Erin Wells

We can’t beat ourselves up with extra screen time right now!!!

00:58:26April Lovett

Erin Wells- agree!

00:58:41Mary Catherine Martinez

lol! so much screen time. there are A LOT of fun educational apps for all ages, too!

00:58:59Mary Catherine Martinez

and plenty of junky games for other times 😊

00:59:23Ashley Artist - Iowa State

We are not made to be stay at home parents, working parents, and teachers all in one. These are three different jobs! You are all doing amazing and this is so hard!!

00:59:39Elizabeth Lasker

Ashley - thank you!

00:59:41April Lovett

Ashley Artist- love love love that!

00:59:42Dean Bowen

not all screen time is bad :)

00:59:54Jamie Grenoble

I feel like we are constantly feeling guilty about something!! It is so hard not to beat ourselves up! I know I'm always constantly trying to give 100% to everything so not being able to do that has been really rough to get used to.

00:59:55Justin Cato

we found "how to draw" videos on youtube, the boys are loving that for art time

01:00:07Elizabeth Lasker

Totally agree 3 jobs is a lot. I just hope I do 1 of them well!

01:00:17Whitney Boroski

Ashley Artist-Love love that! Yes to more grace!

01:00:24Rachel O'Mara

Giving grace to ourselves is so important!

01:01:08Justin Cato

I think that may be the ones the boys are using! they're really loving it, and have found they're pretty decent artists!

01:01:30Elizabeth Lasker

Cosmic kids yoga is so much fun for the kids and I love it too. It helps to do something with the kids that is fun!

01:01:33Jamie Grenoble

I have a basket of toys for my 1 year old that I only pull out when I have video conferences. And PSA Target had board games buy 2 get one free yesterday (I think it is going through tomorrow) so I ordered a bunch for my 4.5 year old. That way that is his reward when he lets me get work done without interruption.

01:01:49April Lovett

Great idea!

01:02:02Janice DeMonsi

The other thing I heard that has helped me with mom guilt- our job is to provide and it is not always to make the kids happy- I get from my 12 year old all day - I am bored, and then I give options & then I still get I am bored. Sometimes our kids will be bored and not happy and that is okay!

01:02:10Michelle Harvey

I try to remember that this is the chance for me to show / teach my son about grit perseverance gratitude and hope. These are things that we can tak about each day

01:02:15Brittany Rejda

We haven't limited screen time but we have a list of approved "educational" shows and games they can play between 8am-2pm which is our "school day"

01:02:17Caroline Dotts

Yes, we love Cosmic Yoga! and Go Noodle has been a lot of fun

01:02:17April Lovett

Janice- yes

01:02:18Andrea De Lei

Ologies podcast with Alie Ward

Ludology (VIDEO GAMES) helped me with my guilt on letting my daughter play video games more frequent than usual right now

01:02:26Mary Catherine Martinez

Michael's also has awesome sales online to pick up at the store! so many kid crafts. my 4yo now enjoys Perler Beads!

01:02:40Amanda Reardon

Thanks for sharing Stefani.

01:02:46Stefani Plummer

YES, Janice!!

01:02:48Caroline Dotts

Janice - agreed!

01:04:39Larissa Brown

Yes, my first week was really intense. trying to fill all 8 hours with tasks and feeling like kiddo wasn’t getting enough attention.

01:04:48April Lovett

All- how are you managing pressure to perform while at home with kids?

01:05:09Elizabeth Lasker

Check in meetings with Supervisors is really helpful. They have been very supportive.

01:05:12Dana Lopez

My boss has been very clear that is about work output and what you are committed to working on and not by the number of hours you are sitting at your computer. The expectation is not 40 hours

01:05:27Dean Bowen

getting into a better routine now, setting expectations with staff was crucial (of course it was a zoom call)

01:05:35Caroline Dotts

My 5 year old doesn't understand "work from home" so she always wants to play

01:05:40Brian Beam

Does changing a poopy diaper just now when he woke up count as work?

01:05:47April Lovett

Brian YES

01:05:54Stefani Plummer

yes, brian..yes...

01:05:59Rachael Decker

Yes! That counts as the time you had to walk to the printer :)

01:06:00Larissa Brown

Brian, Yes

01:06:14Caroline Dotts

YES, always, brian. Work X 2

01:06:28Natalie Hawkins

Feeling the pressure as well for documenting all work during the day and keeping other staff accountable as well.

01:06:29Clint Jones

Brian doing the dirty work!

01:06:32Mary Catherine Martinez

I have worked from home for 5 years now (for InnoSoft/Fusion ;) ). but even in my case, I have issues with daycare closing because someone is showing covid-19 symptoms. so my boss has been extra flexible although to be honest, he has always been flexible. I'm seeing it much more with my colleagues who were working from the office and are now from home.

01:06:40Stefani Plummer

Caroline, mine struggled with that as well. I try to setup activities for him to do while I am working. and I send him outside for "recess" A LOT

01:06:54Lauren Easter

The first week was absolutely crazy. Just trying to get staff online and comfortable working remotely. Still unclear about expectations, but trying to make sure that there is output and engaging my staff. Husband is a firefighter so hes home for 48 but im still the primary caregiver on who can handle the 10mo old when shes having a fit (teething, acid reflux, separation anxiety, etc) so I am still figuring it out

01:07:02Sarah Schrenk

I feel pressure to show our relevance now. When this is over, the whole institution will have budget cuts. A lot of work now is showing why Campus Rec should be considered for funding/how it's relevant in the future.

01:07:03Caroline Dotts

Yes, Stefani, same!

01:07:06Pixel 2 XL

My first week was intense too Rachael! Lots of pressure to get programs virtual

01:07:14Drew - Plymouth State

I’ve had a tough time of figuring out the difference between work time and personal time because it is all blending together right now. I can keep my kids focused on their school work but then I’m happy to take some time with them to play basketball or football or whatever. I may be going back to work stuff later and scheduling later meetings but for the most part I’ve made the best of it

01:07:34April Lovett

Drew- yes, this is me too

01:07:34Stefani Plummer

great work Drew

01:07:36Brian Beam

Supervisors without kids just don't get it....

01:07:48Janice DeMonsi

I think this is the hardest part of all this - they are stuck home, we are stuck home and it is trying to balance it all out. I think each day what helps is I am trying to say these are the times I am NOT available - but before that I can work from the car at the skate park (if there is 5 or less kids) and then today I have meetings all afternoon so we played a board game before this call for 30 minutes. The work will get done & I will do the best I can - I am the director of our unit so I think I can set that for my staff within our division we did set up a happy hour call with the other directors that have kids so we could all talk about how we were balancing this out. Our university did tell us we could use sick time to care for the kids at home as needed. I have not decided to do this but have done a couple hours on the weekends as a way to balance it all out.

01:07:49Mary Catherine Martinez

our bosses at the company offered for everyone to check out their headsets, keyboards, office chairs, etc if they wanted to do they could be more comfortable working at home.

01:08:09Larissa Brown

I have not yet had the conversation yet. waiting to figure out what the new normal will be.

01:08:20Janice DeMonsi

Agree - we are all emailing at random times and no reply needed.

01:08:28Natalie Hawkins

It was encouraged to take emergency COVID sick time if you couldn’t work your full time hours

01:08:41Jami Brossette

same natalie

01:08:49Blake Simpfenderfer

Agreed Chris!

01:08:54Rachel O'Mara

My 7 year old has said she is sad that we can't play - she doesn't understand yet that we have to work. The majority of the pressure really has come around checking in with the staff and making sure tasks are completed. I had a conversation with my supervisor and she was really flexible with giving me freedom to determine when works best for me to accomplish things and check in.

01:08:56April Lovett

Natalie- could you jump on and talk about that?

01:09:09Natalie Hawkins

My work day is now flexed 7am-9pm

01:09:25Natalie Hawkins

I got screaming kids at home April....

01:09:39April Lovett

Got ya sis

01:09:39Mary Catherine Martinez

One of the biggest things that helps is emailing or otherwise communicating to keep everyone updated. Have a weekly full staff Zoom call even if it's a quick pulse check. have daily team calls, say 15 minutes, just to give everyone that set contact to expect.

01:09:48Caroline Dotts

LOL Natalie!

01:10:04Dana Lopez

For folks who are "on-demand" right now - social media marketing, fitness director - I suggested they have 5-7 hours per week (virtual office hours) that they will be committed to answering the phone or being available by email. We can't expect them to be available everytime we are working so we need to know when they are

01:10:12Andrea De Lei

institution specific

01:10:13Jamie Grenoble

I think it really makes a difference if you work at an institution that is understanding of this. It is a shame when there is a guilt associated with balancing work/family life

01:10:17Jess Wagner

UNL has 160 hours

01:10:22Natalie Hawkins

Ours was state

01:10:29Janice DeMonsi

Also, do not schedule zoom back to back - it is nice to have a break between with the kid.

01:10:40Caroline Dotts

I don't think GA has done this yet

01:10:43Jamie Grenoble

We have to at my institution. So much ANXIETY

01:10:49Caroline Dotts

Janice - yes!

01:10:49Andrea De Lei


01:10:50Brian Beam

We are monitored by our shared calendars...

01:10:51Kristi Shiver

No Georgia doesn't have Covid time

01:10:52Larissa Brown

yes, we are required to

01:10:55Drew - Plymouth State

Yes, we do an activity long. Doesn’t have to be hour by hour but just the major things we are working on

01:11:06Clint Jones

turning in an activity log each week is ridiculous! we were asked to put together a project list that we would be working on but not a list of what we do each week

01:11:07Dean Bowen

yes, weekly bullets of what was worked on AND accomplished. In 13 years I've never had to do this...

01:11:08Caroline Dotts

Kristi - figured. :(

01:11:15Sara Luelloff

yes, we have to submit a tasks/accomplishments log every week

01:11:15Jamie Grenoble

Every single week I'm freaking out about whether or not I have enough bullet points of tasks completed for the day.

01:11:19Janice DeMonsi

That is ridiculous I am sorry you have to do an activity log

01:11:21Kristi Shiver

We are required to turn in a log every friday

01:11:31Lori Tyson-Jamison

WE have a Status Report COVID-19 with weekly bullets of progress and what we have completed.

01:11:35Stefani Plummer

yes, Jamie...same

01:11:35April Lovett

Weekly logs sound like crazy, anxiety-inducing messes

01:11:36Pixel 2 XL

Yes, at BGSU we have to submit a weekly log

01:11:55Justin Cato

weekly logs.....that's awful :(

01:12:00Clint Jones

wow, just wow.

01:12:04Nicole Turner

We have not been tasked with a log, but are tracking just in case we're asked to show our work

01:12:08Erin Sanders

We have been asked to be available M/W 9am-11am and then work when we can.

01:12:15Caroline Dotts

Nicole - same for Tech

01:12:22Jami Brossette

i send in an email to our director of everything i do for the week at the end of the week. emails i send, projects i start, and at the bottom of the email i have a list of things that i still need to do.

01:12:25Rachel O'Mara

We have to turn in a work plan with what we are working on for the week and then also have to put a status for the one previous about what has been completed

01:12:53Jami Brossette

Our director didn't require it, but it's to keep her in the loop of what's going on

01:12:54Larissa Brown

Yes Rachel, I’m logging everything

01:13:10Natalie Hawkins

it has been recommended to log everything

01:13:15Jeffrey Schmitt

Luckily we have not had to do a work log at UWF

01:13:38Janice DeMonsi

FMLA has been expanded to care for kids that are not in school - this is from the US Department of Labor- you could take this time like when we had our babies

01:13:39April Lovett

We haven't had to either at FSU but I think it's smart to track just in case

01:13:51Stefani Plummer

we retracted all vacation requests

01:13:52Chris Schmoldt

We do not have to log hours, but have a list of projects

01:14:08Natalie Hawkins

no. We were encouraged to need to delegate to others if someone was taking COIVD time

01:14:14Rachel O'Mara

Stefani - does this mean that people are not allowed to take vacation at this time?

01:14:27Andrea De Lei

Echoing Carolines questions.... Those using covid time, are you doing it like 2 hours each day, so ideally working 6 hours a day? Or using like a full day to week?

01:14:35Sarah Schrenk

Here, salaried employees are considered "at work" if we work any amount of hours during a day. So it doesn't have to be eight hours and that is helpful. I do work evenings and weekends just to get stuff done in quiet or when my husband can take care of our daughter. If we don't work we note Admin Leave on our timesheet (and still get paid). However, I feel pressure to do some work every day to show I'm working.

01:14:44Stefani Plummer

No they can take vacation, but if they aren't going to travel, they should just retract to not lose the time.

01:14:48Sarah Schrenk

Age 6:

01:14:50Jamie Grenoble

I'm still working as much as I can because honestly after our staff meeting last week I'm not sure how much longer we will have work to do or our positions. There are 9 weeks left in the semester and everything is so up in the air about when/if we can open again.

01:15:07Shari Landmark

You still need to take care of yourself. Your facility and program will not fold if you take a day or two off. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others.

01:15:52Larissa Brown

Before Daycare closed, I took a picture of their daily activity chart. I try to implement it when I can.

01:15:53Kristi Shiver, online virtual tours of museums and aquariums,,, cosmic yoga for kids (4 year old)

01:15:55Caroline Dotts

01:15:57Rachael Decker

Yes Shari!!

01:16:14Kayela Tidrick

I was previously on parental leave until the end of the semester, however with everything going on my HR department recommended going off of the leave to save vacation/sick time. We do not have any paid leave so all parental/FMLA we are required to take sick/vacation time.

01:16:20Caroline Dotts

yes, Shari, agreed!

01:16:24Rachael Decker

Yes, I have asked our teachers to send an example of their daily schedule so I know what time they're used to doing what activity

01:16:40Drew - Plymouth State

6&9 - Work time has been pretty fluid but the break times have been more structured so they have something to look forward to. We always do something active at 11:30 so I can say just X more minutes until football, outside, etc. and 3pm is always stop time for the Cincinnati Zoo Facebook Live Presentations.

01:16:40Brian Beam

2 year old, time with mommy, separate time with daddy, easel for artwork, runs around the yard and the house, TV when we both cannot be attentive, our 2 cats and all the toys help too...

01:16:43Caroline Dotts

wow kayela - that's rough!!!

01:17:10Elizabeth Lasker

I have a kindergartener and 2nd grade - Khan academy, prodigy (math), Epic(reading), school just started google classrooms. Supplement with worksheets if sent home from school.

01:17:47Caroline Dotts

It's in the google doc, too (Miss Megan's Camp)

01:17:48Jess Wagner

can you address how parents with kids (regardless of age) help children who have an IEP and normally get special education help during the school day. my 8th grader has an IEP and he gets help in two of his subjects, he is not self-sufficient in those two subjects so how are others navigating helping kids that have extra needs?

01:18:03Chad Caldwell

Our schedule is tablet time in the morning during breakfast (gives us time to work/workout) outside time following this (working and checking emails from phone but mainly playtime burn out the kid) snack time mom/dad worktime free play or art play inside (we work taking shifts here) nap time is get stuff done time for mom and dad. then up from nap play and get dinner ready then work day is done. really tag teaming entertaining our 3 y/o

01:18:10Clint Jones

Sounds like we're in the same boat April. Trying to do worksheets daily and learning letters/numbers with the almost 5 year old. Still working on shapes, animals, and potty training with the almost 3yr old. Very different levels of learning right now.

01:18:19Jamie Grenoble

I'm home alone with 2 kids under 5 and I try to get as much done as I can during nap times. Longer video meetings can be a challenge but I can usually get things done. I also bought finger paints and art supplies for my 4 year old to play with when my 1 year old is sleeping.

01:18:25Janice DeMonsi

Middle school age is no fun at this time - he has school work BUT then does not want to do anything else that is academic so during meetings he has found to love extra you tube.....

01:18:39Justina #letsmoveuvm

I can't see a file?

01:19:14Caroline Dotts

01:19:31Janice DeMonsi

We have an 504 & the school counselor has reached out for zoom time. I would contact the school about zoom calls. They have to give you your required time.

01:19:53Janice DeMonsi

They are required to provide you the same services. Call the district office

01:20:35Kathy Obuszewski

My sister is a teacher and they said that their district chose not to

01:20:47Jess Wagner

perfect! thank you!

01:20:50Kaitlin Ganss

7 ( first grade) and 4 (preschool)

-wake up, eat, ACTUALLY GET READY!

-some devotional time from our local church (videos, music, stories, etc.)

-active time (walk, bike ride, go noodles, yoga)

-school time

-structured play and imaginative time ( Legos, pretend play, puzzles, etc)



-outside time

-rest/nap time

-educational website/game play

we base this all on times that work for our day

01:20:55Kathy Obuszewski

have assignments because of those who are special needs might not be able to have access

01:21:19Caroline Dotts

thanks Kaitlin

01:21:25Kaitlin Ganss

I work for our local DD agency and there are loads of resources as far as social stories, online engagement, etc. that can be utilized for kids struggling

01:21:27Staci Snyder

One thing I did was to get the daily schedule from our preschool and I have been trying to do similar activities while at home... may not be around the same timeframe, but keeping up with that she was doing there. I also let mu daughter pick one "special" activity that we do each day where she has my full attention. Today we are making rice krispy treats... sometimes it is doing sidewalk chalk or having a tea party. Its giving her something to look forward to each day and she knows mommy has to do a little work first... and then we get to do her activity

01:21:35Caroline Dotts

Is anyone NOT on a schedule?

01:21:58Jami Brossette

Same April!!!

01:22:03Dean Bowen

still paying or daycare as well... =/

01:22:05Clint Jones

Same April!

01:22:10Caroline Dotts

we are still paying as well

01:22:15Larissa Brown

we also kept our kiddo in daycare until it closed

01:22:15Rachael Decker

We are NOT on a schedule :)

01:22:18Rachel O'Mara

We are not on a schedule at all. It's totally different every day!

01:22:19Earl Cabellon

I feel you April!

01:22:25Sara Luelloff

We are in the same boat, still paying for daycare while child is home. I was torn about canceling and trying to get back in later, but don't want to lose spot.

01:22:25Erin Sanders

We have a very LOOSE schedule...

01:22:27Chris Schmoldt

daycare is closed, we are still paying

01:22:27Natalie Hawkins

No daycare services, daycare is closed, no tuition is being charged

01:22:30Mary Catherine Martinez

Our daycare is also still charging (and open, but more restricted than usual)

01:22:37Blake Simpfenderfer

Vermont is asking people to still pay. However, they are offering assistance for those who can't pay since there is such a MASSIVE shortage

01:22:47Jamie Grenoble

Both my kids are in daycare as well and we have them home for the week. We are paying 1/2 while we are gone.

01:22:49Brian Beam

Our daycare was part of the university so they closed with everything else and we are getting a refund...

01:22:58Andrea De Lei

Has peoples schools provided them with schedules and learning material while away? Our school did send the kids home with their ipad/laptop BUT they are not offering online schooling because they cannot meet the needs of all the students (Internet/ disabilities, etc.) but expected to take the state tests in May

01:22:59Rachael Decker

We let our kids choose in the morning. whether they want to do their school work first or play first

01:23:14Rachel O'Mara

Daycare is closed, but charging 25% weekly tuition per week to hold your spot, but this will be applied to tuition when they reopen.

01:23:16Alyssa O'Keefe

We unenrolled our child from daycare. A lot of guilt around it but a lot of parents did. Administrators were very understanding and told us not to worry about reenrolling. Ours is staying open to support healthcare workers' children, so children that are not always there so they are still getting paid.

01:23:30Jami Brossette

Still paying but he is staying at home.

01:23:34Justina #letsmoveuvm

In Vermont we are paying for daycare, they have been closed for 2 weeks. Starting April 6 the state is going to pay 50% we have to pay 50% to hold our spot until they reopen. Our son is going to K next fall so we are debating removing him from daycare. It's tough.

01:23:35Janice DeMonsi

In California they have canceled all the May state testing. There is no way to regulate that at home I believe is why it is canceled.

01:23:39Dana Lopez

Fortunate enough for the daycare to tell us to do what we need to do. They are only charging the days you take the kiddos. So in 2 weeks they have went one day. We may go to two days a week for the duration of Covid just so I can get a little extra time with them.

01:23:44Mike Przydzial

Still paying. Too risky to unenroll him and lose our spot. It's a family-owned small business as well. Just feel like it's the right thing to do unless they close their doors.

01:24:14Brittany Rejda

Our childcare center is closed except for essential personnel but we are currently still paying to hold our spot and to make sure that workers are being paid because it's a nonprofit

01:24:15Nicole Turner

Our daycare is closed and they put tuition on hold until they reopen, but we hired one of the teachers to nanny 2 days per week for us for the same tuition price... only get two days but its helpful

01:25:34Sarah Schrenk

Andrea, we haven't gotten school assignments/materials yet, but this week is Spring Break. The teachers are using this week to prepare and we'll start next week. School year ends May 20.

01:25:40Michelle Harvey

Ours isn't open but what we did was send emt to his teachers via email because they are out of work.

01:25:55Mary Catherine Martinez

on days my daughter is not at daycare, (she's 4) we are not on a real schedule at all. It works in my favor that she isn't in school with homework. Home should be fun, imo. at least more fun than "work" when you're a kid.

01:26:18Stefani Plummer

It's totally OK to make it easier for US to help them be set up for success!

01:26:21Caroline Dotts

01:26:41Natalie Hawkins

love the parent discussion…YES

01:26:48Erin Sanders

helpful! Yes, please!

01:26:52Larissa Brown


01:26:52Blake Simpfenderfer


01:26:52Stefani Plummer

yes, helpful!

01:26:53Chris Schmoldt

yes, please

01:26:55Lori Tyson-Jamison

Yes please

01:26:55Jennifer Wood


01:26:56Rob Cornetta


01:26:56Katie Gerstemeier


01:26:57Rachel O'Mara

YES, please!

01:26:58Kristi Shiver


01:26:58Amanda Reardon

yes, please

01:26:58Sarah Schrenk


01:26:59Mike Przydzial


01:26:59Shari Landmark


01:27:00Staci Snyder

Yes! This was great

01:27:00Whitney Boroski


01:27:00Brittany Rejda

yes, please

01:27:00Drew - Plymouth State

Y’all did great. Let’s do it again.

01:27:01Sarah Snyder


01:27:02Kaitlin Ganss


01:27:04Elizabeth Lasker


01:27:05Pixel 2 XL

Yes :)

01:27:05Rachael Garrett Canfield


01:27:06Brian Beam


01:27:07Barbara Zackowski

Yes, please

01:27:07Jami Brossette


01:27:07Jeffrey Schmitt


01:27:10Chris Wermie


01:27:10Jenny Welnick

yes - thank you!

01:27:13Clint Jones


01:27:13Janice DeMonsi

I think this has been great and I think it would be great to get together in another month! I think we need to keep checking in on one another at this time.

01:27:15Earl Cabellon


01:27:17Sara Luelloff

yes, thank you!

01:27:17Mitch Wiltbank


01:27:21Faith DeNardo

Yes - thank you!

01:27:25Jamie Grenoble


01:27:34Ashley Artist - Iowa State

Nice to know we are all experiencing the same struggles!! Thank you!

01:27:46Brian Beam

Possibly specific age range sessions?

01:27:54Janice DeMonsi

As an extrovert - this is hard for me.....

01:28:00Dean Bowen

yes- bring your kids to the zoom call, let them chat :)

01:28:01Caroline Dotts


01:28:06Caroline Dotts

MY woo needs people!

01:28:06Jami Brossette

same Janice!!!

01:28:17Janice DeMonsi

I like the idea of age range sessions. I would love more late elementary or middle school ideas

01:28:21April Lovett

Here's Miss Megan's Camp Kindergarten link:

01:28:24Kelli Rockwell

Yes! I need to talk to people! I love my husband, but I like other adults too!!

01:28:29April Lovett

Great for ages 3-6

01:28:32Caroline Dotts

love that idea for different age ranges!

01:28:46Mike Przydzial

I support the age range idea

01:29:01Shari Landmark

Yes, I have older children and are dealing with different situations.

01:29:07Mary Catherine Martinez

Even for me as an introvert, I am hating that everything is closed and I'm cooped up with a 4yo all the time.

01:29:12Chris Wermie

Great point Rachael

01:29:16Katie Gerstemeier

A question for next time… how are you handling working from home with kids when your boss isn’t really supportive of the idea that you’re not focused on work 100% of the 8am-5pm day.

01:29:22Kristi Shiver

Rachael - I have severe anxiety too! We could do one on dealing with anxiety during these times.

01:29:25Mary Catherine Martinez

OMG, we started using Tik Tok a week ago! 😂

01:30:28Drew - Plymouth State

Rachel - That’s a great point about it being in their history book. How we respond to it and make memories for them is going to help define that time for them! They will remember the fun times, the extra time together, and all of the positive memories. We got this!

01:30:28Kaitlin Ganss

some topics I would love; how are we helping our kids cope with all of the information and changes?

01:30:40Kaitlin Ganss

what is everyone doing for their own mental health and coping?

01:30:56Brittany Rejda

I've learned that my 2 yo favorite thing to do is troll his parents all's actually pretty hilarious as well as frustrating haha

01:31:10Mary Catherine Martinez

Tik Tok was fun exercise trying out all of the random dances a million times. 😜

01:31:11Jamie Grenoble

Yes! Hanging out with my almost 1 year old has been so great. You don't realize how much of their personality you miss out on when you don't see them 24/7

01:31:32Alyssa O'Keefe

Thank you all! This was great!

01:31:34Andrea De Lei

Thank you!

01:31:42Earl Cabellon


01:31:43Kristi Shiver

Thank you guys!!!!

01:31:44Rachel O'Mara

Thank you!

01:31:45Larissa Brown

thank y’all

01:31:46Clint Jones

This was awesome! Thank you everyone!

01:31:49Mary Catherine Martinez

Kaitlin - small hobbies to do around the house

01:31:50Jami Brossette

thank you!!!

01:31:51Brittany Rejda

thank you!

01:31:51Stefani Plummer walks!

01:31:51Pixel 2 XL

Thank you!!!!

01:31:51Natalie Hawkins

Waving bye

01:31:52Staci Snyder

Thank you!

01:31:52Amanda Reardon

Thank you.

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