NIRSA Foundation Giving Board from NIRSA 2019

= Cornerstone Society Member

Thank You To …Why Do You Donate to the NIRSA Foundation?
Ben DaoThe association has given me everything
Andrew RamirezJen D. And to help the future of our association
Ryan FitzpatrickJah Nirsa Love!
Lucy CaplesTo Pay it Forward
Melissa HolzhauserTo Pay it Forward
Kirsten SchumacherTo Pay it Forward
Marissa CanterTo Pay it Forward
Veronica SnowFor Growth
SpiderTo help with student scholarships and professional development
Lisa StuppyTo Pay it Forward
AdrienneTo Pay it Forward
Adrienne AnselFor Growth
Jonathan JohnstonTo Pay it Forward
Matt O'ConnorTo Pay it Forward
Sosie Kae QuarrieTo Pay it Forward
Sophia CaroFor Growth
Abby BlumbergFor Students, By Students
Jason Wright
Lamar Shingles
Mark Ritter
Ann Rejrat
Kevin Martin
Lauran Munroe
Megan Krone
Logan Lewis
Anthony Golio
Justin Ellerbe
Christopher Ell
Luke Bartlett
Shana KesslerTo Pay it Forward
Leslie WhitmerNirsa is like a marriage it supports you thru thick & thin and I support mentors here in spirit
Kristin BurnettFor Growth
Ryan FitzgeraldFor Growth
Keith WallaceFor Health & Wellbeing
Samantha WaryTo Pay it Forward
Kathy LawheadFor Health & Wellbeing
Jodi HawkinsTo Pay it Forward
Teresé HaleyTo Pay it Forward
Adam PruettFor developing the next generation of officials and professionals!
Andy LemonsTo challenge our future student leaders to build bridges of love instead of walls of hate.
Lawrence BrownFor Growth
Belinda SanchezTo Pay it Forward
Matt UrbanczykTo Pay it Forward
Matthew AltendorfI am appreciative to the donors that helped fund my scholarship last year and hope to do the same!
Nick RemmesTo Pay it Forward
SuzanneTo Pay it Forward
Silvia Chan
Chase Ellis
Suzanne Ries
Reed PhiniseyFor Health & Wellbeing
Don SeaseFor Growth
Bob GoughTo Pay it Forward
Joshua DietrichTo Pay it Forward
Dhimant SahiFor Family
Justin AndersonFor Growth
Rappin' Randall FordTo Pay it Forward
Felicia BlackTo Pay it Forward
Sineyda OrtizFor the students personal and professional growth!
AnthonyFor Growth
Natalie BroderTo Pay it Forward
Laura WhiteleyTo Pay it Forward
Norma NievesTo Pay it Forward
Dave BryngilTo Pay it Forward
Serena RodriguezFor Growth
Rachel JonesTo Pay it Forward
Ross RodriguezThose before have paved the way and I hope to do the same for the next generation of world changers.
DarcieTo Pay it Forward
Scott ReedTo Pay it Forward
Meredith MerchantI donate to the students, to give them the opportunity to #changetheworld
Ava KwasnieskiTo Pay it Forward
Katie BlevinsSFA supports NIRSA!
John DomanTo Pay it Forward
Adam ShanleyFor Health & Wellbeing
Amanda BrayFor Growth
Kate KusTo Pay it Forward
Olivia ChaseTo Pay it Forward
Demitri LahanasFor Family
Tori HypesTo Pay it Forward
Olivia FortsonTo Pay it Forward
Valerie McCutchanTo Pay it Forward
Jocelyn HillTo Pay it Forward
Andrew ReddishTo Pay it Forward
Reginald UngosTo Pay it Forward
Sarah LeskovecTo support student development opportunities
Rick CraigTo Pay it Forward
Scott GeorgeFor Inclusion
Linda and Dianna!To celebrate Jen!
Kathy ObuszewskiTo Pay it Forward
Caitlin OsbornTo Pay it Forward
Shauna Bookal
Mary ShelleyTo Pay it Forward
Brittney HollomanI donate for students of all backgrounds who just need that one "shot" to prepare them for life!
Kelly and Dexter ShorterFor Family
Max MillerFor Health & Wellbeing
Alicia RossowTo Pay it Forward
VettyTo Pay it Forward
Christina UstiakTo Pay it Forward
Jamie ZellerTo Pay it Forward
Jason DarbyTo Pay it Forward
Jennifer Speer
Anita Moran
Jack Lawatsch
Horace Moody
Timber Hines
Gregory Jordan
Jacqueline Hamilton
William Healey
Kevin George
Jarrell Garcia
Leah Callovini
Nicholas Brigati
Suzanne Brandt
Stephen ReyTo support the continued growth of NIRSA, Honor colleagues who supported my growth, & to help create opportunities for our student membership
SteveTo give back to the organization that inspired me to make a difference in people’s lives
Caroline MashburnTo Pay it Forward
Jason IncorvatiTo Pay it Forward
Katelyn VoorheesTo Pay it Forward
Lashica ThomasFor Growth
Julie JohnsonFor Growth
Brandon SmithTo Pay it Forward
Todd BowyerTo Pay it Forward
Megan FlanaganTo Pay it Forward
Kelsey JonesTo Pay it Forward
Rob SimelsTo Pay it Forward
Corrine PruettFor Family
Stephanie CalhounTo Pay it Forward
DeVanee LasleyFor Growth
Zack SephtonFor Growth
Naomi MatleyTo give students the opportunity to grow! Love giving back to-organization that has given me so much
Kim SchmidtBecause Leslie Dulle and Emily Piercey have given me so much richness in my life and I need to share
Paul WilsonGiving is what NIRSA is all about.
Lisa WilliamsonTo Pay it Forward
Mike ChadeeTo Pay it Forward
Alex AccettaIn honor of Jen DeVries - one of the all time best!
Steve EricksonTo Pay it Forward
Jean BernardTo Pay it Forward
Karen DavidTo Pay it Forward
Kurt SchooleyTo Pay it Forward
Doug EwingTo Pay it Forward
Brenna LaceyTo Pay it Forward
Nicole GreenSupporting female student officials
Dave DeAngeloTo Pay it Forward
Tony Daniels (T.D.)To assist students :-)
Timothy CollinsTo Pay it Forward
Erin PatchettI give for equity, inclusion & research!
Michael CastanedaGiving back as it was given to me!
Justin FletcherTo Pay it Forward
Jenny RodgersFor Health & Wellbeing
Jorge HerreraTo Give Back What NIRSA's Given Me!
Walter KolisFor the Region II Excellence Fund!
Allie BogardTo Pay it Forward
Abby Van Note
Samantha Wray
Mick McComber
Chett Miller
Matt Kirkham
Jeff Huskey
Scott Holmes
Grachella Garcia
Robin De Castro
Cody Ballinger
Cat CrampTo Give Back!
Wendy Motch-EllisI believe NIRSA is a place for everybody
Kathleen HatchThis one's for Jeff Vessely
Roach FinleyTo Pay it Forward
Liz HenrySo the NIRSA family can have amazing opportunities & be better professionals and industry leaders!
Shomari KeeFor Family
Chris DenisonTo Pay it Forward
Deb JohnsonTo Pay it Forward
Brianna HarrisTo provide others the chance to do what they are passionate about within the NIRSA family
Suzette SmithFor Growth
Chris MullerTo help students & professionals receive needed scholarship support.
Bill CrockettGiving is more impactful than ever...we strengthen our values by supporting our future.
FlickI give because paying it forward it the way we honor those who have helped in our success.
Angela Moberg
Anna McCloskey
Anne Wilkinson
Augustus Hallmon
Benjamin Kohler
Sue VesselyFor Growth
Brian Mills
Brian Weaver
Brooke Turner
Carol Gibbon
Christin Everson
Christopher Morriss
Cindy Tse
Craig Boegner
Cristie Carpenter
Beau Rugg
Danny Feitel
David Crawford
David Bowles
David Davenport
Deja'Nay Gilliam
Dianna Clauss
Edgar Reed
Eric Nickel
Gabrielle Sokol
Gary Wohlstetter
George Brown
Hannah Roberts
Bill Ellis
Jacob Tingle
Jeffrey Ryder
Jen Gudaz
Jeremy Battjes
Jeremy Fritz
Jessica Gentry
Jerrell Kelly
Joe Hoff
Jonathon Elliott
Joy Polkabla Byers
Justin Alexander Furlough
Justin Fletcher
Kirk Fallon
William Fields
William Ehling
CieCie Leonard
Zac Brost
Pam WattsThe NIRSA Foundation is critical to the success of NIRSA and the profession.
Ryan RejdaFor Growth
Wendy Windsor
Todd Bauch
Travis Cole Lankford
Trevon L. Walker
Kristy Caldwell
Kyle Kinney
Larry Mellinger
Laura Klein
Laura Thomas
Lauren Alexandra Brown
Leah Hall Dorothy
Lee Wasson
Leslie Dulle
Lexi Chaput
Linda M. Clauss
Loretta Capra
Lynne Andrews
Mandy Madden
Mark Williams
Marsha Shelton
Matthew Boyer
Moe McGonagle
Megan Choiniere
Namoonga M. Mantina
Nathan A. Ferdinand
Nina Farro
Rachael Decker
Richelle Williams
Robin Curtis Embry
Sarah Hardin
Seneca Wilson
Shannon Tumelty
Adam Burke
Alex Acetta
Amanda Alpert
Stan Campbell
Stephanie Nielsen
Emily HughesYou give to what you love - and I love NIRSA!
Will BoucherTo Pay it Forward
Veronica ChevalierTo Pay it Forward
Steven Karasewski
Caitlin SommersTo contribute to an organization that has helped me become who I am personally and professionally.
Stacey Hall
Vicki HighstreetModeling how one person can make a different by supporting the development of our youth.
Shane FerraraTo Pay it Forward
Drake BeltTo Pay it Forward
Brent HarrisonHelping the NIRSA Family is hugely empowering; it makes me feel happier and more fulfilled.
Brooke CochranTo Pay it Forward
Mary Ellen MilamTo Pay it Forward
Marcus JacksonTo Pay it Forward
Emmy RichardsTo Pay it Forward
Krista BonikowskeTo Pay it Forward
Tony GoldstonFor Family
Eric SteinTo Pay it Forward
Steve BobbittTo Pay it Forward
Justin WatersTo Pay it Forward
Cheyanne ClouseBecause NIRSA has given me friendships and opportunities that I could have never dreamed of.
Chelsea PhippsTo pay it forward! NIRSA is where I discovered myself, my wife, and my purpose :)
John LentzI owe my career and, in many ways, my identity to the NIRSA.
Lauren Martini OlsonTo Pay it Forward
Marc IturriagaTo Pay it Forward
Marc FalkensteinOthers donated to afford me a life changing scholarship. Giving allows me give the same opportunity.
Laurie BradenThe profession's future depends on our investment today. L'ets model the way.
A'Naja NewsomeTo Pay it Forward
Brian StelzerTo Pay it Forward
Stan ShinglesI contribute because it allows me to give back to a profession that has given so much to me!
Chris CrumeTo Pay it Forward
Therese KennedyTo Pay it Forward
Jean HoltTo Pay it Forward
Demond L. PryorI want to assist others in their professional development pursuit.
Laurel HannaTo Pay it Forward
Hannah Houston CovingtonTo Pay it Forward
Chris WatkinsTo Pay it Forward
Mike WidenBecause NIRSA has allowed me to create life-long connections w/ fantastic people!
Tom KirchI give to advance the profession and support the development of our members.
Gene LamkeTo Pay it Forward
Janice DeMonsiI am thankful for all that NIRSA has done for me - so I have to pay it forward & continue to grow.
The McAlpinesBecause we can never REPAY what NIRSA gave to us!
Sarah ShouvlinTo Pay it Forward
Marty DempseyTo Pay it Forward
Scott GeorgeFor inclusive college rec opportunities for ALL people #UnifiedGeneration
Stefani PlummerTo Pay it Forward
Chad ZimmermanTo Pay it Forward
Jessica NormanTo Pay it Forward
Caroline DottsTo Pay it Forward
Daniel LawrenceTo Pay it Forward
Kim HolmesCreating connections and opportunities!
SarahFor Growth
Megan MorrisThe Championship Series has given so much to me. I am honored to give back to support officials
JessTo Pay it Forward