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Philosophy of Digital Recreation during COVID‑19, featuring Geex

Monday, March 30, 2:00pm PT

Chris Allison of GEEX, NIRSA Associate Member

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Chat Transcript

00:53:41Dwayne Saunders

Will you give us the platforms?

00:55:30Ramon Hermann

Great question! I'll be collecting your questions during the call and Chris will answer them during the Q&A part,

00:57:27Chad Van Dyk

Who are the individuals who generally help get Digital Recreation / esports off the ground within Recreation departments?

00:58:15Chad Van Dyk

Our campus has struggled with knowing who should lead these initiatives, e.g. intramural coordinator, wellness supervisors, etc. or is it more based off self-interest outside of a job description

00:58:39Greg Durham

Chat - Our IM person is responsible for eSports at Creighton

00:59:07Chris Morriss

Our Sport Programs staff oversees eSports at LSU.

00:59:20Austin Sanderson

Sport Programs coordinator at Wichita State University

00:59:43Greg Durham

Creighton also started a discord for our students, feel free to connect with me with me. It's pretty slick.

00:59:55Shane Land

IM Sports at UCF with assistance from sport clubs and the leadership of that group

01:01:07Brian Beam

How do esports fit within a department that has a mission geared towards fitness and wellness?

01:01:40Lance Haynie

I see it more of reaching a social wellness aspect

01:03:08Lance Haynie

Our VP has stressed to us that we need to meet students at the place where they exist. This (esports/gaming) is one of those places.

01:03:27Tyler Artley

For those of you that use Discord: do you utilize bots to police improper language and hate speech? If so, what are the best ones to set up?

01:03:32Chris Allison

01:03:34Chris Allison

01:04:06Chris Allison

01:04:51Mitch Wiltbank

What is the best way to host a private Fortnite tournament for your students only? Do you have to be Creator with Epic?

01:04:56Sam McMullen

01:05:32Tina Mascaro

For this semester since I am totally new to gaming and have no clue (this presentation is very helpful) what to do but can I just put some registration on IMLeagues and have them sign up for different gaming tournaments. Have them connect on their own and report their winner to me and I do a bracket of some type?

01:05:35Sam McMullen

the first link was incorrect... wanted to help everyone. I’m Sam from GEEX... Nice to meet you all.

01:07:11Shana Kessler

Tina - IMLeagues has a self-reporting feature that you can set up with your tournaments and various ways to set them up so they can choose who to play.

01:08:01Tina Mascaro

Thanks Shana... so am I on the right track for a way to do it this semester?

01:08:10Chelsea Watson

Tina - We set up our current leagues that way through IMLeagues. We are having them report scores to use and we are going to create a bracket on IMLeagues. We had them use their gamertag as their team name and the date and time of the game as the time the scores are due

01:08:51Shana Kessler

Yes and I echo what Chelsea said about the gamertags. We are doing ladder style while we build our geex platform.

01:12:33Jaymie Cox-Garcia

You said at one point you would explain the difference between "Digital Recreation" and "E-sports". Can you please explain.


has there been an effort to increase fitness even while sitting weather is it stretching or using what is around them or preventative wellness such as eye care or finger and wrist exercises

01:13:21Brady Dehn

I really like the idea of taking the physical IM teams that started this semester and offering them an option to play digitally (their game or another) now.

01:17:09Easton Henrikson

What league or tournament formats are schools using?What prizes are you providing?

01:21:17Greg Durham

How would you suggest handling unsporting behavior particularly over voice communication since school admin are not going to be "in" every game.

01:30:06Dwayne Saunders

Awesome Ideas. Thank you. My name is Dwayne Saunders, Director of Recreation and Wellness at Elizabeth City State University

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