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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Finding Our New Normal Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis:
Strategies to Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Thursday, March 26, 10:30am PT

facilitated by Stacy Connell

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Chat Transcript

00:30:06Kathryn Dunn

Is anyone doing anything fun to celebrate their student staff from home? We normally do an end of the year awards banquet and looking for other ways to recognize our student staff and our seniors

00:30:43Ken Morton

Same here, trying to decide what and how

00:30:49Ken Wolters

Moraine Valley Community College FitRec is doing some student staff highlights on their media and app

00:30:59Jacquelyn Fotino

Same with UNH

00:31:14Jacquelyn Fotino

meaning, looking for a way to recognize and celebrate staff

00:31:35Lydia McCall

Wingate university is currently thinking about doing a zoom meeting to announce the awards to our staff and celebrate as a group.

00:31:35Stacie Dixon

We are unveiling and honouring the award winners online

00:31:50Josh Downing

Josh Downing - Director of Recreation & Wellness - Butler University

00:31:55Christin Everson

Christin Everson, AD of Marketing & Events at Seattle University

00:31:55Whitney Boroski

Whitney Boroski, Manager of Student Health and Wellness at Michigan Tech.

00:31:56Ilana Lewis

Ilana Lewis (student worker at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus recreation

00:31:56Nick White

Nick White - Missouri S&T - Recreation Director

00:32:00Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown- Univeristy of Georgia Coordinator for Facilities

00:32:01Shari Landmark

Shari Landmark, SDSTATE Director, Brookings, SD

00:32:01Jacquelyn Fotino

Jackie Fotino, Coordinator of Member Services with the University of New Hampshire

00:32:01Rebecca Cegledy

Becca Cegledy- Boston College- Campus Rec Director

00:32:02Mikayla Nawojczyk

Mikayla Nawojczyk - Southern New Hampshire University - Assistant Coordinator of Rec (IM's)

00:32:03Cindy Wright

Cindy Wright Gettysburg College- director EES Student Success & well-being

00:32:04Rachael Decker

Rachael Decker here from University of Toledo- Associate Director, Programs & Assessment

00:32:05Samantha Shivock

Sammi Shivock - University of Delaware Club Sports Coordinator

00:32:05Joshua Rinck

J. Cole Rinck, William Paterson University in NJ, Director of Recreational Services

00:32:05Michele Martin

Michele Martin: Associate Director student wellness & health promotion at Georgia Southern University

00:32:05Brigette Sohn

Hi Everyone, Brigette Sohn from UNLV Campus Rec- Memberships Coordinator

00:32:07Nicholas Boehler

Nick boehler UNL Fac Man at recreation and wellness

00:32:07Greg Reinhardt

Greg Reinhardt - Manager, Student Leadership & Development, University of Utah

00:32:07Marlene Kasman

Marlene Kasman Stony Brook University

00:32:09Kathryn Dunn

Kathryn Dunn - Loyola University Chicago (Aquatics and Facilities)

00:32:11Kari Scott

Kari Scott - Florida State - Member Services

00:32:12Andy Worden

I’m Andy Worden - Facility Manager - UNL

00:32:12Allie Bogard

Allie Bogard - Coordinator of Intramural & Club Sports - Montana State University

00:32:13Catherine O'Kane

Catherine O'Kane - Aquatics Coordinator at NC State. Hi Stacy!!

00:32:13Ken Wolters

Ken Wolters, Core Health & Fitness

00:32:13Liz Forman

Liz Forman, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Assistant Director for Sport Clubs

00:32:14Kim Clark

Kim Clark, Director, University of Houston

00:32:14Stephanie Calhoun

Stephanie Calhoun here- Coordinator for Competitive Sports at West Virginia University

00:32:17Leah Bank

Leah Bank-- Fitness and Wellness, California State University, Bakersfield

00:32:17Kevin George

Kevin George - Director of Campus Rec - Co-Chair of Rowan Thrive - Well-Being Initiative…Proud father of 3 girls (8, 5, and 17 mo) and working on well-being at home with all those responsibilities

00:32:17Caroline Dotts

Hi! Caroline Dotts, Georgia Tech

00:32:17Lance Haynie

Lance Haynie - Tasty Cakes!

00:32:18Amanda Reardon

Amanda Reardon, Marketing and memership cooordinator at Youngstown State University

00:32:18Carly Buehler

Carly Buehler- Coordinator of Recreation for Fitness & Aquatics - Elon University

00:32:18Karina Knutson

Assoc Dir- Wellness Promotion- University of North Dakota

00:32:18Stacie Dixon

Stacie Dixon - Facilities Operations Coordinator, University of the Fraser Valley

00:32:19Korey Stamp

Korey Stamp - University of North Texas. Assistant Director Operations

00:32:19Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson - Fairfield University- Dept. of Recreation

00:32:20Jeffrey Schmitt

Jeff Schmitt Associate Director

00:32:20Catherine Raczyk

Catherine Raczyk- student worker for member services at University of Nebraska Lincoln

00:32:20Bre'una Keeton

Bre'una Keeton - Fitness Coordinator, Red Rocks Community College

00:32:21Earl Cabellon

Earl Cabellon - University of Maryland

00:32:21Jimmy Mszanski

my name is Jimmy Mszanski and I work at University of Maryland, Baltimore. I'm the Senior Assistant Director and my main roles are fitness related, operations, programming and maintenance

00:32:22Lydia McCall

Lydia McCall - Fitness & Wellness @ Wingate Univeristy

00:32:22Alison Fisher

Alison Fisher - University of Regina Recreation Coordinator

00:32:25Becky Stolpa

Becky Stolpa- University of Nebraska- Lincoln- Operations Manager (student)

00:32:28Tami Reilly

Tami Reilly- Quinnipiac University, Director of Fitness and Wellbeing

00:32:28Jeffrey Schmitt

University of West Florida

00:32:29Gemma Skuraton

Dr. Gemma Skuraton - Director of student wellness & health promotion for Georgia Southern

00:32:29Michael Migliaro

Michael Migliaro- The University of Alabama- Competitive Sports Program Assistant


Tykeiah Briggs- student worker at Texas Southern University Campus Recreation Center

00:32:31Ken Morton

Ken Morton Stephen F Austin State University

00:32:31Kevin Linker

Kevin Linker - IM Sports EIU

00:32:37Michelle December

Michelle December - University of Florida Associate Director Aquatics/Risk Management

00:32:40Laura Fitzgerald

Laura Fitzgerald- Stony Brook University - NY

00:32:43Samantha Estep

Samantha Estep- Georgia Southern University student worker for Campus Rec and Intramurals

00:32:43Shari Landmark

Tanner Jerome, South Dakota State University - Graduate Assistant.

00:32:43Bethany Meyers

Bethany Meyers - Member services - University of Nebraska Lincoln

00:32:45Jennifer Cobarrubias

Jennifer CobarrubiasStanford University Assistant Director of Aquatics Programs

00:32:45Anna Champion

Anna Champion - NEW Assistant Director of AUM Wellness Center!!

00:32:54Jamie Grenoble

Jamie Grenoble - Assistant Director -University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

00:32:57Liann Cox

Liann Cox - The University of Akron - Aquatics Manager

00:32:57Scarlett Vineyard

Scarlett Vineyard - Coordinator of Fitness - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

00:32:58Thorsha Stephens

HI, Thorsha Stephens interning at Georgia Southern University at the Department of Student Wellness and Health Promotion.

00:32:59Ryan Comfort

Ryan Comfort - Assistant Director, Operations, Univ. of North Texas

00:33:01Tess Magers

Tess Magers student worker at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Rec Center

00:33:04Ana Lanier

Ana Lanier- Georgia Southern University- GA for Student Wellness and Health Promotion

00:33:05Amanda Meyer

Amanda Meyer Assistant Director Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin

00:33:07LIsa Eberhart

Hi Stacy

00:33:12Riley Warner

Riley Warner - BioChemistry/Pre-Med Student - University of Nebraska

00:33:12Lauren Arnoff

Lauren Arnoff, AD Rec & Wellness @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

00:33:12Kelsey Sextro

Kelsey Sextro - Member Services - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

00:33:14Larissa Brown

Larissa, Georgia State University, Coor Group Exercise

00:33:21Riley Warner

For Work

00:33:30Ilana Lewis

Good topic, and for work

00:33:30Kevin George

Is there a higher ed or national platform on how we are attempting to thrive in a time of pandemic? How to see the silver lining and learn from this situation?

00:33:35Ken Morton

Resources to share with staff and students

00:33:37Marlene Kasman

Hearing from around the country how they are dealing with our new normal

00:33:39Whitney Boroski

Trying to find balance, both personally and professionally, during this time.

00:33:40Jimmy Mszanski

I want to learn more about wellness opportunities a home for me and the staff I work with. I want to share materials with our employees and all of our community

00:33:45Amanda Reardon

Help my students and family.

00:33:46Danielle Anderson

How to engage students to take care of themselves

00:33:46Becky Stolpa

Our pro-staff found unique ways to pay us and this is one of them!

00:33:51Michele Martin

I am chair of a work group for the NIRSA H&WB task force, so want to support and learn as we look to guide our work

00:33:52Leah Bank

@Kathryn Dunn's first chat message is a great topic related to celebrating our students

00:33:55Kevin George

Best practices to be well in a pandemic with lack of social connectivity and office environments where we may thrive or be most productive

00:33:58Joshua Rinck

Ideas and resources both for myself and others

00:33:58Stacie Dixon

A way to engage with fellow people, see what others are doing

00:33:58Allie Bogard

Resources for self & staff

00:34:07Leah Bank

Health and Wellbeing taskforce and my own wellness practices during this time

00:34:11Catherine Raczyk

It is helpful hearing how other groups are dealing with these difficult times

00:34:14Andy Worden

I really think it’s important as health and wellness employees to stay up to date and keep brainstorming ways for the community to stay active and healthy in times like this

00:34:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

The title of it…I have recently lost 30lbs since January 4th and want to continue my well being as it took me a while to find work life balance and now I need to reevaluate again.

00:34:17Kevin George

Introverts hate this as they are forced around others, extroverts hate it cause they can’t be around other people

00:34:17Courtney Brown

Looking for ways to adjust to the new normal and be my best self for my students and coworkers

00:34:24Kim Clark

Resources and tips to support my team and my well-being during this difficult time in which we are being asked to pivot and remain relevant remotely.

00:34:25Brigette Sohn

this is a time of high uncertainty for staff and students and I'm hoping for some tips and tricks to help aid our team through this

00:34:26Sarah Daugherty

Self care strategies for our student patrons, members, AND staff. I want to provide resources and access for everyone and emphasize mental and physical health.


ecause of COVID-19 our supervisors thought this would be a good way ti get involved with NIRSA since Arizona conference was canceled

00:34:29Leah Hall Dorothy

feeling some “battle fatigue” and looking to my NIRSA Family for inspiration and strength

00:34:33Ken Wolters

What Campus Rec is doing for their communities is amazing! It is helping our organization learn about some tremendous tools for ourselves and our employees

00:34:36Kevin George

Depressed and Anxious people are getting potentially worse as the crisis makes things seem hopeless

00:34:43Anna Champion

Great topic and love connecting! Love that we are all together! Learning how everyone is dealing with this currently. And…missing NIRSA!

00:34:57Kevin George

Feel bad for people that have access issues or learning challenges in virtual environments

00:35:07Jamie Grenoble

I'm wanting to see what other schools are doing during this time for both student employees, full time staff, and patrons

00:35:15Thorsha Stephens

Self care and well being tips during self-quarantine

00:35:56Cindy Wright

where did you get certified in resilience?

00:35:56Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan - University of Nebraska- Lincoln - East Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

00:37:13Michele Martin

loss of chit chat

00:37:19Kevin George

Sure I can share

00:37:21Michele Martin

loss of human contact

00:37:24Jacquelyn Fotino

interaction with others

00:37:24Ilana Lewis

loss of the gym to work out

00:37:25Becky Stolpa

Not seeing my co-workers as they have become like a second family and people I saw the most!

00:37:29Carly Buehler

I feel other extroverts feel this.. just the loss of social interaction

00:37:30Caroline Dotts

loss of any personal time to myself

00:37:32Andy Worden

The normality!

00:37:32Leah Bank

normal routine... working out in group fitness

00:37:32Michele Martin


00:37:34Scot Anderson

I miss the daily routine, going to the gym, seeing the staff

00:37:39Ana Lanier

Socializing and finding a new routine

00:37:40Catherine Raczyk

i am grieving for the seniors who are losing all their “lasts”

00:37:41Sarah Daugherty

I miss our #RecFam

00:37:41Caroline Dotts


00:37:43Courtney Brown

Loss of being able to celebrate my seniors and engage with them face-to-face

00:37:45Nick White

I feel stress about having no control and not being able to do more for our students in this difficult time

00:37:52Bethany Meyers

Normal routine getting flipped upside down!

00:37:58Michele Martin

missing staff

00:38:00Shannon El

loss of chance to visit my best friend in Atlanta

00:38:01Ken Morton

Loss of wages for student staff who are struggling. Loss of comaraderie

00:38:37Lydia McCall

My seniors and students as a whole. But not being able to be there for the birth of a niece next week will also be a hard experience to give up.

00:38:40Joshua Rinck

While I genuinely love my family, however as an introvert I just miss my few minutes commuting to and from work to decompress and have a little alone time that is now lost while we are all home at all times

00:38:46Shannon El

*AMEN* to that

00:39:19Whitney Boroski

Wonderful, love that!

00:39:40Taylor Morgan

My study abroad trip to Finland this summer and orchestra concert were cancelled.

00:39:56Riley Warner

Not being able to work and make money

00:40:19Kevin George

Another idea would be to get a list of people with their stories from rest/elderly care homes…where we can write letters, mail cards, and just show random strangers can care for them

00:40:35Leah Bank

missing NIRSA Nationals and not being able to make it a trip to visit with my mom too

00:40:53Sarah Daugherty

Thank you, Kathryn, you beat me!

00:41:16Kathryn Dunn

Haha! I didn't see you in this chat, Sarah!

00:41:23Michele Martin

@Kathryn Dunn - can you list your email for us

00:41:30Danielle Anderson

Do you have any well -being- yoga/meditation sites or apps that are free that we can tell our students and staff about

00:41:33Kevin George

Yes..NIRSA Family Reunion makes me sad to have those hugs, handshakes, talking about memories, making new memories, making new connections, sharing the experience with new students

00:41:44Kathryn Dunn - please let me know what topic you are interested in sharing

00:42:11Cristina Rodriguez

Rolling with the punches.

00:42:17William Hurley

6-8 depending on the day!

00:42:17Danielle Anderson


00:42:18Michele Martin

I thought well, but had a meltdown last night so I am gonna say 5

00:42:22Caroline Dotts

3-5 (3 if it's not sunny)

00:42:28Devon Rembert

5 some good days and some bad days

00:42:30Kevin George

6 - tough transition stil

00:42:31Jacquelyn Fotino


00:42:31Sarah Daugherty

You can also send it to me at Let us know if you are interested in helping with resume review, mock interviews, talk with a pro, presentations, etc!

00:42:33Anna Champion

4-5…one day at a time

00:42:34Rachael Decker


00:42:34Thorsha Stephens


00:42:36Ken Wolters


00:42:37Karina Knutson


00:42:37Brigette Sohn


00:42:38Kelsey Sextro

A solid 4

00:42:38Korey Stamp

5 odd being a building supervisor with no building to supervise

00:42:39Whitney Boroski

I'd say 5. I agree with some good days and some harder ones.

00:42:40Rebecca Cegledy


00:42:41Kevin Linker


00:42:43Andy Worden


00:42:43Ken Morton


00:42:49Bethany Meyers


00:42:49Jennifer Cobarrubias

I would say 8. I am getting ALOT of my to do list for home and work done but am missing the routine and social interactions and just people watching etc.

00:42:53Jamie Grenoble


00:42:55Sophia Guerrero


00:42:55Catherine O'Kane


00:42:55Scot Anderson


00:42:57Allie Bogard


00:42:59Michael Migliaro

3-4 depending on the day

00:43:03Liann Cox


00:43:15Sarah Luke


00:43:20Ilana Lewis


00:44:07Caroline Dotts

At least April 27

00:44:13Kevin George

Danielle for the free fitness…Core Power Yoga on Demand, Les Mills, ACE has free content, Fitness Blender, Crossfit @ Home

00:44:26Kevin George

Send me an email: for links

00:44:43Ilana Lewis

Going on a daily walk

00:44:43Michele Martin

making my bed

00:44:44Kari Scott

Making yourself "clock out" at 5pm

00:44:52Danielle Anderson

Thanks Kevin

00:44:55Stacie Dixon

Keeping a routine, little goals each day

00:45:03Michele Martin

getting outside at least once everyday

00:45:06Rebecca Cegledy

keeping a routine. Open all shades, get fresh air. still take that sower and put on work clothes.

00:45:19Stephanie Calhoun

Separating my spaces at home- space for work, space for meals, space to relax, space for sleep, etc.

00:45:20Jennifer Cobarrubias

Making sure you get up and get dressed. Open the blinds! Get a home workout in walk your dog.

00:45:26Jeffrey Schmitt

trying to keep the work day from 9-5

00:45:30Kari Scott

Communicate with coworkers on when you can/prefer to be reached (whether its 9-5) or different hours now that you are at home and have different schedules

00:45:33Stacy Connell

Here’s an article with wellbeing tips during COVID-19 that I co-authored today:

00:45:35Leah Bank

Online Resources for Wellbeing:

00:45:36Leah Bank

00:45:39Jacquelyn Fotino

maintain weekly meetings, just via zoom. Keep routine and connection with team

00:45:54Caroline Dotts

Disney+, long walks, and going to bed early!!

00:45:55Jeffrey Schmitt

Also trying to figure out what opportunities this closure allows us to do

00:45:57Lydia Asplin


00:45:57Michele Martin

yes @Jennifer Cobarrubias!!!

00:46:06Riley Warner

Going for a walk and make a healthy breakfast first thing in the moring

00:46:08Kevin George

Being patient knowing that my interruptions from normal work of students/employees is now kids and wife and how to be kind and open to their interruptions or setting schedules/boundaries…still work in progress

00:46:11Kari Scott

Zoom calls with friends/family if you are far from home!

00:46:18Amanda Reardon

I have to get do alot of my work before my kids get up.

00:46:20Mike Wise

Agreed. Keeping your schedule as normal as possible. Taking your normal breaks, and walk away around 5pm. It will always be their the next day.

00:46:34Ken Morton

Played Quiplash online with old college friends

00:46:38Jennifer Cobarrubias

00:46:41Kathryn Dunn

being in touch with my students! We're doing one on ones if they want- some to discuss resumes, some to just chat and catch up

00:46:45Korey Stamp

getting outside even for a few minutes for some fresh aid

00:46:50William Hurley

Quiplash! Yessss.

00:46:50Tami Reilly

Sticking with a routine. So important to have this in place - movement, down time and regular sleep

00:46:51Korey Stamp


00:47:05Leah Bank

exercising outside

00:47:07Kevin George

Also need to explore your internet bandwidth when a whole house can be online and video chatting can be choppy…

00:47:11Ken Wolters

Schedule for the kids (and parents)

00:48:01Kevin George

We are so happy to take daily walks and get outside with family now and seeing moments we normally wouldn’t with the baby! It’s amazing seeing those chubby smiles more!

00:49:49William Hurley

Thanks Erin :)

00:50:40Sarah Daugherty

Setting up an office where I can close the door (for things like this).

00:50:41Danielle Anderson

keep busy

00:50:53Brigette Sohn

writing out a schedule for myself before I start the day

00:51:10Jeffrey Schmitt

Having a separate space to work in that is separate from the rest of the house.

00:51:20Leah Bank

I need some ideas about not having a dedicated office space (don't have space for a desk). I try to separate space, but also trying to have a comfortable posture

00:51:33Sarah Daugherty

I answer the phone for the office, so it helps with some normalcy to talk to our members. We also have to have a work log submitted to our supervisors every day to it helps track.

00:51:35Jamie Grenoble

I've been writing down bullet points of the work I've completed each day. Our director asked us to do this per my institution though!

00:51:51Kevin George

How has everyone supported student well-being? Are you doing virtual check-ins? How are you letting them know you are still there for them? We’ve done open forums where they can log in on webex/zoom to ask questions even not about campus rec.

00:51:56Courtney Brown

I was really missing having two computer screens so I used a spare TV in our house and hooked it up to my laptop. It's something small but made my work space feel much more official.

00:52:03Kathryn Dunn

We are also sharing our list through google docs with our director so she can see and add notes

00:52:12Cristina Rodriguez

I place meeting notes in my outlook and share with colleagues I met with

00:52:15Michele Martin

I use Google Keep for my personal to-do's.

00:52:25Michele Martin

I use ASANA to manage employee tasks

00:52:39Jacquelyn Fotino

I have been scheduling my day in Outlook and am sure to schedule walks with the dog to keep me moving and to make up for the steps I am not getting from walking around the Rec Center :-)

00:52:45Rebecca Cegledy

Keeping the TV off while "at work".

00:53:03Tami Reilly

Sit and stand

00:53:18Korey Stamp

foam roller every so often

00:53:28Jamie Grenoble

Kevin George - we are doing a virtual social with our student employees and are having virtual fitness classes for students. We also updated our website with a covid 19 page with links to virtual Intramurals, fitness, and frequently asked questions

00:53:38Danielle Anderson


00:53:43Kevin Linker

Trying not to snack too much!

00:53:44Michele Martin

I took a dish towel and rolled up like a wrist pad for typing at computer

00:53:53Kevin George

My zoom office has been in the bathroom…ha! Since my kids don’t know you don’t have to yell in their zooms and having the closed door just have to let family know the bathroom is offline…

00:54:01Josh Downing

Created a make shift stand-up desk with shoe boxes supporting the table and lots of books to raise my monitors to almost eye level

00:54:04Cristina Rodriguez

Jamie can you provide a link to your website

00:54:31Kathy Obuszewski

I actually had surgery before this, so the ability to lounge out and having different positions has been great for my recovery

00:54:41Cristina Rodriguez

Wrike for marketing tasks

00:54:41Jamie Grenoble

My school uses Microsoft teams and it is great!

00:54:45Stacie Dixon

MS Teams, has been great!

00:54:46Kari Scott

Microsoft Teams!

00:54:46Jennifer Cobarrubias

Asana is the BEST :) we just started using it.

00:54:50Brigette Sohn

we use trello to track student employee projects

00:54:52Ashley Ward-Hall

I use the app "Tide" to set 50 minute focus blocks, with a reminder for a 10 minute break :)

00:55:11Catherine O'Kane

I use my bar in my apartment as a standing desk. If you don't have that maybe use some boxes or books on your table.

00:55:44Krista Herring

I use Trello for my student marketing team tasks, Teams for communication with my professional staff team

00:55:45Tami Reilly

Hope you will send notes/contacts/ ideas afterward - I have another meeting and need to leave. Thank you -

00:55:51Ken Morton

We have a list of resources online at follow the link to a 3 page doc including live classes

00:56:22Catherine O'Kane

I also play music when using my makeshift standing desk so sometimes I find myself dancing

00:56:33Larissa Brown

I just rolled a towel for my wrist to rest on. great tip!

00:56:39Danielle Anderson

I put rice in a sock and heat it in the microwave. Great for muscle relief.

00:57:12Ilana Lewis

eating healthy

00:57:46Whitney Boroski

I'd love to find ways to incorporate more mindfulness into my day (while sharing a space with my 2 year old, husband, and puppy).

00:57:51Michele Martin

I am an extravert, so I get my energy from other people. I am really missing social time!

00:58:05Kevin George

Do check-ins each morning or nightly with my wife…so we know when we must be on zoom/webex and how we can keep our kids on track to their school work needs. We haven’t done well yet…seems that 15 min scheduling meeting could be invaluable to not feel guilty or the kids have no direction on what assignments they have due

00:58:06Jennifer Cobarrubias

We have set up zoom calls with our entire rec/well department once a week…We also are celebrating bdays and departures via zoom calls

00:58:26Andy Worden

I like to tell people you should have 3 hobbies to stay sane and healthy especially in times like this. One that makes you money, one that’s a creative outlet, and one that keeps you active

00:58:30Josh Downing

Daily check-ins just to see how they are doing overall

00:58:34Michele Martin

I have created some virtual teambuilding activities that we are starting next week

00:58:40Kate Nail

We have set up GROW conversations via zoom with each student (guided reflection on work)

00:58:47Kevin George

From our staff meeting google slides: You may know of someone that is being financially or emotionally impacted by the pandemic

Essential hospital workers, grocery store staff, infected individuals

Individuals laid off due to the lack of work available

HS & College Students being robbed of their last semester

Proms, Graduations, Senior Weeks, Job interviews, etc.

If you have the capacity support them in any way possible

Emotional support, financial support, supplies (masks, etc.)

Impacts everyone -

Domestic abuse situations, Introverts now surrounded, Extroverts hate the social distancing, major transactions, etc


Im not a supervisor I’m a staff work and our supervisors have live classes on zoom to make sure we’re active

00:59:12Jamie Grenoble

I have to run. Thank you!

00:59:18Courtney Brown

We have zoom calls or facetimes multiple times a week. We have a large group text that we use very frequently.

00:59:29Danielle Anderson

Michele- what kind of virtual teambuilding activities do you use?

00:59:31Caroline Dotts

I had "walking 1:1's" with my team before all of this. We still do that now, just over the phone.

00:59:32Michele Martin

everyone wears a hat day; virtual office bingo, play online yhatzee/scrabble,

00:59:42Korey Stamp

Asking for positives they have experienced and send videos so everyone can see each others faces again

00:59:45Rebecca Cegledy

Mix the formal work meetings with some informal Virtual Happy Hours, Face time walks with groups on staff.


we’ve been working through this app calling “basecamp”.

00:59:48Ken Wolters

Virtual "happy hours" with co-workers, friends, and colleagues

00:59:48Kevin George

From staff meeting slide: If you are comfortable each of you share a couple things you miss at work or home impacted by the pandemic

How we can appreciate it even more and be grateful when we hopefully get back to any semblance of “normal”

Article to Read - Mental Health & Corona virus: The New Norm.

01:00:03Michele Martin

@Danielle Anderson - what is your email? I can chat offline with you!

01:00:27Kevin George

Great article!

01:01:04Danielle Anderson

Michele my e-mail is:

01:01:28Courtney Brown

I love that Caroline!

01:01:33Kevin Linker

Good article - Thanks Kevin

01:01:50Kari Scott

Anyone feeling Zoom overloaded? I'm an extrovert and LOVE human interaction and miss it very much, but I am worried that the Zoom overload will make me want to be alone more (which doesn't work well for me)!

01:02:14Samantha Estep

@Kari, there is a lot going on in here lol

01:02:20Sarah Daugherty

YES to Zoom overload!

01:02:26Jacquelyn Fotino

the first time I used Zoom, it gave me anxiety because I am an extrovert, and it was odd for me to see my peers but not be in the same room

01:02:29Samantha Estep

I also don’t like being on my computer so much

01:02:35Leah Bank

YES!!! Zoom overload. Introvert over here, but it's amazing how so many people now want to be more social than they usually are on a regular basis

01:02:38Kevin George

How are people handling end of year banquets? Virtual? Graduating seniors? Hiring freeze impact to new GA or Pro Staff hires?

01:03:34Scot Anderson

I think looking at the humorous side of things is really important. This is a serious issue but if we never look at the fun side we will go insane. I love the quarantine tiktoks and tweets. I’m growing a quarantine mustache to mark the time.

01:03:45Ken Morton

Yes hiring freeze for our division, perhaps not GA freeze but may not have the budget now for them:(

01:03:53Liann Cox

Michele I would love to know what teambuilding you are doing with your staff as well!

01:04:09Jennifer Cobarrubias

We are allowed to interview still just can’t “officially” hire them.

01:04:14Courtney Brown

Kari, yes. My coworkers and I intentionally find times to chat on the phone or via email instead of email. Not everything needs to be a Zoom call. If it isn't something I'd walk to their office to talk to them about, I'm not going to do a video chat for it.

01:04:15Sarah Daugherty

Same here with virtual teambuilding

01:04:38Liz Rosenberger

Kevin, I just got off a call with some of my colleagues and we are planning a virtual yearbook for our seniors and well hopefully do an zoom/webex end of year banquet.

01:04:39Kevin George

We had to guilt trip my wife’s dad to stay home “sick” as he has 2 health issues that would make his ability to fight COVID-19 and being a public bus driver…finally we convinced him not to wait…until it got worse… that was stressful

01:04:40Ken Morton

Same for virtual teambuilding. Any resources to post or share?

01:06:22Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford uses SLACK for all full time employees

01:06:49Kathy Obuszewski

trello seems interesting. It’s free and I did a training on that. I might try to switch from slack to trello for things like the scavenger hunt team that I have

01:06:51Kevin George

What social media platforms can departments use to share and stay connected with student employees…but would need to be vetted or monitored? We used to use Facebook, but now that’s for grandparents as our 18-25 yr olds think… Do departments have a staff only social media account to post memories, positive things, help, challenges, reminders?

01:07:03Wil Morrise

We here at Out Fit are offering Daily Free Workouts on Instagram Live. go out outfitnrg on instagram.

01:07:46Becky Stolpa

Our Intramural department is doing a 5k challenge where you submit your miles ran/walked and get entered into a drawing! They will have a new challenge each week

01:08:00Leah Bank

Our Instagram is the most widely used by students (and student staff). Kevin, are you talking about full time staff or student staff?

01:08:04Courtney Brown

We're in the process of determining an alternative way to honor our students since we won't be able to do our traditional end of the year banquet. Anyone have any creative ideas?

01:08:14Kevin George

Courtney talking about student staff….

01:08:15Ilana Lewis

As a college kid, twitter could be a good social platform to use

01:08:23Kathryn Dunn

we have been told not to go outside for even a 5k by Chicago;s mayor :(

01:08:23Krista Herring

Instagram is the pace to be - TikTok Videos are always fun for our students - To communicate with staff and check in we use GroupMe

01:08:30Kevin George

As Stacey said I have a ton of free tests in our well-being research so email me!

01:08:39Kevin George

Personality tests, career tests, etc.

01:08:47Jennifer Cobarrubias

Yes Stanford uses Groupme, Instagram, Facebook, our Rec Website

01:09:30Brigette Sohn

Kevin, would love to see and share those resources with my student staff. will you please share your email?

01:09:39Roger Watson

This is also great resource:

01:09:44Leah Hall Dorothy

reached out to each student staff individually to do a wellness check and are offering virtual wellness coaching for all students.

01:09:59Jacquelyn Fotino

Hi Kevin, that would be wonderful would you please provide your email address?

01:10:09Kevin George

01:10:19Kevin George

I’ll just google drive share on here

01:10:33Brigette Sohn

thank you!

01:10:45Scarlett Vineyard

Leah, I did the same thing reaching out to each staff individually over Zoom and it was wonderful. Seeing what concerns and questions they had were great!

01:11:39Christin Everson


01:11:51Kari Scott

Virtual workouts with friends and coworkers!

01:11:56Rebecca Cegledy

You are being accommodating to others and flexible with them, make sure you are doing the same with yourself.

01:11:58Kathryn Dunn

Great podcast for higher education rn:

01:12:14Courtney Brown

My dog and staying active!

01:12:26Anna Champion

Talking to those I love on a daily basis and staying connected! Breath in - Breath out - Repeat!

01:12:32Sarah Daugherty

The window next to my desk is a lifesaver.

01:12:48Jennifer Cobarrubias

My dog Beyonce and working out and zoom calls…Also all the free things that people are offering during this time…I tried salsa dancing and calagraphy

01:13:33Ken Wolters

Judgement free virtual "happy hours" focused on being social. Google hangouts

01:13:47Kate Nail

Facetime with friends and family makes me feel more connected during this time

01:14:04Kevin George

Personality Assessments:

01:14:43Kevin George

Career Exploration Assessments -

01:14:51Wil Morrise

Fortunately we are still working and supplying clients with fitness equipment for their homes. Dumbbells, Kettlebells and the like. its keeping my mind sharp and happy to support my clients stay healthy and strong during this time. If you do need anything, is my email. we are based in Southern California but ship country and worldwide.

01:14:52Roger Watson

rise together podcast by Rachel Hollis & Raise your game podcast by Alan Stein jr

01:15:22Cristina Rodriguez

Thanks Kevin with the links

01:15:30Kevin George

Let me know they work

01:15:34Courtney Brown

I second Roger! Rachel Hollis is amazing!

01:15:48Kevin George

Strengths Assessments -

01:15:49Kari Scott

Thank you, Kevin!

01:16:02Caroline Dotts


01:16:08Stacie Dixon

Remind myself to not go through the motions!

01:16:27Wil Morrise

check out outfitnrg on instagram for more free workouts.

01:16:33Cristina Rodriguez

The strength assessment link didn't work for me

01:16:55Kevin George

Sorry had to make external access.

01:16:58Wil Morrise

hit me up as we still have some!

01:17:06Cristina Rodriguez

Thank you

01:17:32Kevin Linker

Thank you!

01:17:33Kevin George

Thanks Stacey! Wishing you all well-being.

01:17:36Leah Hall Dorothy

thanks everyone! Take a gratitude walk and connect with a friend today! Be Well NIRSA Family

01:17:38Stacy Connell

01:17:46Kevin George

Missing all from NIRSA Conference

01:17:48Jacquelyn Fotino

Thank you Stacy

01:17:49Catherine Raczyk

thanks everyone!

01:17:56Kari Scott

Thanks, Stacy and everyone!

01:18:01Rebecca Cegledy

Thank You!

01:18:01Brigette Sohn

Thank you, Stacy! Wishing everyone well.

01:18:01Anna Champion

Always a pleasure, Stacy!

01:18:02Courtney Brown

Peace, Love & NIRSA y'all!

01:18:05Sarah Daugherty

Thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email