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Friday, March 27, 9:00am PT

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Facilitator: Victoria Lopez-Herrera

Chat Transcript

00:38:44Todd Bauch

hi all!

00:38:55Bob Gough

Hello everyone!

00:39:04Chris Nasti

Hello, I need to keep myself muted for a bit. Sharing a small space :)

00:39:22Erica Goode

Hello all!

00:39:34Rachael Decker

Hey everyone! Also need to keep myself muted for a bit until my under 18 office mates are done with lunch :)

00:41:13Christopher Schmoldt

also muted here. have a 3 year down for a nap

00:42:05Jerrod Jackson

Hi everyone. I'm finishing another zoom meeting on my laptop. I'll be on shortly

00:42:13Lauren Easter

Ya muted for the 10mo jabber

00:44:04Natalie Hawkins

Keeping one on one meeting times.

00:44:25Natalie Hawkins

Natalie H. - SIU - Edwardsville

00:45:39Brian Williams

1-on-1 Zoom meetings (UGA)

00:45:49Christian Lawrence

Having to be very flexible on how they prefer to communicate. Some like Teams, others just phone, others Zoom. I have had to become proficient at all

00:46:02Lauren Easter

Missouri State using Microsoft Teams to check in daily with all staff members. One on ones when we need to discuss something heavier

00:46:42Daniel Perdue

Zoom or Webex?

00:47:32Rachael Decker

I have been trying to still keep up on the office banter via technology. Often times right before lunch in the office people will gather to try to grab a bite to eat, so around the lunch hour, I try to start a group video chat with everyone to check in on what they're doing for lunch just like we would if we were in the office. Then it turns into some casual office banter which is always good for the soul :)

00:47:37Brittani Lee

Indiana State University is using Microsoft Teams to keep connected between Professional Staff. It has been working out very well.

00:47:52Jason Darby

Southern Miss - Not all pro staff has been kept on working remotely and most are on administrative leave during this time. We are still inviting them to our virtual meetings for them to stay in the loop if they choose so they don’t feel left out.

00:47:55Anna Champion

Thank goodness for Zoom!…New job - New City - Away from SO…so this connection and seeing familiar faces/names is nice considering there isn’t any face-to-face at the moment!

00:47:57Chris Nasti

Chris from American University. We are suing Zoom now, but we used Google Hangouts initially. Hangouts is a nice free option. But, I like zoom a little better.

00:48:13Chris Nasti

using, not suing :)

00:48:43Katie Beth

UW - Seattle, our Director is holding a weekly zoom meeting with all of our permanent staff. I am still doing 1:1 meetings with the staff I supervise either over phone or zoom on a weekly basis. We are just starting to research Microsoft Teams to see if that can be used as well. Also looking into Google Groups...

00:49:28Erin Wells

UT Austin is doing a Facility ops check in every morning. We have discussed how long it will need to be daily? Right now we are filling our hour(ish) meeting. We will monitor to see if it needs to be brought down in frequency each week.

00:49:56Lauren Easter

Daily 9am coffee chat at Missouri state

00:50:04Michelle Mirpuri

virtual coffee breaks three times a week

00:50:41Amanda Alpert

Ole Miss: I am checking in twice a week with my direct reports, one is a ZOOM meeting (1 hour) and the other is a phone call (shorter)

00:50:41Virginia Mohr

Montclair State is on a group me with pro staff and we check in each morning at 8:30 to say good morning and share casual conversation

00:50:44Bill Singleton

Oakland University is checking in daily on Google Meet

00:51:00Lauren Easter

Utilizing office 365 to the max with sharepoint, planner, and email still

00:51:10Katie Beth

Our executive team is checking in daily since things are still changing frequently here in Seattle. I have created shared documents with each staff member to track tasks.

00:51:30Kathy Obuszewski

At Case Western Reserve Uni, I started to do Netflix parties with staff

00:51:33Kenneth Turbush

We are all on Google chats. We share good morning pics and quotes.

00:51:48Erin Wells

Microsoft Teams is also great for more then just virtual meetings. We are using the Files tab and Staff Notebook

00:52:40Lauren Easter

Same boat unfortunately

00:53:27Jenny Larson

Our leadership team is communicating daily and then doing our larger meetings once a week. We are doing a full team meeting via Zoom weekly and then I am doing weekly check-in/meetings with all of my direct reports.

00:53:34Eli Barrett

Along with zoom weekly meetings, we use groupme for casual chatting and slack for a few more groups

00:53:38Bob Gough

W&M not allowed on campus as of this week

00:53:40Jonathan Johnston

Agreed on Microsoft teams. Can step up private channels for just specific program areas. Can add apps that help with assigning tasks. The files section is great for editing on the fly versus using an on campus share drive. Our GA"s can't get access to our share drive so this has really helped

00:53:41Knoop, Chris

Saskatchewan Polytechnic = not allowed

00:53:51Sarah Hunt

As of today, essential personnel only allowed on UCF.

00:53:51Becky Todd

University of Arkansas is not allowed on campus.

00:53:57Jason Darby

For us its discouraged, but can go as needed. Our director is still working out of there some days.

00:54:02Kenneth Turbush

Boston College not on campus since Monday.

00:54:03Louis Morphew

MSU Denver not allowed. Stay at home order by the state of Colorado.

00:54:05Emily Piercey

University of Cincinnati not allowed on campus

00:54:19Katie Beth

UW-Seattle, not allowed on campus unless they are deemed "critical" (maintenance and custodial).

00:54:20Anna Champion

We have to alternate our times at Auburn University at Montgomery to be in our offices - don’t know if this will change…day by day basis

00:54:23Victoria Roberts

We aren't allowed on campus here at Clemson either :(

00:54:33Michelle Mirpuri

Tulane University is working from home

00:54:33Ben Piper

UTDallas only essential staff are allowed and the university now has a document for those staff to carry in the car to and from work.

00:54:35Carson Brown

Boston College-only our CPO allowed twice a week to check on pool chemicals. Nobody else allowed.

00:54:40Eli Barrett

Colgate University not allowed on campus (only essential staff allowed)

00:54:42Adam Burke

At the University of Wyoming, only some buildings are closed, campus rec is one of them, but we can come and go as needed.

00:54:49Rachel O'Mara

University of Houston - only essential personnel on campus. This does include our CPO's going in once per day to check the pools

00:54:56Natalie Hawkins

Anyone having issues with staff utilizing Emergency paid leave?

00:54:59Stoney Hart

Ferris State is not allowed until April 13th with the governors orders

00:55:00Matt Seibring

Illinois State Univ - not considered essential personnel. Permission needed from me for anyof my staff to enter building.

00:55:06Samantha Lowry

Kennesaw State - campus is not closed. Staff have been directed to work from home but facilities staff are tasked to check in to building(s) once a week

00:55:11Jason Darby

USM is also allowing our Aquatics Coordinator to go in this next week to drain and shutdown the pool.

00:55:16Cathy Czuleger

UC Santa Barbara-Campus is technically ‘open’ but only for essential staff. Rec is not essential

00:55:17Marissa Canter

Longwood University. Employees still allowed on campus. Some required based on VP area. Permission needed for student affairs. Some allowed telework.

00:55:25Chris Nasti

AU - only the head Athletic Trainer and two pro staff to check on the pool. The rest of our Atheltics and Rec department can not go in

00:55:29Blake Simpfenderfer

We were allowed in until Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Now our facility is getting ready to be a surge site

00:55:38David C

southern methodist is working from home. campus closed. essential staff such as associate director works partial from campus and home

00:55:51Don Jenkins

Loyola Marymount University, most buildings closed. Staff not allowed on campus, unless deemed essential

00:55:53Lauren Easter

MSU is offering 2/3 pay option and several staff are interested in that. could drop tasks because it would be so suddent

00:56:01Seneca Wilson

University of Alabama at Birmingham- we are not allowed on campus. only essential personnel.

00:56:51Bob Gough

@W&M one Campus Rec Staff member allowed to come to campus to conduct a walk-through the facility once a week. Facility Mgt conducts a walk through daily.

00:57:26Kathryn Dunn

Is anyone else dealing with Sick Pay for student staff? Chicago requires sick pay accrual for part time staff so we are wondering if any other schools are saying this is allowed use of sick pay?

00:57:52Bob Gough

W&M HR has conducted several virtual meetings to help explain how working from home is still working, just working differently.

00:57:58Christopher Schmoldt

@WVU, Facility Maint doing daily walkthrough of facility, one CR staff member doing a walk though once a week

00:59:27Brooke Turner

We have 3 tiers: Group 1: Critical come to campus and leave as soon as possible, Group 2: Work from home, Group 3: Paid, but not able to work from home. We have a google doc for when someone needs to access the office to help keep numbers low and social distance.

00:59:45Mike Rac

rotating professional staff for facility checks, and to stay engaged with their teams. also rotating part time staff with minimal hours to assist with cleaning and disinfecting facilities.

01:00:03Brooke Turner

We have shared our Zoom Personal IDs that allows us to virtually knock on office doors throughout the day.

01:00:17Bob Gough

Flex scheduling, this is an opportunity for all of us in the Campus Rec field to stretch a little in terms of how and when work gets done

01:01:38Chris Nasti

Similar for me. I encourage my staff to text me if they need something urgent outside of business hours. But, if its not urgent, I'm signing off at 4:30pm and waiting until the next morning to respond (unless its urgent).

01:03:19Vicki Highstreet

We have staff who are supporting our housing staff because we have kept our res halls open, although there are only about 1,000 students still on campus. We're helping clean out rooms as well as helping the Unions.

01:04:09Victoria Lopez-Herrera

01:04:24Victoria Lopez-Herrera

Link from EAB for supporting admin staff

01:05:15Victoria Lopez-Herrera

Lessons learned from China about WFH and supporting staff:

01:08:08Adam Burke

We use Simple In/Out, a virtual clock in board to allow all staff to understand if folks are working or on some type of break. Mine currently says “Working From Home,” but if I’m going to be unavailable while home, i’ll update my status so that the other staff know that.

01:08:29Adam Burke

Adam B.- Wyoming

01:09:31Victoria Roberts

I've started using the "delay message sending" function in outlook to not bother others when I know they're not working.

01:11:10Brooke Turner

There was a great article in the Chronicle about utilizing delay send

01:12:05Natalie Hawkins

We had to recreate the schedule and place those workable hours that were canceled due to COVID

01:12:44Becky Todd

At Arkansas we cannot pay part time staff for hours they don't work

01:13:09Becky Todd

We are creating 40-60 hours of central curriculum to offer part time students to allow them to still get paid

01:13:11Erin Wells

At UT Austin, we are working to do remote projects and they are able to do professional development trainings through the LinkedIn learnings

01:13:13Samantha Lowry

At Kennesaw State unless there are remote tasks for students to complete we can only pay FWS an average of regular hours. We are also navigating what to do with wages as we have been tasked to refund a portion of the student recreation fee.

01:13:41Katie Beth

UW - Seattle, we are allowing them to use accrued sick leave since this is a health pandemic but they do need to have a scheduled time set up. Otherwise we are not paying student or temporary employees at this time.

01:13:43Natalie Hawkins

Question. Discussion on impact of student fees being refunded due to no facilities, programs and services.

01:13:46Rachael Decker

At University of Toledo, unfortunately all of our student employee positions were terminated, except for FWS positions.

01:13:54Marissa Canter

Longwood University: Paying students average number of hours worked whether they continue to work or not though May 9. This includes Federal and non federal work study.

01:14:20Brooke Turner

UA paid student staff for one week for average of last 2 pay periods that included spring break. We are currently gathering info on if they are still in town for when we reopen. We were also asked if they can work remotely and if we were able to monitor their remote work.

01:14:36Jason Vlastaras

At ISU we built a course in Canvas with 20 modules, each worth one hour. They can take the modules for 10 hours of work/week. Modules cover department knowledge, relational leadership model, career readiness and personal development. We will then build more specific module by area

01:14:54Stoney Hart

Ferris we are paying 2 weeks of average hours and after that we are creating projects to do remotely for the students.

01:14:56Michelle Mirpuri

At Tulane University FWS will be paid out what they are eligible to receive. The University has also told us we are able to use budgeted funds if we can find something for them to do

01:15:03Dana Lopez

Wake Forest Univ is going week by week to pay or not


USU - we have moved our maintenance week to maintenance month and have our students sticking around to help us out with big cleaning and maintenance projects

01:15:25Matt Seibring

Illinois State University - we just got the message last night that we will continue to pay student employees. For students paid on an event-by-event basis, we are supposed to estimate what their pay would have been

01:15:38Dana Lopez

GA's will be paid. We may be looking at not having GA's next year.

01:15:56Rachael Decker

Our student government just asked our President for refunds on student fees so I am interested to hear how others are managing this

01:16:02Jonathan Johnston

A&M Commerce - Using for development workshops which has an assessment at the end to apply what they learned. We are at 10 hours a week per student to complete these development workshops as well as any area workshops.

01:16:19Jason Darby

Any refund discussions are being determined by the university. We’ve been told to defer questions and wait until their decision is made. We are trying to freeze our payroll deduct for staff members but no word yet.

01:16:21David C

SMU agreed to pay student workers and part time staff up to a specific point (April 5) based on published schedule i.e. when to work. We are waiting for more guidance from university as to what will happen after April 5

01:16:29Anna Champion

At AUM we haven’t discussed for the students yet, but we are visiting it for our “community”members. Housing and dining are doing partial refunds, however.

01:16:33Jenny Larson

At Elon, our two graduate assistants are still getting paid during this time They are meeting with us weekly and working on some projects. Our student employees are still getting paid during this time. We looked at their average hours worked the last five pay periods in the spring semester. Some students are able to work remotely on projects so they are able to be paid for all of that time as well.

01:16:42Silvia Chan

At UConn we have been able to pay all of our students who were scheduled to work until April 5th even though we closed on March 14th.

01:17:04Rachel O'Mara

University of Houston - we are still waiting to hear if the student fee will need to be refunded. We have to wait on that to determine if we can pay student employees for anything remotely until that is determined.

01:17:24Don Jenkins

Loyola Marymount University, only allows students with FWS to be hired.Students will be paid out in a lump sum payment for the 4 pay periods that were remaining in the semester. However if a students federal work study award has depleted before this crisis they will not receive payment.

01:17:47Louis Morphew

MSU Denver is refunding for only upcoming events that either haven't been held such as CPR classes or our 5k running program which just started. We are encouraging personal training clients to use their remaining sessions once we reopen.

01:17:48Anna Champion

We are also paying all student staff and part-time an average of the hours worked for pay periods Jan 5-Feb 29.

01:17:59Jaron Rider

Full refund or pro rated?

01:18:06Mike Rac

same here. we were scheduled for annual spring maintenance in April but have completed it early and taking the time for other repairs and improvements

01:18:09Becky Todd

UARK is funded by tuition allocation; no fee = no refund. We refunded program fees and extended memberships fur duration of closure

01:18:30Colin Allison

Santa Clara University- we're offering to credit our Alumni members account with the number of days that we end up being closed. All that have asked for refunds were given this opition have agreed to it.

01:18:43Victoria Roberts

We're discussing only offering pro-rated refunds

01:18:47Anna Champion

We have found system limitations too!! Rolling with all the punches and it’s helping us plan for the future!

01:19:08Ben Piper

Katie burns, does USU have a limit on the amount of people allowed to come in and complete maintenance at one time?

01:19:17Katie Beth

UW-Seattle, we are just starting our spring quarter next week. We have heard so far that we should be getting some funding from student fees but we are not sure if that will be our normal allocation or less. The University is going to charge students fees for spring quarter even with limited services. We are working on refunding memberships, programs, etc. So we have no self-generated revenue at this time which is typically half of our annual budget (the other half is from student fees).

01:20:26Daniel Perdue

UNC-Pembroke, yes...we’re kind of in the dark, but keeping the faith that it’ll work itself out in the long run. I don’t think we could’ve prepared for this in the slightest.

01:20:31Mike Rac

for membership and other programs are all in postponement. no future charges will take place. still working on programs that were already paid up for, like spring sports leagues.

01:20:33David C

SMU is discussing at a University level and anticipate crediting community and alumni memberships for duration of closure. We also have semester memberships that would expire end of spring so anticipate refunding. But we have been asked to wait on a University response regarding refunds and credits.

01:20:46Anna Champion

Thanks, Teresa!

01:23:16Samantha Lowry

Brooke - I agree

01:23:31Silvia Chan

Is anyone continuing their plans to hire summer staff? If so, how are you holding interviews?

01:23:49Daniel Perdue

I don’t think we’ve gotten that far.

01:23:50Victoria Roberts

We are! I am doing Zoom interviews starting next week!

01:24:10David C

American Red Cross has given an extension of 90 days on certification and re-certification

01:24:12Bob Gough

We should start talk to our admin about a "soft opening." It will take time to get the facility / pool ready.

01:24:13Becky Todd

We are allowed to continue any part time searches that were underway, but are not allowed to do any news

01:24:17Samantha Lowry

At Kennesaw State - we are continuing to hire summer camp staff as usual and reviewing how best to transition training online

01:24:20Becky Todd


01:24:22Kenneth Turbush

We are also doing Zoom or Google Chat intervies

01:24:41Becky Todd

Only allowed to offer job, cannot hire until campus reopens.

01:24:44Jenny Larson

We are! Our application is live for summer staffing and then we are going to do Zoom interviews in mid-April.

01:25:06Matt Seibring

David C - we have also been given an extention by Red Cross for certs and re-certs

01:25:27Daniel Perdue

How soon would we or could we expect to feel/see ramifications of all of this??

01:26:29Marissa Canter

Longwood University- As of now we are prepping to hire for Summer and Fall staff with similar timeline as usual. Email in applications and zoom interviews will be our process. Making the offers to candidate might change based on any further communication from University.

01:26:35teresa clements

All I know is if our university is open…Our students will expect the recreation center to open.

01:27:33Colin Allison

heres the link

01:27:34Colin Allison

01:27:55Bob Gough

For lifeguards, they need to take a free online course for the 90 day extension

01:28:02Leah Hall Dorothy

You ALL ROCK!! Let’s pivot the _________ out of this support our students success!! Take care everyone! NIRSA Family stay strong!💙

01:28:45Amanda Alpert

Ole Miss: We have sent out a staff intent form where students can indicate if they are interested in working over the summer and if they would want to cross train. If/when we hear that we are reopening, we will use that information to staff our facilities with current staff(all staff are already CPR/First Aid/AED certified). If additional staff is needed, we will take our hiring virtual. We already offer a recorded application session and applications are submitted online, so it's just interviews that will not be able to be in person

01:29:41Brooke Turner

We are typically not allowed to retain graduating seniors to work the summer, but are looking into if the university will give us some flexibility with that.

01:30:37Becky Todd

Thanks all! Happy to spent this hour with you!

01:30:40Erin O'Sullivan

01:30:55Katie Beth

Thanks everyone, hang in there and stay healthy!

01:30:57Lauren Easter

Thanks for everyone's input!! Very helpful

01:30:58Jenny Larson

Thanks everyone!

01:30:59Anna Champion

Thank you!!

01:30:59Bob Gough

Thank you!!!

01:31:00Kathryn Dunn

would love to hear ideas on celebrating student staff as the semester goes on

01:31:02Christopher Schmoldt

Thank you all!


Thank you all!

01:31:07Silvia Chan

Thanks for all the answers!

01:31:12Shelby Hinkle Smith

thank you, Victoria!

01:31:14Amanda Alpert

Thank you!

01:31:18Erica Goode


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