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NIRSA Event Services

NIRSA Event Servcies

Get your regional event off to the right start by planning each step of the way

The Professional Development Department at NIRSA Headquarters offers planning assistance for regional conferences, associated Student Lead Ons, and the Emerging Recreational Sports Leaders Conference.

NIRSA Event Services is designed to assist NIRSA members in the planning and organizing of quality regional conferences through logistical support as well as protecting NIRSA with prudent fiscal and risk management practices

Event Services Offered

NIRSA Event Services offers a range of required and optional resources to NIRSA members hosting regional conferences, ranging from registration assistance to online presentation proposal management and beyond.

View the full suite of services available to NIRSA regional event organizers.

Event Services Timeline

A number of documents are required to be shared with NIRSA Headquarters for all regional conferences. To take full advantage of NIRSA Event Services, many of these documents need to be shared as soon as you begin negotiations with your host venue.

View the timeline associated with NIRSA Event Services.

Event Services Policies

Before signing up for NIRSA Event Services, please read through the policies and procedures page.

For more information, contact John Raskauskas, NIRSA Professional Development Coordinator