2015 NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute

Presented by Mondo

Part of the NIRSA Triventure  |  Indianapolis  |  October 14-16, 2015

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NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute: “Built Communities”


Schools invest in recreation facilities because they recognize their enormous value. Not only are rec facilities important student recruiting tools, they also create places of community on campus and promote health and well-being. Rec facilities provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty, staff, and peers. They assist and support the student body, and enhance the student collegiate experience.

NIRSA’s goal in highlighting the Built Communities concept is to look at recreation facilities as more than simply spaces to use for programming purposes. Instead, NIRSA Professionals expect rec facilities to be vibrant learning spaces where students start establishing healthy lifelong behaviors while learning real-world skills as employees and participants.

In adopting Built Communities, campuses make facilities and spaces less permanent and more functional. This allows them to offer more intentional services, programs, and opportunities. Built Communities promotes multiple departments collaborating on a strategic planning process, which ends up saving universities money and helps facilities operate with diminishing resources.

The NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute, presented by Mondo, provides in-depth information on planning, constructing, renovating, and operating recreation sports facilities.

Institute Topics

The 2015 Institute will continue the conversation started at the 2014 Institute on Built Communities—the concept of finding new and different ways of building, programming, and operating to create an inclusive environment.

  • Facility Construction & Design (e.g. topics should include information pertaining to facility construction/design that could encompass project overview, planning, collaboration, problems/solutions, financial supports, etc.)
  • Facility Management & Operations (e.g. topics should include information pertaining to facility management and operations that could encompass weekly maintenance schedule, annual maintenance, technologies utilized such as iPads/tablets, business software systems, department collaboration/outreach, student staff development/scheduling, etc.)
  • Facility Programming (e.g. topics should include information pertaining to facility programming that could encompass new informal activities/sports offered, effective use of facility spaces for activities, special event/activities, collaborating with other areas in your department/university etc.)

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NIRSA Triventure 2015
The NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute is part of the 2015 NIRSA Triventure. Your registration provides access to all three Triventure institutes.
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After attending the last three Facilities Institutes, the Triventure allowed me to network with even more professionals from across the country all while seeing the multiple facilities on the tour.
Bob Holub, Associate Director of Campus Rec CENTERS LLC at University of Alabama at Birmingham
The NIRSA Triventure was great! It provided an excellent opportunity to see some great facilities while networking with others in our field. The workshops were interesting and educational. I would definitely recommend the NIRSA Triventure to my fellow co-workers in the recreation community. My experience at the NIRSA Triventure made me want to get more involved in NIRSA.
Sara Jones, University of Washington
Even though my facility is much smaller than most institutions, the information shared at the educational sessions was extremely beneficial. I definitely plan to attend the Facilities Institute each year!
Megan St. Vigne, UNT Health Science Center

Preconference Activities

Preconference Facility Tours October 13, 2015

12:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Crowne Plaza Hotel

One day before the institute, a preconference Facility Tour will be hosted by NIRSA. This activity will involve a tour of Indiana University, Indiana State University, and the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Transportation to and from Crowne Plaza Hotel will be provided for the tour, and dinner will be included on-site, at the hotel. Please note, however, that lunch will not be provided—so please eat before, or bring a lunch for the bus ride.

Indiana University

  • Total Construction Cost: $22.5 million
  • Gross Square Feet: 138,000 sq. ft.
  • Average Daily Participation: 2,073

Indiana State

  • Total Construction Cost: $20.55 million
  • Gross Square Feet: 110,000 sq. ft.
  • Average Daily Participation: 1,500


  • Total Construction Cost: $20 million
  • Gross Square Feet: 165,000 sq. ft.
  • Average Daily Participation: N/A

2015 Recreation Facilities Institute Committee Members

  • Gregory Haverlock, Committee Chair, University of South Florida – St. Petersburg Campus
  • Bill Crockett, University of Maryland (Baltimore), The Founding Campus
  • Silvia Chan, University of Connecticut
  • Chris Cody, The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Mitch Nettesheim, Purdue University
  • Lashica Thomas, Columbus State University
  • Tina Villard, Rice University
  • Brittany Rejda, NIRSA Headquarters


Collegiate recreation programs are a tremendous growth industry nationwide and provide a great marketable asset to colleges and universities. And, even in the face of a slow economy, that booming recreational facilities construction trend has not faltered.

The 2010-2015 NIRSA Facilities Construction and Renovation Survey shows nearly 160 projects underway, representing more than $1.7 billion in capital projects. Fifty-five percent of these projects are new construction, while the remaining balance represents renovation projects to existing facilities. Two-thirds of reported projects expect to be completed before 2015.

The building boom for recreation sports facilities continues to increase demand for knowledgeable and qualified facility managers and directors. The NIRSA Recreation Facilities Institute, presented by Mondo, provides in-depth information on planning, constructing, renovating, and operating recreation sports facilities.