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Thursday, March 26, Noon ET 

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Facilitated by Chris Crume & Andrew Doyle

Chat Transcript

00:57:00Maxwell Miller

Happy Opening Day to all MLB fans out there!

00:57:12Meredith Merchant, WPI

You to Max!

00:57:19Meredith Merchant, WPI


00:57:41Corbin Hedges

Ouch. Thanks for the reminder Max haha

00:57:57Deirdre Reich

Hi from Wingate Unversity

00:58:09Cheyanne Clouse

Hi Dei!!!

00:58:09Maxwell Miller

Re: Fitness and Wellness - I created this webpage for our campus community at Swarthmore College -

00:58:27Alicia Rossow

Proud of you Chris and Andrew. Small school council :)

00:58:37Deirdre Reich

Hi Cheyanne!

00:58:53Laura Fitzgerald

Hosting Group Ex classes though ZOOM via our fitness app platform called ATLETO - Stony Brook University

00:59:58Deirdre Reich

Wingate- We are currently sharing free online class links and are talking about creating videos online. Gauging interest on Esports via IM leagues

01:00:55Maxwell Miller

Max Miller - Swarthmore College -

01:02:39Andy Milton

St. Ambrose - small private college enrollment about 3,000...we are setting up a virtual webpage like some are. We are using IMLeagues to do IM Esports/gaming "challenges" and going to do a virtual's "heat" based. I have a GA working on putting the IM stuff out. We aren't allowed at this time to use UG departmental student staff to help unlike some others who still can

01:03:44Kyle Pearson

UW-Stout is working with several other Wisconsin schools to host a virtual 5k where students can compete against many other students from different colleges.

01:03:56Maxwell Miller

I can speak to esports on IMLeagues too. I was part of the Zoom call about esports programming in collegiate recreation on Monday.

01:04:21Alicia Rossow

Were just using IM leagues for them to sign up. We are then running it from there.01:04:23

01:04:23Tina Mascaro

I too use Imleagues but do not have esports set up yet. Can I still offer an esports program if I don't have it set up yet on campus?

01:04:26Maxwell Miller

Shared Google Drive Folder for esports programming -

01:05:20Drew - Plymouth State (NH)

We started doing a Friday Night Esport League at Plymouth State. Started off with RocketLeague last week and we had a great turn out. Moving to 2v2 for this week and adding more tradition sport video games like Madden, NHL, etc.

01:06:19David Deal

Our eSports Club competes within the ECAC. They are currently offering community game nights with weekly competitions in four different games. The competitions are open to all - students, faculty, and staff and conference and non-conference schools.

01:06:29Glen Kemper

Here at Logan University we use MissionControlgg to admimister our eSports. It is a very low cost for them to administer the league - after I set up some parameters. They guys there are great and manage the games and schedule.

01:06:42Dean Bowen- Worcester State free options are not too bad 5k, walk, run, other challenges

01:07:07NIRSA Smartboard

Re: Starting esports - this upcoming RT might be helpful:

01:07:08Rob Cornetta

We are in the final stages of finalizing an agreement with Mission Control gaming

01:07:18Jeremy Fritz

Jeremy at Christopher Newport University. Im using IMLeagues for our first go attempt at e-sports. I copied off of Xavier University in how they set their e-sports up via IMLeagues. Our registration opened 2 days ago and have 70+ students already signed up. We are offering NHL 20, Madden 20, FIFA 20 and NBA2K on both Xbox One and PS4

01:07:27Rob Cornetta

They offer a 3rd party app where students can sign up and it will create a schedule for them.

01:07:47Deirdre Reich

Is anyone using Geex for eports?

01:07:58Mikayla Nawojczyk

@Kyle have you thought about doing theme 5K's as well? You can have people tag your program and each other for some fun engagement

01:08:23Maxwell Miller

For esports: Use the more current version of the game.

01:08:36Glen Kemper

Mission control gg's website is

01:08:46Kirsten Schumacher

With the digital 5ks is anyone looking to do tracked longer distance runs? Marathon/Ironman/etc?

01:08:52Mike Wise

We are doing a social distancing March Madness, a trick shot competition against another university, e-gaming, daily wellness tips to the students to get through the stay-at-home order, daily workout tips. We are also doing our staff meetings on ZOOM to brainstorm virtual engagement activities, beginning our end of the year evaluations/reports/assessments and daily TED talks with discussions after for professional development.

01:09:31Jeremy Fritz

I had a call with Mission Control a few weeks ago and we may use them moving forward but Im not sure what the best options are for 3rd party apps

01:11:10Maxwell Miller

Courses through LinkedIn Learning are great. Some of your campuses may have this available at no cost to students/staff/faculty.

01:11:49Maxwell Miller

The Science of Wellbeing - Free online course (

01:12:00Tina Mascaro

Fairmont State University - we have set up Microsoft Teams and meet twice a week to keep everyone up to date on what we're doing to try and promote recreation/wellness etc to our students and staff. MT works well because we can set tasks for each other and share documents to work on.

01:12:12Deirdre Reich

Wingate -just getting caught up with everything going on. We are being asked to due an immediate budget assessment among other things, Will be getting to professional development

01:12:42Maxwell Miller

Jon Gordon has put together the Power of Positivity Summit -

01:13:15Kathy Obuszewski

Coursera is a great way to get some course work. I have decided to pay for the cert on positive psychology and I am auditing The Science of Well Being, Creating Viral Marketing, and a coaching conversations

01:13:25Andy Milton

St. Ambrose University - Can we talk about at some point if people are facing potential, and temporary, furloughs at their institutions that may affect what offerings we can and can't do/pursue, either in short-term, or in the coming weeks? Not sure either way I or our department will be affected, but wondering about others

01:13:34Samantha Villarreal

@Maxwell thank you for the Power of Positivity Summit01:15:13

01:15:18Maxwell Miller

This is a great time to improve your plan for cleaning protocols for your fitness centers.

01:15:59Kathy Obuszewski

I think the idea of having an hybrid approach afterwards will be important. While it’s a pause, we don’t wan to abandon the virtual planning since its great for commuters and the online learning

01:15:59Ann Storey

While all the work we do is important, ultimately it's the time we spend with our students that really makes our job special.01:16:09

01:16:19Laura Fitzgerald

Are any other schools potentially going to be taken over by the state? We are in that boat and are concerned that it could be a VERY long time before we open up… what are your plans should this go on for many months?

01:16:46Laura Fitzgerald

-from Stony Brook University- NY

01:17:03Sarah Leckie

We developed a 90 day plan that focuses on Strategy. Rarely do we have the time to slow down and re-evaluate. This is a great time to evaluate best practice and consider making improvements. It's R&D time.

01:18:36Kyle Pearson

In response to Maxwell and cleaning strategies: while students were still on campus several of them were worried about playing IMs with balls that several players touch. It prompted us to ask the custodial staff for a cleaner that would be safe for each ball we use. These cleaning solutions will continue to be available for staff and participants when we come back to campus

01:18:45Rachael Finley

I'm fortunate that I am in a safe place at home and am enjoying being at home with my spouse, and I realize this may not be the same for everyone, but... I am seeing the value in slowing down. Taking deep breaths, and actually having some downtime or time that is forcing me to slow down. I am terrible at NOT being busy, but am really seeing how much better my well being now that every second of my day is not scheduled. I hope to take this learning forward when we return back to the on-campus craziness.

01:18:50Lisa Caldwell

Building online opportunities now for other things that will come up. For ex. Florida SouthWestern is a FL school and we experience weather shut downs regular all this content will be very useful during those future times.

01:19:14Drew - Plymouth State (NH)

Empower student leaders! Give them a voice to take over those social media platforms and keep the friendly, familiar faces to lead the charge.

01:19:29Deirdre Reich

How many programs rely on an activity fee, outside memberships?

01:19:49NIRSA Smartboard

For those with facility questions - see not only NIRSA's facility RTs but also this partner opportunity with housing (ACUHO-I) and union (ACUI) folks:

01:19:54Ann Storey

Our team is preparing to help TRiO and advising with student services. We are being re-directed a bit to help students more acutely with their school needs.

01:20:00Alicia Rossow

Trying to spend more time thinking about me! Working out more, eating better and taking better care of myself! Trying to enjoy the moments and re-evaluating all my programs!01:20:16

01:20:32Alicia Rossow

Well said Andy!01:22:31

01:22:35Ann Storey

I'm reflecting on what's really important in my work. It's not just about leagues and classes. It's really about the students we work with and the relationships we build with them and our professional teammates.

01:23:40Cheyanne Clouse

Yes Ann! Go Seahawks (:

01:24:08Samantha Villarreal

I am going to suggest themed work clothes/accessories for upcoming meetings, virtual backgrounds from zoom to incorporate.01:24:09

01:24:12Kathy Obuszewski

I keep a routine. I have had to change my workout since my ice hockey is canceled and the pools are all closed, but doing what I can do is just blading. The doing check ins on myself and the students

01:24:17Alicia Rossow

Have a good day Max.01:24:22

01:24:46Meredith Merchant, WPI

To piggy back off of Ann, my rec coordinator and I have divided out the staff list to check in with three students per day to see how they are

01:25:06Deirdre Reich

Our staff are contacting their employees each week.

01:25:21Meredith Merchant, WPI

I have a social hour every Wednesday with my control desk just to say hello and chit chat about everything but what is going on.

01:25:31Alicia Rossow

Same.. We are sending emails, group me and texts! We are preparing our online banquet!

01:25:43Laura Fitzgerald

Working on a staff trivia game weekly

01:25:44Ann Storey

We are going to each do a quick message on Instagram from our employees all around campus to just drop a quick line. hopefully seeing our faces will be positive.

01:25:45Kirsten Schumacher

We are doing newsletters with our staff (this happens in the regular year too) but these ones are focuses on the "how are you engaging yourself" or "how are you finding your joy" I am also sending them weekly puzzles or things that we can all work on together.01:25:52

01:25:55Drew - Plymouth State (NH)

We are holding staff check ins and looking at using them in leadership positions and knowing how they can help rally the campus through fitness challenges and Panther Pride events. We are also mindful to continue to keep things as normal as possible like holding virtual award ceremonies.

01:27:49Samantha Villarreal

Alicia that is an amazing idea.01:28:04

01:28:27Andy Milton

We too are trying to plan our year end staff appreciation theme-based party, currently set for May 1, somehow virtually. We do prizes, do trivia, and eat. We also honor our seniors with senior gift.

01:29:01Andy Milton

past themes have been "The Office" and Hawaiian, and PJ party. Still could have people get dressed up and onto a platform like this if can get them together.

01:29:46Deirdre Reich

How about budgets? We are being told no new spending. Only essential spending.

01:29:49Cheyanne Clouse

Have to jump off the call! Please encourage your student staff to join the Student Leadership Team for our upcoming roundtables, and reach out if they are looking to connect with other students!

01:30:07Alicia Rossow

Correct our budget is frozen. Luckily we already bought the plaques and presents prior. I am spending my own money to ship them all out!

01:30:11Corbin Hedges

Deirdre we are the exact same way. Essential expenses only

01:30:14Andrew Doyle

Thanks, Cheyanne!

01:30:30Christopher Crume

Thanks Cheyanne!

01:30:53Jeremy Fritz

We are in the same boat. Our sport clubs had to shut down spending as well unless essential01:31:24

01:32:11Andy Milton

Also related to budget, can people still pay their student employees?

01:32:24Glen Kemper

I really like that idea of a drop in chat with our students! Thanks for that idea.

01:32:35Shanea Allen

we are still paying ours whether able to work remotely or not

01:32:45David Deal

We are paying our student employees through the month of March (as if they were still working normal hours)

01:32:47Meredith Merchant, WPI

Our student employees, I scheduled through April into the first week of May. Due to this, our student employees were able to be “paid” for what they were scheduled for. They and us were very lucky.

01:32:48Tabbitha Ashford

St. Edward's University - currently still paying students but cannot allow them to work remotely. so pro staff is responsible for all programming

01:32:50Andy Milton

or is work being done being done voluntarily because you just have awesome student workers for one and because they want to do it on their own to help and keep some normalcy?

01:32:53Shanea Allen

if able to work, also receiving a telecommunication stipend

01:32:54Marissa Canter

Yes, we are paying our students even if they do not work.

01:33:07Meredith Merchant, WPI

My student supervisors agreed to work remotely one to two hours a week with me, so they are working on planning and organizing our annual training for the fall.

01:34:13Glen Kemper

We were told from Payroll that they got clearance from Federal Work Study to go ahead and pay all of our students for their scheduled hours for the rest of our trimester.

01:34:26Deirdre Reich

Federal work study is allowing students to be paid without working

01:34:53Samantha Villarreal

UTRGV is currently reviewing student positions to be considered for remote working. Roughly 20 out of 100 employees is what we proposed for.01:35:54

01:35:56Marissa Canter

Anyone else offering Athletic Training services virtually? We are working on sending out mini lessons to sport club athletes and offering virtual appointments. Any creative ideas you all have?01:35:58

01:35:59Samantha Villarreal

Glen what institution / state are you from?01:36:12

01:37:01Deirdre Reich

We are waiting to hear from HR as to whether students can work from home.

01:38:02Glen Kemper

Samantha - Logan University in Chesterfield MO. A suburb of St Louis. We are basically a Chiropractic school.

01:38:51Andrew Doyle

Thanks, Alicia!

01:38:53Andy Milton

Thanks all have to run this has been great! Stay safe!

01:38:58Tina Mascaro

We were told that students can apply for unemployment. Now, not sure how the government will handle that or how much they'll get but we did mention it to them. Our supervisors are still working remotely on various projects but there's nothing for the other students to do since the rec center is closed and campus is totally closed.

01:39:03Christopher Crume

Thanks Andy!

01:42:24Danielle Anderson

what survey/polling tools are people using

01:42:51Deirdre Reich

I think our AT dept for athletics has a mobile option.

01:42:53Marissa Canter

survey monkey-we have an account which is helpful

01:42:56Meredith Merchant, WPI

I do have to go to hop on another call. Awesome time chatting with you all, continue to change the world and have a wonderful day! Be well!

01:43:04Glen Kemper

Marissa - which organization are you using for the virtual AT mini lessons?

01:43:18Mike Wise

We use baseline through campus labs

01:43:27Easton Henrikson

Is there an esports roundtable/chat someone mentioned before?

01:43:54NIRSA Smartboard

01:44:18NIRSA Smartboard

Re esports:

01:44:33Marissa Canter

Hi Glen! Our Athletic Trainer is coordinating. Feel free to email me and I can get that to you.

01:44:55Rachael Finley

Great job y'all. Thanks everyone for sharing!! I need to get off for now!

01:45:05Christopher Crume

Thanks Rachel!

01:45:34David Deal

Thanks everyone - stay safe and have a great day! Need to jump off. 01:45:41

01:46:00Jeremy Fritz

That's a cool idea! Im a big trivia guy!01:46:01

01:46:04Sarah Snyder

Wellesley College is doing an Injury Prevention Series on Instagram.

01:46:22Samantha Villarreal

Great idea Sarah01:47:30

01:47:39Andrew Doyle

thanks, Dean!

01:49:37Jeremy Fritz

Thanks for putting this on Andrew & Chris! Great job! Awesome way to reconnect with everyone during these uncertain times01:49:48

01:49:49Rob Cornetta

Thank you for facilitating!

01:49:53Roger Watson

Thanks for hosting this.01:49:55

01:50:03Jimmy Mszanski

Thanks everyone!

01:50:03Samantha Villarreal

Thank you

01:50:18Glen Kemper

thank you everyone! Stay safe and sane.

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