NIRSA membership votes annually, via electronic elections, to fill positions on the NIRSA Board of Directors and the Member Network as well as on any proposed amendments to NIRSA’s Bylaws.

The 2022 NIRSA Elections will launch on January 19 and close on January 31.

The Nominations & Appointments Committee reviewed numerous qualified applications and, with the endorsement of the 2021–2022 NIRSA Board of Directors, presents the following for the 2022 NIRSA Board of Directors elections.

President Elect

Erin Patchett, Colorado State University

Mirum Washington-White, St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic School

At-Large Director

Dexter Shorter, Penn State University

Marc Falkenstein, University of the Pacific

Professional members will have the opportunity to vote on candidates applying for President Elect and At-Large Director on the 2021–2022 NIRSA Board of Directors, as will members of the Student Leadership Team.

Additionally, the regional nominations & appointments committees reviewed the various Member Network applications and, with the support of the NIRSA Nominations & Appointments Committee, presents the following slate of candidates for available Member Network positions.

Region II Regional Representative

Christopher Schmoldt, West Virginia University

Brooke Turner, University of Alabama

Region IV Regional Representative

Sheldon Tate, University of Missouri

Oscee Wheatfall III, Texas A&M University

Region VI Regional Representative

Ryan Kirchner, University of Utah

Richelle Williams, Western Washington University

NIRSA Student Leader

Michael Migliaro, University of Mississippi

Chelsea Jones, Texas A&M University

Region I Student Leader

Jacob Novick, Towson University

Nyindu Kabangu, Jr., Rowan University

Region II Student Leader

Gracelyn Jones, West Virginia University

Alexis Shura, James Madison University

Region III Student Leader

Cameron Johnson, Cleveland State University

Region IV Student Leader

Alexis Karosas, Oklahoma State University

Brittany Close, Oklahoma State University

Region V Student Leader

Chance Wiarda, South Dakota State University

Region VI Student Leader

Jacob Parker, Seattle University

Rafael Martinez Z, California State University, Bakersfield

Canadian Student Leader

Lauryn Rogers, University of Windsor

The NIRSA Member Network expands the regional network of the Association and creates opportunities for member involvement and leadership development. Professional members will have the chance to vote on their respective regional representative in Regions II, IV, and VI, and student members will vote on the NIRSA Student Leader and their respective regional student leader.

NIRSA members stand for office

As a reminder to all members, candidates for the NIRSA Board of Directors and the Member Network don’t “run for election,” they “stand for office.” All candidates have agreed to serve the Association and it is an honor to have any one of them represent the membership. Therefore, it is not appropriate for members to campaign on behalf of individual candidates.

An electronic voting platform will be in place for the 2022 Elections. Please make sure your member profile is updated with your current email address so you can exercise your opportunity to vote! Only those professional and student members whose NIRSA membership is active as of 8:00am PST on January 18 will be eligible to vote.

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Member Relations Manager Sarah Leskovec.
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Sarah Leskovec is currently the Member Relations Manager at NIRSA.