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National Posture Institute  

The National Posture Institute is proud to partner with NIRSA to provide NPI educational certificate programs, specialty CEC workshops, career advancement online CEC-CEU courses, and products more accessible and affordable to NIRSA Members.

NIRSA Institutional, Professional, and Student Members receive a Preferred Educational Partner Discount on NPI Programs, Courses, and Products which can be up to 25% off regular rates on the following programs:

  • NPI-Certified Posture Specialist (CPS) Program
  • NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional (RTP) Program
  • NPI-Certified Goniometry Specialist (CGS) Program

Discounts are also available for:

  • NPI’s Career Development Instructor Led Certificate Program
  • Nutrition Specialization Instructor Led Certificate Program
  • Online CEC Courses
  • NPI Products, Posture Grids, DVDs and more!

About NPI

The National Posture Institute is an educational and professional organization whose goal is to educate personal trainers and current allied health/medical/fitness professionals, the collegiate educational system, the media, and the general public information on correct posture/body alignment, exercise education, and resistance training movements through innovative educational resources, trainings, and courses.
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National Posture Institute

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