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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Student Professional Development

Friday, March 27, 7:00am PT

facilitated by Earl Cabellon with presenters Christina Galli and Matthew Altendorf

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The success of our student employees is a priority to campus recreation professionals. As we navigate a virtual online learning environment, we will discuss ideas to engage with our student employees and continue to enrich their educational experience remotely. Come with your ideas and solutions to providing student professional development to student employees!

Chat Transcript


good morning!

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00:29:52Ross Rodriguez

Hey everyone!

00:29:53Anna Bruning

Hi from Oregon State!

00:30:02cristina rodriguez

Good morning from UTRGV

00:30:07Maggie Fitzsimmons

hi from university of Georgia!

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Hello from University of South Florida!

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Hi everyone from CSU-Chico

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Morning from Western Kentucky University

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Good Morning Hello from Dixie State University Human Performance Center.

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good morning from University of Toledo

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Good morning from AUM!!

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Good Morning from UMD-CP!

00:30:52Bob Gough

Good morning everyone! Bob from W&M, technically a day off, but will be watching a LOT of NIRSA webinars today.

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Morning from UNT

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Good morning from University of Tennessee- Chattanooga

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00:31:09NIRSA Smartboard

00:31:23Greg Durham

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Good morning from Worcester State U (MA)!

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Good morning from Ryerson University in Toronto

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Good morning from Emoy, VA at Emory & Henry College. Go Wasps!

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Good Morning from UC Berkeley !

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Early Good Morning from Stefani Plummer, California Baptist University

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Good morning from the University of North Dakota!

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Hi from Clemson, SC!

00:32:52Liz Feldman

Good morning from my couch in Columbus!

00:32:52Jamie Grenoble

Morning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00:32:59Brittany Mueller

Morning! Coming from Florida State University!

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Good Morning from University of New Hampshire!

00:33:07Kelly Shorter

Hello All! From State College

00:33:18Eric Becker

Good morning NIRSA from Marshall University!

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00:35:51Troy Lukas

Good morning from Baton Rouge

00:35:54Matt Collum

Happy Friday from Boston College!

00:39:34Anna Bruning

Ideas about how to continue professional development for students remotely

00:39:39Norma Lara

ideas to engage students remotely

00:39:39Benjamin Pazian

Virtual development

00:39:40Leslee Peterson

Ideas for remote staff development work

00:39:41cristina rodriguez

How to keep staff engaged even though they are not working with us. Show that we are a family through this all.

00:39:43Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

best practices to engage

00:39:45Becky Todd

Shared ideas

00:39:45Sydney Ochoa

keeping staff engaged

00:39:46Bob Riddle

Virtual Development

00:39:46Michael Willett

Student staff engagement AND non-staff student engagement ideas

00:39:47Tony North Jr

Virtual Engagement

00:39:48Alison Fisher

Ideas about how to support staff

00:39:49Aubre Jones

How do we connect with our student employees better during this time

00:39:51Jairo Cruz

How to creatively engage with students

00:39:52Michael Giles

what are others doing to maintain student development virtually?

00:39:53Maggie Fitzsimmons

adjusting expectations now that student are remote

00:39:53Courtney Rorex

looking for ways to engage with staff from a distance

00:39:53Courtney Brown

Ways to creatively keep staff engaged

00:39:53Andy Bruni

remote work opportunities and virtual training

00:39:54Petey Manion

Ideas on how to help the seniors move on from this

00:39:58Sydney Ochoa

virtual trainings

00:39:59Jeff Sladewski

Ways to engage student leaders in this isolated state

00:40:00Becky Todd

Supporting Students

00:40:01Mike Bricker

some ways to continue my student staff pd

00:40:05Jamie Grenoble

I want to see what other schools are doing right now and what/if they are able to pay employees for remote work

00:40:07Hugues Lecomte

Student employee tasks during this time

00:40:13Bob Gough

ways to keep student employees engaged

00:40:14Jacquelyn Fotino

Ideas on what other establishments are doing that have been successful, how to get student engagement, new ways of student development

00:40:14Anna Champion

Ideas of best practices that what is currently being done - connection and trainings!

00:40:14Allie Bogard

Staff engagement & support

00:40:17Colton Sanders

Keeping staff engaged remotely

00:40:18Dylan Johnson

Training new employees during this time of social distancing

00:40:20Alli Hughes

Throw in some fun during this time with them

00:40:21Mike Bricker

tasks for students

00:40:24Matt Collum

What to do with/for the SENIORS that are graduating :(

00:40:25Priscilla Gaona

year round development ideas (i.e. structure, topics, etc.)

00:40:25Andrew Lyburn

Strategies for remote student recognition events

00:40:29Keli Howe

how to engage without overwhelming them - keeping in mind the academic priority

00:40:33Ashley Allen

Thoughts on how to support and develop students graduating in spring/summer


ways to connect with students; support them during this time; how to celebrate seniors who have left campus

00:40:34Juliana Frigerio

Maintaining positivity/encouragement as students/peers job search during this time

00:40:34Tabbitha Ashford

supporting students and engaging them from afar (especially if they are not allowed to work)

00:40:47Bob Gough

ideas for virtual end of the year awards event

00:44:06Earl Cabellon

All great ideas!

00:45:34Laura Shively

Zoom and microsoft forms

00:45:49Amy Gardner

LSU is managing with Microsoft Teams, hopefully also utilizing Zoom for future meetings.

00:46:02aaron brooks

House party to connect with my student staff

00:46:03cristina rodriguez

We were able to use institution blackboard

00:46:04Travis Lankford

we are using Microsoft Teams at UTA, i am currently developing some options on Canvas

00:46:04Jason Vlastaras

Canvas online classroom for paying students for development modules

00:46:04Dylan Johnson

We are using Vidgrid for recorded videos and Zoom primarily.

00:46:05Rachel Jones

Mostly zoom right now with students. Microsoft teams for pro staff.

00:46:13Courtney Rorex

We are experimenting with Slack at UH

00:46:15Tony North Jr

Toledo is using Microsoft teams & Zoom

00:46:17Brian Beam

Microsoft Teams at UConn

00:46:17Alli Hughes

Slack for student updates

00:46:24Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

zoom with institutional license for all with email address

00:46:24Bob Riddle

Zoom, Google Hangouts

00:46:29Greg Durham


00:46:29Matt Collum

GoogleHangouts for video chatting, since we already use Gmail for email (Boston College)

00:46:33Tony North Jr

our administrative staff is using slack at Toledo

00:46:36Krista Herring

Linkedin Learning, Microsoft Teams, Trello

00:46:40Erica Unruh

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn Learning

00:46:46Andrew Lyburn

WebEx Teams has been very successful for us.Chats organized by group and you can launch meetings with respective groups directly from the chats.

00:46:48Andy Bruni

Zoom, MS Teams, Google Drive, Kahoot

00:46:50Eric Becker

Microsoft Teams has been awesome for communication and video calls!

00:47:05Jonathan Rivera

Google Hangouts, Canvas

00:47:05Anna Bruning

Zoom, teams, we have required career readiness modules on canvas for student staff

00:47:07Katie Thomas

Teams & Zoom.Have Houseparty open for students to jump in when they need to, similar to being able to swing in the office.

00:47:15Brittany Mueller

Microsoft Teams and Zoom for group calls!

00:47:50Jamie Grenoble

We use Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Collaborative. Our IT said we couldn't use Zoom :(

00:48:17Adam Shanley

Blackboard video quizzes and zoom

00:49:19Mike Bricker

we currently use webex and the google suite, and social media channels

00:49:26Matt Collum

Are we requiring students to download apps/etc to their phones or laptops opposed to just using pre-existing websites?

00:49:27aaron brooks

Is anyone else using Houseparty?

00:49:44Melissa Evers


00:50:04Maggie Fitzsimmons


00:50:06Greg Durham

@matt - we encourage students to download it to their phones, but we are intentional about only using tools that can be accessed via a web browser

00:50:06Katie Thomas

Aaron, I am.Just as a virtual office so students can swing in just whenever they need to.

00:50:52Brian Beam

UConn uses Connect2 just for forms (incident, accident, staff discipline)

00:51:37Matt Collum

@greg, thank you.Seems that a lot of these are apps that many would have to download, so it is interesting

00:52:03Mike Bricker

I am trying to build a training program in Canvas for Building Manager training

00:52:46Tony North Jr

Toledo uses Connect2 across all employee groups...moving to storing certifications in Connect2, moving Kids camp sign in/sign out sheets in Connect2 as well

00:52:50Greg Durham

@matt it's hard. Every year we have 1-2 students who simply cannot download an app for whatever reason, so we work hard to keep them in the loop otherwise.

00:53:48Matt Collum

I use GroupMe for area-specific shift coverage, but let the students know that it is just a secondary option for them to assist with their finding shift coverage, but it is not mandatory because I do not want to make it mandatory for them to download

00:54:03Becky Todd

We are diving into LinkedIn Learning

00:55:07Jonathan Rivera

I also use GroupMe for area-specific shift coverage and quick program updates

00:55:19Leslee Peterson

For LinkedIn learning - are you paying for their access in addition to their hours?Or do you have them pay for their access?

00:55:56Erica Unruh

@Leslee - we use it through LRN, so through that platform access to all courses is free

00:56:45Jamie Grenoble

Our university has a contract with linked in learning

00:56:46Krista Herring

Our university provides that to all staff including students

00:57:07Ann Storey

Itis a paid service that the university has to pay for though.

00:58:01Matthew Altendorf

00:58:19cristina rodriguez

Thank you for the link.

00:59:57Erica Unruh

After our students take a LinkedIn Learning course, they are required to fill out a Microsoft Form which includes identifying what they learned from the course and a few takeaways that they could apply to the academic or work environment.

01:00:03Jonathan Rivera

Thank you for the link, Matt!

01:00:22Christian Nadavallil

Thank you Matt

01:00:24Greg Durham

The IOWA GROW assessment is awesome.

01:00:32Krista Herring

Yes, we are asking our students to write up a a short reflection summary of what they learned from the LinkedIn Learning Course they complete!

01:00:33Jamie Grenoble

Yes we do Grow at UWM as well!

01:01:19Dylan Johnson

Vidgrid allows users to take quizzes within presentations- we can measure if our folks are actually watching content and are requiring them to get at least 80% on all quizzes in order to move on through training.

01:02:33Matt Collum

I love having virtual 15 minute meetings with students, but since many of these students will not be coming back or have lost interest in working, how do you get buy in from them?

01:02:51Mallory Valentine

01:03:22Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

^ Same as Matt Collum

01:03:28Stefani Plummer

who do we contact for IOWA Grow?

01:04:04Mallory Valentine

I can help -

01:04:18Bob Gough

@ W&M, during the performance evaluation process, we utilize the NACE employment competencies as part of the self-assessment.

01:04:26Matthew Altendorf

There's a contact at the bottom of one of those GROW pages:

01:04:26Stefani Plummer

thank you, @mallory!

01:06:07Ann Storey

we use our learning outcomes from the institution and I have put together a rubric that is given out when they are hired so they know what we're looking for. it also ties into the classes they are taking and has the same basic expectations

01:07:15Jonathan Rivera

This semester, we are having students complete the NACE Career Ready Guide as well

01:07:36Marie VanBuskirk

At Oakland University we redesigned job descriptions to be categorized with bullets listed under the NACE competencies their work tasks fall under.

01:07:38Jamie Grenoble

We send out a student employment experience every year to all student employees within student affairs. There are around 75 questions and we then distribute the data collected to the directors of each department.

01:07:48Bob Gough

We use Qualtrics for the self-assessment

01:07:57cristina rodriguez

Earl, can you provide a sample of the senior grad survey?

01:07:58Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

We introduce NACE core competencies to sport club officers in addition to staff. We have an end of year survey for sport club officers and they reflect on which competencies they feel like they have or don’t have, and why. Then we go over their answers with them and elaborate on specifics that they could use as an example in interviews

01:08:48Maggie Fitzsimmons

UGA Student Affairs is currently in the pilot phase of a division wide NACE assessment for all student employees.

01:09:20Corrine Pruett

We use the NACE Competencies at WVU. This site has a bunch of examples of flyers, checklists, and infographics from various institutions:

01:09:29Andrew Lyburn

At Towson U, we have built our supervisor/manager interview questions around NACE competencies and will be using the interview notes as an assessment tool

01:09:45cristina rodriguez

Thank you Corrine Pruett

01:11:12Erica Unruh

We use the NACE career readiness competencies along with a couple of our department's core values - we identified 9 competencies/values that we want our student staff to grow/develop and are creating presentations and trainings for each of these 9 skills/values.

01:14:22Corrine Pruett

Does anyone in their role oversee or advise some form of a department wide student leader advisory board? If so, please email me so we can connect I'd love to hear about the models that you use. (

01:14:58Courtney Brown

Hey Corrine, I supervise our Rec Council. Let's chat! I'll shoot you an email.

01:15:33Liz Feldman

A lot of students, especially ones graduating, are experiencing grief right now. It is okay if not everyone that wants to participate in their “normal” level of meetings

01:15:38Greg Durham

Creighton cannot host staff meetings or trainings this semester since we can't pay them. Instead, we've opened up ZOOM community rooms during our old staff times where students can just come and hang out.

01:15:43Chrissy Galli

Hi Corrine, I advise a council as well. Let’s connect!

01:15:45Jamie Grenoble

We formed a UREC Community Team which plans social events for student employees. They are in the process of putting together a virtual social for UREC employees to check in with one another

01:16:25Luke Verdi

Hi Corrine, I oversee the Student Employee Advisory Board at UMD. I’m happy to share

01:17:50Matt Collum

Just do not want to overboard these 100+ students with emails... Used to have individual meetings in person with these students

01:17:54Juliana Frigerio

I think Cheyanne's idea of consistency is important. We had an impromptu meeting/hangout for staff through Zoom yesterday, and only had three students in attendance. If it's more regular, it can be something to look forward to!

01:19:04Chrissy Galli

Agreed - I think consistency and even offering opportunities for the students to connect with you could be powerful.

01:19:08Lisette Stanzione

At Montclair State we have a couple hundred students still on campus because they are either international students or campus is their permanent residence. I would assume that they are feeling more isolated than others who may be at their homes or with families. Has anyone else faced this or have ideas to engage them specifically?

01:19:09Alejandro Herrera


where we will stay connected by Training, Educating, Evaluating and Motivating Each Other!

It is an incentive program as well - there will be raffle tickets, weekly drawings and prizes!!!

01:19:23Matt Collum

Quick follow up comment, if time!

01:19:26Marie VanBuskirk

Does anyone hold an annual award banquet that was cancelled?If so have you landed on a way to present those awards virtually?Oakland University looking at possibly compiling a video to announce awards and say goodbye to our seniors.Would love ideas.

01:19:27Matthew Altendorf

To Liz's point, how do you recognize the disappointment/grief that graduates may be experiencing not being able to find closure?

01:19:50Greg Durham

@marrie we'll be doing ours via zoom

01:20:13Matt Collum

at BC, we cannot pay the students, so it makes it even more difficult to have a virtual meeting for these students when trying to keep things consistent

01:20:20Greg Durham

Creighton is a strengths campus.

01:20:21Jason Vlastaras

relational leadership model

01:20:40Angela Caringella

I second the question about employee banquet. Trying to figure out if we do a live stream or recorded video. Any ideas would be appreciated!

01:20:45Earl Cabellon

@Greg.. love it!

01:20:52Allie Bogard

Gallup Strengths at Montana State for our student leaders

01:21:02Kelli Rockwell

Gallup Strengths 100%-We have 2 pro staff that are Gallup-Certified coaches. This is facilitated with both our pro staff and our student staff on different levels

01:21:23Erica Unruh

Leadership Challenge (launching this summer)

01:21:31Jacquelyn Fotino

We have our students complete a CREC applied leadership class that has been accredited by the university.

01:21:36Ashley Allen

UNC Greensboro has a university wide leadership challenge that our student leadership positions go through as a cohort each semester. 16 personalities (MBTI) is Free!

01:21:41Tony North Jr

Student Leadership CHllenge

01:21:42Corrine Pruett

We are moving forward with a virtual banquet, happy to share ideas!

01:21:50Jeff Kingery

efficacy and capacity --- this document from the NIRSA Leadership Commission is fantastic--- based on the research in the Student Leadership Development Through Leadership and Athletics (Stenta and McFadden)

01:21:52Matthew Altendorf

Another free one is VIA (values in action)

01:21:56Brittany Barten

Student employee banquet: Ohio University cancelled ours in person. We are looking at Teams live or Instagram Live and recognizing student awards there. We will be mailing cords to our graduating seniors

01:22:19Jonathan Rivera

We use Gallup Strengths as well

01:22:39Mallory Valentine

For our student leadership committee we actually give gallup and then also teach them student development theory to allow them to think individually about their leadership

01:23:11Katie Thomas

01:23:51Michael Willett

Thanks for this round table Earl!Lots of great information.I've got to jump to the next meeting.Will a recording of this be available to association members?

01:24:03Earl Cabellon

Yes it will be on the NIRSA website!

01:24:15Michael Willett

Thank you!!

01:24:23Katie Thomas

01:24:34Corrine Pruett

We use Gallup Strengths, The Leadership Challenge, True Colors, and other assessments/inventories for our Operations Supervisors

01:24:49Natasha Davila

I have my student managers complete their strength finders, we have a staff member who is a certified coach and we do team coaching and individual coaching . Their tasks are assigned according to their strengths.

01:25:18Bob Gough

another free resource for leadership assessment

01:25:37Tony North Jr

Awards Banquets? honoring Graduating Seniors?

01:25:39Greg Durham

During our monthly inservices we bring in a strengths coach who will do some leadership development around it. We have a mentor/mentee - and staff teams program that is based on gallups strengths.

01:26:31Chrissy Galli

Feel free to share any roundtable topics you’d like to see offered on student staff development in this chat :)

01:27:00Amy Gardner

We have some tasks for students to complete remotely and still receive payment; was curious what other tasks you all have come up with for that list?

01:27:12Alejandro Herrera

Bob Gough I've used the Life Values Inventory. Great resource.You can even contact Dr. Kelly Crace (who designed it) to get additional info. Super nice guy!

01:28:27Jeff Sladewski

Incentives would be fantastic

01:28:41Bob Gough

Dr. Crace is on our campus. He is a great resource!

01:28:43Leslee Peterson

incentives, student led training

01:28:47Matthew Altendorf

If you have burning topics that you'd like to talk about, shoot Chrissy and I an email!

01:28:50christine haluzak

NIRSA is launching a Career Development week - look to NIRSA Connect for more info

01:28:53Becky Todd

Would love to dive into incentives for participation, inclusive hiring, and supporting students through crisis, student led trainings

01:28:53Jamie Grenoble

Thanks for doing this! Very helpful!

01:29:04Maggie Fitzsimmons


01:29:08Keli Howe

Thanks so much!

01:29:09Jonathan Rivera

Thank you!

01:29:10Erica Unruh

Thanks for hosting this!

01:29:18Liz Feldman

Thanks Matthew and Chrissy!

01:29:18Corrine Pruett

Thank you everyone! Have a great day!

01:29:19Leslee Peterson

Thank you!!

01:29:28Chaelim Nellis

Great stuff!

01:29:30Bob Gough

future topic... remote hiring best practices

01:29:34Anna Champion

Thank you!So many ideas - thank goodness for these connections!

01:29:35Aubre Jones

Thanks Earl for guiding this very informative presentation!Fantastic!

01:29:38Alejandro Herrera

Thanks for hosting this, y'all.Really great info!

01:29:40Jenny Larson

thanks for hosting! Would love to talk more about inclusive hiring practices that other institutions have been doing!

01:29:43Alli Hughes

Thank you for some human interaction today! <3

01:29:45Jeff Sladewski

Thank you all so much. I believe these round tables are extremely beneficial. Remember to breathe everyone.

01:29:50Kelli Rockwell

I agree with Bob, remote hiring best practices would be awesome!

01:29:57Sydney Ochoa

thank you!

01:30:09Tony North Jr

thank you for hosting....and thank you everyone for the information



01:30:14Brigitte Lossing

Thank you for keeping us connected!

01:30:17Juliana Frigerio

SLT is doing two more student sessions: Working from Home with Parents (3/31 @12pm PT) and Student Experience Part 2 (4/7 @ 12pm PT) - feel free to encourage student staff to attend!

01:30:29Roger Watson

Thanks everyone.

01:30:30Priscilla Gaona

remote training too


Thank you very much!

01:30:47Andy Bruni

Thanks for this! So awesome. Digital badging would be an interesting topic for future discussions.


thanks for the excellent ideas!

01:31:00cristina rodriguez

You are all awesome!

01:31:02Keli Howe


01:31:04aaron brooks

Thanks everyone! Stay safe and have a great weekend!!

01:31:08Alejandro Herrera

end of the year banquet ideas, even if it has to be virtual

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email