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Friday, March 27, 11:00am PT / 1:00pm CT

Facilitator: Jess Gentry

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Chat Transcript

00:30:52Erin Wells


00:31:05Erin Wells

Please put comments and questions you may have here!!!

00:31:30Todd Bauch

some said this is our “New Now”

00:32:14Roger Watson

What are you doing for your climbing wall areas?

00:33:01Amy Lanham

Roger thanks for question, going to keep them and bring them into conversation as we go

00:33:19Raul Cano

Are you working rmeotely or on campus. Texas Southmost College skeleton crew. We are 4 professionals and each one of us will be here one day and we will rotate on Fridays

00:33:47Jason Darby

Shut down until further notice

00:33:52Mark Ritter

We have shutdown

00:33:52Corrine Pruett

WVU is closed.

00:33:56Tabbitha Ashford

St. Edward's: all 4 pro staff working remotely, shut down until further notice


Cal State Fullerton, we are completely shut down, likely through May 22.

00:33:57Drew Ison

Shut down until 4/7

00:33:59Christian Lawrence

Closed, but have maintenance team in the facility

00:34:00Cindy Wright

Gettysburg is shut down

00:34:03Olivia Balloveras

UConn has shut down all operations until further notice. Pro staff work from home!

00:34:05Evanne Drucker

Loyola Marymount University Working from home, all of our facilities are closed for further notice.

00:34:06Meredith Merchant, WPI

Campus itself has completely shut down on essential personnel. No one is to go into facility except for our pool operator.

00:34:07Shelby Stovall

We have shut down operations but some are still coming into the office. We just started a remote work rotation

00:34:08Katie Taylor

Wyoming down until further notice and working from home. Maintenance is doing all our deep cleans.

00:34:09Eric Simmons

shut down

00:34:09Greg Durham

Creighton is shut down TBD

00:34:16Korey Stamp

Maintenance team is still in facility

00:34:21Gabby McCollum

Shutdown as of 3/18 at Virginia Tech

00:34:23Justin Waters

@Roger, I purchased a Lowes Chemical backpack sprayer (think ghostbusters) and worked with our certified Belayers to go up and spray the wall down with our disinfectant

00:34:25RJ Skinner

University of Manitoba, Canada, currently closed for operations, we staff are working from home, but maintenance is still continuing on campus

00:34:29Mike Wong

At Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) we have closed all facilities until further notice. A few staff will stop in during the week for a facility check/walkthrough

00:34:32Jeffrey Schmitt

West Florida is working remotely through May 8

00:34:48Jessica Adkisson

Same - shutdown until further notice at UofI Chicago. Campus engineers are checking on facility. We're trying to get Building Service Workers in to address daily needs.

00:34:50Nick Lumpkin

UC is shut down, maintenance and housekeeping are on campus working limited hours, we are all working remotely

East Stroudsburg University is shut down until further notice. 4 professional staff working remotely.

00:34:51Anna Champion

Following guidelines with limited staff - we are closed but maintenance comes in on a limited basis. Our Aquatics Coordinator comes in to maintain the pool. Custodial is only working in 2s…separate at all times.

00:34:54Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

WSU- closed until further notice, essential FT employees only. Facilities still on campus. City/State may be taking over for COVID-19 response. (MA). Everything remote at this time.

00:34:58Bill Callender

Completely shutdown, maintenance staff working under oversite of campus facilities but paid by deoartment

00:35:12Roger Watson

Here are at Dixie State University we are closed. Custodial is still in our building cleaning.

00:35:13Anna Champion

Staff can come in - we must alternate times and not be in the building at the same time

00:35:13Todd Bauch

We are closed, but pro-staff can return as needed.

00:35:26Raul Cano

Facilities closed until further notice. Custodial does maintenance. Next week student workers will be here to assist with videos and updating files . Maximum 6 of them will be ehre

00:35:26John Bryan

MIT is shut down. Facilities is still checking on the building and there is a core group of 9 that is rotating through to check the building and process refunds.

00:35:28Andy Laughlin

ISU - Facilities closed for use. We have some staff who goes in and working We are deep cleaning and have some maintenance work.

00:35:43Ben Burnham

Boise State is closed. Only staff allowed to work from the physical facility are the Facility Foreman and custodians.

00:35:44Staci Snyder

UCLA has closed all facilities. Only authorized staff can enter if/when needed

00:35:48Michael Adeyemo

SHSU Rec Sports facilities are shut down, all programs have switch to virtual and our professional staff are still within the building on alternative days


Cal State Fullerton - Our University PD has requested us to do building checks twice a day

00:36:23Janira Calderon

Hello from York College in Jamaica Queens. The HPE Complex is has been shut down until further notice. Admin staff are allowed on campus with limited access. Our custodial staff are working in rotations to deep clean the facility.

00:36:25Mike Wong

At CSUSB essential personnel only included Associate Director and Director

00:36:43RJ Skinner

As Facilities staff we only go back to campus to do site-visits for renovations/major maintenance items. We do connect as a team (8 in total) connect daily

00:37:15Nicholas Horton

Rec Center Closed until further notice. All full time staff including custodians sent home. Facilities Management still checks maintains pool.

00:37:24Wheatfall III, Oscee

Texas A&M is shut down through April 7th with plans to open back April 8th with limitations. Maintenance and custodial are still in the facility

00:37:24Shea McMurray

Is anyone letting folks in to retrieve locker items even if they are closed?

00:37:34David Francis


00:37:44David Francis

Shea, we have yes on a case by case yes

00:37:47Steven Leitch

Meeting people outside to give them back their locker items

00:37:49Ashlee Miller

Minnesota let members in Wed and Thurs from 12p-4p to retrieve items

00:38:00Anna Champion

Locker question (Shea) - case by case but completely optional to Staff

00:38:16Katie Beth

UW - Seattle - All facilities and outdoor spaces are closed completely. Critical staff are allowed to work onsite right now (mainly maintenance and custodial), all other staff is required to work remotely (at least through 4/8). No student or temporary staff working currently.

00:38:29Jason Darby

We opened at certain times the first week of closure. If they couldn’t come then they have to schedule a time to meet with me at the facility to retrieve any items.

00:38:36Jason Darby


00:38:40Justin Waters

Same with East Carolina, limited interaction with appropriate distancing, have stopped due to local guidelines

00:38:43Colin Parker

We are in Canada - Brock University. We are fully closed and full time staff are all working from home with some periodically showing up on campus to allow odd contractor in or check pumps and pool. We are expanding our building currently so that project is going on by that contractor. Only authorized through specific entrance are allowed on campus. As this has progressed and direction from government and University has evolved we have been shut down for over a well now.

00:38:51Todd Bauch

Portland State did lockers for a brief time but it was suspended when the Governor ordered us home

00:38:53Gabby McCollum

AT VT we have allowed patrons until today at 5pm

00:38:55Greg Durham

Creighton is likely going to box up departing students belongings and ship it to them when we reopen.

00:38:59Chris Wermie

We've told clients were not allowed to come in to retrieve locker contents. We've decided a 30 day grace period will be permitted once we open again so people can gather their things.

00:39:01Colin Allison

Santa Clara University- Patrons can connect Campus Saftey to be escorted into the building to go to their locker room. I shared with them a report of all locker users.

00:39:18Drew Ison

Illinois' stay at home order has prevented us from allowing patrons to clean out their lockers. We are looking into mailing items, if possible, to members when the campus is open again

00:39:22Kathy Obuszewski

For my lifeguards at Case Western Reserve, I mailed items to my guards that they left behind until the Stay At Home Order

00:39:28Corbin Hedges

does anyone have a re-open date? if so what are you setting that date as?

00:39:49Katie Beth

UW - Seattle - We allowed patrons to retrieve items last week. Once the required stay home directive went out on Monday we have stopped that until further notice.

00:40:21Jeffrey Schmitt

At West Florida we have matched Housing's dates for locker clear outs, which are yesterday, today and tomorrow from 9am - 1pm.

00:40:21Todd Bauch

The Green Sports Alliance just advertised a “large scale cleaning in the time of Covid”. It is on April 1.

00:42:04Gabby McCollum

There is a machine called Clorox 360 that we have ordered at VT. There is about 6-8 week delay, but was a vetted machine through our health center to clean large areas

00:42:07Colin Parker

NO re-open date is set. Realistically it keeps seeming like it will be later than planned. June 1st was tossed around this week. But i am guessing it won’t be open to students and public - June 1st might be a small return to site work for full time time working with social distancing in a limited capacity. This is changing daily though.

00:42:38Roger Watson

Thanks for comments on the climbing wall.

00:43:22Shea McMurray

Also thanks for the locker comments. Much appreciated

00:43:40David Francis

For those programs where your facilities are closed, what are you all doing for those students who rely on us for income for rent, groceries, paying for college, etc?

00:43:45Jasmine Mayes-Browning

Question: Are any of your departments having student staff do any remote work? If so, what are you allowing students to do?

00:44:05Sarah Shea

A&M Commerce- sending online work to student staff so we can pay them.

00:44:09Tabbitha Ashford

we are still paying students for their scheduled shifts but currently cannot allow them to perform remote work

00:44:14RJ Skinner

At U of M we have a product called Environize that has two options for sterilizing and sanitize. We use the atomizer gun or "Ghostbuster" backpack mentioned, or a fogger similar for fogging for mosquitos. We were doing it as a part of regular cleaning prior to the outbreak and upped it leading up to closure. Now that we closed all spaces have seen it used on them

00:44:18Dean Bowen- Worcester State U

Worcester State U (MA) have purchased and were using these prior to COVID-19

00:44:22Jason Darby

Southern Miss - We were told we couldn’t pay students unless they were work study. The only exception is group ex instructors doing online exercise videos we can pay on the back end.

00:45:29Kathryn Dunn

Our students (Loyola University Chicago) have been deemed non-essential and therefore not allowed to work from home. They are , however, allowed to use sick pay forhours they were scheduled to work.

00:45:39Liz McGreevy

Sacred Heart University - closed as of 3/17, no re-open date as of now. But I have heard that some buildings are closed and sealed, possibly not re-opening until August. I have sent projects home to students so they can work remotely and still log in for work study funds. If a student worker was paid via budget, we can no longer pay them.

00:45:49Eli Barrett

I am having staff do weekly development topics (customer service, social justice, leadership, personal/pro growth). I started a list of ted talks and linked in learning for each topic. They can do up to 5 hrs of learning and then after each video/course they do an online google reflection form. then a Friday 1 hr meeting to discuss as a staff

00:45:50Steven Leitch

We at Tulane put an order in for a Clorox 360 in the first week of March, told it wouldn't be delivered to end of April. We thought we had the order in before facilities started closing, but still missed ordering early enough. Anyone had 360 delivered recently?

00:46:19Christian Lawrence

North Texas is waiting on custodial vendor to get supplies for Clorox 36

00:46:23Ashlee Miller

Minnesota (per the University) will be paying our students based on their average weekly hours worked spring semester. If they are doing remote work, I don't think we are allowed to pay them extra due to this.


Cal State Fullerton - we are paying them currently through April 6th.....after that is up in the air

ESU is offering $200 for individuals who worked 15 hours total the 2 pay periods before our spring break. We also have a small group of students working remotely, including a hiring committee, some group fit instructors that are doing IG videos/ zoom classes and our Facility Managers in Training are still getting a few hours a week

00:46:50Greg Durham

Creighton - FWS students are getting paid through the semester... Non-FWS, Hourly, are not.

00:46:53Colin Parker

We paid staff scheduled until March 28th based on our HR departments recommendation. Post March 28th we do not have 100% direction. No student staff are working from home for us. Some of our staff are already looking to apply for employment assistance program (EI) in Canada. We just facilitated year end student evaluations over email and phone.

00:47:01Shelby Stovall

UNC Asheville - paying students through the 31st.

00:47:02Ben Burnham

Boise State University: not allowed to pay students employees as a university. Limited "essential" remote work allowed.

00:47:16Anita Moran

Are most universities replacing filters in mechanical systems and/or cleaning ductwork?

00:47:29Chris Wermie

Regina (Canada) the University committed to paying student staff for any scheduled hours they had. Most schedules were done through March. Once that is complete, an ROE (record of employment) is provided to them so they can apply for unemployment.

00:47:41Jessica Adkisson

At UIC we are paying students. They are completing assigned tasks remotely. Because of the closure they are missing our required professional development training so most of the tasks currently are surrounded around that. Lifeguards are completing online videos for review. Other areas are reviewing procedures or assisting with manual edits, etc. in addition to those professional development options.

00:48:12Mike Wong

CSUSB will pay all students for their normal schedules until April 5th but still working on a plan beyond that.

00:48:21Anna Champion

At AUM, new hires are going to be paid based on the hours they were going to be working during the future periods. Student/Part time staff will be paid an average of the hours worked for periods Jan 5-Feb29.

00:48:27Walter Kolis

Emory is paying all FWS and Non-FWS through the end of the semester for an average number of hours per week x number of weeks remaining in the semester. Only Non-FWS students may continue to work and only may do so remotely (in addition to their payout).

00:48:32Olivia Balloveras

UConn - paying employees their regularly scheduled shifts through 4/5.

00:48:45Evanne Drucker

Loyola Marymount: Students are receiving checks today for their "average" hours worked in a pay period and will receive one more check of a lump sum of those hours to cover the remainder of the semester (4 more pay periods)

00:48:47Wally Kasprzycki

Seattle University paying all staff through March 31st. Staff still local and available for work after dorm closure will be compensated through Apr. 15th

00:49:07Christian Lawrence

North Texas: CWS paid, others for training (virtual-if any) or through telecommuting

00:50:11Bill Callender

Oregon State allowed student staff to use accrued sick leave.

00:50:59Jeffrey Schmitt

West Florida is paying all students up to the hours they were scheduled to do online trainings, virtual evaluations and it includes some NACE career online moduals

00:51:20Kathy Obuszewski

Coursera is a great option for both free classes and ways to earn certs like positive psychology specialization.

00:51:44RJ Skinner

Jumping ahead maybe - are we going to talk about our work-flow, and or how we are staying connected within our Fac ilities Staff Teams?

00:51:57Justin Waters

At ECU we started using this disinfectant (not this company but just an image):

00:52:11Jeremy Chance

KU Rec Services was given approval through the University to pay students the average number of hours they had worked through the first six weeks of the semester. So if student A worked an average of 10 hours, I then go in and add 10 hours per week since we closed.

Hiring committee _ hiring/interviewing new Rec Attendants for the next semester

00:52:47Mark Ritter

We were asked if our students could be used to help caption the virtual classes Upstate is now providing

00:52:59Eli Barrett

other remote work: having lifeguard manager redo manuals and screenshots, having staff look at policies and websites and provide feedback. As well as fitness staff doing livestream fitness classes.

00:53:08Liz McGreevy

SHU - I sent a list of questions about what students are doing at home and I will use this info in ma newsletter and social media. I have asked them to research all applicable topics - climbing walls, at-home fitness, outside fitness, etc.

00:53:29Evanne Drucker

Would love to hear from others with esports facilities/teams.. have you transitioned to remote tournaments? Etc.

00:53:57Walter Kolis

The student development Roundtable this morning was fantastic and has a LOT of resources (Lead by Earl C.).

00:54:21Janira Calderon

A York College, we have been advised to continue paying our work study students. For those who are under payroll, they have been advised to fill out a telecommute form, and hopefully we can assign them work from home. These are all great ideas. Thank you

00:55:03Sarah Shea

A&M Commerce- we are doing zoom meetings for our Bsup interviews.

00:55:20Colin Allison

For the E-sports questions- this link was shared at the IM roundtable yesterday, has resources for rules, etc.

00:55:27Ross Rodriguez

We are transitioning to Zoom meetings also for promotion & entry level positions

00:55:32Jessica Adkisson

We are doing some esports tournaments.

00:56:28Corrine Pruett

WVU - Moving forward with initial hiring timelines however making adjustments for changes in graduation dates. Transitioning to virtual onboarding and training.

00:56:29Tabbitha Ashford

St ed's: gameplan is to host interviews via google hangouts or zoom (may include presentations) but currently told to pause all hiring until further notice

00:58:00Drew Ison

Illinois State - we are planning on slowly rolling into traditional hours. Biggest hurdle currently is number of staff that will be around

00:58:58Kathy Obuszewski

Last I heard, CWRU will be operating on limited hours similar to spring break

00:59:05Ross Rodriguez

Ours too, @Drew…that’s a major concern of ours. Have students been instructed to vacate campus?

00:59:17Blake Simpfenderfer

UVM is starting to have those convo's: our facility is being used as a surge site. Right now we are planning on having a slow rolling open as we can figure out staffing levels and participation levels.

00:59:31Todd Bauch

Portland State is planning to be closed through mid-June when our spring term is over. We have yet to give this consideration.

00:59:34Colin Parker

No talks about that re-open process. I suspect it will be a slow roll out. Monitoring numbers. etc. I am sure we will have a strategy meeting here soon looking into this plan. Our government has also set pretty strict guidelines so we will need their approval first.

00:59:57Drew Ison

All student, with the exception of special cases in res halls, have been instructed to leave campus

01:00:05Ross Rodriguez

Noted, thanks Drew

01:00:06Walter Kolis

Emory: We are still in the “shutting down” phase for University operations but re-opening/untangling is going to be more difficult. We are talking about a phased approach and will also be impacted by when we reopen (Summer or Fall). We may also have our facility re-purposed and are on a hiring freeze right now for all staff. It’s going to be a ramp up approach.

01:00:24Nick Lumpkin

at UC we will go straight to summer hours following a week of deep cleaning, all based on student staff availability

01:00:37Gerard Morgan

Our students have been moved out of dorms completely. It is expected that our pro staff are going to be covering building if we do happen to open.

01:00:58Drew Ison

Good point @Justin, here is a link for helpful info about locking down Zoom

01:00:59Justin Waters

All of North Carolina mandated students to leave campus and move out ends today, all in person graduations cancelled across all systems

01:00:59Drew Ison

01:01:46RJ Skinner

U of M in Canada also, same as Chris, where they're issued an ROE and apply on their own

01:02:48Don Jenkins

Don Jenkins, Loyola Marymount University, we have been told our student employees do not qualify for unemployment benefits- this is here in California

01:02:53Jeffrey Schmitt

At West Florida we know we can not open until May 8th based on the governors executive order closing gyms until then.

01:03:42Stefani Plummer

We have a sanisport (which we share with athletics). we use it quarterly but will increase our use when we are back open. I HIGHLY suggest looking into something like this for the new "normal" in facilities

01:04:07RJ Skinner

Our Campus CT staff will be completing the deep clean/are currently doing this

01:04:48Mikayla Nawojczyk

Since SNHU is being setup as a surge sight, the National Guard will bring in a third party company to deep clean our athletic building.

01:05:07Wheatfall III, Oscee

Can everyone list the cleaning solutions they are currently using to clean during this time?

01:05:21Katie Taylor

Wyoming is using Vindicator

01:05:25Chris Wermie

Oxivir used in Regina (Canada)

01:05:27Mike Wong

We at CSUSB use a local custodial company for regular cleanings but will be in discussions to extend the scope of their service for future deep cleanings.

01:05:38Justin Waters

We will/have been deep cleaning ourselves (me) with Hepacide and Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets prior to opening (whenever that may be)

01:05:40Bill Callender

We have health services in our facility and clean their space although we are shutdown

01:08:00Roger Watson

Fitness Center cleaning procedures that you have learned from this?

01:08:37John Bryan

MIT has been toured, but not chosen at this point


CSUF - THe county has inquired about it, but we are really on the low end of their list

01:09:54Bill Callender

County health has been under consideration but are now looking into adjacent fair grounds

01:09:56Colin Parker

We are on a local list for pandemics and if the local government wanted our facility could be used as a site to assist with the situation. (Canada)

01:10:26Lisa Molloy

UCF - projects among cleaning were happening before we moved to essential personnel only.

01:10:27RJ Skinner

We are proceeding with scheduled or underway projects, as well we are evaluating future ones

01:10:40Kathy Obuszewski

CWRU- I haven’t heard about the gym yet. but I heard the Dept of a Health has inquired to use the dorms for either medical workers or as ICU. Last I heard, there is no final decisions

01:10:44RJ Skinner

Due to available budgets during this uncertain time

01:10:50Jason Darby

Southern Miss - We are bumping up our pool draining and cleaning from summer to now since we have potentially a month and a half down.

01:10:55Blake Simpfenderfer

University of Vermont is having our basketball gym, indoor turf facility setup as a surge sit right now. They anticipated to start using it today if needed, but it sounds like it's not being utilized yet. fingers crossed

01:11:04Ben Burnham

Boise State: capital projects are continuing and we recently used the closure to replace underwater pool lights. Going to try and finish our floors during this closure as well.

01:11:19Jessica Adkisson

Our staff at UIC that would typically do this work (projects, preventative maintenance, etc.) are not coming to Campus.

01:11:27Justin Waters

We are proceeding with projects, trying to move up certain projects that are "easier" when no people are in the facility. AKA: replacing lights above courts, however, everything is being reviewed again

01:11:35Anita Moran

As it relates to repair or construction projects, look for construction prices to drop quickly this fall.

01:12:21Eli Barrett

Our facilities/buildings/grounds crew are getting some work on R&R projects, some capital projects, and other smaller work orders. Utilizing the time that the buildings are empty. Projects like painting, flooring, etc.

01:12:25Todd Bauch

01:12:40Mikayla Nawojczyk

I didn't explain this as well as I could have, here's the news article:

01:12:40Drew Ison

We are attempting to flip our summer project schedule to this break

01:12:53Tucker Paschen

At Southern Miss we will also be doing a move out of all strength and cardio equipment and deep clean of the carpeting in the fitness area

01:13:05Colin Parker

We have a capital project still on going and they are on site. Construction parties have been determined as essential service by provincial government. Some other vendors through coordination with security and facility manager have periodically showing up to complete some small projects. (Canada)

01:13:10Raul Cano

Since facility is closed, are you paying tv SERVICES, cHECK-iN SOFTWARES

01:13:28RJ Skinner

We are prioritizing maintenance in our Women's facilities due to male tradespersons, and looking at prioritizing shower facilities as well

01:13:36Walter Kolis

Emory: All new non-essential expenses are on hold.

01:13:40Kathryn Dunn

We've reached out to our tv etc to see if they can pause our services

01:13:53John Bryan

Our boat house renovation and gymnasium floor demolition at MIT has been stopped due to a work stoppage from the city of Cambridge

01:15:03Bill Callender

Oregon State has a very specific list of critical functions and if you do not fall on that list you can not be on site. Recsports is not on that list so no staff under recsports is allowed in facilities and on campus. We have worked with our University Facility Services unit to have our staff come under them and they can function under their oversight

01:15:40Colin Allison

We use a 3rd party local company for fitness equipment repair. Currently on a 2 week pause, then they will be continuing their usual schedule.

01:15:48Blake Simpfenderfer

University of Vermont just had work on our new Basketball Arena shut down due to steel getting stuck in Canada and the stay at home order. Going to set phase 1 back and phase 2 is consolidating our recreation facilities is going to be push the start back at probably a year

01:17:03Staci Snyder

Switching gears a little bit, has any one had any issues with people trying to access closed outdoor facilities, i.e fields, tennis courts, outdoor basketball, ect? And how are you managing with various signage, campus PD assistance when available, others?

01:17:38Steven Leitch

At Tulane we do contract out a lot of our annual cleaning and preventative maintenance projects. However, no vendors allowed on campus at this time. With the uncertainty of reopening, it is becoming a challenge to determine when we can schedule those projects. Everything on hold.

01:17:47Stefani Plummer

We have put a hold on ALL recurring services

01:18:00Stefani Plummer

@staci, we have safety services patrolling those arease

01:18:22Eli Barrett

Colgate has spectrum enterprise business for TV for all of our cardio pieces. Called to put service on hold. They said they should be able to pause our service/fee


CSUF - We've been instructed to not renew subscriptions during this time

01:18:34Ross Rodriguez

What about your employee scheduling softwares? Fusion…When to Work…Sub It Up?


Cal State Fullerton

01:18:56Cindy Wright

Gettysburg budgets are frozen now

01:19:30Kathryn Dunn

We are still using Fusion and When To Work

01:19:46Liz McGreevy

SHU - all budgets are frozen

01:20:07Sarah Shea

We are still using Fusion

01:20:21Kathryn Dunn

Fusion to communicate with our members and program registrants, When To Work to keep a record of what Sick Hours we can pay, starting to schedule when we do reopen, etc

01:20:28RJ Skinner

N/A for us on subscriptions

01:20:35Justin Waters

Any programs/Universities in talks or currently issuing refunds of "student fees" to their students?

01:20:37Ashlee Miller

We use Fusion, EMS, When I Work and all of those are necessary for our operations, even if we are closed in order for us to work from home/plan for a reopen

01:20:43Janira Calderon

off topic question: are any facilities offering virtual recreation? We have been brainstorming with our Athletics Admin Staff about our rec staff completing online workouts.

01:21:10Colin Parker

Budgets are not frozen. We were making sure we were paying off all vendor and procurement invoices to ensure the companies hit hard by this will get their money owed. (Canada)

01:21:12RJ Skinner

Our Rec Department has been posting workouts Janira

01:21:15Sarah Shea

UPD is making extra rounds for us.

01:21:35Jessica Adkisson

01:21:36Chris Wermie

Campus Security patrols campus and have been kicking people off our turf field daily.

01:21:40Liz McGreevy

SHU - have 3 instructors on board to lie stream classes. So far we are using Zoom and Webex

01:22:05Katie Beth

We removed bb rims as well

01:22:13Amy Lanham

We have not done basketball but have changed our Musco lights to not turn on.

01:22:32Kathy Obuszewski

I heard many cities in Ohio have removed the nets and rims

01:24:04Colin Parker

Our field lights have been turned off and will not come on. We will be discussing locking up soccer nets, removal of rims etc. (Canada) We are hopeful our campus security team is dealing with gatherings and usage.

01:24:17Jeremy Chance

@Kathy Obuszewski - Wow! That's pretty crazy!

01:24:30Gabby McCollum

We have lights that come on at dust, so we have removed lighting, but not the physical artifacts (ex. tennis nets, rims, etc)

01:25:26Gabby McCollum


01:26:26Bill Callender

Oregon has a state order to stay at home and direction to close all parks and recreation spaces. Campus is vacant so no need to remove any amenities.

01:26:32Ross Rodriguez

We have also deleted our MUSCO light program to deter play in the evenings

01:26:36Christopher Stewart

EPA approved cleaners if anyone finds it helpful^

01:26:43Ross Rodriguez

Thanks everyone! This was very informative.

01:26:50Erin O'Sullivan

01:27:22Amy Lanham

Sessions are recorded and chat is also saved for your reference.

01:27:33Erin O'Sullivan

01:27:49Raul Cano

Thanks all. we just got outdoors tennis and basketball courts. We will remove nets immediately

01:27:50Todd Bauch

Portland State has suspended cutting checks. All payments need to be direct deposit for vendors

01:27:55Anna Champion

Thank you! This has given some wonderful information!

01:28:00Justin Waters

Is it Wine:30 now? :D Good hearing from everyone! Stay safe and keep fighting the good fight!

01:28:03Ross Rodriguez

Be safe. Stay safe.

01:28:04Roger Watson

Thanks everyone.

01:28:17Colin Parker

Thanks everyone!!! Appreciate the information.

01:28:18Tucker Paschen

Thanks everyone!

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