NIRSA Foundation Year in Review


Thank you for creating and supporting amazing opportunities!

In 2017, thanks to the generosity of 400+ individual donors, Corporate Partners, Corporate Contributors, and sponsors, the NIRSA Foundation invested nearly $100,000 into NIRSA through scholarships, research, student officials’ development, and leadership. It was a record year for the NIRSA Foundation and our gratitude knows no bounds—thank you!

2017 Highlights

Foundation volunteers contributing over
230 hours
of service
donors, Corporate Partners, Corporate Contributors, and Sponsors
raised by
members at
NIRSA 2017
Invested through scholarships, research, student officials’ development, and leadership

Your donation provided in 2017:

Scholarships & Travel Stipends

Mission-based spend through scholarships and Core Health & Fitness Travel Stipends
Students and Professionals to NIRSA events on full-registration scholarships
J. Michael Dunn
awards to
attend Preconference
Travel stipends
provided by
Core Health
& Fitness

2017 Region I Scholarship recipient

“I had no idea how to navigate NIRSA prior to arriving to the Annual Conference. The NIRSA Foundation provided structure and guidance for me. By the end of the conference, the NIRSA Foundation gave me professional skills and fostered relationships that will last a lifetime. They facilitated and created spaces for me to explore, learn, and grow while meeting people who are also looking to make connections. I ended up securing my top choices in positions and bringing me together with a good friend and roommate. The NIRSA Foundation, quite simple, set me up for success!”

Thomas Koller, Aquatics Graduate Assistant at Virginia Commonwealth

Founders Endowment Donor

“I give to the Founders Endowment because our founders left a lifelong legacy of information and idea exchange. If I can help one person pass that legacy on to the next generation of collegiate recreation professionals with my gift, then I have fulfilled my obligation to our NIRSA founders. Reach One, Team One!”

Mirum Washington-White, CRSS, RCRSP, Associate Director for Programs & Assessment at University of Houston


Mission-based spending through NIRSA Research Grant Program
Downloads of articles from the Recreational Sports Journal
Annual grant supporting NIRSA’s Institutional Data Set from 2015-2018
Number of
IDS participants

2017 NIRSA Research Grant recipient

2005 Will Holsberry Scholarship recipient

NIRSA Foundation donor

“I continue to give back to NIRSA Foundation because it has given so much to me. I’ve been the recipient of a scholarship that allowed me to attend NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation Level II in 2005, and this past year I received the research grant, which has helped me finish my dissertation research. These experiences, along with a host of others, have helped shape the professional I am today, and giving back allows me to be part of the circle.”

Yvette Kell, CRSS, Director of Campus Recreation at CENTERS, LLC at University of Missouri-St. Louis

Student Officials Development

Officials Development funding
2017 & 2018
Student Officials’ Development training opportunities 2016-2017

Student Officials’ Development Campaign Donor

“I feel it is critical that we in the officiating community find ways to create more opportunities for development in this craft. With such a sharp decline in the number of officials in recent years it’s important that we rally to the cause that supports this community. I feel it’s important for us to keep students engaged ‘competitively’ in officiating, while educating and supporting those who are interested in becoming a new sports official.”

Adam Pruett, RCRSP, NIRSA Director of Campus Activations & Cricket, Co-Founder of Southern California Intramural Officials Association

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To learn more about the impact made by NIRSA Foundation donors in 2017, check out news and updates about the NIRSA Foundation on the NIRSA website.

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We look forward to reporting the great things that the NIRSA Foundation donors will achieve in 2018. In advance, we extend our sincere thanks to all our donors—past, present, and future—for what will surely be a great year.