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IM Roundtable

Thursday, March 26, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

facilitated by Ashley Lax with presenters Matt Dunigan and Natosha Harris

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Chat Transcript

00:27:27Katherine Geter


00:27:48Scott Flickinger

Hey all, heeeeyyyyyyyy.

00:27:54Mike Dickinson


00:28:14Anthony Almeida


00:28:17Jason Darby

Oh heyyyy

00:28:22Tina Mascaro

Hi everyone from Fairmont State University

00:28:23Bonnie Hainline


00:28:35Crystal Dooley

Hey all!

00:28:39David Mann

Hi everyone from University of Toledo

00:28:40Russ Jones

Hello from Iowa State U

00:28:41Krista Chauvin

Hello from Penn State University!

00:28:46Patty Williams

Hello from the University of New England in Maine!

00:28:46Jaclyn Gidley

Hello from Ball State!

00:28:56Mike Berdowski

Yo from WMU

00:28:58Art Cabrera

greetings one and all

00:28:59Jarrode Davis

Hi Friends

00:29:02Kevin Linker

Hello from EIU

00:29:05Jerrell Kelly

G'day folks

00:29:06Hunter Hartley

Hello from University of Nebraska at Omaha

00:29:08Brian Beam


00:29:08Trace Seatpm

Good afternoon!

00:29:12Evan Libke

Hello from University of Victoria

00:29:12Tyler Artley

Hello from UT Tyler

00:29:13Jordan Cox

Hello from Wingate University!

00:29:14Sam Rodenberg

Hi all from the University of Washington!!

00:29:15Laura Shively

HELLO from Arkansas

00:29:18Grayson Martin

Hi from East Carolina University

00:29:23Ryan Parriott

Hello from Drake University in Iowa

00:29:24Trace Stenz

Hello from UT Martin

00:29:24Rob Cornetta

Hi from Mercy College!

00:29:25Nick White

Hello from Rolla, MO! Missouri University of Science and Technology

00:29:28Kareem Bland

Hello from Bakerfield

00:29:30Bonnie Hainline

Ummmm anyone know why my audio is not working?

00:29:31Isaac Hughes

Hello from THE western michigan university

00:29:34Aaron Brooks

Greetings from Akron, Ohio!

00:29:35Michelle Mirpuri

Hello from Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

00:29:36Jordan Hunter

Hey everyone from UC Irivine

00:29:41Tom Giles

Hello everyone! Sending good weather vibes to everyone from Miami

00:29:41Jordan Hunter


00:29:42Mikayla Nawojczyk

Hi from SNHU!

00:29:43Camille Jackson

Hello from Embry-Riddle!

00:29:51Alex Kissinger

Hey everyone from SJU in Philly

00:29:54Jerrell Kelly

Western Kentucky here

00:29:55James Harris

Hello from UofSC

00:29:57Trumaine Becoat-Wade

Hello from Radford Virginia

00:29:58Shelly Radtke

Hello from Gonzaga

00:29:58Benjamin Pazian

Hello from the University of South Florida!

00:30:00Dillon Thompson

Hey Everyone from UC Santa Cruz

00:30:02Anthony Almeida

Hello everyone from Long Beach State

00:30:03Gabby Sokol

Hello from MS!

00:30:09Justin Griffin

Checking in from University of Florida!

00:30:09Bonnie Hainline

Hello from Southern Methodist University

00:30:10Tre Talton

Hi there! Representing Embry-Riddle.

00:30:16Eric Vaughn

Hello everyone from Truman State!


Hello from Amarillo College

00:30:16Anna Bruning

Hi from Oregon State!

00:30:21Shari Landmark

SDSTATE Brookings, SD!

00:30:32Julie Mizraji

Hi from Julie Mizraji at Brandeis University!

00:30:33Darci Doll

Hook ‘em Horns!

00:30:33Talyn Sands

Hey! from Stephen F. Austin State University

00:30:39Mitch Eastlick

Hi from GVSU!

00:30:52Steven Walton

Hello from Creighton Omaha, NE!

00:30:57Brittany Mueller

Hello from Florida State University!

00:31:11Ilana McEvoy

Hi from Conestoga College - Canada

00:31:14Jason Darby

Southern Miss To The Top!

00:31:17lauren Hoffman

Hello from Ithaca College!

00:31:26Raamen Bass


00:31:30Zach Ellender

Hello from Nicholls State University on the bayou

00:31:33Kaulin Andric

Gig ‘em Ags!

00:31:36Jen O'Reilly

Hey from Humber, also in Canada... (hey Ilana!!)

00:31:55Ilana McEvoy

Hey Jen!

00:31:57Shana Kessler

hey hey! from Central Washington 🙂

00:32:18Scott George

Hello everyone from your friends at Special Olympics... awesome to see so many friendly faces

00:32:19Mike Berdowski

WMU are

00:32:19Kelsey Jones

WCU is.

00:32:20Tori Landron


00:32:20Lindsey Englehart

UNC Asheville is

00:32:20Anna Bruning

Oregon State is

00:32:20Austin Sanderson


00:32:20Alex Kissinger

I’m doing esports

00:32:21Kirsten Schumacher

Seattle U will be

00:32:22Jami Brossette


00:32:22Jordan Hunter


00:32:22Jaclyn Gidley

No from BSU

00:32:23Erin Sanders


00:32:23Krista Chauvin

Penn State is

00:32:23Carissa Smith

UIUC is virtually

00:32:23Logan Kahler

Nebraska is

00:32:23Aaron Brooks

We are not currently programming

00:32:23Russ Jones

Iowa State - E sports

00:32:24Cameron Milam

UNT is!

00:32:24Andrew Lutz


00:32:24Jen O'Reilly


00:32:24Ashley Lax

still programming at Wisconsin

00:32:24Rob Cornetta

Mercy is

00:32:24Turner Goa

App State is

00:32:24Jay McKendall

Wyoming is

00:32:25Tina Mata-Bollers

None at the moment

00:32:25Jessica Coleman

UWF is! Esports and Trick shots!

00:32:25Tommy Schorer

Iowa is

00:32:25Nick White

Just e sports

00:32:25David Mann

Toledo is

00:32:25Benjamin Pazian


00:32:25Alex Kissinger


00:32:25Daniel Bettmann


00:32:25lauren Hoffman

Ithaca college is

00:32:25Kareem Bland


00:32:25Jerrell Kelly

We are programming virtually only at WKU

00:32:25Mitch Wiltbank

OSU - All virtual

00:32:26Chelsea Watson

UGA is

00:32:26Gabby Sokol

Ole Miss is

00:32:26Alyssa O'Keefe

Emory is

00:32:26Shaneisha Weir


00:32:26Heather Marshall


00:32:26Roger Jerez


00:32:26Trevor Brunet

A&M-San Antonio

00:32:26Jason Darby

We are. Esports and Fitness

00:32:27Joseph Scott IV

USF esports!

00:32:27Brittany Mueller

yes FSU

00:32:27Mallory Hiefield

Virtual classes

00:32:27Trumaine Becoat-Wade

Radford is

00:32:27Michael Husted

yes ESports

00:32:27Mike Wozniak

Just Esports

00:32:28Alison Fisher

Looking into it

00:32:28Easton Henrikson

Virtual programming at Portland State

00:32:28Maria Tonry


00:32:28Julie Mizraji

brandeis yes esports

00:32:29Eric Vaughn

Truman State

00:32:29Jeff Feldhaus

Virginia Tech - Yes

00:32:29Mallory Hiefield


00:32:29Shane Ferrara

UVA isn't

00:32:29Jordan Cox


00:32:29Laura Shively

We are doing virtual programming

00:32:29Jordan Garcia

Creating an eSports directory at CSUF

00:32:30Andrew Lutz

BostonCollege is ESports

00:32:30Kareem Bland


00:32:30Amy Rask

Yes - Univ of Denver

00:32:30Rachel Jones

Clemson is

00:32:30Michael Pappan

SDstate Esports

00:32:30Tina Mata-Bollers

Unc -Charlotte none

00:32:30Paul Goobic


00:32:30Shan Paracka

LSU is

00:32:31Matthew Coelho

Sports yes!

00:32:31Scott Flickinger

No programming at Cornell.

00:32:31Julie Johnson

Nebraska-Lincoln is

00:32:32Jarrode Davis


00:32:32Evan Libke

Yes- esports

00:32:32Jennifer Wink

Regis University - doing esports and trick shot challenge

00:32:32Colin Allison

Santa Clara starting e-sports

00:32:33Matthew Nuesell

We're doing stuff!



00:32:33Anthony Almeida

Virtual classes

00:32:33James Harris

We are doing Virtual University of South Carolina


Still programming at Amarillo College

00:32:33Tyler Artley

UT tyler doing esports

00:32:33Shelly Radtke


00:32:34Bonnie Hainline


00:32:35Jason James

UGA is

00:32:36Trace Seatpm

SFA still programming

00:32:37Mitchell Plumer

Presbyterian college

00:32:38Haley Colpitts


00:32:38Justin Griffin

UF - Esports

00:32:39Tina Mascaro

getting ready to try a virtual movie bracket and virtual rock/paper/scissors tournament

00:32:41Kyle Bianchi

Preparing to start next week

00:32:41Thomas Lail

Syracuse is

00:32:42Steven Walton

Creighton - esports

00:32:43Jake Wells

trying to offer some sort of programming here at Wright State. Trivia via twitch and esports

00:32:43Shana Kessler

virtual programs

00:32:43Raamen Bass

not really but looking at some e-sports

00:32:43Michelle Mirpuri


00:32:46LaToya Burdiss

UNLV - esports

00:32:47Brian Beam

None at UConn

00:32:48Katie Thomas

esports and bracket challenges

00:32:50Grayson Martin

ECU- virtual challenges

00:32:54Allie Bogard

Esports as of now at MSU. Exploring others

00:32:55Ian Bechtel

Upper Iowa, working on Esports options

00:33:33Sam Rodenberg

No esports at UW only activities/fitness

00:33:48Jacob Walker

Sam Houston is doing Esports

00:33:50Art Cabrera

virtual tournament

00:34:30Laura Shively

Virtual 5k

00:34:57Ashley Lax

esports google doc:

00:35:09NIRSA Smartboard

00:35:14Ashley Lax

esports google folder:

00:35:15Jacob Walker

Virtual Trivia through Zoom/Kahoot at Sam Houston as well

00:35:59Maria Tonry

Virtual Pictionary

00:36:19Zach Ellender

2k/madden tournaments at nicholls state

00:36:19Aaron Brooks

I spoke with our eSports Director here at Akron and he suggested specific games for specific platforms

00:36:24Alex Kissinger

we’re using xbox and ps4 and sticking to sport games such as madden, nhl, fifa, and nba 2k

00:36:48Ashley Lax

we are running FIFA and setting up divisions as platforms

00:36:51Nashid Bracy

for those sports games, how are you organizing such?

00:36:53Andrew Lutz

BC is doing PS4 & Xbox for Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, NHL

00:36:53Zach Ellender

cross platform for call of duty

00:36:55Alyssa O'Keefe

Does anyone use eSports platforms that record scores automatically for participants or are most manually entering in a system like IMLeagues to track?

00:36:59Jerrell Kelly

We're primarily doing sport games but also branching out to Apex Legends and Rocket League, as well as with our eSports club doing Hearthstone

00:37:03Eric Vaughn

We are offering Running league, Esports, Kahoot Trivia

00:37:05Steven Walton - Creighton

FIFA, NBA 2K, Rocket League, and Fortnite. Sport games will be done by platform.

00:37:18James Harris

We are working with our ESports club to organize tournaments/Leagues rules and such.

00:37:25Jordan Hunter

UCI is partnering with our eSports arena by putting on multiple games on different platforms such as PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

00:37:28Michael Pappan

Currently use Mission Control to manage all divisions

00:37:29Aaron Brooks

His recommendations are PS4: FIFA/ xbox: 2K/ Switch: Smash Bros

00:37:45Jami Brossette

Louisiana is actually running state-wide Esports Leagues through Mission Control

00:37:46Anna Bruning

Oregon State doing Fortnite Fridays

00:37:49Jake Wells

we are hoping to livestream the events through twitch using OBS. So we get viewers and participants. We can "host" people on our channel if they already are familiar with streaming

00:37:57Travis Liu

Stony Brook - esports (FIFA and 2K with platform divisions) League of Legends, online trivia, sport movie brackets on IG

00:38:06Shane Ferrara

Has anyone come across problems with hate speech or profanity in the e sport realm? If so how does your University deal with that?

00:38:15Anna Bruning

We are getting ready to deal with that ^

00:38:21Colin Allison

How is everyone managing sportsmanship during games?

00:38:22Trevor Brunet

A&M-San Antonio APEX and Call of Duty

00:38:43Shane Ferrara

Perfect, thanks!

00:38:46Sean Haggerty is a good platform traditionally used for fighting games like Smash Bros, Tekken, Street Fighter, Etc

00:38:54Jake Wells

we do not allow them to talk verbally, but they can in the chat. It bans language that you set as "unsportsmanlike"

00:39:12Mitch Wiltbank

Anyone figure out how to create a private server for Fortnite tournaments? Apparently Epic has made it harder to host your own tournament.

00:39:20Mike Dickinson

I think it is important to educate players on how to edit their communication settings while playing so that they can mute opponents since we can't listen in ourselves

00:39:25Ashley Lax

I heard Geex will help with fortnite tournaments

00:39:33Maria Tonry

Anyone using battlefy?

00:39:39Greg Durham

Contact EPIC and become a creator

00:39:41Kelsey Jones

Ole Miss is, Maria

00:39:51Gabby Sokol

Using Battlefy at Ole Miss

00:39:52Aaron Brooks

We at Akron have our very own server specifically for Fortnite that we are getting ready to use for IM’s

00:40:12Mike Berdowski

You need to have someone with a high number of followers on your own social media. Then you can host your own through your own server. We use a student on our club Esports team when we want to host an event like that.

00:40:16Kirsten Schumacher

Anyone playing Jack Box with staff or participants?

00:41:08lauren Hoffman

we do not allow any first person shooter games

00:41:15Mike Berdowski

Pretty much, they are adults and they should know the difference between right and wrong

00:41:16Andrew Lutz

Not allowed to do first person shooter games for BC either

00:41:16Travis Liu

What platform is everyone using to get the message out to potential participants? Since no one is on campus it seems harder to get engagement

00:41:17Jacob Walker

No restrictions as of yet

00:41:17Colin Allison

Santa Clara is a jesuit university, so been told no shooting or violence

00:41:17Adam Walsh

we don't allow first person shooter

00:41:19Corbin Hedges

we have avoided those games thus far.

00:41:21Ashley Lax

i haven't asked... we are going to start without any shooter games and maybe explore in the future

00:41:21Jessica Coleman

We are avoiding those games right now. We are sticking to sports

00:41:23Alex Kissinger

no shooter games at soju either

00:41:24Travis Lankford

we are not worrying about it. students are already playing these games, so we are letting them play

00:41:27Alex Kissinger


00:41:27Logan Kahler

UNL doesn’t allow any first person shooters either

00:41:28Jason Darby

Our college club teams play COD and Rainbow 6, so we get saved from having to touch that realm

00:41:28Clint Jones

As long as 50% of our esports are non-violent we will allow them.

00:41:31Shana Kessler

no shooter games

00:41:33Alison Fisher

Regina, Canada, We are not allowed first person shooter

00:41:35Sean Haggerty

We allow any game to be played in our Union

00:41:36Shan Paracka

nothing rated M or higher

00:41:54Mike Wozniak

We allow them, we feel that it would be a good idea to have these people connect with others at the university, rather then remain distant and play them anyway.

00:41:55Jarrode Davis

We already have an eSports program on campus - so the university standard has been set.

00:42:01Amy Rask

Univ of Denver - letting eSports club across campus do shooter games. IMs are focusing on sport-related ones

00:42:04Jordan Hunter

Allowing Overwatch because it features female characters which is a big pillar of our esports values

00:42:17Matthew Nuesell

How is everyone handling settings for specific sports games? Length of game, camera view, etc...

00:42:19Clint Jones

that is coming from a combined varsity and club program

00:42:21Jacob Walker

Some rules that we have developed for our esports programs including sportsmanship rules.

00:42:52Tre Talton

do you break esports participation by skill level or all free for all?

00:42:59Cameron Milam

We at UNT don't worry about anything. We schedule brackets for Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Seige. Most people are already playing them anyway so in our minds they should be able to play in a tournament just like anything else

00:43:01Tori Landron


00:43:37Jay McKendall

At Wyoming. We have created a social league and competitive

00:43:43Aaron Brooks

We have an actual varsity eSports team who are not permitted to participate

00:43:48Michael Pappan

SDState breaks skill level on bigger titles i.e. Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.

00:43:53Jacob Walker

Limited to one club player from that club team. I.e. one player from the esports League of Legends team on a League of LEgends team. Very similar policy to other intramural programs

00:44:06Kevin Linker

Same with us Cameron at UNT

00:44:49Tom Giles

Is anyone streaming their online IM's?

00:44:50Jerrell Kelly

We treat it the same and limit the participants if its a team sport

00:45:02Shane Ferrara

Does anyone have a process in place for/against participants streaming Intramural contests?

00:45:11Jake Wells

we have our first livestream event tomorrow

00:45:12Shaneisha Weir

Free for all. E-sports also us to create an inclusive environment.

00:45:21Shaneisha Weir


00:45:53Travis Liu

What platform is everyone using to get the message out to potential participants? Since no one is on campus it seems harder to get engagement and views

00:46:00Shaneisha Weir

we tried streaming on mixer it hasn't been that successful.

00:46:29Tina Mascaro

I'm preparing some virtual events for next week but I'm curious if anyone has tried anything yet other than esports and if students are actually participating.

00:46:33Sean Haggerty

How are schools communicating with esports participants and keeping them updated on the programs?

00:46:44Shana Kessler

we’re using IMLeagues announcements and messaging in addition to social media posts to inform about our digital events

00:46:48Gabby Sokol

twitch is a great streaming service for esports

00:46:50Tom Giles

Discord has by far the most successful for us

00:46:51Aaron Brooks

We are going to set it up via IMLeagues and then allow them to play offline and then report who wins

00:46:55Jake Wells

we use OBS to stream via twitch, facebook, and youtube. You can livestream to multiple platforms via OBS. We created an event on facebook and invited people. This will be a trivia night.

00:47:01Jason Darby

Mixer on Xbox is free

00:47:12Ashley Lax

we are communicating through IMLeagues and social media. social media is all students have right now...

00:47:18Mike Wozniak

Geex has a good design where you can play round robin, then it can automatically split the groups based on their win-loss record for another season.

00:47:20Mikayla Nawojczyk

SNHU uses Discord as well for our Esports team, so we are trying to push our participants that way for info

00:47:21Cameron Milam

for most of our individual events we are looking at doing ladder scheduling so that they are playing people with a similar record as them

00:47:24Shana Kessler

we set up a discord server for our students to connect on as well

00:47:28Jacob Walker

We use a google form for players to submit scores and it makes them upload a screen shot of the final score

00:47:42Jake Wells

you can also livestream from xbox to your pc to stream online if you have windows 10. PS4 is a little more difficult

00:47:48Paul Goobic

We’re having players send screenshot of final score to IM email so student employees can administer the league.

00:47:50Tyler Artley

I have been using IMLeagues and Fusion for campus wide announcements but we are creating a discord for the eSports participants and will be using that for posting scores and daily discussions

00:47:52Jake Wells

Trivia Nights (which is tomorrow)

00:47:53Anna Bruning

iM team step counting competition

00:47:53Travis Lankford

online chess tournament at UTA

00:47:55Anna Bruning

IM trivia

00:47:58Colin Allison

We're asking both particpants to submit a google form after the game with a picture of the final score and a sponsorship rating.

00:48:01Tori Landron

trivia on youtube live

00:48:03Mikayla Nawojczyk

Jackbox nights

00:48:03Kirsten Schumacher

Virtual 5kunning, scavenger hunt, wellness challenges

00:48:04Ashley Lax

ive heard a bunch of people doing goose chase

00:48:04Laura Shively

Virtual 5k

00:48:04Gabby Sokol

Virtual 5K

00:48:05lauren Hoffman

at Ithaca college we are doing trivia night, virtual 5ks, Wellness challenge


Amarillo College is trying board game apps.

00:48:08Carissa Smith

IM Trivia and running challenge

00:48:08Logan Kahler

Trivia and virtual 5Ks

00:48:09Jason Darby

Ole Miss is using iMessage games I believe. Really clever.

00:48:14David Mann

Get active / fitness challenge with social media

00:48:15Maria Tonry

Virtual Pictionary, charades, family feud

00:48:16Daniel Bettmann

Social Distancing Bracket Challenge run through IG poll

00:48:16Eric Vaughn

Virtual Running league at Truman State

00:48:19Billy Mathew

self report 5k

00:48:19Shan Paracka

running/biking mileage challenge

00:48:20Alyssa O'Keefe

design next year's champ shirt, brainstorming house party game night special event, virtual 5k

00:48:21Amy Rask

Live Sports Trivia via ZOOM and Kahoot

00:48:21Mallory Hiefield

Competitions! Push-up competition, step competition, hacky sack competition

00:48:22Aaron Brooks

We are going to facilitate via IML who plays who in tournaments and then have them self report. The winner will have to email me cc’ing the losing player to confirm after they play

00:48:24Aaron Dueker

Nebraska is doing a different running challenge each week

00:48:27Julie Johnson

Virtual 5k, 10k, etc.; trivia; favorite movies bracket voting

00:48:31Shaneisha Weir

We are doing trivia, fitness, wellness and outdoor.

00:48:33Mallory Hiefield

Virtual yoga

00:48:49Shana Kessler

trivia, virtual 5k, digital tabletop games

00:48:52Jennifer Wink

Daily yoga and fitness challenge

00:49:02Ilana McEvoy

virtual yoga

00:49:09Jennifer Wink

Trickshot Challenge

00:49:12Jordan Garcia

CSUF is posting weekly workouts and virtual hikes on social media

00:49:26Ashley Lax

weekly sport challenges through social media posts

00:49:28Jeff Feldhaus

Virginia Tech - Individual golf+disc golf, trivia, trick shot challenge, geocaching

00:49:35Eric Vaughn

We are also working on doing live stream yoga on FB

00:49:36Mike Dickinson

We are looking into starting a discord server at Cincinnati is anyone using student staff to moderate or assist? Additionally I am interested what other schools are charging (if anything) to participate (specifically schools that would normally charge for IMs)

00:49:40Jarrode Davis

Don't forget to share your esports marketing materials with your Student Org office - there may be students in your university community who are not on IMLeagues (therefore not getting your IMLeagues emails)

00:49:40Shaneisha Weir

Can you elaborate more on virtual tournaments.

00:49:54Jake Wells

we are also doing how to videos using our Outdoor Rec people on how to make meals with the type of food that you would take on trips since it is non-perishable typically

00:50:32Maria Tonry

Rec center staff

00:50:35Gabby Sokol

All staff on a discord channel and hosting trivia nights with them

00:50:35Mallory Hiefield

Student works in the fitness center

00:50:36Laura Shively

Arkasas- We are providing online modules (8-10 hrs a week). All student employees

00:50:38Anna Bruning

supervisors and lead student staff

00:50:40sylvain Tchaptchet

Weekly meeting on zoom with officials

00:50:41Trace Stenz

student supervisors

00:50:43Katie Thomas

all campus recreation staff

00:50:44Trevor Brunet

All Rec Staff

00:50:45Shelly Radtke

student marketing staff


officials and im supervisors

00:50:47Ashley Lax

holding a student social hour for all rec staff once a week

00:50:50Jordan Garcia

student leads, officials, and attendants

00:50:52Tom Giles

All competitive Sports student staff

00:50:52Mallory Hiefield

Intramural officials

00:51:02Aaron Brooks

We are trying to plan our end of year banquet to recognize our staff now that we are no longer allowed to meet in public

00:51:05Jarrode Davis

IM Supervisors only, No officials or scorekeepers.

00:51:09Austin Sanderson

Comp Sports Leads

00:51:11Kareem Bland

Student Managers

00:51:11Sheena Harvey

All staff (IMs, Facility Ops, Social Media, and LGs)

00:51:12Maria Tonry

Are these paid?

00:51:13Kaulin Andric

Sport leads and supervisors

00:51:20Jen O'Reilly

student officials & media/marketing & office support students

00:51:20Bonnie Hainline

IM Supervisors

00:51:21James Harris

We are doing remote work for our Sport Managers and Leaders. Virtual Meetings for our Leader in Training students

00:51:24LaToya Burdiss

UNLV - are staff are getting paid. So we have assigned projects for our students to work on

00:51:29LaToya Burdiss


00:51:29Allie Bogard

Supervisors only. We are Not approved to do any online training with students (officials) unfortunately.

00:51:41Shana Kessler

pending funding availability, we will have virtual training, meetings, and social times for all staff

00:51:42Antonio Gonzalez

LinkedIn Learning for schools that have that platform

00:51:51Trevor Brunet

Employee and Student Development

00:51:53Tom Giles

10 hours of student development and professional development from now until the end of the semester (April 25th)

00:52:01Katie Thomas

for our officials, we are trying to make sport specific workshops

00:52:03Tori Landron

same on vitural interviews

00:52:03Jessica Coleman

we are doing remote work for all of our staff. We are doing virtual semester evaluations and professional development series

00:52:04Tina Mascaro

I have a small staff - 15 total including the supervisor. I'm meeting with them every few days just to check on them and see if they need anything. I'm going to do a virtual dinner with them in April. I'm using Microsoft Teams.

00:52:06David Mann

Toledo is doing weekly / bi-weekly lunch time chats through WebEx where our entire rec center staff can join the meeting and have a casual chat with all of the pro-staff and GAs outside of just email and group chat

00:52:16Laura Shively

yes, paid

00:52:18Bonnie Hainline


00:52:21Tom Giles


00:52:23Ashley Lax

paying them!

00:52:24Tori Landron


00:52:25Jarrode Davis


00:52:25Trevor Brunet


00:52:26Benjamin Pazian


00:52:28Greg Durham

Creighton is going to host some "Zoom lounges" - where student staff can hang out and build community. We aren't allowed to put them onn the clock anymore

00:52:29James Harris

We are also having our Leaders and Officials go over film and edit film for training purposes.

00:52:42Tori Landron

our students are getting paid even through we have no work for them

00:52:42Andrew Havrisko

Just got off a webex call with our IM staff - purely for social connectedness as they missed seeing one another. Nothing paid by us, they just miss being around one another.

00:52:57Adam Walsh


00:53:03Trevor Brunet

Have to do a reflection

00:53:06LaToya Burdiss

We took the average hours of each students worked for the last 9 weeks, and that’s what they will be paid each week. The hours will not be tracked.

00:53:07Antonio Gonzalez is free right now

00:53:08Jaclyn Gidley

We cannot have students work remotely with the exception of GF instructors for virtual exercises

00:53:09Jacob Walker

Cannot assign work and pay students for "non essential" tasks. I.e. the tasks must be related to the University's CoVid response.

00:53:15Aaron Brooks

we are only paying for shifts that were previously scheduled

00:53:15Noah Mass

whole IM Staff Linked in Modules. they are getting paid as if the IM season is still going

00:53:19Jordan Garcia

reflection assignments (essays, quizzes)

00:53:26Kirsten Schumacher

Can only pay for "scheduled" hours through 4/15, scheduling them for training hours, interview times, and general office hour work now.

00:53:43Jerrell Kelly

We're as of yesterday unable to pay students or part-time employees until further notice

00:53:43Kareem Bland

We are paying students for hours they were scheduled through April 5th.

00:53:45Russ Jones

We are working with the Iowa High School Athletic Association to do training for our officials

00:54:06Matt Dunigan

UC - Riverside we are paying students through April 30th with projections through the end of the quarter

00:54:14Brian Beam

Paid for work they were previously scheduled for... For us it was just the trainings post-Spring Break...

00:54:23Matt Dunigan

WE will be doing zoom calls w/ officials do to some small trainings and education

00:54:52Ashley Lax

we are paying students for the next two pay periods (4 weeks). every student is getting paid $130/week as an average, no matter what position or hours they worked or were scheduled

00:54:54Jake Wells

is anybody considering getting their staff certified in high school sports? Pay for their certification instead of paying them for working hours for attending the training?

00:54:59Gabby Sokol

At Ole Miss prior to everyone being sent home we did online training modules for our staff for sport training (now we cannot ask students to work per university) and we followed up by making sure they were completed a google quiz. They had to get 100% for it to be counted and paid. Again - all of this was prior to COVID-19, because right now we cannot have students working. I'd be happy to share our method

00:55:07Scott Harrison

Funding was frozen, only students who are interested in volunteering will be working on special assignment, no required training unless they allow us to begin paying our students

00:55:56Jessica Coleman

NFHS put out some of their sport trainings for free. Our officials and supervisors will get paid if they complete those trainings.

00:56:35Jarrode Davis

love that idea Jessica!

00:56:40Kareem Bland

Jessica how many hours are you paying them per training?

00:56:51Tina Mascaro

@Jake Wells - that's an awesome idea. I'm going to talk to my staff about it and see if any of them are interested in getting certified for high school or youth sports.

00:58:25Jessica Coleman

We are going through the training to assess how long they will take. We have given them an allotted amount of professional development training that they can claim per week.

00:58:57Ashley Lax

university dictated

00:59:09Brian Beam

University mandated...

00:59:10Austin Sanderson

university decision

00:59:13Mallory Hiefield

Our university & HR decided to give all students a flat paycheck (still pending) but that is what they are leaning towards

00:59:13Jennifer Wink

university decision

00:59:14Greg Durham


00:59:18Brett Simon

University decision

00:59:20Laura Shively

University decision

00:59:23Sheena Harvey

University mandate - paying students what they were scheduled for

00:59:23Peter McComie


00:59:24Mike Wozniak

No pay unless they are working

00:59:26Matt Dunigan

University mandated 64 Admin leave with no work. Trainings etc help this out

00:59:26Kevin Linker

University decision


university mandated - no pay of students

00:59:30Allie Bogard

University mandated

00:59:30Anthony Almeida

Paying for hours scheduled

00:59:32Justin Ford

PTO from the University for hours that they were potentially scheduled for through March 31

00:59:38Noah Mass

movie night with staff

00:59:42Gabby Sokol

Trivia via discord

00:59:42Justin Ford

I tried playing Words with Friends

00:59:43Maria Tonry

Yes - iPhone game tournaments

00:59:46Eric Vaughn

Netflix party night

00:59:53Kirsten Schumacher

Weekly crossword puzzles or other things we can do together

00:59:57Justin Ford

still looking for players

00:59:59Shana Kessler

Netflix party afternoon

01:00:00Erin Sanders

Twitter Connect 4

01:00:04Jake Wells

how are you doing movie nights? Are you livestreaming it for them to see?

01:00:05Matthew Coelho

can’t pay student staff, try to have zoom meetings once a week for check-ins

01:00:08Gabby Sokol

Photo challenges (i.e. baby pics)

01:00:08Dillon Thompson

Kahoot quizzes and Zoom meetings that are optional to stay connected

01:00:12Tom Giles

FIU's online training curriculum for anyone looking for online professional development material

(Will need LinkedIn Learning access for most material)

01:00:16Jordan Garcia

end of semester virtual staff party

01:00:17Jessica Coleman

we are doing a Cheers for Peers activity where they recognize someone on staff and we all cheers to them

01:00:32Bonnie Hainline

Where can I get more info on the trivia night?

01:00:34Jordan Hunter

Staff Fitness challenges

01:00:40Tori Landron

has anyone's campus moved to online for summer already and will you continue virtual programming etc

01:00:43Ashley Lax

posted in the community yesterday by drew devore!

01:00:47Ashley Lax

Flickinger is hosting

01:01:13Scott Flickinger

Damn right. Need trivia? Don't worry, I got you COVID.

01:01:14Gabby Sokol

Virtual End of the Year Banquet

01:01:27Greg Durham

Creighton is going to continue with EOY awards

01:01:27Jake Wells

we will be tweeting out on our social media to recognize them

01:01:31Jerrell Kelly

We are still having our student awards at WKU and we're in the process of putting out our ballots soon here

01:01:32Matt Dunigan

@Tori Landron - we are planning to go through online programming and place more options for year long planning

01:01:32Shane Ferrara

😂 Flick

01:01:33Chad Van Dyk

How are people facilitating these virtual banquets?

01:01:34Jordan Cox

Virtual end of the year banquet

01:01:34Jen O'Reilly

virtual banquet...staff awards presented online

01:01:39Talyn Sands

SFA - planning virtual banquet and still ordering awards and mailing to students

01:01:41Aaron Brooks

we are currently trying to figure out how to do a virtual banquet

01:01:51Ashley Lax

trying to figure out how to do a virtual banquet of sorts

01:01:53Jordan Hunter

Most likely recording ourselves presenting awards to students and combining into one video for student staff

01:01:55Mikayla Nawojczyk

Quarantine Quiz Show from NIRSA Connect

01:02:04Andrew Havrisko

Jackbox games - Drawful 2 is a fun one and is free to download right now

01:02:05Raamen Bass

yes…we will still provide sport-specific awards for sports that have already occurred as well as end-of-year awards

01:02:05Shaneisha Weir

we are looking into do a virtual banquet where we announce the award winners.

01:02:07Jarrode Davis

Student Recognition - we're trying to be creative and use our social media to highlight their work and scholastic achievements.

01:02:12Trevor Brunet

Edible Arrangements

01:02:15Cindy Wright

unfortunately our budget is frozen and we can't purchase prizes, awards etc..

01:02:23Greg Durham

We'll mail them.

01:02:25Maria Tonry

We are going to do a battle of the staff areas with virtual games - pool, bowling, cup pong, etc.

01:02:27Shaneisha Weir

we might mail them

01:02:28Jen O'Reilly

shipping! (or pick up when we can!)

01:02:30Raamen Bass

we will mail them out later this summer

01:02:30Jerrell Kelly

We will send them if need be to our students

01:02:38Greg Durham

We will

01:02:39Matt Dunigan

We are

01:02:44Jordan Hunter

We are

01:02:45Jason Darby

We are debating doing a pre-recorded mthod

01:02:46Jaclyn Gidley

Will pick up certificates when they come back, or send electronically

01:02:49Ashley Lax

we are, probably mailing

01:02:56Susan Tucker

We will mail them out

01:03:07Jen O'Reilly

its done by photo only, nothing video

01:03:15Aaron Brooks

can we hire Jarrode to MC all of our banquets?!

01:03:33Scott Flickinger


01:04:01Isaac Hughes WMU


01:04:07Jarrode Davis

I'll do it for FREE

01:04:26Aaron Brooks

“Heart emoji”

01:04:26Shana Kessler

that’s a lot of MCing buddy

01:04:29Ashley Lax

where is this form to book Jarrode?

01:04:42Tom Giles


01:04:47Matt Dunigan

bookings will go through Flick

01:04:48sylvain Tchaptchet


01:04:49Mallory Hiefield


01:04:54Alison Fisher


01:04:57Scott Flickinger

I hope you all like Pitbull.

01:05:00Ian Bechtel

Yes, Twitter - UIU

01:05:02Shane Ferrara


01:05:05Jarrode Davis

nah fam.

01:05:08Mario Riles

jarrode- can I be your agent?

01:05:09Haley Colpitts

caption contest via Instagram

01:05:09Shana Kessler

no, our marketing team is responsible

01:05:09Jordan Garcia


01:05:12Jaclyn Gidley

I have access to social media, but our 2 professional staff who normally utilize it our taking sick days/vacations days

01:05:12Jordan Hunter

IM sports has our own, campus rec is controlled by marketing

01:05:16Jason Darby

Yeah. Promoting our online fitness and esports programming and have the Division of Student Affairs accounts sharing and retweeting

01:05:19lauren Hoffman

Ithaca College has full control over our social media

01:05:20Kirsten Schumacher

Yes, we get to run our entire plan. Currently building out what looks like the most successful plan along with our values and brand.

01:05:31Anna Bruning

We have an overall sport programs instagram and then one for sport programs specifically

01:05:33Ashley Lax

only marketing team has access to social media. we have to create a plan with them to engage our participants virtually


nope - marketing department controls our platforms, but we are asking for individual access

01:05:45Jerrell Kelly

Most of our social media communication goes through our marketing department

01:05:52Kevin Linker


01:06:06Greg Reilly

We have our own social media but department/university is filtering what is posted right now

01:06:08Jake Wells

we are allowed to directly engage with the students and promote our own things, but we are talking about collaborating with our Student Involvement office to offer events everyday for multiple hours

01:06:15Tina Mascaro

Intramurals has it's own social media platforms but everything goes through our University Relations Department and they send it out to the students through various social media platforms. University Relations controls how much info goes out so the kids don't get hundreds of individual emails.

01:06:18Matt Dunigan

Only marketing department at UCR

01:06:20LaToya Burdiss

We have direct control. We created a shared calendar with our team and we have a rec department. So we have assigned slots - each department attaches their project/video/infographic etc., and the marketing team will post it. (If they need help making the graphic or video, we have a marketing team to help) UNLV

01:06:42Eric Vaughn

We run our own website and social media

01:06:44Kareem Bland

Marketing program area post all our content.

01:06:46LaToya Burdiss

*we have a rec department marketing team

01:06:46Jake Wells

we also use sproutsocial which our marketing department can see as well


We have access. Our fitness instructors record instagram live videos and share yoga/HIIT classes etc. videos for 24 hours for students to access at anytime in the next 24 hours

01:07:55Tori Landron


01:07:57Gabby Sokol


01:07:58Aaron Brooks


01:07:59Jordan Garcia


01:07:59Scott Flickinger


01:07:59Alison Fisher


01:07:59Cameron Milam

UNT is

01:07:59Jennifer Wink


01:08:00Easton Henrikson


01:08:00Anna Bruning


01:08:00Alex Kissinger


01:08:00Haley Colpitts


01:08:00Adam Walsh


01:08:00Matthew Nuesell


01:08:00Evan Libke


01:08:00Turner Goa

App State

01:08:00Kaulin Andric

everyone here

01:08:00Trace Stenz


01:08:01Kareem Bland

This guy

01:08:01Kevin Linker


01:08:01Amy Rask


01:08:01Tina Mascaro


01:08:01David Mann


01:08:01Mikayla Nawojczyk


01:08:01Jaclyn Gidley

We have the option of working remotely or in person

01:08:02Jason Darby


01:08:02Morgan Fradley


01:08:02Kelsey Cato


01:08:02Brian Beam


01:08:02Eric Vaughn

Starting Friday

01:08:02Krista Chauvin

At least through end of semester yes

01:08:02Clint Jones


01:08:02Michael Pappan

till early May

01:08:02Laura Shively

Working remotely

01:08:03Kirsten Schumacher


01:08:03Benjamin Pazian

Most of USFSP

01:08:03Jordan Cox


01:08:04Jason James


01:08:04Sheena Harvey


01:08:04Travis Lankford

UTA is a yes!

01:08:05Maria Tonry


01:08:05Jerrell Kelly


01:08:05Jessica Coleman

UWF until at least May 5

01:08:05Jay McKendall


01:08:05Raamen Bass


01:08:05Tom Giles

(Raise Hand)

01:08:06Jacob Walker

Telecommute as much as possible.

01:08:06Tyler Artley

UT Tyler is

01:08:06Julie Johnson


01:08:06James Harris

All of UofSC

01:08:07Justin Ford

Yes paid

01:08:07Katie Thomas


01:08:07Daniel LaPalm


01:08:07Trumaine Becoat-Wade


01:08:08Shelly Radtke


01:08:08Shane Ferrara

UVA is telecommuting

01:08:08Julie Mizraji

haha oh yes

01:08:09Jordan Hunter


01:08:09Susan Tucker


01:08:10lauren Hoffman

all of Ithaca college

01:08:10Bonnie Hainline


01:08:12Trevor Brunet



Already working from home in Amarillo College.

01:08:15Jami Brossette


01:08:18erik daly


01:08:19Michael Husted

UGA yes

01:08:20Mario Riles


01:08:24Allie Bogard


01:08:27Ilana McEvoy


01:08:27Greg Reilly

Illinois State is closed so everyone working from home, no programming

01:08:30Shana Kessler

statewide mandate for nonessential personnel

01:08:33LaToya Burdiss

Sorry, was trying to save this talk

01:08:34Jessica Coleman

Trello has been super helpful

01:08:34Scott Flickinger


01:08:35David Mann

Microsoft Teams

01:08:36Tina Mascaro

Microsoft Teams

01:08:36Tommy Schorer


01:08:37Matt Dunigan


01:08:37Kaulin Andric


01:08:38Corbin Hedges


01:08:39David Mann


01:08:39Justin Ford

Zoom and Microsoft Teams

01:08:40Shane Ferrara


01:08:40Scott Flickinger

01:08:40Corbin Hedges


01:08:41Travis Lankford

Microsoft Teams!

01:08:41David Mann


01:08:41Michael Husted

Microsoft Teams

01:08:42James Harris

Microsoft Teams/Planner

01:08:42Tyler Artley

Zoom, and Microsoft teams

01:08:42Joseph Wise

Microsoft Teams

01:08:43Kareem Bland


01:08:43Jason Darby

Not all pro staff are. We have a few key programmers and marketers on remote status. But the rest of pro staff is on administrative leave with “recall” status as needed

01:08:44David Mann


01:08:44Tori Landron


01:08:44Easton Henrikson

ASANA project management

01:08:45Jaclyn Gidley


01:08:45Amy Rask

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)

01:08:45Corbin Hedges

Microsoft teams

01:08:45Jacob Walker

GroupMe and Zoom Meetings as needed.

01:08:46Krista Chauvin

TEAMS, Zoom, text, facetime, everything

01:08:46Jerrell Kelly

We connect pretty often via Zoom, as well as utilizing Microsoft OneDrive and Teams

01:08:47Tina Mascaro

Zoom for fitness classes.

01:08:48Dillon Thompson

Zoom and GroupMe

01:08:49Gabby Sokol

Trello/Google Docs/Zoom

01:08:50Jason James

Microsoft teams and zoom

01:08:50Raamen Bass


01:08:50Laura Shively

zoom and teams

01:08:50Shana Kessler

to telework where possible as dictated by the university

01:08:51Aaron Brooks


01:08:52lauren Hoffman

teams, zoom, and email

01:08:52Jason Darby

Zoom and Teams

01:08:53Maria Tonry

Zoom, teams, groupme


yes Miami University is remote - we are using webex

01:08:53Taylor Atkins

zoom and GroupMe

01:08:54Chad Van Dyk

We're a Google school so we use Hangouts mostly

01:08:55Anthony Almeida


01:08:55Brian Beam

Microsoft Teams at UConn...

01:08:56Jake Wells

webex and Microsoft teams

01:08:57Hunter Hartley

zoom and groupme

01:08:58Jordan Garcia

professional staff is using Microsoft Teams, Slack for IM Staff

01:08:59Ilana McEvoy


01:09:00Corbin Hedges

group Me

01:09:00Allie Bogard

GroupMe, Zoom

01:09:01Bonnie Hainline

Zoom, slack

01:09:02Tom Giles

Teams, ZOOM, and one drive

01:09:04Kareem Bland


01:09:04Mitch Wiltbank

Zoom and Teams

01:09:06Adam Walsh

zoom, micro teams

01:09:08Shana Kessler

zoom, teams, GroupMe, sling

01:09:10Jaclyn Gidley

GroupMe for student staff

01:09:10Scott Harrison

Yes paid and telecommuting: zoom, google chat, blackboard, google docs, imleagues

01:09:11Kaulin Andric

Slack and Google drive

01:09:13R. Christopher McCollum

we are using Teams

01:09:16Tom Giles

Discord for student staff

01:09:18Mitch Eastlick

slack and google meets

01:09:19Susan Tucker

Micro Teams

01:09:24Aaron Brooks

Houseparty for my staff

01:09:29Trevor Brunet

Zoom, Webx, GroupMe, Discord

01:09:40Mike Dickinson

We use a combination of Teams and Zoom for pro staff and GroupMe to chat with student staff

01:10:37Jarrode Davis

YAMMER - a side app of Microsoft - works similar to teams

01:12:02Trevor Brunet

computers and Hotspots if needed

01:12:06Matt Dunigan

Zoom and Teams were provided by UCR and laptops

01:12:36Shana Kessler

our ITS department has created a whole page of documents and resources for how to do everything

01:12:38Jarrode Davis

Errr body got VPN now.


our IT department sent out toolkit for remote work

01:12:59Scott Flickinger

VPN for us too.

01:13:00Mike Dickinson

We brought either our work laptops or desktops home. VPN access

01:13:00Tina Mascaro

Our institution did tons of small group trainings on everything from one drive, google docs, outlook, Microsoft teams, VPN, Zoom,etc. Once we were no longer allowed on campus they did they virtually.

01:13:07Amy Rask

Lots of Zoom/MS Teams tutorials/online courses run by the Office of Teaching and Learning on campus

01:13:42Jerrell Kelly

Primarily we've had an entire page created with regard to how to work remotely as well as providing the necessary infrastructure to be able to continue use

01:13:50Kirsten Schumacher

Please share any of the managing resources y'all have gotten. Would love to share out with our staff.

01:13:50Tori Landron

oh Jennifer

01:13:58Natosha Harris

Don't be Jennifer

01:14:06Aaron Brooks

wear pants

01:14:10Greg Durham

There was an article in IHE about Zoom and misuse that is a very good reas.

01:14:11Jarrode Davis

mute everyone. always.

01:14:22Shaneisha Weir

dont show video

01:14:23Alison Fisher

Use the virtual backgrounds

01:14:29Trevor Brunet

don't have a daycare running while on

01:14:42Amy Rask

Try to avoid having Zoom link being public to avoid "zoom bombing"

01:14:48Alison Fisher

Use the raise hand function when there is a lot of people on

01:14:54Natosha Harris

people appreciate you taking care of the babies

01:15:03Scott Flickinger

oooooh Dunigan.

01:15:12Shana Kessler

recommend wearing pants just in case you gotta get up real quick for something

01:15:40Matt Dunigan

Scott thought you would like that

01:15:49Jerrell Kelly

When we set up our meetings, we made sure to provide guidelines for how to use the meetings (audio muted unless speaking, etc) and I think a big part is being able to be the meeting host ensuring that we're helping them when maybe its been forgotten or missed

01:16:00Tina Mascaro

Some of these might be specific to Fairmont State but here's where our IT put all our remote resources:

01:16:17Aaron Brooks


01:16:26Jami Brossette

If the camera is on and needing to leave the computer for a second, turn off the camera and turn back on when back

01:17:14Natosha Harris

Appreciate y'all sharing the links on how to's

01:17:49Matt Dunigan

@ Jamie Brossette...GREAT TIP

01:17:51Jerrell Kelly

The virtual waiting room is very helpful as well for sure

01:18:25Jake Wells

we have a freeze on all hiring

01:18:28Justin Ford

We have three professional jobs searches going on right now at UNC and have been using Zoom for interviews

01:18:29Easton Henrikson

Portland State is on a hiring freeze

01:18:31Jake Wells

student and pro staff

01:18:34Jaclyn Gidley

hiring freeze for pro staff positions

01:18:35Greg Durham

Pro staff are all frozen at CU.

01:18:37Hunter Hartley

Student Staff hiring freeze

01:18:37Jordan Garcia

freeze on all hiring

01:18:41Jarrode Davis

Hiring freeze for pro staff.

01:18:41Jacob Walker

Sam Houston Hiring Freeze for Pro staff. Student staff are still going on with normally scheduled interviews for lead staff

01:18:42Tommy Schorer

Student and Pro Staff

01:18:45Jami Brossette

frozen for everything

01:18:45Shane Ferrara

search mode for student positions in an assumed summer start

01:18:45Jennifer Wink

No freeze at Regis University

01:18:45Corbin Hedges

just got done doing my interviews for next year for student staff. almost all of them were done via zoom including my current staff who were asking the questions

01:18:51Kirsten Schumacher

Searching of a GA, hiring students for fall

01:18:55Mitch Wiltbank

We are hiring student positions for next fall

01:18:58Alison Fisher

Freeze on all student and pro staff hiring


Miami university - hiring freeze for the univeristy

01:19:00Tom Giles

nothing frozen...just "delayed"

01:19:01Scott Flickinger

Mr. Freeze on student and pro hiring.

01:19:01Kirsten Schumacher

our directors first day is Monday.........

01:19:01Natosha Harris

No hiring freeze and we hire intramural staff in the semester they are going to work so we don't hire until the fall semester

01:19:02Michael Husted

summer camp staff hiring. still unsure if we can start camp on time or if we are pushing it back

01:19:02Tyler Artley

we are on a hiring freeze and had to end any "in process" hires at UT Tyler

01:19:04Shana Kessler

01:19:08Aaron Dueker

Nebraska is full go

01:19:10Clint Jones

all hiring was put on hold until further notice

01:19:14Jessica Coleman

UWF- All frozen included promotions

01:19:18Don Umland

Go Big RED

01:19:23Amy Rask

Yes, cannot hire for anything. Was in the middle of 2nd round of our intern search. Have to tell everyone that we can interview, but cannot offer.

01:19:28Adam Walsh

We have 3 pro positions open and are moving forward with them. “On campus” will be a series of Zoom meetings to be as close to normal

01:19:30Brittany Mueller


01:19:30James Harris

University of South Carolina still hiring interns via phone/Virtual interviews.

01:19:33Katie Thomas

Still developing, but were set to start our hiring process for the fall right before this all started. Currently on hold, but not a University hold. Just waiting for the best approach.

01:19:33Brittany Mueller

search mode for student staff but on a freeze technically so will officially be hired when we are allowed to but rolling through interviews now

01:19:33Maria Tonry

We finished student hiring, but hadn't started training yet. Usually use the rest of the semester to train. Not sure what to do to have students trained by the time we open - but can't pay students (yet)

01:19:34Greg Reilly

Pro staff hiring depends on where in the process. Student hiring wasn't supposed to happen until beginning of next year anyway. Only working on promotions right now. -Illinois State

01:19:34Shana Kessler

we’re on a pro staff hiring freeze university wide

01:19:38Evan Libke

UVIC- Can still hire

01:19:40Scott Flickinger

@don Umland :)

01:19:42Aaron Brooks

we were literally a day before our first on-campus interview then we had to cancel them. We have 3 interviews via zoom next week

01:19:43Cameron Milam

UNT will be looking at hiring for supervisors for the Fall but that is all done as internal promotions so we can do so.

01:19:43Stephanie Calhoun

At WVU are continuing our Professional Staff Searches for Coordinators but pausing for our Associate Directors- brainstorming the idea of virtual on-campus interviews

01:19:51Dillon Thompson

We have found this a great opportunity to practice interviews with our students to aid in their inevitable virtual interview period

01:19:53Scott Harrison

We are moving forward for undergraduate and graduate student positions for Fall.  All employment will be contingent on have in person classes in the fall.

01:20:06Kareem Bland

We are hiring Student Managers

01:20:08Thomas Lail

Syracuse was able to finish current searches, i believe searches that have not been started will not be started.

01:20:19Tori Landron

will whoever controls the lobby have to be in all the calls?

01:20:21Easton Henrikson

Is the virtual waiting room through zoom or another platform?

01:20:31Jerrell Kelly

It also really helps us to make sure that we're truly prepared for the interview before we get started.

01:20:31Don Umland


01:20:33Mike Dickinson

still need to hire student staff. we are looking into how to complete the background check fingerprint process remotely (if its even possible) for summer camp staff

01:20:40Andrew Hay (Ryerson University)

We are moving forward with student hiring, but providing only conditional offers that explain hours will start when university re-opens.

01:21:16Bonnie Hainline

Is anyone utilizing this time to do a participant satisfaction survey or sport offering assessment for students in planning next year’s calendar?

01:21:37Aaron Dueker


01:21:42Travis Lankford

our participants are not happy we cancelled seasons, we figure we'll get a lot of negative feedback

01:21:43Jay McKendall


01:21:45Justin Ford

Getting better at using technology

01:21:46Jarrode Davis


01:21:54Tori Landron

working at a lot on policy development for both IM and clubs

01:21:55Gabby Sokol


01:22:05Andrew Hay (Ryerson University)

Yes, both participant and staff surveys, which will help inform an overall program review.

01:22:18Greg Reilly

We're doing almost exclusively planning for next year- learning outcomes and schedules and which sports

01:22:27Cameron Milam

We are using this time as a way to completely revamp and update policies, procedures and rules packets for all sports

01:22:34Bonnie Hainline

Anyone want to chat about those surveys in another call? If so, email me at and I will set it up

01:22:35Jaclyn Gidley

giving away to student workers who are doing the deep clean shifts, saving for NIRSA t-shirt give away next year :)

01:22:37Jason Darby

For any that participate in our distance programming we will get them a shirt.

01:22:40Natosha Harris

Our champ shirts have 2020 on them so they are going to the fall semester, YAY

01:22:40Matt Dunigan

We don't have dates on our shirts so we will be giving them away to promote when we get back

01:22:41Tina Mascaro

Luckily no date on my championship tshirts. Learned that lesson a long time ago.

01:22:46Laura Shively

Anyone who was currently playing in a sport, we offered them shirts

01:22:46Amy Rask

Working on moving all rules training components of officials trainings to video via adding audio to existing PPTs + convert to MP4 video files

01:22:58James Harris

We are providing Captain's/co-captain's to all teams that sports are cancelled.

01:23:01Jessica Coleman

UWF- Luckily no dates on our shirts

01:23:03Eric Vaughn

donating shirts for the trivia night with Drew

01:23:11Sean Graninger

Luckily, ours don't have years and we rotate colors every four years so we'll use them again in 2023

01:23:12Jarrode Davis

we use a portion of leftover shirts to hand out at next year's student involvement fair for recruitment and promotion.

01:23:14Tom Giles

removed year from shirts, just use two different colors

01:23:21R. Christopher McCollum

most of my shirts don’t have dates so I can use them again next year. usually i donate them.

01:23:22Jordan Hunter

Promotion material for Summer student orientation

01:23:23Justin Ford

We have had the same t-shirt design for the last 30 years

01:23:25Austin Sanderson

at WSU we are forming a video data base. IM Leads will be able to break down and make play calls for clinics next year. Video review is something we have not done before

01:23:25Brian Beam

We lucked out and were able to finish our early Spring sports before the lockdown...

01:23:28Katie Thomas

Will hand out a majority of them at our Rec Fest in the fall

01:23:31Scott Flickinger

You can donate a few of them to the National Trivia Tournament!

01:23:43Greg Reilly

Plan to give to student staff- they love them

01:23:44Aaron Dueker

We will give them away to freshmen 5 years from now at first week events. - not joking

01:23:54Matt Dunigan

Anyone mailing them out to students?

01:24:00Kelsey Jones

Yes, Matty D

01:24:03Don Umland

Scott, How can we get those shirts into the rotation for national trivia

01:24:06Aaron Brooks

we have used past shirts for giveaways at “Champ Nights Events” and we actually sell them in our proshop

01:24:08Jessica Coleman

I'm looking it to it Matt

01:24:10Bonnie Hainline

We have the year, will mail them out to eSports winners

01:24:36Mikayla Nawojczyk

Also mailing to esport winners

01:24:41Bonnie Hainline

Then give aways at events for summer orientation and Night at the Club event to kickoff fall semester

01:24:54Tina Mascaro

Does anyone know if the Intramural/Club Sports Institute is still happening?

01:24:57Scott Flickinger

Link for shirt contribution to National Trivia!

01:25:05Don Umland

Thanks Scott!

01:25:12Matt Dunigan

Thanks Flick

01:25:17Jarrode Davis

what's our shirt theme for next week?

01:25:27Kevin Linker

Thanks Scott

01:25:28Tom Giles


01:25:31Kaulin Andric


01:25:33Austin Sanderson


01:25:36Travis Lankford

i vote sweater vests

01:25:37Justin Ford

T-shirt challenge?

01:25:40Matt Dunigan


01:25:49Shane Ferrara

jerseys rock

01:25:53Scott Flickinger


01:25:54Kareem Bland

sweater its hot in cali lol

01:25:54Kevin Linker

Thank you all!

01:25:55Matthew Nuesell

Great session. Thanks for doing this!

01:25:58Mike Haines

Thank you!

01:25:58Natosha Harris


01:25:58Jacob Walker

Will the chat be posted somewhere as well?

01:25:59Matt Dunigan

Thank you all for coming everyone!

01:25:59Shane Ferrara

thanks for hosting everyone!

01:25:59Tina Mata-Bollers

jeresy week!!!



01:26:00Tom Giles

Thanks all

01:26:00Dillon Thompson

Thanks everyone!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email