2021 NIRSA School for New Professionals

More info coming Summer 2020!
The date & location, and registration information will be announced later in Summer/Fall 2020

About this School

Is the NIRSA School for New Professionals for you?

Attendees of this school are usually newer professionals in the early years of their careers. Typical responsibilities of these attendees include supervising student staff and serving as club organization advisors. They may be found supervising professional staff, but their experience in this role may be limited in scope in comparison to more experienced professionals. Attendees of this School are usually responsible for coordinating the direct delivery of programs and services. For example, they may be found working in specific functional areas (e.g. club sports, aquatics, intramurals, facilities, marketing, etc.).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply strategies to more effectively build teams and lead/manage student employees
  2. Articulate the value of recreation and wellness as vital to achieving the academic mission of a university
  3. Develop strategies for professional growth and advancement

How can NIRSA help you? What are some challenges you are facing in your role? Do you have specific topics you’d like the planning committee to consider?

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NIRSA Registry

Attendees may earn NIRSA CEUs to apply toward the Registry of Collegiate Recreation Sports Professional (RCRSP) credential.

The NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation is an outstanding learning experience. You will be surprised you can learn so much so quickly!

Matt Edmonds, University of Alberta

The NIRSA Rec School provides an opportunity to network with other professionals while also reflecting deeper on the work I do.

Danny Turner, UNC Wilmington

I’m grateful for the opportunity NIRSA School provided me to refocus on my purpose, build new relationships, and enhance my knowledge in a wide range of important topics we face every day.

Dorothy Stromdahl, Central Michigan University

Attending the NIRSA School was likely one of the most valuable experiences I have had in my NIRSA membership thus far. I learned so many new tools from great faculty, and got to know so many other young professionals on a deeper level. Our case studies caused us to think outside of the box and really interact. It caused me to take a really good look at my role within campus recreation and the impact I can have.

Brianna Lee, CENTERS, LLC University of Alabama at Birmingham

NIRSA School is a great opportunity to meet professionals from all over the US and Canada from all different program areas and backgrounds. I spend most of my time working for and with competitive sports people, so to have an opportunity to meet, work alongside, and bond with people from different schools and program areas was what made NIRSA School such a unique experience. I met a lot of great people in my time there.

Michael Binger, Florida Atlantic University

Additional Information

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For more information, contact NIRSA Director of Professional Development, Kristen Gleason.