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Recorded on Tuesday, March 24, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse & NIRSA Student Leadership Team

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Chat Transcript

00:33:22Mike Gallagher

Roger Williams has moved to all online for the rest of the semester

00:33:30Jonathan Johnston

A&M Commerce – Yes to online classes

00:33:40Jaclyn Gidley

Ball State – yes to online classes

00:33:41Katie Taylor

Wyoming has moved to all online for rest of the semester.

00:33:48Chris Duvall

Same for Cincinnati

00:33:50Raul Cano

Texas Southmost College moved to online classes as well

00:33:50Eli Barrett

Colgate University all online classes rest of the semester

00:33:52Ryne Bondy

McGill University in Montreal went all online as well and no in-person final exams

00:33:55danielle rafuse

Illinois State went online for the semester!

00:33:56Mary Walk

Yes, at SVSU we have been in online learning for 1 1/2 weeks for the rest of the term.

00:34:00Elizabeth Rivera

NIU is online

00:34:01Caroline Ciell

University of Alabama is also online

00:34:01Morgan Haga

Northern Illinois University is online through blackboard

00:34:03Nick White

All of the University of Missouri System Universities have moved to online

00:34:10Laura Fitzgerald

Stony Brook University has moved online

00:34:13Vicky Jaeger

all online at Luther College in northeast Iowa for rest of the year. We are currently on spring break this week.

00:34:14Caroline Kessler

Baldwin Wallace has moved to online classes to the end of the semester

00:34:17Joshua Rinck

William Paterson University is online

00:34:19Matt Collum

Boston College is online for the remainder of the semester

00:34:40Erin Maurno

Syracuse University is all online for the rest of the semester

00:34:44Joseph Secrest

University of Houston is online for the remainder of the semester

00:34:52Aaron Brooks

University of Akron have moved to completely online classes for the rest of the semester.

00:34:54Tess Magers

Nebraska starts online classes next week, were technically on spring break right now


University of North Texas is online for the remainder of the semester

00:35:29Julia Neal

I like the morning walk, pretend that is my commute.

00:35:59Emily Murphy

West Virginia University will begin online classes on March 30th for the remainder of the semester, as well.

00:37:43Casey Kummer

Penn State university is online for the rest of the semester

00:38:19Lydia Hill

University of Nebraska-Lincoln is online starting after spring break (this week)

00:38:37Mary Walk

Does everyone have a tentative date on when campus will be back to regular hours?

00:38:38Emily Nollette

I agree with Zach! My prostaff has given me projects to work on and the freedom to explore projects that I’ve wanted to do but not always having the time to do it.

00:40:07Vicky Jaeger

Zach – is your institution paying student work even while they are “online”?

00:40:20Jaclyn Gidley

Is there anyone that cannot have students work remotely? We’re only able to offer deep cleaning shifts right now.

00:40:43Jessica Graham

How are you all paying your students (financially) if your facilities are closed and your wages budget is dependent on patrons pay to participate in fitness programs?

00:40:47Ryne Bondy

I’ve had my league supervisor take on esports

00:40:49Richelle Williams

we can’t have students work remotely

00:40:50Raul Cano

Zach how do you keep track of hours

00:41:15Ryne Bondy

clockify is good app to track hours

00:41:21Chris Duvall

Cincinnati Student Activities is paying student workers for remote work as far as I know

00:41:21Angie Nagle

we are honoring work study grants- all others paid until 3/27

00:41:30Raul Cano

Same here we do not pay them at this moment

00:41:52Mike Brito – R1

Rowan University is letting students get paid for up to 40 accrued sick hours (2 weeks of pay). No pay is available after that right now

00:42:50Aaron Brooks

At The University of Akron, we are paying students for “regularly scheduled shifts”. Since im basketball registration was finishing up, we are honoring basketball hours and paying our IM students for the basketball season

00:43:02Tom Giles

At Florida International University we are fortunate enough to be able to provide 10hrs a week of paid virtual professional development, so that each and every student staff member can earn some income if they are interested in doing so. We are using LinkedIn learning and ZOOOM

00:43:06Kathy Obuszewski

At CWRU, the students can’t work remotely but we will continue to pay students due to the federal guidelines allowing work studies to get paid and we extended it to non work study for the regularly schedule shifts

00:43:16Caroline Kessler

At Baldwin Wallace University we are not able to have our students work remotely. Only students with federal work study get paid their average weekly hours for the rest of the semester without having to work.Does anyone have any student development ideas for students to keep them connected?

00:43:37Nathan Lonngren

At Arkansas we are trying to give students 5hrs of work a week (Risk Management modules, amending handbooks). We are also honoring work study students pay until they reach their award allotment.

00:43:43Laura Fitzgerald

Virtual fitness classes, esports is what we are doing at Stony Brook University

00:45:50Zachary Wallace R6SL

UNLV is also hopping on the Esports train for IMs. Our fitness programs are hosting yoga and other fitness classes through webex/zoom video sessions with a good turnout numbers so far

00:46:12Joshua Rinck

Since much of the work that our student staff completes is in-person, can folks give examples of the [meaningful] work their students have been able to complete while remote? We’re challenged because we went remote on relatively short notice and while students were on spring break so much of the materials and information we might have sent with them to complete cannot be shared.

00:46:50Diane Yee, MSU Denver

Hi everyone, I’m a Director in Denver and we asked our students to update their resumes (and I can help with suggested edits). But more importantly we’re launching a discord server for Campus Recreation. Also looking to ramp up our social media output

00:47:29Raul Cano

That is a great idea Diane Yee

00:49:15Anthony Cioeta

Remote work I am doing involves creating excel sheets for data entries. My supervisor sent me a very long list of participants so I basically need to go through it line by line and create a more organized spreadsheet.

00:49:17Austin Sanderson

Minnesota is doing the trivia, FYI. It will be nation wide.

00:49:38Chris Duvall

ahhh It was minnesota

00:49:52Laura Fitzgerald

Virtual fitness classes are amazing!

00:50:08Juliana Frigeiro – R2

Slack is another great option to engage student staff and club officers. You can create different channels (so some related to work, some more “random”).

00:50:08Chris Duvall

did Yoga over Zoom

00:50:28Mary Walk

We are encouraging our staff to get outside and share pictures of Cardinals (SVSU – cardinals :)


We are doing some alternate IM type challenges like a paper football challenge. We just launched it yesterday – made a youtube video to explain how to make it and how to play.

00:51:10Mary Walk

We are working on our supervisor binder – How to… everything

00:51:17Emily Nollette

Remote work I have been doing (as a GroupX Student Coordinator) I’ve been able to work on a way for our instructors to teach via live-streaming, creating a well-being BINGO for other PSU members to engage in, continuing evaluations and future training ideas for instructors.

00:51:25Eli Barrett

Starting to have students and casual wage staff work on LinkedIn learning courses and select ted talks on customer service, social justice, and professional development. After they do a course or watch a video they will do a google form entry reflection. Paid for their time.

00:51:56Laura Fitzgerald

We are a state university and had to refund our student fees so we are utilizing our student staff to help us update our FUSION system – working on giving refunds.

00:52:30Vicky Jaeger

love to hear more about the well-being BINGO from Emily.

00:52:33Kate Nail

We are trying to find development opportunities (such as this), having students help with manuals, looking to do student led discussions about TED talks or readings, GROW conversations with each student, mock interviews


We also are putting up 30 minute group ex classes on our youtube channel so students and staff have access to their favorite instructors at any time that meets their needs.

00:54:17Corrine Pruett

Since in-person classes are cancelled through the end of the semester, we are making sure that we still move forward with our recognition initiatives, specifically our end-of-year awards. Holding a “virtual banquet” at the end of the academic semester is a good way to still recognize your graduating students as well as those who have gone above and beyond.

00:54:17Catherine Raczyk

University of Nebraska is finding ways for us to do some remote work especially focusing on personal development

00:54:53Diane Yee, MSU Denver

Jackbox through Twitch has been well received

00:55:03Tom Kirch

At Willamette U. we are completing the development cycle by having student write a reflection paper on their learning and experiences piece, then the supv. will set a person to person meeting to discuss and provide feedback.

00:55:19danielle rafuse

how do you all plan on having a virtual banquet? I know here at ISU we are looking to celebrate our clubs but not exactly sure how to do about it

00:55:28Vicky Jaeger

are you giving prizes for those that complete the bingo?

00:55:46Jaclyn Gidley

We are going to try and do a video to display the sports club banquet awards that we still have students able to vote on.

00:57:31Mike Brito – R1

We were going to mail them their awards for seniors & incentive prize winners. For the others who are returning we’ll hand them out when they return

00:58:00Emily Nollette

We’re currently working on what prizes we can provide for when Campus opens back up. We are thinking about the classic PSU swag or sweat towels from a previous event we held before the closure.

00:58:39Caroline Ciell

Thank you Cheyanne, Michael, Juliana, Bailey, Katie, Nick, Zach, and Judith for your leadership throughout this year and for shifting gears to meet the needs for NIRSA students and students everywhere!

00:59:11Austin Sanderson

Here is a link for the Trivia that Chris mentioned before. Drew Devore is putting it together and will be sharing marketing materials. Flick will be hosting it on Twitch. Thats all that I am aware of currently.

01:01:06Diane Yee, MSU Denver

MSU Denver is planning to hire a Student Leadership Specialist, but that’s put on hold as the priority from HR is the searches that are currently bringing candidates “to campus” and then to fill faculty needs

01:01:30Mary Walk

I have heard of a lot of my seniors having phone and video interviews. When travel resumes, so will job opportunities. Keep hope.

01:01:32Karen David

1st year GA in a hiring freeze, 3 pro staff positions open… no word on hiring professionals or renewing GA contracts :/

01:01:32Nathan Lonngren

My on-campus will most likely be cancelled and move to a video call. What are ways to still get a feel for the culture and knowing if that city/campus is where I want to move?

01:01:35Mallory Valentine

University of Iowa is still moving forward with interviews but we are only going to be offering zoom calls

01:01:56Julia Neal

Our pro position open is going to all virtual interviews.

01:02:48Austin Sanderson

Our eSports Coordinator position is moving forward with virtual interviews

01:03:10Leah Hall Dorothy

great advice Darby

01:03:10Kate Nail

Is anyone looking for jobs outside of higher ed? What does that look like for everyone?


I am happy to share about the University of Alabama hiring process

01:04:23Mary Walk

Have any of your institutions canceled spring/summer classes?

01:04:33Chris Muller

I’ve heard virtual (online) interviews but personally I really value the on campus interaction. Agree with Jason.

01:05:17Becky Stolpa

I had an in person interview that was changed to a zoom meeting and it made me a lot more nervous, but it went well and they are adapting! They were understanding about what is going on as it’s awkward for everybody involved.

01:06:16Addy Ams

Good point Becky! it’s new for everyone

01:06:51Catherine Raczyk

Adapting is so important for everyone right now and its great how flexible we are all being

01:07:39Leah Hall Dorothy

ask for a part of the zoom interview to be with students and GAs as well to give you a good understanding of their experiences

01:08:40Alyssa Day

Virtual on campus tours is a great idea! A new way to explore and still show the rec during this chaotic time

01:08:41Jason Darby

Very easy for us to get set in our ways so adapting is going to be key! A lot of universities have hiring freezes in place across campus, so there may be a gap between your virtual interviews and an offer. Continue to stay in touch with your contacts and they are happy to keep you informed with their status in that regard. Best of luck to all of you who are interviewing!

01:09:18Leah Hall Dorothy

Agree with Jason – keep reaching out to mentors and contacts

01:09:18Katie Haarmann – R4

Thanks Jason, that’s super helpful!!

01:10:44Jaclyn Gidley

Is anyone still physically at work? We’re able to have the option to work remotely or actually be in our offices.

01:10:46Andrea De Lei – Oregon State Univ.

Utilize online Polling tools like TopHat, etc. if you have a presentation piece that you would typically have attendance participation in an in person setting as well :)

01:11:10Sarah Daugherty

EIU has 3 GA positions open that will need to be filled no matter what.

01:11:12Austin Sanderson

On Friday we begin a virtual on campus at Wichita State. We are sharing videos of the city and campus. The candidates will have 10-15 minutes to discuss what there first 90 days on the job will look like. Then we will follow that with group questions by Students and Department partners. We are planning on it taking an hour.

01:11:17Matt Collum

Please do not be afraid to reach out and continue to ask questions if you are still interested in the positions that you are applying for! It’s a great way to show that you still care about the positions that you are applying for


I think that asking good questions during any part of the interview is key. Have questions prepared about the culture is always smart. Alabama is moving forward with our hiring process in a virtual way. It will challenge all of us to be creative about sharing our culture and learning more about the applicants as well

01:11:55Mike Brito – R1

Poll everywhere is a nice option too for online participation in a presentation

01:12:15Anthony Cioeta

I am still living in my college town and it is a ghost town.

01:13:59Anthony Cioeta

It’s alright just quiet

01:14:22Katie Taylor

Wyoming is already in a very small town and 99% of our students left, it’s a very eerie feeling.

01:15:19Guy Williams

Precor is launching a Free trainer app for Rec programs to assign workouts to Students Faculty and Staff


Question: Summer student staffing. What are your institutions plans?

01:15:53Andrea De Lei – Oregon State Univ.

Question: Has anyone tried to add captions onto their either Live or Pre-programed Event or Program? Do you use any tool or use a current employee?

01:16:26Kate Nail

We are holding off on staff scheduling until we have an estimated reopening date

01:16:29Andrea De Lei – Oregon State Univ.

potentially work for students?

01:16:31Jaclyn Gidley

Still interviewing for summer kids camp as of today, this could change at any moment :)

01:16:34Richelle Williams

WWU is moving forward with summer programs and hiring until they tell us we can’t

01:16:43Leah Hall Dorothy

reach out to your disability access services on campus

01:16:50Kate Nail

Vid grid has a captioning tool, you request captions and they send them to you like a day later

01:16:58Richelle Williams

google meeting automatically does it

01:17:00Mary Walk

We have reduced hours for our Fitness Center in the summer. We do hire additional student staff to work with our overnight camps.

01:17:37Michael Giles

what was the online streaming app?

01:17:51Scott George

It is important that if you are releasing a recorded Zoom webinar, you should also get a transcript… that is helpful for individuals with certain disabilities

01:17:58Karen David

Summer Staffing – at Dayton we are in a hiring freeze but we are able to hire for summer/fall because the rec is considered essential and will open as soon as the restrictions are lifted


Same with Wisconsin – Stay at home orders

01:18:07Julia Neal

It is so hard to hire for an unknown date of return.

01:18:08Dylan Johnson

Streamyard I believe was the online streaming app.

01:18:22Richelle Williams

Yep that is the app


UW – Madison summer camps are still running as of right now

01:19:11Dylan Johnson

LOVE that background lol

01:19:54Amber Kavehkar

Is anyone trying remote personal training sessions?

01:20:06Katie Haarmann – R4

please use our info! we are here to help you all in any way we can

01:20:18Richelle Williams

Aquatics roundtable is tomorrow at 11 am! PST

01:20:36Laura Fitzgerald

Is there going to be a fitness round table?

01:20:48Diane Yee, MSU Denver

Our PT are connecting with their clients to keep them engaged but it won’t affect the # of sessions they have (so free assistance essentially)

01:20:51Jaclyn Gidley

Would anyone be able to have a round table for those who run summer kids camp? Would love to figure out potential online training.

01:20:53lauren Hoffman

are you all posting brackets for esports through IMLeauges or FusionIM then letting the students coordinate it?

01:21:04Jason Darby

Students on the call feel free to reach out to the professionals on here as well if you have any questions especially with advice on this “adjusted” hiring process. We are always happy to help!

01:21:18Jonathan Johnston

01:21:21Aaron Brooks

How are people that are still hiring getting any buy in from students when we literally have no timetable for any of this?

01:22:04Jonathan Johnston

Summer camps and club sports are coming to the ideas in motion

01:22:19Leah Hall Dorothy

you are rock! Take care of yourself and reach out to a friend! Take a gratitude walk today 😀

01:22:21NIRSA Smartboard

Stay tuned to as more roundtables are being added all the time – if you’d like to lead a session reach out to NIRSA HQ

01:22:26Matt Collum – if any students or professionals have any questions or ideas about things to do during these unprecedented times!

01:22:33danielle rafuse

is therre going to be a club sport roundtable? I would love to ask

01:22:39Scott George

Hey you all are AMAZING! NIRSA always comes through and you are great student leaders… one thing to please keep in mind, many community members depend on campus rec facilities/programs for fitness/wellness/mental health, etc… please think of ways to make some of these awesome ideas such as videos and virtual wellness available to public!!!


Great work SLT!! Keep us all connected!

01:22:56Ashley Wilson—pro staff for wellness, special events, and social media!

01:23:04Nick Lampert pro staff, if anyone has questions or wants to reach out.

01:23:16Katie Taylor, pro staff, facility operations, reach out if you need anything!

01:23:17Jonathan Johnston

Awesome job SLT! Keep it up!

01:23:20Richelle Williams reach out for anything!

01:23:22Leah Hall Dorothy reach out

01:23:30Richelle Williams

Thanks so much SLT!!

01:23:32lauren Hoffman

Great work! –>pro staff and always happy to help people looking for jobs or anything else!

01:23:33Eli Barrett pro staff for facilities and membership. Feel free to reach out about facility or membership questions

01:23:35Kate Nail

Thank you Cheyanne!

01:23:37Matt Collum

Thank you, Cheyanne and SLT!

01:23:41Diane Yee, MSU Denver

Kudos SLT

01:23:42Nathan Lonngren

Thanks everyone!

01:23:43Tucker Paschen

Thanks everyone!

01:23:45Jared Utterback

Thank you everyone!

01:23:46Nicholas Boehler


01:23:48Scott George – send me a message if you have any questions about Special Olympics Unified Sports! Whether now or how to bring it to your school when things get back to normal!

01:23:52Leah Hall Dorothy

Awesome Chey!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email