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Fitness Roundtable

Monday, March 30, 9am PT

facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse with presenter Anna Taggart

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Chat Transcript

00:32:54Ben Kohler

Interim Fitness and Wellness Director- University of Minnesota Twin Cities

00:32:55Jayna Ukrazhenko

Jayna - Kansas State Univeristy

00:33:00Angela Wood

Hi everyone. Angie from Ontario, Canada

00:33:00Price, Miranda

Miranda Price- Fitness & Wellness Coordinator at Texas A&M

00:33:01Jessica Norman

Jessica Norman, Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness with Virginia Commonwealth University's Rec Sports

00:33:07Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

Dean Bowen, Worcester State U (MA)

00:33:10Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson, Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness at University of Georgia

00:33:10Adrienne MacKenzie

Good morning from Austin! I am Adrienne MacKenzie from UT Austin. I am the Fitness /Wellness Associate Director

00:33:12Daniel Perdue

Daniel Perdue, Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness - University of North Carolina at Pembroke

00:33:13Shelby Stovall

Shelby Stovall from UNC Asheville! Interim Coordinator of Facilities

00:33:14Kathleen Huber

Hi All! Katie Huber here from Rowan University in New Jersey- Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness

00:33:19Erica Scott

Erica Scott-Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness at the University of Pennsylvania

00:33:21Matt Cooper

Matt from Schoolcraft College in Michgan

00:33:22Anna Champion

Hello! Anna Champion - Auburn University at Montgomery AUM Wellness Center!

00:33:22Alexis Cannon

Alexis Cannon, Texas Southern University. Fitness Assistant/Instructor

00:33:23Amber Kavehkar

Hey All, I am from University of the Pacific over fitness

00:33:24Sydney Dale

Sydney Dale, Sr. Fitness Coordinator with Virginia Commonwealth University

00:33:24Chelsea Dolly

Chelsea Dolly, Assistant Director of Programs at Indiana State University

00:33:25Daniel Semprini

Dan - Coordinator of Fitness & Wellbeing at Texas A&M University-Commerce

00:33:25Roger Watson

Roger Watson from Dixie State University Human Performance Center.

00:33:25PJ Steiner

Palmer Steiner, Graduate Assistant - Millersville University

00:33:27Carly Buehler

Carly- Coordinator of Recreation for Fitness & Aquatics- Elon University

00:33:27Dina Mijacevic

WorkStrong Coordinator at the University of California-Santa Barbara

00:33:28Mary Healey

Mary Healey-Old Dominion University, also with Fitness & Wellness GA's Maddie Cutten & Halie Maass!

00:33:28Ashley Allen

Allison Brandt- Fitness Coordinator

00:33:28Jennifer Clark

Hi everyone! Jen Clark, Group Fitness Coordinator at UConn Rec

00:33:28April Pavelka

Hey y’all, April Pavelka from University of Utah!

00:33:29Michael Lagomarsine

Michael Lagomarsine, Assistant Director of Fitness, University of South Carolina

00:33:32Cynthia Lewis

Hello everyone! I am Cynthia Lewis, the Fitness Coordinator at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

00:33:32Erin Bransford

Hi fitness friends! Erin Bransford, Portland State University Fitness & Wellbeing Coordinator

00:33:36Andrew Jones

University of Houston in the house!

00:33:37Megan Maransani

Megan Maransani, Assistant Director Fitness & Wellness, Kansas State University

00:33:38Leanne Henwood-Adam

Leanne Henwood-Adam, Fitness Coordinator, Humber College, Toronto, Ontario

00:33:43Maria Avila

Vyckie Avila, University of Houston-Marketing and Communications

Cecilia Guerrero, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator @ California State University, Long Beach

00:33:44Natalie Hawkins

Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville - Assistant Director, Rec. Programs

00:33:45Frances Branham

Hi Gang, Frankie Branham here from UT Dallas

00:33:45Liz Rosenberger

Liz Rosenberger - Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, UNC Charlotte

00:33:51Tabbitha Ashford

Tabbitha Ashford - Assistant Director of Recreation and Wellness, St. Edward's University

00:33:53Blake Covington

Blake Covington here from UNCA. Coordinator of Aquatics and Fitness

00:33:57Wendy Comfort

hi All - Wendy Comfort from the University of North Texas. Sr. Assistant Director of Fitness & Memberships

00:33:57Rusty Caldwell

Rusty Caldwell, Coordinator Programs, University of Akron

00:33:58Kevin Bretting

Kevin Bretting, Fitness Coordinator at The University of Wyoming

00:33:59Erin Maurno

Erin Maurno, Syracuse University, Group Fitness Coordinator

00:34:02Lauren Dalton

Lauren Dalton, Assistant Director Fitness and Wellness of University of Connecticut

00:34:02Clay Heinley

Hello from Austin Peay!

00:34:06Karen Howell

Hello. Karen Howell, Associate Director Recreation Services - Lafayette College

00:34:06Alina Cioletti

Alina Cioletti-Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, Longwood University

00:34:14Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex, Fitness Coordinator, University of Houston

00:34:14Rachel Lunn

Hi All. Rachel Lunn from Queen's University, Special Projects Assistant, on behalf of Gareth Cunningham - Associate Director of Recreation & Active Living.

00:34:26Tami Reilly

Tami Reilly - Director of Fitness & Wellbeing, Quinnipiac

00:34:27Cali Tolbert

Cali Tolbert, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Aztec Recreation, SDSU

00:34:28James Hauser

James Hauser from West Chester University of Pennsylvania

00:34:28Lindsay Brookey

Lindsay Brookey - AD Fitness and Wellness, UNC-Chapel Hill

00:34:32Daniel Perdue

trying to figure out exactly what to do!

00:34:51Ashlea Rosenbaum

Hello, Ashlea Rosenbaum Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi.

00:34:59Michael Reno

Hi Everyone,

00:35:06Laura Fitzgerald

laura fitzgerald -AD Fitness & Wellness Stony Brook University - NY

00:35:13Amber Kavehkar

Streaming live fitness classes on Facebook Live, on Instagram, editing shorter videos for workouts, tips and tecnhiques, Friday-5 min yoga flow

00:35:15Chloe Cole

Chloe Cole, Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness, University of Pennsylvania

00:35:17Leanne Henwood-Adam

We have been offering online workouts and recorded classes on social media

00:35:18Mary Healey

ODU- live IG and zoom classes weekly. Staff can also submit to us at home workouts to be posted on social media and recieve pay for their hours making those videos

00:35:22Michael Reno

Michael Reno-Senior Director West Chester University

00:35:26Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

some organic virtual classes from our own instructors, sharing other "branded" free resources, created a webpage for resources

00:35:27Tabbitha Ashford

working on virtual fitness classes and "talk to a trainer" sessions....cannot allow students to work remotely so navigating the capacity of both

00:35:28Daniel Perdue

Currently offering daily fitness challenges via social media. Trying to establish virtual fitness offerings.

00:35:28Devan Martinez

Devan Martinez, Fitness & Facilities Manager University of Richmond!

00:35:39Tracy Carr

Good Morning! Tracy Carr from Texas Southern University I hope everyone is having a great morning!

00:35:45Carly Buehler

At Elon, the time that we are going to be doing online academic classes keeps getting extended, so as it started as just a 2 week thing, it has turned into much more… so we are figuring out as we go as well!

00:36:13Melissa Wessel

Melissa Wessel, Assistant Director of Fitness, Seattle University Recreation

00:36:15Carly Buehler

We have some good practices in place with online trainings for our instructors and PT’s, but what we are doing to engage participants is currently quite broad

00:36:29Karen Howell

Offering Zoom live Group Fit classes and updated our website to provide links on How to Exercise at Home

00:36:30Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright, Fitness & Recreation Program Coordinator, University of Toronto Scarborough.

00:36:50Kyle Anderson

I can go next

00:36:54Leanne Henwood-Adam

our trainers are coaching clients via video chat - does not count towards their paid for sessions

00:37:17Michael Lagomarsine

YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, or Instagram? Pros and cons of each. Why did you decide on one or the other?

00:37:31Daniel Perdue

does anyone use a fitness tracking app for participants?

00:37:36Laura Fitzgerald


00:37:40Ashley Artist - Iowa State

we have a live fitness class schedule and instructors teach 30 minute live classes on our instagram at scheduled times

00:37:41Tami Reilly

We use zoom and record each session so we have a library of fitness videos/classes

00:37:46Kyle Anderson

00:37:52Cheyanne Clouse

Overview of the day: Starting with GF, then moving into Small Group Training, Personal Training and ending with some administrative stuff!

00:38:13Alexis Cannon

At Texas Southern University, We have started using Zoom to do our at-home GroupEx workout classes virtually.

00:38:17galen martin

could you all put together a summary list of what each school is doing? or send out the recording of the zoom meeting. thanks

00:38:18Leanne Henwood-Adam

We use IG and Facebook to post our stuff to - some will be posted to our webpage as well

00:38:32Leanne Henwood-Adam

We have not done “live” classes yet

00:38:47Alexis Cannon

We have even created a schedule so that instructors know when to teach and it allows the students to chime in as well

00:38:56Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

We use Zoom as our University has upgraded the license (unlimited people on, downloadable, and easy to go live on FB and YouTube)

00:38:58Mallory McPherson-Wehan

I’m really struggling with that over saturation piece!

00:39:09Mallory McPherson-Wehan

Do we recreate the wheel? I’m not sure

00:39:13Leanne Henwood-Adam

Yes - because I have heard from our students that the like to see a familiar face!

00:39:37Anna Champion

They like to see “their” GFIT Instructor!

00:39:54Daniel Semprini

How is everyone virtual streaming GX classes with music? Are you using non copyright music or not using music?

00:40:00Laurie Wright

We have 2 fitness classes / day through Facebook live from instructors from their homes. The personal touch is nice for our students and community. Also doing a 14 day challenge with outdoor workouts with prizes for our students, especially those students who are still living on res.

00:40:02April Pavelka

Yes, keeps a sense of normalcy for the participants to take a class from their favorite in person instructor!

00:40:03Amber Kavehkar

I struggled with that and still do---what I feel is priority is offering a campus community connection that our students/staff have with our fitness team-so it feels important to put offer original content. We re starting out about 10 classes a week and something fitess/wellness posted daily on IG

00:40:07Erin Bransford

Virtual classes help maintain community on your campus which promoting other resources can't provide. More importantly, virtual classes provide instructors opportunities to get paid.

00:40:11Fay Kennan

Hi everyone! Here at UTRGV we are hosting 8 virtual group fitness classes via ZOOM. PT will be reaching out the their clients via ZOOM this week too.

00:40:15galen martin

We are not allowed to pay any students

00:40:33Tami Reilly

I am paying my students to teach their class via zoom

00:40:33Amber Kavehkar

We will have to measure analytics and participant response to see if we increase or not


At Texas Tech similar time everyone else: zoom gx, trainers working with clients not counting paid sessions yet,April challenge-“Your Health Our Priority”, PT and GX practical courses online, additional resources online

00:41:06Zachary Hammerle

Zachary Hammerle- Assistant Director Western Oregon University. Everyday work outs on IG live, student taught. We also just gave the campus community free Fitness on Demand Content so they can do workouts they would like at home anytime. All free for students and non members with WOU emails. Super great tool.

00:41:13Rachel Lunn

We have been promoting our Fit Tips social media campaign which is a combination of pre-recorded video workouts/fitness tips and have a virtual class every Friday via Facebook live, Instagram etc. Would be curious to see how Zoom platform is working for the virtual classes.

00:42:28Cynthia Lewis

We reached out to our FitPass holders already and took the top four requests for our group fitness formats and instructors for LIVE classes. We want to help them continue to connect with their favorite instructors in order to help them not have so much disruption during this time.


At TTU we are also having our employee meetings with zoom

00:44:27Erica Scott

We have LesMills options available for everyone, which were classes we already offered at our facility. We have our personal trainers and some of our other instructors giving sample workouts (short videos) and posting on our Instagram page

00:44:54Lisa Williamson

We are working to provide more quick content via social media. We aren't able to pay students during this time and are providing refunds for fitness passes or extending expiration dates. We have provided the free LES MILLS classes to our fitness pass holders as well.

00:45:11Laura Fitzgerald

is anyone using third party app through zoom for closed captioning? We at Stony brook are trying to be inclusive however struggling to make the CC work via zoom

00:45:12Scott Berkowitz

For those that had paid passes for group fitness are you now offering them to the entire campus community? If so, did you do a prorated refund?

00:45:30Brooke McCall- Chico State Wildcat Recreation Center

What kind of participation is everyone seeing with their platforms? There is so much information streaming out to folks- how do we pick the most relevant?

00:45:38Mallory McPherson-Wehan

GW did a prorated refund for the GF pass for students

00:45:49Amber Kavehkar

Is anyone doing the 2020 Riddle and Bloom Recreation Movement? We have not yet decided Thoughts on it?

00:45:55Michelle Harvey

All of our classes were paid however now we are offering all free classes on instagram

00:45:56April Pavelka

We did pro-rated refunds for our fit passes, only sent out the Les Mills videos to pass holders (under guidance from General Counsel) but are giving live Zoom links to whole campus community

00:45:57Cynthia Lewis

Scott, we are not offering the classes for the entire campus, only the paid fit pass holders.

00:46:00Lisa Williamson

UGA is doing pro-rated refunds for group fitness pass holders.

00:46:02Chloe Cole

UPenn did prorated refunds as well

00:46:17Cynthia Lewis

WebEx has great closed captioning

00:46:19Erica Scott

@Scott we're offering prorated CREDITS on people's account to use towards a future recreation purchase, unless they ask specifically for a credit card refund

00:46:30Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

zoom will transcript your video

00:47:05Michelle Harvey

we have had over 1800 participation on instgram in 6 days

00:47:38Tracy Carr

We have been streaming via Zoom to our community. So far we’ve had a nice amount of class attendees and having our recreational staff attend as well. It has been successful with everything we are enduring at this time.

00:48:25Daniel Perdue


00:48:29Erin Bransford

yes - they are free now. We are creating virtual ones

00:48:29Cynthia Lewis


00:48:31Erica Scott


00:48:32Mallory McPherson-Wehan

Not as of now lol

00:48:33Zachary Hammerle

Does Webex do closed captioning auto or pre recorded?

00:48:38Mary Healey


00:48:38Holly Smith


00:48:39Michelle Kiser


00:48:40Paul Kwiatkowski




00:48:42Daniel Semprini


00:48:42Alfredo Padilla


00:48:48Laurie Wright


00:48:50Lisa Williamson

Nope, providing refunds since we hadn't started our second session yet.

00:48:54Melissa Albers

Still offering Pink Gloves Boxing Virtually

00:49:01Knoop, Chris


00:49:04Melissa Wessel


00:49:05Tracy Carr

Not currently, but it is still offered.

00:49:15Sydney Dale

Yes! We're doing a walk to run program that I'm personally guiding with check ins and virtual coaching

00:49:18Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

only PGB, no other group training. Refunded other paid members

00:49:22CieCie Leonard

Working through our Pain Care Yoga Series Group

00:49:26Courtney Rorex

IGTV works best for us at UH. We are able to interact our instructors and trainers by having them record videos from home, which still allows them to get paid. We’re averaging over 1,000 interactions on our iGTV videos that we post 3x a week

00:49:46Carey Greenwood

Giving all PT and SGT training participants the option to join our private facebook group for access to zoom and other information. Sessions on hold until we re-open.

00:50:02Ben Kohler

Has anyone gotten legal permission to do online training or offerings through their University General Counsel?

00:50:30Fay Kennan

We are offering 2 group training classes per week: Boxing Skills & Functional Strength via ZOOM. PT accounts are frozen until we reopen.

00:50:41April Pavelka

I checked with General Counsel before sending out the Les Mills link, they advised that we could only send those out to paid pass holders, but they said we were allowed to do live classes for everyone with our own instructors

00:50:46Laurie Wright

We are hoping to offer virtual fitness & lifestyle consultations for our students at no cost. These would be chats only, no exercise design.

00:50:51Daniel Perdue

I know CrossFit would waive affiliation fees for universities, but I am unsure if they still do that.

00:50:52Shelby Stovall

How are people going about filming videos while being conscious of social distancing and stay-home orders but also being consistent with filming style? Especially If students are involved?

00:51:17Jayna Ukrazhenko

We are doing our paid programming for SGT via Zoom and if someone doesn’t want to continue we allow them a refund or partial refund (depends on the program and length)

00:51:18Daniel Perdue

I film them in my garage.

00:51:40Courtney Rorex

@Shelby, we are allowing students to record from home, but I’ve provided them with strict guidelines for filming for consistency.

00:51:47Knoop, Chris

we are told to distance yourselves to sending out other links to other apps

00:51:51Chloe Cole

F45 corporate is offering $49.99 at-home memberships, I'm not aware of the collegiate licensing agreements and whether or not that is available to any institution that has F45 at their facility

00:51:51Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU: we have some:

00:51:51Wendy Comfort

Our campus has issued a stay at home order and no one is allowed on campus so all of our filming is being done by instructors at their homes/apartments

00:52:19Michelle Kiser

I'm filming videos on my own in my living and garage

00:52:37Scott Berkowitz

I have required our instructors to do a zoom with me so I can approve sound and video quality.

00:52:39Knoop, Chris

filming them in my basement

00:52:44Knoop, Chris

as well as backyard

00:52:49Fay Kennan

Same here everyone is filming their classes from home.

00:52:51Laurie Wright

We filmed outdoors using tripod and phones.

00:52:53Michael Lagomarsine

We pay our instructors one hour non-instructor rate to practice filming in the location they will be in to be sure it is ok

00:52:57Kevin Bretting

How are you collecting video content from your individual staff?

00:53:20Daniel Perdue

how much is a professional zoom account? is one required do to these live?

00:53:24Tracy Carr

Filming from home as well with a tripod and quality area.

00:53:24April Pavelka

I do a pre-test with them, but also give them guidance about not filming any identifying pieces of their homes or outsides of their homes so no one can be creepy haha that’s my biggest worry with public Zoom links

00:53:37Zachary Hammerle

Giving students control at home for content. Just covered some particulars for consistency.

00:54:23Michelle Kiser

Does anyone edit the videos before they post them? If so, what software are they using and how much edititng are they doing? Are you adding music? If so, where are you getting royalty free music?

00:54:50Erin Maurno

When you do live virtual classes, is there a worry about what could potentially be happening in the background? A concern thats been brought up is we don’t know if something will randomly happen in the background of a live feed that’s not appropriate

00:54:52Daniel Semprini

^^ yes what is everyone doing in regards to music ?

00:54:56Devan Martinez

A couple questions about zoom... how are your instructors playing music? how are you marketing the classes? are you having a password to try to regular/keep the privacy of instructors or keeping them totally opne?

00:55:03PJ Steiner

Has anyone figured out how to play music via zoom? We are having trouble playing music while doing the workouts

00:55:03Fay Kennan

No editing, all our classes are live.

00:55:33Jayna Ukrazhenko

I chatted with Zumba, they are cool as long as it’s not on IG or FB live, but Zoom is good.

00:55:57April Pavelka

I know for HIGH Fitness and Zumba, they are not allowing instructors to record and post their classes, they are only allowing instructors to live stream

00:56:03Michael Lagomarsine

we have music in the background of our Instagram classes and one class got flagged and they didn't let it stay up after the live was over

00:56:05galen martin

spotify - it is okay for them to use personally, but using for publishing is not allowed

00:56:21Cesar Hernandez

For IG we use SparkCamera and CutStory. The apps could be used for short quick exercise tips. On SparkCamera you can pay 1.99 for their music. They have fitness style music.

00:56:47CieCie Leonard

Zumba is catching people on FB and IG. They have a team monitoring all of that very well.

00:56:56Ashlea Rosenbaum

YouTube has options for Copyright Safe Music.

00:57:15Scott Berkowitz

I have found the quality of music isn’t great even when played through your computer. That has been my experience. Plus it isn’t recorded on the zoom meeting links that is sent out.

00:57:16Erin Maurno

At the start of our videos we tell participants to choose their own music and have linked our own curated Spotify playlists

00:58:40Chloe Cole

Are you all asking your instructors if they want to do live classes or are you requiring it?

00:58:59Daniel Perdue

I ask for preference

00:59:16Krista Herring

There’s a setting where you can play the music from your computer through zoom - so it comes through super clearly and then using AirPods will bring the mic in super clearly!

00:59:18Erin Bransford


00:59:19Michelle Harvey

I asked for volunteers and got more than I needed

00:59:19Rachel Lunn

Asking. For ALL media content - pre-recorded and live.

00:59:55James Hauser

I’ve asked for volunteers and what their preference is for the format that they teach

01:00:12Tracy Carr

I actually use YouTube instrumentals and have the queue their playlist to keep the flow consistent. We test this 10 before class with quality, and clarity.

01:00:18Chloe Cole

thanks everyone, I feel the same about this

01:01:43Shelby Stovall

Is anyone doing text / email memos daily or multiple times day? Kind of like "move breaks"? or social media contests to keep people engaged?

01:02:57Brooke McCall- Chico State Wildcat Recreation Center

At Chico State we have been posting daily workout suggestions, nutrition and cooking tips and wellness suggestions. Usually once per day but sometimes twice.

01:03:44Krista Herring

Here’s the setup instructions for Zoom with AirPods and utilize the computer music.

01:04:01Knoop, Chris

we have yes, moved to emailing to book sessions and then we will do zoom consultations

01:04:09Marcos Ordaz

Spotify Terms and Conditions:

01:04:20Leanne Henwood-Adam

At Humber College - at the moment our trainers do online oaching if their clients want it - but we are not deducting from paid sessions right now.

01:04:58Adrienne MacKenzie

UT Austin is doing this same process with our personal training clients.

01:05:17Brooke McCall- Chico State Wildcat Recreation Center

Does anyone else use Trainer Metrics?

01:05:45Michelle Harvey

We have moved all of our trainers onto Kinduct. We are providing some workouts for a clients but not charging them for these sessions.

01:06:23Melissa Wessel

For those doing online Training, did you begin new pricing structures?

01:06:40Scott Berkowitz

We are doing sessions via zoom and deducting sessions. If they don’t want to do that our trainers are giving free written workouts. If they want neither, their sessions can be rolled over until we open back up.

01:06:53Mallory McPherson-Wehan

GW uses Trainer Metrics, but only for in-person sessions. Haven’t done it virtually yet

01:08:50Chad Flanagan

Sorry joined late. I was wondering if anyone is using IGTV to post live/pre-taped videos? Experienced any music restrictions?

01:08:51Daniel Perdue

ours were only guaranteed 10 a week

01:08:56Erin Bransford

our HR department has not been able to answer that question for us

01:08:57Daniel Perdue

but now they are home

01:09:04Michelle Harvey

We are continuing to pay all of staff

01:09:16Daniel Perdue

we pay them based on avg hours worked over a 2 week span

01:09:23Chloe Cole

we are paying our staff their average weekly hours since January

01:09:38Chloe Cole

this will continue until we are open again

If you are offering virtual personal training, have you adjusted pricing?

01:10:00Leanne Henwood-Adam

Same for us - can not make more - we are able to pay an average number of hours that they have been working

01:10:02Daniel Semprini

TAMUC is paying our staff 10 hours per week to complete online education modules with topics like Fitness, Leadership, Development etc.

01:10:08Daniel Perdue

we don’t charge our students to partake in our “wellness coaching” Program

01:10:09Erica Scott

Similar for us

01:10:18Leanne Henwood-Adam

but ours are not students

01:10:23Knoop, Chris

just paying average wages over the first two months until the end of april

01:10:30Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

only paying if they can offer a class/deliverable/etc.

01:10:36Mary Healey

For those who are paying students to create videos to be posted, are you paying for just the time it takes to create the video or any additional time for editing?

01:11:07Scott Berkowitz

You can put the payment information on Fusion

01:11:07Kyle Anderson

Woof - fusion online

01:11:09Chloe Cole

You can use the online portal through Fusion

01:11:10Naomi Matley

Same…We can’t accept new clients at NC State

01:11:11Erin Bransford

we also aren't taking new clients at this time but our accounting team is looking into options for this

01:11:22Kyle Anderson

Depends on the legal your university

01:11:34Leanne Henwood-Adam

no new clients at this time for us

01:11:37Sarah Grace

We at Maryland are paying them for video length + 15 min of prep time. They would be paid pretty much the same for a live class

01:11:37Scott Berkowitz

I am not accepting new clients due to not being able to do fitness assessments on new clients.

01:11:53Sarah Grace

So if they submit a 30 min video, I enter 45 min on their timesheet

01:12:33Cynthia Lewis

What do Personal Trainers do in place of the in person fitness assessment when you take on new clients?

01:13:12Michael Lagomarsine

we created a comprehensive online questionnaire that replaces the assessment and initial interview

01:13:13Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

no new clients, suspended training at this time

01:15:56Lindsay Brookey

we also will be creating a comprehensive online health history questionnaire and including that with an initial consultation via zoom to take the place of an in person consultation/assessment

01:16:04Chad Flanagan

We are only paying students for what they are working remotely. Same pay as if they were on campus. If they are not working they are not getting paid. This our campus standard for all student employees.

01:16:32Adrienne MacKenzie

No new clients, extended expiration dates of sessions, for clients that want to continue PT are doing written workouts/Zoom consultations/videos to safety& proper equipment use - UT Austin

01:18:02Daniel Perdue

no discussion has come down from top yet for us

01:18:08Dina Mijacevic

Extending memberships

01:18:11Michael Lagomarsine

Waiting to hear from the top

01:18:54Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

only GX class membership refunds, PT just extended, Fitness Ctr memberships will be extended (there is no where else to go now- so no point). IF requested, we will address and maintain their business

01:18:55April Pavelka

We gave pro rated refunds for the fit pass, and then for PT we extended expiration dates (the preferable option) and then giving refunds if the client asks. But that was the overall decision we made as a department.

01:19:14Melissa Wessel

No refunds asked for on our end yet - we extended expiration dates on PT packages, and are giving a quarter of Group Fitness classes for free for those who currently have a package (SU classes are drop in for free or a one time fee to be able to pre-register ahead of time)

01:19:21Adrienne MacKenzie

We refunded ALL of our Pass holders for mid-March through the end of the semester. For those who have reoccurring monthly CC, we refunded for 1/2 month and suspended card changes for months moving forward - UT Austin

01:19:24Leanne Henwood-Adam

Refunds - for PT - only if they are asking for them - can only do if they paid with a credit card - We can do credit card refunds remotely

01:19:27Jessica Norman

We're accepting refund requests for program registrations (massage therapy, personal training, small group training, etc.) through tomorrow. After that credits will be applied to accounts.

01:19:35Scarlett Vineyard

We are only giving refunds based on requests. For those that wish to move it to future sessions (small group training) we are doing that. At this point I believe we have issued 10 refunds. For PT sessions, we are giving clients the choice to do virtual classes or for them to pause their account.

01:19:43Fay Kennan

PT in non-refundable…PT accounts are frozen until we open. Those who need a refund due to special circumstances…we will take it case by case.

01:19:48Chad Flanagan

No refunds right now. We are adding days or months to their membership expiration depending on when we reopen. If they would like to cancel then we cancel.

01:19:50Sarah Grace

On the topic of refunds, are any universities dealing with large level refunds as in recreation fees students pay

01:20:05Michelle Harvey

We offered a refund to graduating students and offered a full session group x class next term to those returning. This is a great deal because it is double the value.

01:20:06Matt Cooper

extending prepaid memberships for the amount of days we're closed. No autodraft memberships will be billed this month. being pretty accommodating to anyone who actually reaches out to us.

01:20:17Clay Heinley

We're doing the same as Erica; credit refunds when possible and prorated credit card refunds if they specifically ask for it.

01:20:22Erin Bransford

at PSU the university decided NOT to assess the Rec Fee for students for Spring Term

01:21:05April Pavelka

In terms of refunding student fees, we’re getting some pushback because we allow students to purchase significant other memberships for those in our families, so they can get those refunded but they don’t get their own fees refunded. But unfortunately refunding student fees/tuition is a president-level decision that has not been made yet

01:22:53Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

no student fee discussion yet, only room/board

01:23:16Mallory McPherson-Wehan

GW batch refunded all student GF passes (pro-rated for the rest of the semester) and paused all memberships

01:25:30Ben Kohler

If you’re using a promo code, you can’t control WHO uses it though…people can give it to their friends

01:25:53Chloe Cole

you can assign individual codes to each user

01:26:15Scarlett Vineyard

UTC is NOT refunding the recreation fee, however, the university has pro rated the housing, meals etc to refund to students.

01:26:49Dina Mijacevic

Thank you! It was super helpful!

01:26:57Lindsay Brookey

you can limit the number of promo codes available as well

01:27:05Anna Champion

Thank you! Definitely took ideas away!

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Thanks for all of your feedback, it was very helpful! Thank you so much and prosperity to everyone.

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